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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 5

Hello hello Tarra Treks is BACK! Read ‘em and weep, I sure did by the end.

6x20 ‘His Way’
- Netflix: “Bashir shows off his new holosuite character, a 1960s Las Vegas singer who performs in a lounge full of martini-swilling customers.”
  me out loud: “Why are you like this.”
- what is this boozy Mad Men fantasy
- it’s actually SO STRANGE to see them all in here in their uniforms!
- “pretty sweet pipes for a lightbulb” oh I like this, I like that he knows?? weird, weird and fun!

Julian is criminally pleased with himself and his preternaturally astute holographic lounge singer

- wait are Kira and Shakaar an on-again-off-again? since when?
- Julian: “He knows about love, life, women!”
  Miles: “Three things you know nothing about.”
  Julian: “Now that’s a little unfair.”
  hey if you knew about life you wouldn’t have walked right into that one
- hold up, I just realized I’m watching Quark give Odo relationship advice. QUARK AND ODO. TALKING ABOUT ♡
- Odo: “Who asked for your opinion?”
  Quark: “You did. I came here to talk about a missing shipment of groat clusters.”
- please tell me what is in a Warp Core Breach

this is incredible

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Anonymous: well to be perfectly honest i always liked the idea of overwhelmed during sex connor (i mean in the actual scenes he tends to look emotional overwhelmed even during foreplay) so maybe a bit of a powerplay where oliver just fucks connor’s brains out is the kind of kinky sex i’m imagining omg ~thirsty af anon

Anonymous: Wow your blog is the only one which mentioned that “oliver is monster in bed” :3 Anyways I think Connor is usually the one who talks dirty, but when we Oliver does it, Connor is done for. Also they give each other hickeys galore. Like one time they go to the beach/pool with their group and they remove their shirts, having forgotten somehow about their latest romp and suddenly the whole group has gone silent…

Anonymous: ALL THE KINKS! In his joblessness Ollie started to get adventurous? If you want something more specific I think voyeurism makes total sense with how thrill seeky Oliver seems to have gotten. If it has to have an angsty spin you could give it a “I want to make the most of us while there IS still an us’ vibe?

Anonymous: Soooooooo I saw that invitation to shoot you a request for a kinky coliver fic and I just couldn’t help myself haha maybe power bottom Connor with some hot and heavy dirty talk (mainly from Ollie?) Aka, good ol’ fashion rough smut. Pretty pretty please? 🙏🏽

NSFW obviously. Prepare yourselves for Oliver “Monster in Bed” Hampton. Takes place prior to S3.

Power-play + dirty talk + hickeys galore + voyeurism (via cam) + ANGSTY SPIN CUZ I’M A GENIUS + good ol’ fashion rough smut + orgasm denial

Connor watches Oliver move through dark, hooded eyes. The other man is nervous, and it brings back a flash of memory from their first meeting… him suave and confident, and Oliver a trembling mess… That was nearly a year ago. Now, Oliver’s hands shake and there’s a thin gleam of sweat on his brow. By the fifth time that Oliver messes with the settings or fiddles with the angle, Connor has had enough. “Would you leave that damn thing alone and get over here already?” His impatience gets the better of him and he lets out a loud sigh. “I might just get started without you!” He warns.

Oliver’s eyes swing up to glare at the man lazing on the bed. “I just want this to look good, okay?” He looks back down at the camcorder. But no matter how many ways he adjusts the angle left and right, or zooms the screen in and out, the whole bed is clearly perfectly in the shot. Oliver swallows nervously and zooms in once more for good measure. The little Connor on the display screen gives him his best annoyed, exasperated glare.

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A quick Drunk! GMW college au

Okay yall don’t hate me but I’m gonna have to delay Girl Meets the Inevitable Part 5 a bit longer because surprise! I apparently have a series of exams happening in the next few days! And pretty much I can’t do anything but study right now. 

