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nicknames: Clay

gender: Female

star sign: Cancer

height: 5′4 ft

time right now: just turned 2 AM

last thing i googled: Cherik 

favourite bands: If I list everything, this will take too long so just NCT, Block B and BTS because it’s what I listen to mostly these days 

favourite solo artists: Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds, Lu Han

song stuck in my head: Lifeboat from Heathers the Musical

last movie i watched: Eloise

last tv show i watched: Stalked: Someone’s Watching

when did you create your blog: October 2016

what stuff do you post: Mostly Dong Sicheng because I’m whipped like Taeyong, my drawings and some prompts here and there

when did your blog reach its peak: I don’t really think I’m here for that though

do you have any other blogs: Used to but I deleted it already

do you get asks regularly: Nope~

why did you choose your url: It’s a combination of the nickname Clay (from Chleo) and Eldritch. I like things that are a bit too dark sometimes.

following: 17

posts: 873

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

pokemon team: I don’t play Pokemon Go

favourite colours: yellow

average hours of sleep:  3-5 on good days because I’m an insomniac 

lucky numbers: 7 and 17

favourite characters: i really have too much and i can’t list them

what are you wearing right now: a shirt and shorts

how many blankets do you sleep with: I have a thin blanket

dream job: A painter and a writer. It’s always these and they can’t be separated.

dream trip: I want to travel the world 

tag 20 2 blog you want to know better: @halcyonwhispers and @nct7thsense (BECAUSE I’M TOO SHY OF A PERSON TO TAG MORE) 

The time a coworker stole my tip.

(warning: long story)

The coworker in question was a pain in the ass, but she was a decent server and she did her sidework, so what evs.

So this girl wanted to leave early one night. She had one table left and asked me to take them because they would be camping out for a while. I too had one table left that was just finishing up. So I said I’d take them if she didn’t cash them out first. I wasn’t going to stay on the clock to make zero extra dollars and clean her section. She threw an absolute fit but eventually transferred the table.

Now I don’t know why she transferred them because she stayed the whole time they were there. She walked around the whole restaurant and bar, trashing me to anyone who would listen. When it came time to cash them out she went to the table and said something to them while I was running their cards and making change. Fuckin A.

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Honestly? I’m sick of the “Victor is actually evil!”, “Victor just wants to use Yuuri!”, “Victor only cares for himself and will betray Yuuri!“ theories.

Why? Because they’re BS. I have multiple reasons to think so (listed at the bottom of the post), but first, tell me:

Is this

the face










And see, I get it. Victor is one huge mystery, we barely know anything about him and so far he’s looking suspiciously one-dimensional. And see, I’ve seen those screenshots of Victor saying “of course” with that solemn expression, and I’ve seen that glare when he’s watching Yuuri’s video at his own home. I’ve seen all of it and I disagree.

Not because of ships or favorite characters or whatever, but for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, it’s so easy to take that “of course” out of context. Because did you listen to his voice when he said that? Did you hear what came next? He spoke in a reassuring tone, and his words sounded sincere. I think the expression is only there to show how genuinely serious he is about everything, not to make you think that he doesn’t give a shit about Yuuri. I think it’s there to contrast with his silly expressions to show that he cares even when he’s not just messing around and being funny.

And here you could say “Well yeah, but then if he’s not doing all of this for himself then why does he even bother with Yuuri? It’s obvious that he’s not unconditionally helping him out.” Yeah, and he isn’t. He’s there to find inspiration and he hopes that the change of surroundings and Yuuri himself will offer him that. Is that considered using Yuuri? I wouldn’t say so because Yuuri uses him even more, by that definition - he asks him for advice and guidance and wants to keep him in Japan for his own gain. But they’re willing to work together. You know what helping each other out to achieve different goals is called? Cooperation.

And you could still argue that “Oh, but that doesn’t explain everything, I mean Victor also-” Yes, it doesn’t. But it doesn’t need to explain everything. Let’s zoom out from the story for a moment and look at the bigger picture. Let’s start with the ending. See the grooming? The shower scene? Even the instagram picture where they’re both sitting on a train and facing each other (not featured in this post but you know which one I mean). Both the OP and the ED themes set the tone for the entire anime.

Do you think they would feature such happy, warm, even domestic images if Victor was meant to turn on Yuuri eventually and leave him to fend for himself while he wins the Grand Prix Finals for the sixth time? Let’s face the reality - it would make no sense in terms of the narrative, the story, the plot of the show or the general message for Victor to use Yuuri, then go back and win the competition.

Yuri on Ice is a story of self-improvement, overcoming your own weaknesses, finding support and doing what you love despite the adversities you face, whatever they may be. It is most certainly not the story of a man who seduces a younger competitor, builds him up and then crushes him to make his own victory (pun not intended) more spectacular.

