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I get a ton of messages basically asking the same question: How do I make myself the best applicant to medical school I can be?

1. Most imporantly: Do everything in your power to be a well rounded applicant
- Pick a major your interested, does NOT have to be a science major!

– Just because you want to be a doctor or work in healthcare doesn’t mean only science topics interest you! You can be an art major and still take all the courses required for premed. Ex. I did anthropology and Psychology, I have premed friend who were engineering and music majors. 

- Volunteer in the community with organizations that you are passionate about, NOT just ones that look good on an application

– These should be diverse but should be things you are passionate about, if you get more out of planting trees than volunteering in a hospital gift shop, thats okay! Volunteer in different groups and organizations, some should be medically related but they don’t all have to be! Showing a commitment to life long service doesn’t just mean in medicine. 

- Shadow: different fields of medicine and not just doctors, look into dentistry, nursing, psychology, social work –> figure out what type of healthcare provider you want to be. Contacting people may seem scary but it never hurts to ask, look for positions available, write them an email talking about the strengths and skills you have, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience but you can still be a fast learner and hard worker! 

- Research: if this seems boring to you, find someone researching something you’re interested in so you will actually enjoy it! I appreciated the results of research but always thought working in it would be boring and it was just another thing I had to do to put on my application. I was very WRONG! I found something lab researching a topic I was interested and it consumed me, I now have a greater understanding research and how fun it can be exploring a hypothesis! 

- Extracurricular: again do what your are passionate about, everything does not have to be about medicine, different life experiences teach you different life lessons. I learned different things from being VP of my Doctor Who club vs.  in my medical internship vs. being a ski instructor! 

- Study hard: create study groups, find tutors or be a tutor! If you are struggling in a class, study groups are shown to be a very effective way of studying, or spend the money on getting a tutor because it will be worth it in the end. When you are struggling in a class, especially a premed class, it can be a good time to reflect on whether this is a career for you. Being a doctor means a lifetime of learning, school, and tests. Seriously look into other career you might be interested in, its okay to change your mind about medical school, there are other careers in medicine, or other professions you might enjoy more. Everything in life takes hard work, its finding what you can endlessly work hard for. General Chemistry made me seriously look at whether of not this was the right path for me. After some serious self reflection, there was nothing else I could work this hard for. 

- Time management: Managing work, school, social life and everything else can be hard, don’t take on too much, figure out your limits, remember to ask for help when you need it and to take care of yourself. If you push yourself too hard you will break, we are not invincible. Its okay to say no, to take time for yourself!

Keep a detailed resume of all your actives, exact dates of when they started and ended, who to contact about them and a detailed summary of what you did and what you learned form your experiences! This will help you immensely when filling out your AMCAS 

If your application isn’t perfect or not very well rounded (lacking in areas), I highly recommend taking time off to fill those gaps. The biggest reason people who apply straight out of college don’t get in, even with great applications is maturity level. You may think, I am adult, I am mature! But just because you can act professionally doesn’t mean you are mature. The maturity they are looking for is achieved through life experiences. Many college kids really haven’t had much life experiences other that college, what adversities have you overcome, do you even really know who you are yet outside of your college experience. 

I have take two years off, even though I had a pretty good application before, it has only become stronger and I have lived life, I thought I knew who I was before but I really had explored that until I was out of college on my own.   

Optional: Take time off before applying (Recommended)
- Gaining more life experiences: Maybe move to a new place or Travel 

- Get a Masters Degree: this can help boost your GPA if it is not competitive 

- Work: doesn’t have to be in medicine but if you lack hand-on patient experiences than this is great opportunity to chance that! If you have never worked a job, than I highly recommend taking time off and working for a living to experience what its like to pay your own bills

- Learn about who you are: this will help you appear more mature when interviewing and make you more confident 

The Process of Applying 

- Competitive MCAT Score: you don’t have to pay for a course, do what works best for you. I believe the examkracker books were most helpful, Kaplan tend to have the hardest BS and PS practice test but Examkrackers is the best for VR. If you don’t do well the first time, figure out what went wrong and retake it! Learn from this experience because your future in medicine will require many more standardized tests so figuring out how to best prepare for them now will help you in the future! 

- Picking Medical Schools: pick 15 schools, have a few reach schools and a few back up school and then the rest ones you can reasonably get into. Take into account their curriculums, locations and if you are thinking about a competitive speciality look at the what residencies their students are matching! If you are interested in research, or rural care, looks at schools that over special programs for these paths. 