HOWEVER I found a drabbly AU thing I jotted down in my iPhone notes last week after the whole watch-stealing fiasco (click here for context) and I think it’s pretty hilarious so I offer it you guys as temporary compensation until I can finally get GMTI Part 5 out!! (Hopefully you enjoy this omg) So here it is:

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Well, nonnie, your wish is my command! :D

I have to say this is the LONGEST prompt I have ever written so far - they’re just so much happening! XD

I kinda liked what I did at the end so I guess I’m happy. :)

Ooh, and I decided to post a prompt every week so you guys can get a little #ashdrew prompt for every 7 days! :D

So, enjoy. <3

P.S. I’m uploading another one later which I like really much too, so keep yourselves updated! ^_^

Prompt 4: Ashdrew + Interns?!

It is yet another sunny day in California.

Which means the interns (aka BuzzFeed babies) will be in the BuzzFeed headquarters any minute.

They’ve been planning these internship sessions all month last month, making sure to not miss a single thing. From marketing values to basic video editing techniques, they’re pretty much all done and ready to go.

Eugene and Ned took full charge of the crew, handing out clipboards, yellow circular name tags, and spare pens (not to mention bark at people who were not paying attention). “Alright, the BF babies are gonna be here any minute, so you mofos need to go where you’re supposed to be in, like, 10 minutes!” Eugen barked, with Ned echoing, “10 minutes guys!”.

Andrew scanned his clipboard one more time to know exactly what he’s doing. It read:


SECTION 1: Main Hall, Website Editing + Article Writing

Ned, Allison, Gaby, Zach

SECTION 2: Room 203, Marketing 

Keith, Chris


SECTION 3: Studio 1, Video Production

Eugene, Andrew I., Kenny

SECTION 4: Studio 2, Video Production Pt. 2

Ella, Ashley, Sara 

SECTION 5: Room 186, Video Editing

Quinta, Justin, Andrew G. 



Hmm, maybe I could stop by Section 4 later since it’s just next door…

“Hey,” a familiar voice came from up behind him and interrupted his thoughts. The owner of the voice donned a grey BuzzFeed sweatshirt and black jeans, and a yellow circular nametag identical to his which said ‘Ashley’ in black, bold letters. “Eugene says to set up equipment for after break.”

He smiled. “Uh, yeah thanks.” Ashley smiled back, opened her mouth to say something - only to be interrupted by Eugene’s announcement. 


“Good luck,” Ashley mouthed towards Andrew with a wink. He chuckled and did the same - they always did that for every set of interns. It was almost their tradition to do that ever since they trained interns. It really gives a nice nudge to start the day.

The crew dispersed and then they were off.

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anonymous asked:

hi hi!!!!!! i saw your camcorder drabbles on ao3 and i was wondering if you could use the setting of jungkook recording jimin dance? you dont have to though no pressure!!!!!

++ omg of course i can !! i live when im sent prompts thank u for this :’) also sorry this took so long ;;__;; u know how holidays can be but i tried to make it a little longer ~

If someone were to ask Jungkook what he thought of Jimin’s dancing, he’d probably, in that moment, say it was “really good”. His emotions would most likely get the better of him, his shyness would reduce him to a few nice words when in actuality, Jungkook could willingly write essays about why he thinks Jimin’s dancing is one of the most beautiful , breathtaking things he’s ever had the pleasure of witnessing. And Jungkook hates writing essays.

It’s about five in the evening and Jungkook finds himself in their dance studio along with Jimin and Hoseok. Yoongi’s there too but he’s passed out on a blanket toward the side of the room, all curled up after he came wandering in saying he was gonna take a break. Why he decided to take a break in one of the rowdiest rooms wasn’t completely beyond him - Jungkook eyes Hoseok for a moment - but that’s not totally his business.

It’s a Sunday and they haven’t had any schedules for two days, only practice and downtime which was a miracle in itself. This particular evening was supposed to be a case of the aforementioned latter, but no one had much to do and when Jimin said something about wanting to practice some choreography for fun, he and Hooseok decided to tag along.

Jungkook has to stop halfway through their practice. As much as he wanted to learn it with them, his body wasn’t having it. Jimin asked him about a million times if he was feeling sick and he answered honestly that no he wasn’t, he was just tired. Jungkook was actually more tired than he’d like to admit but he kept that part to himself and plopped down against the wall behind the dancing pair, soaking up what he could from only watching.

