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Tyler Joseph Imagine Pick The Lock

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Potentially triggering

“(Y/N)?” You shifted at the sound of his voice, curling yourself into a ball. Your phone was clutched in your hand, but it was dead from you replaying the message over again. 

“You need to let me in. I need to know that you’re ok. It’s been two days.” You weren’t sure that you’d ever feel ok again. Why did’t he understand that you wanted to be alone? Suddenly, you heard the lock being picked and realised that you couldn’t keep avoiding him. He opened the door and walked into your bedroom, where you were curled up on your bed. 


“What Tyler? What could you possibly have to say that will make any of this better?” You spat out, the pain changing into anger you didn’t mean. Tyler winced, but didn’t give up. He walked over and sat beside you on the bed. 

“I know you’re hurting.” He said eventually. 

“You do’t. You’ve never had to deal with this. So don’t lecture me bout how I should handle this loss.” You replied, still angry about how the world seemed to hurt good people. 

“No, I haven’t, but I know you’re hurt and you need someone right now, even if you think you don’t. So I’m saying, to help and I’ll be here as long as you need me.” He answered and you finally looked at him. Tyler offered you a sympathetic smile and you broke, tears falling from your eyes.

“I…why? Why did they both have to die? How is that fair?” You asked, as you sobbed loudly. Tyler put an arm around you and you nestled into him. 

“I don’t know. But it will heal, I promise. And I’ll be here every step of the way.” Tyler promised and his sincerity made you believe him, despite the pain you were feeling. 

“Will you stay? I-I don’t want to be alone.” You mumbled, wiping tears from your eyes. Tyler nodded and shifted so he was laid down and you moved next to him. 

“Thank you.” You mumbled quietly, unsure if he heard.

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“You have to let go of the past, because no matter how much you wanted to, its already gone” _Ted Mosby

I think the reason why all the boys in Mystic Messenger keep telling MC about Rika is because at first they think of MC as her replacement. Rika used to be someone that bring everyone together, no matter how much you hate her, this is the truth that she actually did brought happiness to everyone for a while. As far as I can see, all the boys truly treasured all these memories they created together, something they wanted to replay once again so that they can live those moment again. Though, some of them have feelings for Rika but its more than just love for her, its the memories they want to hold on. Everyone has one of those memories you want to replay, so I think you understand their desires to live in those once again.

As the result you can see, the past won’t replay. Whoever MC ends up with, everyone can not be all happy ever again because they all have problems unsolved. 

Why do I think this? I remember in one of chat room in route 707, he said that when MC’s here he thought they can hold the party and everyone can be happy again. Its just kinda tick me off because I did tried to live these memories again with familiar people, but it failed miserably. You just have to let them go, because life just moves on and be cruel like that. We want nothing to change yet we’re the very creatures that change every second.

The writer for this game truly did an amazing job.

These Empty Hours.

I don’t know where I’m going,
I don’t know who I’m talking to,
I cant recall the words I say,
because I dwell on only you.

So many words to say,
so many things I want to share;
I want to run and call you up,
then I realize, that you’re not there.

So I lose myself on lonely walks,
I seek the places we did go,
I replay all our secret talks,
and I know just why you had to go.

And its hard to fill these empty hours,
the times when I could talk with you,
the joy we got from April showers,
and your lips as sweet as mountain dew. 

I wish you well my precious one,
I know your light will forever shine,
and when all in life is said and done,
I know your love, could n’er be mine. 

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts


“Let us begin, Ken Kaneki.”

The 1st years ship headcanons no one asked for


  • daydreaming about forming a battery together
  • Asada wanting Okumura to catch for him but he feels like Okumura should spend his time catching for more important players like Furuya or Sawamura
  • Okumura waiting for Asada to ask him to catch for him and getting so impatient he has to go ask him himself
  • getting distracted while practicing because the other is too cute
  • being the last ones to finish their meal on purpose so they can be alone for a while
  • every time Okumura says/does something embarrassing in front of Asada he replays it in his head over and over again only that making it 1000 times worse
  • Asada blushing just because of Okumura’s existence
  • “I want to move to the first string so you can catch for me”
  • Okumura offering himself to give Asada massages after practice but Asada doesn’t want to die so he refuses and then spends a whole week hating himself and hitting his head against walls because why did he say no
  • Okumura calling Asada “Hiro”
  • staring at other when the other isn’t looking (from @fumiya-kusunoki aka the captain of the okuasa ship)


