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Just a Teammate

Happy SasuSaku month! This is my first entry.

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Day 2: Something More

Rated K+


Just a Teammate


After a long day working at the hospital, Sakura welcomed the end of her shift with relief. She longed to get home and rest up as her chakra was low from the extensive healing she had performed that day. The war may have been permanently over, but people never stopped getting hurt. Medic nin’s job was never done.

“Sakura-san, you’re leaving?” a friendly co-worker at the reception desk called to her. A sly look appeared on the woman’s face and Sakura knew that this meant nothing good for her. “With that handsome man again?”

“My shift is over, so yes, I’m going home now,” Sakura replied, ignoring the second question.

“Just so you know, he’s waiting for you outside. Is he your boyfriend?” The receptionist wasn’t deterred in her line of questioning. She had a reputation of a huge gossip and Sakura realized that Sasuke coming to pick her up after work everyday for a week straight must have become a hot topic of discussion among the staff. She’d been so wrapped up in her work on the children’s clinic and other personal matters that she didn’t even notice.

“You mean Sasuke-kun? He’s just a teammate. He’s just got back from a long-term mission so he wants to catch up with everyone in the village before he has to leave again,” she explained, keeping her tone even and unconcerned.

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Dat Ass (Owen Grady x Reader)

Written for owen-alpha-grady because he tolerates me and my nonsense.

You always saw Owen Grady as invincible. How could you not? You knew about his past in the Navy, and you certainly knew about his present; training bloodthirsty velociraptors. He held a sort of…electricity to him. It was pronounced and strong. The type that demanded attention, and those demands never failed to be met. The second he’d arrive at the paddock every day—always right on time or early—the entire atmosphere changed. People went out of their way to make sure they said hello to him. They had more purpose in their actions. But most noticeably, everyone relaxed as if a simultaneous thought of oh, Owen’s here now, we’re safe had swept over the paddock.  

Except that wasn’t what happened.

From day one, Owen had held a sort of power over you. One that tinted your eyes with rose colored glasses, and melted your world away when he was around. In truth, everything stayed the same when he arrived, for the most part. People went about their business; the lazy ones stayed lazy, and busy ones still had that frantic fuck-i-have-so-much-to-do look on their faces. You were the only one who relaxed and worked with more purpose. But you didn’t say hi. You could never say hi.

The crush you had on him was embarrassing. It reduced you to this puppy dog state that you thought only high schoolers could experience. You were convinced that he was a product of photo shop, what with the way you could see the outlines of his body underneath those fitted clothes he wore daily. But it was his personality that really got to you. He was casual and laid back, yet, often times his military background would show through. He was confident. He took no shit. But he was also kind, and loving; and all of those traits would show through at once when he interacted with the velociraptors. But perhaps the only thing more pathetic than your constant staring, was the way you seemed to lose control of yourself every time he spoke.

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Low Battery. \\ c.t.h.

Word Count: 1,556 words

Frustrated? Yes. You were on the brink of a panic attack just watching your laptop’s battery dwindle down, the almost-completed essay due in exactly eleven minutes doing nothing to aid in your stress level. It wasn’t enough that any words that would normally flow right out of you, admittedly a bunch of bullshit but words to get those three pages completed nonetheless, but the world just had to bless you with a laptop that absolutely, positively hated you.

Sadly, you were yet another broke college kid who could already feel their bank account hating them just at the thought of buying another, newer laptop.

Lucky for you, you had come to the coffee shop well prepared with your laptop bag that just so happened to hold your charger in it. However, on the other hand, there was something a little more unlucky about the charger — it had to be plugged into an outlet. And, from what you could tell just by a quick glance around the place, the only one in sight was currently being used.

Your eyes nervously stared at the guy occupying the seat right beside it, slouched down in a chair and using his thumb to lazily slide it up the screen, scrolling through tons of things that you were absolutely, positively sure were far less important than the essay that might just make or break your grade.

To make matters worse, he was fucking hot.

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Living With the Boys Would Include:

-being overly comfortable with each other 

-doing your makeup while one of them is taking a shower in the same bathroom 

-”hey Y/N you want to join me”


-”but why”

-stealing one of Mikey’s shirts and wearing only that with underwear 

-you/one of the boys walking into the room shouting “I need to cuddle”

-having a hard time choosing which boy to cuddle with when they all want to

-deciding that you will all just lay together

-you getting totally squished underneath them

-doing Cal’s makeup

-helping mike choose what hair color he should choose

-”you should dye it grey”


-”then why the hell did you ask me to pick”

-getting mad at Luke because he leaves water everywhere after he showers

-you not shouting at him because you know he will cry

-his face getting all red when you talk to him in a serious tone

-going to parties with the boys 

-you looking hot af

-them all running over to you when a guy starts hitting on you

-cheek kisses

-forehead kisses

-cute hugs

-holding hands even though you’re not dating

this sucked sorry

Precarious // 1

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains. 
word count: 1,059 
warnings: explicit language, violence

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I’ve never written a fanfic on tumblr before, but let’s see where this takes us, shall we? inspired by Carmine by @twistaed, a lovely written piece (: 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Gun shots. You finally made out the noise in your dream – gunshots. It didn’t make sense, why were those gunshots in your dream? You were simply enjoying a relaxing meal by the beach. First, you thought the strange sound were the seagulls. Then, it became louder and more of a bang. There was a pause and suddenly, your ears were filled with the harsh noise of fast metal and your mother’s scream.

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DickKory Week: Day 4

I actually wrote this up at work yesterday. It was so quiet so I was like hells yeah, ima write some dickkory.

This one is… bittersweet. It’s not really angst but it’s not that fluffy either. It’s also kinda abstract on ‘what could have been’. Idk.

Oh and it’s like quite a bit longer than my other posts. Idk why.

