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Gold, part II

Read part I here

Summary: Reader is selectively mute, but she can only watch Dean suffer for so long before speaking up.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of the murder of reader’s parents.

AN: You guys asked for a second part! Well here it is! I’ll write a part 3 too, hopefully!


That night you barely got any sleep. As you laid on your bed you thought about it what happened at the war room. You spoke for the first time in 5 years. You were so sure you would never talk again. And if you did, it wouldn’t be that easy. Well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t hard as you thought it would. You imagined the first thing to come out of your mouth would be an incoherent noise, not a speech about beauty and a Chinese tradition!

You were selectively mute, after all. You could talk, you just chose not to. But the trauma, the memories of the demons holding you down and telling you to keep quiet or your family would die still haunted you. They became your inner demons, killing your words before they reached your mouth. What good did it do? Your family was dead anyway.

But it cheered up Dean, which was the only thing that mattered. Dean was worth it…

You weren’t about to fool yourself. Nothing would ever happen between you and Dean. You were too broken, and you knew him too well to get your hopes up. He was flirty, hitting on every pretty girl that crossed paths with him, and you knew he would never settle down. He mentioned more than once how his life would end at the edge of a blade or barrel of a gun. He just wasn’t meant to have a partner.

Still, you hated seeing him sad. You had to say something! You knew it wasn’t much, but you hoped your words would bring him some peace.

With a silent sigh, you got up and changed. It was morning already and you were sure you weren’t about to get any more sleep.

You were surprised to see Dean in the kitchen. The night before he drank so much you expected him to sleep in late and have a hangover the rest of the morning. Instead you found him standing by the stove making breakfast and sipping his coffee.

He noticed your presence as you walked to the cupboard to get your favorite cup.

“Morning sweetheart!” He said in an awfully happy voice. You smiled softly at him, like you did every time someone greeted you, and then proceeded to pour some coffee in your mug. “Would you like some bacon and eggs with your coffee?” Dean asked and you nodded your head. You watched something change in Dean’s face. “How did you sleep?” He asked. As a reply, you just shrugged, letting him know you didn’t get much sleep.

Dean’s shoulders dropped, as if he was giving something up. He shook his head and went back to checking the bacon on the pan, his good mood completely gone.

You were slipping your coffee slowly, welcoming the caffeine, when Dean placed your plate on the table. You were about to pull it closer to you, when suddenly he took it back.

“What do we say?” He asked like you were a child. She frowned and then mouthed a “Thank you”, like you always did.

Why was he acting so weird?

He rolled his eyes and placed the plate in front of you. You smiled and took the fork, ready to dig in as he sat across from you.

“So you’re back to being silent.” He said making you stop the fork in mid air. “I mean, I know I was drunk last night, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming. You talked to me.”

You blinked, confused, and then nodded your head slowly.

“Then why won’t you talk to me now?”

His answer met only silence. You looked down ashamed. You wished you could talk to him, but for some reason your voice was gone again.

“Do I have to be drunk for you to talk to me?” He asked. “’Coz let me tell you, I have a bottle of whiskey with my name on it. I just think it’s a little bit early in the morning.”

You put your fork down and shook your head.

“Then… what?” He pressed. You looked up and across the table, and you wish you didn’t. He looked so upset, giving you those puppy dog eyes that you thought were only reserved for his brother and his best friend.

In that moment Sam walked in. He looked like he had just stepped out of the shower, so you guessed he was back from his morning run.

“Hey guys.” He said on his way to the coffee machine. “I know we’re after Lucifer right now, but since we have no leads I was thinking we could work a case.” He suggested.

Dean rubbed his face, clearly annoyed by the interruption, and turned to his brother.

“Did you find anything?”

“Yeah, I think it could be vampires.” Sam replied before sitting next to you. “Victims were drained of blood, wounds on the necks. Usual vampire stuff.”

“Where?” Dean asked.

“Boulder, Colorado.” Sam replied.

“That’s just six hours away.” Dean said. “Alright I’m in.”

Sam looked at you, as if he was expecting a reply. You just nodded your head, letting him know you would tag along.

When you finished your breakfast, you walked to the sink to wash your cup and plate, as usual. But being your clumsy self, you dropped your mug and watched as it hit the ground and broke in many little pieces. How you survived all these years as a hunter was beyond you! It made you sad, knowing this was your favorite cup.

“Everything okay?” Dean asked from the table as he heard the mug smash the ground. You nodded your head and went to get a broom.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll get you a new one.” Sam said to cheer you up. But you knew they wouldn’t. It was a really old mug and you were pretty sure those were sold out. Besides, you were just sentimental about it.

You cleaned up the floor and threw the pieces in the trash bin as quickly as you could, so you could go to your room and pack your bag. As you walked out of the kitchen, Dean glanced at the trash bin, an idea forming in his head.


Like Dean predicted, Boulder was only six hours away, and Baby didn’t disappoint. After arriving there and booking a couple of motel rooms, you went straight to work.

While the boys inspected the victims’ bodies, you got all the newspaper articles and files you could get, and marked on a map all the places were the victims were found. Eventually you managed to find a pattern and define a common ground.

The vampires would go to a random bar, pick a victim and kill them on their way to their nest, which you suspected it to be a new neighborhood that was being built. The vampires must’ve occupied an empty house.

One of the victims was also a worker there. Maybe he found the vampires occupying one of the finished houses and found his own demise.

You weren’t 100% sure, but it was a start. With just a few signals, the brothers got the message, and the packed their machetes.


The sun was up, but it was still very early in the morning, which brought you some tranquility. You feared that the vampires would still be up, or that the workers would show up for work and find you there, but you had yet to find the right house.

“Dean.” Sam called out softly before pointing out something.


Right on the perfect white picket fence around one of the houses.

