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My Anchor - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: So this is just an idea that crossed my mind. I’m not really proud of it but I just wanted to write something. So here it is. I also hope it is okay to tag some of my favorite Blogs in this imagine. If you don’t like being tagged please tell me, then I will remove you again.

A soft knock on my door was what woke me up this morning. I tiredly rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with my left hand.

“Come in”, I called through my apartment in the STARK Tower. I wouldn’t call it my home yet, because I’ve been here barely six month and it still felt strange sometimes.

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BTS Reaction - Their S/O Using Pet Names

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~BTS reaction to their S/O using a pet name for the first time~


Jin just came exhausted from a dance practice. You knew he was going to come around this time, so not too long ago you ordered some takeaway food. The moment your boyfriend entered the kitchen and saw the food, his stomach growled of hunger.

He started laughing, saying a “Hello, honey!” between his giggles. You smiled warmly and sat down at the table, just like he did. Both of you started eating in silence, your boyfriend rushing to eat all the food so he could go take a shower as soon as possible.

“Cupcake, stop eating so fast or else you’re going to choke!“ you said with a worried look on your face.

“Cupcake?“ he mumbled as he slowed down a bit with a satisfied look on his face.

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You and Yoongi had such a great relationship. No one tought you will last more than an year, but here you are. Of course you argued from time to time, but you love each other more than anyone thinks.

One day, you headed to the boys dorm. You already had a spare key, so you didn’t bother knocking. As you entered the living room, you saw than Bang PD is having a serious talk with the boys. You saluted politely and asked if you could stay and listen. Bang PD didn’t mind you, since you were already part of the family. Your boyfriend, Yoongi, smiled faintly at you as you sat on an armchair.

“As you may know, the new album will be released soon. Now all you have to do is record the song that the company chose from the ones you wrote, and after that prepare a choreography and shoot the M/V. That in less than 3 months. It’s going to be hard work, but I believe in you boys!“ Bang PD said.

You thought: with so much work to do in such a short time, your boyfriend will be exhausted. You glanced his way and he seemed deep in tought. Of course, more work meant less time to spend together, but you couldn’t complain. It was his dream afterall.

Bang PD talked again:

“Let’s hear the song that our team decided to be the head of the mini album!“

As the song started playing, you immediately shouted: “That’s my sugar bear’s track!”

Everyone looked at you and started laughing, as you blushed more and more. Yoongi, not long after, said with a gummy smile on his face: “Who is sugar bear? I don’t know such a person. Plus, I believe that’s my song, not a bear’s.”

You excused yourself, since you knew your boyfriend will tease the heck out of you all day long. Actually no, for eternity. However, you were sure that deep, deep down in his heart, very deep indeed (as deep as his D in you at night), he loved the idea of being your “sugar bear”.

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Hoseok was yet again practising late at night with the boys. For the past few months, whenever he was staying until late at dance practice, you would always go and encourage him to give it his all. It was nice supporting your boyfriend and also a very efficient way of avoiding not seeing each other because of both’s busy schedule. As you entered the practice room you saw the boys dancing with all of their hearts. Hoseok saw you enter and smiled at you, while still concentrating on the choreography.

Oh boy, wasn’t he amazing? After the song ended everyone greeted you properly and Hoseok handed you his phone.

“Boys, take a break. I want Y/N to shoot a video of me practising that new dance before I teach you guys. I want to make sure it looks good for the camera.“ Hoseok said while looking in the boys’ direction.

“Please, cutie.“ He smiled at you and went to his spot to get ready.

You started recording as the music started playing. You watched your amazing boyfriend dance. His movements were so powerful, yet so graceful at the same time. Was that even possible? As he finished his dance, you said:

“Great work, sunshine! Guess you really are fantastic, lovey.“

He smiled as he got closer to you and asked:

“What did you just said? “lovey”? Say it again! Pleaseee! Come on, sweetie!“ He hug you, while trying to force you to repeat your words.

“Ugh, you’re so sweaty, lovey.“ You said, finally giving up. As you two continued to act like a lovely couple, some people were getting annoyed by the way you two acted. Maybe because of jelousy, or because of need of silence, the other boys couldn’t stand anymore your late practice meetings.

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It was an usual Friday night with your boyfriend, Namjoon. You just wanted to watch a film… A FCKING FILM. However, Namjoon, as always, had to break something. You loved him so much, but his clumsiness annoyed the heck out of you, especially when you were on your period.

Tonight you just wanted to cuddle and have some snacks together while ignoring your stomach cramps. Unfortunately, Namjoon, as he was looking for his phone, he accidntally stepped on the DVD player, which meant no film for the two of you tonight. It was so broken that not even repairing it was an option.

“Seriously?! You always do this! You always ruin our cute moments by being ignorant to your sorroundings, Kim Namjoon! I hate you!“ You sayed on a irritated tone, while death staring at him.

“I’m so sorry you feel this way, Y/N.“ He was looking down at the ground, probably wanting to die at that moment because he upset you. He wanted to make you feel better today and he screwed it up.

Your period wasn’t an excuse for the way you acted and you felt extremily bad for what you’ve said. Namjoon was standing in front of you, unable to say how sorry he was.

“Joonie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that and you know it.“ He was still silent and didn’t dare raise his head to look into your eyes.

“Look at me, please! Honey bear…“ as moments passed you felt more and more horrible. Suddenly, he looked at you in awe and said:

“Honey bear? Wow that’s the first time you call me that… I’m sorry babe.“

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just cuddle for now, ok?“ you reassured him.

