why did she swallow the fly

In which, Manon finds out she’s pregnant.

I’m aware that there have been Manorian pregnancy fics flying around (and a scary good sad fic by @propshophannah) recently, so of course, I just had to join in the fun.

I hope you enjoy!

Title: Nine Weeks
Word Count: 4469
Pairing: Manorian

Manon found out on a stormy day in a dirty farmhouse while searching out the last of the ilken that had managed to escape the war with Erawan a good twelve years ago. Twelve years of rebuilding countries, establishing borders, rekindling old alliances, and forming new ones.

With Wind Cleaver in one hand and her iron nails poised to strike on the other, Manon had paused when the ilken she had been hunting sniffed the air, those sunken dark eyes narrowing in recognition, and perhaps some deep-sense of regret. “You,” the monster had muttered, the killing intent being suppressed from a seemingly supernatural force, something above the darkness within it.

Manon had paused.

“You carry a witchling.”

The witch couldn’t know if the creature spoke truth, but the tone of voice, the posture the ilken had taken, the way it had lowered its unnatural claws. The storm outside pounded against the worn wooden boards, the thundering as heavy as the one echoing in Manon’s heart. Her hand trembled as the ilken tilted its head, the enlarged nostrils sniffing again.

“Yes,” it breathed, “your belly will begin to grow soon, perhaps already.”

The thud was soft in comparison to the sound outside, to the sound in Manon’s head. The white-haired witch stared at the beheaded corpse for an indefinite amount of time, water, dirt, and blood dripping from her flying leathers. Did the ilken speak the truth? Another question rose above that one. Why would it lie?


The witch swallowed back the flurry of inexplicable emotions coursing through her, morphing into the cool ice her sentinels were used too. “We’re done here,” she told Asterin as the blonde looked over her shoulder.

“The whole area is clear,” Manon was told, “we’re good to move on.”

The Queen nodded, cleaning Wing Cleaver on the old hay on the ground, before stepping toward the outside. “Hey.” Manon didn’t turn, but she felt Asterin near. “Is everything alright?”

Manon didn’t speak immediately, but she made no move to leave either. “The ilken spoke to me,” she admitted.

They both watched the rain. “What did it say?”

Manon shifted her blade, if only for something to do, something to tie her to this realm, to keep her grounded. “Do you believe their sense of smell to be as good as the Fae’s?”

She didn’t look at Asterin, couldn’t bare to see the possible realization on her beautiful, wild face. “In what sense?”

The Queen shook her head and though her Second knew she was hiding something, Asterin did not question. Soon they were both riding atop their wyverns and only when Manon was high up in the sky and sure none of her sentinels were watching…did she touch over the spot on her stomach.

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Imagine young Sam Drake being protective of you.

Having finished taking down the last few notes on the board, you heard the school bell ring as the class stated to gather noise of students leaving. You were always the last one to pack up your stuff and leave the classroom when the whole commotion and noise had gone out the room. This was mostly due to the fact of you wanting to avoid a certain group of people.

Swinging your bag over your shoulder, you picked up the few remaining books off the desk and headed out the door. So far it seemed pretty quiet and you felt rather at ease of finally getting the chance to walk peacefully to your next class, but soon all that changed when you turned the corner.

“Well, look who it is!” Your worst nightmare had come true the minute you heard that voice. Focusing your gaze on the group of three in front of you, you felt your heart race as they began to approach you.

These were the exact people you were trying to avoid, and it would be just your luck that you managed to run into them. Trying to divert your attention away from their menacing stares, you walked as fast as you could to avoid having to confront them. But they soon caught up to you, blocking your path so you couldn’t go any further.

“Why the rush, are you in a hurry?” One of them spoke to you, using their hand to practically push you back.

“Please, just leave me alone.” You barely managed to get out a whisper.

“Huh, did you say something? Why don’t you just speak up.” They pushed you again, as laughter erupted from the other two. “Maybe cause she can’t speak.” They continued to laugh.

You felt a lump growing in your throat as you tried to swallow it down, holding back the tears. “Go on, say something!” They continued to jab at you, until one of them knocked the books out of your hand which sent them flying to the floor. “That will teach you to ignore us.”

Feeling your hands shake, you look down at your feet waiting for them to push you again but this time nothing happened.

“That’s enough, why don’t you pick on someone your own size.” You heard a familiar voice of a boy, which made you instantly look up.

You watched Sam who was a good couple of inches taller than the other three, stand in front of them blocking their path to you. His hand formed into a ball of fist ready to throw a punch, but before he could do that you stopped him. “Sam, it’s okay just let them go.” The last thing you wanted to do was get him into to trouble. Saying that you almost saw relief flushed across the faces of the other three, as no one in their right mind would pick a fight with Sam Morgan.

“We were leaving anyways.” A nervous laugh escaped their lips as the three of them scattered away to probably pick on someone else.

Relaxing the tension in his hand, Sam finally tuned his front to face you, “You okay?” He asked you, with a look of concern shown across his face. You nodded to his question, feeling your cheeks slightly burning from his continuous gaze which made you look down at your books.

