why did they delete this scene

okay but why is every set in skam just Marlon’s place​,,,like is he just really invested in the show, like, will they mention needing a room for a scene and marlon just shows up out of no where going ‘oH dID yOU GuYs nEED A ROOM FOR EVEN?? DOne. Take it. Whats that?? you need a bATHTUB??? wELL HAVE I GOT A BAThtUB FOR yOU’


so i just straight up forgot to upload this s8 deleted scene for like a month my bad

anyways i’m PISSED that this was cut because it’s so good? in this cut scene from reynolds v reynolds, dee tells dennis why she cares so much about his case and then gives a VERY persuasive opening statement to the court

I still can’t believe Emerald and Kate kissed and we didn’t get to see it. Like can they like make it a blooper or something or release it as a deleted scene!! Just pls let pats and deels kiss or at least show us this one.

(Edit- By the way- this happened back in season 5. So they kissed back in season 5 :(!!! I don’t understand. Why did they even film it if they’re just going to cut it out? Maybe wait for a better moment? Like Pats coming back from Hong Kong? Idk! Anyways- link is listed down in the replies!)

“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 


“All we can do is just be here and love them as hard as we can. I know that’s all we’re trying to do. Both of us, right?”

KS and YoI Crossover AU.

Sangwoo: *Busy reading the morning paper at the coffee table in his living room* 

(The paper reads that S.Korea’s Seung Gil Lee has made it to the top 6.)

Yoon Bum: *Is sitting before the T.V. watching the Ice Skating Grand Prix Finals live* 

Yoon Bum: *Watches a VictUuri scene come up live on T.V.*

Yoon Bum: You see Sangwoo,why can’t we be like that?

Sangwoo: *Wasn’t paying attention to the scene on the tv and thinks Yoon Bum wants to be a figure skater* Well for starters ,your legs are broken 

Sangwoo: But hey, *In a voice that attempts to console him* don’t worry

Sangwoo: You’re pretty good at seeing hallucinations right? Look at that guy over there *Points to the screen as Korea’s Seung Gil Lee emerges onto the ice*

Sangwoo:  It’s you,but with functional legs!

Did that make sense to you? i hope it did.

If I see any hate directed towards KS in the comments,I’ll delete it. So save yourself the trouble from telling me and the fandom why we are horrible human beings for liking KS. I’m fully aware that YoI and KS are nothing alike and made this just coz I had an idea which I thought was funny, TYVM and I’m not comparing them.


that part when he’s testing possible replacements for the palladium core

why did they delete this scene

somebody please explain this to me

it was replaced with that bit where JARVIS says he’s delighted to see a video of tony with his clothes on

but i


this scene is 459% more effective in expressing the seriousness of the situation

that whole thing that happens before pepper gets there EXPLAINS why he acted like a big child when pepper got there

oh my fucking god

why did they delete this scene. why did they do this

oh god why




So you just watched Syfy's Alice

Congratulations! Would you like to check out the deleted scenes?

enamoratrix posted them in three parts: I, II and III

insanixtea did the math on how much time passes here vs. Wonderland

You might wonder how Hatter knew Mad March… a cut scene hints that they were brothers.

And you probably want to know what was up with his right hand?

Maybe you’d like to know why’d he mention pizza

Oh man, are you into fanfic? Have we got some reading for you.

Or are fanvids more your speed? 

There. That should get you started.

Deleted scenes from the next episode of AOS
  • *Robbie and Daisy are surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D.*
  • Robbie: I'll hold them off for as long as I can. Give you time to get away.
  • Daisy: No, we stick together! Why are you pushing me away, you're my best friend in the world-
  • Robbie: -and you're more than that.
  • *cut to Fitz and Simmons watching the scene from the base*
  • Fitz: Did they just-
  • Simmons: -I feel so offended right now.
  • *Mack and Yoyo burst into the room*
  • Yoyo: Mack, you know what Ghost Rider can do! Can't we at least just talk about us before you go!
  • Mack: There's nothing to discuss.
  • Yoyo: ...maybe there is.
  • *Fitz and Simmons stare at them in silent rage*
  • Fitz: What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On!
  • Simmons: It can't get any worse-
  • *Melinda and Coulson walk up next to Fitz and Simmons*
  • Coulson: So when you said all those things about moving on from Andrew and starting something between us... I mean, you were tired and dehydrated-
  • May: -I was as clearheaded then as I've ever been... when I said all those things.
  • Fitz: *drops his clipboard* Okay, I'm out!
  • Simmons: Right behind you.
  • *Fitz and Simmons attempt to leave. However, they are blocked by Radcliffe, who is eating a sandwich*
  • Radcliffe: Hey, FitzSimmons! You won't believe what just happened! AIDA made me a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of homemade pesto aioli-
  • Fitz and Simmons: *pushes past Radcliffe, which makes him drop the sandwich.*
  • Radcliffe: *sad because of sandwich* What. The. Hell!
Magnificent Seven Headcannon:

So in the deleted scenes we learn how Goodnight got his name, and it’s so sad because he suffers from PTSD and here his NAME, something he hears everyday, is probably a huge Trigger for him.

So, that’s why I think Billy calls him Goody. Goody is used in the sense of someone who is good, like goody two shoes, so he’s trying to remind Goodnight that he is good, no matter what he did during the war.