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Frost (Chapter Three)

So I feel like this chapter is maybe a little boring… but it’s the first real interaction between Tony and Loki and the first stepping stone into their relationship, so I didn’t want to leave it out! Let me know what you guys think :)

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“Forgive me.” Loki stopped in his tracks a few steps into the library and bowed stiffly. “I was not aware that you were in here.”

“No it’s fine.” Tony waved him in, barely looking up from his book. “Come in. It’s a big library, you won’t even notice I’m here.”

“I highly doubt that.” Loki bared his teeth in something resembling a smile and started backing away. “I’ll leave you to your reading.”

“No, seriously.” Tony put his book down, frowning over Loki’s odd comment. “This is your library, not mine so–”

“As the consort of the King, it is in fact your library. I have plenty of books in my room to read.” Loki raised his eyebrows. “I will not intrude on your quiet. Good day, Sir Anthony.”

“Do you not like me?” Tony asked, sounding irritated and Loki’s eyes snapped shut, trying to hide the panic that filled them.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” he said through clenched teeth.

“No?” Tony challenged. “Because the other day in my room you said that I reacted to you the same way I react to my–” his throat moved as he swallowed uncomfortably. “–to the team. And at first that made me mad but then I sort of– well I don’t like that. I don’t like that I still react that way. I thought I was over all of it and it turns out I’m not. Not completely anyway, and I don’t like that. But it’s not that I equate you with them, I just– we have a weird past, you know?”

“Yes, I was told it took months for you to even be comfortable around Thor, much less comfortable around your Avengers. However, I’m sure whatever I said can be ignored as I actually have no opinion either way about how you act around me or any other person on Asgard. I was simply trying to get a rise out of you, and it has worked perfectly.” Loki kept his tone cool, his posture relaxed even though he felt like screaming.

Why was the mortal so upfront about everything? Why did he seem to take to heart everything Loki said? And more than that, why did it seem as if he was upset that Loki thought he was uncomfortable when they were together?

“Look.” Tony sighed. “Look. All I’m saying is, I don’t like that you said that. I don’t look at you like I look at my team. If anything, I don’t understand why I want to—”

No no no no no. Loki did start to panic then. The last thing he needed was this mortal bringing up the odd draw between the two of them, the way they couldn’t seem to not look at each other. He did not need a question about the Hjartslattur bond and he did not need to be standing here talking about anything even remotely related to it.

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Note: Here is the last part for this. FINALLY! I know this has been in my inbox for so long and I started writing this but then I lacked creativity and since then it`s just been stuck in my drafts folder. But now I`m done with it so I hope you enjoy it. Also this bacame a little longer cause I found a really good soundtrack that sparked my creativity :D

BTS version

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.

Rap Monster

Stress had taken its toll on him lately as his mind was flodded with mission plans and coordinating the meetings and whatnot. And today it`s been even worse. Namjoon wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a few hours of sleep, instead however he found himself destroying the apartment in a fit of rage. He had come home to find a note from you, saying you were sorry for using up his time and apologizing for not being what he wanted. So after taking apart the place he used his contacts to locate you before making his way there. He`d grab you wrist making you look at him before furiously yelling.

“Why the fuck would you do that? Why the fuck would you run away? Are you crazy? Do you know how fucking worried I was?”

When seeing your scared face he`d look defeated, calming down. He wasn`t angry with you at all. It was himself he was angry with really. So in the next sentences he made sure you understood just how much you meant to him. He`d let go of your wrist, instead catching both of your hands his and continuing in a soft but firm voice.

“I can`t loose you. I was a fucking dickhead I know. I was so caught up in my work that I neglected what`s most important in my life. You. Y/n, I am so sorry I did you so wrong. You are not a burden. You are the only thing keeping me sane. Shit, I never beg but if it takes begging for the rest of my life for you to stay then I will. Please y/n. Don`t leave me.”


The last few months have been a disaster. Things just didn`t play out the way he wanted and it was driving him insane. Today especially. That`s why he decided to get off work earlier. Maybe a quite day at home was what he was lacking. And if he was honest with himself he missed you. His happy thoughts of cuddling and a nice dinner however were thrown completely off board when he stepped into the bedroom to find a suitcase packed on the bed and you trying to close it. Your head would whip around to look at Jin when you heard him ask what you were doing. 

The next few minutes where filled with you explaining your feelings to him while you profoundly apologized for being a burden and not being good enough for him. Jin would be silently listening to you, not because he was being polite but because he didn`t know what to say. He couldn`t believe he made you feel this way and the only thing he wanted right now was to make you feel wanted again. So he did the only thing he came up with. He kissed you. Pouring all of his feelings of shame and longing into it. And as the kiss progressed so did his yearing for you and as you were both laying beside eachother, sweat cascading your bodies and heavy breathing filling the air around you, he said out loud what his actions just now have said for him.