“This must be the one. You ready?” Dean asked you. You simply nodded your head and poured some dead man’s blood on your blade. “Attagirl.” Dean said with a smirk before walking towards the house.

You wanted to smack him in the head. Why did he have to go and make your heart beat faster, especially when you’re so close to vampires? Sometimes you hated how much power he had on you.

Once inside the house you felt like a parent putting the presents under the Christmas tree. You tiptoed around, being a quiet as possible in the dark. At first you thought the place was empty, but while checking the second floor, you found the vampires sleeping.

Taking out the first and second vampire was always easy, but eventually the others would wake up and fight you. And today was no exception.

You kicked, you swung your machete and threw punches to everything that came near you until the floor was covered with beheaded bodies and you could feel the Winchesters and you were the only ones in the room.

“You okay?” You heard Dean say. You turned to him, your eyes adjusted to the dark enough to see him, and you could tell he could see you too by the way his eyes shined to you, so you nodded your head.

A big shadow moved behind Dean, and your eyes opened wide in fear.

“BEHIND YOU!” You yelled. Dean quickly turned around and managed to block the vampire’s attack as he lunged for the hunter’s neck.

The vampire landed close enough to Sam for him to hold him by his jacket, giving Dean enough time to cut its head off.

Suddenly the air felt thick and quiet. Both hunters turned to look at you in surprised.

“You spoke.” Sam said confused.

“Yeah…” Dean added with one of his usual smirks. “She does that from time to time.”



You opened your eyes and groaned.

Ugh… what now?… I need sleep… yeah… sleep…

Rolling on the bed you realized your phone just beeped, announcing a text. No use on going back to sleep now.

[text] From: Sam

Just letting you know we’re going out for breakfast to the diner across the road, in case you wanna come.

You smiled and kicked away the covers, only to groan as you noticed how sore you were.

I’m too old to fight vampires…

After brushing your hair and throwing some fresh clothes on, you made your way to the diner. You were surprised to see Sam sitting by himself on a booth. Your confusion must’ve been noticeable, because when you walked closer to the table and Sam looked up and smiled.

“Dean said he had something to do, but he should be here soon.” He said. “Meanwhile I ordered some coffee and pancakes for you.”

Bless his soul! You smiled widely and sat across from him.

As Sam said, Dean walked in shortly after that, holding a brown paper bag. But he didn’t bring it up. He just sat down, ordered his breakfast and ate it.

You all agreed on going back to the bunker that day. So you had to pack bag and meet them by the Impala once you’re ready. But while you were collecting your things, someone knocked on your door.

When you opened the door, you found Dean bouncing a leg and biting his lower lip. He looked troubled.

“Hey! Can I come in?” He asked, and you quickly stepped aside to let him on.

He walked nervously into your room and looked around awkwardly before handing you the same brown paper bag he had with him that morning.

“I…uh… got you something.” He said. You tilted your head and took it carefully. “I’m sorry I didn’t wrap it appropriately. Glittery paper and I don’t mix.” He joked.

You took the content out and stared at it surprised.

It was an old cup with golden stripes. The gold held together the pieces that one time broke apart.

It was simply beautiful and you were deeply touched by the gesture.

“I saw it at an antique store and I thought of you…” Dean said softly, making your heart skip a beat. “… of what you said that night.” He continued. “You know, you’re gold to me too. Mute or not. I just wish you would talk to me, but I understand if you won’t. It only makes it more meaning full when you actually do talk.” Dean explained. “Besides, I know you dropped yours, so I thought you could use a new-.”

He was silenced by you as you threw your arms around his torso and held him tight. You felt his hand move around your back and hold you against him.

Looking up at him, you smiled softly, and for a second there you thought you could see him swallow nervously.

“Thank you.” You whispered.

The two of you stood there in silence for a moment before Dean smiled and tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear, which made your knees go weak.

“See? Meaningful.” He said.

The A-Team

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: When Bucky is rescued, everyone quickly finds out that he works best with you and Steve on missions. What happens when you get hurt on a mission? The truth about your past with the Winter Soldier is revealed as well

Warnings: blood, being shot 

Whenever new mission prospects came in, the Avengers took careful consideration of picking the right people for the specific needs of the mission. Fury set up large meetings for the team to discuss who would go on them, and the plans for when you got there. It took certain skill sets for a job, and you were lucky enough to be needed on almost every mission since you were the eyes from above. The previous job you had of being a sniper for the CIA had gotten Fury’s attention, which then lead Natasha to come recruit you while you were on the job. There had been some rumors that you worked with the Winter Soldier at some point, but you weren’t going to comment on that without Bucky’s permission. However, you were a key part in his rescue mission, which then lead to you becoming best friends with Steve and Bucky.  

A few months after the successful mission in which the Winter Soldier was brought ‘home’, he began training with the team on a normal basis. Slowly but surely, he started joining everyone at meal time, and even coming to team parties. Although he was still relatively quiet, everyone noticed that he talked the most and worked the best when it was only you and Steve interacting with him. Everyone also noticed that Bucky had a certain glimmer in his eyes whenever you walked into the room, but that was left unsaid. After a few missions with just the three of you, the people on the news and on social media called the three of you “The A-team”, much like the tv show. It was pretty badass, considering the boys felt you were the leader of the small group when put on missions together. They knew and respected the fact that you were the one watching their backs from above, and coming up with backup plans if all hell broke loose. When it was smaller missions, you followed up the group and watched everyone’s backs.

This was all swirling in your mind as you sat down at the dining table to have lunch with the team. Natasha was telling stories about the times she pranked Clint, and how he attempted to get her back but he only fell deeper into her traps once again. The previous 2 weeks were pretty bland since there were no missions, and everyone was going borderline stir crazy. But you knew that down time always came to an abrupt end, and this was proven true when Tony came running into the room which made the happy chatter cease. He told you, Bucky, and Steve to suit up and be on the quinjet within 10 minutes, there was a small Hydra base that didn’t protect their coordinates while they were trying to hack into the secure servers at the Avengers Compound. As much as you wanted to sit there and eat your chicken sandwich, you had work to do with the team.