And yes, there is something we don’t know about Victor, something still hidden from us. But I strongly doubt that ‘something’ is betrayal. Yes, he is selfish, self-centered and can be arrogant and rude, but he is not a villain. Wouldn’t it be better if we received a heavily flawed Victor who learns to be a better person upon Yuuri’s influence rather than cheap drama about the coach leaving his student because he’s a cold bastard?

Victor is hiding something. I personally think it’s injury. (Evgeni Plushenko, anyone?). It would make sense and even explain why he looks so serious when he’s asked about his plans for the next season during the interview in episode 1 (and mind you this is before he sees Yuuri skating his program). I would be incredibly disappointed in the direction of the show if what he was hiding turned out to be evil intent.

But hey it’s only been three episodes so maybe we should stop acting like we know these characters and this show like the back of our hands and actually allow the anime to tell its story. But what do I know.



“So, what’s your favourite song then? Which song do you think I’m the best in? Favourite Era?”


“Why didn’t I know this til now and how much free time do you have?”


“You must love me a lot to listen to it so much.”


“Exactly how long did it take to learn it all?”


“I didn’t think you were being serious.”




“Please tell me you don’t know all the choreography too.”

I don’t know if I should start doing reactions more.

milack headcanons

lets get gay up in here

  • zack has a HUGE crush on milo first. he thinks about how much he has fun with him (like rollercoaster fun where you hate it while youre on it but afterwards youre like “LETS GO AGAIN!!”) and he realizes that he doesnt want anything to change and then just like.. everything crashes down on him all at once and he realizes he fell in love with a walking disaster and even worse- “what if he doesnt LIKE ME BACK aughhh”
  • zack ends up calling melissa in the middle of the night every other day like “hey does milo like flowers? chocolates? does he read poetry or listen to music more choose one” and melissa is like. whyd you wake me up why dont you just ask milo
  • it doesnt take long for melissa to realize hes got a crush and she just endlessly teases him about it. they show up late to school together and shes like “well did you enjoy your adventure with milo ayy wink wink kissy noise” and zacks like “shut up” and milos confused bc he thought it was a pretty good adventure
  • milos really blunt and open so one day zack is like “okay im gonna head off somewhere bye guys” and milo says “okay i love you bye” and zack almost keels over. milo gets scared its a murphys law thing and he stops saying “i love you” to people for awhile which makes zack kind of upset but he cant just TELL him why he reacted so much
  • zack talks to melissa about having a crush on milo just about all the time and she starts regretting knowing about it bc he is ALWAYS talking about milo when hes not right next to them. like she likes milo and talking about him and whatnot but is this really necessary and he overthinks everything all the time
  • “do you think i should get nicer clothes” “your outfit looks fine zack” “maybe i should save up for some cool jewelry” “ he might notice it i guess” “maybe i should get some safety equipment to hint at how i want to hang out with him even more” “dude" 
  •  milo freaking. loves with all his heart in such a strong way. he doesnt realize how much he loves his friends and craves affection until hes hanging out with zack and he just wants to lean his head on his shoulder so he does and hes like.. this is nice. meanwhile zack holds his breath bc like… milo is Very Close aaaaaaaa
  • milos totally autistic and infodumps a lot and zack loves it bc he loves his voice and he loves his smile and he loves the way he gestures to punctuate what hes talking about and when he flaps and he loves him so much and why did he let himself fall for him so hard 
  • zack is really really romantically frustrated and he’ll probably never be able to confess to milo about his crush bc hes not a risk taker at all and that makes him a little upset and he loses quite a bit of sleep drafting love letters in his head but he just never writes anything down and even if he did he’d never give it to milo bc he’d get cold feet anyways
  • zack actually works up the nerve to confess one day but like because of the murphys law thing he spends the entire day being interrupted by disasters and just other ppl even just coming up to talk to milo and hes just not able to tell him about his crush for the whole day and hes too exhausted by the end of the day to confess
  • that day ends with milo being like “thanks for staying with me for this whole day zack! i know it was pretty nuts… what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” and zack hesitates for a moment before just hugging him and being like “i just wanted to say youre my best friend dude”
  • he complains to melissa later about WHY didnt he just TELL HIM he had a perfect chance and he basically friendzoned his own crush and nothing would ever be okay again now and melissa is like “dont beat yourself up about it dude you’ll get more chances” but zack doubts it because hes never done anything before

theyre the football player/cheerleader couple of my dreams holy shit

Co Workers (Part Thirteen)

A/N: Sorry this one isn’t as long, I’ve had some writer’s block this weekend and it literally took me forever to write this, so it’s a bit of a fluff chapter, but I really wanted to get it out for you guys today <3 

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Talks briefly of abortion, and mentions of abuse.

