why did they only make one season of each

Welp, I did it and made myself sad

Courtesy of The 100 season 4 finale and my own anxieties about season 5

Clarke and Bellamy finally find each other again, but a lot has changed in six years…

As people rushed out of the cells and down the corridor, one prisoner rushed out only to stop. People pushed past as he looked down both ends of the corridor, probably determining the best exit route. Clarke’s heart tried to make its way into her throat. Perhaps that’s why she could barely gasp out his name.

Whether he heard the barely audible breath or his gaze was inextricably drawn to her as it always seemed to be, Bellamy turned, locking eyes with her even as bodies surged past between them. His big brown eyes were wide, freckles standing out against skin paled from the artificial light.

She couldn’t remember who moved first but they were both suddenly hurtling through the crowds, away from the exits, towards each other. Clarke practically launched herself into his arms as Bellamy clutched her to him. She buried her face into his shoulder as he buried his into her hair. She could feel his arms convulse around her—they were definitely bigger, he must’ve been working out, what else would there be to do on the Ark for six years.

Six years. Had it really been that long since she had seen him. Since they had parted on the island; her racing off to the radio tower to send the signal to turn the Ark’s power on so he and Raven and Monty and the others could survive. Of course it had been that long. She had radioed him every day of those six years, never even knowing if the signal had gone through, if he was alive.

But he was. He was right here. With her.

She could feel Bellamy’s heart pounding just as hard as hers. His shirt was damp from the steam billowing out of the pipes but it still smelled like him. Clarke tightened her arms around his neck, gripping her own arms as if locking in, unwilling to let anyone separate them ever again.

It seemed they stayed that way for an eternity before they each loosened their grips, still holding onto each other as if afraid they would vanish should they let go. They pulled away just enough to be able to look at each other; to note the slight changes in their faces from the years apart but how ultimately the same they still looked. Bellamy’s hair was a bit longer, probably unable to cut it while held prisoner, and he had facial hair—not quite a beard yet but a bit too much to be called stubble— that Clarke wasn’t sure about. It made him look older, rougher. It didn’t match his eyes. Those big brown orbs that threw the doors wide on his every emotion no matter how hard he tried to hide it. She was staring into them too long. But then, they tended to do that didn’t they? A slight smile was forming on his lips and Clarke could feel herself beaming even as tears leaked down her face.

“You’re alive,” they whispered simultaneously.

Bellamy grinned and Clarke’s sob turned into a laugh. Bellamy, ever so gently, wiped the tears from her cheek, Clarke nuzzling into his palm. As his hand slowly fell away, it was then that Clarke noticed Monty and Murphy behind him. They stood back a few steps, letting the two reunite. But each had a strange look on their faces as they looked back on the two before turning and scanning the rushing crowd.

Bellamy noticed Clarke’s glance at the others and his face began to fall.

“Bellamy, what is it?”

Still holding onto her arms, Bellamy turned to look back.

Emori and Harper raced out of one of the cells but stopped, waiting by the door. Echo appeared, dragging Raven out with her. Raven was limping slightly still. Emori hastened to help Raven as Harper and Echo scanned the corridor for the men. Harper spotted them and led the rush over, Raven and Emori behind, followed by Echo. Clarke had thought that they had been slowed down by Raven’s leg, but as the women moved towards them, Echo was also slowed by a burden she was carrying. A little girl with dark curls and big eyes was poised on her hip.

Bellamy stiffened and stepped away from Clarke. He almost stepped out of her reach, but Clarke kept a grip on his sleeve.

Harper flew into Monty’s arms while Murphy rushed to kiss Emori before helping her with Raven. Bellamy seemed rooted in place, turned halfway towards the approaching women, almost straining towards them, but something seemed to be holding him back—something besides Clarke’s fist wadded in his sleeve. With Bellamy turned, Raven and Echo now caught sight of Clarke. Something flashed in Raven’s eyes—surprise, relief, joy, and then a look that was eerily familiar. Echo cast a glance to Raven, but otherwise betrayed no emotion, merely adjusting the girl on her hip as they reached the men.