The uniform that was made for you was bulletproof and sleek, it was sort of like Black Widow’s except yours covered all the way up to your neck instead of zipping down in the front. Steve delivered the mission folder with all the details to read on your walk to the quinjet, and this time it was just a simple gut and sweep. So you got your basic things for sniping from the trees, considering there were no hills to be perched on. It was a good idea that only the A-Team would be going, this way if there was another emergency back at the compound everyone was still available for that. Plus, a gut and sweep was something that the three of you had mastered over the previous year. With over 50 successful missions, this one was the most simple of all, or so you thought.

Night had fallen by the time you reached Virginia, and it was especially dark in the woods that you were sent to. Being perched in a tree with a night scope did help though, compared to the boys having to run around on the ground pretty much blind. Although, it was pretty easy to see when someone was running at you, hell bent on killing. You had already taken out the personnel on the rooftop, and gave them the go ahead on the ground. The file said that there were only about 40 people left working at this particular base, 10 of which were on the roof. Bucky normally handled the initial quick fight getting into the building, and then Steve cleared them out on the inside.

At first, you were surprised to see Steve join in on the action outside, but then you realized why. Being severely outnumbered on a mission is alarming in multiple different ways, especially in the sense that the backup was hundreds of miles away. But there was no time for you to have any other reaction to the situation at hands. You started to shoot faster than you ever had in battle, especially when you took out the AR-15. Over the gunshots, you could hear the guys panting into the comm. There was no time to think of yourself in the fight, it was all about getting your guys out safe. You knew no one was watching your back in the midst of the chaos, but you went climbed down the tree as fast as possible. Your feet hit the ground with a thump, and you were off to the races.

As many hydra agents you took down, you managed to miss the one standing directly behind you. A shot rang out and a bullet sank into your lower back, and you spun on your heel to shoot him before doing anything else. “Shit, I got hit.” You gritted your teeth as you yelled, and continued to shoot from your spot with your back pressed to a tree. Your heartbeat was pounding in your ears while you tried to focus on the situation at hand. There seemed to be about 60 agents left, and you knew the guys could handle it on their own.

Steve continued to take them down with his shield and kicks to the head, “We’re leaving now, Bucky is coming to pick you up.”

This was when you decided to play dead, this way if anyone that wasn’t from your side happened to run by they wouldn’t try to shoot you anymore. Your vision was becoming blurry because of the blood loss, but it certainly wasn’t the first time you’d been shot. The area around you seemed to be clear, so you ripped a piece of your t-shirt off to hold pressure to the wound. Once Bucky actually arrived to where you were, you saw a look on his face that was unfamiliar; fear. The fear of him losing you again was showing on his face as he leaned down, “It’s gonna be okay,” Bucky whispered as he grabbed you, it was more for himself than you at the moment. He picked you up bridal style, with his metal arm across the top of your back.

The one thing that you kept a secret from everyone was that Hydra had captured you once already, and you had been in close quarters with the Winter Soldier. When you had met once more on the rescue mission, it was like a breath of fresh air seeing him still alive and breathing. You kept trying to think of happy memories with him while Bucky was running back to the quinjet, but you were still getting terrible flashbacks to Hydra. “Breath, Y/n.” Bucky could see the agony on your face that wasn’t just from being shot, and his voice was cutting through the bad memories while you tried to focus on his face. This was also when you thought back to the time you denied having any previous contact with the Winter Soldier, what would have been the harm in it?

While you were having droopy thoughts from blood loss, you’d forgotten that Natasha had been on the quinjet waiting for word on the siege. You knew you were going to kick yourself for forgetting about her later, but all you could focus on was Bucky’s hands on your body. Apparently her comm hadn’t been working properly so she didn’t know of the situation at hand. You couldn’t concentrate for much longer, between the flashbacks and the amount of blood pouring out of the bullet wound. Once you had reached the helicarrier in Bucky’s arms, Natasha got the bullet out and started to stitch you up immediately. You remained in Bucky’s lap, staring up at him while he put his hands on either side of your face. Bucky looked so sad seeing you in this much pain, “C’mon baby, fight through it. You’re safe here with us.” He continued to speak as Steve ran in through the open gate, then shut it as he came in. The quinjet took off, but you were losing consciousness throughout it all. However, you were aware of Bucky staying close to you and keeping pressure on the wound.

The next thing you knew, light was flooding into your eyes from the medical wing’s windows.

Bucky’s quiet snores caught your attention to the right, and through squinted eyes you could see the scrapes on his face from the previous night. The way he was sprawled out on the lounge chair next to your bed brought back a very particular memory, one that made you blush a little as it came to your mind. While you attempted to sit up, the bed creaked causing Bucky to abruptly jolt out of his sleep. He got up fast and came to sit on the edge of the bed, keeping you from sitting all the way up.

The pain in your back ceased to exist when you looked into Bucky’s eyes and took his hands in yours. You’d seen this look on his face before, when the both of you were in Hydra’s grasp. “Y/n, I thought I was going to lose you again.” Tears were welling up in his eyes, and you remembered the look on his face on the day you finally got saved from Hydra. He sacrificed himself so that you could be free, and you thought about this when you brought his knuckles up to your lips. “Let’s try again, this time we’re free.” Bucky was looking deep into your eyes, awaiting a response.

“I see we still love each other,” A faint smile played on your face as you took a deep breath, a blush was creeping up on Bucky’s face.

Bucky chuckled, “I guess we do, doll.”