You bend down to reach your hand over to your books, feeling his hand brushing against yours in the process. “Here, I’ll help you with that.” He managed to collect all your scattered books, which were now in his hands.

“Thank you Sam.” You finally manage to look up at him, as a smile spread across his lips. “Anytime (Y/N), if those assholes give you any more trouble just tell me.” “Okay.” You gave him a weak smile in return, holding out your hand for him to give your books back. But instead of handing them over, he uses his free hand to hold yours.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you to class.”

A/N: Alright guys here’s another young Sam Drake for you. I thought this one would fit the younger one more so yeah here it is. This sounded better in my head than written but I hope you guys will like it anyways.

Twilight Dreams

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: The first night in the Ark is as hard as the first day was, and Allen is just tired. But the Noah want this to go well as much as the exorcists do, and they’re trying. Really. (Commissioned by @iamtheun, prompt: Allen-centric pacifism AU.)

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majesticjesy  asked:

A Jasper AU when they are both models? That's so adorable

Entirely based off Sophii’s head canons

Jason runs through the key points again in his head and counts them on his fingers; apologize, try and explain, ask to start over. He hopes the rest will fall into place between and the words will just come to him, but the tug at his gut tells him that he’ll bumble over his words and make an ass of himself in front of a beautiful girl. Well, make an ass of himself a second time at least.

The clipped greeting and cold shoulder still haunt him from those months ago in New York. If the next two weeks are going to be anything but completely awkward he’ll need to smooth things over now. It’s bad enough that it’ll be two weeks of shoots with the Piper McLean in swimsuits and summer clothing but when you heap Silena, who has a history of pushing models just outside their comfort zone, on top of that he’s going to be completely red and not from the sun.

So he runs through the plan again and finally opens the door and takes the step out into the hallway. He’s too busy keeping the plan straight in his head to notice her until he counts ten perfectly manicured toes. His eyes slowly move up her ankles, shins, knees, thighs and it’s years and years of coppered skin that makes his tongue fuzzy and throat thick. He decides he’s definitely making an ass of himself again tonight.

“Hi,” she says in a voice full of surprise.

“Hello,” his voice manages to come off steady even though his heart is pounding.

It clicks in his head that he’s talking to his high school celebrity crush, the girl he pinned a poster of on the back of his door, the girl he’s about to spend two weeks with and the thing between his ears that’s supposed to tell him what to do next turns to a puddle. He briefly wonders how much would slosh out if he shook his head right now.

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A/N: Hey everyone, this is for bri-ecrit. Things haven’t been fantastic for her lately and I wanted to cheer her up.  Bri, you are one of my favorite fic writers, especially for kristanna. Your stories always make me smile and they’ve gotten me through a lot of nonsense for the past couple of years. I really admire your writing, and I hope this at least makes you smile!

Inspired by this

The Wasp

Kristoff was walking towards the bedroom that he shared with Anna when he heard a crash from said bedroom. He started to run, worried that his wife had hurt herself.

“Anna?!” he swung the door open.

“Kristoff watch out!” she answered.

He suddenly heard a loud buzzing in his ear and whipped around to see a large insect flying very close to his head.

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Q takes a breath as he considers the door where Bond and Madeleine are presumably sequestered. It didn’t take much effort to find them, or to program a blank key card to open the lock.

Bursting in, however, is probably a terrible idea, not least because there’s no telling what they could be doing. The thought of the two of them in bed together makes his stomach curl. Bond wouldn’t even be here if Q hadn’t rebuffed his every effort to have something more than just sex.

Who knew James Bond craved intimacy enough to leave everything behind for its promise?

And isn’t Q a dick to come here now, to tell him how he feels.

He should leave. Go back to London and forget he was stupid enough to let him walk away. Let him be happy with Madeleine. Bond deserves that–happiness with someone who isn’t afraid of their feelings.

This is wrong.  Stupid and wrong and utterly shitty.

With his throat tight, Q shoves the key card back into his coat pocket. But before he can turn away, the door opens and he finds himself face to face with the barrel of Bond’s gun.

It’s lowered immediately, a gruff curse breaking the silence.

Q blinks rapidly. He can feel his face growing hot, apologies catching in his throat as he stares.

Bond runs a hand through his hair, longer now than when he left a month ago. He looks gorgeous, with the hint of morning stubble at his jaw. His chest is rising and falling too rapidly, a sheen of sweat across his skin and that makes the mortification worse.

It doesn’t help that Bond doesn’t look happy to see him.

As he fumbles for something to say, Bond sighs. “I should have known they’d send you.” He steps back, opening the door wider in invitation–resigned though it seems to be.

Unable to look at him, Q steps inside, mind racing as he tries to come out with a plausible reason for being here. A mission of some sort, since that’s clearly what Bond thinks. That he’s here to entice him back to MI6.

It would be an easy enough to lie and yet the only thing Q can think to do as Bond closes the door is to gesture vaguely. “Where’s…”

“Madeleine? I’ve no idea.”

Q frowns again. “But…”

“She left.” Bond’s smile is full of bitterness, although Q wonders if he even realises.  He wants to ask why he hasn’t come home yet, wants to admit how stupid he’s been. Instead he watches Bond reach for a bottle of vodka. 