Bellamy looked completely lost. He locked eyes with Raven and a look passed between them that sent a swift pain to Clarke’s chest though she didn’t know why. Or maybe she did know why, she just wouldn’t admit it yet. Bellamy turned back to Clarke, eyes wide, but now fearful. He looked utterly heartbroken. His mouth opened as if to speak, but nothing came out before he glanced back towards Raven and Echo and the girl on her hip.

As Echo approached, the girl surged out of her arms towards Bellamy. He took her from Echo instinctively—the movement looking completely natural. He didn’t even have to think about it as he held her to his chest, her arms latching around his neck as she buried her face into his neck, not entirely unlike what Clarke had done just moments before. Bellamy kissed the top of the girl’s head, squeezing her tight. Raven reached out to stroke the girl’s hair, her hand just lingering on Bellamy’s shoulder before falling back down. The girl then pulled back, Bellamy adjusting her to his hip, and she looked over at Clarke.

“Daddy, who’s that?”

Clarke’s heart in her throat was now choking her.

Raven looked away, Emori rubbing circles on her back comfortingly. Bellamy’s entire body was rigid. He looked like he would shatter at the slightest touch as his watery eyes turned briefly to Clarke as if in apology.

“Clarke,” Bellamy began gruffly, addressing the girl on his hip first before looking back over to the woman he had been forced to leave behind. “This is Clarke.”


30 Day MFU Meme
Day 22 – Defining character moment - Napoleon Solo

It took me ages to actually understand it and make this post.

When I was watching the show for the first time, all I could see was Illya Kuryakin. I’m sure, everyone can see why :) But then I was rewatching season 1 and I started noticing these little moments, and eventually Napoleon became my favourite character. What’s happening here?

Napoleon tries to make everyone feel better about their lives.

It’s especially apparent in early episodes, when he did most of the talking and had to interact with everyone personally. When the show became one about two agents, there came more action, more rescuing each other, more flirting, more… I’m getting distracted.

Hm, anyway. The way Napoleon interacts with different people who are only a small part of his life, is very important to me. Most people he shares time with feel better after they meet him. Except for villains. Especially those who threaten Illya personally. And the contrast is very important. Some villains who threaten only Napoleon himself, leave him cool and even willing to understand them. But there are other cases…

Anyway, it’s a subject for another post.

Napoleon tries to make people feel better. In a genuine way. It’s important.

Why is..no one talking about what reina said here?
“There’s something SPECIAL about you”
Did we all forget how much Reina wants to be SPECIAL?
And that inspired kumiko to want to become special too just like her
And in ep 9 Reina started to realize how special kumiko is
That she finally achieved what she said she wanted
But that doesn’t mean that Reina isnt special
But in reality she has been special since the first season
Reina is special for inspiring her to do so and making her become special , and they both helped each other become special
Like also in the first season where she made her want to practice more and be better at playing it more and more
And she also helped her realize how much she loves the euphonium that when she got the eupho figurine first try she kept excitingly telling her “I LOVE THE EUPHONIUM” like a little kid
Doesn’t that make Reina not only special but SO SPECIAL to be the reason of all of that?
Seriously why did no one mention this before?

I finished Gargoyles.

On one hand I’m like

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because it’s over and it was a good show and WHY DIDN’T THEY MAKE MORE???? (and the Goliath Chronicles is not canon according to the creator so I don’t think I’ll watch that)

And on the other hand I’m going

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because of that ending. It only took ‘em 65 episodes to make it canon! At least that wasn’t for nothing. 


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Soul Mates: Why Damon Is Not Elena's.

As you can probably tell by the title, this is so very, very, very, anti-delena. This is my disclaimer because Tumblr sometimes dumps anti-ships in the pro-ship newsfeed. So if you ship DE and decide to read under the cut, it’s your own fault.