What Could Have Been

Snow billowed around the limited amount of people that dared to roam the streets this evening. The air was frosty; that level of cold where you could feel it rippling through your fingertips and near enough reaching the bone.

December always tended to bring a little bit of snow but never this much. It seemed a blizzard had gripped the city of Bludhaven this year. 

The sidewalks were icy and the snow blanketed buildings, trees, cars; anything the soft white flakes could reach.

Snow was usually beautiful and held a tinge of magic to the season what with Christmas fast approaching and all. The sky was an inky black and the stars were glowing brighter than usual. It was picturesque.

If you weren’t out in it.

A young couple struggled against the elements, amongst others that were bracing themselves each time a bitter gust of wind made them quiver. 

Without realising it, sleet as well as snow had begun to fall; a very unpleasant mix. 

Her long scarlet hair whipped around her face as she defended herself from the weather that seemingly held a grudge against all who braved it. 

The man wandering the streets with her, threw an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Oh! This weather is ridiculous!” Kory shouted, above the roar of the snow storm,

“Yeah, no kidding! Which way was the hotel again?” Her boyfriend asked, matching her volume so she could hear him,

Kory barked out a laugh, “I do not know, Roy. I am not making the mistake of getting the map out once again.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you have any domestic hcs for the captains? Please and thank you! And good luck with your blog! ♡

more captain headcannons fresh out the oven


- Spa days as a couple definitely happen, whether they’re at an actual spa getting deep-tissue massages together, or at home chillin on the couch while they shampoo their hair

- He really enjoys the holidays and taking cute candid couple photos for christmas cards

- Not really one to workout with his s/o, but taking slow-paced walks in the park never hurt anyone

- and while we’re at it he’s a Super Cheese Ball™ and loves picnics at the park during sunset

- Gets really clingy when his s/o and him are alone. Emotionally and literally

- Lowkey is obsessed with languages. Like, he finds them fascinating and wants to learn as many as he can. Speaks elementary-level French


- No matter what he’ll always be making puns, and absolutely loves it when you laugh at them. He feels such a sense of pride when you do

- Confirmed chemistry nerd likes to go on study dates, and always tries to get you to teach him how to write neater

- He will take your things, too. Missing a t-shirt? I bet he knows where it is. That hair wrap? He’s using it as a sweatband for practice

“Dude…where did you get that pink hair wrap?”

“???Did I tell you to stop running”

- He’ll always show up with little snacks and treats he bought for u out of the blue because he loves u and why not ya know

- He’s the type of guy who’ll go seriously shopping with you for underwear. Like yeah, you look totally hot, but he’ll help you pick stuff out and find your correct sizes and everything

- Cuddling under big fuzzy blankets is everything to him


- Building pillow forts is really important to him. It happens at least twice a month and he always cherishes the time spent building/cuddling in them

- Watching cartoon while cuddled up to his s/o is also something he finds precious

- Definitely one to work out with his s/o, not only is it a good way for him to exercise he gets to show off his guns ba boom

- Likes late-night cuddles more than morning cuddles

- He undoubtedly browses pinterest for ‘cool’ date ideas

- Likes to do active things during dates, so he signed you guys up for a Saturday yoga class. He’s very popular with the moms


- He likes to show you off to the team, but only lowkey. Like, he’ll purposely talk a little louder when his teams around, or tell you to come by during practice to drop something off

- Literally doesn’t even need a movie playing to be able to cuddle with you like he’ll just lay there with you next to him in comfortable silence and be the happiest guy in the world

- Bakes for you a lot. His specialty are m&m cookies

- He’s a Minor Cheeseball™, so he enjoys classic dinner dates a lot more than he should

- Is very self-aware about his cologne and always puts on extra when he knows his s/o is coming

- Likes to play non-competitive volleyball games with his s/o


- His s/o’s friends love him, and he regularly hangs out with her squad

- Watching romantic comedies with his s/o is a favorite activity

- Not a jealous person at all, and always has faith and complete trust in his s/o no matter what, he’ll always give them a chance to explain

- Despite his deceivingly terse and short way of speaking, he’s actually very comfortable telling his s/o his feelings about something. Miscommunication rarely happens

- A huge book nerd

- Can smile when he wants to, and when he’s with his s/o, thats quite often


- Lowkey like really likes to cuddle. Like all the time no matter if its at school or at home he’ll find some way to be physically close to you. It makes him feel all fuzzy inside

- His favorite way to spend time with you is to be out and about, though it doesn’t matter where. He would really like to take you to an aquarium and probably buy you a cute souvenir

- Sleeping with him in bed can be a struggle sometimes because he’s 100% the big spoon, so he’ll always latch onto you, and I mean latch onto you. His arms and legs are thrown across your body like he’s a backpack

- He can’t exactly cook but if you want him to make you a meal he would be able to follow directions and pull something off for his bae

- Unironically uses the word ‘bae’ to refer to you

- Really really loves it when you run your hands through and/or play with his hair. He lets you braid it, and sometimes even wears it out like that in public


- Loves to shop with his s/o!!! This pretty boy can spend hours upon hours at the mall so don’t test him

- A total dork who totally owns candles and buys them for his s/o just so he can burn them when he comes over

- Really doesn’t like to cook, but when his s/o does he finds it so admirable an sexy like dont ask him why he just does

- Definitely not the one to catch the spider, or really any kind of bug

- Super possessive and prefers for you to wear his clothes whenever possible like sorry if your outfit doesn’t go with his volleyball jacket I don’t know what to tell you

- Matching coffee mugs for sure

This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: You discuss with Abbie your night with Jiyong, and going back to the club.

Chapter type: Slight Angst and Fluff

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.