Word Count: 2k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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Steam started to roll from the shower, you got up and turned the hot water down some so that it wouldn’t run out, then sat back down and pressing the return call button next to Andrew’s name. It rang once before you heard a voice on the other end.


“Andrew, I uh, was just calling you back?” you were still unsure of why you’d called him.

“Did you listen to any of my messages?” he asked you.


You heard Andrew take a deep breath on the other end of the phone,

“Y/N, I want you to come back to LA with me.”

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Dear Funimation,

I would rather wait a week or two (or however long it takes) and watch new English dubbed Tales of Zestiria the X episodes with the original English voice casting. You can’t just recast the main character’s voice actor for a week. Mikleo was bad enough in season 1, but Sorey?! SOREY?!

I can’t even get through this episode. It’s just too wrong.

Even so, I understand why you did it, Funimation. But as a viewer and a consumer, my two cents is that I’d rather just wait and have consistent voices throughout the anime. If you’d just said, “Due to unavoidable circumstances, we couldn’t get the English recording of this episode done in time for the scheduled release date,” I would have been, “Oh, that sucks. I hope everything works out soon and that the voice actors feel all right. Thanks for keeping everyone informed.” And thanks for not making me listen to possessed!Sorey/Mikleo. 

I hope these episodes are re-dubbed with Michael Johnston/Philip Lamont and Robbie Daymond before being released to home video. The “fill-in” voice episodes can be DVD/Blu-ray extras. Or something.

Please. Or I’m saving my money.

Yours sincerely,

A Disgruntled Loyal Fan

P.S.: When is the dual-language DVD of ToZ the X being released in America? So I can hear the “correct” versions of these episodes. Kthx.

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Did you totally drop Six of Crows? The first couple of chapters are hard to get into but then everything after is literally perfect. There are three incredible canon ships and the rep is so amazing and then you get to Crooked Kingdom and it's even better and tears your heart out and uh yeah I love it so I hope you read it.

No I didnt! I mean, I still have it on my phone, ready to listen to. I guess I got distracted while listening to it? I also mostly listened to the book while I was on planes lol. I really want to commit but it hasnt… sucked me in yet you know? I also feel like I should read the other books by Leigh first and I dont know why. 

I want to finish reading it (Listening to it). because the voices are AMAZING. 

I will get back to it! I promise! It’s just taking me a long time T^T

         ( Dear anyone who is interested in my music choicesIn case you’ve has ever wondered what types of music and specific songs I listen to in order to write Ozpin, I’ve finally gotten around to putting all of it in one place with this nifty spotify playlist.

Feel free to listen if you please. For anyone else out there thinking of writing or giving your hand at trying to write for Ozpin, this is the best selection of songs I’ve amassed so far for him. I will regularly update this playlist as well so I hope it’s helpful for you! )

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Nicknames: madi, or mannie if ur extra

Starsign: Sagittarius aka da best tbh 

Height: 5′3

Last thing I googled: “corinne olympios birthday” she’s a scorpio btw

Fave music artist: too many dude, uhm, the used, childish gambino, frank ocean, hayley kiyoko, warpaint. and i’ve been listening to a lot of grimes, kali uchis, spooky black, purity ring, and solange 

Song stuck in my head: pretty girl by hayley kiyoko 

Last movie I watched: moonlight,,,,,,, and boy was i snatched

Last tv show I watched: just finished watching the bachelor my dude

When did you create your blog: fuck man uhm i think i made this one in 2013, but i’ve gone thru so many fuckin fandom changes

What kind of stuff do I post: drag, tv shows, politics, and bullshit

Do I have any other blogs: yeah i run the twentyonepilotsficlibrary

Do I get asks regularly: no, and i’m triggered that u would even ask me that

Why did I choose my url: because alaska thunderfuck 5000′s song anus is a life changer, along with the rest of her music 

Gender: female 

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Pokemon team: i aint got one, i dont do pokemons

Favorite Color: all shades of purple and yellow

Average hours of sleep: idfk not enough for my liking

Lucky number: 6

Favorite characters: oh boy y’all gonna have a long list here,,,, jake peralta, hanna marin, blake henderson, allison argent, wes gibbons, isak valtersen, dennis reynolds, elliot alderson, zeke figuero, eleven, winston bishop, ilana wexler, abbi abrams, gina linetti, isabelle lightwood, magnus bane, amy raudenfeld, betty cooper, veronica lodge, jughead jones, callie adams-foster, lydia martin,,,,,i could go on forever tbh

