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Compliments - Jay x Reader

Compliments [Requested by @noneoftheabove9998

6 “Danggg you look hot in that shirt—I mean is it cold in here? Wait what cold? I meant hot. Holy crap you look amazing.”

(Y/N) was never one of the princesses who was showered with attention and compliments. Not like Audrey. She wished she was though, she wished she had someone to compliment her on how she looked, even if she was wearing shorts or something un-princess-like. When the four kids from the Isle came to Auradon Prep, (Y/N) had her suspicions but she had never been one to judge too quickly. That was something she had unfortunately developed from her mother, Snow White, you know, the princess who took the apple from a stranger not knowing it was her evil stepmother in disguise. Evie, that was the only one that would have to work hard for her trust, prove to her she wasn’t her mother and wasn’t going to poison her the first chance she got.

Fortunately, the VKs pulled through, in the end, rendering Maleficent to a tiny lizard and saving Auradon for at least a little while until the next problem came up. Unfortunately for (Y/N), she was still lonely and complimentless. Evie was getting lots of attention for her clothing she was making, and Mal was getting lots of attention from girls to get their hair done.

(Y/N) had nothing against the girls, after proving they weren’t their parents she actually took to approached the group of four and introducing herself. “Hi, I don’t think I ever introduced myself to you guys. I’m (Y/N) White, Snow White’s daughter,” she turned to Evie, giving her a bright smile, “I adored the dress you wore at Ben’s Coronation. Do you think you could give me some tips?” Evie was obviously stunned at her reaction, seeing as Mal hadn’t had the best experience with her hero counterpart. “Yeah, sure. You can swing by our dorm anytime.”

(Y/N) had nothing against the boys either, for that matter. She thought of Carlos as her little brother, since she didn’t have any siblings, younger or older, to talk with. Jay, well he was a different story.

(Y/N) could see Jay being the guy she got compliments from. The one that told her she looked amazing without makeup, or she looked normal in a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. Of course, that was a silly little fantasy that (Y/N) could end up dreaming about for days if she wanted to.

She was a cheerleader. She thought that would get people to compliment her more, but Audrey was Cheer Captain and the other girls, including her, were soon forgotten. It did give (Y/N) an excuse to be at Tourney practices and games to see Jay, even if it was a little stalker-esque.

Cheerleaders always crowded Jay before and after games, giving (Y/N) no time to talk to him or a chance to let him see the new dress Evie had made her. To show him he was accepting of his friends and she was a relatively nice girl to get along with.

She realized soon enough she’d never get the time of day from the former Isle thief. From the boy who stole her heart without him even knowing it. She was tragically in love with this boy who’d she’d never even spoken to, to the boy she imagined compliments to come by the dozen from.

Why couldn’t she just go up to him? What was stopping her? She really didn’t know, she had never had any problems going up to a stranger before. Maybe it was the fact she knew them know, they weren’t exactly strangers to her, and she would like to say she was good friends with Mal, Evie, and Carlos, she just couldn’t call herself a friend of Jay’s.

She had just changed back from her cheer uniform when she caught sight of Jay walking in her direction. At first, she thought nothing of it, there were seven other cheerleaders in the same vicinity as her.

She started walking back to her dorm, fully content with the idea she could change out of the stiff dress into a comfy pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. “(Y/N)! Wait up!” Jay called out behind her, causing her to halt in her steps as she turned to look at him.

“You need something, Jay?” She asked in the sweetest, calmest voice she could muster up at the moment. He nodded his head.

“I need you to teach me how to talk to girls. Like how to compliment them and tell them you like them and stuff,” he rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous manner as if she was going to reject the idea.

“I don’t see why not. Come on, I was going to my dorm anyway, you can join me,” Jay fell into step beside her and traveled with her as she headed to the dorm room she shared with Rapunzel’s daughter, Ruby.

“I’m going to change really fast so you just stay right here,” she sat him on her bed, “and I’ll be back.” She grabbed the first t-shirt on top of the pile and a pair of sweatpants and walked into the bathroom. After changing she tied up her hair in a messy bun and walked back into the bedroom area. Jay sat on her bed where she left him, except he was on his phone now, scrolling through his multiple social media apps.

She stepped in front of him with her hands on her hips waiting until he looked up from his phone. It didn’t take long for him to notice the girl standing in front of him, and he almost seemed a little taken back.

“What? You thought I was gonna change into another dress or something?” (Y/N) giggled at the look on his face that obviously said he did think that. “Okay, you wanted to know how to compliment a girl, right?” Jay nodded. “Well, lesson one. Compliment my appearance. Girls like to know they look nice in anything.”

“Okay, let’s give this a go,” Jay cleared his throat, “Danggg you look hot in that shirt—I mean is it cold in here? Wait what cold? I meant hot. Holy crap you look amazing.” (Y/N) giggled at his attempt.

“We’ll keep working on that.”

They met twice a week for a month, (Y/N) giving Jay tips on how to compliment girls and how to express he liked them. Although, she couldn’t help but feel her heart break a little each time she got a practice compliment, knowing Jay would use the compliments she so desperately wished to hear go to another girl.

When Jay mastered the art of compliments the first thing (Y/N) did was stop talking to Jay. If she knew one thing about the princesses at Auradon Prep was that they wore their jealousy like a new dress.

Jay, however, was confused on why she had just stopped talking to him, even going as far as to get Evie and Carlos to ask her what was wrong. She wouldn’t give either of them a straight answer, making up a different excuse each time they asked. Then one day (Y/N)  got ready for school and was immediately bombarded by Lonnie who gave her a single rose and a note with a compliment on it.

She got them all day, getting two dozen roses in total before she saw Jay approach her. “Why are you avoiding me?” he asked, looking a little heartbroken.

“We finished your lessons, and Auradon girls get quite jealous these days. I didn’t want to interfere when you got a girlfriend,” she shrugged her shoulders as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

And Jay laughed. “I like you!” he told her. “Why do you think I had people give you roses and compliments all day. I’ve liked you since you made the effort to talk to us, even if Evie is your mother’s sworn enemies’ daughter.”

And as the days went on, a day never went by where Jay didn’t compliment her, even for the smallest of things. And she loved it.

Wow (Cassian Andor x reader)

Anon requested

Could you do a Cassian Andor request of 21, 26 and 27 with the he reader being a fellow Rebel captain who Cassian gets protective over on missions (even though she can handle herself) and he gets jealous when they meet Bodhi??

21. “I’m not going anywhere

26. “yeah I know he/she’s cute. But he/she’s mine.Touch him/her and I’ll kill you”

27. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands”

-Note: Cassian and the reader are best friends first before the romance ensues. and this is set in the events of rogue one, it starts in saw garerra’s dungeon.:) it started out as a drabble how did it get this long???-

Being stuck in a cell with a blind person and an inactive freelance assassin in an extremist’s dungeon made of nothing but stone and steel really stresses people out, especially a couple of rebel captains. 

“You shouldn’t have come with me,” Cassian said to (Y/n), half-shouting with words, “Why do you keep endangering yourself?”

Cassian was an amazing person, more importantly, he was her best friend, but the fact that he was so paranoid over what could happen to (Y/n) made her flinch, because she was taking the same risks he was.

He had no right to restrain her from following her orders. He had been acting so protective over her ever since (Y/n) was captured by the empire a year ago. She somehow escaped, but she was traumatized, and Cassian had helped her recover. When she eventually recovered, Cassian wouldn’t allow her to go to dangerous missions.

By now, she had grown tired of trying to convince him that she could handle herself perfectly fine.

“They were orders, Cassian,” she explained, sitting down next to Chirrut, who was repeatedly saying I’m with the force, the force is with me.

(Y/n) didn’t have anything against a man who was devoted to a belief, but she failed to understand how saying the same sentence repeatedly would help them get out of this mess.

“You could’ve refused,” Cassian hissed, glaring at (Y/n), then gazing out their cell, trying to figure out how to break out.

(Y/n) smirked playfully. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands.”

Cassian rolled his eyes. Sometimes, he’s just amazed how (Y/n) could keep her cool at situations like these.

The ones guarding them were playing some kind of board game. Even if Cassian could break the controls of the cell, the guards would notice.

“Who is the one in the next cell?” asked Chirrut, not moving a muscle. On the bright side, he wasn’t repeating the same phrase over and over again.

“What?” Baze asked, “where?” He strode closer to the next cell, where parallel steel bars were placed as a barrier between chambers.

“An imperial pilot!” Baze sounded astonished.

Hearing this, Cassian and (Y/n) looked at each other, knowing who this pilot might be.

Baze’s voice turned bitter. “I’m gonna kill him!”

“No,” (Y/n) said, standing up, running as fast as she could to where Baze is standing. “No, no! Wait!”

Before she knew it, Cassian was already there with her, trying to calm Baze down from his tantrum. “No! Back off, back off!” said Cassian. Baze calmed down, walking away from them, scowling because he had failed to kill an imperial pilot.

“Okay, okay,” (Y/n) started, kneeling down and getting as close as she possibly can to the man in the next cell, who seems to be staring blankly at nothing.

Judging from his attributes, he is almost certainly an imperial pilot. He had long hair, and eyes that had the color similar to Cassian’s. He was fairly good looking as well. There was something in his eyes, like he’s afraid, but he’s too disoriented to even show the emotion.

She knew the signs too well; the man was traumatized.

