why did i watch this show again

Headcanon that Jason watches the show arrow and shits himself laughing at the portrayal of Roy like

“Hey Roy you’re fucking Oliver Queen’s sister again lol!!”

“Oh look you dramatically cried about Oliver’s Sister!” (For the eighth time)

“Oh what’s this? You actually are clean shaven and lost the scraggly hair? Nope wait, you’re even more of a pain in this show….”

Roy would be like

“When the hell did Ollie get a sister?!”
(Ollie doesn’t have one in the comics)

“I’m smarter than that! And I would NEVER do this stupid shit!”

“Why aren’t you wearing a ball cap???”

Urgh, I don’t know why I’m drawing DB/Super Fanart. :D Like, why did I start watching the show? Tumblr community got me hyped. 

Top: Bulma and Vegeta taking care of Pan.

Bottom: Revelation..? (Like, Adult-Trunks going home and Vegeta mentioning that there is only one child again, and Bulma being like “Actually…”
Haha, make up your own story.)

I’m trying to develop a sketchy style that still reads (and can be taken further). Normally I’m a full-render person who hates everything with lines. I just don’t want to spend FOREVER on every single piece. (And DB compelled me to go anime-ish, because realistic Vegeta looks super strange and uncanny, haha.) 

LOL! Told you re: May.

Fitz! Don’t turn creepy! Don’t lie to Jemma! Don’t be that guy! GOD. (Although…this just makes me even more certain in my predictions. Jemma’s going to be so pissed at him once she saves herself from Aida…I wouldn’t actually blame her if she dumped him, even though I’ll be pissed as hell at the writers for it - THE MOONLIGHTING CURSE IS A MYTH.)

Also, that scene was begging for a kiss. But we got a lot of great moments between them together in the same room, so I’ll take what I can get.

anonymous asked:

supercat shippers are wild. y'all literally erase or dismiss kara at every opportunity. do you even like kara??? apparently not since according to supercat stans the whole reason the show is suffering has nothing to do with how kara's being treated or how kara has no story or how kara's career isn't going anywhere, no its just all about how cat is gone and how cat made the show. you could probably just go watch old ally mcbeal episodes and be happy so why bother with supergirl?

Wait, who’s Kara again? Oh, do you mean Carter? As in Cat’s son? Yeah I completely agree with you on all points, his character development has really suffered this season.

He’s just simply the best though, isn’t he? Gosh, he’s so kind and sweet and selfless. His mother sure did raise him right.

I could probably gush for hours about that boy, but I actually have to be getting back to watching Ally McBeal now. I hope you have a lovely day, anon!

why, yes i did download seasons 1, 2, & 3 of skam with english subtitles and plan on burning them onto DVDs and saving them on a usb to be able to watch the show over and over again because no show will ever compare

AOS spoilers/speculation

1) Jemma is badass even more than usual this ep, so odds are something bad’s going to happen to her.

2) As previously mentioned, Radcliffe basically turned her into a threat by saying she knew what Aida was immediately.

3) Aida is clearly getting pissed with Radcliffe, but we also have brought up that Fitz is the real creator of her better technology

4) In the grand tradition of robot-turned-bad-stories, the hubris of trying to play God will end up hurting the creator the most by failing in the one thing it was created for.

5) Aida was created to protect Jemma.

I’m just saying, if this storyline doesn’t continue with Aida going after Jemma, I’m going to be very disappointed because they’ve set it up perfectly. And if it doesn’t ultimately end with Jemma’s POV and saving herself and focusing on her emotions about the situation and then actual discussion of their relationship issues…I’m going to rage.

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Nickname(s): Lio

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: very

Time Right Now: 9:09am

Last Thing Googled: fallout 4 console commands

Favorite Music Artists: pink floyd, van halen, idk some others

Song Stuck in Your Head: Shy Glizzy - Awwsome

Last Movie Watched: the force awakens (again)

Last TV Show Watched: x-files

What I’m Wearing Right Now: sweats, thermal undershirt, cozy slippers

Blog Creation Date: idk a few months ago

What Kind of Stuff I Post: Voltron, some star wars, shitposts, yoi, memes, ect.

Do I Have Any Other Blogs?: i got my old url saved on a sideblog

Do I Get Asks Regularly?: lol no

Why Did I Choose My URL?: well when i was stealing-klances it was because it sounds like stealing glances ya know? this one now is because im a slut for galra lance

Hogwarts House: Slytherin


Favorite Color(s): blue, like any shade really but especially turquoise. and orange. but like sunset orange.