“I already told Mallory I’m not interested.” 


“In helping with unraveling the rest of Spectre…” Bond’s eyes narrow. “That’s not why you’re here.” 

“Erm, no.” Q shifts. He really hasn’t thought this through. “I wanted…” Frustrated, he gestures jerkily. “I thought Madeleine would be here.” 

“And you wanted to join in? You do surprise me, Q.” 

“No, that’s not…” But Bond is smirking, using teasing as a defense. A tactic Q understands well.  He takes a fortifying breath, squares his shoulders, which is difficult with the strap of his computer case cutting him across his chest.  “I came here to tell you I was an idiot.” 

Bond looks even less amused than when he first saw Q.  He turns away, catching a glass with sharp movements.  Q stares at the haphazard pattern of freckles across his back as he pours. 

He’s wanted to trace those freckles so many times, pressed over James’ back as they fucked. Kiss them one by one.  But that’s never what it was about between them. No matter how much Bond wanted it to be. 

Q never considered what rejection might feel like. 

“Why did she leave?” he asks, voice strained by the ache in his throat.  

Bond drinks a measure of the vodka before he answers, the bitterness roughening the worlds, “That’s what they do.” 

Technically, it was Bond who left, but Q’s guilt apparently doesn’t care about technicalities. 

“I’m not leaving.” 

“Mm.” Disbelief in one chord.  Bond sets the glass down, the bottle along with it and turns. The bitterness is gone, replaced for amusement. “You came all this way for a fuck? You don’t like to fly.” 

“I didn’t come just for a fuck.” 

Bond returns to his drink.  Q watches him swallow, watches his throat and wants. Wants to press his lips to the freckled skin, to mark it with his teeth.  To prove to him that he means to stay this time.  Give Bond whatever he wants.  

Give him everything. 

“I shouldn’t have let you leave,” he says, his voice thick with regret. “But I didn’t realise…” 

The words stick in his throat.  Of course they do.  Bond finally looks up, watching him with the same still expression he wore after he told Q, unasked, that he wasn’t sleeping with anyone else. After Q told him there was no need to change anything–no need to change himself. 

It was only a week later that Bond brought Madeleine into the hotel room Q had assumed would be put to better use than research. He had assumed he would be well fucked by morning. 

An assumption gone terribly wrong. 

But Madeleine is gone now, this hotel room empty save for the two of them.  And Bond isn’t refusing him outright.  What more is there to lose, really?

"Would you have stayed?” he asks. “If I had asked you to?” 

Bond drinks another mouthful of vodka. “Does it matter?” 

Q swallows back the immediate need to say of course it matters. But it only takes half a second to realise he’s wrong about that as well. “No,” he says quietly. Whatever he felt for Madeleine, Bond is here now, and he doesn’t look like he has any intention of retreating. 

No inclination, even now, for self-preservation. For the first time, Q is grateful for it. 

He crosses the carpet, and when he’s close enough to pull Bond in, Q kisses him like a homecoming.  There’s no hesitation, no indication that Bond won’t give himself just as freely as he has since the beginning. A masochist in every sense of the word.  

It takes only a few moments before the kiss grows heated, before Bond is divesting him of both the case over his shoulder and his bulky coat. Before there’s nothing between them; only skin and heat and slick sweat as their cocks slide together. Slow and quiet and easy.  Just like every other time they’ve done this, and nothing like it at all. 

Nothing like those other times. 

Not when Bond’s lip skim his jaw, up to his ear, voice low and rough and sincere as he says, “I would have stayed.” 

Q slides their fingers together, grips him tight and holds on. 

Chapter 64: The Sequence


It was close to 7pm when I was finally escorted out of the holding cell by one of the guards who’d allowed me to take my one phone call earlier after ‘investigation’. Of course I called Jhene and told her to bring the bail money so I could get out of here but the vibe I got from the phone call with her was totally off; it was the one worded answers again and the monotone voice. I just figured it was because she was pissed that I’d gone and done exactly what she’d asked me not to do and got arrested because of it. But at the end of the day she had to understand where I was coming from, wasn’t no man ever gonna allow another man to ever put hands on his girl like that and not do anything about, how was I supposed to stand there and not react the way I did when she looked the way that she did. That nigga was fucking lucky I was in this mess right now because if not I would’ve gone and finished the job on him. And believe me it weren’t over by a long shot, either way with this shit Jens dad was pulling; I was about to go down for some bullshit regardless so I might as well finish the job on him. By the time id finished he was gonna wish he never laid eyes on Jhene in the first place, and I put that on my kids life, when it came to my family and loved ones, I didn’t play that shit. I know she was a rowdy chick at times and her mouth was hella fast and slick so yeah she ran her mouth as if she was invincible sometimes, shit there was times when I wanted to knock her ass out myself, but he beat her as if she was a grown ass man. I weren’t having that. On life I’d fucking kill dude before I ever let him even think he could get away with some shit like that.