“I love you y/n. Please don`t leave me.”


Yoongi isn`t someone you play around with. Everybody knew that. But it turned out that there were people who don`t see it as a threat but rather a challenge. Ever since he found out that he had a spy in his group he was on edge. Snapping at everyone and everything. You included. He wasn`t proud of it and he knew he was being too harsh. So when the day finally came that he cought the traitor and dealt with it he set his mind on making it up to you. But he was too late. As he came through the door he knew something was off. He had tried to call you earlier but you hadn`t answered. He had wondered why. Finally finding your letter he got his answer, finding out that his plan of making it up to you came too late. 

He was shocked to find himself calmly sitting in his office rather than trashing the whole place, but he knew this wasn`t the time to throw a fit. He knew you still loved him, or so you said in your letter. The only reason you left was his incompetence to remind you of his love so he just had to show you. And he was determent to make sure you would never question his loyalty and love to you ever again. After having his people drive you back to his office he now stood infront of you. He felt a pang of guilt hit him when he saw how sad you looked as he started talking. 

“My job is important to me and you know that. You also know that this situation I was having was out of the norm and demanded a high level of attention. That being said, I also thought you knew how much I love and care for you. But I understand why you would run away. I have not done my job in giving you the attention you deserve, by that letting you think one hell of fucking aweful things and I cannot apologize enough for it. Fuck. You know I`m bad with words so I`ll just get to the point. I need you y/n. I would never forgive myself if I let you leave like this so stay with me. Please.”

Saying the last sentence he gave you a small black box, inside lay a promise he swore to never break.


You had never seen him like this as he was always the smiley, bright and positive Hobi around you. So drawing your conclusions out of it, you must have become a burden to him. It hurt like hell writing your note to him and even more so to leave your shared flat for the last time. Hoseok didn`t notice any of this as he was currently trying to stay calm at all the stupidity going on around him. This had been going on for a few months now and he was sick and tired of it. When he finally left work he was worn out once again. His tired eyes would scan the flat curiously as he didn`t see nor hear you anywhere. Feeling his heart speed up he found your note on the kitchen table, your apartment key next to it. The next few hours were a blur. The only thing he could remember was a call to his team with the demand to find you and him releasing all of his stress by tearing up the place and screaming his throat soar. Now he was in a car on his way to your location, nervously bouncing one of his legs up and down. 

The moment he saw you through the window, he jumped out of the car running to you and catching you in a tight hug. In this moment nothing around him mattered except for you. As he reluctantly pulled away and locked eyes with you he couldn`t help but tear up, no letting go of all of his feelings.

“You don`t know the fear I felt when I found your note. I.. I can`t loose you. I don`t want to loose you. I`m miserable without you. I am so incredibly sorry. I truly am. I was a horrible partner and I understand if you hate me now but y/n, I love you. I will change. I promise. Just give me a chance. I swear to make you happy. Just… don`t leave me.”


His heart broke the second he read the first line of your goodbye letter. All the problems he had thought were crazy important just a few seconds ago were now nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to loosing you. His chest rose and fell quicker at the thought of you sitting here alone with these horrible thoughts of not being good enough gnawing at your mind. Not to mention the constant pushing away and screaming he had done to you. But the thing that bothered him the most was that you didn`t leave him because he was an asshole. You left because you thought you were a burden. This was the point at which he would be sitting on the kitchen floor, your letter still in his hand, as he stared blankly infront of himself. He would need a good hour before he finally got back the courage to get up and find you.

With the help of his people he`d get your locations in the matter of a few minutes, not loosing any time to set out to your location. He didn`t want to let you go around with those thoughts for a single second longer. The moment his eyes would meet your, from crying, bloodshot ones his heart would break a second time. He quickly grabbed your arm and drew you close to him when he saw you trying to run. In his arms you tried to protest, telling him he`d only make it harder for you to leave if he kept holding on.

“Good. Then I`ll never let go. I don`t want you to leave. Never. I know this doesn`t make up for my behavior these last few months in the slightest but I am so so sorry y/n. You only deserve the best but what I did was worse than the worst. I made you believe you were useless and a burden when in reality you are all that I am fighting for every day. I don`t expect you to stay when I let go of you now, but please know that I really, truly love you.”

And holding on to his last straw of hope he let go.


This was the worst day of his life. Not because his million dollar deal had gone to hell. Not because several utterly important files had been stolen from his organization. And not because his right hand man, that he had trused for years, turned out to be a traitor. They were not the reason he was currently driving at an inhuman speed down the streets, his hands sweaty and heart beating so fast he thought it was going to burst. No. The reason for why he was a mess like this was the apologizing letter you had left him on your shared bed. His mind was buzzing with guilt, and quite frankly, anger. Not at you but at himself. He was sure he shouldn`t be driving in this state, but the thought of losing you was too much for him. His mind telling him you`d be where you felt the safest. In the park where you two had first met. More precisely on the bench under the great oak tree where you two had fallen in love. 