- Letters of Rec/Committee Letter: hopefully in college you made meaningful relationships with professors you had (you should definitely do this!), you will need a science class professor letter of rec, if you did research you will need one from your PI, if you worked with a doctor for an extended period ask them to write you one or if you worked with a volunteer organization for a long period.  Write them a nice letter in why you are asking them, provide them with your resume and all the information they need to know as well as where to send it to. Its okay to send emails reminding them to write it, they are busy people and reminding them shows it is important to you. Also figure out if your school offers a committee letter and be diligent about keeping up on every thing you need to do for it. 

Primary Application AMCAS

- Personal statement- make it personal, talk about experiences that have lead you hear today, but most importantly what you learned from them. This is about you, WHY YOU? vs. everybody else who is applying. This is a Persuasive essay! 

- Academic Record- make sure to request you transcripts to be sent as soon as possible so AMCAS can verify them quickly 

- 15 Activities - out of everything you have done you have to pick the 15 most important activities you have done and briefly talk about them. Then you get to pick three that were most important 


- Strong Essays- These are your chance to show again why you!? highlight your strengths when you can, make sure they are concise and well written free of grammatical errors. Ask friends to read them over for you. 

- Resume - Remember that detailed resume I told you to about keeping! Many schools allow you to upload addition documents like a resume! Now beyond your 15 they have a list of all the actives you have ever done and what you have learned from them! 

- Headshot- passport photo size, 2 x 2 inches. Dress profession, SMILE, only should show show just below the shoulder and up. Remember this is their first glimpse of you, putting the face together with your application! 

- Research abstract - if you did research, make sure to have a document with just your abstract to upload if the offer additional documents area. 


1. Practice - Practice answering interview questions, use examples, highlight your strengths! Try limiting your answer to two to 3 minute: look up “Elevator Speech” - pitch to the ceo a great idea on an elevator ride of only 4 floors! 

2. Reading - the more you read the smarter you are! Reads books about doctors and their experiences, how to apply to medical school, affordable healthcare act, current events, current events in medicine, NIH, read papers on tough ethical topics, read papers published by people from that school, read everything you can on their schools website! Schedule a mock interview, video record yourself answering questions. 

3. What to wear -
Females - professional fitted pants suit or suit with skirt no more than an inch about knees with skin tone matching stockings. flats or heels no more than 2 inches high, make sure you can walk all day in them. simple jewelry, studs and a necklace, no more than one ring on each hang. nothing big and distracting. suite should be black, navy, or gray. Blouse or profession top not showing cleavage. If you hair is long wear it back. Make up, light. You don’t want anything distracting from what you’re saying!
Males- Well fitted suit, tie (safer) or bow-tie, pick a professional one that is not busy looking or distracting. Suit color: black, navy or gray. business professional shoes. Belt and shoe color must match. 

Don’t wear fragrances (but wear deodorant!), bring a briefcase or similar size professional purse or professional folder (just need something to hold business cards and papers). Look well manicured make sure nails are trimmed and neutral colors only. 

Remember to be professional, have a firm handshake, ask them for their business card at the end to write them a handwritten thank you letter. Sit up straight, smile, be you, and don’t forget its a conversation so don’t be over rehearse your answers. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say “I honestly don’t know the answer to that”. Come up with a list of your 3 strengths and weakness and examples of each as well as what you are doing to work on your weaknesses. 

Good luck! One day your hard work will pay off, there will be bumps along the way but each one will teach you something and bring you closer to your dream of going to medical school! 

yuri-on-a-messenger  asked:

Request? I hope you don't mind, can we do one for the boys and jaehee (duh) Reacting to mc singing in the shower? ps. i love your hcs that i have read. KEEP GOING THEY ARE GREAT!

Of course I don´t mind (*^▽^*) And by the way I think duh is one of the best words ever (*≧▽≦)
So here you go (/^▽^)/


° most of the time it was really nice living together, but sometime it wasn´t

° you alwys took your showers in the evening too lazy to use a hairdryer

° but as a Student Yoosung was home most of the time

° which meant that you couldn´t work on your singing-carreer under the shower

° yes, he played LOLOL, but without headphones in case you needed him

° buuut MC here, is a sneaky person so what to give him on his birthday?

° right: new headphones

° and these he had to try out immediatlely

° aka, your chance to shower without him listening

° as soon as the hot water started to pour you started singing

° and since you were sure he couldn´t hear you you went full voice with the next song

° resulting in you almost screaming Come as You are by Nirvana

° I love Nirvana XD

° you blended everything out while singing so you almost fell in the shower when you heard clapping from outside

° “MC, that was great, you should keep singing.”

° “Yoosung get the hell out of the bathroom!!”

° why, Yoosung, why?

° dammit, he heard

° now you were too embarassed to step out of the room for the next 20 minutes

° when you finally did you hoped that he wouldn´t speak up to you about it

° but we all know Yoosung….

° “Hey MC, you´re a great singer.Why don´t you try working with Zen on Musicals?”