The officer who’d escorted me out took me to the front desk where I was given back all my belongings, including my shoe laces in a see-through bag “Mr Brown, you’ll be expected to show up to LA county court on the 21st of next month for your hearing on terms of a violated probation, your bail has been posted at a sum of $1,500, if under any circumstance you do not attend the court hearing, you will lose the bail and it will result in a warrant for your arrest, is that clear?” the officer explained

“Yeah” I mumbled dryly fixing my watch on my wrist. He handed me a couple of papers and told me to sign bellow what was basically stating in writing what he’d just reiterated. I signed on the dotted line and then was told I was free to go until then. Jhene stood up from the chair she was sat on in the waiting area and then walked over to me. She was dressed in all black and then had a baseball cap on her head pulled down right over her eyes.

Hey…” I went in for a kiss but she moved her head away rejecting it. Our eyes locked momentarily and behind them in that split moment, I saw complete emptiness. She damn sure wasn’t the same loving girlfriend she was this morning. Far from it actually. She continued on and walked straight past me out of the exit slide doors. Okay. so she was still mad, I figured that much. I’d gotten myself arrested and probably embarrassed her having to come up here because of me so I guess I could understand the attitude. I guess…


When we got to the car she handed me the keys to drive whilst she got in the passenger’s seat. It was still completely silent between the both of us. It was one of those brewing silences and I could feel the tension rising up between us. Honestly, it was one of the most awkward and tense drives we’d had in a very long time. As I cruised down the street, I kept stealing glances at her; she still held that blank look on her face. She wasn’t happy about something. It’s just now; I weren’t even too sure what it was. “You okay over there?” I asked glancing over at her.

No response. I sighed and then turned the music that had been playing down so the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the car’s engine.

“Baby, please talk to me…” I pleaded with her. I couldn’t deal with this silence any longer. She continued to completely ignore me; she didn’t even bother making a slight flicker at the sound of my voice or anything. It was the most painful thing ever when she did this shit, just ignored me like I wasn’t even there to her “I know you’re still mad, but I’m sorry aight" I rested my hand on her thigh and glanced at her side profile as she looked down at my hand. “I’m sorry next time I’ll listen to you baby but-”

“I’m not your baby” she finally spoke

“Huh?” I looked over at her confused. She glanced back at me, her face was hard and held no emotions on it. Just complete blankness.

“I’m not your baby. Don’t call me that shit” she repeated

“…Jhene what are you talking about, you aight?” I asked her confused.

“Yeah I’m fine. Can I ask you a question?” she looked at me

“You talking”

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you?” she asked. I looked at her funny. She was acting hella weird right now and I couldn’t understand why.

“Jhene what’s going on?”

“Just answer the question Chris, Would you?”

“Lie to you about what?”

“Just in general” she shrugged. “Like if I asked you what something was you wouldn’t lie and tell me it was another thing just to please me would you?”

“What do I need to lie to you about? Is there something I should know or…”

“I dunno you tell me” she said. I cocked my eyebrow, “What the fuck are you talkin’.bout Jhene!?” I snapped.

"Chris what is this?” She suddenly asked as she held a small Walgreens bag up at me.

My expression dropped and it’s like I suddenly felt the colour just drain from my face. I didn’t even have to see what was inside to remember what it was.



“I-I, it’s a Walgreens bag” I mumbled focusing back on the road. I began sweating bullets and my hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. From my peripheral I could see her vision snap towards me, but I knew better than to look at her, face to face right now.

“It’s a Walgreens bag?” she repeated and then chuckled under her breath. “It’s a Walgreens bag. Well let’s see exactly what, it is inside of this Walgreens bag shall we…” she put extra emphasis on the ‘what’ as she tipped the bag and the Plan B emergency contraceptive box Jennifer had bought from the clinic yesterday morning fell out onto her lap…

Nerves got the best of me and I accidentally slammed my foot on the accelerator. The car jerked with unannounced speed and we both jolted forward. Jhene quickly held onto the door holder to prevent herself from completely flying forward. “Oh look, it’s an empty Plan B box, and you’re trying to kill me today” she said sarcastically with a sarcastic smile on her face. I swallowed hard as I tried to keep calm and regain speed of the car. But I was miserably failing at the keeping calm bit. How the fuck did I manage to forget that shit was in here when I left her the keys to my truck. Better yet why the hell didn’t Jen take that shit out with her that day, what did she expect me to do with the empty box?!

“Plan B, One Step emergency contraceptive pill, reduces the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sex” she began to read the box aloud.

“W-what are you doing with that?” I stuttered.

“I don’t know. I’m asking myself the same thing because I found them in your car this morning”

“Well…you must…you must’ve left em there” I lied clearing my throat. Jhene frowned.

“…Did we fuck 2 days ago?” she suddenly asked incredulously.


“Did we fuck, 2 days ago?!” She repeated pulling out a receipt. “Because this receipt dates 11/10 so that means they were bought the morning before yesterday. Now that night before that morning, I was getting my ass beat, so in which time did I have to fuck you, get my ass beat and wake up in the morning to take this morning after pill and then leave the box in your car, For it to be mines Chris?!”

I was confused.
What the fuck?
Was she serious?