Chapter 4 (Coming soon)

Chapter 3

‘Okay… he’s rich….so what?’ Abbie asks, as she lounges on your sofa, cup of tea in hand whilst you pace your small lounge.

'No, he wasn’t just rich, okay? He was like, mega star rich, like freaking Eminem rich.’ you say, raising your eyebrows at her as you pause your pacing, seeing her roll her eyes at you which makes you keep going.

'So what if he’s rich, surely thats a good thing, like 'woop woop, I shagged a rich person, now I can sue them for all their money’’ she laughs and you frown at her.

'Abbie…thats just rude. Besides…i had a good time…’ you say looking at the floor to hide your smile, hearing her shift on the sofa as she tries to see your face, gasping and making you look up.

'You like him!’ she shouts and you grab a cushion and hit her with it.

'Oh My God, NO! Look, it was a one night stand, nothing else! Even if he did leave me his number-’

'WHAT?! HE LEFT YOU HIS NUMBER?!?! You go girl!’ she squeals and you widen your eyes, hitting her with the pillow again, trying to get her to shut up.

'Can you just shut up!?’ you say, slumping onto the sofa and rubbing your face, peeking between your fingers to see her grinning at you, her smile reminding you of Jiyong and you shake your head, trying to get rid of the image.

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EXO reaction to their childhood crush becoming super hot

fuckchannie said: Omg- this is my first tumblr and first reaction request~! So, can I request EXO reaction when when their childhood crush become more sexier than before. It would be very nice


Suho: Wow

Baekhyun: 5 year old me sure did know how to pick them out

Chen: Ooooo look at that sexy girl

wait is that _______?

Chanyeol: (just a little surprised)

D.O: Why didn’t I ask her out when I had a chance?!

Kai: *talking to himself* Ok Kai, breathe

Kris: Wait a second, when did she get hot?

Lay: *blinks rapidly* I think I might need glasses

Luhan: *just stares like* What? No way I missed out on THIS

Xiumin: *doesn’t even try to hide it when he checks her out*

Tao: *to people around him* omg did you guys see her?


Sehun: I wonder if she remembers me

Y/N: Hey sehun!

Sehun: yeah that’s right of course she remembers me

Cliche- Nate Maloley Imagine

You sat in Johnson’s living room, listening to the guys talk about girls, as per usual. You’ve been friends with them for years and they’ve told you on multiple occasions that you’re one of the guys. As much as you love it, you couldn’t help but want them to look at you the way they look at other girls. Specifically Nate. 

You’ve had feeling for Nate ever since you could remember. Even before you were friends with the guys, you would always see Nate around school and you so badly wanted him to look at you in that way. But the closer you got to the boys, the more you realized you weren’t their type. You were the exact opposite.

The guys liked girls who partied, drank, and weren’t afraid to physically be with someone. The girls they went for would always wear little outfits and seemed to have no care in the world. It’s not that you thought you were better or more mature than them, you just wanted the guys to look at you the way they looked at other girls. 

“Are you coming tonight, (y/n)?” Gilinsky asked you, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

Swazz was having a party and you’ve always made up some excuse as to why you couldn’t party with the guys. It was always something like “I got up really early this morning for work so probably not.” but you knew they were bothered by it. It’s not that you didn’t want to hang out with them, it’s just that you didn’t want to sit there and watch as Nate got with some girl that was ten times prettier than you.

“Sure.” You said, as you looked at five boys who were practically begging you to come.

Later that night, as you stood in Swazz’s living room, listening to some douche talk about how built he is, you couldn’t help but watch as Nate talked to a girl; his typical girl. The more you stared, the more you wanted to hit him. You wanted to smack him because maybe then, it would make him realize how much you actually care for him.

You knew you had to remove yourself from the situation before it became an actual situation. You said goodbye to the douche and headed outside. Just as you reached the end of the driveway, you heard Nate’s voice.

“(y/n)! Where are you going?” He said, running after you. 

“I just…can’t do this anymore.” You said. 

“Come on, it’s just a party…I don’t understand what your issue is.” He said and you knew he was genuinely confused. 

“Nate, I’m not talking about the party.” You were trying so hard to keep your anger and jealousy inside of you but it wasn’t working. “I can’t do this anymore.” You pointed between the two of you before turning around to walk away but Nate grabbed your arm and turned you around again.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Why did you pick her?” You asked, pointing towards the house. “Why did you chose her out of every other girl?”

“I don’t know.” You watched as Nate’s face scrunched up in confusion. “She’s hot?”

“Okay, and what about the girl last week? Why did you pick her?”


“Just answer.” You said, cutting him off. 

“She was hot too.” He said, not understanding what your point was.

“You’ve never said that about me. I hangout with you every day of my life and I listen to the way you talk about girls and then I hear the way you talk about me and the difference is unbelievable. You don’t look at me the way you look at other girls and I’m sorry Nate, but I don’t look at other guys because I’m too busy looking at you. And I look at you in the way you don’t look at me.”

“You wanna know the way I look at you?” He asked, getting closer to you. “I look at you and see a girl in a white dress, walking towards me, down an isle in the middle of a Church. I see a girl holding my baby, trying to get it to sleep in the middle of the night. I see a girl buying millions of Christmas presents for our grandchildren. Those other girls? I don’t see that with; I’ve never seen it. You’re different and as cliche as that sounds, it’s true. I held back because you didn’t show any interest but I should have known…you were always one to hide your feelings. You are the one I want; for the rest of my life.” He said, hesitating to put his hands on your waist. 

“You mean it?” You asked, not really believing that this was happening.

Nate let out a little chuckle as he pulled you closer to him so your chest was touching his. He placed his hand on your cheek as he used the other one to brush the hair out of your face. He looked from your eyes to your lips and began to lean in. 

“100%.” He whispered against your lips before finally connecting them with his.