Average Hours of Sleep:  4 maybe if im lucky

Lucky Number: 17

Favorite Character(s): Lance, lance mcclain lance mcclain lance mcclain lance mcclain  oh and lance mcclain and hunk

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: One, but it’s thick as shit

Dream Job: dogs. just anything to do with dogs. especially like rescue.

Following: uhh like 250 i think

i tag: you binch you seeing this right now? you tagged homie aight i dont make the rules okay you tagged, tag me that i tagged you got it???

Why tho

Before watching the episode I was like OK maybe this will not be as bad as I think it is
Oh boy, this shit was worse than I could ever imagine.
Why would they reference Oscar Wilde? I think they did it on purpose just to tease us. And the Molly scene? That was awful.
I can’t believe I had faith in them, I even thought they were clever (silly)
It’s a shame. We have invested so many years in this show, I have watched the episodes a hundred times, but this shit just killed it all, I don’t think I will be able to watch the show ever again now knowing that it was all just queerbait and bad writing.
Why would Ben and Martin agree to to this shit? I’m dissapointed AF.

Bias Questions

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1. who was your first bias and who is your current one?: 

ok when i first discovered seventeen i was a dk stan bc like HIGH NOTES? SMILE? SUN? SO DUMB AND ATTRACTIVE and most important of all, T H I G H S OMG?????But then gradually, after i watched that english radio interview that vernon and josh went on back in 2015, and one fine day i became a Joshua stan but since BOOMBOOM era started i’ve been threatened by dk once again have y’all seen that j style magazine thing he did HELLO BINCH YAS FUK ME UP but deep down still a loyal joshua stan :]

2. why did you get into kpop?: 

just because i lost interest in english tv shows and movies and songs too plus i was already lowkey obsessed with kdrama so i decided like ehh why not give kpop a try and here i am now 

3. If you could join any kpop group, who would you choose?:

I’m not saying because I’m a fan but i would really like genuinely want to join seventeen i mean have you seen how close they are with each other? Honestly there’s no one that is awkward with the other and it really would be nice to experience that sorta idk feeling? 

4. if all of your biases proposed to you, who would you choose?:

do you actually want me to answer this? I guess I’ll have to fight then I’ll marry seungkwan 

5. if you could be in any fanfic, what would it be?:

Man i’ve never really read any kpop fanfics 

6. what mythical creature would you be if you had the chance?: 

i’d like to be a unicorn bc im a basic bitch 

7. supernatural! au or mafia! au?:


8. which kpop idol would you switch bodies with?:

joy from red velvet!!

9. if you could have any idol as a pocket size companion, who would you chose?: 

josh and seokmin of course omg???

10. which idol you would want as a sibling?: 

i want scoups to be my oppa and seulgi as my unni 

11. if you were only able to say five words to your bias, what would you say to them?:

thank you for being an idol ❤️

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(optional of course!!) 


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nickname(s): I don’t have any, everyone calls me Marina :(

starsing: pisces

height: i’m like 5′1′’ (i know i’m very small)

last thing i googled: vegan pancakes

fave music artist: I can’t stop listening to Michael Kiwanuka right now

song stuck in my head: starboy by The Weeknd

last movie I watched: Moonrise Kingdom (again)

last tv show I watched: Sherlock 💞

when did you creat your blog?: beggining of this year

what kind of stuff do I post?: things related to study and bujo 

do i have any other blogs: yes! this is my main blog http://zyxd0.tumblr.com/

do i get ask regularly: no :( but I’d like to

why did i chose my url: it’s the name of my main blog plus “studies” which is what is this blog about

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!

pokemon team: no idea

favourite colour: i love pastel colours 

average hours of sleep: 7/8

lucky number: 6

favourite characters: this question is too hard for me

how many blankets do i sleep with: 2

dream job: maybe a writer, maybe working in a publishing house

following: 420

tagging: @killthespectrelovers @sherlockianstudies @starrinfinite @hernerdylife @studyingdaisies @thisiskillingmetbh @alazystudent @studyblrun @great-sunnyyyy @problematicprocrastinator @didadidstudy @petterstudies @girlwithafountainpen @study-hard-sunshines @louloustudies @glittertea @networknotetaker @medscape (only if you like to 💞)

Drabble request #11 - @cumberbucky  Modern AU, Bucky x reader: “We should be drunk, why aren’t we drunk?” “I’m standing here, looking at you and all I want to do is kiss you.” “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

Originally posted by combefcrre

“Ah, fuck. Ahhh FUCK!” You scream from behind your hands. Negan is the fucking worst! This season finale is going to kill you. Screw The Walking Dead. You’re never watching this show ever again!