“Only if you promise to call me “honey bear” more often.“ He said with a giggle.

“Promise.“ you said as your pinky fingers interlocked.

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You were waiting for your boyfriend to exit his company’s building since he had practiced until late at night. He told you he’ll finish in 5 minutes, but that was an hour ago. You sigh in annoyance while still waiting patiently. You loved that Jimin was so passionate about his work, but this was way too much. Besides, you were sure he didn’t eat anything all day long, again.

You see him exit the building in a hurry, heading home. He didn’t see you at all. You yelled at him and he stopped in his tracks.

“Park Jimin, I’ve been waiting here for over an hour for you!“

“Cutie, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were waiting! Why didn’t you come inside?“ He asked with an apologetic look on his face.

“Because I trusted your texted that said “only 5 minutes“.“ You glared at him as you showed him the text.

“I promise it won’t happen again! I’m really sorry.“ he says innocently.

“It’s ok. Now let’s go get something to eat and then head home. Shall we, mister cutie?“ you teasingly asked.

“Ah, what’s up with those nicknames? You make me blush, snuggle bug.“

“Where did “snuggle bug” came from?“ You slightly hit him in the arm.

“The same place “mister cutie” came from.“ He playfully answered, as he took your hand in his and continued walking.

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Lately, the love of your life, Kim Taehyung, stopped caring so much about you. And who was at faut for that? Maybe you because you’ve been so busy with work, or maybe him because he was too busy with work, or maybe Jeon Jungkook for giving Taehyung a new game to play that took away all of your boyfriend’s free time.

Whenever you went to boys’ dorm, you found Taehyung playing that damn game. And surely, you could have played with him, but it’s single player… and not to mention you suck at those kind of games.

You got so fed up with his attitude that today you decided to grab his attention no matter what. You went to the dorms, and knocked on the door powerfully, Jin answered as always.

“Good luck! Maybe this time he’ll at least salute you…“ Jin said with an apologetic look on his face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he will beg for my attention to him.“ You winked at Jin as you entered.

You went straight next to your boyfriend and grabbed his private member tightly.

Little did you care that the other boys saw what you were doing.

You lightly squeeze it and he pauses his game a bit shocked because of your sudden confidence. You get up proud of already making him hard and start walking towards the door. Tae clumsily gets oh his feet and follows you:

“Y/N, wait! You can’t leave me like this. Kitten, please. I’ll do aegyo if you come back here. Anything you want, that’s what I’m gonna do!“

He desperately tried to stop you. As you passed the boys that were staring at you and your boyfriend, you heard Jin say while laughing: “Well, he surely is begging you now.”

You turned around, facing Tae, and asked on a scarcastic tone: “What do you want, muffin head?”

“I want your attention, kitten. Only your attention.“ he responded as he guided you to his room.

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Your boyfriend, Jungkook, was on Tour in Japan. You missed him so much since you haven’t seen him at all in the last 2 months. Sure, you skyped, but most of the time he was too tired to talk with you more than two minutes or so. Back when he was in Korea with you, you talked daily for hours and now, because of the tour, you grew so distant from each other. That’s why you decided to surprise him by visiting him and the boys in Japan. You went at a fan meeting and you silently waited in line to see the boys. Once you got closer to Jungkook, you couldn’t handle your excitement and happiness and you just shouted “Oppa!”.

He saw you immediately and pure shock was written all over his face. He got up from his seat, ignoring Bang PD’s shouting to stay put, and walked towards you. You also went closer to him and embraced each other tightly. You missed him so much. His smell, his peachy soft skin and his breath on your neck. You coud hear fans screaming at Jungkook. Some of them were happy, thers were angry, but you didn’t care what was happening around you. He kissed your forehead softly and guided you backstage, so you’ll escape fans death stares.

“You are crazy for coming all the way here.“ he laughed.

“I know. I’m crazy in love with you.” You said teasingly.

“Is that so? I missed you so much, baby. Now I got to go.“ He started heading again to the small stage.

“Oh by the way“ he added “I want to hear that “Oppa” scream again tonight, ok? If not, then you’ll be in trouble, babe.“ He winked at you, while going back to meet his now full of questions fans.

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Not stopping

“Not stopping.“

Requested by anonymous: “Hey I love you writing and I want coming to ask if you could/ would do a Theo raeken request where you broke up and he refuses to stop trying to get you back. ”

Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate it a lot! :)

Theo Raeken - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 815
(A/N): Requestst are still open!

Some break ups are stupid, some aren’t. But everytime they hurt, so when do you know which ones are stupid or not? That time when Theo and I broke up after a pretty long, but loving and caring, relationship, I didn’t know if our break up was stupid or not since Theo was trying so hard to get me back.

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After a relationship longer than a year, Theo and your relationship ended, for both of you quiet aburtly. The break up hurt, really bad, but you always have had the opinion that every break up had a reason, so that meant that your break up had happened for a reason. But maybe, just maybe, it was just some stupid mistake because you still loved the charastamic, lovely and kind Theo and it was obvious that he still loved you very much.

“Hey baby,“ you heard the very familiar voice of Theo say beside you while you were strolling the halls of Beacon Hills High School. As soon as he had spoken out these words, he wrapped his arm around your neck, like he used to when you were an official couple.
The day after you two had broken up, Theo has been trying to get you back. Even if he was already trying for more than a month, he still wasn’t giving up and that was a good thing because you were slowly getting the feeling to give in to him. Still talking to him everyday and him still flirting and teasing you, made weak in your knees all over again.