  • shamelessly flirting
  • or more like Seto flirting with Yui as a joke but then Yui flirts back and it’s kinda fun
  • kings of smirking
  • Yui getting flustered when Seto’s flirting goes further than usual but keeping his cool and this is now a battle to see who can get the other to blush first
  • Yui using Seto’s clothes and they are baggy but not too big they are just perfect and comfy and they smell good
  • Seto calling Yui “captain” as a joke but Yui kind of likes it
  • bickering and judging other people together = goals
  • easily jealous Seto
  • even more easily jealous Yui
  • Seto texting Yui at 3AM with things like “Kanemaru is snoring and I can’t sleep” and Yui always answering with “stfu”


  • mutual pining
  • Kuki trying on Asada’s glasses and Asada having a heart attack because even if he can’t see properly he just knows that Kuki looks great
  • friendly cute rivalry for the ace title
  • legs touching under the table while eating
  • Kuki looking at Asada like he’s the most amazing person he has ever met*
  • *he is
  • Asada dying a little bit inside every time Kuki smiles at him
  • Kuki using the “woah your hands are so big let’s compare” trick everyday
  • also Kuki lifting Asada and carrying him because “you are so light hahaha”
  • Asada getting embarrassed because he looked at Kuki’s butt once and now he’s convinced he’s a bad person
  • Asada’s life is really difficult because his face is always red and his mouth is always dry and his best friend is hot and touchy-feely
My Human

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Warnings: None I don’t think but tons of fluff:)

This had to be one of your worst days so far. As if being stuck in the cage isn’t terrifying enough. But no, you had an archangel hunting you down in the cage too. Michael to be precise.
You never knew why Michael wanted to kill you so bad but all you knew was that he did and he was in the cage and he was coming.
The terrifying thoughts of Michael kept replaying over and over in your head, along with the very nightmares that lied within the hellish cage itself.
“Y/N look at me” you heard Lucifer say calmly. Lucifer placed his palms on your cheeks and wiped away the tears tracking down your pale, worn out face.
“Y/N its okay, I promised you I’d look after you and I will. I won’t let Michael hurt you I swear” he smiled.
“I’m scared Luce” you whispered.
“I know you are sweetheart, but I won’t let him come near you, as long as I’m here, he won’t lay a finger on you I promise” he caressed your cheek tenderly.
“That’s not what scares me Luce” your voice barley above a whisper.
Lucifers eyebrows furrowed with confusion.
“I don’t care if he finds me or hurts me even, I mean I used to be scared of that but not no more” you paused to see Lucifers face tilting in curiosity. “What if he hurts you Luce? What if he finds us and hurts you because of me, I- I” you couldn’t even finish your words due the sobs escaping your mouth.
“I’ll be fine Y/N, I swear Michael isn’t going to hurt you or even me. I always be with you. I will always protect you Y/N” Lucifer calmly mumbled into your hair as he pulled you into his embrace.
The sobs continued to escape until your chest ached. 

Minutes passed and your eyes now dry, red and puffy. You chest aching and mind filling with thoughts of Lucifer.

“Come on sweetheart, you need some sleep” he smiled. You nodded sheepishly, unable to speak.
Lucifer gently picked you up and walked to the place you usually slept; carefully he placed you down. He turned to walk away to stay on guard; that was until you stopped him.
“Wait Luce” he turned his head in your direction. “Can you erm - stay with me please?” Your cheeks redding as time grew. “Of course Y/N” he chuckled.
He lied down beside you and pulled you into his chest, your head on his chest and his arm around your back for support. It wasn’t long before you legs were tangled together.
“Thank-you Luce” you mumbled into his chest.
“Sleep well Y/N” he kissed your forehead.
It wasn’t long before you fell asleep and Lucifer watched you intensively. How could he possess such care and love for a human. A race which he thought he despised. He still do, except you. You wasn’t just any human. You was you. So different, misunderstood much like himself, gentle and yet fierce. 