I’m writing this because I need to get it out of my system really, and I feel a lot of Stelena (and Bamon) fans can probably relate. So here goes. 

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Killian’s redemption arc- 5x10 meta

For the past 10 episodes and probably even longer than that, actually, Killian Jones has been the poster boy for the phrase “have faith”. He has asked Emma countless times to have faith in all of those (including himself) who wished to help her with her burden in whatever ways they could. 

He also HAD faith. Be it in her, in them and their relationship, or in everyone around them, Killian believed that they could help rid her of the darkness forever. In Camelot and in Storybrooke, he had faith in Emma Swan. Even after everything, he was willing to forgive it all and make things work, because Emma Swan was the light that kept him going. Emma Swan was his reason for being.

But in 5x08, when he found out that Emma had lied to him and turned him into a Dark One, he was filled with a rage like we’ve almost never seen from him. And here’s where it gets really interesting: I DON’T think it was because he was mad at her

While he may have claimed to be at Emma’s house to emotionally hurt her as much as she’d hurt him, you can’t tell me this isn’t the face of a man who loves her with all his heart. He may have said some awful things, but THIS EXPRESSION IS GENUINE.

I don’t think it was coincidence that Dark! Hook showed up to knock out Merida the moment she threatened to harm Emma, either. I don’t care what he said, his actions gave him away. He was not NEARLY as angry with Emma as he said he was. 

In the middlemist field, when he got so upset about her “not having faith in him”, something felt… off about it. That whole concept felt off, about Emma not having faith in Killian. Because Snowing addressed it at the very beginning of the episode: Emma brought him back as a Dark One because SHE DID have faith in him, she DID think he was strong enough to overcome it, and she DID believe in his promise of their love and their future, enough to think it was worth the risk. To me, that came across as loud and clear as 4x03′s “Of COURSE I trust you.” Emma has always- and I mean ALWAYS, even back on that beanstalk when she was scared of how MUCH she trusted him- had faith in Killian Jones. She wouldn’t have let him live if she didn’t. So, OF COURSE SHE HAD FAITH IN HIM!!!!!!!

But, if she had faith in him (and omg, yes, she did and does; I’m telling you!!!!) then why would Dark! Hook be so angry (aside from being the dark one, obviously) and accuse her of not believing in him? And who- if not Emma- is he really angry with?

Well, this is one of the most self- loathing characters on television right now. He not only admits his mistakes and owns up to each and every one of them, but he refuses to forgive himself for any of them, not even after going to extreme lengths to try and make them right. This man spent more than an ENTIRE SEASON fearing that he wasn’t good enough to be with Emma. He wanted to do whatever it took to be worthy of her, and he never thought he was enough. BUT SHE DID. I think this scene from 4x12 illustrates this point PERFECTLY. 

K “I’m hardly a hero. The fairies were only in the hat because I put them there.”

E “You weren’t in control of that. That was Gold. Trust me, you have a mark in the hero column.”

K “I hope so.”

Even as far back as “Kansas” when she saved him from drowning and he hadn’t expected her to save him, her response was: 

“You really think I would’ve let you drown?”, like it was the most obvious choice in the world to save him. She didn’t question saving his life for a second, but he did. Because he thought less of himself. 

And I honestly can’t even begin to list the number of times he has openly been upset with himself for his past mistakes (we would literally be here all day if I tried, ok?). 

Killian wasn’t mad that Emma had no faith in him (because she does). He was mad because HE HAS NO FAITH IN HIMSELF.

He doesn’t think he can fight the darkness, and that fear by itself, makes it so he can’t.

This makes him extra susceptible to the darkness, makes him perhaps the MOST vulnerable to its lure on this entire show. Because when the voices in his head start telling him he’s nothing, he listens, because he already believes it himself. 

He’s mad at himself for not being able to fight the darkness. He’s mad at himself for all the evils he’s committed. And the darkness only exacerbates that anger, which in turn feeds the darkness and makes it stronger. The angrier he becomes at himself, the more fuel the darkness has and the more control it then has over him. It’s a vicious cycle.