Even if a part of you didn’t want to, you made sure that Theo’s arm wasn’t wraped around you anymore.

“Theo, I am not your ‘baby‘ anymore, you lost that privilige,“ you said to the cute, brown haired boy beside you. A smirk that you have always had and brings back a lot of memories, appears on his face. How many times you had teased him during school which caused him to form that smirk on his face.

“Well, if you haven’t noticed (Y/N), I am making sure that I will be able to call you that again,“ Theo responded to you. Since the beginning you thought that his security was attractive, and even now it was one of your biggest weaknesses when it came to him.
“But I don’t mind putting some effort into you because I know you, and I know that you’ll give in, baby,“ Theo continued.

Before you could say anything, he left but before that he gave you a sweet, small kiss on your cheek which left you complete confused. Why did you two even broke up again?


After a pack meeting, you were sitting on your couch while both your parents were working. You had asked your friends if some of them could have come with you but all of them had a ‘date night’. Normally you had always been the one that had a ‘date night’ after a meeting, but now you were the one sitting at home, alone.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. You press pauze to stop the episode of The Vampire Diaries you were watching. Even The Vampire Diaries actually made you think of Theo. Everytime you were forcing him to watch it you, he secretly loved watching it with you and both of you sometimes laughed at the werewolf situations in the show.

You opened the door to see Theo standing there on your porch with your favorite flowers in his one hand. In his other hand he had the DVD of ‘Now You See Me’.

“I was alone tonight and I knew you were too,“ Theo began. He still remembered that I was alone almost every Wednesday because that was when both my parents worked late.
“So I thought I would accompagny in watching some TV. My suggestion is ‘Now You See Me‘, by the way.“

My heart was slowly melting away. All those little details that he remembered was my weakness. Because that meant he truly listened to everything I had ever said.

“And the flowers?“ I asked.

“Because I know you love flowers and especially these ones,“ Theo asked while his cheeks got a red tint on them.

The butterflies began to flutter again, like they wanted to escape my stomach but they couldn’t. Theo had totally swept me off my feet once again and I don’t think he’ll ever won’t.

“But that’s not the only thing I love,“ I said with a shy smile forming itself on my face.

While approaching the boy on my porch, a smile appeared on his face that was refelcted in his beautiful, brown eyes.

After the gap between our bodies being closed, our lips are pressed against each other and move together. During our kiss, both of us could feel that we had really missed the other person, that we had really missed us. That feeling of touching him and being around him, was the best feeling in the world and I didn’t want to miss it anymore.

“I love you too, (Y/N),“ Theo said when we broke off our kiss, out of breath and happy that we finally both just gave in and stopped pretending we were better off without each other.

Lost and Found (Part 11)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: Language, heartbreak, choo-choo the angst train is leaving the station, mental breakdown…?

Word Count: 1519

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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He moved around you quickly, gathering his bags in his hands. You wanted to run after him, but…your legs wouldn’t move. He said he didn’t want to be in your life, that didn’t mean romantically, that meant your existence in his world was not wanted.

Standing there frozen, you weren’t sure how to move until the door closed behind you, that thud making you jump, then run to your bed where you laid down, crying into the pillow that you shared with Seb. The bed smelled like him still and you curled yourself into the smell, letting the tears freely flow.

How had you both gained him and lost him in the same moment? With one statement he both declared his love for you and told you to let him go. How could he do that to you? How could he give you hope then rip it away? Maybe he was right. Maybe he really wasn’t someone to be with.


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The Neighbor's Son (Michael Clifford Smut) PART 2


Imagine Masterlist

I was still unsure how I found myself sitting in the den of the Clifford’s house. Michael walked in and plopped down on the couch next to me being careful not to spill the two mugs of hot chocolate he had in his hands.

“Thanks.” I greeted his kindness with a warm smile. My hair was still soaked from the rain and I shivered at the cool sensation of it on my neck.

“No problem. Are you still cold?” he asked getting up and running to his room. I was confused until he came back with a hoodie and a blanket. I quickly pulled the jacket over my head basking in the warmth, and Michael unfolded the blanket placing it around my shoulders. I had never been this close to him before. His eyes were the subtlest shade of green and his fringe framed his face perfectly. Holy crap he is attractive. I was mesmerized by my unlikely attraction to him. “Are you okay Jamie?” he said sounding concerned.

“Oh yeah…I’m good.” I was slightly embarrassed that he could notice how out of it I was. At least he didn’t know that he was the reason.  Or did he?

“You want to watch a movie or something?” I think he was trying to break the awkward silence. I was really good at those since I didn’t talk much. I just nodded my head and he told me to come over and pick out a dvd to play. I wanted to show him I wasn’t the average girl so I picked out a scary movie. “IT? Are you sure you want to watch this?” he talked like I couldn’t handle a little scary movie.

“We could watch something else if you’re too scared, Clifford.” I was going to toy with him a little. He raised one eyebrow at me and popped the movie in. We sat back on the couch when the opening credits started to roll. I noticed that he sat closer to me than before, but I didn’t pay any mind to it…until the man eating clown jumped out and dragged a kid into the storm drain. Michael had scooted closer to me grabbing my arm. I hid my face in his shoulder for all the scary parts, but I managed to watch the whole movie.

My mom had texted me that she would pick up Jeff on her way home from work so I told Michael I had a few more hours if he wanted to hang out more.