::This was quite the clever idea for an imagine, and by far I think this is going to be my favorite imagine, thanks Anon! I feel like breaking the forth wall in some way today, talk to me, lovelies::


(F/N) - Friend’s Name

(F/D) - Favorite Drink

          The job you’d always wanted, and you everything was finally right in the world. All of the hours spent pencil pushing, and now you were here; This plush office life was just for you, a comfy chair, room with a view at the pay- The pay was- Alright alright, Who are we kidding, you’ve all read my other stories. The reader is never a hundred percent okay in any of them; so let me tell you about how your life is really going. In reality, your back breaking work meant nothing, surprise! This is real life, So let’s give you a lesson 101 on how much of a shit show it is; You’re working in what you were sure used to be a closet, seeing as how the were no windows. Your chair, was straight from the kitchen table, you even had to buy your own cushions; And your position might as well be the assistant to the assistant’s assistant, so you were basically basically paid fuck all. Yeah, It was that bad; Now let’s spice it up with some fun, phone call!

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Please Don't Leave Me

This past year has been insane. Yuta and I got married, we moved into our new home together, and I recently got a promotion at work. As happy as I am to be moving up in the world, I’m not so sure how I feel about being transferred from the Gangnam branch to headquarters. Not only does this transfer mean a longer commute, it also means I’ll be working in an entirely new environment with complete strangers. At the Gangnam branch everyone was so friendly and easy going, that within my first month of work, I was on a first name basis with the majority of the staff. Headquarters is the exact opposite. Everyone here is so uptight and distant. This is my fifth day on the job, and it feels like everyone is ignoring me, with the exception of my team leader.

“Nakamoto.” I look up from the paperwork I’d been pouring over, to find the team leader standing in front of my desk.

“Yes, Mr. Yun.”

“We were thinking of having your welcoming party today. Does that work for you?” Wow! I definitely wasn’t expecting this. I feel like everyone has been avoiding me. This could be my one chance to finally fit in.

“Yeah, of course, I’d love to.” Ohhhh, I sound a little too eager, don’t I.

“Alright. We’ll all meet in the lobby at 20:00 and then head to dinner.”

“Sounds great!” I reply enthusiastically before returning to the task at hand.

I’m so immersed in my work, I didn’t even notice my phone vibrating until one of my coworkers taps me on the shoulder about a million times. Oh, it’s Yuta. “Hey, how was your day off?”

“Uneventful. I slept in, hit the gym, and I’ve been binge watching reality tv ever since I got back. I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight. With everything that’s been going on lately, we haven’t had any time for each other.”

“I would love that so much. Unfortunately, I already agreed to go to on a team dinner, and it’s in my honor, so I can’t cancel. Can we maybe take a rain check?”

“That’s fine. The guys have been badgering me about going out with them anyways. We can just reschedule for next week.”

“That would be amazing. I love you.”

“Love you too.” As I end the call I catch a glimpse of my cellphone screen, only to realize it’s already 19:51. If I don’t hurry, I’m going to be late. I quickly store the documents I was working on in the filing cabinet, and head to the lobby.

Dinner was actually a huge success. We’re a small of group of only six people, including myself and our team leader. After dinner Mr. Yun suggests we all go out for drinks, but everyone else already has prior engagements. I’m about to back out as well, when I remember that Yuta’s hanging out with the guys tonight. He’s probably not going to be home until late, and there’s no use rushing back to an empty home on a Friday night, so I decide to take my supervisor up on his offer.

“Hahahaha … Mr. Yun, stop I’m going to fall off my bar stool.” This is probably the happiest I’ve felt since the transfer. Mr. Yun is hilarious, this bar has the most amazing atmosphere, and the wine here is fantastic.

“Please call me by first name, Haneul.”

“Hahaha, alright Haneul. So tell me more about what happened after you got to the hotel room?” I might be just the tiniest bit tipsy at the moment. I haven’t been able to stop laughing for the past five minutes, and I’m so dizzy that instead of sitting upright in my chair, my body keeps leaning further forward. All this wine is really making me hot, so I remove my blazer leaving me in only a flimsy silk camisole.

“You’re never going to believe me.”

“No, I promise I will. Tell me. You can’t just leave me hanging. I have to know how this story ends.” My body instinctively draws closer as I plead with him.

“Hahaha, alright since you’re being such a good girl I’ll tell you, but it’s a secret.” He moves in, pushing my hair behind my ear, so he can whisper the secret to me. Before he can say anything however, I’m physically forced out of my chair.

“What the fu- … Yuta? What are you doing here?” I’m so shocked to see him, that I happen to overlook his facial expression. Had I been paying closer attention, I would have realized that this is the angriest I’ve ever witnessed Yuta.

Still gripping my forearm, he drags me out of the bar without a word and forces me into the passengers seat, despite my protests. He slams the door behind me and quickly gets in behind the wheel. “Yuta, what th-”

“Do yourself a favor, shut up and put on your seatbelt.” He’s silent the entire drive, ignoring my many attempts to get him to talk. His knuckles are white as his gaze is fixed firmly forward, never once straying from the road. By the time we’ve parked, I’ve given up trying to speak to him. We don’t say a word to each other, but the second the front door closes Yuta explodes. “What did you enjoy more, your date or lying to your husband?” He shouts.


“Shut up, Y/N. We’ve not even been married a year, and you’re already cheating on me. You couldn’t have made it more obvious.” He’s fuming. I need to calm him down before he does anything irrational.

“I swear I wasn-”

“I saw you with my own eyes, and not just me, all the members saw you too. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have your friends point out your wife at the bar practically throwing herself at another man? Nice touch removing your jacket by the way, it really added to the whole scene. I’m sure your boyfriend enjoyed it.” At that moment I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. Was I a little tipsy back there? Yes. Did it appear like I was trying to seduce my boss? Apparently it did. However, I’ve been in love with no one, but Yuta for the past seven years, and in all this time the thought of cheating on him has never once crossed my mind. I thought we shared unconditional love and trust, but it turns out I’m sadly mistaken. Feeling the tears stream down my face, I run out into the street. I’ve just inserted the car keys in the door, when Yuta violently pulls me backwards.