How the fuck was I supposed to answer that? Shit I couldn’t even comprehend let alone process in my mind what she had just said for me to thoroughly understand and come up with a quick and logical explanation to it. Of course the damn box couldn’t have been hers, it was impossible, but did she really have to pull out a damn receipt on some fucking detective shit. A nigga was caught out there, bad thing was, I knew it too.

“Exactly…you know damn well this don’t belong to me, so don’t you dare try and play me like a fool Chris” she cut her eyes. I let out a slow deep breath as I continued cruised along the road hoping she’d drop it, but my heart was beating at a immense speed because I just knew the question that was about to pop up next….

“So who was it?” She asked the question I’d been dreaded her asking me. “Who else have you been fucking unprotected that you had to go get her the morning after pill Chris?” she questioned staring immensely into my visage. I briefly glanced in her direction and then quickly focused back onto the road ahead. Fuck! I came to an unwanted stop light; I licked my lips but said nothing after. “So are you gonna ignore me now?…Of course you are cause you caught. So typical!” she said as she threw the bag with the box at me, hitting me in the side of my head.

“What the fuck are you doing girl?” I raised my voice as I glared over at her; she glared back with the dirtiest look ever and then cocked her brow in a way that said 'try me, I dare you’. I kissed my teeth and then threw the box in the back seat of the car and pulled off from the stoplight. “Are we going to pick up Asia from Kyra’s crib or what?” I muttered in hopes to change the subject.

“Are you really gonna try and avoid this right now Chris?” she asked in disbelief

“What the fuck do you want me to say Jhene?!” I glanced at her.

“I want you to tell me who else you had sex with! Who did you fuck Christopher?!” She pushed on.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t speak, I just continued to drive. Truth was, I didn’t wanna tell her who because I was afraid of the outcome. I’d completely lose her again, and I know I said I was gonna tell her, but that was when I thought I was ready to face the consequence of the outcome. Right now I wasn’t ready. I’d just come out of a fucking jail cell and been presented with some bullshit ultimatum in regards to my freedom, I hadn’t prepared myself for this kind of scrutiny from her as well, not yet man. “Helloo? You can’t hear me now, I asked you a question Chris!”

“Can I drive please?!” I yelled back at her. I couldn’t focus with her loud ass talking in my ear right now.

“No! You can pull this motherfucker over right now that’s what you can do, cause we’re gonna discuss this!” she said angrily. I kissed my teeth and ignored her as I continued to drive along. If she thought I was pulling shit over she was mistaken. If I pulled over, I might not make it outta here alive. I knew too damn well how crazy her ass could get at times.
That’s when she completely lost it and leaned over trying to snatch the steering wheel from me.

The car suddenly swerved across the lane and I lost control and damn near nearly crashed into a passing driver. Loud horns began to siren furiously at the cause of my reckless driving “Are you fucking out of your mind Jhene, what the fuck are you doing?!” I shouted pushing her away so that I could gain back control of the car.

“PULL THE FUCK OVER!” she screamed at me. I quickly pulled the car over cutting off the ongoing cars behind me. People began blasting their horns at me in rage at my wreck less driving all because of her crazy ass. Before I even had the chance to say anything, Jhene leaned over me snatched my key outta the engine and then sat on top of them. “So?!” she exclaimed.

“So what Jhene?” I sighed exhaustedly resting my head on the rest.

“Are you gonna explain?” She pressed. Fuck she had my back up against the wall so far nothing made sense for me to tell her other than the truth, I really, truly had messed up. I stayed silent for another moment trying to figure out how to say it, which just added fuel to the fire. “I swear to God Chris, if you do not open your mouth and talk, I will walk out of this car right now and don’t even think about trying to speak to me again because I’ll be so done with you. I promise you I will” her voice wavered slightly. I looked over at her, and she looked me dead in the eyes letting me know she was dead serious.

I sighed again and looked down. “Baby I’m sorry…” I began, she breathed in deep through her nose and simultaneously closed her eyes. “It was a mistake”

“I don’t know why I was hoping you would tell me they had nothing to do with you” she said sadly.

“I’m sorry…”

“I can’t believe you Chris, I can not believe you…” She shook her head as she turned away from me and looked out of her window.

“Baby I messed up okay. It was the heat of the moment it weren’t even supposed to happen it just did”

“So that’s supposed to make it okay? You didn’t plan it opposed to you doing so, therefore I should be cool with it?”

“I didn’t say that-”

“Not only did you sleep with some random bitch” she cut me off, "You didn’t even have the decency to use protection with the hoe Chris, your fucking random hoes without even putting a condom on, what is wrong with you?!”

“She weren’t just some random hoe” I mumbled. Her head quickly snapped back in my direction.

“Whatchu mean she weren’t random? So you’ve been-” she paused for a second as a moment of realisation came to her. A moment as if everything suddenly made sense to her. “It was Jennifer…” she said knowingly. I put my head down silently admitting my fault. “Of course it was…” she breathed.

“It’s not what you think though Jhene, let me just explain first”

“I knew it. I fucking knew this shit was gonna happen again”


“I must be the biggest joke to you and her ever!”