“Are you the pilot? The shuttle pilot?” asked (Y/n) calmly and as quietly as possible, so the guards won’t hear.

The man looked like he was still in a daze, like he’s replaying the same terrible memory in his mind on loop.

“Pilot?” he asked blankly.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Chirrut, but his question remained unanswered.

“Galen Erso,” said Cassian, taking a place next to (Y/n), “You know that name?”

The name seemed to flip a switch in the pilot’s mind. “I brought the message,” he said slowly, “I’m the pilot.” He gave himself a small laugh, like a praise for being able to recall his recent memories. He turned to them, locking his dark eyes on (Y/n)‘s.

“I’m the pilot,” he confirmed.

“Okay, good,” said Cassian impatiently , “Now where is Galen Erso?”


A blinding flash of light filled the sky, followed by a small vibration that grew stronger by the second.

Small tremors were nothing new to (Y/n). It was a sign that a living planet was reforming itself, but this was no tremor. It’ s a laser-like explosion. But the explosion came from the sky, How could it be?

The small vibration grew into a ground shattering one. Tiny bits of stone walls rattled down, giving them a sign that the building built on rocks are going to come crashing down.

The guards noticed this as well. They ran out the nearest exits, leaving their weapons and prisoners behind.

Cassian took advantage of that and tried to damage the prison control panels as bad as he could.

The panel flashed a few sparks and the cell bars ascended.

“Go. Go!” said Cassian, pulling (Y/n)‘s hand, leading her out the cell, followed by Baze and Chirrut.

Cassian rushed to the pile of weapons, but his blaster wasn’t the first thing he searches for is his radio.

“Kaytoo? Kaytoo, where are you?” he asked, wishing the guards didn’t do anything to damage the radio.

He was way beyond relieved to hear an answer. “There you are. I’m standing by, as you requested,” Said Kaytoo on the other end of the line. He sounded unbelievably calm, but Cassian wasn’t surprised. It was Kaytoo, after all. “Although there’s a problem on the horizon,” said Kaytoo, this time his robotic voice is rising. “there’s no horizon.”

Cassian cursed under his breath, taking his blaster from the pile. “Locate our position. Bring that ship in here, now!” commanded Cassian, passing (Y/n) her blaster.

Without thinking twice, (Y/n) ran up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” asked Chirrut. He must’ve sensed her leaving.

“I’ve gotta find Jyn,” explained (Y/n), running further up the stairs. “Get the pilot. We need him.”

She disappeared on the edge of the stairs, Cassian following behind her.

Baze sighed grudgingly. “Alright, I’ll get the pilot.”

He took his blaster from the weapon pile, along with Chirrut staff. He threw the staff in the air, and Chirrut caught it in midair perfectly. it was a routine done a million times before,

Baze aimed his blaster at he imperial pilot. Scared that he would be the inactive assassin’s next target, Bodhi’s eyes opened in fear. “No, no, no!” he shouted.

Baze destroyed the prison control panel instead. Surprised yet grateful, Bodhi found that he froze in his tracks, shocked that he’s still alive.

“Come on,” said Baze, urging him out of his cell.


Jyn was kneeling, and (Y/n) could tell there was a river under her eyes. She wanted to cry. (Y/n) rushed to her side and tugged on her arm.

(Y/n) grew cautious when she realized Saw Garrera was looming over them. Thankfully, his body language suggests that he is not a threat, neither does he wish to hurt anybody. 

“Jyn, we gotta go,” said (Y/n), pulling on her arm. “We know where your father is.”

Jyn stood up, but she did not move after that.

“Go with her, Jyn,” said Saw, “You must go.” For a while, (Y/n) noticed a look pass behind Saw’s eyes. It was a  father-like affection for the girl he raised.

“Come with us,” Jyn said, almost begging. Saw breathed in calmly, “I will run no longer.”

“Come on,” said Cassian, who appeared on the doorway, impatient to leave.

Saw looked at Jyn one last time, “But you must save yourselves!”

“There’s no time,” Cassian said, studying the sky that seems to be darkened by the remains of Jedha.

With one last desperate tug in the arm, (Y/n) pulled Jyn out of trance, and into a race to get out of the building.

Saw’s faint voice was heard as the building crumbled around them. “Save the rebellion. Save the dream.”


They ran out the building along with countless people running out just to be faced by a wall of sand and stone. There was simply nowhere else to go.

Baze and Chirrut was already there, along with the dazed Bodhi.

Once Cassian’s U-wing was in sight, Chirrut, Baze, Jyn, and Cassian didn’t even hesitate to stop. Seeing Bodhi stop in the middle of his tracks, (Y/n) took his hand and pulled him into the ship. “Come on, lets get out of here!” said (Y/n).

Once in the ship, Cassian roared a command at Kay-tuesso, “Get us outta here!” He turned to Jyn, “Close it!”

With one swift move, Jyn closed the door.

Cassian got into the cockpit, but not before stealing a glance at (Y/n), who was huddled close to the trembling Bodhi.

Once Cassian got in the cockpit, he flipped a few switches, his brain trying to go through every possible way to get out here.

“I’m not so optimistic about our odds,” said Kaytoo, which only stresses the captain more.

“Not now, Kay!,” Cassian said stressfully. He found himself wondering why he took this annoying droid with him everywhere he went.

The rocks that used to be Jedha curved around them like a wave. Gravity started pulling the rubble down to the ground.

(Y/n) could tell that Cassian was struggling to avoid the debris while preparing for a jump to hyperspace.

“Come on!” shouted Cassian to himself, frustrated.

The ship took a sharp turn, almost crashing into solid concrete. She could feel Bodhi’s grip on her upper arm tighten.

“Launch it!” Cassian barked at Kay-tuesso.

The droid hesitated. “I haven’t completed my calculation.”

“I’ve made it for you,” Cassian said in a low growl. He made the jump to hyperspace himself, not wanting to hear another objection from Kaytoo.


Chirrut straightened his posture. For a second there, (Y/n) thought he was searching for answers in the force, but she was proven wrong when he spoke up.

“Baze, tell me,” he said, worry seeping into his voice ever so slightly, “All of it?”

Baze found that he didn’t want to answer the question. He sat still, not showing any emotion.

“The whole city?” Chirrut demanded, not quite sensing the sensitive state Baze is in.

“All of it,” said Baze, looking down in agony. The fact that he could not do anything about it made him feel much worse.

“Understood,” Cassian said to the radio. He was talking to the rebellion, reporting everything that happened. It was a lot to take in. This artificial moon could destroy cities. It destroyed the holy city. And this was only a fraction of it’s strength. Eventually, it will destroy planets and every living thing on it.

Nobody knew what he was saying to the rebellion, and nobody wanted to know. They needed time to regain their thoughts after what just happened.

He took of his headphones. “Set course for Eadu.”

“Setting course for Eadu,” Kaytoo obeyed, setting coordinates for the planet.

Jyn’s head quirked up. “Is that where my father is?” Her voice was full of hope, something she hadn’t had in a long time.

Cassian sighed. “I think so.”

Bodhi turned slightly at the girl whose arm he’s holding tight. “You’re a rebel captain, aren’t you?” He asked.

(Y/n) nodded as a response, but she couldn’t help but notice Cassian scowling at the both of them. “We’re both rebel captains,” said (Y/n), gesturing at Cassian.

Cassian took a seat on the cockpit once again. Kaytoo looked sideways to the captain. Although the color of his skin did not change too much due to his complexion, Cassian’s cheeks are undoubtedly redder than usual.

“Oh my,” started Kaytoo, studying Cassian’s face, “Please don’t tell me your jealous.”

Cassian’s cheeks turned even redder. “Shut up,” he snapped.

“So you’re Galen Erso’s daughter?” Bodhi said, leaning in to speak with Jyn. Her face brightened. “You know him.”

Bodhi gestured to himself. “I’m Bodhi. The pilot.”

“Yes,” said Jyn, her voice filled with glee. “You brought the message.”

“Yes, your father, he said I could get right by myself,” he explained, “he said I could make it right, If I was brave enough… To listen to the voice in my heart, do something about it.” By now, his voice was breaking, like he was in pain.

(Y/n) smiled softly at him. “You have proven yourself brave, haven’t you?” she encouraged, giving his palm a light squeeze. “You did it.”

Cassian scoffed from his seat, but it was too subtle for anyone to notice.

Bodhi gave (Y/n) a terrible smile. “Guess I was too late.”

Jyn shook her head. “It wasn’t too late.”

Baze sighed, all his energy drained. “Sounds pretty late to me.”

“No,” said Jyn, her voice gradually rising, which caught the attention of everyone who was aboard the ship. “We can beat the people who did this. My father’s message. I’ve seen it,” she said, eyes shining with both sorrow and excitement. “They call it the death star.”


“Have you ever wondered what they’re doing in there?” gestured (Y/n) at the grand door that leads to a room where they’re discussing the fate of the rebellion. It was a relief to be back at Yavin.

Cassian didn’t answer. He leaned against his U-wing, head down. It was hard for him. Jyn blamed him for attempted murder of her father. Somehow, (Y/n) knew that it wasn’t the reason of his unusual quietness.

(Y/n) stepped closer to him. Softly, she cupped his cheeks, bringing his eyes to hers. She always loved the tone of his eyes. Unlike Bodhi’s, the brown of his eyes were cold and rigid, but still beautiful nevertheless.

“Hey,” said (Y/n), it was a comforting whisper. “I know my best friend better than that. What’s wrong?”