“What are you doing? You’re drunk. Do you want to kill yourself?”

“Why the hell do you care? You clearly think I’m a whore. You couldn’t stand to hear a word I had to say earlier, so it shouldn’t matter to you whether I’m dead or alive. Let go of me.” I do my best to push him off, but I’m drunk, and disoriented, and no match for his strength.

I wake up in bed, alone. The clock on my nightstand reads 11:26. Uhhhhh … my head is pounding, and that is when all the memories from last night start flooding back. Where’s Yuta? I frantically run around the house searching for him, only to find him slumped against the wall of the room we had once planned on turning into a nursery someday. He’s obviously been crying, and I can tell from the dark circles under his eyes that he hasn’t slept all night.

“Yuta?” I whisper as I hesitantly approach him, sitting about a meter away from him, afraid I might set him off again. We sit that way for about an hour avoiding each other’s gaze.

“Y/N, promise you won’t leave me. I don’t care what happened last night. I’ll forgive you for everything. Please, I’m begging you to break it off with him and return to me. I’ll do anything.” I’ve never seen him so broken before.

“Yuta. I-”

“Please, I’ll do anything. Don’t leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere, and I haven’t been cheating on you either.”

“Just be honest with me, please. No matter what the truth is, I’ve already forgiven you.”

“Yuta, I’m telling the truth. I wasn’t on a date last night, I was drinking with my boss because all my other colleagues were busy, and I didn’t see the point of coming home early if you weren’t going to there when I got back. I’ll admit I was drunk, and it might have come off as flirting, but that was never my intention. I only removed my blazer because I was overheating from all the wine I had. I was so tipsy I made an ass of myself.”

“I’m such an idiot. I should have known you would never do anything like that. It’s just when I saw you leaning into him, I got so scared. I love you so much, and I thought I was losing you. I was angry with myself, and I took it out on you. I hurt you.” This is the first time I’ve actually seen Yuta cry. He covers his face with his hands, too ashamed to look me in the eyes. I can’t believe how both of us acted yesterday. We were like two completely different people. I scoot over until I’m right beside Yuta and begin gently stroking his hair. He moves his head to my lap, throwing his arms around my waist, and clings to me desperately.

“You’re not leaving me, right?” He sounds so frightened.

“No, of course not. You’re my husband, and I love you.” He sits up bringing me into the most magical kiss making me forget my name and the events of last night.

“Do you remember when we first bought this house?” He’s repositioned me, so I’m sitting on his lap, my head resting comfortably against his chest. “We said this was going to be a nursery one day.”

“I remember.” I say, nodding my head. “We said we were going to paint the walls blue and place the crib next to the window. And we wanted to hang up family photos and decorate the room with white furniture.”

“I can’t wait to turn this room into a reality.”

“Neither can I.” He chuckles before lifting me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Hahaha … Yuta put me down. Where are you even taking me?”

“To the bedroom. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to turn this room into the nursery of our dreams, and it all starts with having a baby.”

Audrey Jensen Fic: You Don’t Get To Be Mad

Audrey Jensen X Reader

A/N: I’m in a rush for a flight and I wanted to get something up before I leave. Sorry if this is a mess and rushed. I hope to finish it properly when I get back from my trip. I’ll be gone until Sunday. Also I didn’t intend for this to come off as angry as it did and I’m sorry. I’m also an Emrey shipper so this isn’t anything against Emrey! I just wanted to explore this in a fic! You guys have nice weekend and I’ll be back soon!

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Y/N waited on the sidelines, with arms crossed, where the cop cars had been parked. She was told to stand there after she was questioned about the incident in the barn. The blue and red flashing lights were bright lighting up the dark space making everyone on edge. She glances over, Maggie Duval wraps her arms around the two girl Audrey and Emma and Y/N felt sick for some reason. She felt left out, her own parents were off at some medical conference out west in California for the weekend and she was home alone since her brother decided to stay over at his friend’s house. She had even seen Emma reach out her hand and grab Audrey’s so lovingly. She was going to throw up or have a panic, but had to keep her cool until she got back home in the confounds of her house. What sort of idea was it for her parents to leave town when her friends were being killed off one by one.
There was one thing for certain, Y/N didn’t trust Audrey anymore, it started with Emma and the audio file that was sent to her and then Emma and Audrey had been spending a lot of time together and it hadn’t bugged Y/N until today and the very moment Audrey angrily confessed her feelings for the blond girl.
“Why do you hate me?” Emma shouts.
“You broke my heart and worst part is you didn’t even know you were doing it!” Y/N over heard the Audrey say as she peered in from the door way of the barn. “I was angry and lonely and wrote the letters because Piper responded back, she talked to me.”

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Two Weddings and a trip to St.Mungo’s.

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“I need to get married, Pans.” He whispered, the delicate silver envelope in hand dropping down onto the coffee table.
“Whatever for?” She braced herself, gathering her arms across her chest protectively.
“Because-” He began, but chose instead to throw the silver card at her to catch.
“Ginevra Molly Weasley and Harry James Potter, formally request the honour of your presence at their wedding!” Pansy’s eyes bulged in their sockets. “Wedding?! But! Since when? Last I heard that red headed bint was flying round the world playing Quidditch! How did they manage this?”
Draco shrugged.
“This still doesn’t explain why you need to get married.” She sighed, waving the invitation in hand dramatically.
“I need to get married because he is.” Draco said, as if that would suddenly explain everything.
“If this is out of competition then you are more of an idiot than I-” He turned away from Pansy’s harsh glare.
She let the silence simmer between them, didn’t dare move a muscle least it set him off. She knew better than interrupt him when he was like this.
Finally, he turned eyes glassy and raw looking. “Pansy. I said I need to get married, because he is getting married.” He enunciated the ‘he’ as if the very word carried the weight of the world, and then, she realized that maybe it did, for Draco’s world at least.