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High School! Vernon/Hansol

Originally posted by americanhyung

-you are like the most crushed on school

-no joke you are like goddess level (BECAUSE U R SO BOOTIFUl) 

-But you are like kinda scary so people don’t confess

-You are idaf and rude on the outside but you actually are fluffy, caring, and pretty sensitive.

-SoVernon is new to the school and when he is getting a tour the guy would be like;

“THAT’S (y/n), she is pretty cute right? A lot of people like her. Even I used to, she is a little rude but all in all a great person to be around. You should talk to her, she never gets weirded out by those things.”

- And he would see you having a cute moment with friends and he’s like OMFG SHE IS GONNA BE MY WIFE

- So later he find out you guys have homeroom and is like ‘YES’

-And what makes it  better is that his assigned seat is right next to you so SCORE

-You find him to be pretty hot when you see him

- He talks to you and he understands why so many people like you, he asks if he can sit next to you at lunch before class starts

-You say yes just because he is such a gentleman and you find him hot

-All the (fan)boys get super jelly because they know that you would say no

-So he starts sitting with you at lunch everyday, and you get so close with him

-He is the only boy that makes you act nice to him

- The guys don’t pick on him because if they did their  slim chances of being with you would turn into nothing

- You guys low key start acting like a couple omfg, people start shipping it left and right

-One day you had no time to do your hair so it was messy and this boy brings out a hairbrush and a hair tie (stolen from Jeonghan shhhh) and does your hair

-He has practiced on Jeonghan so he can be a good boyfriend for you


-Like people really start getting jealous because no one would else would be able to do that

-After a while you realize you are falling for him

-And you get an existential crisis because of that

- People think you guys are dating and even though you guys aren’t people still think its goals

-A lot of girls like him but they put their feelings aside because you guys are THAT CUTE

- One day he catches someone with the AUDACITY TO FLIRT WITH YOU and he gets super protective and goes up to him and is like

“I’m sorry but (y/n) and I have to go somewhere, and I seemed to forget that we had to attend to that.” Then he takes your hand and like drags you off

-You scream internally because he is so protective, but you did find that other guy pretty cute though

-He drags you off to an empty classroom

-”What was that? He was being really nice to me!”

- “I can’t have other people flirting with you.”

-”Why? It’s not like I’m dating anyone,”

- He doesn’t have the guts to confess so he pulls some bullcrap out of his ass and says

- “He’s a player deep down, I know him.”

- “OHH okay!” you fall for his BS 

- So you guys like to go to your house and you decide to make cupcakes

-And you make them so perfectly like your house smells like what angels are made of

- He literally finds you so cute because he sees you sticking your tongue out when you frost them and what makes it better is that you are wearing the cutest apron like wtf

- He promises to marry you like this is how much he loves you deep down awww

- You start talking about how you really want someone to confess to you

-You say that you would want like a love letter or something just really fluffy

-Vernon really wants a notebook so he could write this down 

-So he starts plotting confessing to you like damn

-When he goes home he stays up ALL night just writing a love letter over and over


- You always arrive at school at 7:30 on the dot everyday so he arrives fifteen minutes earily

-He asks a teacher to open your locker pretending its his

-He puts the love letter with a rose and some chocolates

- You come in and he watches you open your locker from afar

- You are honestly so stunned and flattered by the letter

-The whole letter was describing everything he loves about you and how perfect you are, Vernon signed it anonymously and to meet him at the music room after school.

-He dies as you cover your mouth and internally scream, you are blushing so hard.

- He comes up to you and goes like “WOW you got a letter?!” like really surprised He “reads” it and asks if you are gonna meet him

- Of course you are like “YES THIS LETTER WAS SO SWEET”

-So rumor goes around that someone finally confessed to you

-And all the (y/n) x Vernon shippers are like “ITS HIM WE KNOW IT”

-So when you go to the music room you see Vernon and start crying tears of joy

-He is really confused and sad 

-You tell him that they are tears of joy and that you feel the same

-He wipes your tears away and kisses you 


Locked Up

Summary: Sam and you are stuck in a jail cell till Dean shows up. 

Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  2628

Tags: smut, oral sex, explicit sexual content, jail, imprisonment, little bit of role play, one shot

Author’s Notes: Requests are open - hit me up!

There was exactly one upside to the situation and that was that they had put you and Sam in the same holding cell, because the other wing was being refurnished ‘for health and safety reasons’ (‘comforting,’ Sam had murmured under his breath). The downsides were that you were in a county jail being held under charges of armed assault and kidnapping; that the best chance of getting out was Dean, and he was four states away and waiting for a new transmission; and that you’d missed supper.

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KBTBB fanfic: Touching the Goods

This was requested by an anon. This is based off of my previous fanfic, “MC has a pear shaped body”. I hope you enjoy it! 😄

The bidders invited you to go to the beach with them and you immediately refused.
“A princess deserves a break from work.”
“Come on Koro it’ll be fun.”
“Yeah kid, loosen up a little.”
“Don’t be as loose as Mamo though.” Eisuke says and Soryu tries to hold in his laugh.
“Say that again to my face you millionaire prep!” Mamo takes his cigarette out of his mouth and glares at Eisuke.
“Billionaire, actually.”
“Thanks for the invitation but I really don’t want to go.” You’d have to be crazy to agree to go out with them all at once.
“Why not?” Baba looks at you with his flirtatious grin.
“Is that a trick question?” Seriously, you can tell by his look that he just wants to see you in a swimsuit.
Soryu slowly walks by you and whispers, “I’ll keep these creeps away from you.”
“Oooooh is Soryu saying dirty things to you? Sor if you freak her out, Koro won’t go to the beach with us.”
They beg and beg and beg. They just won’t stop.
“Ugh fine! Just stop asking me. I’ll go!”
“Yay!!” Baba and Ota are obviously very happy and the other three men have smirks on their faces.