Cassian looked into her eyes, gripping her waist, his thumb circling her clothed side. It was a soothing motion, making (Y/n) sigh in satisfaction.

“Promise me that you’ll stay by my side, no matter what happens,” Cassian said. He was pleading. But he never pleads. He has way too much ego for that.

(Y/n)’s mouth parted in amazement. She pressed herself against Cassian in a tight hug, engulfing herself in him, where he took her in. She never noticed how tiny she is compared to him. No wonder he always felt so comfortable “I’m not going anywhere.”

With one last breathtaking squeeze, they let go of each other.

“You wouldn’t let Bodhi out of your sight since you met him. Why?” asked Cassian, exhaling air he didn’t realize he had been holding.

“Cassian, he’s traumatized,” explained (Y/n), “just like me, after I was kidnapped. But I had you. Look around. He doesn’t have anyone.”

Cassian looked down. No matter how many times he tries to tell himself that she only wanted to help the former imperial pilot, he couldn’t help but feel jealous. After all that was how he fell in love with her. It started out with him comforting her at times like these. What if she was falling for Bodhi the way he fell in love with her?

The doors suddenly opened. Jyn and Bodhi walked out first. Walked out wasn’t even a term fit to describe it. Stormed out seemed to be a more fitting word.

(Y/n), without thinking twice, sprinted to Bodhi. She hugged him. What broke Cassian’s heart was that she hugged Bodhi as as tight as she hugged him.

“Did they approve?” asked (Y/n) worriedly.

“T-they don’t trust me,” Bodhi stammered. (Y/n) took a strand of his hair and pushed it behind his ears. “I trust you, you hear me?” she said, “I trust you.”

Cassian was at rage. Without considering what might happen, he pushed Bodhi back aggressively. “Yeah, I know she’s cute, but she’s mine. Touch her and I’ll kill you.”

Cheeks reddened, (Y/n) tried to confront Cassian, “What the hell-”

She was cut off when Cassian kissed her. She melted into his arms right away. Kissing him was like everything she dreamed it to be, if not better.

She could feel that her lips were chapped against his soft ones, but (Y/n) didn’t care. She was too drowned in his alcoholic flavor to even think about it twice.

They both could feel a crowd gathering to watch them, but neither made an effort to pull back.

Cassian couldn’t help but press himself closer to her, his hands gripping her waist as he felt her hands tangled in his hair.

Eventually, they broke the kiss.

“Wow,” was the only thing that (Y/n) managed to say, not quite embarrassed, but satisfied, even in front of a crowd.

From somewhere in the crowd, Chirrut’s voice was heard. “I won the bet.”



anonymous asked:

hi! :) since your requests are open, can you do a gangster/fighter!au for shownu? i actually had this idea of him being an underground boxer or with a gang after seeing his outfits for fighter era, hehe

yes!! I was just thinking about this the other day, bless you little angel i got you


  • So Shownu and the rest of Monsta x have been labelled as the school badboys, every girl wants them, every guy wants to be them (remember when fanfics used to call them kingkas because i do)
  • rumours have been spread around over the past couple years that they’re involved in gang activity but no one’s been able to prove it
  • Shownu is the ‘silent leader’ type and hangs in the back but the others respect and listen to him when he sets them straight
  • the rest of the boys are pretty rowdy and mess around, usually Wonho is the voice of authority because Shownu doesn’t really like having to act like their dad
  • to some extent they are involved in …. illegal activities
  • Shownu is involved in underground fight clubs (among other things we’ll cover a little later)
  • he used to do it for fun, when he was having trouble at home and needed a way to vent all of his frustration and anger (plus he was making money so win/win)
  • he stopped after a few months because people were getting suspicious when he was showing up to school repeatedly with cuts and bruises
  • but recently he’s been fighting for a different reason
  • you
  • so basically, he’s had a giant crush on you for like almost 2 years and he’s always been too scared to do anything about it
  • your family is struggling and you work nights at the convenience store that CONVENIENTLY happens to be right by his house
  • the guys always hang out at his place and he always volunteers himself to go get snacks etc just so he can see you for a couple of minutes and interact with you for all of five seconds
  • like we’ve all seen how cute and flustered Shownu gets when he’s shy
  • that would be him with you, to the point that he goes bright red and can barely speak to you so he just grins and leaves asap
  • (you think it’s adorable and can’t understand why people are so scared of this dude because ?? he’s so precious, and always asks about your day)
  • also the thing about Shownu is that because he’s more of the quiet observant type, he sees a lot more than anyone would think
  • so he knows that your family doesn’t have a lot of money and that’s why you work there
  • he wanted to help you but he didn’t know how at first, you wouldn’t even take a $5 tip one of the first nights he stopped by to get snacks
  • Changkyun is another observant type and Shownu confides in him about his feelings and the problem he was having
  • he suggested to maybe drop the money anonymously? so tries that…
  • and wow he really did not expect you to take the money to the principle and tell him that someone just left an envelope of cash in your locker…
  • so they try again a couple of days later after writing an anonymous note to go along with it, to explain what it was for and to make it slightly less weird (but still hella weird)
  • you tell yourself you’ll accept the money only because you were REALLY struggling and needed to get the loan sharks off your back
  • he’s such a little dork he’d totally spy on you before class and make sure you took the money, and his heart would race as the corners of your mouth upturn into a small smile

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Wonderful World

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluffier than normal, like it’s cringe worthy cute

Word Count: 2004


“I see skies of blue and

Clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world”

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“Jin Oppa?!” I call out into the open. I was confused at the silence that followed my call.

Kim Seokjin, my boyfriend of nearly three years was supposed to be here waiting for me, or so he said in all the notes he had left for me back at our shared apartment.


It was strange. He was nowhere to be found when I had arrived home. All that was there was a simple sticky note tacked onto the stem of a pink rose.

‘Hi Jagi~ I bet you’re confused as to why I’m not here waiting for you, but there’s a reason! I promise! Turn around~’ The note read.

I tilted my head in confusion and follow the order on the little note. When I turn, I notice another note tacked onto the back of the door.

How did I not see that earlier?

'Hey again! If you haven’t noticed already, this is gonna turn into a little game. Kind of like scavenger hunt! The rose behind you is your first “prize”, so keep it with you. If you find all of the “prizes”, you’ll get an even better one at the end. Good luck, Jagiya!

  P.S. Your next prize is at our favorite hang out spot. Ask around if needed~


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Back From the Dead-Jerome Valeska Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some violence and creepy imagery

A/N: I have only seen the pictures of the new Jerome and I’m waiting for the new season to be available on Netflix. Therefore, this will probably not go along with the storyline in the show.

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  All I wanted to do after my shift at Lola’s was run a hot bath, make dinner, and watch whatever was on TV. Though Lola’s was a cute ,tiny boutique in Gotham, it was amazing how much mayhem occurred during my nine hour shift. This dress needed to come in this color, not that color, this shirt wasn’t available in one girl’s size and she needed it for some event ASAP, and someone tried to steal the new purple suede heels and need to be written up.

   I would quit but I had college to pay for. Besides, my life could’ve been a lot worse. I wandered into my apartment, my mood immediately lifting when Rose, my Westie, ran up to me barking cutely.

   “Hi, Rosie,” I said in a baby voice as I picked her up. “Did you miss me?”

   She licked my face in response and I laughed as I kicked the door closed behind me. I made sure to secure every single lock before wandering further into my apartment. Though I did not live in the Narrows, it was still Gotham City and there were always maniacs and criminals roaming the streets and the last thing I needed was for one of them to break into my apartment.

    I carried Rosie into the kitchen and set her down as I began pulling out everything I needed to make lasagna. It was one of the best dishes I made and one of his old favorites. I shivered when I thought about the mad ginger man who used to stalk me. Fortunately, Jerome Valeska was dead and would never come back. My life was a lot calmer and much less worrisome since there were no strange presents showing up at my door or violent attempts at romantic letters appearing from nowhere. He had broken into my house a few times and I had found him sitting in the kitchen, eating lasagna.

   “This is great, babe, you have to make it for me again sometime.”

  Just thinking of his voice gave me chills. We had never formally met before and he had decided to attach himself to me. I was only in high school at the time and had enough on my plate without that weirdo being on my back. When Detective Gordon and the rest of GCPD arrested him, I thought that I was finally in the clear. Then, someone broke him out only for Theo Galavan to kill him shortly afterwards. When he died, I felt safe again but that didn’t mean that he didn’t haunt me until this day. Thinking about it, out of everyone, Jerome probably would have wanted to haunt me the most.

    I kicked off my shoes as I started making the sauce to go with the pasta that had just finished being prepared. Rose barked and whined at my feet.

    “You can’t have any of this, Rose. Your dinner’s coming soon enough,” I said.

    Suddenly, my phone beeped and I grabbed it. It was a text message.

   Don’t worry, sweetheart, we’ll be together again very soon.

   I froze for a second. 

   It couldn’t possibly be…no, it couldn’t have been Jerome. 

   “He’s dead, Y/N, deader than a door nail,” I whispered.

   Rose cocked her head at me and I smiled. “Don’t worry about it, Rose. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

   I hope.

  Once dinner was finished, I poured Rose’s food and water into their appropriate dishes before sitting down to watch TV. It was some mindless comedy sitcom but it did a good job of getting my mind off of my day. When Rose finished, she curled up into my side and I continued eating and watching TV. Suddenly, my phone buzzed. I grabbed it and saw that it was another text message.