“Eenie…meenie…miney…mo,” the ridiculously awful character is pointing his barbwire bat at each of your favorite characters and you’re on edge. You’re watching the exchange between your fingers, your legs pulled up to your chest like a barrier to the television.

The screen stops at a first point of view look at Lucille and it takes you a second to realize that Bucky’s paused the show. You’re about to freak out on him, when he says, “We should be drunk, why aren’t we drunk?” His voice is strangled like he’s as emotionally compromised as you are. You marathoned the show with him from season one episode one to the season six finale in a week. He gets up quickly to get some alcohol and you follow him immediately, not wanting to be left alone with your scattered thoughts or the image of Lucille.

You try to focus on Bucky’s movements, watching as he pours himself a generous glass of  Thor’s Asgardian liquor. You grab the bottle of Jack and take a gulp straight from the bottle.

Bucky’s eyes widen as he watches you. “You okay there, kid?”

You vehemently shake your head. “I fucking hate Negan. Let’s get this over with.”

“What kind of season finale was that?!” You scream, definitely feeling the effects of the whiskey you’ve downed. Bucky is on the other side of the common room pacing with his hands running through his hair, clearly distraught. “How could they do that?!”

“When does season seven start?” He asks, eyes wild as they search for you.

“Not til next month.” You mumble into the mouth of the Jack bottle. “I fucking hate Negan. I hate this show. I’m never watching again.”

Bucky groans in agreement as he sits next to you. His arm brushes against your leg as he reaches for his glass. He holds it up to cheers yours, and says, “Fuck this show.”

You repeat the phrase, glasses clinking, and down another mouthful. You’re not necessarily mad anymore. But you’re sad. You’re kinda numb? Fuck, the alcohol is hitting you and you can feel it. You wonder if it’s hitting Bucky–

Ugh, speaking of– Bucky is right next to you. Like. Right there. Smelling good and looking good and –

You groan quietly at your own thoughts, thinking you need to back up out of here and just go sulk in your room. You’re at that dangerously fun line between tipsy and drunk, and you know how free-spirited you get when your inhibitions are lowered.

But just think about what his lips taste like. Ugh, God, stop. He’s your friend. Your best friend’s best friend. You can’t think about kissing him.

You sneak a look over at him, and you’re caught instantly, ‘cause he’s staring at you. Like. Staring. You feel a flush come up your face and wonder what the hell is he staring at.

“I’m staring at you.”

Oh god, did you say that out loud? Did you ask him what–? Fuck. Yep, no more alcohol. You put the bottle down on a coffee table and ask him why he’s staring at you. His eyes are glassy, the smallest smile is pulling on the corner of his lip. “If there was an apocalypse, would you be my partner?”

Well, you weren’t expecting that. You always kind of assumed Steve would be his go-to for everything. You smile, flushing at the compliment. “Of course, Buck.”

He smiles, it’s mega bright and you’re emotionally compromised. He pulls you in for a hug and sloppily kisses your cheek. His stubble is scraping across your jaw and your breath hitches in your throat. He pulls away just enough to look at you seriously. “I’m sitting here looking at you, and all I wanna do is kiss you.

The wind is knocked out of you. He did not just say that! He licks his lips and blatantly stares at yours for a moment before dragging his eyes back up to met yours. You lean in a little, before you realize that you can really smell the liquor on his breath and wonder how much of this he’ll remember. “Not tonight, Buck,” you start and his features fall. “If you feel the same way in the morning, I’ll kiss you. Promise. Let’s get you to bed.”

“I always feel this way.” He mumbles, but doesn’t put up a fight. You get him to bed without further incident, and he’s out like a light. You, however, are up thinking about his confession.

You finally wake at some point in the afternoon, a small hangover greeting you. You get up gently and made your way to the kitchen to find anything to stave this nasty feeling off.

Bucky was at the counter, making himself a sandwich when you made your presence known. He smiled at you, then you felt him tense and the air change around you. Good. He remembered last night. Your tummy filled with butterflies at the thought.

He cleared his throat. “So, those things you said yesterday… did you mean them?

He’s looking at you like he’s simultaneously hoping you remember and that you don’t. You smile shyly and nod. “Yeah, why? You still wanna kiss me?”

He goes lax  with relief and makes his way over to you. Cupping your jaw, he pulls your face closer to his. “You have no idea,” he whispers before moulding his lips to yours.