Scenes like this:

“I was the villain in that little drama, Swan”

and this

“every ring is a sad story”

aaaand especially this

“That’s the saddest story of all. It belonged to a better man than I”

Scenes like these show that he still hasn’t forgiven himself for his sins. He’s still angry with himself for what he’s done, he still feels inadequate. And he’s coming to the realization that no amount of love from Emma is going to heal that inside him. And THAT is why he’s lashing out, that is why he is SO MAD. He’s not mad at what she’s done, he’s mad at what he has realized she can’t do

She can’t help him with the darkness because her love isn’t what he needs to fight it. The more he hates himself, the easier it becomes for the darkness to use him for its own desires, and well, vice versa. AND THAT IS WHY I AM SO FUCKING HERE FOR THIS.

While Emma’s arc has been about learning to let people in when she needs help and cannot bear her burdens alone, Killian’s is going to be about learning how to look within himself for the strength he needs to beat his demons. He has to value himself enough as a person to be willing to fight for his own soul. The only way he wins against the darkness, is if he forgives himself for his sins. No one else can do that for him. And remember “a man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets”. Killian has to want to save himself from the darkness. Not because he hates it , but because he values himself.

In the end, his battle with the darkness will only end, when his battle with himself does. 

In a way, the real monster already lived inside him. He was a pirate, he was a villain, he did terrible things. Becoming the dark one set it free and forced him to face it (and himself) head- on. He has more experience than anyone with dark ones. It killed his first love, took his hand, took up residence in his second and true love, and now lives inside him. If anyone is going to destroy the darkness, it’s going to be him. His entire story has been leading up to this; he was born to destroy this demon. But before he can conquer this one, he has to face his own. And it can’t be something he does for anyone but himself.


  • THIS is why he was scared she didn’t have faith in him.
  • THIS is why he was scared that all she saw him as was a lovesick puppy.
  • THIS is why he was scared she was pushing him away.

Because he is afraid, he’s always been afraid that he isn’t enough.

So yeah, I’ll take a couple episodes off from CS, because this is something he needs to do for him, for his own story (and this will probably tie into next week’s backstory ep). Not for Emma, not for revenge. But for him. Because he is enough.

An enormous amount of rant

I know that pretty much everyone’s going to tag me as an example of a raging fan who didn’t get what they want so they have to be salty now, but in all honesty, I don’t care. After seeing this:

I’ve amicably decided to vent out my frustrations with this. 
1) Why do so many of you believe that we hate Asami?
I’m going to speak for myself now when I say that I have never posted or contributed to that negativity towards her, but my feelings are such:

When she first appeared in the show, I wasn’t generally interested in her other than my knowledge that they were going to use her as a point in a love triangle, which is head on, a very generic move these days. As the series continued I only saw her as a secondary character, and while she wasn’t the most appealing, Korra’s attitude towards her mattered, because she’s still a person, and Korra, as the main character, must learn to cope and put others before her. As the first book progressed, I was initially a bit frustrated on how they chose to portray the strain in Asami and Mako’s relationship and him generally avoiding her. I’m not going to go on and say that she was needy because really, she doesn’t have anyone else. And while I did suspect that it was possible for her to join her father against Korra, because he is still her father while Mako’s a person she knew for a couple of months, she didn’t. She stayed loyal to a group of people she hadn’t known before, who’ve developed a better relationship as teammates with each other while she was a bit of the outsider. So then why did they continue that?
Why did they let this character, whose principles in justice and good outweighed her love for her father, get pushed aside?