   I don’t appreciate being ignored, Y/N.

   “This can’t be happening,” I whispered.

   I got up and looked around the room, but nothing seemed out of place. It had to be some sort of prank even though the stalker case I had opened against Jerome kept my name and picture out of the news. Therefore, I didn’t have any idea who could’ve figured out this would’ve been a good way to get under my skin.

     Rose looked up at me with a confused expression on her face.

    “It’s fine, Rose, someone’s just trying to mess with me. I think it’s a good time for a bath now.”

    I turned off the TV, put the dishes in the sink, and went into the bathroom and ran a bath. Baths always calmed me down since the hot water relaxed my muscles and the lavender candles I always lit whenever I took a bath. As the water ran, I took off my makeup and washed my face. Then, my mind wandered into a particularly dark memory.

   I was sitting in the waiting area of the busy GCPD. There were criminals in handcuffs, stressed out cops, and a lot of coffee. My parents were sitting on either side of me and my anxiety was clear. Detective Gordon had called us in for “a very important matter for the case”. All I knew was that I wanted everything to stop, especially that feeling that someone was always watching me, especially since that someone was a psychopath. Finally, Detective Gordon walked in, seeming cordial and a little overwhelmed.

   “Y/N, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N,” he said.

   “What’s going on now?” Dad asked.

   “We have Mr. Valeska in questioning now, but he is refusing to cooperate under one condition,” Detective Gordon said.

   “And what is that?” Mom asked.

   Detective Gordon pressed his lips together before glancing at me. 

   “What does he want with me?” I asked.

   “He just wants to speak with you, but don’t worry; I’ll be outside and so will my partner. Jerome’s handcuffed as well so he can’t hurt you. Just know that if you don’t see him, it’ll make it incredibly more difficult to arrest him.”

   “No, I will not let him near my daughter!” Mom hissed, hugging me into her side.

   “I can understand the sentiment, Mrs. Y/L/N, but it isn’t really up to you.” 

  Detective Gordon turned to me and I swallowed my nerves. “I’ll do it.”

  “Y/N,” Mom gasped.

  “I don’t want him doing this anymore.”

  I slowly stood and followed Detective Gordon to the interrogation room. Jerome was sitting on the other end of a long table, his head hung low but I knew he probably had a creepy smile on his face.

   “Hey, you’ll be okay,” Detective Gordon said.

   “I don’t know about that, Detective.” 

   “Just keep him talking but try not to get him angry. We just need him to admit everything he’s done and that’ll be easy with you because—”

   “Because he thinks he’ll impress me.” I looked up at Detective Gordon. “I’m in AP Psych.”

   “Uh huh, just go in there and do your best, kid,” Harvey, Detective Gordon’s partner, said.

   I nodded and walked inside the room. Jerome slowly lifted his head and he looked extremely pleased to see me. He lifted his handcuffed hands to his lips and I tried to keep myself from shaking in fear.

   “Hello, Jerome,” I said, sitting down in the other available chair.

  “Y/N,” he said. “Just as gorgeous as the day we first met.”

   We never met each other before.

  “Thank you, Jerome. I’m glad that we’re finally seeing each other again after all this time,” I said.

   “So, what did you think of my last present? Hilarious, wasn’t it?” He had a look of sheer madness in his eyes.

   “Yes, the bloody leg of a rabbit was hilarious.”

   “Because it’s good luck!” Jerome rested his chin on one of his palms, eyeing me. “Tell me, which of my presents was the best.”

   “I liked the notes the best. Tell me, how did you get all these presents to me? How did you know where I live?” 

   Jerome shook his head and tsked at me. “Silly, Y/N, I’m not going to fall for those little tricks. Nice try, though.”

   I gulped. “Fine, why did you pick me, Jerome? Out of all the other girls in all of Gotham, why me?”

   “Because I knew we were meant to be together, even if you denied it at first. It was love at first sight.”

   “But you followed me.”

   “Watched over you and protected you from threats.”

   “You broke into my house.”

   “Because you wouldn’t let me in. Geez, Y/N, it sounds like you don’t appreciate everything I’ve done for you.” He sounded like he was getting angry but it seemed to be the only way for him to rat himself out.

   “You did all this for me, but I don’t remember meeting you because we’ve never met! You’ve been stalking me for four months now, scaring me and my friends, and it needs to stop.”

   “Don’t say that, you love this and you love me. I can see it in your eyes,” Jerome said.

   That’s when I made the biggest mistake I could’ve made in that room.

   “I don’t love you and I will never love you. You’re a psycho.”


   Then, Detective Gordon and Harvey came in to arrest him and get me out of there. I was shaking as Jerome kept yelling.


   That was a year ago. I had graduated high school and I had just finished my first semester at Gotham College. It helped me keep my mind off of Jerome but I would be lying if I said that his last words didn’t haunt me. Besides, as much as I tried, I couldn’t remember ever setting eyes on Jerome until the night he broke into my house.

    “No more thinking about him, it’s bath time,” I told myself.

    I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the hot bath. Amy Winehouse’s voice soothed me during “Back to Black”. I had always been a big fan of hers and even got to see her when she came to New York once. I nearly fell asleep until Rose started barking. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Rose barking at the door.

   “Shh, Rose, I’m trying to relax,” I said.

   Rose kept ignoring me and barking.

   I rolled my eyes and began getting out of the bathtub. Then again, Rose only got so worked up when she sensed danger so I couldn’t get too upset.

   “What do you hear, Rose?” 

   I opened the door and she bolted out of the room. I grabbed my phone as I followed closely behind her. Suddenly, she stopped in the living room and my heart jumped to my throat. There was a dark figure standing in the living room and I felt paralyzed. 

   “I like what you’ve done with the place, Y/N,” it said.

   I knew that voice any where.

   “Jerome, you’re…you’re supposed to be dead.”

   Jerome slowly turned to face me. “Oh, honey, don’t you know that even death can’t keep us apart?” 

   Suddenly, the light came on and I dropped my phone in shock. His face was bloody and had stitches throughout it. He looked like a pale version of Frankenstein’s monster. He scanned over my robed body, licking his lips, and making me wish that I had been smart enough to put some more clothes on. He walked closer to me.

  “Get out of my apartment,” I said nervously.

  “I just got here. Why are you so scared, sweetheart?” Jerome tried to touch my face but I jerked away.

   “Why can’t you just leave me alone? I don’t even know you.”

   Jerome growled. “Yes, you do. We met at the circus.”

   I shook my head. “I…I’ve never been to the circus.”

   “YES YOU HAVE!” Jerome snapped.

   I jumped and moved away from him as quickly as I could but he kept walking towards me. “All this yelling isn’t helping me remember!”

   Because it never happened.

  Jerome seemed to calm down just the slightest as he stopped a few inches away from me. “We’d come to Gotham again for maybe the first time in my life. My whore of a mother had just finished my morning beating and she began preparing for the show. Back then, I was able to resist the urge to kill her and whatever man she brought into the trailer to warm her bed.”
  I had remembered Detective Gordon telling my parents and I how Jerome was abused for the majority of his life and that was probably why he turned out so crazy. At the time, I felt the tiniest tinge of pity towards him, but now, I didn’t feel anything except nervous.

  “I was walking around the games area when I ran into the most beautiful girl in the world. Her laugh sent tingles down my spine and her beautiful y/e/c eyes could end—-or start—-wars. She was playing that confounded Hit-As-Many-Beer-Bottles-As-Possible-With-A-Baseball game with her parents. Then, she caught me staring at her when her dad handed her the stuffed teddy bear she’d won. At first, I was nervous,” Jerome said. “Then, she came up to me and started talking to me. She asked me why I looked so hurt and I told her it was because my mother hit me. She said that mommys shouldn’t do that to kids and that her mommy definitely never hit her. We spent the day together after her parents gave her permission. I never wanted the day to end, she brought me so much happiness. But when it was over, I begged her to stay and she said that she’d visit as much as she could and gave me the teddy bear to remember her by.”

  It was a kind of cute story, but that didn’t really explain why Jerome would wait so long to stalk me. Plus, I couldn’t remember any of it for some reason.

  “How old were you…we, when this happened?” I whispered.

  “Five,” Jerome said. “I held onto that teddy bear for thirteen years, waiting to see you again. When I did see you again, you were with those people, those perfect, sane people who drive me insane! I couldn’t let you turn into them.”

  He must’ve seen me after school or something and I had never noticed. Plus, it was convenient that I didn’t remember something that happened thirteen years ago. 

   “Come on, think about it, Y/N,” Jerome said.

   And I did start thinking about it—-actually thinking about it, unlike how I did the first time the Jerome thing started. Then, I remembered that day like it was yesterday.

   “Oh my,” I whispered.

   Jerome grinned widely. “You remember!”
   “My parents took me to the circus after I lost my first tooth. I…I saw the teddy bear in one of the game stands and wanted to win it,” I said, suddenly shaking. “Then…then I saw you and we played together all day.”

    “I knew you’d remember!” Jerome grabbed me by the forearms. “I worked so hard to get you back and now you’re mine!”

   I blinked. “Wait, what?”

  Rose must’ve sensed my distress because she started barking, loudly. Jerome got irritated and pulled a gun on her.

   “Tell her to shut it or she gets a bullet in her.”