I have a problem with the whole fake Frank thing...

so sense the Frank with sunglasses is the fake one, the Frank The Boys™ got to know isn’t the real one.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is Ian, Max, and Chad never met the real Frank, who will in the future take over the show again. When he does he won’t remember them because he never met them. Just imagine, Max and Ian being really confused on why Frank is acting like he doesn’t know them. So they are showing him stuff like the cake videos and all the other videos they made together. and Frank just being like “that fucking disgusting” but thinking “I mean, I would but…who the fuck.”

I just get a weird mixture of sadness and laughter because Frank re watching the cake videos and being really angry because:
1. someone did this in his good, filthy name
2. he didn’t get to do it/remember it

but the sadness comes in at the group getting frustrated because their friend doesn’t remember them.

and also, say they have to pick a side between real and fake Frank. chances are they would pick fake sense they are friends with him. would that make them “the antagonist”, I guess you could say?

Unless the Franks’ memories are somehow connected, I am pretty sure I am making sense…

**UPDATE**: it has been brought to my attention that real Frank is actually in “Dumbass Gets Pewdiepie Tattoo”

but still, fake Frank was in way more videos with the group than actual Frank. so I guess it’s safe to assume, Frank isn’t as close to them as the fake one is. but now that someone pointed that out, it just kinda makes me wonder really what would happen once the real Frank gets back. like I said, most likely he doesn’t have the memorize of all the other videos so

also, it can be argued that the Frank in the “Deadly Twister” video is the real one. but idk sense they are all wearing the glasses, fake Frank could have just done it with them…

[hit me up with your opinions, I did as much research on it as I could and I have been thinking too much about it.]
[i feel like I am putting way too much thought into this, but I won’t stop]

Helloooo. Okay, my name is ali and I am 15. I did this once before so I figured why not again. I really like music, I could literally talk about it for hours.
I like everything from Chance The Rapper to The Front Bottoms to The XX to Kanye West (Ik he’s problematic but the college drop out was genius).
Okay I also watch a lot of movies and television.
Can’t Buy Me Love is probably my favorite movie and That 70’s Show is probably my favorite show.
I sleep a lot, a lot more than I probably should. Uh I like art, and books, and poems. Okay that’s it.
my tumblr is
my kik is
we can even email i guess

Embarrassed Sentence Starters

“That was a hundred times more embarrassing than calling your teacher ‘mum’ in front of the whole class.”

“Oh gods, did I really just say that?”

“I just hope the ground swallows me whole.”

“Now everyone’s laughing at me!”

“Maybe I could sneak out through the back door so no one would see me.”

“I can’t go out ever again!”

“I was the only one to do it the wrong way.”

“I’ll just hide in the closet until everyone forgets I exist.”

“Don’t remind me about that!”

“Can I come out now? Are they gone?”

“There’s no way I can show myself to them again.”

“I was out looking like this? Why didn’t you say anything?!”

“Why must I be clumsy only when I have eyes on me?”

“Did you have to say that in front of all those people?”

“You could’ve knocked! How long were you watching?”

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Nickname: probably kel its sort for Kelsey my name

Star sign: aquarius 

Height: 5′1″ :(

Last thing I googled: what star sigh I was 😂 😂 

Favourite Music Artists: BTS,crush,jay park (and the rest of aomg),oasis,jake bugg,blossoms,dean,drake,big bang,ikon,winner

Song stuck in my head: lost by BTS

Last movie I watched: suicide squad

Last TV show I watched: Hwarang ✌️✌️

What am I wearing right now: my nasa jumper and ripped jeans

When did I create my Blog: probably a year ago

What do I post: kpop mostly about BTS

Do I have any other Blogs: @savemebts its just my BTS account and its a about BTS I need to start posting again more on it though

Do I get asks regularly: no not really??

Why did I choose my URL: idk Jimin is my ultimate bias so why not and I’m sooooo happy he’s my bias!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Gender: female

Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor

Pokemon team: mystic cant really remember what I was on pokemon go??

Favourite colours: black,grey,white

Average hours of sleep: near enough all the time what can I say I like my sleep 

Lucky number: 32

Favourite characters: don’t really know??????

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream job: to work in the fashion industry I don’t really know I change all the time

Following: 562

followers: 27

posts: 943

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Cuddle Drabbles Part 8

 Word Count: 370

Warnings: Swearing? Confused Sam?

Summary: Sam and Steve find you and Bucky cuddled up on the couch.

A/N: I decided to put the tags under the cut, cuz it’s getting lengthy! Thank you all for showing me and this series so much love! I appreciate every single one of you!

Dude, seriously. I love Anthony Mackie/Sam Wilson so much. I (FINALLY!!!!!!) watched Ant-Man last night and I screamed when Sam showed up. This is told from Sam’s POV! I hope you all enjoy this part!