Beach day! You were picked up by a limousine and went to the beach with the bidders. You’re wearing your swimsuit under your clothes. You take off your shorts and tank top to reveal a cute tankini. The top is navy blue with some white accents and your bottoms are black. You can feel their gazes on you and you try to ignore it.
“Hot damn.”
“If you keep staring at me, I’ll smother you with a towel.”
“Whoa hot and feisty.”
“I’m going in the water.” They probably aren’t going to go in right away so you figured that you’ll keep your distance by being in the water.

When you are far enough from the men, they huddle up.
“Holy shit.”
“Her cuuuuuurrrvves.”
“_____ looked great in that dress but in a swimsuit, wow, she’s not even in a bikini and she’s still hotter than the sun.”
“Baba you need to stop with those lines.”
“You’re just jealous Eisuke.”
“Ok, ok. Let’s make a bet.” Ota says.
“Bet on what?” Mamo puffs his cigarette.
“Whoever touches _____’s curves without having her lash out or freak out on you wins.” Ota proposes.
“And the losers go skinny dipping!” Baba suggests excitedly.
“Oh god.” Soryu says looking slightly disgusted.
“I’m in.” Mamo says.
“Me too. I’ll win for sure.”
“Don’t be too sure of yourself Eisuke. I have a way with women.”
“Baba you can’t even keep a woman.”
“Sor that’s mean. I’m in too. A pet mustn’t flinch at their master’s touch.”
“You guys are so weird. Why do I even spend time with you?”
“Are you in or not?”
“Tch, fine.”
“Good we start now!”

You get out of the water and reach for your towel.
“How’s the water kid?”
“Not too bad. You guys should go enjoy the water instead of having secret huddles.” You tease.
“Whaaaaat? Secret huddles?” Ota says.
“Wow that was a suspicious ‘what’ Ota.” Soryu says with an annoyed tone.
“What’s going on guys?” They’re acting weird all of a sudden.
“None of your concern _____.” Eisuke hushes you.
“Ok…I think I’m going to go in again. I just got out to check on you guys.”
“Aww how thoughtful of you princess.” Baba is about to put his arm around your waist but you slap his arm away.
“The pretty lady is hot and feisty.”
“Ugh shut up you flirt.”
“Thank you.” Calling him a flirt wasn’t supposed to be taken as a compliment but whatever.
Eisuke comes up from be behind you and places his hands on your hips and you immediately move away.
“What are you doing Eisuke?”
“I’m admiring the horizon.” He says with a straight face.
“And you need to grab me to look at it?”
Eisuke walks away and passes Soryu, “Damn it, I was close.”
“Not really Eisuke.”
“What did you say?” You ask.
“None of your business _____.”

There have been many more failed attempts to touch you. Soryu was “helping” you stay balanced in the water, Ota pretended that he tripped and was falling and used your body to catch his fall by grabbing you (he still managed to fall on his face…oops), Baba was being Baba, Eisuke was very nonchalant during his attempts, and Mamo was smoking for the whole time except for when he had to “get around you” and placed his hand on you to throw away a cigarette.
The bidders had another small meeting, “Ok if none of us win, do we all have to go skinny dipping?”
“Oh hell no! I’m not doing this for nothing! There has to be a winner.” Soryu says firmly.
“Ok how about this, if no one wins no one will go skinny dipping.”
“Deal.” They all agree.
“Oh god I’m so cold,” you just got out of the water again, “can someone had me my towel please?”
Mamoru picks up your towel from the ground.
“Thank you Mamo. What are you doing?”
“Can’t a man wrap a towel around a woman?”
“O-Ok sure.” You can’t help but blush as he gently wraps the towel around your damp body. He makes it tighter and places his hands on your hips. He leans in to whisper in your ear, “Is that good?”
“Mhmm, thank you Mamo. Oh umm…”
“What is it kid?”
“Uhh well…you’re touching me.”
“Oh I’m sorry.”
“No it’s fine. Don’t worry about.”
“Wow I think we have a winner.” Ota says.
“Shit.” Soryu curses under his breath.
“Wait what’s happening?”
“We’ll explain later kid but right now I suggest that you shut your eyes.”
“Do you want to see Ota, Baba, Eisuke, and Soryu naked?”
“What!? Oh god no!” In that instant you shield your eyes.
The four men take off their swimming trunks and start walking towards the water. You hear Mamo whistle like some men whistle to a woman when they think she’s attractive. You sneak a peek and see their naked silhouettes.
“The water is too cold for my private area.” Ota whines.
Eisuke and Soryu don’t seem happy at all by the situation.
“My jewels are going to freeze!” Baba yells.
“Oh god gross!”
“We didn’t need to hear that.” The men all say in disgust.
After the skinny dipping, the men dry off and put on their swimming trunks. The limo is there to pick you up. On the ride home the bidders explain the bet that they made.
“I can’t believe you guys did that! No wonder you seemed all touchy feely. And that explains why Baba was extra pervy.”
“Whoa hey now, I just love women ok. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“That doesn’t mean you can act like a perv Baba.”
“Ouch, that hurt Sor.”
“So I have to ask, how did Mamo win? Do you have the hots for him?” Ota asks.
“What a pain.” Mamoru tries to ignore the conversation.
“I don’t like him in that way.”
“Oh tough luck Mamo.” Ota teases.
“Why the hell would I care. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go skinny dipping.”
“I’ve never seen his gentler side before so I didn’t even realize that he was touching me until a little later.”
“Mamo had a soft side?” Baba asks surprised.
“Cops aren’t soft.”
“Pft, you barely pass for a cop.” Eisuke laughs.