“Well the boys were supposed to come over and practice, but I suppose we could just practice tomorrow.” Did he just blow his friends off for me? He put down his phone after texting the guys and returned to his former position: arm around me, legs tangled with mine, and a smirk on his face that made him look horribly sexy. “Let’s watch something that is less likely to make me pee my pants.” He suggested and pulled out one of my all-time favorite movies, She’s the Man. With every giggle and every comment, my feelings for him grew. I didn’t make it through half the movie before I fell asleep in his arms. I was awoken by the sound of footsteps and a strong arm beneath my legs and another at my back.

“What’s going on?” I had forgotten where I was and I looked up to see Michael smiling down at me. We were back in his room and he set me down on the bed.

“You looked so peaceful sleeping, I didn’t want to wake you.” He pulled his hoddie off my head and threw it on the floor. I was still half asleep when I noticed him climb into the bed and put his arms around my waist. I fell back asleep in his arms. Who would’ve thought, me and the neighbor’s son.

*About Midnight*

I was startled awake by the sound of my phone ringing. Michael was still asleep beside me and I quickly grabbed my phone and ran into the bathroom.

“Hello?” I said groggily.

“Jamie?! Where are you? I’ve been worried sick! You’re lucky this is my night off or your poor brother would be here alone!” she was so mad and I realized I had messed up.

“I’m sorry mom. I was at a friend’s house and I fell asleep.” I decided not to tell her I was with a boy. I wanted to face one problem at a time.

“Well get yourself home right now young lady.” She hung up without even saying goodbye. Oh shit I am in trouble. I walked back in to find Michael sitting up in bed.

“Hey, are you alright?” He was so cute when he was tired.

“Yeah, its just…I have to go home.” I whispered unhappily. His face dropped as he got up to walk me over to my place. We had gotten up to my door when I quickly realized I was still wearing all his stuff. He turned to leave when I spoke up. “Wait Michael! Your clothes!” I said pulling at the oversized t-shirt I was wearing.

“Keep it.” He smiled.

“Are you sure?” Why did he want me to keep his clothes?

“Yeah, ‘cause that means I’ll get to see you again.” My heart jumped in my chest at his words. Was I really going to let him leave?

“Michael, wait!” he turned around once again and looked at me.

“Yes, Jamie?” he sighed.

“Kiss me.” I was being surprisingly blunt and he even looked shocked at first, but before I knew it, he grabbed my face and pulled me into him. The kiss itself didn’t last long, but the effect it had on me lasted for hours after he left. I didn’t even care that my mom was scolding me for twenty minutes about being home on time and calling if I was late. I was on cloud nine.

*The Next Day*

I woke with a smile on my face realizing I was still in Michael’s shirt and boxers. I pulled the material up to my nose and gave it a sniff. God, he smells so good. I looked at my phone and found 2 new messages both from Mikey.

‘Hey beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about last night. ;)’

‘I want to see you today. Did you get in too much trouble?’

I responded quickly.

‘Not too much :). And I really want to see you too :P’

He was a really fast texter and I loved it.

Come over in ten?’

 I responded with a yes and hurried to get ready. I was getting all worked up over seeing my neighbor? Duh. I pulled on my nicest pair of yoga pants and Michael’s big tee. My mom didn’t go into work until 7 tonight so I had about 9 hours to kill with him.

I knocked on the door and I heard Michael yell.

“Come in!” I found him sitting on the couch strumming away on his guitar. I sat in a chair across the room trying not to disturb him. He placed his guitar back in the case and walked over to me placing his lips on mine. He had something behind his back, but I was too distracted by his lips to care what it was. He pulled away placing his forehead on mine.

“I have a surprise for you.” He said with a smile.

“What? What surprise?” you were confused and excited all at the same time. Mikey pulled a book out from behind his back. It was a brand new (not water damaged) copy of If I Stay. “Oh my gosh! Mike you didn’t have to!” I said placing my arms around him.

“I know how much you love reading and how disappointed you were that your other copy got ruined…I just wanted to make your day a little better.” He said with a smile.

“You definitely made my day better!” I said kissing his lips, but this time, he didn’t pull back. We kissed for a good 10 minutes before he pulled away taking my hand in his and intertwining our fingers. We ended up back in his bedroom, but this time, I don’t think we were going to be sleeping. He dragged me onto the bed where I was straddling his waist. We were still kissing and I went to put my hands under his shirt. He didn’t object as I lifted the material over his head to reveal his pale body. I slid my hands down his torso earning an extremely sexy groan from him.

“You’re so beautiful Jamie.” He breathed and I could feel my lady parts begin to tingle. I had never had sex before so I wasn’t ready to go all the way, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t make him feel good. I put my hands on his growing bulge and began to apply pressure. I could tell he liked it because he buried his head in my neck to suppress some moans. I went to his sweats and just pulled them down enough to be able to see his erection.

“Naughty boy, not wearing underwear.” I said with a wink and he chuckled. He was fully hard now and I had only done this once before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

“You sure about this?” he questioned. He had a pure look of concern on his face, but I was sure. I was sure that I cared about him and I wanted to make him feel good.

“I’m positive.” I answered slowly. I took him in my hands and gradually started to pump him. I was taking my time and savoring this moment and the exposed state I had my neighbor in. I started to lick the tip and I could tell it was driving him crazy. He quickly tangled his hand in my red locks and pushed himself further into my mouth. I tried to keep my green eyes locked on his, taking in every noise, every movement he made. He started to move faster and I could tell that he was close. I took most of him in my hands and just sucked on the tip. His muscles started to contract and I could tell he was almost done.