In the second season, when her position as the sole heir to her company was brought up as well as the first-hand difficulty running it, they decide to instead go with this:

Instead of making it a hug, they made it a kiss, thereby resurrecting the “wisely-officiated” love triangle in the first season. This is only one of the reasons why I am bitter towards the writers. You know why? Because instead of going all Miyazaki on me with the Mako/Korra friendship, they could have just as well made one HERE. You want a good representation of a guy and a girl being friends even after a romantic relationship? You already had it, and yet again, they decide to sum up Asami as the grunting jealous rejected girl again, while Mako ends up as the ass. Also, why even sum her up like that in the first place? 

I’m not going to comment on book 3 and 4 other that the fact that, again, with the exception of the reappearance of her father, nothing’s changed in her character’s development.We only get brief information of her life such as:

  • that she was an only child who lost her mother at a young age, which fueled her father’s hatred towards benders and prompted him to let her take self-defense classes
  • that she is a good mechanic and engineer
  • that she’s the heir to the biggest company in advanced technology

And that’s it. Like, I get the fact that Mako and Bolin’s story was even less developed in book 1, but in book 3 you get a much wider narration of it. So why not do the same for Asami? Why put in this 18 year old girl who, supposedly, had no friends before team avatar, who took her chances and risked her life in the defense of benders instead of sticking by her father’s side, the only family she had left, and push her in the background without any reconsideration?
Do most of you even realize her true potential? Like the fact that she could have mentioned or told about how her life was drastically changed after her mother’s death? How it suddenly became stained with loss, making her father more protective of her? Of how he quite possibly taught her everything she knows now and how she very likely only finished basic public school, later to be put under his wing and him spending entire days with her at the workshop? About who actually taught her the basic life lessons that would later become her virtues?

Nothing of that is ever explored. Instead of having Mako go on for 10 minutes in Rememberances about how Korra changed his life we could have finally gotten a proper look at Asami’s one, and how much Korra means to her. Instead of having the season overfilled with unnecessary characters and uneven pacing, why not evolve on her management and involvement in the final battle? 

2) Korra isn’t herself with Asami

Part of the reason why some claim this is because when Korra expressed the possibility of Asami’s father betraying her again, Asami immediately lashed out on Korra telling her that it wasn’t her place to speak when she’s been gone for 3 years. My question is, why did the writers even go here? Why did they make her lash out and Korra actually having the need to excuse her absence which was because of her health issues, when they could have gotten her to say that it was because of her concern for Asami. Furthermore why even make Korra feel more guilty about taking off time when she needed to heal?

3) Bryke called us homophobes

I am immediately going to admit that I’m still offended by the “hetero-lenses” comment, but what I’m even more angry about is the fact that by his standards, only straight people ship straight couples and only people of the LGBT community ship homosexual/bisexual couples. Not only did he disregard the fans in general with this comment, he also fueled the further hate and accusations from the other side of the fandom, prompting even more to just give up and get away from it, because so many of you immediately go for labels. As of now, Makorra shippers and even people who’ve been unsure/against the bad storytelling, have been deemed:

  • homophobics (when there are active Makorra shippers that are queer)
  • misogynists, because by your standards, when you ship a couple that has fights and a break-up that concludes with Korra throwing Mako’s desk and Mako just backing away, which you also deem “toxic” (I’m not even going to start with this again because if you honestly think having fights in a relationship is toxic, most of you haven’t been in one obviously. There is a substantial amount of difference between difficult and toxic)

4) The ending/relationship was rushed

Yes, it was. You know why? Because while we got this in book 1:

We got this in book 4:

I’m not going to include book 3 because I firmly believed book 3 oversaw the development of their friendship, and the time skip between 3 and 4 was 3 years. Mind you, the Makorra scenes shown here are only a handful of them in book 1, and in book 2 they were in a relationship. So why give us a total of 3-4 big scenes with Asami/Korra, when you gave so much in book 1 for Mako/Korra? 
And I most definitely won’t count the censorship excuse as a good one, because nothing has proven that Nickelodion is against representing same sex couples. I’m not even asking for a kiss! I’m asking for a well-developed, side-by-side showing of the two people’s feelings towards one another. The fact that they gave Korra and Asami only one heartfelt conversation in the last minute of the series end, only proves their lack of improvement since the first book when it ended with Makorra. Furthermore, why not evolve the romance before the end? How about one season where it’s obvious before the last minute, and then make it about the whole crew as well as about Korra? 