And he was right. He found you sitting there, your head in your hands as he could hear your sobs filling the cold air of the night. He`d be careful when approaching you. Any signs of his recklessness from earlier gone as he didn`t want to scare you. He`d hesitantly stand infront of you, your tear filled eyes staring at him as he softly spoke up.

“I knew I`d find you here. You really love this spot don`t you. I do too. After all, this is where I found the love of my life. Someone I thought I would never find. But it seems I have fucked up bad. I didn`t treat you the way I should have and now your head is filled with these… these horrible thoughts that aren`t true. You should be mad at me. Yell at me for being the dick that I am, butinstead you are blaming yourself. Y/n, I don`t deserve you in any way. I never have. And if leaving me will make you happy I won`t stop you. But if you still love me, like I love you, please… don`t go. Let me make it up to you and show you how important you are to me.”


If he thought he was beaten down already from his day, now he was truly broken. This situation was completely overwhelming him and he didn`t know what else to do than angrily walk up and down the living room. His hands, no, his whole body shaking in what he could only describe as rage and sadness. He was trying not to cry but failed miserable at it as he noticed wet trails on his cheeks. He had found the note you left him and had immediatley tried calling you only to hear the sound of your ringtone in the livingroom where you left your phone. Now he was only waiting for his men to bring you back. 

What the fuck could take them so long? He was waiting for over an hour already and his patience was wearing thin. That`s where the door would open and you`d step into the apartment. Right on time, he was sure he would`ve gone crazy had it been just a few minutes longer. You couldn`t even say a word when you were suddenly enveloped in a hug, his head tightly pressed into the nook of your neck and his arms having a grip on you as if he was afraid you`d crumcle beneath his hands. And as he felt you hugging him back he let go of everything he had failed to say to you.

“I love you so much y/n. I love you. I don`t even know where to begin to tell you how sorry I am for making you think I wouldn`t love you anymore and that you are a burden. You are anything but useless to me. You are all that I am waking up in the morning for. I made a horrible mistake at not taking care of you when you were feelings this way and I apologize for it. If you still love me, I`d like you to stay here with me. I swear to take better care of you from now on. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it if it makes you stay.” 

Your Favourite Soft-Boy

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Peter Parker x Reader

Length: 1201 words

Warnings: not really, Liz is a lesbian?, I don’t think I gendered the reader?

In terms of ‘soft-boys’, Peter Parker was the softest boy you knew. He was the type who blushed at any motion of affection, or compliment you gave him. Peter’s sweater game was far better than a sitcom character’s, plus he looked better in them too. The kid was smart, and a bit of a rambler, and totally, absolutely, completely your type.

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  • Shanks: *On a stroll through downtown with Benn and Luffy* Where did Luffy go? Why does he keep running off? He knows I won’t chase after him….He’s such a child.
  • Benn: Um, Luffy is six?? He is a child.
  • Shanks: …Right…….
  • Benn: Why don’t you get Luffy one of those child harnesses? That way you don’t have to run after him.
  • Shanks: I’d have to wear the other end of that harness though. or hold it. I can’t even walk a dog, I wouldn’t be able to walk a child.
  • Benn: How do you keep track of him then?
  • Shanks: Like this. *Rattles a jar full of candy.*
  • Luffy: *APPEARS!*
  • Benn: You should probably stop giving him candy so much..
  • Shanks: Yeah.. But it works so well………

no offense but gilmore girls did me wrong by not having an early seasons episode where luke begrudgingly pretended to be lorelai’s boyfriend to preserve her dignity after her date with rune

like, rune offers to be her pity date at another event that they’re going to with sookie and jackson (probably a very cutesy one, like a valentine’s day fundraiser for fruits and vegetables, because WHY NOT)

but in a way where he’s super, super, super insulting about it and definitely calls lorelai the jolly green giant because she made the unfortunate decision of wearing a green sweater on the day that rune and jackson bumped into her at doose’s and suggested this whole hideous mess.

and lorelai, who happened to bump into luke when she came into the store, is like, “actually, i don’t think my BOYFRIEND, LUKE DANES, would be too happy about that”

and luke distantly hears his name from across the store and looks over from where he stands, innocent and untouched by this madness, in the produce aisle.

… only to find that lorelai is barreling over to him mouthing, “YOU’RE MY BOYFRIEND! YOU’RE MY BOYFRIEND!” over and over

and luke on some level of course suddenly wonders if he’s dreaming, because it’s possible he had a dream sort of like this once. he doesn’t like to think about it. dreams are just unreliable brain garbage that don’t mean much of anything.

and then lorelai drags luke and the head of broccoli he’s clutching back over to jackson and rune, luke looking to the ceiling like he is begging god to strike him down at this very moment

and she announces, “yep, here’s my boyfriend! luke!”