“Jamie!” He yelled as he finished. I slowly made my way back up to his face and kissed his lips. I can’t believe I just halfway fucked my neighbor. We just lied there next to each other and Mike was the first one to speak.

“I don’t want this to end.” He said putting a hand on my cheek.

“Me either.” I whispered.

“So…would you want to maybe be my girl?” he sounded unsure of himself for the first time since I met him.

“Of course I would Mike.” I said sweetly placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

So I guess I didn’t just mess around with my neighbor…I messed around with my boyfriend.  

Unfinished Business Part 29


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Warnings: Character Death, Blood, Strong language

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2402

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RPF: To Carry A Heart 9/? (SamCait)

Chapter Nine



“Come meet Alfie. He’s yours,” Sam said, guiding her into the stable. The smell was overpowering but Cait tried to get herself used to it. If the show did well, she’d be around horses for the next…seven years at least according to her contract. Her agent had assured her the long term contract was the best thing for her. After ten years of travelling she yearned to settle for a while. In about a year, if the show did well, Cait thought she would start looking for houses in Scotland where the show was to be mainly filmed.

The riding instructor, a guy named Lou dismounted from a gorgeous brown horse and waved to Cait. “Hello there! Come meet him!”

Another horse neighed as they walked past a stall. Sam reached over and patted a gleaming black horse. “Can I take Sleepy out too?”

Lou nodded. “Caitriona?” He asked looking at Cait.

She nodded and extended her hand, a nervous flutter in her stomach. “Nice to meet you.”  She hadn’t been riding in years and the massive beast, no matter how beautiful, freaked her out a bit. She hoped the playful name was a hint at the horse’s demeanor.

Lou ordered one of his assistants to bring out ‘Sam’s’ horse Sleepy. He led Alfie up to Cait. The horse neighed and tossed his head, and Cait reached out to touch him, stroking his face. “He’s really gorgeous.”

“Wanna go up?” Lou asked. “We’ll have ye trot around a bit so you can get used to each other.”

She nodded watching as Sam swung one leg up and got up on his horse. He came over to her and helped her with her form once she up on Alfie and the two of them made their way around the corral. She gradually felt a few movements come back to her and Lou assured her she was doing great.

As she got more confident, she threw a look at Sam and would trot her horse a little faster next to his, then he would narrow his eyes at her and speed up his, then she would respond in kind and then it was on as by the end of the afternoon they were racing at a fast trot around the corral, Lou insisting they keep they weren’t ready run yet.

Her heart raced as they rode together around and around the inside of the fence, the sun beginning to set and the cool dusk air biting into her cheeks. Lou called out one more lap and she and Sam raced towards him as their finish line. Sam beating her by a second.

He let out a whoop of victory and grinned widely at her.

“Ah better luck next time, Sassenach!” he said, using his character’s pet name for her character.

“Bloody Scot!” Cait threw back. She dismounted and her legs gave way beneath her, not used to the exertion. She fell on her ass with a laugh and Sam was next to her instantly, asking if she was okay and helping her to her feet, laughing as well.

His arms went around her waist and for a moment, his smile wavered as a he seemed to feel the sudden charge of electricity between them as well. His eyes moved down to her lips and Cait didn’t breathe, looking at his mouth as well. She could still remember what he tasted like all those years ago and right then, his lips looked so damned inviting…

“Sorry, love. Should have warned ye to take care on the dismount as yer legs, as like not used to the ride,” Lou said, making Sam and Cait dart back guiltily.

“Steady?” Sam asked and Cait was sure she didn’t imagine the rough edge to his voice before he cleared his throat.

“Yep, all good. Thanks.”

They agreed to meet with Lou again tomorrow for another lesson and made their way back to the apartments the studio had rented for them as they filmed the first season.

She and Sam were helping each other unpack, their apartments right next to each other.

“You know, I’ve never seen this show,” Cait said sitting on his carpet, sticking DVD’s in a small shelf beneath the television. She lifted up the first season of Breaking Bad.

Sam stared at her open mouthed. His look so comical Cait couldn’t help laughing. “You’re joking, no?”

Cait shook her head. “Karolina kept going on about it but I never got around to it.”

Sam pulled the DVD box out of her hands and opened it pulling out the first disk.

“What are you doing?” Cait asked.

“You stay right there and prepare for greatness.”

“What? We still have so much crap to do!” She insisted.

“So we’ll take a break…for Breaking Bad.” He lifted his eyebrows, amused at his own joke, making Cait groan as she tried not to laugh at this man-child she adored.

“Yeaaaahhhh bitch!” Both Sam and Cait yelled in unison at the screen by the time they were halfway through the first season. Chips and beer surrounded them.

“Oh my God!” she suddenly exclaimed, shooting upright as somehow she had ended up with her head in Sam’s lap. “It’s three in the morning!”

“Shit. Really?” Sam grimaced. “I didn’t know it was so late. Sorry. Damn.”

“Don’t be. I had fun,” Cait assured him, pulling on her shoes and she realized it was true. She enjoyed hanging out with him immensely.

He smiled at that. “I promise to make it up to you by helping you with your stuff tomorrow.”

“You’d better!” She warned playfully and reluctantly left him to go back to her place.

She had just managed to set up her bed for the night with fresh linens and a blanket when she spotted a spider scurrying across the carpet and let out a scream. An open box of dishes sat on a chair and Cait quickly grabbed a glass and managed to trap the spider in it.