[Part 7][Part 6][Part 5][Part 4][Part 3][Part 2][Part 1]

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

(Sam’s POV)

Well, this is definitely not what Sam expected to see this morning.

He was getting ready for a run with Steve (why did he agree to this, again?), when the patriot burst into his room, giddily dragging Sam out of his room, saying, “You gotta see this!”

He was practically bouncing to the elevator, and was shooting Sam excited smiles the whole way down. Sam didn’t understand why. He kept looking at the old man like he was crazy. But, Sam followed him to the common room and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Y/N, his best friend, was sleeping; which, was a miracle in and of itself. But, what really caught Sam off guard, was that she was curled around Bucky.

What. The hell? Sam couldn’t believe his eyes.

Bucky’s arm was around her shoulders, her head pillowed by his chest. They were both still holding onto wired controllers connected to the N64.

Sam knew that you two were friends, but this. This was something else entirely.

Sam’s first instinct was to snatch you away from the Sergeant and give Bucky a stern talking to. But, seeing how peacefully you were sleeping made him stop. He knew you hardly slept, so whatever sleep you got was much needed. Also, Sam’s been on the receiving end of one of your glares before you got coffee. Goddamn, you were scary when you weren’t fully awake.

But – Bucky?

Sam couldn’t wrap his head around it. How had he not seen it before now?

He didn’t really have a problem with Bucky anymore. Sam actually considered him a good friend that he was an asshole to.

Steve beamed at Sam. “Aren’t they cute?”

Sam crossed his arms over his chest. “I mean, if that’s what you’re into.”

Steve smacked Sam’s arm playfully, shaking his head, and headed to the kitchen to get a drink before their run. But Sam knew this was more than just you happening to fall asleep with Bucky. He could tell by the way you were gripping his shirt in your hand, and the way your face was nuzzled into his pectoral. You had never let anyone get that close.

Sam had to find out more.

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Bias questions

I was tagged by @dkyeom - thank you Rin rin! 😁

1. who was your first bias and who is your current one?: this is kind of a long story 😅

a long time ago -2014- my best friend @kainights made me watch exo videos and I fell for sehun in a matter of seconds but that was it until last year when she suggested me to watch showtime and my love for the kid bloomed again so basically he was my unofficial first fave back then AND my first official one, but currently I have four main faves (him, yixing, jeonghan and jackson) and I couldn’t care less if it’s too much 😜

2. why did you get into kpop?: a mix between two factors, all thanks to @kainights. a) back in december 2k15 she started to reblog a lot of award show related stuff such as mama, the gayos, all that and I saw some of the performances and I got slightly interested in it until b) I saw showtime and then one fine day and I already knew got7 so BANG! here I am 😂

3. If you could join any kpop group, who would you choose?: HMMMMMMMMMM I’m torn between exo and monsta x

4. if all of your biases proposed to you, who would you choose?: I’d choose none bc my aro ace being aint fucking around ah come on, some are truly husband material, such as minho, mingyu, jongdae, jun…but I think I’d go with yixing

5. if you could be in any fanfic, what would it be?: I haven’t read kpop fanfics/don’t read fics 😊 

6. what mythical creature would you be if you had the chance?: idk how this is related to the main topic but K̴̪͉͕̘͚̟̞̰̿̓̾̆ͭ͂R͌͐̇͏̬̱́A̠̺͈̠̳̙͚̚͢K͙̪̃ͧ̊̽̾ͭ̑͡Ê͍̯͎͙̟̰̯̈͐ͤ͑̀ͪͬ̏́N̟͖͈̯̰̙͎̠̙͗ͨ̾ͨ̏̚͢͝

7. supernatural! au or mafia! au?: supernatural as in ghost and stuff, not the show right? bc I’m okay with both but I’ll go with the former one

8. which kpop idol would you switch bodies with?: seulgi from red velvet and hwasa from mamamoo bc I don’t want to be slim af I’d like to be in shape, yeah

9. if you could have any idol as a pocket size companion, who would you chose?: baek and seokmin for sure!

10. which idol you would want as a sibling?: seungkwan and pcy maybe ?)

11. if you were only able to say five words to your bias, what would you say to them?: meet me at the ring Q(ò_óQ)

I tag: @mingyoose (go nuts), @grapefruit-kwan, @jeongjarsofhannie, @angelyoons, @suneokmin, @sambashua, @blondshua, @jisoosmeoli, @haosoon, @whatsol, @scoups95 and @prk-jmns :p

as usual, it’s okay if you don’t want to do it/don’t feel like doing it :))