why did i wake up early yesterday


I don’t know why my body insists on just 5 hours of sleep. I had no reason to wake up early today. No alarm, no kids. And I woke up after 5 hours nearly on the dot. I felt tired and wanted to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.

I stayed horizontal for about 30 minutes and then got up and did a few things around the house before starting my workout. More cardio today, double time. I’m having a shake now and then I’ll be cleaning and meal prepping.

The rain that was in the forecast as of yesterday isn’t there anymore and it looks like it will be a beautiful day to go to the pool. If so I’ll spend the afternoon relaxing (and hydrating) before the kids come home.

~2 3. 0 6. 1 7~                  2 / 1 0 0   d a y s   o f   p r o d u c t i v i t y

Hey! How are you? Hope you doing well :) 

I feel inspired and confident at last, after three weeks of doing absolutely nothing useful. I just kept lying on a coach, watching stupid videos and chatting with friends instead of going out with them. That’s why I decided to change the background on my ipad - PROCRASTINATION STEALS DREAMS

It’s the second day of my challenge. And you know what? I WAS A SUCCESS TODAY! Despite the fact I was watching The Imitation Game and went to bed late yesterday, I managed to wake up pretty early! I did housework and get ready for studying. 

Today I learned some English phrases and grammar, revised tenses and ordered a book in English to read. I just loooooove learning languages and was delighted with process and results. After a short break I pulled myself together to start with history. I’m really bad at this subject and always feel worried before lesson and while I was trying to learn it… I don’t know why, but this day everything was completely different! I memorized dates, names, facts, read a pharagraph and it wasn’t boring or dull at all. 
That’s was my day! 

Tomorrow I’m going for a walk with my friend and than we will listen some study lecture, so I will have a lot to tell you! 

Good night! 

a letter from a not so stranger | Ch. 07

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendence record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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