why did the last post explode

spicyboikeith  asked:

Girl straight up, I've been like... not here for a couple days.. what happened to our boys? Why is this a good day for sheith. "It's killing me when you're away". We all knew this was breaking Keith's heart. Did you do this?! Did the crew?! What's happening!?!?

ahaha omg I’m so sorry buddy we kind of um….. exploded last night HAHAAHAH. I’VE DONE NOTHING LISTEN.

lol yea it’s us nerding out and screaming. basically we started to attempt to figure out what the post-it notes said on keith’s board for fun and went / are going full Sherlock Holmes on this thing. it’s been really cool just exploring some interpretations and having fun with some potential translations.

but the notes we started out on gave some really unexpected and interesting proposals!!! The general conclusions are that on any capacity yes Keith cares v deeply for shiro and in this period definitely felt the loss and it shook some foundations despite continuing and getting on with whatever he could.

And I think that’s really something and testament to Keith, his ability to keep moving bc he does always has a drive and need to be going somewhere - not always literally/physically - even if that direction could run the risk of being chaotically aimless and splayed out in so many different jagged directions. He’ll keep going, even if there’s not a clear goal in his life or fixed horizon. He knows how to work with what he has and not dawdle around in a bad situation - he still is learning how to hone this momentum and blazing sharp focus and that growth is p cool.

But anyway yes the notes have been the origin of all this LMAO.