A frantic knock on her door. “Cait! Are you all right?” Sam’s concerned voice came through.

She ran to the door and opened it.

“No! Ew! Ew! Ew!” she cried, pointing at the cup.

“Ew what? What is that?” He crouched down to get a better look at the cup and then chuckled. “Ah yes, you’re right. A monstrous threat to be sure.”

She threw a pillow at him. “Kill it!”

“Well, why didn’t you kill it?” Sam pointed out.

“I don’t know. I just panicked. I mean, what if I missed?”

Sam pressed his lips together as if fighting more laugher and went to find toilet paper with which he grabbed the spider from under the glass and then flushed it. “And the world is safe from all creepy beasties yet again. You know, Claire would have just smashed that thing. I fear we need some more lessons in bad-ass-ness for you,” Sam teased.

“Oh!” She swung at him playfully. “How’s this for badass, you big tree!”

He caught her arm, chuckling and she poked him in the stomach with her other hand and he bent forward, losing his footing and sending them both crashing backwards onto her bed.

She went still as she felt his body instantly react and the smile disappeared from his face when her breath caught with the realization that their mouths were a simple lift of her chin away from meeting.

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Sunken Ships

A/N: Hey Guys, so after reading my last imagine ‘Unfulfilled Ships’ a couple of people on tumblr (bless your guys souls) asked for a part two. SO HERE WE GO (this is so bad oml)  PART ONE

Anon: Why? Omg you broke my heart with that imagine about the ships and all thanks. I’m gonna cry my eyes out now. Is there any possibility with part 2 where Dan ends up with the reader and not Olive? Like that would be good. Thanks. Love you and ur blog

Anon 2: WHAT! HE LIKES OLIVE!?!?! Nooooooo, please make a part two with a happy ending or my heart will die from sadness 3

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1429 words

Your P.O.V

I was sat in my room scrolling through my boring Facebook feed, when my cellphone ringtone goes of

‘CAUSE THEY’RE JUST GIRLS BREAKING HEARTS, EYES BRIGHT UPTIGHT JUST GIRLS!’ Ahhh, i love The 1975. I look at the caller I.D and see that it’s Dan. I wonder how him and Olive are. Dan and Olive had been dating for about 7 months now and I finally got over it! Sorta, I mean, you learn to get over somebody when you constantly see them sucking face with one of your best friends.

“Hey, Daniel! Whats up?” I ask in my most cheerful voice at 10:30pm. There was no doubt that I was tired. I just finished a 10 hour shift at work 30 minutes ago, and got home about 10 minutes ago.

“C-can I come over?” Dan stuttered sounding broken, and I was immediately worried.

“Yeah sure, you don’t have to ask to come over. I’ll get some ice-cream ready. ” I replied, sounding concerned. Dan mutters a ‘thank you’ then hangs up. I go into the kitchen to get a few tubs of ice cream out, thinking about what’s going on with Dan, and why he sounded so broken.

As I’m setting everything up in the lounge, I hear a knock at the door. Knowing that it’s most probably Dan, I just yell out to him

“It’s open!” I shout out while finishing off what I was setting up. And in walks Dan, with a frown on his face. He walks up to me and engulfs me in a bear hug.

“Thank you for letting me come over tonight.” He thanks with a sad smile. Assuming he doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on I ask him a simple question.

“Hows Olive?” Bad idea. He looks at me and immediately tears start running down his face. Oh no. Abort mission. ABORT MISSION. CODE RED.

So, obviously somethings going on with him and Olive, now I just need to figure out what happened. I pull him into another hug as his head rests in the crook of my neck, as I could feel his tears on my shirt. I pat his back and try my best to soothe him. Soon enough he pulls out of the hug and is wiping tears off of his face.

“Here’s some ice cream, what movie do you want to watch?” I ask, as I hand him over a tub of ice cream. I feel at this time, it’s best to not ask anymore questions, so right now, I’m just trying to distract him.

“Captain America, please?” Dan asks. I give him a quick nod and insert the movie into the DVD player.

Half way through the movie, he grabs the remote off of me and pauses the movie, I look towards him confused, and he has tears welling up in his eyes. Poor Dan.

“I’m ready t-” Dan was cut off by my ringtone. Oops.

'CAUSE THEY’RE JUST GIRLS BREAKING HEARTS. EYES BRIGHT, UPTIGHT, JUST GIRLS’ How ironic. I look at the caller ID and see that it’s Jess. I look over at Dan, asking of it’s alright if I take it. He gives me a nod and I answer it

“Hey whats up?” I ask Jess. I would think it was important considering how late it was.

“Have you heard about Dan and Olive?” Jess asks. I feel Dan’s eyes on me. I know for a fact that he heard his name come up. I awkwardly stand up and walk into the kitchen

“Uh, no I haven’t, what’s happened?”

“They broke up. I have Olive here with me, crying her eyes out. I’ve been trying to console her for the past 3 hours.” Jess confesses. My mouth hangs open and suddenly all these questions are running through my mind.

“What happened?” I ask curiously and little did I know how big the explanation was going to be.

“The phandom happened. According to Olive, some people were spreading rumors about her saying she was hooking up with other guys while she was with Dan. Dan found out tonight and he broke up with her. Now we have no idea where he is.” Immediately i knew what Olive said about the phandom wasn’t true, I mean come on, if the phandom were spreading untrue stuff about Olive, I would know about it, considering I’m always on tumblr. I have no life. And
as if I was gonna tell one of my best friends that Dan was over! That’s basically against girl code.

