why did i wake up early yesterday

Early Morning

Description: "Why did I wake up to the sound of the blender at nearly six in the morning?“ aka Harry bought a new blender and it’s the loudest thing ever.

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 601

You were tired. Dead tired. Yesterday, you and Harry had walked around, buying a few things and just enjoying New York City. It was a day that you could have again and again. You didn’t see Harry too often because of his upcoming tour and the premieres of his role in Dunkirk. So you were grateful for the experience of the city.

The plane ride back to London was long and you were excited to return home. The two of you made dinner and watched a short movie before resorting to your bed. As you and Harry walked to bed, you could feel your eyelids becoming heavy. It wasn’t normal for you to tour cities like Harry did, so the bed sounded amazing.

"I have a meeting tomorrow morning, but I should be back in the afternoon,” Harry mentioned.

You were so tired that you just nodded and crawled underneath the covers. Harry chuckled and kissed your temple before wrapping an arm around your side.

You were in a deep slumber when a noise so loud and terrifying made you jump awake. Your heart was racing and you grabbed for Harry. However, he wasn’t there. The sheets were cold and the covers were slightly thrown to the side. You glanced at the clock and realized it was five-thirty a.m. and Harry was using the blender to make his morning smoothie.

You breathed heavily for a few more seconds before tossing the covers off of your body. You stomped to the kitchen, watching your boyfriend walk around shirtless. You softened up a bit, but as the sound of the blender continued, you became more annoyed.

You walked over to Harry, tapping his shoulder. He jumped, clearly scared. You raised your eyebrows, motioning towards the very loud blender. Harry turned it off, grinning nervously at you.

“Why did I wake up to the sound of the blender at nearly six in the morning?” you asked. Your voice was nearly threatening. You weren’t mad at Harry, just annoyed that you could’ve gotten a few more hours of sleep.

“I’m sorry, love. I didn’t really realize how loud this new blender was going to be,” Harry admitted. He glanced at the blender, realizing he may not be making any smoothies right away in the morning.

You groaned. “It’s fine, Harry. I was just expecting to actually get some sleep.” You grabbed for a mug and a tea bag.

“You’re staying up?” Harry asked, indicating to your materials.

“I won’t be able to sleep. It’s fine,” you smiled at Harry. “I’m still annoyed, though.”

You laughed as Harry pouted. “I won’t use the blender this early anymore. I promise.”

He leaned in for a kiss. You quickly tried to peck his lips, but he grabbed your waist and deepened the kiss. He placed a hand behind your head. You kissed him back, enjoying the little intimate moment.

Harry pulled back reluctantly. “I would love to continue this, but my meeting is in an hour and the commute is likely going to take me forty-five minutes. Maybe when I come home, yeah?” he asked, looking into your eyes.

You laughed. “Of course. Text me what you want for dinner, otherwise I’m ordering pizza” you said as you gave his bum a few pats. He nodded. You grabbed your mug of tea and headed back to your bedroom to read for a bit.

“Love you,” Harry called out after grabbing his smoothie and heading for the door.

“Love you, too!” you responded. Not soon after, you heard the door close and you were alone in you and Harry’s home.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I enjoy your writings so much! Can i request lazy morning with wanna one hyung line? Thank you


You could hear him humming softly as you had your head placed on his lap. Jisung wasn’t really a morning person, but that particular summer morning he woke up earlier than ever and you heard him shuffling under the covers for at least 15 minutes before you turned around and calmed him down with a kiss. He was feeling restless and you could see all the stress from the idol life was accumulating slowly, but steadily. As his fingers brushed a few strands of hair out of your face, he kissed your closed eyelids before whispering how beautiful you are and how glad he is to have you in his life. He closed his eyes and you could feel his breath getting heavy along with yours.


❃ Lazy mornings with Sungwoon aren’t very rare since both of you enjoy staying in bed until the afternoon. He had a hand lazily placed on your back, while the other one was caressing your hair. He placed a kiss on your temple before trying to get up, but you grabbed his hand before he would even remove the covers. “You promised me we are going to spend the day in bed, Sungwoon.” He let out a chuckle and passed a hand through his hair. “Yes, I know. I wanted to make you breakfast, but if you insist…” He laughed again at your surprised expression as you rushed him into the kitchen and followed him closely behind. “You better not burn the pan again, babe.”


❃ His hands are wrapped around your torso and you can hear him breathing steadily behind you. Even though you tried not to wake him up, Minhyun was a light sleeper and he woke up at your every move. “Why are you getting up so early, Y/N?” You shrugged as one of his arms pulled you back under the covers; eyes still closed you heard him mumble something about this being his day off and how he wants to spend it cuddling and sleeping until noon. You placed your head on his shoulder and drew random patterns on his white shirt. “Hey, babe? How about we get a cup of tea and then come back to bed? I wanna cuddle you some more.” he spoke softly while barely opening his eyes and hugging you closer.


You felt him rolling around on the bed until his body was glued to yours and you couldn’t help but let out a giggle. One of his legs was placed on top of yours and his hands were holding you tight. He placed a kiss on your shoulder and you took the opportunity to try and escape from his grip, but it was unsuccessful. His husky voice greeted you with a “don’t even think about leaving” and you knew that you had to stay like that for the next couple of hours. You turned around so now you were both facing each other. His eyes fluttered open and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Your fingers with intertwined and his thumb was slowly caressing your palm. Another sweet kiss was placed on the side of your neck before he spoke up. “I missed this mornings with you, Y/N.”


❃ You opened your eyes lazily to the sound of his voice calling out for you. His tone was sweet as he bent down and kissed your forehead. He crawled into the bed next to you and you snuggled up against his chest. He giggled at the sight of his still sleepy girlfriend and pecked your cheek. “I know I promised you yesterday that we are going to spend the whole day in bed and then I had to leave for the filming, but I am here now.” “It’s ok, but why did you wake me up so early?” He pointed to the clock which showed a little over 11 am and you yawned; closely followed by Jaehwan who mimicked your motions. “Maybe we can sleep a little more.”


❃ You felt someone tugging at the end of your sleeve and tried brushed it off, but you soon heard Daniel’s raspy voice calling your name multiple times as he shook your shoulders. “I’m awake, what is it? Is there a fire?” He laughed at your expression and pushed you to the other side of the bed. You watched setting a plate with pancakes and chocolate sauce in front of you as he made himself comfortable under the blankets. “What is all this for, Daniel?” He faked a shocked expression and continued on a dramatic tone: “Don’t tell you forgot! It’s lazy Sunday, babe. I already got the episode loaded and made you pancakes. Now come on, taste them.” He fed you a piece of it as the tv show started playing in the background and he cuddled you closer.

a letter from a not so stranger | Ch. 07

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendence record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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