“Da da da da, dada ba…” Jungkook hears a mix of Hoseok and Jimin’s voices as they timed their movements with the beat of the blaring song. The choreo’s something fast and powerful, quick pops that turn into rolls and Jungkook feels a flash of disappointment that he isn’t joining in but watching them wasn’t too bad an alternative.

Jimin gives a sudden spin and it’s a little too fast so he ends up overstepping, but he’s giggling instead of taking the small mistake too seriously this time and Jungkook finds that yeah, this really isn’t that bad of an alternative.

When Jimin continues laughing as he moves back into position, it’s almost as if lightning hits Jungkook when he jumps up to grab his bag from the table next to him. He likes to think he has good ideas now and again, and when he pulls his camcorder out he thinks that yeah, he definitely does.

It feels almost habitual when he snaps the camcorder open, hits the power button and then record soon after.

Jungkook films Yoongi first - he doesn’t want to be obvious… Most of his hyungs have noticed what he films a lot of the time, though no one’s said anything aside from Tae who teased him about it when he was looking over his footage so far and noticed that ok, maybe he did mostly film Jimin. So, he’s trying to play it cool when he zooms way too far into Yoongi’s sleeping face before filming what he intends.

“You brought that with you?” Hoseok laughs, moving to start the track over again.

“He takes it everywhere.” Jimin chimes in and his breathy voice somehow makes Jungkook completely forget that he was trying to “play it cool”.

All too easily, way too easily, Jungkook abandons his ridiculous focus on Yoongi’s face and turns to film Jimin. The boy’s got his hands on his hips while he tries his best to regulate his harsh breathing and Jungkook actually has a mind to zoom out when he accidentally focuses on Jimin’s lips and the tongue that darts out from in between.

“Do something.” Jungkook says at a pitch higher than what he wants, trying to move on.

Jimin graciously gives him a peace sign and a wink while Hoseok comes running up to shove multiple hearts at his camera. He’s kind enough to give a rundown of their day for him, letting whoever might see this footage know what’s up before getting back into position with Jimin and starting the music over again for the twentieth time.

Now, Jungkook always seems to find himself in this weird situation. He can dance with Jimin all day, perform with him a million times and he’s only sometimes spaced out because of how much he’s mesmerized by him. Even that much is only thanks to him needing to focus more on himself than the other way around when they’re performing, but when he’s an onlooker… Jungkook gets a serious case of open mouthed staring. It’s not even funny when he thinks about it.  He doesn’t know what happens but every chance he gets to observe it’s like he’s seeing Jimin dance for the first goddamn time.

The present is no exception.

Jimin is fluid in his movements and Jungkook’s given up trying to film properly and paying attention to the display in favor of watching him firsthand. If he had to describe it, he would say Jimin is like ink dropped into water or smoke coming off a freshly blown out candle. The song they’re dancing to doesn’t call for sensuality, it’s more about powerful movements, sharp pops and the like, but somehow Jimin manages to put his signature on it without losing track, manages to make it all seem effortless - though the sweat on his brow and pure concentration in his eyes tell a different story.

They stop when Hoseok asks to restart the track but Jungkook only snaps out of his literal trance when Yoongi appears next to him, out of what seems like thin air, asking, “You want anything from the convenience store? I’m heading out.”

Jungkook jumps in his spot on the floor, almost dropping the recorder clutched in his hand, “Are you a ghost or something?” he asks, needing to take a minute to reduce his heart rate.

“Probably.” Yoongi replies and nudges Jungkook’s leg with his foot, “Food? Drink?”

Giving the man above him a suspicious eye, Jungkook swallows his heart back down his throat,  kind of surprised he was so easily scared. He takes another look at Jimin who’s talking with Hoseok, looking extremely worked out though pretty normal, except suddenly he’s raising the hem of his shirt to wipe his forehead, casting a glance their way and that’s when Jungkook blurts, “I’ll go with you.”

Yoongi gives him a curious look when he snaps his camcorder shut a little too quickly and jumps up. “In a hurry?” he asks but Jungkook only shakes his head, pressing his lips together.

With a two second look Yoongi shrugs it off and turns over toward the two dancers, calling out to them, “Seok-ah, Jimin-ah, you guys want anything? We’re going to the store.”