“Seriously! Dang. I’ll call you guys tomorrow, It’s getting pretty late and I have a 9 hour shift tomorrow.” I lied, it was actually my day off tomorrow. I just wanted to go and see how Dan was doing.

“Yeah, she’s a wreck. I’ll see ya later (y/n)” Jess says and then hangs up.

I walk into the lounge and sit down beside Dan

“Whatever Jess said about Olive and I wasn’t true, she just didn’t want to tell you guys the truth.” He mutters quietly, I look at him, secretly asking him to give me more answers. “I went over to her flat today, and I was there for a couple of hours. Then this guy knocked on the door asking where she was. I asked him who he was and he said that he was her boyfriend and that they had been going out for 3 months. I confronted her about it and she denied everything, and so I broke up with her and went home. And then I came here.” Poor Dan, he doesn’t deserve any of this.

“Wow, I don’t know how she could do something like that to you.” I was sad. I was sad for Dan and what Olive did to him. I’m gonna have to confront Olive about it soon, I just don’t know how.

“You know, I’m glad I came over here tonight. You made me feel better by just sitting there and listening to me vent, it feels great to get it out.” Dan confesses. I smile and give him a small hug. “You know what else? While I’m here confessing about something, I might as well confess about something else.” Dan takes a deep breath before continuing. His glassy eyes glaring into mine, in a nice way. “I used to have feelings for you before Olive came along.” Dan confessed, looking absolutely mortified, and i only have one question running through my mind.

“Why did you stop?” I felt broken again for some reason. He told me what i kinda have been wanting to hear for the past year or so. But i never quite imagined it would be in this situation or worded like that. “Also, are you sure it’s not the heartbreak talking?” I smirked at Dan.

“I actually never really stopped having feelings for you, but at the same time, I did genuinely like Olive. But I think the fact that Olive and I were shipped together made it a lot more easier I guess, i don’t really know. And I’m sure it’s not the heartbreak talking. Spending time with you tonight has made me forget about how sad I was.”

And do you know what I did next? I did something so cliche and cheesy it almost hurt. I kissed him. For the longest time ever, I could only imagine what his lips felt like against mine, in sync with mine, moulded with mine. I would say that my imagination was pretty vast. But it had nothing on the real thing. The real thing was way better than I could’ve imagined. And guess what? He kissed back, which made things a million times better.

Even though i totally broke the girl code, i don’t regret it. This is what I’ve wanted for the longest time, and I’m happy I got it.

Movie Night

To distract Steve from yet another blind-leading-the-blind lecture on technology, Tony pulls out a movie Peggy is sure to love.

Features most of the Avengers, minus Thor, who’s still got shit to do.

“It’s for music, like a record.”

“But surely a needle would scratch it.”

“That’s just it, the needle is some type of laser!”

“I don’t understand, wouldn’t a laser just cut through it?”

“No, apparently not. Some sort of…science.”

“Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there,” Tony cut in, and Steve and Peggy looked up from the compact disc they were examining.  “This is actually physically hurting me.  Aun–Peg, take it from me, Scuttle here is not the person to talk to about modern technology.”

“Scuttle?” Peggy asked with a frown, and Tony sighed, shaking his head.

“Tell you what, you want some entertainment from after your time, follow me,” he said, beckoning toward the common area.  “I just got a new copy of this movie, apparently there was a bit more demand following the party in New York.”

“Why do you keep calling it a party?” Nat asked.  “That wasn’t a party.”

“Shindig, then.”

“Shindigs tend to be less violent,” Bruce put in, dropping on to the couch.

“You haven’t been to enough concerts,” Tony said, tilting his head a little.  “There was one time–nevermind.  The time capsules even missed Beatlemania.”

“Was that some sort of…illness?” Peggy asked curiously, and Tony glanced back as he put the DVD in its tray to see her cuddle up to Steve on another couch.

“Not quite.  Anyway, we had schwarma afterwards.  That counts.”

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Celebrating 10 Years with Johnny Depp

Today, 10 years ago I watched A Nightmare On Elm Street. 

Firstly, I have to say thanks to my cousins and sister for picking it out at the  DVD store. Six girls, aged from 10-14 watching horror movies on a summer night. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I’m so glad I stuck it out. As soon as Johnny appeared on the screen my heart was gone. I was a lost cause. Now, this was 2006 and I was 12 years old so I’m coming a bit late into his career. I had already seen a handful of his films but was completely ignorant of his talent and beauty. After being star struck from the movie, I must say the first couple of months or maybe year, okay, years, I obsessed over him. Posters, DVDs, books, music and toys. Going into high school, I got a lot of comments from students saying ‘eww he’s old enough to be your dad!’ Funny how I rarely get that comment anymore. 

However, Johnny became in a strange way my friend. I learnt a lot from his films, but mostly his characters made me feel like I wasn’t alone. My quietness, my weirdness and quirkiness was relatable to his characters. His films helped me escape from reality when life got that little bit too much. They comforted me when I was breaking inside seeing my grandmother sick with cancer. I was very close to my Gran, and she knew about my admiration for Johnny. I remember having a shirt made with a photo of Johnny on it to take away to Year 7 camp and Gran laughing and saying how good looking he is. He was there for me again, when my mum battled cancer. I used his films to calm me and stop me from going insane. 

In 2010, I remember my Mum picking me up from school early to see the first session of Alice In Wonderland with my Gran. That memory brings back so much happiness and I will always cherish it. My Gran passed away in 2011. I still find it hard to write about. Five years ago. God, where has the time gone? It feels like she’s still with me. 