5) Korra and Asami should break up in the comics

Firstly, there’s never been an official confirmation for a comic. Second, why is it that everyone here believes that they’ll have to get married and grow old together? Just because ATLA oversaw relationships that began when they were 14 and lasted a lifetime, doesn’t mean it’s always going to end like that. Up until now the first canon breakup was shown in LOK, where both the participants were 17 years old. So why go on and on about the neverending future of the relationship? You as well as me and everyone else don’t essentially know the fate of these characters. Who’s to know what’s going to happen? Okay, maybe they will get married and grow old, maybe they won’t. That doesn’t essentially erase the relationship from it’s existence, nor does it erase their sexuality. Don’t put the essential pressure on the writers and the characters that they HAVE TO FOREVER BE TOGETHER because of representation. Whether or not it lasts, the most important thing is that it happened. 

6) It’s sad how little respect and appreciation you have for Korra if you can’t even accept that she could be happy with anyone else besides your perfect prince

This is directed towards whoever thinks this or has actually said this to ikkinthekitsune. Firstly, have you seen our posts? We’ve been typing nonstop about Korra ever since the series ended. Do you honestly believe that we’re cutting our veins here and crying rivers all because of the fact that Korra didn’t end up with a boy at the wedding? Like, what astronomical anomaly or phenomenon proves that the wedding was the end of their story? Did all the characters die? Nope. Are they alive and well? Yeah, and we, as fans, can freely continue it if we like, but not erase the original telling of the story, even if it’s a bad one. 
Second, if you’re actually paying any attention, you’d recognize that the only thing a part of us have been doing so far is defending our opinion on the writing and choice of portrayal of Korra herself, mainly from fans of this type, who’ve done nothing but spit on us ever since we decided we weren’t happy with it. If you guys are so disgusted by us, then why not just let us be? I’ve had to witness posts of this type:

for a month now. Do you people even understand the basic act of shipping? Did Zutara fans, or Toph/Sokka fans, or fans of any non-canon ship, just give up on their preferences because it wasn’t canon? If that was the case, then the Sherlock fandom would have probably stopped watching the show by now.  

I’m going to end it here and say that whatever your basic principles are, you should know that there is also a difference between posting your opinion, and actively hating/fighting against a person’s. 

Edit: most of the makorra gifs are by korratea

So I’ve watched +confrontation+ and I’m happy, but sad, but given the way things have gone throughout the whole season, what the Candle Wasters did in this episode makes the most sense to me out of all the possible options (SPOILERS for LoLiLo ahead):

I think having reconciliation between Kit/Freddie and Peter/Balth, but not with Bea/Benedick is realistic, and here’s why:

Peter and Balth were never together. So the rules only got in the way of them starting a relationship, not in actually having one. They’ve loved each other for a really long time but have had massive (and I mean TITANICALLY huge) communication problems. So when Peter uploaded a video where he clearly stated his romantic intention, a lot of their biggest issues kinda resolved themselves. Yes, they still need to talk things out, and probably apologise to each other for various things, but I think, for them, saying ‘I love you’ to each other out loud was enough for now - it ends the months of doubt and tension. What they really needed, which was to know where they stood with the other, they’ve now gotten, and they can face the rest of their problems together as a team.

Fred and Kit were together, so the rules impacted on the relationship they had, but here’s a very key distinction: Freddie broke the rules, plain and simple. While she may have hid the relationship from others (which would have put a strain on the relationship) she didn’t try to put barriers between herself and Kit. So while her wanting to keep the rules for so long would have sucked for Kit, she didn’t exactly choose the rules over Kit; instead she tried to have her cake and eat it too (which obviously didn’t work long term, but still). And while it was insensitive of her to say the rules weren’t Kit’s business when they’d been affecting him for months, she never truly faced an either/or decision - Kit leaves before she has the chance to choose between him or the rules (a totally understandable move for Kit, but she is obviously shocked and upset when it happens). And in this episode she makes it clear in her apology that she wants what HE wants - if he wanted to end it she would have understood. So I think him forgiving her makes sense, and it’s in line with his character - he’s laid back and incredibly accepting of things most people wouldn’t be (see 'I don’t mind the tent’).