So deep in your sleep you missed the words Lucifer next spoke.

“I’ll always protect you, I love you Y/N” he smiled once more before closing his eyes and matching his steady breathing with yours. His love, his human.

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Author: SupernaturalWinchesterImpalaPie

This Strange world (closed Rp with Helluvawriter)

“no” I whispered as Finn continued to kiss along my neck “he stopped everything when I was uncomfortable

“he did that because it was the right thing to do, not because he wanted to. you let him down. but me and you, how many lonely nights, me wishing for Mel you wishing for him, we would lie together, you never thought we could help each other?”

“I don’t want this” I whispered 

“what do you want?” he bit into my shoulder

“I don’t know, I know darkness is suppose to be more poly but I’ve been just Megan long before I was some goddess and It hurt so much Finn, why didn’t it bother him like it bothered me” I cried against my friend 

“I know it did, and it it didn’t bother him because he believe in himself and in you, and you don’t” he held me tight as the moment he kissed Becky started to replay in the background 

Seth held tight to Mels hand “can we do anything?” 


Lol, why did I think beating Final Fantasy XV was a good idea before taking my midterms?

Time to talk about something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time:

Why did the boy called Setanta decide to become a hero?

Servant Lancer joined the holy grail war not to win the grail, but to have battles appropriate to heroic spirits. He wants to fight, because as long as he takes pride in his fighting he can take pride in the choice to become a warrior and live a life of fighting. Believing that his choice to fight was the right one is how he copes with the losses caused by living that kind of life. I’ve talked about this lots before, so I won’t go into it now.

But, why did he choose that life in the first place? When twelve year old Setanta was faced with the option to live a grand life of glorious deeds in exchange for dying young and miserably he didn’t even hesitate. Back then, the threat of a cruel and untimely death meant nothing to him in comparison to getting to do some really cool shit. Even now Cu Chulainn is always being slightly extra, always trying to show off, to look cool, striking poses and doing tricks and dropping oneliners, anything to leave an impression on those around him.

I think, on the deepest level, Setanta chose to become a legendary hero not because he wanted to protect his country or anything like that, but because he simply wanted to be one. Because he wanted to be remembered as someone who did great things. Cu Chulainn joined the holy grail war not just to fight, but to fight on the level of legendary heroes. Not just to justify his life, but because this was the kind of life he’d intended to live in the first place. Cu Chulainn never had any need for the holy grail because as long as he gets to fight to the fullest as a legendary hero, his oldest wish is already being granted.

He cheated on you (Calum)

Anon request:  “Can u do short imagine when cal cheated on you? thanks” 

I was crying since now more than an hour, my body was shaking and I felt like I was burning inside. You knew that Calum was still behind the door because you could hear his heavy breath. He was not apologising anymore, he didn’t dare to talk. You were in your luxury bathroom, looking outside, replaying what you saw when you came back home earlier than usual tonight: him and her, kissing in your kitchen, playing with her long and beautiful mermaid hair, grabbing her butt while she was giggling like a teenage girl. You wanted to shout, everything seemed bitter since this moment. “Y/N open that door please, I can explain, I promise I can explain everything”. Suddenly your tears stopped, your sadness being replaced by anger. You opened the door roughly, pushing him, hitting his toned chest with no strength at all. “Why? Why you did it to me? I’m the only girl who ever loved you for who you really are! And you dare to cheat on me with a money digger bitch? I hate you, I don’t want any of your explanations, I just want you to leave this house now, I beg you to get out of this place right now!” I almost felt on my knees, my legs were total jelly, I wanted to vomit, even if the last time I ate was like 18 hours ago. He opened his mouth to talk and tried to took my hands in his. “Don’t even touch me! How dare you to touch me with this hands which were touching this slut 5 hours ago?!” “But I love you…” “I do love you Calum! And that’s why I never cheated on you, because I truly love you, with all my heart! But you don’t love me, you’re selfish, that’s what you are, now leave please” I said falling to my knees, crying like I never cried before, my heart had been ripped by the love of my life, the one with who I talked about having children, being married, having a beautiful big house with a flowered garden next to the sea. He just walked away, he knew that if he stayed I was going to suffer much more. He closed the main door downstairs and I felt empty, like I’d never been before.