I became depressed and never spoke to anyone about it because I thought we were all going through the same heart ache. However my depression became worse, it affected my friendships, my self esteem, looking back on it, basically by the end of 2011 I was a completely different person. I isolated myself, made excuses not to hang out with friends and stayed in my bedroom for most of the day. It got to the point where I began to use self harm to release everything I was containing inside. I never spoke to anyone about that either. I would wear long sleeve shirts during the summer, and when Mum questioned it, I would lie and say I was embarrassed because I thought my arms were 'too fat’. By the middle of 2014 I took myself to the doctor. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, sitting in the chair trying to explain what I was feeling, when I was confused myself why I was feeling the way I was. After a couple of appointments with my doctor she recommended anti-depressants and to continue seeing her as well as a therapist. I remember in the first session my therapist asked me what made me feel happy, and I told her Johnny Depp. We spoke for a while about his many characters, which film was my favourite and why I liked it. Even though life was extremely hard, Johnny Depp and his films always managed to calm me, make me smile and make my heart feel full again. I’d watch hours of his interviews on YouTube, and the nights when I couldn’t sleep I’d listen to his voice and it would without a doubt help me. 

I’d had some pretty crappy moments by the beginning of 2015. However, knowing that Johnny was coming to Australia to film Pirates 5 was keeping me going. I often told myself 'I ain’t going anywhere until I’ve met Johnny’. He was my motivator. 

In June 2015, I was watching on the news Captain Jack greeting fans in Queensland. I heard my step dad from the kitchen say that I should go up there. I hesitated and said I was too scared to go alone, so he said he’d go with me. I didn’t know if he was being serious. I could only cry. Maybe he thought 'oh no what did I just get myself into’. So off we went, we had three days. You can read about that trip here. We met up with my step dads friends Geoff and Sharyn. Sharyn is a 30+ year fan of Johnny, so I was in perfect company. We did some set stalking, drove past the house he was staying at and some more set stalking. I was actually bursting out of my skin thinking 'Johnny could be in there’ or 'Johnny has driven down this road’. On the third day, with no sighting from Johnny Depp, my step dad and I boarded the plane back home. I told myself over and over not to be disappointed. And I wasn’t. Just being in the same city as him made me insanely happy. 

Two weeks past and Sharyn messaged me saying Johnny was going to be filming at The Spit and that I had to go back up there tomorrow. I was having a bad case of 'Johnny-brain’ so I booked a flight by myself (never been on a plane alone before). I spent a good ten minutes in the shower talking myself into doing it. You can read about my journey here

On Wednesday July the 8th I set off on my own as Sharyn had work and walked down to the corner to catch a bus to Sea World. I see myself as a very shy person, someone who usually likes to have company. But that day I was a completely different person. I felt confident, excited and ready for adventure. I reminded myself of the young girl I was when I was 12. 
The bus dropped me off at Sea World and I had about a four minute walk down the road to the harbour where I spotted a group of people gathered on the beach. They were looking out across the bay watching the filming happening. I went down to the beach and sat down close by. Sharyn had packed me some binoculars, so I took them out of the backpack she also leant me and glued my eyes to them. I could see Johnny Depp, wearing his big pirate hat waving his arms around. I couldn’t contain my emotions and had a little cry. I gave mum a call and shared my excitement with her. Next stop was to walk around to The Spit where the filming took place. 

Sharyn knocked off work early and met me at The Spit. After five hours of standing behind a small fence about belly button height, Johnny emerged out of the car. I had already cried arriving at The Spit, then I cried again when I was let into the waiting area, and now Sharyn and I were both crying. There he was, eye sight away, dressed in his Captain Jack costume. After waiting for him to make his way down the line he finally stopped at Sharyn and I. Sharyn embraced him in a big hug and gave him a kiss. Then he looked at me and hugged me. I was sobbing at this point. I asked him if he could please sign my arm for me and he said in his Captain Jack voice ‘where’s your arm’. After he finished I couldn’t stop crying and he pulled me in for another hug and I said ‘I love you’. Sharyn and I both thanked him and he said, ‘no, thank you’. Sharyn and I stood there hugging and crying. 

I wish during the hard times I could of told myself, ‘Don’t give up. When you’re 20 you’re going to meet him. Life’s going to get better, I promise’. Even though I’m still taking anti-depressants, I have changed a lot in the past year and a half. I’m becoming more confident, more brave, content, accepting and in the moment. I’m so proud I never gave up, I’m so proud I have ticked the number one task off my bucket list. I have no idea what my life would be like today if I never watch A Nightmare On Elm Street 10 years ago. I don’t want to know what it would be like. Thank you Johnny for being my hero for a decade. You’re going to be my hero forever, I will always support you and stand by you, go to the first session when your films are released. You and your films have helped me so much, and I will always be grateful. I’m a lucky girl I got to tell my hero I love them. Thank you so much for all the memories over the years, can’t wait for the next ten! 

Lots of love,


Adoption!verse future fic and Bae's "Real Mom"

Tri-sarah-top-saurus said: Teenage Bae has to tell his parents that he got Emma pregnant? Belle is distraught that she has failed as a mother and doesn’t react very well? Obviously everyone is very emotional and Bae lashes out…???

This is part one of probably 3 on this particular installment, because no way I was going to be able to addresss ALL of the issues here in one little fic.  So keep your eyes peeled!

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