Now Bea and Ben. While it breaks my heart, Bea ending it makes sense. Ben prioritised the rules over her, time and time again. He wouldn’t let her stay in the flat, he wouldn’t break the 'No Shenanigans’ rule even when they were alone, and though the rules were clearly not working by the time of SARDINES, when Bea essentially asks him which is more important to him, the rules or their relationship, he chooses the rules. And for someone like Bea, who finds it absolutely terrifying to be vulnerable with someone (she was still saying “I guess I liked you” while literally cuddling Benedick in a bath), that’s a lot to have to take. So when Ben does a complete about-face and assumes he’ll be travelling with her now that his plans have fallen through, after months of putting emotional and physical distance between them because of rules he had a direct hand in creating, Bea saying no is completely justified. A relationship where your needs are never being met isn’t healthy, and though I love the guy, Ben has been a pretty terrible boyfriend for a long time. I think it was just too much to expect Bea to forgive, and I honestly can’t blame her for her decision.

So while I am sad that the LoLiLo story called for this ending, I think it’s in line with everything we know about the various characters, and it IS a natural conclusion. I just wish Ben had acted differently, so I wouldn’t be thinking that Bea breaking up with him was the healthiest option for both of them.

Some shipping thoughts

So, I decided to throw around my own opinions on the romantic relationships in LoK, which are notorious for setting the fandom on fire. With the knowledge that I might be sticking my honey-covered hand into an anthill…

Do I ship anything? I moderately ship Korrasami, ever since the second episode of this season. Why? It’s not an issue of representation, really. Of course, representation is important, and while a straight man myself, I’m a full supporter of LGBT rights - until someone provides me with some proof that two people of the same sex being happy together somehow threatens me or the society I live in… so never. But in this case I simply think Korrasami is, or would be, a pretty good romance story, depending on how “canon” it ends up being. It’s just a matter of quality of writing, to me. And I hope it ends up confirmed at some point, if not in the remaining part of the actual show. Because it’d be a damn shame if the best romance they’ve written (not that there’s stiff competition on this front) ended up half-hidden. Generally speaking, I was glad to see Asami become more prominent on the show in Book Three, but I didn’t really see anything romantic between them, even in the finale. But in Book Four the signals became rather strong, and by Episode 7, well. It seems my reaction, which was along the lines of “I don’t ship but I can totally see it” is now shared by many.

Korra and Asami’s relationship is the best one on the show, really, and you can see it smoothly transitioning from friendship to love. This is more than can be said for any other relationship in both shows. Except for Sokka and Suki’s relationship, which may or may not have lasted, they were all “love at first sight” scenarios - blatantly obvious from the moment the participants appeared on-screen together. Kataang wasn’t bad, really, but damn, was it a hurricane of clichés. Here, though, we see that the two women just fit each other like a glove. Their personalities are opposed, but it makes them fill in for each other’s shortcomings, rather than cause friction. And they understand and support each other implicitly. Well, it’s mostly Asami supporting Korra, I suppose. I’d say I hope we might see it the other way around, like in the Hiroshi situation, but I doubt we will.

Will Korrasami be canon? Who the heck knows, at this point. There’s no way that they’re not dropping all those hints and subtext on purpose. Before Episode 7 it could be written off as shippers seeing what shippers want, but not any more. So what is this purpose? Korra and Asami hooking up on the show is unlikely, since moral guardians of the media would lose their collective shit. Is it just to screw with the audience’s heads? It feels like a lot of effort in a show that is already chopped up into mini-series. And, frankly, it’d be kind of a dick move, anyway. My bet is that they’ll keep the subtext in Korra and Asami’s interactions, and pave the way for making it official in further materials, like the comics.