another gm creativity text post bc it needs to be acknowledged

ok so i was replaying the spoiler videos, especially the one where lucas practically declares that maya’s happiness is the most important thing in the world, and i saw riley’s facial expressions n honestly idgi ??? like why did she look so butt hurt about lucas acknowledging maya’s potential as an artist and showing concern over her ??? like i’m not trying to be rude but i just don’t understand why she looked like that because if anything, she would’ve wanted the same thing as lucas; for maya to be happy and she should be glad that lucas is a good friend to maya so idk why she was staring between lucas n maya like its the end of the world bc her best friend n the guy she likes are interacting, like it’s literally lucas just being genuinely concerned for maya and wanting what’s best for her what’s so bad about that???

but on a real note i’m a slut for lucaya so in my point of view that was basically lucas’ wedding vow; to always keep maya happy and will go thru hell & back just to make sure she stays that way


All I’ve been able to do all day is ruminate about the events of last night.

We weren’t supposed to leave Pulse when we did, we were supposed to stay longer. We had planned last night for weeks now, but it just so happened we decided to leave a bit early because a few of us didn’t feel like partying or clubbing because of sudden cramps and/or exhaustion.

We left just 30 minutes before 50 people were slaughtered, and over 53 more injured.

I can’t stop replaying all the faces I saw, and knowing I saw them in their last moments. Part of me wants to believe it was fate, and that we weren’t supposed to die there and that’s why we got out minutes before… but a larger part of me wants to believe it was some lucky coincidence, because why did THEY deserve to die, and not me?

They didn’t deserve that. Nobody deserves to go like that.

My heart aches so much for all the sons and daughters who lost their lives last night. It proves to me how acts of extreme violence like this could very well happen to anyone, and take anyone. I was fortunate enough to hear my families voice again, see another sunset, and receive a chance to experience my future again today. It pains me to know that ended for so many last night. So many people just like myself. These were my peers. People on long needed vacations, celebrating birthdays, dancing the stresses of the week off, or just enjoying PRIDE month by seeing some shows and having a few drinks.

I don’t think one single event could have made me realize how fortunate I am to simply be here as much as this tragedy has. Simply living and breathing is magic. It’s terrible that the evil of a single person can end the magic of so many.

My mind and emotions have been so absorbed today, and yet in 1000 different places. It’s a rarity that I’m not able to identify my feelings, but this has thrown me. I cannot even express all my thoughts into words. Perhaps it’s too early.

The sorrow I’ve felt all day runs so deep.

Sorrow for the victims
Sorrow for their families
Sorrow for their best friends
And sorrow for my community as a whole.

I’ve gained an entirely new perspective on life today.

i like you

“Of, course i like you huckleberry”

Those words replayed in Lucas head since that campfire, when he pulled her so close and had no idea why he, just wanted her to stop.. or did he.

She was by far the most scariest person. he ever met.. Maya hart was strong and tough around us.. she wanted everybody to be scared of her.. but that not what scares him about her.

He is scared of hurting her… He is scared of seeing her cry..scared of what he might do, when she is near.. what he wants to do, when she is near,

He knew what he felt for Maya vs what he felt for Riley.

Riley made him feel like a hero, the type of guy that he was not in Texas For a while, he thought that he could play along and be her hero. but in the end it was just not him.

He is gonna say stupid stuff and gonna get angry a lot and Riley does not see that side of him as Maya does.

She does not see me differently at all  and he like that a lot.

It was around 11, when he decided to go over to Maya apartment to tell her how he felt about her

He knew what he felt for Maya and it was beyond what he had felt for Riley.. not saying that what he had for Riley were not real because they were but what  he feels for Maya is so much stronger.

He just got off the subway and ran towards her apartment building as fast as he could.

Lucas Friar was not confused.. at least not anymore.. he know who he wanted and he is not gonna be scared at more.

He stopped dead his tracks as he heard her voice.

His lips curved in a smile as he started to walk over but than heard another voice.

A male voice and that voice was Josh Mattthews