When the war was over Blaise Zabini, having little connection to the dark side and the ambition to make something of himself, decided to get a job. His mother, having acquired her wealth due to a series of mysteriously dead husbands didn’t want for anything. Blaise however felt the urge to prove himself to the greater known wizarding world and signed up for the Auror Corp.
Which is how, after a few hard years, and a few dozen more dangerous missions later Blaise Zabini had come into the position to find himself within this very office to say the words, “Fuck off Potter.” With good mirth knowing it would be well received by said Potter. Harry Potter, who was of course, his Auror partner.
“I swear, you should have seen your face when the pus hit you!” Potter laughed, leaning back against the leg of his chair.
“You should have seen yours when you had to file the reports later!” Blaise countered, smugly accepting victory as Harry’s face contorted with the haunting memory of ‘Section 38’s Unknown Substance’ files.
“Touche.” Potter murmured.
“Knock Knock?” Draco spoke from the open door, “Blaise, a word?”
Potter, sat up straight, fixing his chair. Eying Draco like a puppy aching for attention. “Malfoy.” He said in greeting.
“Potter.” Draco nodding in return. Blaise watched him fumble with his manilla folder, “I see that congratulations are in hand. I hope you and Miss Weasley will be very happy.”
And with that he was out the door, leaving Blaise to follow.


“I think this is a bad idea Draco. Pureblood crap like this should actually go extinct with all that Dark Lord crap. It’s basically an arranged marriage. Surely you see that!” Pansy cried, Draco hushed her with a look and she sat back into the wicker of her chair, fiddling with the teaspoon resting by her latte.
“The whole point is, Pans, that I am the one arranging it. Not my parents, not a century old blood pact or a cursed bonding trinket, me! If I want to get married, I will chose one of these lovely ladies and procure Malfoy heir’s until I die! Now help me choose! What about this one?”
Pansy sneered, ignoring the insecurity of how much she knew it made her look like a pug. “This agency is barbaric, they’ve written her out to sound like a piece of cattle. Refined features, family of good breeding. Wand, maple oak, magic reserved but readily responding to wandwork.”
Draco rolled his eyes and snorted a little, knowing fairly well how ridiculous it sounded.
“Draco. You’re gay. We’ve both known this since fourth year. You can’t just ignore this for the rest of your life. Just to avoid how in love with P-”
“Here you go! The enchanted wax cheesecake! And the cherry drizzle sponge! Anything else I can get you?” The waitress interrupted.
“No thank you!” He smiled with sickening sweetness.
“Draco!” Pansy warned.
“Hush. Eat your cake.” He commanded, before shaking out the agency case files, and starting over them again.”


“Marry me!” She was wet, she was stormy, she was having none of his shit as she burst through his Floo, covering herself in soot.
“The fuck Pansy what happened?!” Draco leapt from his couch to her aid.
“If you’re going to have a sham wedding, and have a sham of marriage, have it with me!” She declared.
“Pans!” He sighed, curling the conjured towel around her shoulders.
“You’re my best friend. I know you. I love you. We can make it work! I’m not seeing anyone and nobody is willing to give me much time anyway since the war, so why not?” She reasoned resolutely.
“That’s ridiculous Pansy. I’m not holding you back from a lifetime of happiness!” He guided her back the fireplace, the green flames turning orange once more heating them at once.
“We’ll both see men on the side! It’s a perfect arrangement. No one gets hurt! And if you really want to beget children, then who better than to carry them but your best friend? Not some snot of a wife who’ll try to use them to manipulate you should things go sour? We could even do it all clinically, St.Mungo’s can impregnate my eggs with your swimmers we’d never have to share a bed!”
“Pansy.” He gasped, “You don’t know what you’re offering! What if you meet someone? What if you find someone you could share your life with?”
“Then we can get divorced!” She smiled, her breath finally reaching its calm. “Besides Draco, I refuse to believe that you know what you are throwing away! Just because you can’t have Potter, doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy. You could find another!-”
“Yes, well, as you said. There is always divorce.” He stood up to face the flames.
“Is that a yes?” Pansy asked after a time.
“Yes.” He whispered, Pansy had never heard such a broken, tortured sound.


“Is it true?”
“Excuse me?” Draco turned to face Harry, cup of tea in hand to steady him, alone in the breakroom.
“You and Pansy.” Harry explained.
Oh! “Um, yes. Quite.” He took a sip, trying to recover his resolve.
“I wasn’t aware you were that close! All those pub nights and you never even mentioned…” Harry quietened strangely.
“Potter, she’s my best friend.” He said, not needing to lie, gripping the cup tighter.
“Oh right. Of course. I mean, I didn’t mean to. I just wondered, I mean.” Harry rambled awkwardly, looking as he if he wanted to back away through the door at any given moment.
“Yes well. Um, I’m needed back in records. So unless you have a mission report to file with me, I must be going.” In truth, Draco needed to find enough distance to breathe again.
“Right of course. Well, again. If I didn’t say it before. Congratulations Malfoy. I wish you every happiness.” Harry’s green eyes shone, even through the glasses and Draco knew without a doubt that he meant it.