° “Yoosung, let´s not talk about this again. EVER!”

° “But MC-”

° “EVER!!”

° and he was frightend for life <3

_Jaehee_ (because duh)

° she was usually working when you took a shower

° well, when wasn´t she working??

° but whatever

° so you could sing to your heart´s desire and as loud as you wanted to

° unfortunately for you, one day Jumin decided to let Jaehee go home earlier

° she wanted to interfer with a cat project again

° but to suprise you she neither called or texted you in advance

° you, knowing nothing of course, went to step into the shower as you always did

°  you voice echoed a bit in the room, which you thought was just perfect for singing ballads

° and you often did

° Jaehee opened the front door right as you started with your awesome opera-solo of Bohemian Rhapsody

° the thing is, it was recorded with at least four seperate persons so singing it all by yourself may sounded a little different than the original

° hands up who tries it anyways

° nevertheless personally you thought it sounded great

° but maybe someone didn´t Jaehee

° “MC, would you mind not being that loud and come out of the shower!”

° shit, why is she home already??

° “Okay, I´m comming!”

° you got out of the shower and dried yourself as quick as you could and went in the livingroom to meet Jaehee

° “Hey, you home already?”

° “I am. You know, I don´t mind if you sing in the shower, but please don´t sing Things for four voices. Alone.”

° you kind of understood what she meant …

° but anyways as you understood, you could Keep on singing songs for a single Interpreter

° and of course this wasn´t the last time she caught you singing Bohemian Rhapsody

° but hey, you got better each time


° if there is a king in singing under the shower, it would probably be Zen

° he was loud, but he also sang very well so you didn´t have a problem with it

° so you were a bit embarrased to sing when you knew he could hear it

° you thought your singing skills were pretty ordinary, so that wasn´t the Problem here

° his skills were miles beyond average, meaning compared to him almost everyone was bad

° that´s why you were to shy to sing around him, the fear of disapproval

° so you reduced your singing-time to the moments he was away

° that means Performances, where you didn´t watch in the audience and rehersals

° sounds like a lot of time and let me tell you, you´re right

° it was a happy coexistance between your skills and his

° you were happy, he was unknowing

° so what could possibly go wrong??

° a cancelled rehersal of Course

° you stepped into the shower and felt relaxed the moment the water hit your skin

° in the state of pure happines, you wanted to express this with singing

° so you just did

° you felt free when you sang and let the water wash away all of your thoughts

° but since you tended to be quite….loud while singing you didn´t notice the door opening

° you screamed as the shower curtains opened

° a very naked Zen stepped in to join you

° “Z-Zen, what are you doing her? And why are you in here!”

° “I heard you sing so I wanted to participate too.”

° by now your head was bright red, not only were you naked but he also heard you sing, obviously

° “Still, please get out of here.”

° Zen was probably the only Person who Comes into the shower when there is someone singing

° to say you were embarassed was by far an Understatement

° after that incident he came home early suprisingly often

° and you got afraid of showering and built in a doorlock

° true love <3


° oh my god, he had one of a luxury bahroom

° seriously, you wouldn´t have been suprised is there was a Karaoke-System installed

° that would be awesome by the way

° you always took your time showering and enjoyed the Luxus

° one time you even tried to bring Elisabeth too, but cats and water on´t mix that well…

° no, rly MC?

° anyway, having such a nice bath , it would be a waste not singing in there

° it was a natural Thing after all

° maybe there wasn´t a karaoke-system installed, but a sound system wich you could connect with your phone

° so there was always music playing when you used the shower

° sometimes the real thing sometimes Karaoke

° but as much as you loved singing, you also were scarred that Jumin could find out about it

° in School you were bullied because of your voice, although it wasn´t bad

° they were all jelaous

° it resulted in a Trauma of yours, which kicked in whenever you knew someone heard your voice

° Kids in School are the most evil human beings out there..

° one day, you just started your shower-playlist, Jumin came woke up from the nap he took and to his suprise you weren´t where he last saw you

° he panicked

° but Elisabeth was kindly enough to sit ifront of the bathroom and listen to your singing

° aren´t cats great?

° he heard water and was relived you didn´t left him (for what reason whatsoever)

° but then he herd another Sound, it was……singing?

° on second thought it was really beautiful singing

° he recogniced your voiced, but didn´t fel the need to Interrupt you

° you inished your shower and got out of the room, only wearing a twle around your head and one around your chest

° “Jumin, why are you sitting infront of the bathroom?”

° “I heard you singing and before I realiced it I sat down infront of the door and listened.”

° you felt the Panic rush in your head and your vison started to get blurry, follwed by heav breathing

° “MC, is something wrong with you? Aren´t you Feeling well?”

° “I´m fine. I´m just not good with People Hearing me sing.”