    I shoved him away and scooped up Rose, stroking her to calm her down. “Shh, it’s okay, Rose, the bad man’s going to go away.” 

    “No,” Jerome pulled me into him, “I’m not going anywhere. I came back for the dead just so that we could be together again. So that we can be crazy together again.”

    I tried pulling away but Jerome had a tight grip on me. Just feeling his hands on me made my skin crawl. I couldn’t believe there was a time when we were friends. I had to get help.

    “HELP! SOMEONE, HELP ME!” I screamed.

    Unfortunately, no one came to my aid. The last thing I remember is something hitting me on the head hard and Jerome cackling like a mad man. 

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Deku sinday?

  • Midoriya is actually really good at giving oral.
    • He read a lot of books about it and took notes and even bought fruit to practice on. “Izuku, why did we buy so many peaches/bananas?” / “U-U-U-Uh, no r-reason, Mom!”
    • He accidentally hit you with his teeth the first time he tried, and he does not want to make that mistake again. 
  • He really likes receiving blowjobs.
    • But he’ll make a million excuses about why he doesn’t want one.
    • “I-I-I don’t want to trouble you and I haven’t had a chance to take a good shower and I think I forgot to shave and you look tired so-”
    • Just get in between his legs and give him one. He’ll be surprised and flustered, but he’ll enjoy every millisecond of it. 
Hwang Minhyun thoughts

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

Okay, so I am actually just going to go straight to the point because when I saw the news, I was actually disappointed and a little angered by it. Unfortunately, this might seem to be a biased point of view, considering that my ultimate bias in Wanna One is Hwang Minhyun, but I’ll try my best to make this as balanced as possible. 

As you guys might have already noticed, despite the love that Minhyun has been getting from Produce 101 Season 2 and Wanna One for his sharp musical sense, talent, visuals and especially his personality, he is also getting the same amount (if not more) of hate from what we call “akgae fans”. In other words (I had to google the definition oops), these are known as the fans who support ONE member of the group without caring for the rest and in my opinion, Minhyun has been getting the most number of these fans for a very very simple reason and that is because he is from Nu’est. 

On the recent episode of Happy Together 3, he had opened up about how he truly felt towards the Nu’est members and how he felt sorry for them because of the fact that he had debuted alone. It was clear that he missed them too and think about it, these were his “brothers” for 6 solid years and more. He has never dated (officially) and never had a part time job because his youth was literally spent with Nu’est despite all the hurdles and obstacles that they had to overcome to get to where they are today. Indeed, this already shows how deep their friendship goes and besides, he was not given a choice whether he wanted to talk about them or not because the hosts had asked him about Nu’est and also the time when Minhyun experienced an emotional breakdown. He was being honest and even we saw it with our own eyes. Why is he getting all this hate then, just for expressing his true feelings? 

Secondly, “akgae” fans also went absolutely crazy with the fact that Minhyun had logged onto the Nu’est fancafe, possibly to write a thank you note for all the fans that have supported him in both Wanna One, Nu’est and even throughout the course of Produce 101. He did, only to get shot down by fans for not being “loyal to Wanna One”. At this point, I don’t really have much of a comment because I was in too much disbelief at that point to see how they viewed him. 

If he was not loyal to Wanna One, why would he even bother taking care of them? As the Wanna One members have agreed (with Daehwi’s input), the first thing that came to their minds when Minhyun was unsure of what to say for his role in Wanna One was “Appa” or also known as “Father” or “Dad”. This might not seem like much but it’s already clear that he truly cares for his members, even going to the extent of cleaning up the dorm for them (partially because of his own love for cleanliness) and just being a proud parent, in general, to cheer on the younger ones of Wanna One. Furthermore, in his fancafe message, he even called himself “Nu’est’s and Wanna One’s Minhyun”. Doesn’t that already say enough?? 

Thank you for reading through another one of my long posts on my personal thoughts once again and if you guys have any questions or would like to start up a friendly discussion, feel free to drop me a message or even an ask in my ask box! I’m open to your views as well and hopefully, I will get to know some of you guys better as well! 

Seriously though, he doesn’t deserve the hate and he’s a wonderful human being, inside and out. In fact, I’m surprised that some still cannot see that smh.

Ask me anything! 

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I’m sorry but let me rant a little :(

There is an artist who drew a few drawings of my foxbunny au without permission nor credit a year ago, they credited me for the first foxbunny art but they stopped for the next few arts. I told them to stop it and they did. I dont know if they did continue drawing them after a while (??) but now they are making keychains of foxbunny Tsukkiyama.. They are not even making it less obvious from my au- I’m surprised no one ever pointed it out before despite their posts of foxbunny au getting so many notes :( I’m gonna talk to them again but this makes me so upset. Idk are they doing this on purpose? or-?? Why my au?

Grace/Karen  NC-17

“Oh, honey, come on… I was just kidding.

“Kidding?” Grace responded incredulously as she stepped out of the now-drained shower, those knock-off designers of hers making squishing noises with every step. She looked awful; like a sopping homeless person you just want to kick down a storm drain before they can ask you for money, and yet Karen couldn’t stop staring at her.

It was annoying. Whatever this feeling she was having right now was annoying. It was like she actually cared about something but was messing it all up, and it didn’t feel good.

Which probably meant that her mood stabilizers were wearing off.

Kidding is, ‘oh, ha ha – those shoes don’t go with that blouse’— which they do,” Grace pointfully noted, shooting a finger at Karen in warning when she went to open her mouth because, who was she kidding?

Oh, wait. She gets it now.

“Not… not, ‘one mention of your name makes me drier than the Sahara Desert’!” She was shrieking now, gesturing wildly in that overdramatic way she always did, and Karen’s nose crinkled as she tried to figure out how she was supposed to get out of this one, and exactly why she even cared to in the first place. “I mean, for God’s sake, Karen; you programmed it into your shower!

“Well if it makes you feel any better, I’m wet now,” Karen mentioned with a smile and a nod as she gestured to her soaked body that was, truthfully, wet in other ways too at this point. Grace’s face set into a stony expression, and Karen had a feeling that did not actually make her feel any better.

Not the kind of wet I meant, Karen.”


TsukkiKageWeek Day 1

I don’t have time to write entire fics, so I’m doing headcanons this time. 

Prompts: Beach | Training Camp


  1. Kei spends several moments debating whether or not he should just take Tobio’s hand with his until Tobio makes the first move and casually holds Kei’s hand. 
  2. He can feel his heartbeat slow as he calms down, but looking at Tobio, he’s annoyed that except for a slight dusting of his cheeks, there is no sign that Tobio is even half as flustered as Kei is.
  3. They’re the sort of couple to take a quiet walk by the edge of the water. 
  4. Tobio always lets Kei walk on the side closer to the edge because he knows Kei enjoys the waves washing over his feet (at least more than Tobio himself enjoys that sensation).
  5. They see every other couple take at least 50 selfies at the beach and make snarky comments about it the whole time. It’s their best form of entertainment.
    1. They aren’t the sort of people who take too many pictures.
    2. Tobio almost takes pride in this.

Training Camp:

  1. Back in their second year, when the mutual pining was obvious to everyone but the two of them, there were nights when Kei skipped out on practicing with the Third Gym Squad to practice with Tobio. 
    1. A side note to explain why Bokuto and Kuroo were even there: They had summer holidays from university and college volleyball team practice did not coincide with camp so Nekomata invited them back.
  2. Third Gym Squad (a lot bigger now that it included some new first years) caught up on the motive right away and tried to get the two of them together + drop innuendos whenever possible.
    1. Bokuto wiggled his eyebrows one morning and asked Tobio, “So, what sort of practice were you and Tsukki up to last night?” Tobio replied, “Receiving”. He had no idea why Kuroo and Bokuto snickered and why Kei, with his face in his hands, said, “Just keep quiet, King.”
    2. Kuroo, on the pretext of giving Tobio blocking advice, approached him and said, “Hey, you know a kid with light hair likes you, right? When are you making your move?” He was trying to be obscure, but he didn’t realize how dense Tobio was, who asked, “Hinata? I’m pretty sure he likes Kozume-san.”
  3. At the barbecue, Tobio got Kei’s attention by tugging at his shirt a bit and told him quietly, “I may be stupid in some things-” “Many things, King.” “-But your friends aren’t exactly subtle. So, why aren’t you doing anything about your feelings yet?”
    1. Obviously, Tobio’s streak of pushing Kei’s limits wasn’t just about volleyball.
    2. That was the start of a long roundabout journey (dating) to becoming official.
    3. Months later, Kei begrudgingly sent out a text to Bokuto, Kuroo, and Akaashi, thanking them. He never told them what for.
  4. When Akaashi went off to college in their third year, Tobio joined the Third Gym Squad “to fill the vacancy left by the setter” so the original positions of Bokuto, Kuroo, and Akaashi were now filled by Hinata, Kei, and Tobio (obviously, it was actually to be with Kei).
What You Do To Me (Part 1)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested by:
Well, @theoneandonlysaucymo and @douchepoolonsie spammed me with a lot of Tom Felton/Draco Malfoy gifs. This is because of them. Good god. You two I swear.

Word Count: ~2700

A little violence? Yeah that’s about right.

A/N: A bit of an AU, just no Dark Lord trying to destroy everything here. I am super happy with this, but nervous as well???? It’s parts now. As I hit over 5,000 words, and wasn’t even done yet??? Yeah, whoops lol I got carried away.