“I can’t believe this shit. I really can’t believe I fell for this shit again” she said, there was a brief silence, then she began to laugh, but there wasn’t anything humorous in her tone. Instead it was one that made me feel very uneasy because I just knew the raft that was coming from her next.

“Jhene just let me just explain before you go off real quick aight-”

“Explain what? How you go back and forth between the both of us constantly?”


“Like what is it, do you come to me once your done with her or do I have the luxury of being first Chris?” she smart alecked.

I smacked my teeth and looked ahead “Man it’s not even like that” I mumbled under my breath. It weren’t like that at all, up until the other day I hadn’t slept with Jen in like 2-3 months. Matter fact since Jhene had been back I hadn’t touched another girl at all. It was only her I’d been with, but the other night, I’d admit I’d slipped up, I got caught up in Jens emotions but I was sorry for it. I meant that shit when I said I wanted to be with Jhene, honestly I did, everything I did and said to her last night, I meant with the bottom of my heart; I would never put myself out there like that if my feelings for her weren’t real, not ever.

Jhene scoffed “It’s exactly like that! I get you Saturday she has you Sunday. You’re disgusting! I can’t believe, I was stupid enough to believe you when you told me you and her don’t have anything going on anymore!”

“We don’t have anything-”

“Don’t fucking LIE Chris! Don’t lie!” she finally screamed on me.

“I’m not lying to you Jhene! How many times do I have to tell you me and her don’t have shit going on!” I yelled back at her.

“Soo…you don’t have shit going on with her anymore but you’re still fucking her. Is that what you’re saying to me?” she sassed. I kissed my teeth at her attitude. I hated that snarl shit she done when she was mad. I hated it! “Huh?!”

“No, because I ain’t fucking her, I fucked her, there’s a difference. It was only one time-”

“One time my ass!” she rudely cut me off again. I glared at her something nasty and gritted my teeth looking away. She was making me mad. Why couldn’t she just let me talk! I breathed in a deep breath trying to calm down. I hated when people done that cutting off shit and she always done it!

“Yes it was one time, I ain’t-” I began but once again her fucking loud ass cut me off before I could finish

“You’re a LIAR!” She yelled kicking the dashboard. “You’re a fucking bold face liar! All you do is Lie Chris! Damn I wish I listened to all my instincts and never got involved with you again! Everybody told me not to fuck with you again but did I listen? No-”

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET ME FUCKING TALK FOR MY DAMN SELF!” I finally yelled at her. I was angry now because she always did this shit, don’t fucking accuse me of something if you ain’t gonna let me explain my damn side! .She never let me finish talking and it was irritating as fuck!

“YOU ALWAYS THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, DAMN!.” I yelled. I looked at her and she just sat there with a pissed scowl on her face, she began bouncing her leg up and down as tears rolled from out of her eyes, but she said nothing. She didn’t even bother looking my way.

“You over here getting mad over the stupid ass fiction you creating in your head, making assumptions! so are you gonna let me explain the real or nah?” I asked her.

She stayed silent.


“Go on, explain Christopher…"she said in a cold tone as she wiped her tears away. Here she go with that Christopher shit. Damn now I knew she really was mad. I sighed in deeply before I begun. "Me and Jennifer don’t have anything going on anymore Jhene. I promise on my kids life I wasn’t lying when I told you that, and I wasn’t lying when I said that I wanted to make things work with you again, why the fuck would I lie about some shit like that?. I love you, I’m IN love with you, I wanna be with you Jhene and only you, you already know that. Your the only girl I’ve every felt like this for. The other night, I’ll admit I fucked up big time. She was all crying and I got caught up in her emotions and moved off of them instead of thinking about what I was doing and I’m sorry baby, from the bottom of my heart it shouldn’t of happened, believe me I wish it didn’t. And I was gonna tell you but then-”
I stopped mid sentence
“Are you even listening to me?” I asked finally looking at her. It didn’t seem as if she was listening at all. She just sat there a complete blank canvas looking out of her window. No emotion no nothing. I kissed my teeth “Man fuck this shit, you ain’t even listening to me” I shook my head. Here I was just wasting my damn time trying to explain to her what happened when she wasn’t even tryna hear me out. I laid my head back on the head rest and let out a long deep winded breath as we both just sat in complete silence in the car.

“…So what happens the next time she’s all emotional and crying in front of you again Chris?” She finally broke the silence between us and asked in a sad tone, she looked over at me hopelessly just as two tears rolled from out of her eyes. “Huh, what are you gonna do then, because this is the exact same reason you did this to me the last time” she said as she choked all the way up and began crying.

“Jhene please don’t cry man…” I pleaded with her that was the one thing I just couldn’t handle, when she cried man. I knew how she was and she didn’t just cry for any reason, it took a lot for her to let that emotion go so to know that I was the reason for her tears once again left me feeling like the biggest pile of shit ever. Why I could never just get shit right was beyond me. “Nae please” I begged her.

