why did i watermark this


everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen


Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

//a dorky playlist for the two biggest dorks in all of existence//

// listen here

// tracklist:

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To / Weezer • Better Together / Jack Johnson • We Are The Kids / Walk The Moon • Can’t Help / Parachute • I Wouldn’t Mind / He is We • Sleeping With a Friend / Neon Trees • Bombshell Blonde / Owl City • All the Small Things / Blink-182 • Out of My League / Fitz & The Tantrums • Someday / The Strokes • Run Away / Chase Atlantic • Breaking Up My Bones / Vinyl Theatre • Good Time / Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen • Can’t Get Enough (Sam Padrul Remix) / Yeah Boy • Chocolate / The 1975 • Come With Me Now / KONGOS • Alone Together / Fall Out Boy • Counting Stars / OneRepublic • How You Get The Girl / Taylor Swift • Don’t Stop (Color On the Walls) / Foster the People • Everybody Talks / Neon Trees • Fiona Coyne / Saint Pepsi • Heart Out / The 1975 • Kids In Love / The Mowgli’s • Work it Out / Knox Hamilton • Hit It / American Authors • All Of The People / Panama Wedding • San Francisco / The Mowgli’s • The Great Escape / Boys Like Girls • Howlin’ For You / The Black Keys • Lonely Boy / The Black Keys • Real Love / Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne • Skylight (Ft. Alex Lewis) / Sam Padrul • Something Good Can Work / Two Door Cinema Club • Tear In My Heart / twenty one pilots • Young Volcanoes / Fall Out Boy

hey guys, i hate doing this…i really do and i know this isn’t the first time i spoke up about this but please please please stop stealing my gifs. i don’t make these gifs to get appreciated or anything, i don’t get money or anything for gif-ing. i genuinely enjoy gif-ing stuff and to share these cute moments of the boys with everyone. i don’t expect you guys to thank me or whatsoever as gif-ing the boys is something i truly enjoy but i wish to get the respect from you guys to respect that it is my work and that people will stop reposting my gifs and claim it as theirs. 

gif-ing may seem easy to others or you guys but creators really put in hard work. it is really disheartening and upsetting to see people stealing my work and getting credit for it. yeah, i tried to watermark my gifs but i got people asking me why did i watermark my gifs so i stopped after a few posts as i wanted to make you guys enjoy those cute moments as much as possible so please all that i ask for is that really really basic respect of not stealing my work.

empressblendy  asked:

Would it be possible to request Sherry Blendy for the bubblegum series maybe with the hairstyles she had during the Oracion Seis arc?

Ahh Oracian Seis. It all sounds so innocent now from where we are. 

I’m sorry about our beb sherry not being apart of the bubblegums! She isn’t too happy with me as she quite likes the spotlight but she does seem fond of the watermelon jacket I have draped over her. Thus I am forgiven. 

why did i make my watermark white and now it isn’t visible goddamn