How many blankets do I sleep with: just one 

Dream job: some sort of photographer, something that helps me travel

Following: 428

I Tag: @mattelodchikova, @ftnalufans, @takemypainigniteit, @shittonofpilots, @captain-knots, @alltreeallshade, @papitati, @fuckmeupzamo, there’s so many more ppl i could tag but my brain wont work, so anyone who wants to do this i tag you! (also y’all can totally ignore this)

  • Beca: Hey! I need to write Chloe back fast. She's already freaking out about how long it takes me to text her back.
  • Jesse: Listen, Beca. There's nothing I'd rather do in my life than write a sexy text for your girlfriend, but I think this is something you gotta do on your own.
  • Beca: Why? You're so good at being lame and I'm not! Look, I like her. I really like her. I don't want to screw this crap up.
  • Jesse: That's what you should say. Just take that sentiment, remove the word "crap", and then send it.
  • Beca: *sends text* Gah! I sent it. She didn't write back, so she hates it.
  • Jesse: No. Look! *takes phone* Okay, dot dot dot. It's happening. *receives text* It's a shirtless pic! We did it, we did it!
  • Beca: Thanks, Jesse. Okay, I'm gonna leave. Don't follow me. Things are about to get intense.

I’m listening to The Bright Sessions and it’s so good like why did i take so long to start listening to it i love everything about it

come yell with me about it


Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: NaLu.

A/N: I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a ‘confrontation’ whereby Lucy finally sits down and tells Natsu how much he hurt her. I don’t have much free time lately so this is something I whipped up pretty quickly. I’ve been listening to emotional music, it’s way past midnight and, well, this is the result. This ended up really angsty, I’m so sorry hahaha.

;I can’t sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused. Everything’s in line but I am bruised. I need a voice to echo, I need a light to take me home. I kinda need a hero, is it you?

Why did it hurt so much? Why did the sight of his face alight in the glow of flame make her heart clench painfully in her chest? Nothing made sense any more. She’d kept her feelings bottled up for so long. Too long. The glass wall she’d put up around herself was starting to crack. Sooner or later the flood of emotion would burst free and drown them both. She had to reign it in, had to control herself. 

“Natsu…” she said under her breath. His name felt like poison on the tip of her tongue.

After a moment his eyes ticked towards hers. Happy rolled onto his back behind him, mumbling about salmon in his sleep. Lucy clutched the blanket draped around her shoulders tighter to herself. The night was colder than expected. The wind bore icy breath that gnawed at her flesh and made her bones ache. A distraction from her anguished heart, if nothing else.

“What is it, Luce?”

“When you left to—”

“I left you a note,” he interrupted, “I didn’t up and leave like that Ice Bastard.”

“I wasn’t going to mention Gray,” she sighed. “Will you hear me out or should I go back to sleep?”

Natsu shuffled across the blanket towards her. She regretted scolding him, regretted inviting him closer with her eyes. The moment his hands touched hers she felt the tears break free of her resolve and spill onto her cheeks. Natsu dropped her hands in alarm, as though he’d pushed a switch and activated a missile. 


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Okay, I wrote a sequel to this fic, and man did it take like…five hours. It’s over 4,000 words long! I don’t know what came over me, I just wanted to keep writing, haha. It is a bit all over the place, though, but I’ve already spent an hour trying to trim it down, and this is the best I can do. I might turn this into a series, though. Maybe I’ll post it on AO3 if it gets that far.

CW: References to #suicide, #self-harm, and implications of Komaeda’s #terminal illnesses.

He tries everything. He feels the frenzy, now, that he sees the others had when they were trying to wake up their closest friends. The others seem to think it’s rather alarming, that he’s feeling something like this because of Komaeda. This passion. This drive. This hope. Most of the time he’s in the library on the island, researching neurology. When he’s not there, he visits Komaeda, just to make sure he’s alive.

It’s kind of weird to research it. The more he understands about it, the more he understands how he became Izuru Kamakura. That’s not really something he wants to think about, but for Komaeda…

When he realizes that, though, he realizes something else.


He would know how to wake up Komaeda.

His fingers freeze on the page he’s turning. He can’t remember being Izuru very well, which is both a blessing and a curse. He remembers feeling constant boredom, feeling used. No wonder he joined the Despairs, feeling like that. He can’t remember what finally broke him, or how it happened. Enoshima, she must have done something…broke his spirit, she said. He takes in a sharp breath, and shakes his head. That knowledge, though, those talents…they’re all there, aren’t they? Deep inside of his brain…

He doesn’t need to remember being Izuru to get them, does he?