“that guy? that guy’s your boyfriend?” rune says.

“yep!” lorelai chirps.

“really? him?” rune snorts.

“i said he was my boyfriend. yes, he is my boyfriend. what do you think i am, a compulsive liar?”

“it’s probably better for you not to say ‘what do you think i am?’ to rune,” jackson mumbles apologetically.

rune, meanwhile, looks baffled. “i dunno, i just don’t see why a handsome guy like him would …” rune is cut off by jackson violently elbowing him in the side.

“oh, i’m his girlfriend, all right,” lorelai fumbles. “and he … thinks i’m just the greatest. don’t you, h-honey…pie?” she slides her arm through his with all the desperate awkwardness in the world.

“the greatest,” luke grunts.

“the greatest? that? he needs to get some standards,” rune mutters perfectly audibly to jackson.

“hey!” luke thunders, waving the head of broccoli threateningly at rune. “you wanna say that again louder, pal?”

rune grimaces, holding his hands up in surrender to the broccoli. “okay, okay! she’s your girlfriend. for some reason.”

“she sure is,” luke declares, putting an arm around lorelai’s waist and pulling her closer to him.

and lorelai smiles a big smile of giddy shocked amusement, awed-slash-delighted that luke is IN THIS.

… and basically luke and lorelai go on a double date to some sappy function with sookie and jackson and RUNE, and it is the greatest and most terrible thing to ever happen, and lorelai also forever teases luke for being an object of beauty in rune’s eyes. and sookie probably repeatedly tries to get luke and lorelai to kiss, like a weird overly invested supporting character in a romcom movie.

LIKE, i am glad that we got little glimpses of luke and lorelai fake coupling over the years, but WE NEEDED A FULL STORYLINE OF THAT GOODNESS and we all know it.

I just can’t get over that deleted scene tbh. I’m sorry but keeping it in would have made the world of difference in my eyes. 

I’ve been chewing poor @queen-mabs-revenge‘s ear off I figured i’d give her a break and vent out loud. And I know i’ll have a ton of disagreements and that’s cool cos “each to their own” and all that.

But keeping that argument in would have honestly made the world of difference to me. It really would.

Cos not only does it show Emma taking her mother’s words in and trying to apologise to him, it also shows that Killan WAS able to talk to her and air his upset over her secrets. That he wasn’t just ‘bookshelf Hook’ that stood in the background looking hurt the whole time. 

And, for me, it also gives some insight into why Emma blew up the way she did during their dreamcatcher fight. Because I was one of those that felt she was rather unfair to turn on him the way she did when he was trying to explain that he felt he would lose everything, and was terrified, and it gave me the impression that he couldn’t talk about it. And for the longest time i felt like she was doing exactly what he feared; turning her back on him when he does something wrong, not giving him a chance etc etc. 


It shows me that I understand her reaction a little more. I get why she was as hurt as she was. That he had in fact done similar to what he’d been mad about her doing before. Their trust was damaged on both sides (even though didn’t we go through this in s5? but that’s another story)

Keeping that scene in would have made such a big impact on the narrative as far as i’m concerned and I honestly don’t see why they cut it. I just feel a bit cheated that it took months after the actual episode to get more insight into their issues on a dvd extra when it should have been clear in the episode itself. It’s honestly like the damn s5 snowglobe again. 

Again, just my thoughts i’m airing. I’m sure most will scolding me for thinking such things but it is what it is. 

if youre a writer and you want to know what multilingual ppl are really like, today I was giving directions to a Chinese couple but they were having trouble understanding me, so I turned to my gf for help and she explained it very slowly to them in English and sent them on their way. when they were gone I said “babe… you’re Chinese. Why did you give them the directions in English?” and she looked at me with utter horror, and that’s the story of how my gf forgot she spoke her own native language

fuyunoakegata  asked:

10 Dick and Bruce. Then pick one you want me to do and I will attempt fluffy angst for you ;)

Heyyyy you got to be my first prompt. Congrats and don’t worry I’ll drop something in your inbox soon. ; )

There’s a million places this could have gone and I wanted to do them all. I settled for something with Robin Dick and Bruce because I’m in that vein right now. I hope you enjoy it.

“I don’t understand.” Dick pouted as he sat on a gurney in the cave, arm outstretched as Alfred worked tight, even stitches into the gash on it.

“What?” Batman asked.

He hadn’t pulled back his cowl yet, and right now to Dick he was more Batman than Bruce. He was angry. The ‘what’ little more than a grunt, his jaw tight as he planted himself at the cave’s computer probably to pound the anger into the computer keys instead of something less solid.