Hoseok walks over and gives him a verbal list of a few things, mostly water and energy foods, though Jungkook does hear him slip two Milky Way bars in there. Jimin shakes his head no and goes back to what Jungkook assumes is counting out beats in his head, half dancing the choreography as he does.

“You don’t want anything?” Jungkook can’t help himself when he ends up next to Jimin, making sure he’s not actually hungry.

Hoseok and Yoongi are arguing over who’s paying behind them when he answers, “I’m good. Don’t rat me out but I ate Tae’s leftovers before we left the dorm. Or, you know what…? Go ahead and tell him, he ate the spicy pork I saved last week.”

Jungkook laughs at the small pout Jimin wears as he remembers his stolen food. If he recalls correctly Jimin had even written his name in huge bold letters all over the takeout box so Taehyung definitely had it coming.

“I’ll get something we can share then?” he suggests.

Jimin pauses for a moment, then breaks out into a warm smile, poking at Jungkook’s arm, “Wooow,” he teases, “Worried about me, Jungkook-ah? What’s got you being all sweet and thoughtful today, huh?”

“What? Nothing.” Jungkook replies and can’t stop himself from touching his hair after a beat, regretting it when he knows Jimin notices. It’s a nervous habit he’s yet to kick and it doesn’t help his… situation at all when Jimin knows he’s gotten him flustered. “You’ve just been moving a lot, burning energy so… and you get hungry easily, right?” he’s trying his damn best to move on, “You looked good by the way- I mean, you were doing good- well .”

Jungkook’s just about had it with himself, he’s two seconds away from turning and leaving with no explanation when Jimin’s brows shoot up, “I was?” he asks with genuine surprise and Jungkook’s a little taken aback by it. “I swear I was missing every other step… Hoseokie hyung said I was fine but…”

“Yeah, of course you were.” he assures him without hesitation, “I recorded the whole thing if want to see it, most of it I mean. You uh, you looked really cool, didn’t miss a beat. I know you said you were worried about the genre but I think it suits you…”

Whatever embarrassment he may have felt for saying that was quickly and totally washed away by the faint pink spreading over Jimin’s cheeks.


“Oh.” Jimin says softly and Jungkook can feel the hum of his heart thrum a little faster. A few beats of silence pass, a few beats of Jimin staring intently at his chest instead of his face, then he continues, “Thank you.”

It’s only two words but they weigh heavy and thick in his chest. Jimin’s always been one to have bouts of insecurity in his work, be it singing or dancing. It’s been that way since their pre debut days and Jungkook knows he hasn’t always been the best or most eloquent with encouraging words. He’s only recently started to get better at it, so to see Jimin smiling so softly, to see the light pink dusting his cheeks because of something he said makes him feel a little too proud. It might be silly he thinks, considering he didn’t say much of what he thought at all , but Jimin seems to be happy and that’s enough to send him over the moon.

The only problem now is that Jungkook doesn’t know how in the hell to respond.

Common sense would have him say the standard reply of “You’re welcome. ” or “No problem. ”, but the way Jimin’s smiling at him now has created a huge disconnect from his brain and his mouth.

“Uh…” he starts some kind of sentence that he doesn’t know how to finish but thankfully Yoongi sweeps in and saves his blank minded ass.

“Jungkook-ah, come on let’s go.” Yoongi calls out to him from the door, apparently having won the fight of who was paying against Hoseok.

Jungkook turns back to Jimin, heart still thumping a little too hard against his chest, “I’ll be back.”

Jimin grins again and it’s that one. The one that charms every person he meets, the one that could make rain stop and cause the sun to shine for just a few more minutes in a day.  

“Okay Jungkookie.” Jimin replies with a small giggle, barely loud enough to hear but he does and he feels too warm in his sweater all of a sudden.

With a nod, Jungkook strides over to Yoongi after grabbing his camcorder and coat, leaving the building in no time. It’s still freezing outside, the first snow having fallen over a week ago already and he can’t help but be a little glad that he’s out here instead of Jimin, who was born a true summer boy. The convenience store is only three minutes down the street but he’s glad for it anyway.

Jungkook snaps open his camcorder and films the gray sky before bugging Yoongi to say something entertaining, mulling over what to get Jimin in his head all the while.