He closes his eyes, rubs the closed eyelids. He doesn’t even know if he could do that, let alone if he wants to. He’ll research this stuff for Komaeda, try and figure out a way to wake him up, but becoming Kamakura again? That’s going too far…

But maybe he can reach those talents…if he tries hard enough.

He throws himself into researching more and more, after that, hoping to find something that will trigger his talents, or at least some of the knowledge that he had before. Even after days, weeks…he can’t reach that part of his mind.

But, he has found something. A possibility. He’s no neurosurgeon, but he takes his idea to the people who are. The look it over, speaking to each other in hushed voices while he stands there, fists tightly clenched. Maybe I didn’t think it over enough, but–

“Even with your idea and combinations, Komaeda-san’s diseases make it unlikely that he’d survive this operation–”

“I don’t care about the odds.” He snaps, sounding oddly authoritative. Maybe there’s some part of Izuru still left in him. “He’ll survive.” His luck will let him survive.

If he wants to survive.

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I'm really happy that we have a same favorite book (tbh I teared up a little when I learned that) and I'm just really curious what other books are some of your faves? Why do you like them? I'm so curious


I hope you’re ready for a very long and intensive list.

  1. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet
    Why I like it: Good Omens takes two great authors and combines all their weird, twisted humor into an incredible almost-apocalypse story that’s hilarious and touching and wonderfully put together. I’m on my third time around reading it and it’s still one of the best things out there.
  2. Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
    Why I like it: Okay listen. To anyone who even vaguely falls in the realm of identifying as butch, hell, even identifying as queer. This is such an important book. Main character is a Jewish butch lesbian living in the 40s and 50s, and the novel offers a really incredible look into the queer scene at the time. It has taught me so much about our history and I feel so authentically connected to the narrator. This book will change you. 
  3. House of Leaves my Mark Danielewski 
    Why I like it: ok this book straight-up fucked me up. Can’t even talk about it just go read it ok go go go
  4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
    Why I like it: I’m pretty sure this is the first book I ever read that made me cry. I, like all other Jewish kids, had a period in late elementary/early middle school where all I read were Holocaust books (I sincerely don’t know why this happens but trust me all the Jews I know have this phase), and this was kind of the cream of the crop in that batch of books.
  5. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
    Why I like it: Ok people will come at my girl Allende saying she ripped this idea off of Gabriel Garcia Márquez but tbh even if she did she did it x12 better than he did soooooo … really good book, very feministy and nicely put together. Love me some 20th century Latin American fiction.
  6. Waiting for Godot
    Why I like it: this book is just fuckin weird, go with me on this one. Play format, absurdist, nihilist, and one of the best works to come out of the 20th century. 
  7. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 
    Why I like it: Palahniuk went into Fight Club looking to explore toxic masculinity and violence and it churned out an incredible work of literature. If you want a foundation for understanding modern masculinity, this is one of the first things you should read. 
  8. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
    Why I like it: While you can definitely fault it for some sexism, Of Mice and Men is a very moving work. Impeccably written and characterized, and another novel that builds a foundation of understanding modern masculinity. 
  9. Night by Elie Wiesel
    Why I like it: another Holocaust-era work, and Wiesel himself was a survivor. Absolutely heartbreaking account of his time in Buchenwald. Must-read for people interested in the Holocaust and for Jewish people learning about their history.
  10. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
    Why I like it: Explores soldiering life during WWI from the perspective of a young soldier, very intriguing. Another book that will really help you understand the 20th century, especially life as a soldier. 
  11. Persepolis by Marjane Sartrapi (graphic novel)
    Why I like it: Okay Persepolis is just so good, it’s really funny but also very educational and emotional. True story of the author’s experience growing up in Iran during the rise of the Iranian regime. She writes and illustrates the whole thing herself, and I think there’s even a movie that was made out of it? As someone who themselves is interested in cartooning and graphic novels, it was really inspiring to see someone turn what is usually viewed as a cheap story-telling method into a very moving and important work of literature. 
  12. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
    Why I like it: I read A Thousand Splendid Suns in high school for one of my English classes and it definately sparked the best discussions and most introspections. The book is told from the perspective of two women, Mariam and Laila, and their life in Afghanistan, and supposedly inspired by true stories that the author (Afghani himself) heard when he visited his homeland after living in America for 30 years.
  13. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Why I like it: look I know it’s totally cliche but I just authentically think the Great Gatsby is really well-written and has a bunch of very cool motifs.
  14. The Dark Half by Stephen King
    Why I like it: I don’t read a lot of horror because let’s be real I’ve got enough anxiety as it is, but the Dark Half was a GREAT book and definately one of my faves by King. Could be very easily interpreted as a commentary on masculinity and even aside from that was an enjoyable and captivating read.
  15. A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    Why I like it: Okay I think it’s pretty easy to see the theme of “great tragedies of the 20th century” in my literature choices. A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was another very interesting account told by a narrator working in a Soviet labor camp in the Gulags. It literally just runs through one 24-hour cycle of Denisovich’s daily life, but it’s told with incredible detail and a lot of character. One of those books you’ll just read all in one sitting.