Words: 2,272
Warnings: Major Character Death; swearing
Summary: Simon decided he was fine with dying, until he met Baz.

“Bluest eyes against my own skin
I’ve never been so caught up”
~Evergreen, Ben Howard


Six months from now, Simon Snow would just be a memory; a name that no longer had a face, and he was completely fine with it. What he was not completely fine with was the stranger scowling at him from a park bench nearby. Simon tried distracting himself with his phone, the strings of his hoodie, anything that kept his gaze from wandering back to the man. He almost wanted to leave, but he refused to let the stranger have the satisfaction of running him off (if that even was the handsome bastard’s goal).

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in this house on the corner (3/8)

pairing: bellamy x clarke
wordcount: 5.2k (14.9k total)
Hey, It’s Bellamy, leave a message.
“Bellamy?” Her voice sounded like a stranger to her. Cracked and rough and broken. “It’s Clarke. I, uh, I just found out about the house.” She broke off, an ugly laugh breaking out between her lips. “From Murphy. I just found out about the house from Murphy.You’re selling the house. Our house. Where we–fuck, just how could you not tell me?“

Four years ago, Clarke’s college roommate dragged her to her brother’s house, pulling her into his life with him and all four of his roommates. Now she finds out he is selling the house and didn’t tell her.

[part one] [part two]

May 2016

It was the first time in four years Clarke hadn’t had to fight for parking on campus. No big jeeps whipping around corners, small sleek sports cars with douchey frat boy drivers cutting her off to slip into a spot she was already halfway into, no minivans parked across two spaces instead of one. None of that.

She pulled into the staff parking lot, the first time ever, since the parking rules weren’t in play on Sundays, and got the spot closest to campus.

It was satisfying. That after four years of brawling in the parking lot she got to slide into the best spot with ease, just before graduation. Her university’s final gift to her.

She smiled as she pushed her door shut and locked it.

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  1. Lol why didn’t Oliver just go home to erase a phone? And you can totally restore to factory settings on the device itself… *EDIT: after a rewatch I realized he needed the computer to get past her fingerpoint passcode, sillly me*
  2. I’m really wondering when Nate is going to get sick of being dicked around by Annalise. That smoothie T__T
  3. This president really wants in Annalise’s pants lol.
  5. Awwww Annalise didn’t know about the break up. She sounded so concerned lmao. Isn’t the whole class supposed to be there though? It’s more than a bit unprofessional to be referring to her employee as someone’s boyfriend :/
  6. Bahaha I’m loving Laurel’s dad way more than I ever liked her lol
  9. When will Laurel stop complaining my goodness.
  10. I’m just sayin’ after sex it should be way higher than 90…
  11. Pathetic indeed! This man knows what he’s talking about. Lmao his imitation of Frank is spot on. This is exactly why I can’t respect Laurel. REAP the benefits girl please. 
  12. Lmao Oliver drooling over Nate haha. I never saw this coming whoa. Pick up your jaw boy. Ollie’s so fucking thirsty I love it.
  13. Oh Oliver, did you really think it wouldn’t be weird lol. Connor telling him they’re not friends is giving me life right now. 
  14. I love Annalise being good to Bonnie. Nooooo make her stay, have a girl’s night in please. 
  15. Omg Asher telling Connor he’s hot and comforting him. What a good bro he is. 
  16. Monster in bed omg. Connor pushing the guy on Oliver, he’s handling this so fucking well, I’m so proud of him T__T
  17. Oh no. Oliver don’t jump to conclusions babe. Noooo he’s mad at Connor when Connor was only trying to do the right thing nooooooo.
  18. Connor why you lyin’… stop putting Oliver’s feelings before your own!
  19. Annalise is really kicking ass in the courtroom. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised. But like… she’s really kicking ass. Whoa–she fucking slapped him–
  20. Bonnie please buy yourself something super nice and expensive with that huge bag of cash.
  21. Wes, don’t ever let Meggy go. She’s a fucking sweetheart.
  22. I’m so tired of EVERYONE lying on this show. 
  24. Hm I’m kinda hoping the second body is Connor… just for the angst and drama. But I bet it’s Frank. They ain’t gonna kill Frank.

“Keep your eyes open.”
“Why?” I open my eyes.
“They’re magnificently beautiful and I just want to stare at them.”

I made a Niall version for all the people who thirst for lil Niquil and i need to stay tru to my thirst

I have a nasty habit of romanticizing anyone who is remotely kind to me in any form, it’s very subtle most of the time. I don’t notice when I keep thinking about the boy who checked me out at the grocery store and smiled and called me Miss in our short interaction. My mom said I’ve always been this way; falling in love with strangers. She said I have always had a vivid imagination and gave all my lovers beautiful back stories. The boy at the shoe store said he liked my eyes and despite my obvious knowing that it was just a sales tactic, I talked about him for the next year and a half. I never even learned his last name but I was set in being his wife. Even at 20, living the life most could only dream of, I’m constantly in love. I fall in love with every new city I visit, every new person I meet, every new shade of lipstick I find and every song I hear on the radio. I love to experience new things and new places; I always have. That’s one thing I’m sure I’ll never going to grow out of. Whenever my mom was asked to describe me in 3 words she would always say happy, hopeless romantic, beautiful.

I don’t think of myself as a hopeless romantic, I think there’s hope. If you have a great outlook and love the little things in life and in people, it will reward you in one way or another. I’ve always made sure to be known as the nice one, be the best version of myself, and now I’m the girl travelling the world making enough money to be financially stable and do the thing I love with people who I love. Even though I love my job, it calls for me to travel a lot which requires me to spend a lot of time in airports and tour buses. I don’t mind it though. I find airports to be oddly romantic and road trips just make me endlessly happy.