Now, what do I think about the “competing” ship, Makorra? My opinion is on a spectrum between “NOPE” and “why in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s beer fountain would you even want that”. I’m not going to pussy-foot around and say I understand why people ship it, because I don’t. Like, I get why a lot of people just don’t want any more romance in the show. I used to be in this boat, given the writers’ track record - I just changed my mind later. I also get that other people like to write fanfiction that has little or nothing to do with the actual plot of the show - not my business what people do for fun. But why would you want the return of a romance sub-plot that was dull at best and aggravating at worst? There was nothing good about it, ever, at any point. It was rushed and artificial in Book One, and in Book Two all they did was make out and argue. Korra and Mako only brought out the worst in each other. This in contrast to Korra and Asami, who bring out the best.

One good thing that came out of it was the breakup, which was a shred of character development for both of them after two seasons otherwise bereft of character growth. The actual relationship was not only very badly written, but frankly downright unhealthy. Of course, according to the censors, it’s still preferable to a healthy relationship born out of mutual respect and friendship, as long as the latter involves people of the same gender. The root of it, of course, is that Mako has no personality beyond “handsome brooding boy with a troubled past” and the love triangle. And the personality that does relate to the love triangle paints him as an indecisive jackass.

The only reason I can think of for wishing that they get back together is some bizarre level of dedication to the narrative causality which dictates that the hero or heroine’s first love interest should be his or her True Love forever after. Which, obviously, I’m glad the show seems to be defying.

Thankfully, it seems our noodly, inebriated Creator answered my prayers and Makorra has been buried with a sickle to its throat. The ending to Mako’s part of the clip show made it pretty clear he sees Korra as a friend and inspiration now. And they act like friends who used to be a thing, but are over it.

So, there you have it. I never thought I’d take sides in a shipping war, but I guess I’ve been bored lately. I’m tagging this as anti-makorra because apparently the etiquette is not to criticize ships in their own tags, or some such?

anonymous asked:

I started season 1 of OUAT again and I am curious what your thoughts are regarding Emma&Graham. She seemed willing to open up and be with him faster than with Hook... I am Captain Swan all the way but I was just wondering if you think maybe that closed her off even more since he died in her arms or maybe she just wanted to feel something like Graham did so she kissed him? or since CS is true love it just is taking her longer to open herself up to that? sorry for rambling just want your thoughts!

Sure, I’m happy to share. I mean, you have to look at Emma and Graham with a different lens, and I always start with a storytelling perspective. 

Firstly, Graham was booked onto the show with an expiration date. He was always meant to die. (ugh) So all of his development with Emma happened really in one episode, because it was crammed in there so he could feel something wonderful before he died.

Now, from Emma’s perspective. Graham was a nice guy. She’d known him for a little while, and she trusted him. He was sweet, he was genuine, and for the most part, he was pretty safe. He didn’t really push her, or at the very least, didn’t look at her and immediately understand everything about her.

Emma’s connection to Hook is extremely raw; they see so much of themselves in each other that it, initially, terrified both of them. Hook emotionally shut down once Emma did the same and betrayed him, but that’s because they make each other vulnerable. Two people who had zero desire to lose their walls forced them down in one another. 

That’s why it took 2 whole seasons for Emma to well and truly allow her guard down around him. To trust what he’d been telling her pretty much since the day he met her.

Do I think that has to do with Graham dying in her arms? Yes and no. I mean, honestly, that’s got to fuck you up, but it’s only a notch on a long line of trauma in Emma’s life. So it’s a factor, but I think what closed Emma off from Hook—more than anything else—was the fact that her feelings for him scared her.

She knew they were intense, real, and she still doesn’t understand them, but powerful enough to send her running, because he had the power to hurt her, like everyone else in her life has.