There you have it, anon!! Please know that I’m always happy to discuss books with you if you shoot me a message ♥



Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen - and the dreams that are answered.”

Soooooo, in this part Rhys is like “and the dreams that are answered.” !!!! Why did it take me such a long time to realized he meant his dreams about Feyre?? In the book before she accepts the mating bond, he’s telling his story and why he didn’t tell her she was his mate. He mentions that he had dreams about her. First he thought they were just dreams. Then he met her but thought/wished that would be the only time so the queen wouldn’t hurt her. Later, he found out that she was with Tamlin. So all in all, she was still a dream to him, a dream he couldn’t have or that wouldn’t answer because said dream hated him and was in love with Tamlin. But then, that night, maybe he saw that she was finally opening up to him. His dream was answering him…

Step Bro...Fuck Buddy...or Love?

For the ones who haven’t read previous chapters yet … Just click the links below

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Please listen to this when JungKook and Kitten meets again

Genre: Smut ( NSFW ), Romance, Angst , Fluff

Members: JungKook & Jimin & TaeHyung & Reader

Word Count : 2159

I turn around and see Taehyung who is in low cut jeans and a loose tshirt which has cuts on here and there. What the hell is he doing here? I wave at him. He takes a few steps to me, seems curious.

“I heard about JungKook… Why did you guys even break up?”

So he already heard about it. I sigh, avoiding his stare.

“Long story…”

He nods.

“Wanna talk about it.”

I am undecided what to do. Should I trust him and tell about or stay away and avoid at all costs?  

While I am lost in my thoughts, trying to decide Tae sighs.

“I know our last memories are not great and I am sorry. Can’t you accept me as a friend of yours?”

I close my eyes in agony when the moment JungKook leave plays in my mind again. I really hate myself for doing this to JungKook. When our eyes meet with TaeHyung again it is obvious he is sincere.

“Well… I don’t know but I need someone to talk to”

He smiles at me as he pats me on the back.

“Come on… Tell me”

I sigh and take a deep breath before I spill everything. My eyes are fixed on the ground as I put my hands in my pocket.

“I left him for Jimin”

TaeHyung looks at me with huge eyes twice their size and stops chewing his gum.

“Whoaa..Wa…Wait…What?! What did you do?”

I shake my head.

“Its pretty complicated Tae but I had to do it.”

TaeHyung furrows eyebrows in full confusion, crossing his arms.

“Jimin?! Who the hell is he and why? I don’t get it. You are the one who refused when I tried to touch you, making it obvious you belong to JungKook now you left him for someone else? What kind of nonsense shit is this?“

I explain, trying to keep myself calm.

“Jimin is my friend who happens to like me. After you acted like that we couldn’t have gone back to home and his house was the only option left. We went there to stay. Since he liked me it was too much for him to see me with JungKook so he couldn’t handle it and began to hurt himself. I had to make JungKook leave and take care of Jimin”

TaeHyung keeps quiet after hearing my words and totally avoids my eyes. His phone rings and he hiss as he looks at the phone, does not even bother to answer. Just to break the silence, I ask.

“Who was that?”

TaeHyung closes his eyes, pressing his lips together.

“It was JungKook”

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Why didn’t you talk to him?”

TaeHyung shakes his head and when he looks at me he seems so serious. I don’t know him well but I can tell by the time I spend with him.

“I didn’t want to… Actually how could I talk to him after what I have done to you two.”

This is last thing that I expect to hear from him. I am surprised that he actually cares about our situation. The way that he acts before cause me to doubt inside.

“Well… Whats done is done. There is nothing to do about it.”

TaeHyung sighs as he takes my hand into his hands gently.

“I am so sorry… I didn’t mean to cause you two to break up. It’s just… JungKook was reckless just as I was before and I was surprised when he refused to do that. I thought I could push him. I didn’t know you were that special. I only realized it when he left to protect you. Now I can’t believe you two broke up because of me”

His voice shows he is being honest so I don’t know how to respond. I almost whisper.

“Hey… Why are you being like this now? Acting like that was Jimin’s own decision. Why are you feeling this bad?”

Tae lets my hand go and looks into my eyes.

“I feel bad because I care about JungKook. I know he loves you. He must have been shattered. Even if the whole thing is not my fault I am still a part of it.”