The “what if” Draco Malfoy actually got to be a normal student… well, as normal as you could get for a magical school. What changed for him? He met you.

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy


  The day you had shown up in his life, Draco Malfoy had just run into the one and only Harry Potter in the school foyer. You were all first years, itching and scared to know what the future held before you. Harry had just given Draco the cold shoulder over that damn Weasley boy, and Draco was absolutely fuming that Potter would blatantly disrespect him. He decided to let his cold grey eyes wander across the crowd behind him.

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Spots Off, Chapter 1

Aaaaay I actually wrote something!

Summary:  Through a series of unfortunate events, the world learns that Marinette is Ladybug. Now Marinette must deal with the consequences while her friends and classmates come to terms with a reality that has been carefully kept out of sight.

Word count: 3138

Chapter list: [1–you are here] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [ [10] [11] [Epilogue]

Read it on AO3!

You’d think that being blessed with the power of luck would mean that bad days were out of the question. Of course everything would always go right for you—with fortune on your side, why wouldn’t they? But sometimes, even the goddess of luck can have an off day. And Marinette, much to her displeasure, was living the proof of that.

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Ask Me Again


Tumblr, Niall has decided, is a weird site.

Blogs about the loads of different ways to make lasagna, the what’s “in” in the fashion world, pictures of the Seven Great Wonders of the World, and yes, there are even blogs about porn (which Niall might have accidentally clicked on once or twice) - he’s been online enough to know that there are no limits in the Tumblr universe.

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Handcuffs (Dean x Reader)

Prompt: Dean is infatuated with the fact that you know how to unlock handcuffs with a bobby pin, and asks you teach him, but things soon get a little heated. 

Song: In My Time Of Death- Led Zeppelin. 

Words: 2672

I was inspired by this!

(Please send me request if you feel led to do so.)


Shit!” You mutter under your breath. You’d been caught, and you sure as hell wasn’t happy about it. You had been on the FBI most wanted list for committing a “string of violent murders”, labeling you as a serial killer. It had always been a dream of yours to be labeled as so. You knew the police were right on your ass, but you had no idea they were this close.

“YOU’RE SURROUNDED!” A strong husky voice yelled from the other side of the thin wall. In a last minuet pursuit, you turned to run away only to find that you were indeed completely surrounded.

“PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” The voice demanded. You fell to your knees with your hands paraded high above you. A cop quickly ran behind you, pulling your arms down to secure them in hand-cuffs.

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be held against you in a court of law.”

“I’ve heard it all before sweet thing.” You sarcastically flirted with the cop behind you. He shoved you in the back seat of the cop car:

“Shut up bitch.” He spat down at you.

“Hey, don’t be so sensitive.” You winked. He slammed the door in your face and quickly walking away from the car shooting you a glare of pure death. You let out a harsh breath and slumped down in the seat, trying to get somewhat comfortable. Suddenly the car shifted as someone sat in the drivers seat.

“Kid, you’re in to much trouble to be crackin’ jokes.” The middle aged man seated up front preached at you as he started his car.

“Well Officer, the way I see it, is I’m dying one way or another. Whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now, I should crack as many jokes as I damn so well please.” You as a matter-of-factly answered. He pulled out of the drive way of the house and started down the road:

“So is that why you killed all those people?” He interrogated.

“Listen, I didn’t kill anyone, I’m being framed.” You honestly admitted.

“And I’m actually the pope…” He replied sarcastically.

“Believe me or not, I’m telling the truth.” You rebuke.

“I just can’t believe we got two of you psycho’s in one day!” He admitted, relieved. You shifted in your seat and straightened your posture. You knew who he was talking about, but you were really hoping you were wrong.

“Who is it?” You asked obliviously.

“Some asshole who tried to kill a girl at Stanford last year. We are still looking for his brother. I gotta admit those boys are good.” He answered with a monotoned voice. Chills went down your spine, as you suddenly realized who he was talking about. “Damn it Dean….” You muttered underneath your breath.


“Y/N. Y/M/N. Y/L/N.” A young women said with a condescending tone as she walked through the door way. She had a dark, intimidating mannerism, sending chills down your spine. “You know what kid, you have got yourself in some serious shit.” She stated sitting down. “And it’s my job to find out why you did it…” You rolled your eyes.

“Good luck sweetheart, but all you’re going to get out of me is that I didn’t do it.”

“I don’t buy that for one second…” She quickly rebuked, intensifying the eye contact you both had. “Describe your first victim.” She said look down at her note pad.

“I don’t even know who the first victim was…” You rebuke. She looked up at you dumbfounded that you had the audacity to say something like that to her. She sat back in her chair.

“What did you just say?” She said crossing her arms.

“I said: I don’t know who the first victim is. Nothing about them, their hair color, what they did for a living, nothing. You can hook me up to a lie detector and then ask me the same damn question and you won’t get a damn thing.” You say leaning forward. The woman stood up and walked out the door, this time with less authority. You leaned back in your chair admiring the silence in the room. She walked back in, stopping in the door way.

“Fine, Y/L/N, we’ll take you up on that offer.” Behind her was a man holding the lie detector. He walked over to the table hooking you up to machine. The woman sat back down across the table, staring directly into your eyes. The machine roared to life next to you, starting to draw small waves across the paper.

“Now I’ll ask one more time. Describe the first victim.” She said in hushed tone as she leaned forward. You mimicked her, moving forward whispering: “I don’t even know who it was.” The man looked down at the machine watching the waves, He looked up at the women across from you. “She’s not lying.” He simply stated. You leaned back in your chair as relief washed over you. The women rose from her seat and walked over to your side of the table undoing your handcuffs: “The man outside the door will take you to the lobby, they’ll do your paper work and take you off the list. Stay out of trouble.” She stated walking away from you. A man about your age stood outside the door and lead you to the front desk.

“What can I do for you?” The old woman said with a husky breath, obviously from smoking. You watched the guard walk away from you.

“Can you tell me where this man is?” You asked pointing at a picture of Dean the you had in your pocket.

“He’s back in the very last room on the right. Can I ask why you want to know…” She asked with a monotone voice.

“I gotta couple of questions to ask.” You say as cheekily hold up your fake FBI badge. You had done some pretty stupid stuff, but showing a fake ID in place where you were just arrested for begin a serial killer just made its way to the top of the list.

“Last room on the right.” She absent mindedly pointed. Either she didn’t watch the news or she was just really bad at her job, but you didn’t stop to ask. You quickly made your way to the back room to see if anybody was questioning him. You looked through the one way mirror to see him sitting by himself with his head leaned back staring at the roof. You popped the lock on the door and quickly made your way into the room. Dean quickly look over at you.

“Y/N?! What the hell are you doing here?” He started.

“Dean no time we gotta get you outta here. My name was cleared, you on the other hand could be facing the death penalty!” You say pulling a bobby pin from your hair.

“Do you have the keys?” He asked innocently.

“No, I’ve got something better.” You say holding up the pin you just pulled from your hair. You started working on the hand cuffs to unlock them.

“Now what the hell are-“ Dean started but was cut off by the popping sounds of the handcuffs falling from his wrists.

“Oh man, you gotta teach me that.” He sad in awe.

“Not now, Come on!” Suddenly you heard sirens starting to go off through out the station. “That doesn’t sound good.” You say pointing up.

“The window.” Dean simply said as he walked over to it, kicking it out of the frame. He jumped through pulling you out after himself. You both quickly made your way down the fire escape to your car, that was impounded. You jumped the fence surrounding the impound getting into the drivers seat starting the car, making the car roar to life. Dean quickly jumped in your car. You sent you car in to gear, taking off before Dean even had a chance to close the door. You busted through the yellow fence guard, sending sparks flying off of your hood. You hastily made your way down town away from all the commotion.

“I can drive better than you!!” Dean remarked as held on for dear life while you sped.

“I take that as a complement, Winchester.” You sarcastically rebuke, winking at him.


“So about that bobby pin thing, you gotta teach me that!” Dean said as he caught you walking down the hallway.

“Oh it’s nothing, just something I learned from Bobby, ironically enough.” You say laughing a bit. “I know this is gonna sound weird but I have hand-cuffs in my car, I can try teaching you.” You say kind of embarrassed to admit that.

“Kinky.” Dean smirked.

“Shut up Winchester.” You rebuked. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” Dean said watching you walk off, he grabbed for his phone in his back pocket and quickly called Sam.

“Hey man, I’m good. You’re not gonna believe who came and helped me get out.” Dean revealed.

“Who?” Sam asked intrigued on the other line.

“Y/N!” Dean halfway yelled.

“WHAT?!” Sam yelled astonished through the phone.

“Dude, I know! Can you drive over with Baby by tomorrow and pick me up?” Dean asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, I guess. What’s her address?” Sam asked reaching for a pen and pad.

“4568 Kivett Drive, 678 Atlanta, Ga.” He read off of one of your phone bills.

“I never thought she would live in Atlanta. Okay, yeah i’ll be there to get you tomorrow.” Sam said sitting the pad down.

“Alright man, see you then.” Dean said hanging up the phone as you walked back through the front door.

“I found them.” You say holding them up.

“Alright, lets get this party started.” Dean said clapping his hands together. You sat down (with the key in your other hand, obviously) and handcuffed yourself to the chair. Dean picked up a bobby pin that was sitting on the table and started working at the lock. Dean started getting frustrated seeing that it was a lot harder than it seemed.