“I don’t understand why I’m in trouble when the night was a success.” Dick continued, he knew he was digging the hole deeper but he’d dealt with a broody Batman the whole ride back to the cave and the night hadn’t even been a failure.

“We saved those people, they’re alive because of what we did.”

He winced as Alfred tied off the last stitch in his arm and moved to bandaging it.

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Confession: I push people away and I don’t even know I’m doing it. In high school there was this boy who was always nice to me. I would constantly give him the cold shoulder and my attitude around him was awful. Yet no matter what he still tried with me. Eventually we got along and we would have the deepest conversations about anything. Every English class would be filled with debates about current issues in society. Our friendship was like lucky and justice from poetic justice.There was one time he got my number (from somewhere) and he messaged me. Even on the last day of school he forced me to take a picture with him and offered to walk me home. During high school I couldn’t see the signs. But now I’m constantly reminiscing about the times we had together. 2 years after high school I reached out to him but again I ended up pushing him away even though he opened up to me still after so long. He got fed up of me finally and he cut me out of his life. I apologised but he ignored it and honestly I’m glad he did in a way. I’ve been trying to come up with explanations as to why I do this. Perhaps when I see that people care about me so much i push them away as I don’t want them to get too close to me. I’ve always been an introverted person that’s been comfortable on my own. Or perhaps it’s the fear of actually having someone who cares about me deeply. I guess I’ll never know. I pray that he lives a happy life however I constantly worry because I know he’s not okay. I care about him much more than he’ll ever imagine but he would never guess that from the way I act towards him. I wish I was normal.

I wish I could say I was alright but living in America and constantly having to see black people get murdered by the police affects me everyday.

Lecturer venting for a sec- I’ve been a TA the past few years, and this is my first year lecturing. Every single class I’ve TAd for has been in a tech-friendly room, which means that we had access to Lecture Capture via Echo360- a system that works automatically on a schedule and requires zero effort from the professor. It publishes to Blackboard automatically but can be edited or postponed pending professor approval, and it’s free to use. There’s support staff just for LC and there’s additional training and workshops if you want to get more out of the LC program. 

And yet despite having TAd every semester previously, none of the lecturers I’ve worked with ever used this. Why? Why haven’t we been doing this? Did the ACCC just now start sending out these e-mails? I can’t believe that lecture capture- screen and audio- is something they just now introduced.

Students can watch lectures, including any hands-on demos we do with the doc cam. They can hear what I’m saying- and we can get these lectures captioned. This could help students in so many ways- my mind immediately jumps to accessibility issues for students with sensory or processing disorders because hello, lecture you can access on your own time in your own space as frequently as you’d like, with the option to have captions/transcriptions- but this would be super useful for studying for exams, for reviewing difficult concepts, to catch up on stuff you might have missed… 

The devil’s advocate in me says that it’s an attendance issue- that students won’t come to lecture if they can just watch it online- but with the in-class exercises for credit that we do, students will still need to attend. 

I’m definitely going to be using this tool and talking to others in my department about it. It seems like it would be really useful.

Dialogue Challenge #2. Driving Miss Crazy

This is in regards to @mustardyellowsunshine dialogue challenge. I loved it so much, I did it again. This is originally from my WiP: Just EMTime, but I jist,had to throw it out here.

For my best gals: @inunanna @lacyjaybird @adorableears7 @kags09 @keichanz @inukag-4ever.

I hope y'all like this!!! Xoxoxoxo 😘😘

Warning: May be kinda-sorta, long. 😁


“Ma’am. I’m going to need you to lay still. You’ve been in an accident.”

“Yeah, wench. Lay still, I gotta start an IV and yer flopping around isn’t helpin’.”

“Inuyasha. Why are you always so crude. Can’t you see this woman is scared?”

“She looks horrible– ow!”

“Never say that. A woman with a body like that is bound to be beautiful.”

“Do I need to call Sango and tell her how yer hittin’ on a critical?”

“You wouldn’t– I was only– Fine.”

“Lady. Stop movin’!”

“You have the most beautiful eyes.”


“Can I rub your ears?”

“Is she–”

“Hitting on you? Yes, my dear friend. She most definitely is. I’ll be up front, give you two some alone time.”

“Wipe that shit eatin’ grin off your face, bouzo.”

“We alone? Good. Let me touch your ears now.”

“Hey! I said lay still. Put your arms down, NOW.”

“But you’re so handsome. I really wanna touch em.”

“I said no.”

“But you make me feel things.”


“Not those types of things, pervert.”

“I didn’t say anything.”


“Why you—”

“Inuyasha, are you half dog-demon or is it a cat- OUCH!”

“Told ya to stop movin’.”

“You did that on purpose.”

“Ya have no proof— and I’m not a fucking cat.”