Just as I am about to say something my phone rings. When I look at the screen I see it is my mom. I don’t want to answer but my inner conscience does not let me.

“Hey mom”

She asks how I feel then tells me they are going to have a special dinner and how much she wants to see me.

“Mom that would be nice to have dinner with you but I can’t… I have things to do.”

Tae who is listening to me with pure attention grabs my phone all of a sudden.

“Hi… Sorry to surprise you like this. I am a friend of your daughter. She is going to have dinner with you. I will take care of other things instead of her”

I don’t know what my mom is saying but she sounds cheerful.

“Ohh… You are so kind. Next time I will make sure to stop by. Thank you”

When he gives the phone back to me my mouth is hang open. It takes a few seconds for me to realize what actually is going on. I just can’t help but hiss at TaeHyung.

“What the hell did you just do?”

I grab my hair and ruffle it in frustration, pushing TaeHyung back harshly.

“Because of you I have to go there now. How am I going to face JungKook… I can’t… I am not ready for that”

Tae grabs me by the arms and I am startled by him.

“I am just paying for what I have done… Just go there and see if he still loves you. I am sure he does. If JungKook looks at you the same way he does before, just go back to him. You are not an angel baby. You can’t make everyone happy.”

When I look at him, still having doubts Tae smiles.

“You gotta go there baby.”

I nod then laugh.

“If this does not go well you are dead”

Tae shakes his head as he giggles.

“Woahh… I should call JungKook and say I put my life into line”

I chuckle before I leave and call Jimin. He answers on the second ring.

“Hey baby… Where are you? I was so worried”

I answer calmly so he won’t try to stop me.

“I am ok Ddon"t worry. Umm…Jimin my mom called. She wants to see me for dinner so I am going there.”

Jimin takes a few seconds before he says anything back.

“Ohhh… I see but… Will you be ok with that? I mean JungKook is there isn’t he?You still…”

He obviously is worried that I will get hurt or he will loose me. I don’t want Jimin to worry over me and go back to doing those drugs again. My voice is soft as I reassure him.

“It will be fine Jimin. I will spend most of my time with my mom so…”

He says ok and we hang up. When I make it to home I take a few minutes before hitting the ring. I take a few deep breath, murmuring by myself.

I can do this… I mean he will ignore me probably and I can handle it.

My mom opens the door and hugs me. Then I see Mr Jeon who is eyeing me from head to toe.

“Hello” I say.

Then there is JungKook, sitting on the couch at the living room. He looks at me with those huge eyes. He probably has no idea. His eyes… Is he angry with me? Does he hate me? Deep inside I want to see love written all over those eyes. However he looks away. In my mind I beg… Please don’t look away. Please let me know that you still love me. I know what I want is impossible.

I simply make my way upstairs to calm down a little bit. I sit down over the black leather pouff and look at the mirror with a blank stare for a few minutes. When I hear someone climb the stairs I pretend as if I am dealing with my hair. I see JungKook walking to his room. He stops a few seconds in front of my door but says nothing at all. I regret listening to Tae and doing this.

I take a deep breath as I make my way downstairs. The doorbell rings again and I have no idea who is that. When I open the door and see HanRa in front of me with a bright smile which disgusts me and I am in shock. This is supposed to be a family dinner. What on earth is she doing here? Did JungKook invite her? If so I have no chance with him. Just as I am about lose the last ray of hope I hear JungKook.

“HanRa… What are you doing here?”

When he asks all confused I feel relieved. So he didn’t invite her in the end. However we all find ourselves sitting on the dinner table soon. HanRa sits the in front of JungKook and I have to sit next to her. As we go on eating JungKook spills some sauce on his t-shirt. HanRa jumps from her seat, speaking with that annoying high pitched voice.

“Oh my god… Let me help you”

They both make their way upstairs and I am pissed of as JungKook does not tell her to stay. Just as I wonder what is going on I make my way upstairs. JungKook is out of sight and HanRa is looking for some t-shirt to give him. Before JungKook gets out of bathroom he tells HanRa to leave. However HanRa insists that she picked something for him. It is obvious there is nothing going on between them. When she leaves the room I smile.

“He will not wear that.”

HanRa squints at me.

“Why don’t you give us some privacy”

I laugh.

“You need to give him privacy to be honest”

She shrugs.

“You are not in the position to decide”

All of a sudden I decide to push my luck.

“Wanna bet? He will not wear that.”

I am sure because I know him… I know him better than anyone else. Just as I am about to zone out she puffs and we hide to see what he is going to do. JungKook gets out of the bedroom. He walks half naked with all his glory. I want to touch him. I want him but I am not allowed. However my mind looses against my heart. JungKook looks at the tshirt and passes by. I cannot help myself and slowly make my way towards him. JungKook watches me carefully, surprised and confused.

