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Angst AU where Tsuna's s/o leaves a couple day before he's about to propose, leading him on a 3 year scavenger hunt, the only reason how he was able to get caught up to them is because she accidentally picked up a phone call from him while they were half asleep.

He’s pissed and hurt and he doesn’t understand and why don’t you love him? Why did you leave him like that? He was ready to marry you, to let you be his everything and you fucking left him. He searched and searched and he got fucking nowhere. All this power and he couldn’t find you.

It was luck. Luck that he was missing you so bad he called you to hear your voicemail. But your stupid self picked up. And you were groggy from lack of sleep and answered most of the questions he threw at you. And he found out where you were. And he fucking ran. He used everything he had to get a flight to the country you were in and get to your location. He had to get there before you moved. He had to see you again. If he lost you now, you’d be gone forever, he was sure of it.

So he burst into the room of the shabby motel you were laying low in, and he almost cried when he saw your face again. He grabbed you before you could run, and he asked you a million questions while you struggled. Why did you leave? Where have you been? Did you know I love you? I missed you so much. I missed you. Why’d you leave? I was going to marry you. Didn’t you want me?

And he’s almost crying but he refuses. He refuses to cry in front of you, he’s not dame-Tsuna anymore. He just won’t. But he wants to.

You better give him a damn good reason. If you still want to be with him, he will hold you tight and never let you go. He will watch you much closer than before, even putting trackers in your phones and cameras around your shared house. He doesn’t trust you not to run off on him again.

If you say no, I don’t want you, let me go, he gets angry. He gets defensive. I gave you everything. I loved you and fed you and housed you and was only ever nice. I loved you. Why don’t you want me? What’s your fucking problem?

But he lets you go. He storms out of that shitty motel and makes some remark about hoping you enjoy your bedbugs and leaves. He doesn’t need you anymore. Fuck you. If you didn’t love him, whatever. He could have any woman he wanted. He didn’t need you.

He had to pick up his feet rather than scuff along under the weight in his arms, which only exacerbated the full-bodied weariness that he felt. But it was better to walk smoothly than risk jostling her.

Slate’s expression hadn’t changed since he’d tracked the pair of White Mantle through the woods and found their camp. And the young woman they’d bound to a tree.

It’d been only a moment’s work to take care of the cultists, even if he did sorely miss his hunting knife, and to untie the girl that’d burst into tears the moment he’d picked her up. Her ankles and feet were so lacerated that she couldn’t walk on her own, and Slate was still not able to talk easily. So he didn’t bother explaining why he was carrying her.

Halfway out of the woods, she’d begun kissing the stiff leather mask while sobbing, trying to move his hat to stroke his hair. It’d forced him to stop and put her down on a log, keep distance between them and repeatedly catch her hands while shaking his head before she relented. The puppy dog eyes she’d given him while he tended to her wounded feet would have, at any other time, made Slate feel dreadful.

As it was, all he felt was numb.

The pain killers that the pretty little medic had given him to take for his face had put the girl right to sleep, her head heavy on his shoulder. It was a fair trade-off for the aching arms and back, not having to keep her from trying to kiss him.

And fortunately, it wasn’t too far to the Lyssa gate. He’d walked further carrying more weight before. A full-sized buck was a hell of a lot heavier than a woman, even dressed and prepped.

But by the time he reached the gate, Slate was all too eager to hand her over to the nearest Seraph and write out a brief explanation on the handful of parchment he’d stuffed in his coat pocket at Bradley Holt’s office. It reminded him too strongly of other women he’d carried.

Of his failed marriages.

Of the fact that he would eventually return to his family’s homestead and hear no laughter, see no children and have to face the master bedroom alone.

He didn’t pause to rest when the woman was taken away for proper medical care, but shouldered his bow and headed back out, angling for the cliffs and the denser forest.

It was inevitable, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t put it off.

Holidays pt5

Jack and Judy were standing in a hallway far enough that Nick and her parents could hear.
Judy: “ So what did you want to talk about?” Jack puts his paw on her shoulder
Jack: “ Jude-bug… Is he making you do this? is he threatening you or something?” Judy pushed his paw off she was getting annoyed with everyone harping on Nick.
Judy: “ what?! No of course not hes not like other predators hes sweet,funny,clever a real pain at times. I know he would never hurt me!”
Jack: “ I cant believe out of all people you choose the one animal that hunts us! that should be us! what did city life do to you?”
Judy was getting really annoyed with Jack, thinking he knows whats best

Judy: “ This is why i broke up you!  you were always trying to control my life Now if you excuse me.”
she stormed out mean while Betty Judys mom was cleaning up Nick picked up the plates and handed them to her Nick could feel the glares Judys old man was giving him.
Betty: “ Oh …um thank you…” she said awkwardly he gave her  a small smile wondering what was taking Judy so long
Betty: Nick? how did you and Judy meet exactly? were you always a cop?” she asked as she cleaned the dishes Nick looked back at Betty

Nick: “The first time we meet?” he thought back how he tricked her into buying a Jumbo Popsicle that he used in a scam.

Nick: Was i always a cop? No i was a …. business man in sales.” he said promptly.
Phil: “ How manny times have you sleep with my daughter ?” he asked as he glared at nick
Betty: “Phil!” his wife exclaimed
Nick: …. ( internal scream)

Phil: what, no one else was going ask well did you?” Nick stumbled backwards bumping into a char at the Bunnys question luckily Judy arrived  saving Nick.

Judy: Nick can you help me out back?” Nick leaped at the opportunity to get away from her parents.

Nick: “ Yes! sure thing carrots i would love to help you out back!” as he lead her towards the door.

when they were out side Nick looked at Judy with a serious face
Nick: “ Never leave me alone with your parents again!”
Judy: “ Why, what did they do?”
Nick: “ he asked how many times we had sex

Judy: And what did you tell them?” she asked in a worried tone
Nick: Nothing! i would have been happy with uncomfortable silences.so what did your ex want to talk about?“

Judy : Groaned “ nothing of importance trust me”  they sat down on the back porch and watched the sunset. “ sorry about my parents.”
Nick: I dont blame them .” He said keeping his eyes on the view
“I never knew how beautiful the sunset was here?”

Nick said in amazement as he scooted his paw closer to Judy’s so now they were touching. But there nice moment was soon ruined by about 20 of her siblings tackling Nick to the ground which made Judy laugh.
Nick:” Oh no you got me, I’m down !” Nick said overly dramatic  which made the young Bunnys laugh
Judy:Ok guy funs over its time to get ready for bed” they all whined even Nick
“I wasnt talking about you.”
her brother and sisters went back inside the house and Judy helped Nick up and gave him a kiss on the cheek “ Goodnight dumb Fox” which made him blush and she went inside
Nick: “Night sly bunny” he said looking back

Jack: “ I don’t know what you did to my Jude-bug Fox but im going to find out.”
Nick: “ Im going to stop you right there, shes not your anything and if i hear that you keep bugging her then your going to deal with me!”

Jack: “ Im not afraid of you besides you cant touch me.”
Nick: he gave his con man smirk “ NO i cant touch her family you are just a creep that wont leave her alone its called a loop hole. Now if you excuse me my fiance is waiting for me.”   he walks past the rabbit grinning 

Jack:” i could call the police.”

Nick:” I am the police.”