“Then you’re a beautiful dog demon.”

“Half. And quit callin’ me beautiful.”

“Handsome. Gorgeous. Smoking hot. That better? Awe! You’re blushing!”

“I am not! Look wench. You were in a nasty ass car accident and ya look terrible. There’s a severe gash over your right eye on your temporal lobe. There’s blood everywhere and I still need an IV to start these fluids. So I’ma need you to stop flirting with me and get yer shit under control— wha- why are ya cryin’?!”

“I just complimented you and you’re yelling at me!”

“St- stop it! I’m sorry okay? I just wanna help you.”

“O- okay. I- I’’ll try to be still.”

“Good. I think I can get this is one stick.”

“Be gentle. I’m damaged goods.”

“Keh. You got that right. Okay got it. See? That wasn’t so bad.”

“Now can I rub your ears? Oh don’t growl at me, puppy.”

“I’ve had it up to the roof with ya.”

“Oh please. You love the attention.”

“Ha! Lady, I haven’t gotten attention since my mom was alive.”

“I’m sorry, Inuyasha.”

“Nah. I don’t need pity. It’s been years now. Quit ya cryin’.”

“But it’s so sad! I’ll give you all the attention you deserve!”

“Holy fucking- yer a nut, woman.”

“But you like me anyway and my name isn’t lady, wench or woman. It’s Kagome. Ka-go-me. Use it buddy.”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“Say it.”


“What’s my name?”


“Wrong. What’s my name?”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh I’d love that. What’s my name?”

“Goddammit! KAGOME! Okay?! You’re name is Kagome. Happy now?”

“Mmm. I will be after you take me to dinner.”

“How the fuck did you come up with that?”

“Because I know you want to.”

“The pain meds got you even more crazy in the brain.”

“You may be right, but I know what I want and when I set my mind to it, I get what I want.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m serious, Inu-ya–sha.”

“Bout damn time you fell asleep. Shit.”


Four weeks later


“Kouga! So nice to see you!”

“How’s my favorite RN today?”

“I don’t know. How is Ayame? Hmm?”

“You wound me, Kags.”

“I bet I did. Where’s Ginta?”

“Took the day off. I have another partner today. He’s from M.M. across town.”

“Oh, where is he?”

“Yo, mutt. Come to the second floor. Someone I want to meet.”

“Copy wolf-shit.”

“He’s on his way up.”

“Y'all’s communication is amazing.”

“We’ve been friends for years. It’s just how we are.”

“Kouga why the hell  are you just standin’ arou-”

“Mutt, meet Kagome Higurashi. Best damn nurse on Tokyo. Kagome meet Inuyasha Takahashi.”


“Why are you staring at her like th—”



“What the hell? Y'all know each other already?”

“He’s the rude paramedic who picked me up.”

“Rude? You’re the bitch who wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to give an IV.”

“Yeah well I was in an accident and I was scared!”

“Scared my ass. You were throwing around fucking compliments and shit the whole time. I finally had to give you Phenergan to knock you out.”

“You knocked me out on purpose?! I had a concussion!”

“I know how to do my job, bitch.”

“Do not growl at me you over-sized puppy. I–”

“Back away from each other. You two need to shut up or go somewhere else to talk. People are starting to stare.”

“Keh. Can we just get this patient and go already?”

“What he said.”

“Damn y'all are salty. Fine. 223’s chart Miss.”

“Right here. Report: Yamaguchi, Keito. Seventy-six years old. Diagnosed with COPD Exacerbation Hypertension. Cellulitis lower, right leg. Foley at time of transfer and PICC line upper right arm. He has trouble breathing so he’ll need to be transferred with an oxygen tank at 2 liters.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Bye Kouga. Tell Ayame yo call me later. Inuyasha, good day.”

“Back at cha.”

“You two are crazy.”

“Let’s just go.”


“Oh. It’s you again. What can I do for you?”

“I have to do a follow up on my transfers.  223 was your patient so I’m giving report.”

“Go ahead.”

“Yamaguchi, Keito. Seventy-six years old. Diagnosed with COPD Exacerbation,  Hypertension. Cellulitis lower, right leg. Foley at time of transfer and PICC line in right arm. O2 was stable at 2 liters when dropped off at the Village.”

“Thank you— is that all?”


“I’m sorry, speak up and slower. I didn’t hear you.”

“I said how do you feel?”

“Fine? OH you mean since my accident. I’m better. Took a few weeks though. This is my first day back since then.”

“The way you looked, I’d figured you be out for a long time.”

“For your information, I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out that morning before that idiot hit us. So I was loopy, swollen and scarred.”

“Loopy ain’t the word. You were bat shit crazy.”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t give me that look. You were! Throwing around compliments about— ah forget it.”

“About what? Oh god what all did I say? I only remember bits and pieces. Inuyasha tell me.”