“V or round?” I ask as I know he wants a white t-shirt.

He almost whispers.

“V neck”

I pick one from his pile of white t-shirts and JungKook passes through me, saying nothing. The atmosphere is heavy as we go back to eat. HanRa is pissed of so she seeks for a way to attack me. Secretly she opens the detent of my watch. When it fell down she purposefully steps on it. She smiles as she talks to me.

“Ohh my God… I am sorry but I think I did you a favor… It was pretty old though”

HanRa chuckles but to my surprise JungKook is the one to shut her down.

“It is a gift from her grandma HanRa. It was given before she passed away. How can you be so senseless?”

HanRa opens her mouth but unable to say anything. JungKook comes to help me as I try to pick the pieces but get a cut. I am about to cry causing him to raise his voice.

“Be careful ”

Blood is still dripping from the cut I get. We make our way to my room and JungKook gently clears the cut. When his hand touches mine I feel his warmth. The warmth I yearn for since he left. After carefully wrapping my finger he says nothing but fixes the watch with extreme care.

“You will only need a new glass for it”

JungKook says with a monotone voice. I cannot help it but hug him.

“Thank you”

We stay like that for half a minute but interrupted by HanRa as she walks in.

“I was looking for you. I thought you two were in his room so I went there but instead I found this. Mind if I have a look?”

She is holding the camera in her hands. The camera that JungKook and I used to record our last action at Jimin’s house. JungKook’s eyes gets wide as he says no, grabs it from her hands. I cannot help but ask.

“Do you still have it?”

He only gives me a weak nod. Having no idea why, it is my undoing. I get closer to JungKook but unable to look him in the eyes.

“Don’t you hate me? I thought you did… I deserved it after what I did. Just know that I had to do it. I love you JungKook… I still do”

When he looks at me JungKook’s expression is hard to read. Love? Anger? Pain? What is that I see in his eyes?

Having those blackest shade eyes fixed on me he slowly gets closer.JungKook pushes me through the wall and his lips ghost over mine.

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Much love for you all ~~Jinny


9 of My Favorite Albums ~

I was tagged by @divinitydust

Sorry, this took so long to make! As I am currently in testing season and is also why my descriptions are not long. c:

1. Worlds - Porter Robinson

This is obviously a no-brainer. I love Porter & the magical vibe his music gives off. I will forever rely on this album to take me out of my reality & into a place of love & happiness. I love you so much! @importerrobinson  

2. Worlds (Remixed) - Porter Robinson + Friends

Again, this album is beautiful & the individual music producers did an amazing job on taking this already perfect album & re-creating it into something dope!

3. Adventure - Madeon

Such a fun album & gives me that vibe of well, Adventure! I always want to jump up & find a new place to explore while listening!

4. Needs - Giraffage

This is such a chill album that puts me in such a relaxed mood. The tone of this album is so unique & always makes me happy.

5. Still Life - Dawn Golden

Whenever I want to relax & drink some hot tea I put on this album, it always brings such great comfort to me.

6. 2 - Mac DeMarco

Mac has such a cool vibe & voice that always set me in a relaxed mood where I just want to cuddle in bed with someone special.

7. Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez

Melanie! I love her voice & the theme of this album was so bad ass but cute at the same time.

8. How to Run Away - Slow Magic

Ever since Electric Forest I have fallen in love with Slow Magic & his super dope style of music, it’s so happy & beautiful!

9. Money Sucks Friends Rule - Dillon Francis

This is definitely higher up on the list but I was too lazy & tired to change the order. Anyways, I fucking love Dillon & his hilarious character which also resurfaces onto his album, especially this one! It’s a fun album that I can always put on when I want to party.

That’s it! Of course, there are so many more great albums out there that I love with all my heart but these are some of the top.

I dunno who to tag so if you’re reading this & want to do the tag, go ahead & do it, it’s a challenging but fun one!

O Fortuna Finale

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JOHN: so wait let me get this straight
JOHN: you’re all demons?



ROSE: John, Kanaya is very obviously human, and Dave is glowing in a suspiciously angelic manner that should be enough in itself to hint towards a difference in status.

JOHN: okay, so what’s dave, then?


JOHN: hey, that’s a reasonable question! it’s not like you gave us any real introduction to all this. you just popped out of a piece of paper like a genie!
JOHN: you can’t blame us for taking a few minutes to understand what’s going on.

JADE: i think hes an angel john!

DAVE: shit what gave it away

JADE: hehehe :D

JOHN: wait, but…what’s an angel doing hanging out with a bunch of demons?

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