“Just work the lock until you hear it click.” You say trying to help him.

“I love it when you talk dirty to me.” He said smirking at you still concentrated on the lock. You took the key and unlocked the cuffs, gesturing Dean to sit down so you could show him. He sat down, watching you cuff him to the chair. You turned and sat the key down on the table behind, grabbing the bobby pin. You squatted down and started working the lock. Dean watched you carefully, but not in educational way, he watched you hungrily. He was snapped out of his trance as the cuffs popped off. You straightened up:

“See?” You say gesturing at the handcuffs.

“Hey do it again, I didn’t quite catch that.” Dean innocently asked. You huffed air as you put the handcuffs back around his wrists. You turned around to grab the bobby pin until you felt Dean’s hand on your lower thigh. You looked down at him as he tightly gripped your thigh. He carefully led you closer to him. You stood over him looking down, completely taken over by lust.

“Dean?” You questioned. He leaned forward grabbing the keys to the handcuffs that you had put in your back pocket. He undid the cuffs standing up, now towering over you.

“You’re so beautiful, and you’re so badass. You know how to drive me crazy in every way.” He admitted looking at every detail of your face closely, finally resting upon your eyes. You looked down avoiding his eye contact. He rested his hand softly underneath your chin bringing you back to eye contact. You rested your hands behind his head bringing his lips down to yours. Your lips crashed together, at first it was sweet and innocent, but the kiss soon turned to pure hunger as you both tore at each others clothing. Dean picked you up, pushing you up against the wall. You instinctually wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him into you closer. You could feel him growing harder against you. He pulled his shirt over his head tossing across the room, quickly going back to kissing you. He let you down, you took advantage of the situation, jokingly running away from Dean, causing him to chase after you. He chased you into your bed room, running up behind you to push you on to the bed, but you quickly move putting him in front of you. You push him down on the bed, moving to stratal his waist. Dean’s hands found their way to the bottom of your shirt, quickly disposing of it. He tossed it across the room, along with your bra. With in seconds, both of your clothes were thrown all about the house. Dean hovered over top of you, he softly begins to kiss your neck moving down to your collar bone, biting and sucking, leaving marks spastically.  You moaned in pure ecstasy, as he found the sweet spot on your neck. You looked down at Dean catching his lips, passionately kissing him. While your doing so, Dean slams into you unexpectedly. You screamed, arching your back as he pushed in and out of you. You grabbed hungrily at his skin, moaning his name. You could feel the coil in your lower abdomen grow tighter and tighter as you came closer to your high. You arched your back, as Dean began to thrust sloppily. Suddenly the coil broke, and you screamed Dean’s name relentlessly. As you did so Dean’s head dropped as he moaned in pure ecstasy. Dean fell over next to you, pulling you into his chest.

“Damn… ” He softly breathed into your ears.

“Dean, I-“ You started as you rolled over.

“Y/N, Sam and I have known you a majority of our lives, and ever since the day we met I have wanted to be yours. I wanted to be the one to help you when you fall and the one to be there with you always.” Dean admitted to you with a hoarse voice.

“Dean…” You breathed. “I had no idea.”

“Well now you do…”  He said looking over your shoulder as he softly rubbed it. “Would you consider hunting with me and Sammy?” He asked reconnecting the eye contact.

“Yes.” You say as you softly kiss him on the lips. He smiled at you, as he pulled you closer into his chest. He began softly humming the tune, of Simple Man into your ears as you drifted off into sleep.


“Dean… DeaN… DE- oh god.” Sam said as he walked into your bed room and saw you both laying there. You and Dean began to wake up a bit.

“Sam?… SAM!!” You screamed reaching to cover yourself up with the covers. Dean jumped, grabbing for the gun on your night stand.

“I guess it’s safe to say that you two feel same way about each other.” Sam admitted uncomfortably. “I’ll be out here.” He said pointing back to your living room. Dean got up and started to get dressed:

“I’m gonna go tell him about you hunting with us you can get your stuff together.” Dean said as he searched for his shirt.

“Your shirts in the living room, and okay.” You say as you prance over to him kissing his lips.

“Get your stuff together.” He said smiling down at you. You grabbed your duffel bags putting all your clothes in one and all your guns in the other. You carried them into the living room seeing Sam and Dean talking. Sam noticed your entrance and stood up.

“Y/N, I’m really happy you’re hunting with us now. But uh remind me to not let you guys around handcuffs…” Sam said holding up the cuffs. You blushed as Dean looked back at you with a smirk on his face. You had no idea what you were in for.    

GSNK || Ribbons

Fandom: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Title: Ribbons
Characters: Umetarou Nozaki, Chiyo Sakura, Mikoto Mikoshiba, Hirotaka Wakamatsu
Rating: G
Genre: General/Comedy
Summary: Wakamatsu points out the shared accessory between Mamiko and Chiyo.
Author’s Note: It’s never a bother, I love receiving prompts!! Thank you for this one!! :D I’m just sorry it took me so long to get to it!

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Imagine catching up with Jared after years not seeing each other

“Where are you going?” I hear the voice behind me.

“I don’t really know” I whisper.

I take my coat from the closet and go outside. I really don’t have a place to go right now, but all I want is to get out of that house and forget about everything for a few hours. I walk through the streets like a zombie, the people around me laughs and enjoys the pleasures of Los Angeles, but I feel dead inside and I don’t share their joy. The city lights are bright, and the only thing my eyes can focus is my shadow on the wall. I don’t even notice when someone bumps into me and I end up on the floor.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry” I hear the guy saying while trying to put me in my feet “Are you alright?”

“Jared?” Is the only thing that comes out of my mouth when my eyes finally meet his.

I notice that he doesn’t recognize me at first, but when the light from a shop beside us reaches my face, he finally acknowledges who I am.

“It’s you” He whispers still looking at me like I’m a ghost “It’s really you”

“Oh god, it’s been so long…”

I know my hands are shaking, and he knows it too, he haven’t let me go since he recognized me. It’s been more than three years and he looks so different.

“How you’ve been?” I ask, now my voice being shaky.

“Yeah, great. You?”

How I’ve been?

My eyes get wet in a second, and the past hour passes through my mind.

But then, it’s not only the past hour. Three years have passed since I last saw him and the last thing that would have crossed my mind in a night like this, was bumping into him.

“Why don’t we go for a drink? It looks like you need one” he says softly, one of his hands caressing my arm. I nod and we start walking.

His hands don’t hold me anymore, and I know I don’t have the right to miss them, but I do, and I end up wishing they could hold me again tonight.

“You are still with the band?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, we are having a short summer break right now. You are still working in the newspaper?”

“God, no” I laugh, “They fired me. Now I work in some underground magazine that I’m pretty sure only two people know about”

“But you are happy there?”

“Pretty much” I answer with my first smile of the night.

“Then that’s all that matters”

We stay in silence till we get to a bar a few streets away from where we bumped into each other. The place is not crowded at all, and it looks like the kind of bar my father would like to go, filled with old pictures of the city and the bar itself, all decorated in wood and covered with cigarette smoke.

“This doesn’t look like a place you would go” I mumble when we sit next to the bar.

“It’s one of the only places where I can go and be alone, without people asking me if I’m that guy they saw in certain movie the night before” 

“Or in mtv”

“You still don’t watch mtv, do you? They barely play music anymore” He says entertained by my comment.

“Really? This world is really fucked up” 

“What can I get you?” An old man behind the bar asks us. 

“Just water for me, you?”

“A beer, please”

The man leaves us alone, and the conversation does not start again, but I don’t feel uncomfortable. My phone starts ringing and I know who that is. 

“Aren’t you going to answer?” 

“I’m not in the mood for phone calls” I answer him turning the damn device off. 

“So…” He says. 

“So” I follow him. 

“What’s going on? You seemed pretty distracted when I found you, you’re not like that” 

I receive the beer the old man hands me out, and I play with the bottle for a couple of seconds before giving a little sip. I know I shouldn’t tell Jared about my problems, especially when they are about my relationship, but he’s here and I need to let this out of my system and he’s willing to hear me out. 

“I just had a fight with my boyfriend” I whisper, kinda wishing he didn’t hear the last part. 

“Oh, you got a boyfriend” he sounds surprised “What happened?”  

“He cheated on me” I say without even thinking the words. 


“Yeah, shit” I say and I drink the rest of my beer “I got back home and I found some clothes in the bedroom. I guess coming home early from work never sounded that awful” 

I see his hand reaching mine before it happens and I’m still not ready for it when it does. His thumb caress the back of my hand and I feel the sadness going away. I couldn’t find him in a better time.

“Enough sadness” I say whipping my eyes with my sleeve “You are still breaking poor girls hearts?”

“I don’t do that!” He says louder than he expected, and I start laughing at his embarrassed face.

“Yes, you do. Do I need to call some names for you?” I threat him laughing, and he lets my hand go to reach my face and put it over my mouth. 

“I told you, I don’t do that. We reach agreements of separation. There’s been only one girl that I couldn’t convince and I had to let her go. I think you know who that is” He whispers and my laugh disappears. He lets me go and our eyes meet. 

“Thanks for the beer, Jared. It was nice to see you again” 

I stand from my sit and take advantage of him having to pay for my beer to run away from the bar. I just found out that my boyfriend was cheating on my, I really don’t need to dig up on my past, that past that has always been present to make me think that things could have been a lot different for me. 

