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speaking of the tags in my last reblog JOSH AND ARNOLD WERE SO CUTE IN THIS SCENE!!!!

ok but the fact that scott and mitch actually decided to share such private information about their personal lives? like, we barely know how mitch and kirstie got together in the past and we know even less about kirstie and scott’s relationship, but they actually CHOSE to tell the whole story, to share it with us, not just “oh and we dated when we were younger” but how they became boyfriends and how they felt and why did it end and even the fact that they didn’t talk with each other for a while. and they shared such intimate things with us? not only about them as a couple, but their personal struggles and their perception of themselves and other things too.

knowing scott and mitch love us that much to let us know about those kind of things makes me have even more respect and love for them ❤

URGENT: Why was political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal moved from his cell last night?

He only had time to tell a nearby prisoner to let Mumia’s supporters know he was being moved before he was gone. When his attorney Bob Boyle called the prison, they said he was in the infirmary for tests.

If in fact Abu-Jamal is in the infirmary:

  • Why? Numerous visitors and callers report he was in good spirits and better health after three weeks of receiving medicine that can cure his hep C infection.
  • Why did the prison administration wait until the end of the day to move him?
  • Why place him in the infirmary where he is permitted little movement, where visitors are not allowed, and where guards are more hostile to him?
  • Why are guards being told that there may be layoffs because Mumia is costing the prison a lot of money? All people have a right to humane medical care. Instead of blaming the patients who need the medicine, the state should be demanding lower prices on hep C medicines from the companies that charge up to $1000 a pill.
  • Why is he being suddenly isolated in the infirmary, just days after a court hearing which may overturn a number of appeals denied Mumia and three weeks after the DOC was forced by mass pressure and court orders to finally treat his deadly illness? Is this retaliation?
  • Will two people now on the way to visit him be allowed to see and speak to him?

When Mumia came off death row in 2011, Philadelphia DA Seth Williams and others made public threats that his life would not be safe in general population.  We must take any new threat against Mumia seriously. The people must increase the pressure to finally free Mumia.

Please call the PA DOC at 570-773-2158. Tell them to let his family and friends know where Mumia is being kept, and to let them visit him.

Mobilization4Mumia@gmail.com  l 215-724-1618

April 27, 2017


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?


Decided to do a parody of Rozen Maiden’s Ouverture Ending using Mario characters, just for shits and giggles. Will try to do a similar video as well, probably, maybe not, idk.

UPDATE: I did it, you can watch it here.


Welcome back. So glad you’re still listening. Are you having fun? You must be wondering who’s next, and why. Is it you? What did you do? How did you end up on these tapes? Maybe you did something cruel. Or maybe you just watched it happen. Maybe you didn’t even realize you were being cruel. Maybe you didn’t do anything at all. And maybe you should have. Too late. I think you know exactly what you did. And after these tapes, you’ll never forget it. I know I won’t.
13 Reasons Why: Tape 1, Side B

Imagine - Zach breaks up with you

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@thrtreasons Request: “pls zach x reader where they dated for a long time and they were super goals but then they broke up idk why and he’s still in love with her and you know he’s not doing well after the tapes and she notices and helps him?? i mean he tells her everything and thinks she’ll hate him etc anyway thank you💫”

It has been exactly one month since you and Zach have broken up, and it was over something extremely stupid. It was over an argument that the two of you had. An argument over the fact that you and Bryce were “too friendly with each other”. Clearly Zach had gone mad. Because you would never cheat on him, and certainly not with Bryce Walker. That guy was a complete asshole and a pervert. If anything, he was always flirting with you, even though you were dating one of his best friends. But you had no intention what so ever to cheat on Zach with Bryce. You loved Zach, you truly did. And he loved you, but clearly not as much as you though because he couldn’t see how it was not you being “too friendly” with Bryce but the other way around.

It has been a painful month for you after the break up. You and Zach were perfect for each other, in your eyes and in the eyes of most of the students at Liberty high. You two were the “IT” couple. Always the talk of the school on how cute the two of you were together and how others wished that they had what you and Zach had. Why did things have to end between the two of you. You remember the night where everything went downhill, like it was yesterday…

“I’m not ‘all over Bryce’ Zach! That’s ridiculous!” You yell.

You and Zach were sitting in your living. Your parents were gone for the weekend on some business trip and Zach had promise to keep you company in the time being. So he had come over to your house so the two of you could cuddle and watch some movies. But things turned south pretty quickly…

“Sure you’re not.” Zach scoffs “You two are always flirting with each other! And right in front of me too!” He booms out.

“You know I’m really surprised that you haven’t left me for him yet, slut…” He breathes out the last word that you nearly missed what he said.

But it’s too late. You heard it. And you have never been more humiliated and furious in your life.

You look at him straight in the eyes, seething, and slap him. Hard. Right across his face.

“You know what!? Fuck you Zachary!” You spit out. “I fucking hate you! Get out!”

Zach scoffs and then says with malice, “Sure, I’ll leave, but know this, we’re fucking done (Y/N). I don’t even know why I went out with such a slut like you in the first place.” Then Zach walks out your door.

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