So I sit sideways in the wide black chairs with my knees tucked to my chest and my denim jacket as a pillow for resting my head on the back of the chair. My purple backpack sits beside me and my guitar rests in its case against it. It’s 1am and my plane to Seattle flew into a blizzard in Boston which damaged one of the wings so they have to fix that and send us another plane instead of attempting to fly it to England in technically spring but it seems winter wanted more time for itself. My crew has wandered off; some trying to wake a bit more, most looking for food. My guitarist, Jack, is asleep in the corner not too far away charging his phone beside him. I can’t quite fall asleep even though I’m exhausted beyond definition because one, it’s freezing in this place and two, these chairs are not as comfortable as they seem.
“Cold?” I open my eyes and see a blond guy sit down beside me. I sit up and notice 4 other boys sitting down behind us, they all automatically cuddle together and close their eyes, hoping to sleep.
“Well I’m not wearing much clothing.” He smiles and covers me in a thick black coat. He must have just taken it off because it’s warm and I basically melt at the beautiful feeling. I return to my previous position and close my eyes. “Oh god, thank you.”
“You’re welcome. So why are you all alone at an airport terminal at 1am?”
“I’m not alone, he’s with me.” I point in the direction of Jack and I hear the guy laugh. His laugh has a smooth crescendo and at its peak, he squeals and his voice falls into buttery descent. “Our plane is very delayed. What’s your reasoning?”
“We just like to travel at odd times to avoid being recognized.” This time, I laugh. He smiles at me and covers himself in a blanket.
“You’re very prepared for this,” I comment and he shrugs.
“I’ve done it a lot. Where are you going?”
“Seattle, you?”
“Fuck me sideways, I’m going there too!” My heart stops and I stare at him in disbelief. He has a huge grin on his face and he has turned to face me.
“No way.”
“Nah, we’re going to Paris.” I frown, I was kind of excited for a second there. I close my eyes again. “Keep your eyes open.”
“Why?” I open my eyes.
“They’re magnificently beautiful and I just want to stare at them.” I feel myself turn red as I smile at him. I keep my head resting on the seat and look at him, fluttering my eyelashes. “Keep that up and I might have to switch flights.”
My smile remains and my stomach feel like there’s a hole burning through me. It’s a weird but good feeling somehow. His smile is comforting and his eyes are a muted blue color. I have also always had a weak spot for boys with brown hair.
“Why are you going to Seattle?”
“Home, I was here for work.” I shrug and he nods.
“Well, I don’t know if you realized this; but I, too, am a foreigner,” he explains like I didn’t notice how rough and jagged and obviously not American the words he speaks are. I nod along, pretending this is new information to me. “I just might happen to live here in England.”
“I live down the street from the airport, so I can just get off the plane and sleep.” He smiles and says he is praying for me to be able to sleep soundly if I ever get home. “Why are you in Seattle then going to Paris if you live in London though.”
“Business trips.” He doesn’t seem to want to say anymore about the subject, so I don’t pry. I stare at him and think. We could potentially be cute together I mean we both like each other’s eyes and I like to think blue and brown hair could possibly work together quite nicely. He’s so fucking cute why did he show up when I’m such a mess.

He gave me his coat without me even asking what does that even mean.