“Nae please what Chris! Do you think I like always crying over you? How much more do I have to go through with you and her?! If you can’t let her go then go and please be with her but just leave me out of this! Your just fucking with my feelings and it’s not fair!” She cried, she put her head in her hands and just broke down crying.
Couldn’t nothing in this moment possibly make me feel worse. I can’t lie, that shit broke my heart man, it’s one thing to see your girl cry but to know your solely the reason for her being hurt was even worse.

I unclipped my seat belt and pushed my seat back as far as it would go to give some room and then leaned over and undid her seat belt.

I lifted her up and then gradually pulled her across onto my lap where I just held her for a moment as she continued to cry and surprisingly she let me. I pushed my head into the crook of her neck. I felt her tense up harder. "Baby please, I promise you, you ain’t got anything to worry about, it was just a mistake I don’t want her, I want you, you know that” she pulled away from me sitting up. I sat there and stared at her as she looked everywhere but at me. I reached up and tried to wipe the rest of her tears away from her face but she pushed my hand away from her.

“I think you have commitment issues Chris” she said quietly after a few moments of silence, she wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and then climbed right back over to the passenger side. She was right, maybe I did have slight commitment issues, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying. God knows I was trying, I wanted to be the best man I could be for her I wanted to give her all she deserved from me but it was just hard at times with my situation. “Right now, you ain’t ready to be in this with me you can’t even fully commit to me so, imma just give you your space to do whatever you want to go and do" she concluded. That shit just got me heated.

“I don’t need space to do anything I wanna be committed to you… I am committed to you Jhene-”

“…Just not when it comes to Jennifer”

Damn. Shit. That was a low blow.

“That’s not true” I argued. She rolled her eyes at me.

“Yeah it is. Just face it; I’m never gonna be enough for you Chris. I wasn’t enough back then and I ain’t enough now. Your always gonna want a piece of her and I’m never gonna be cool with sharing you. You can’t have your cake and eat too Chris it don’t work like that so maybe you should go find a girl who doesn’t mind sharing, that way you’ll be able to keep your little 'thing’ going with Jennifer” she wiped her tears away

“What thing Jhene? Ain’t nothing going on with us damn! I can’t tell you enough it was a mistake! One little tiny mistake! It didn’t even mean shit to me; it was just sex that’s all nothing more to it, that’s why I fucking made her take that pill because I don’t want nothing more to do with her Jhene, I don’t love Jennifer I fucking love you!” I stressed

She shook her head just not believing me "I still think we need a break… some space from each other” she said lowly. I took a deep breath and shook my head, it’s like she hadn’t even heard what I’d just said to her. She’d made up her mind. When were women gonna realise saying that was like the biggest slap in a mans face. I didn’t need to be given any damn space when I knew where I wanted to be at.

“Word…so you want a break now Jhene?” I asked looking over at her kinda upset “that’s how it is?”

“Mmhm” she sniffled slightly as she looked down. I tightened my jaw.

“We just came off of a fucking break how many damn breaks do you really need to be satisfied huh?” I almost yelled at her

“I wouldn’t need a break from you if you hadn’t gone and fucked somebody else Chris” said lowly, her voice trembling.

“Yeah whatever Jhene” I turned my head and looked back out of the window at the passing traffic “Maybe you should just go back to the nigga whose breaking his foot in your ass since you love being on breaks so much” I mumbled childishly.

“What was that?” Jhene asked with her eyes on me

“You heard what I said…”

“No I really didn’t”

“I said maybe you should go back to the nigga whose breaking his foot off in your ass then since you love being on breaks so damn much!”

She shook her head in disbelief. “Yeah well maybe you should go back to Jennifer then since she has no problem sharing you with other bitches and you have no problem sticking your dick in multiple bitches!”

“Yeah well I might just go do that then, fuck all the bitches I wanna. I’m probably better off with her than you anyway!” I spat right back at her. “At least I won’t have to worry about facing fucking prison time again because she went running her mouth to a nigga and got her ass beat because of it”

Jhene laughed briefly “Picture you now throwing shit back in my face because you decided to go cheat and got caught, your un-fucking-believable!”

“Whatever Jhene, I didn’t fucking cheat on you no matter how hard you try and make it seem that way; yes I fucked her but I never cheated on your ass. In case you’ve forgotten we ain’t even really together Jhene so how the fuck is it cheating when you ain’t even my girl!” I yelled at her. “If anyone should be mad it should be Jennifer since she’s my actual girl not you!”


The silence that followed soon after had me mentally kicking myself. The moment I even opened my mouth and said what I did, I knew I was about to regret it for a very long time after. Jhene just stared at me but it was more than just the shock of what I’d gone and said in her eyes. It was hurt. Although what I’d said may have been somewhat true, my words had hurt her.

“Okay…” she quietly replied as she slowly nodded her head and her eyes began to fill over with tears “You’re right"

“Jhene you know I never meant it like that-” I tried to justify but she waved her hand quickly silencing me, she didn’t want to hear it.

“No you’re completely right” she mumbled attempting to open the locked car door. She lifted up and then chucked my keys from underneath her into my lap “…Let me out of the car please”

“Baby please-“

"LET ME OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR!” she finally snapped, I sighed in deep regret and then reluctantly pushed the key into the ignition for the doors to unlock. She got out immediately and slammed it shut before I could say anything. I watched as she began making her way down the street opposite to where we were going. She had no bag, no money, no car keys, no nothing on her. I thought about turning the car around and going after her but what good would that make? She weren’t gonna wanna hear anything I had to say, not right now anyway. I sighed deeply and rubbed my hands over my face before dropping them in my lap.