° he was worried, so hadn´t any other choice than telling hi the whole Story..

° he was very caring and Held you tight till you felt better

° despite you being still afraid of being heard, those bastards from your old School somehow landed on YouTube, with the most aweful singing-video of all time


° he was always at home

° so it was hard to get a Moment of peace under the shower

° you also weren´t quite sure he hadn´t put CTV and voice Recorders everywhere in his house

° or worse, someone else put cameras and microphones everywhere in his house

° finally! the day you waited for for sol Long came around

° Seven and Saeran went out Shopping for clothes and ice cream

° and we all know Seven probably takes his sweet time doing so

° that meant you had to use your alone-time in the best way possible

° so it was Netflix and a good Long shower for you

° and yes, in that order

° after some nice movies you turned off the TV and went into the shower

° you turned up the Radio and simply enjoyed the sounds of water and Music

° soon you couldn´t resist anymore and sang along

° the louder the better, right?

° well, your suspection was partly right

° there were Sound Recorders and cameras but they only activated when a certain Level of volume was reached

° apparently you were so loud that you crossed this Level

° so Seven got a message on his phone, informing him that the noise Level in his house was above the line

° he was afraid you fell or somthing broke or worse, there was a robbery

°  he didn´t Panic but felt a Little uneasy, so he checked the CCTV

° when he saw you singing under the shower he did two Things

° first: stopping his nosebleed, which was a reaction to your naked Body

° second: turning up the volume so he could hear you sing

° damm, you were good, so good your voice deserved to e on YouTube

° but he couldn´t just put a Video online where you sang naked in the shower

° so he turned on the Speakers and spoke to you

° “Hey Babe! Can you sing again when I´m home so that I can upload itlater?”

° you screamed, loud, very loud

° “Relax MC, I´m speaking through the Speaker up to your right.”

° “What the heck did you think, scarring me like that??!!”

° after all the time living together you weren´t embarassed anymore, far worse happend by now anyway

° you were angry

° when they got home,Saeran hurried in his room as fast as he could

° you decided to have a … talk with Seven

° don´t ask me where you learned that but he ended up tied to a chair infont of an open back of Honey Buddah Chips

° what a torture…., but brilliant


° since his eyesight was rather bad, but his Hearing was better than anyones

° the TV was always quiet, so was the Radio

° you couldn´t be loud in the house and not even curse without him knowing

° so singing in the shower was off-Limit

° he would hear you and that was embarassing, too embarassing for you

° you were a very sensible Person and not very self-confident to begin with

° it was a nice Change, when V went out with Jumin to an old class-meeting

° do´n´t get me wrong, you loved him dearly and enjoyed every Moment you could spend with him

° but it felt good being able to turn up the volume for once

° you danced through the house and sweated so much you had to take a shower afterwards

° in the shower you didn´t stop being noisy

° you sang all of your favourite Songs again and again

° and probably wasted a lot of water

° nevertheless, even if you didn´t notice, V came back

° you were still in the shower, singing nonstop and very loud

° of Course he heard

° “MC, are you in there?”    

° no answer

° “MC, can you hear me!?”

° he screamed, and it suprised you to the Point you fell and landed right on your butt

° gotta love the booty XD

° “V, you´re already back. Sorry if I was to loud.”

° you apologiced but it seemed he wasn´t angry this time

° “MC, I never knew you were such a brilliant singer. from know on, please sing to your hearts desire.”

° this was an offer you just couldn´t refuse

° the house became more lively after that, now filled with the Sound of your voice


° he was the Queen of grumpy cats

° so on his bad days nothing could satisfy his will

° you got him ice cream, it was the wrong brand

° you made him his favourite Food, unfortunately his diet started today

° you were sick of himbeing like this

° but deep down you knew he couldn´t be blamed for his mood

° to calm down, you went to take a Long shower

° it cleared your head and you felt at ease like this

° soon you started humming some old children-songs and before Long you started singing too

° you didn´t know why it were children-songs, they just popped into your mind

° you dried yourself off and went back to look what Saeran was doing

° when you tried to open the door there was a resistance, preventing you from stepping outside

° “ Saeran, why are you blocking the door?”

° “Keep singing.”

° woah, did he Sound less grumpy than before??

° “Eh.. sure, but could you let me out first?”

° he did and you had to spend the rest of your day singing Songs to Saeran

° a happy ending? maybe for him but not for your voice…

Again, I have to apologize for taking this long. I lost all my editing on the text 3 times already… I think I´m going to try it again later….because itá already 11PM 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Anyway, I hope you liked it and it didn´t turn out that badly (*^▽^*)

A Pondering of the Canaries Episode...

So, I’ve been thinking…

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Now, where was I? 

Oh yeah, thinking. 

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