“I didn’t want to go to this. I don’t know how you dragged me to this thing.” He murmured to his ‘fiance’ who glittered in blue alongside him.
“You wanted this wedding to happen sooner rather than later, and this was my only concession. If you are going to sink your head in the sand, fine, I will even pin back your hair for you. But you are not getting out of facing this.” Pansy snipped at him, eyes front.
“Yes ma’am.” He murmured, only half teasing.
Potter looked handsome, so handsome he outshone everyone around him, which Draco assumed he should on his wedding day. Ron Weasley stood beside him nervously, Blaise on the other side of him, looking cool and collected. The traitor, Blaise was supposed to be his friend.
“I heard it’s shotgun wedding!” The witches in front of them whispered noisily. “Got her pregnant, vowed to marry her, keep her a decent woman!” They laughed in a gaggle of ugly sounds before adding, “Though from what I’ve heard she was never all that decent!”
He kicked the back of their chairs, crossing his legs flamboyantly when they turned back to glare at him. “Pardon.” He answered. Pansy sniggered beside him.

Draco felt his guts turn when the music played, watched as Harry’s face distorted into pure happiness as his bride started walking down the aisle. Dressed in lace, form fitting robes, coming to her ankles, her hair swept up on top of her head in a knot.
They met with joined hands, shared a whisper and a fit of giggles.
If Pansy hadn’t blocked him from the aisle he would have made a run for it by now, instead she just took his hand and squeezed. He screwed his eyes shut and waited for it to all be over.
“Witches and Wizards, Goblins and Freefolk! We are gathered today to share in sanctioned matrimony the union of this witch and the this wizard. In-”
There was a blue flash, a shock of spellfire and quick as a whip, Ginny removed her wand from a sheath hidden in Harry’s sleeve, Harry pulled his own, from a hidden pocket amongst Ginny’s laces and fired protection spells around the entire gathering.
As several key people jumped into the action, including Blaise and the Weasel. Finnigan? Where had he come from? Auror Thompson?! Draco realized, that the whole thing had been a set up.


They’d given their statements to the overseeing Wizards, and retreated to a small cafe an apparition away in Paris.
“Well, thank god for that! To think you almost got married over a Ministry Sanctioned Trap! Neo-Death Eaters, threats against the Chosen One! Who knew?!” Pansy smiled like the cat who got the cream.
“Pansy.” He said for the third time before catching her out of her revere. “I’m still going through with this. If you refuse, I’ll stick to my original plan.”
“But why Draco?!” She barked, slamming her cup down harshly.
“Don’t think it’ll look highly suspect if as soon as this wedding sham has been discovered that we suddenly break off our engagement? I’ve thought about this too much. I’m going through with it.”
“And if I say no and back out anyway? What will your poor Potter think then? Huh?”
“I can just say that I am desperate to settle down, and then start spouting pureblood tripe until everyone believes me!” Draco spat back with equal desperate venom.
“Why are you doing this? It can’t all be over Potter can it?” She leaned forward to reach for him. “You can’t possibly think that you can’t find happiness without him!”
Draco jutted out his jaw, sulking rather than talking. “For now, no. And as I am the last Malfoy heir, I think it would be rather pertinent to create more and keep the line going. If nothing else, I can manage that.”
Pansy was lost for words, resolving instead to call the waiter over, ordering a large bottle of highly expensive wine. I silent truce it seemed was in order.

“Knock knock!” Potter came through the door just as Draco was spelling his tie together.
“Potter. What are you doing here?” He spat before he could say anything else. “I mean, you RSVP’d that you couldn’t make it. I just didn’t expect you, is all.”
Harry laughed nervously, dressed to the nines. Draco wanted to pull him apart and piece him back together again with his mouth. He stifled the emotion down, and fixed his tie. “Well, actually I’m the bearer of bad news. Blaise told me to offer you his sincerest apologies. He’s on mission and couldn’t make it without breaking cover.”
“What are you doing here Potter? He’s your partner! You should be out there with him!” Draco got mad a little suddenly, tempering himself, it wasn’t Potter’s fault, he didn’t know.
“After the wedding shenanigans I’ve been given sabbatical for a month. Rogers is with Blaise now. Actually, Blaise asked me to fill in.” Harry winced.
“He’s my best man.”
“I know, look, I’m sorry, I know you’d rather Zabini, you’ve been friends much longer but I’m still here for you. No matter what you want to do. I mean, just- if you want to find someone else to stand up there with you. That’s fine. I can go get them if you’d like.”
It occurred to Draco, that it would be the only time in his life he’d be able to get married with Harry by his side, that he didn’t even care if it were on the wrong side of him, so he said. “No it’s fine. Please. Potter, be my best man.”

Pansy looked beautiful, and he ached suddenly for another life, where this would mean more to him than it actually did. Pansy’s dress, was nothing like Ginny’s it was big, expensive and encrusted with diamonds. Pansy looked regal despite it all and Draco felt suddenly so proud for knowing her, such a deep and loyal friend.
He was crying he realized. Tears streaming down his face, marrying his best friend, standing next to the man he was in love with, crying like a child.
If Pansy noticed the change in best man, she didn’t mention it, or give sign to noticing the change, when she reached him, she reached out for his hands and took them, squeezing them in hers. “Pet.” She whispered, wiping away his tears.
They stood, and they started, they got as far as the vows before a patronus came tearing through the proceedings, the tall giraffe reaching Potter, who trembled behind him.
“Zabini. Code 525. St.Mungo’s!” The patronus announced in an ominous voice.
Harry looked at him then in a panic, “Code 525 that’s-!”
“I know what it bloody well means Potter, I file all your damn reports!” Draco spat in a rush, grabbing onto Pansy’s outstretched hands and taking Harry’s into the other one. From there he apparated them both out from his own damn wedding.
Code 525. Auror down.