“You were talking about my eyes and ears.”

“What’s wrong with complimenting them? You have nice eyes and I really wanna touch the ears— oh forget I said that!”

“Why? WHY do you like them? I’m a half-breed. No one really cares about how I feel.”

“Well I’m not everyone else and I like them. They are so cute.”

“Don’t call me cute.”

“Handsome. Gorgeous. Smoking hot. That better?”

“You said that in the ambulance too.”

“Yeah and I also remember asking you to dinner.”

“You were doped up.”

“So? I told you I remember bits and pieces.”

“Yeah, but I—”

“Oh please. The offer still stands.”

“You can’t be serious! No one—”

“Stop. I’m not just anyone. You’ll figure that out soon enough.”

“Kinda bold ain’t cha?”

“What do I got to lose? I think what happened, happened for a reason. Carpe Diem!”

“I— you can’t just demand a date from someone like that!”

“Then how would you do it?”

“Well for starters I wouldn’t be so fucking rude–”

“Oh that’s a first.”

“— as I was sayin’, I’d just be like, would you go to dinner with me? And wait for a response.”

“I would love to have dinner with you. Friday at 730? I have the weekend off.”



“What the fuck?! I never asked you out.”

“You just did.”

“NO. I was giving you an example— wait. You did that shit on purpose.”

“Next time be more gentle when sticking someone for an IV.”

“Why you sneaky bitch.”

“Pick me up at seven-thirty from here. I’ll be waiting in the lobby. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Awe. That was a genuine smile. I knew you had it on you.”

“Keh. Get her ass back to work. People could be dying.”

“And I guess that goes for you too, huh puppy?”

“I swear, if you call m— what was that for?!”

“It’s called a kiss and calm down. It was only a peck.”


“What? Did I embarr— ommph.”



“Wha– what was that for?”

“When ya plant a kiss on someone, that is how you do it, woman.”

“Duly noted.”

“Get back to work. I’ll see ya Friday night.”

“I’m holding you to it. And I look forward to other surprise kisses.”

“Keh. We’ll see about that, Ka-go-me.”

“Yes. Yes we will, puppy.”


annie990ship  asked:

So many people mention if Cass knows about his death, she will be at least sentimental with him. I don't why, but Cass seems like the kind of person who wouldn't be moved by such a fact, she may at first, but would continue to treat him the same way she always did after a couple of days, cause seriously, there are such kind of people like these in this world

I think the biggest concern in this sense was that she was, at least at first, acting as though she thought Eugene was only with Rapunzel because she was a princess, and being with her offered him the cushy lifestyle he’d always wanted without having to work for it. The question about whether or not she knew the lengths to which he’d go was intended to point out that, should she know, she wouldn’t assume that he didn’t actually love Rapunzel.

But, in favor of Cassandra and potentially Arianna and Frederic not knowing about what all went on in the tower, Rapunzel didn’t paint Eugene’s death on her bedroom wall as part of the “my story” mural. (Nor did she include Gothel chaining her up.) It’s possible that it was because she didn’t particularly want to look at a reminder of him dying every single day, but it’s also possible that she didn’t want people asking questions because she wasn’t ready to talk about it yet.

I guess we’ll find out very soon!

anonymous asked:

Hey not to be a hater or anything, but why are you so vehemently against Maxvid? I understand it can be seen as pedophilia or whatever, but doesn't it get tiring to hate something? It's just a show for god's sake, you don't see people complaining about other ships that have a huge age gap... (just my opinion, I don't want to start any arguments, really just curious)

1) You answered your own question: it’s pedophilia

2) ‘It’s just a show’ or ‘it’s just fiction’ is often the excuse used to justify the ship, and I’m here to say this: it’s a terrible excuse with no ground. Now, I won’t say fiction will ALWAYS affect reality (it all depends), but there’s been plenty of examples to prove that it CAN and it HAS, in HORRIBLE WAYS. It’s because of Jaws that sharks have the reputation they do, and that there are not more sharks in the world today. Thirteen Reasons Why did everything you’re NOT supposed to do when talking about suicide in media, and PEOPLE KILLED THEMSELVES AS A RESULT OF WHAT THEY SAW.

And portraying a pedophilic relationship as cutesy or romantic is disgusting, it’s unhealthy and the fact so many KIDS and TEENS are supporting it is ESPECIALLY harmful because they’re going to grow up thinking that this sort of relationship (a relationship involving a child and an adult) is okay and normal. Creepy adults are going see this mindset as an opportunity to take advantage of these unsuspecting kids, and I should not have to say why that’s fucking BAD.