As if my life couldn’t get any fucking worst right now
I just went and fucked shit up even more! .

Do you believe in magic?

I had to, ok, I’m sorry


She is furious. Furious with this town, with Elsa and her giant evil snow man, with this whole saviour ordeal and- god, she’s feeling too
much, the disappointment of Killian missing their first date too strong, a ball of sadness lodging itself in her throat and making it hard to
breathe. She thought this was different-she thought he was different.

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Happiness? I Do: Chapter 16

TITLE OF STORY: Happiness? I Do.


AUTHOR: winterheart17


STORY GENRE: Romance, Drama, Erotica

STORY SUMMARY: Everyone knows the making of a happy ending.  It starts with ‘hello’ and it ends with ‘I do’.  Or does it? What happens in between?  What happens after?  When Tom and Wednesday said ‘I do’, they believed it was their happy ending.  But 3 years down the road, everything has fallen apart.  That’s when they learn that ‘I do’ encompasses a lot of things, that marriage is hard work and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can make it till the end.  Now both of them have to ask themselves if it is worth it to hold on or is it time to let go?


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: I’m pretty sure that with this chapter, I’m going to get a lot of people throwing shoes at my head.  Hard.  But Daniel does make an appearance again, so…yay? Hehe!  

FEEDBACK: Thank you all so much for reading and for the love <3 It would be really amazing if I could hear what you guys think as this always pushes me to write more! <3 Thank you!

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5

Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Chapter 10

Chapter 11   Chapter 12   Chapter 13   Chapter 14   Chapter 15

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The Gentle Aftermath (If It Can Be Broken)

AN: A drabble that I wrote ages ago, after watching “Quiet Minds”. Spoilers for that episode. Kind of like a missing scene. Slight angst, monkey jokes, and a little symbolism, I think. I just wanted a small moment between them…


Home is where your heart is set in stone. It’s where you go when you’re alone, it’s where you go to rest your bones. — Home, Gabrielle Aplin

“You alright there, Swan?”

Gentle was never a perfect adjective to describe the dread pirate—he’s got a hook for a hand, for godssakes—but Emma Swan could have sworn there was just that, teeny tiny spot of soft in the way his question was whisked away by the light snow, she almost didn’t hear it.

It irks her more than she cares to admit.

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The Stormfly: Part II

meeserule asked for this.  And it needed to happen anyway, Part I can be found here, if you’re in need of some superhero Astrid

Part II

“I’ve done it,” Hiccup drops a thick stack of papers on Astrid’s desk, grinning broadly and crossing his arms. 

 “You’ve done what?”

 “It has only taken me three months, but I found her.  It’s real this time, I actually found her.”  

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The Portrait Creator

Modern World 101 for pirates 
Also on FF.net

Despite her grumbling and constant jabs Emma secretly loved the fact that Killian had gotten close to her father. She thought they could both use a friend and each had proven himself perfect for the role.

That did not mean that she was immune to bounds of jealousy.

“Do you ever get a little…” Emma trailed off, losing her nerve as Snow lifted her gaze from her brother’s sleeping form and looked at her expectantly.

“A little…?” prompted her mother after a few seconds of silence.

“No, nothing. Forget it!” she waved her hand, focusing on her fries again.

“Sweetie, you can ask me anything,” pressed her mother, giving her a gentle smile and waiting patiently.

Emma let out a sigh. She loved her mother even if she pushed a little too hard sometimes. But considering that she couldn’t discuss this with either Killian or David, she might as well make use of her willingness to listen.

Even when Emma was being absolutely ridiculous.

“Well,” she got two fries on her fork and started swirling them around in her ketchup just so that she didn’t have to look at the brunette while embarrassing herself. “You know how David and Killian are really close?”

The sheriff glanced up to find her mother giving her a small nod and keeping her face neutral, even though it looked like that was costing her a bit of an effort.

“And I’m really glad, don’t get me wrong!” hurried on Emma before shifting her attention back to the mess of ketchup and potato she had made. “But… sometimes… they seem really close, you know?”

Snow furrowed her eyebrows and Emma hurried on to explain, embarrassment already painted all over her cheeks.

“I don’t mean like… close close. You know, like… Oh God,” she buried her head in her hand, groaning in mortification and wishing more than anything that she could just erase the last five minutes. “I mean like sharing things with each other that they don’t share with anybody else. Even…  us… you know?”

Thankfully, her mother looked more amused than anything else, her eyes flashing with concealed laugher.

“Emma, are you asking me if I get jealous of Killian?”

Emma groaned again, rolling her eyes and stuffing her mouth aggressively.

“Fine!” she exclaimed, half-chewed fries almost flying all over the table as she grumbled and glared at her mother. “Just forget it!”

“Because if you are,” continued Snow as if she hadn’t even spoken. “The answer is Hell yes!”

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