My phone vibrates against the chair and picking it up I see a text from my drummer, Oliver, asking if I want a drink. I tell him a warm drink preferably from Starbucks because they’re the only ones I trust with my hot drink needs. When I look back up at the guy, he is just staring at me.
“You could be taken as very creepy, you know.”
“Do you think I’m creepy?” He moves over in his seat so he’s closer to me and I close my eyes and pretend to go to sleep instead of answering. “Really?”
“You seem nice.” I open my eyes, sitting up and trying to not smile at him.
“Nice doesn’t mean not creepy though.” I look away trying to avoid answering him and I see Oliver walking with drinks in his hands.
“Hey, look at that! I gotta go.” I stand up and bring his coat with me and hug Oliver then take my drink back from him. I thank him and he smiles and leans down to press a kiss to my cheek before walking over to John. I sit back down and cover my lap with his coat again.
“So you have a posse of males then,” he states and I shrug. “You could be taken as a groupie.”
“You’re in the same boat as me, asshole.” I sip my drink and he takes a deep breath. “What your name, anyway?”
“Niall, yours?”
“I mean some people call me some things and other people call me other things my mom calls me a disappointment.” He laughs and I smile. “I’m kidding, my mom is nice but she did decide naming her daughter Seventeen was a good idea.”
“Like the number, seventeen,” he asks completely serious. I nod and he smiles. “That’s so fucking groovy!”
“That’s what makes me so indie.” He smiles and a cough interrupt us. I look over and see my manager standing looking at us.
“I see you’ve made a friend,” he comments looking at Niall. “Where are the others?”
I point in the corner and he whistles to get their attention and wave them over. Everyone gathers together a foot in front of where I was sitting and Aaron stands back and starts to explain what the plan is. I stand beside him and pose every time his voice pauses. Niall erupts laughing and everyone turns to him. He immediately shuts up and looks at me. Aaron continues telling us the plane will arrive in an hour or so and we will have a 3 hour layover at JFK. When he is done, I sit back down beside Niall and cuddle into his jacket.
“We have another hour together, my love.” I sigh and he sighs with me. We are quiet for a minute, I almost think has fallen asleep and I’m on the brink of sleep when he speaks.
“How old are you?”
“20. I keep my eyes closed.
“Thank god.” I smile and I can feel him moving closer to me.
“Tell me a story,” I say.
“What? No, why?”
“Please, just keep talking.” I can just hear him breathing.
“Fine. Uh,” he clears his throat. “So I was going to this festival with these losers and Harry was driving and I was in the passenger seat because I obvi get superiority-”
“Did you just say obvi?”
“Yes, shut up. So we were trying to find a place to park and we ended up at a four way stop and I was on my phone and he took a right onto this four lane street and when I looked up I just saw four lanes of headlights coming for us and I was like this is it; this is my death. And everyone was blind because the cars had their brights on and Harry just swerved onto the side of the road out of the way and I was like this is it this is my life. Then this police officer on a bike was riding towards us yelling obviously trying to act tough because bike cops are the loser cops let’s be real and he was like yo this is a one way street what the hell do you think you’re doing? And I was like what the hell do you think there were no signs for this I could have died and Harry was like sorry we didn’t know. So we sat there for a few minutes until the cars stopped coming and he turned around and we were back on track and everything was good again and i was living my life correctly.” I’m in a fit of laughter by the end of his story and when I laugh too hard, I get hiccups and everything goes downhill from there.
“When was this?” I ask through my hiccups.
“Last week.”
“Oh my god.” I cover my face with my hands and he continues to laugh. I hiccup again and take a sip of my drink. Niall stares at me and I readjust my seating so my legs are over the armrest and I can freely kick him. His whines turn to giggles fairly quickly though.
“How old are you then?” I ask and he smiles.
“What the hell? No you’re not,” I say same glaring at him. He smiles and leans back in his seat.
“You got me, I’m 21. I’m old and I might die next week.” He stretches his arms above his head and smiles at me.
“You couldn’t pull off being younger than me.”
“It was a joke, you know, because your name is Seventeen…. 17.” I roll my eyes and he pulls a pack of gum out of his pocket. He unwraps a piece and shoves it in his mouth before holding it out to me. I take a piece because well it’s 1am and my breath isn’t all that beautiful right now.
He slouches in his seat and stares up at the ceiling, chewing his gum. Something about looking at boys’ profiles to me, I find them to be the best view for some reason. You would think I would prefer to look someone straight on. His jaw intrigues me somehow, and he looks so adorable and I guess you could say innocent. I stare at him, trying to hold myself back from asking the only question on my mind.
I have never been very good at biting my tongue.
“What made you want to come have a conversation with me?”
“Well, I saw you sitting here and I was like holy shit she looks so cool so I was like c’mon man you can do this the worst she can do is turn you down so I went out on a limb and did it. What I’ve leaned in my many years is that if you want to talk to someone, you can’t wait for them to make the first move because, odds are, they’re waiting for the same thing. I don’t really think that was the situation with you though, you wouldn’t have even noticed I was here.”
“I might have noticed, when I sat up or something.” He smiles and shrugs.
“I don’t know where I’m gonna be five years, but I hope it’s somewhere with a beautiful view aka you.”
“That rhymed, I’m impressed.”
“Just doing my job, baby girl.”
“Oh my god.” I face forward and lean against the arm rest separating us. “I take it you like nicknames.”
“Yeah, that’s why I’m offended you haven’t given me one yet.”
“Whatever, Twinkle Toes.” He grins and pinches my cheek. I push his hand away and laugh.
“You have an adorable laugh, it makes me smile every time. Actually, your smile could have probably ended the Bubonic plague had you lived in the 1400s.” He winks at me and I smack his arm.
I’ve never met someone like him. I doubt ill ever will find someone just like him. He’s so intriguing, and I can’t fully grasp the way i feel when he looks at me with his blue eyes and his lips slightly parted. His confident and somewhat cocky demeanor, yet complete lack of judgement makes me want to open up to him in a heart beat. All i crave is his laugh and his eyes to glisten as he sees me, just the way I’ve always wanted someone to look at me.
I don’t realize I had fallen asleep until someone is poking my cheek repeatedly. I open my eyes and blink a few times before the world comes into focus and I see Oliver standing over me. I then realize the situation and Niall’s head is definitely on my shoulder.
“The plane is boarding.” I sit up and that causes Niall to wake up. He rubs his eyes and looks at me while I stand up.
“You’re leaving me?” He pouts and I shrug.
“Soz, babes.”
“I’ll miss you, my love.” He grabs my hand and sighs dramatically. I smile and and pulls me closer to him. He hugs me while he is still sitting down so his head is on my stomach but then stands up. I had no idea how tall he was. He is around a foot taller than me and standing next to him, the top of my head only reaches a about his collarbones. He hugs me tight, kissing my hair and rocking us side to side. He smells like something spicy and I recognize it to be his cologne. Our embrace is broken up when the loudspeaker announces again that our plane is now boarding. He looks down at me and I take a step back and look up at him.
“Bye.” He smiles.

Kiss Me: Of Rumbelle and Basketball

So, the original prompt was: Both Rumple and Belle who are strangers are dragged to a basketball game by other people, seated next to each other they don’t pay attention to each other until they end up on the Kiss Me Cam. Now apparently, shipperqueen93​ sent it to emospritelet​, who gave it up and some Anon sent it to standbyyourmantis​ and from there, I begged. So thanks for letting me play. I hope you like it. Happy reading!

Gold hated everything about this game. The noise, the lights, the mascot shenanigans and the chanting. All in all, he would much rather spend his few free hours with a bottle of Macallan and a good book.

Bae, however, wanted to go to the game and his new stepfather, Killian, seemed intent on bribing the boy with toys and video games and sporting events. In a moment of weakness spurred by Killan’s trip to the Super Bowl he knew was about currying favor with the sports fanatic eleven-year-old, Gold had instructed his assistant to procure the best seats possible to the best game in town and that is how he found himself at Barclays Center to watch the contest between the Brooklyn Nets and the San Antonio Spurs.

“Do you think we’ll see Jay-Z, Papa?”

“What? Is he one of the players?”

“No, he’s one of the owners,” Bae explained as they filed down the tunnel.

“I really wouldn’t know.”

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