When the light goes red and I have to stop running, all I can feel is the rush. My hands go to my face and I feel the tears coming out, I try to isolate from the world for a few seconds and that’s when I feel his hands taking mine. 

“Don’t do that”  

His arms pull me closer to him and I rest my head on his chest. All the sadness comes out and I start crying again. My hands resting on his back, looking for comfort. 

“Come on, we gotta go. People is looking at us” 

I nod and he takes me to a square nearby. We sit in one of the benches and he does not let me go this time. 

“We don’t need to talk about it if you don’t want to” 

“I never said why” I start ignoring his words “And I’m really sorry for that, I know I still owe you an explanation” 

He doesn’t say anything, he knows that I owe him that and much more. 

Three years ago. I had been going out with Jared for a few months when things started going pretty serious. We started talking about moving out together, maybe buy a house, dogs, and all that sort of stuff. And I was happy with all that was happening, till one morning.

“I woke up that day” I say with my voice shaky “And I looked at you, you were sleeping so peacefully and inside me… I was battling with myself” 

My hands are shaking so much, and the only thing that calms them a bit, is when Jared holds them on his.

“I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want things to be serious, because I knew my life with you wouldn’t be like we were planning it”

“You think I didn’t know that?” He says with his voice breaking from the tears threatening to escape “I’ve always known how my future was going to be, being at home one week, and other two on the road. But our future seemed different and I wanted things to change” 

“Things were not going to change” I whisper, and cuss myself for saying it.

“That’s why you left that morning before I woke up? You didn’t even left a note. I called you, emailed you, messaged you a billion times! And this is the first time in three years that I get to see you”

“I’m so sorry” I mumble “I knew that I would regret it, and I did, all this time” 

“And you ended up with some guy that cheated on you. I would…” 

“Don't” I interrupt him “Don’t say that. You don’t know that”

“I would have never done that to you. I loved you, I still do” 

I stand up from the bench and try to walk away, but his hands hold my arm and stop me from running away. 

“You are not leaving me again” 

He stands too and hold me in his arms. I still don’t know how I could leave him, how I got the strength to take all my things that day, and just leave him there. We’ve been living in the same city for the last three years and we hadn’t seen till tonight that we bumped in the street. This night that my heart got broken, just like I broke his that day. 

“Please, don’t leave me again” 

“I have to” I whisper, “You know I have to”

How did I start whining over my boyfriend cheating on me, to cry over the lost of Jared?

“At least promise me that you will think about us”

“There’s not a day I haven’t think about what we would have been” I say and his lips end up on mine, “Jared…”

“Come on, I bet you don’t have a place to spend the night” He whispers with his front head on mine and his eyes closed “We can talk more at home”


“Yes, home.”

  • Little Kid: Tell me a story!
  • Me: Ok
  • Me: Long ago, even before the world was created, Fate had decided that Pentatonix would be a very, very important priority in the world-
  • Little Kid: Wait so they're immortal?
  • Me: Shush. Anyway, no one knew when the 5 members of Pentatonix would show up.
  • Little Kid: Are they still not here? Am I a part of Pentatonix?
  • Me:
  • Me: Once the first member of Pentatonix was born, a strange Halo was seen shining on the little boy's head. They knew the time had come, but no one had the courage to talk about it. Once all the kids were born, several kids got a weird feeling in their hearts.
  • Little Kid: Several?
  • Me: Around the 4 Million.
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: One by one those people found out about Pentatonix: some through High School, some in Music Class like me, some while mindlessly looking up videos on YouTube and some even because of a friend! Those kids quickly bonded: like magnets. They were attracted to eachother in some way. Some platonic, some romantic. Pentatonix was powerful, that's for sure.
  • Little Kid: Is the fire nation going to attack again?
  • Me: no that was the Barack Obama fandom
  • Me: Anyway, more things happened. Pentatonix was incredibly talented, and they kept getting better and better. One day, on a Tuesday, all members came together. Kirstin Maldonadon't, Avi CrapI'mGonnaDieBecauseOfFeelslan, Kevin Yolosula, Scott Toying With My Emotions and Mitch Sassy. They decided to never give a break to the fandom. To lovingly tease them until they die. They decided that the biggest break we would get would be 5 days. Not more. Then, the worst thing happened..
  • Little Kid: *sits up excitedly*
  • Me: The fire nation didn't attack
  • Little Kid: :(
  • Me: It all happened so fast, I..
  • Me: They won the sing-off.. Only a week later they won a Grammy
  • Daisy On The Other Side Of The World: IT WASN'T A WEEK.
  • Me: They went to the AMA'S, their album went Gold, then Platinum, they met Obama, they were Grammy nominated and they.. *voice crack* They won the Grammy. We were all so, so happy, we still haven't recovered yet, now that it's 11 years later. The feels hit us so fast, it caused a flood and now Neverland doesn't exist anymore. The Niagara Falls? Those are Pentaholic tears.
  • Little Kid: LOL, losers
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Pentaholics learned a lot of skill from their masters.. Including level 100 Shading, getting rid of haters in 2,3 seconds but also how to sing beautiful notes. I mean, unless ur name is Rana, she sucks. Little Kid, you are related to Rana. Anyway, Pentaholics were powerful, SO POWERFUL. They even had friends in Mars and Venus. Yet they had 6 weaknesses..
  • Little Kid: Seven Sins?
  • Me: no, 6 weaknesses, can't you listen, god, Kids these days. Anyway, we can never speak of those..
  • Little Kid: Oh, okay.
  • Me: Okay, okay I'll tell you, why did you push me, jeez.
  • THE FIRST ONE was Mitch Classy's high note.
  • THE SECOND ONE was Avi Traplan's bass notes
  • Little Kid: Okay, but like did they have Avatars?
  • Me:
  • Me: gdi, can't you like shut up for fourfive seconds- *grasps heart with a pained expression*
  • Little Kid: What, you can't talk about seconds now?
  • Me: you don't understand, that cover Uptown Funked us up- *ground starts shaking*
  • Me:
  • Little Kid:
  • Me:
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: Our third fatal flaw was Kevin Nolusola's celloboxing talent..
  • Me: THE FOURTH ONE.. Polkadott Hoying's riffs..
  • Me: THE FIFTH ONE is Kirstin Macdonalds' lower range.. Her eyes were a bonus.
  • Me: And the sixth one..
  • Little Kid: oh no
  • Me: *gets paler* was..
  • Little Kid: do not-
  • Me: *closes eyes slowly* Pentatonix teasing us *faints*
  • Little Kid:
  • Me: Fine, and then the firenation attacked.
  • Little Kid: :)
Merle + Daryl + Beth = Bethyl?

So I was asked if I could do for Merle what I did for Zach in regards to his influence on Bethyl. It’s a whole different thing. In the end, yes, Merle did indirectly help Daryl and Beth bond; however, to get to that point, you need to REALLY dissect Merle and Daryl’s relationship, and that gets… messy. There’s a lot of Beth intertwined and parallels to draw. So to keep it tidy, I tried to break it into parts.  

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Fan Project for the GazettE’s very first USA tour ever!

First of all, I just wanna say how excited I am for this to finally be happening. We’ve waited years and years and years for this to happen and as soon as a lot of us gave up, BAM. Four tour dates!

For this project to really take off, we need to be active and we need to be fast. We only have a little over four months to get this together, and given how big this is gonna be for us we need all the help we can get in the little time we have.

The idea:

We want to create a GazettE themed yearbook for them featuring all of you. Yes, ALL of you. Now, there are only going to be 30 or so pages so we can’t add much (cause admit it, we’re all gonna go broke for this concert), but the people putting it together are going to use a professional yearbook maker to make it look nice so that it doesn’t look like a jumbled mess. The yearbook will be given to them either by a VIP member that helped with the project, or in the gifts boxes for the entire band.

And to make this a little interesting, it’ll be a little competitive~


Best fanart (no more than two each person)
Best cosplay
Merch collection (even if you have just one thing, show it off)
USA fans (if you’re lazy like me, just send in photos of yourself to be included)
Int. fans page (out of country people, too!)

Note that even if you don’t win first place, you’ll still be featured anyway.

Fan letter topics (not a contest):

  1. How did you find the GazettE?
  2. Who is your favorite and why?
  3. How are you proud of them?
  4. Any words of encouragement?

How to vote:

Simple! Just like and/or reblog the post you want to vote for. If you’re someone that’s being entered in the yearbook, make sure to share your entry to get more votes! The more likes/reblogs, the better chance at winning!


  1. Anyone that participates is being asked to donate as little as 20 cents to a dollar ($1) at max to go towards ordering and creating the yearbook, but it’s completely optional. If you can dig up some loose change, then that would be fine.
  2. This project is mainly for the USA fans, but overseas can send in pictures of themselves and their friends for a separate page.
  3. Don’t be nasty to each other while voting is happening. This is a group effort and we wanna show the guys how great we can be as a little community of Six Guns.
  4. Share, share, share! This book is going directly from us to them either by one of us to them.
  5. There will be a few pages for the people standing in line to sign to mark them being there, so think of what you want to say to them!
  6. Yes, you can sign with your social media names.


The first deadline is March 30.

Cutoff date for anyone that wants to add last minute entries is April 1.

If there are any questions, contact me (@mikkithegazette), @dimskies, @my-ruthless-deed, or @imawotaisetsuni.

Please reblog and I really hope everyone has fun with this!