4) I’ve seen people complain about other ships with age gaps. Obviously in the case of two adults with similar levels of maturity, there’s a little more leeway when it comes to age gaps. There’s no power imbalance there, which is one of the main issues with ships like Ma//x//vid// (aside from all the other obvious issues). Adults ALWAYS have power over children, power that the children cannot reciprocate. You can age Max up all you want, sure, but like….David’s still going to have power over him. ‘But what if I make them the same age?’ The fact that you HAVE to age Max up at all in order to make the ship ‘’’’’’’okay’’’’’’ really tells you that it’s not okay, and you fucking know it.


6) Yeah, I’m fucking exhausted trying to convince people that an adult and a child shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship, when it should be common knowledge. But people keep doing it so I’m going to keep being annoyed.

7) It’s pedophilia. Get out of my inbox.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: why did the Nanbaka anime go out of its way to change the trap Uno sprung on Hajime during the game of tag with Hitoshi from what it was in the manga? in the manga Uno trapped Hajime inside a steal cage but in the anime they changed it to freezing him in ice, but this doesn't make any sense?? the conversation held between Uno and Hajime should have been impossible since Hajime shouldn't have been able to speak while frozen, thus breaking the audience's suspension of disbelief and making it a much more unbelievable scenario than the original. was it really cheaper to animate a person being frozen in ice versus getting trapped and then breaking out of a steel cage, on top of changing the lines used in the original to match this new element?? did they just not think that Hajime getting trapped inside a cage like a gorilla was funny enough??? why would they make this decision I just can't fathom the reasoning behind it and I need to know the truth just what-

jennystruehappy  asked:

Wondering if Danny was a jerk before he got his powers because all Fun Danny wanted to do was relax and he was kinda selfish and irresponsible. Superhero Danny seemed to be the one to actually have a conscience. Apparently, the Danny we know and love comes from Superhero Danny but he didn't seem like a jerk when it was flashbacks of him being a little kid. What gives?

Hey there! I actually did a full analysis post on Fun!Danny and Super!Danny talking about why I think they acted the way they did. You can read the full thing here.

To sum it up, though, I think the two were the extreme versions of what Danny wanted for them, taking the parts of his personality that would best suit their roles. Neither of them was just Danny. They were two halves of Danny. So, Super!Danny took the altruism, responsibility, and other things that would suit his role as a full-time superhero, and Fun!Danny took the laziness, teenage rudeness, and other things that would fit a kid who wants to slack off and have fun all weekend.

So, no. Danny wasn’t a selfish jerk before getting his powers. His personality was the same, except less confident and more easily frightened. He has selfish moments like any kid, of course, but that doesn’t define his personality. It just helped define Fun!Danny’s.

anonymous asked:

Omega Katsuki who's alpha mate is a villain reactions? Or Omega Dabi who's alpha mate is a hero reactions?

How about both? lolol. Sorry if its not very good! I’ve never written Dabi before, but I hope this is okay!

Bakugo Katsuki

  • Katsuki would be conflicted, distancing himself from you for a while.
  • He would be shocked when he finds out, don’t get me wrong, but he’s.. emotional.
  • Emotional as in he doesn’t know what’s right from wrong, from always telling himself that he’s not a villain despite his attitude, and then falling head over heels for an Alpha that is on the side he didn’t want to be associated with.
  • God, why did you have to be so complicated.
  • He hates that he feels so strongly for you. He knows it’s wrong to feel this way but he’s in too deep and he doesn’t know how to get out.
  • One of the many emotions whirling inside him, ontop of the ones he had from before, was fear.
  • And he fucking hated it.
  • Bakugo could never keep an eye on you, he could never give in and spill his emotions because fuck, you had no idea what being a hero was like.
  • Yet he felt like a stranger. He had no idea what the villain world was like either.
  • Ultimately becomes more depressed as he lets everything bottle up, not understanding anything about you or how the relationship might end up.


  • Dabi is more relaxed, but like Bakugo, he’s conflicted.
  • Sometimes he regrets not going to the hero side to be with you, and to make it easier on you.
  • He takes into consideration your feelings over his. Imagine being an Alpha who can’t keep an eye on his Omega? It was unheard of.
  • He finds himself on edge in meetings with the League of Villains, hoping to God that they don’t mention your name as a new target.
  • Dabi deals with the situation by spending a lot of time alone, thinking about what could have been.
  • When you meet up, you remind him that he needs to think about the present instead of dwelling on the past, and figure out a way to make this all work.

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you 2p Allies reaction to finding out that their child went to school sick? Like the opposite of faking sick.

2p America: Dude, you could have missed school.

2p England: Ohhhhh my poor baby! I’ll come get you right away!

2p France: Why did you even want to go? eh, I’ll come get you.

2p Russia: While school is important and should be a priority, so is your health, both mental and physical.

2p China: What, really? Oh, you really are? I thought you would be faking cause that’s what I would do. I’ll come get you.

2p Canada: On my way. kids gets picked up on a moose