“Draco! You realize what you just did?” Harry cried.
“Potter! He’s our best friend. Find his room number now!” Pansy barked, gathering her skirts into her hands, ready to rush to Blaise’s side.
“Right.” Harry conceded and rush they did. First, to the nurses station for the room number and then to the spell damage ward. When they got to Blaise’s room, they found him unconscious and alone. The room eerily free of Healers.
“I’m going to find someone.” Pansy announced, “I need to find out what’s going on!”
Harry stood by Blaise’s side, reaching for the Healers report, trying to discern what it said. “I should have been there. No matter what it was. You were right. I’m his partner I should have been there. Potion’s ring be damned. Fuck the sabbatical!”
“Why is it always a bloody potion’s ring?” Draco cursed, edging closer to Potter by the foot of the bed. “Anyone with that amount of potions talent would surely make a killing above board. Potion’s do not come cheap!” He prattled, nervously trying to fill the empty room with something.
“Look, I’m sorry bout your wedding.” Harry whispered.
Draco waved it off. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we could just do it again or something. I’m sure they’ll all understand once this comes to light.”
“Right. Right.” Harry shuffled on his feet a good minute, before sniffling. “I wish you wouldn’t.”
Blaise looked so lifeless, so pale in his unconscious state. Had they had to put him under a coma, or was that inflicted by his ailments? Draco wondered. His friend lying there in such a deathly state he almost missed Harry’s whispered confession.
Harry turned on him in a panic, obviously emotional from the trauma of the situation. “I said I wish you wouldn’t. I know that I have no grounds to tell you this and telling you does nothing for either of us, in fact you might not want to speak to me ever again but when you do get married again I really won’t be there this time. Because I can’t watch you do it! I can’t watch you marry her. Even though I know you love her. I just can’t Draco!”
Potter, threw himself at Draco, his worried lips pressing onto Draco’s own just as Pansy walked back through the door, the touch gone as quick as it was given.
“Oh god!” Harry blanched, and tore out of the room, nearly knocking the Mediwitch over on his exit.
Pansy smirked a little before returning to the situation at hand, leaving Draco to stand back in shock.


“He was hexed, the warehouse was overrun. Bad intel. There was a potion explosion, which he would have successfully dodged, had he not been hexed into a lumbering speed. Roger’s died on impact.” Draco found Harry in the nearest waiting room, his head hanging over his knees, his hands over his face.
“Fuck!” Harry swore, leaning back suddenly to knock his head back into the wall behind him. “Rogers!”
“Pansy and I aren’t going to be getting married.” Draco said not a moment later.
“Fuck. Wait -what?” Harry looked up at him then, looking a complete wreck.
“Pansy made me go to your wedding. I couldn’t do it but she made me.” He kneeled down in front of Harry, crawling his way between Harry’s knees.
“Us clerks down in records don’t have clearance high enough to know it wasn’t a real wedding. I thought… I thought.” He tried.
“You thought the wedding was real?” Harry finished for him, his eyes desperately trying to read his.
“Blaise takes his position very seriously. He didn’t even tell me. The git. But then again he didn’t know the kind of torture a false wedding invitation would inflict upon someone so hopelessly in love with-” Draco’s voice broke and his face threatened to break out into tears for the second time that day.
Harry inhaled deeply, shaking with breath.
“Potter. Kiss me again. Please.” Draco breathed.
Draco smiled softly, watching the effect of it sweep across Harry’s face. “Pansy is my best friend. She offered to marry me out of convenience. She has in fact been ruthlessly trying to make me give up marriage-”
Harry kissed him, and it was so sweet that Draco crushed his eyes closed and leaned into it. Harry kissed so feverently, his insides felt as if they would burst.
“Marry me.” Harry smiled, breaking away from the kiss in a breathless daze.
“What?” Draco cried.
“Not now, I mean. Don’t give up marriage completely. Just you know, keep it open for me. I mean.” Harry rambled, and Draco realized then that it was a nervous tick, how endearing it seemed almost novel, Draco made Harry feel flustered!
“Okay.” Draco smiled, kissing the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I will keep marriage on the table. For you.”
Harry chuckled with nervous happiness and with such unbridled relief, they couldn’t keep themselves apart, nestling into each other’s arms. Resting their foreheads together, they shared whispers and kisses long after Pansy found them sitting there.
Leaning into the doorway watching happily, Pansy crossed her arms across her chest, cold in the ridiculous wedding dress.
“He’s awake.” She smiled after some time, and found when they looked up to see her there, that they returned her smile, tenfold.


Andy Kaufman Still Alive? No, But Mulder and Scully Got Married. David Duchovny Tea Leoni divorce news sparks conspiracy theories.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson secretly married? It’s got to be something out of an X-Files, right?  Everything about that show smacked of conspiracy. It’s why we watched. We were all Night Stalkers looking for a good flashlight scene. It fed the need for mysterious dark corners of almost truths: Who killed JFK? Did Paul McCartney really die in a car crash in 1966? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? What crashed in Roswell? Should Bigfoot be on the endangered species list? Any of which could have been an X-file. It was just a matter of time until The X-Files had an X-file of their own.

Sure, maybe The X-Files deserved a more creepy pasta kind of urban legend, like the series was actually the FBI’s way of disseminating information and getting the world ready for mass-alien abductions or using a spin-off to warn about the Twin Tower bombings. But no, the X-Files’ X-file is just a sex-file. It plays into the romance of the show and all those years X-Files fans wanted Dana Scully and Fox Mulder to kiss.

David Duchovny and Téa Leoni announced that their divorce was final over the weekend. Duchovny filed in June, citing an irreparable breakdown of the relationship. Weeks ago, tabloids reported that Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were dating after Anderson was spotted coming out of Duchovny’s place in New York amid rumors that he and Leoni were reconciling.

After reporting this for another magazine, I was contacted by a self-proclaimed insider. Just like on The X-Files itself when a well-manicured man gave insider tips to Agent Scully or Deep Throat and X came out of the shadows to guide “Spooky” Mulder through the looking glass. I had my own deep cover insider, a lone gunman, if you will. Hopefully unarmed. I will call this person Deep X. And I’ll tell you what I know about Deep X.

Nothing. I don’t know shit about Deep X and if I were writing this for an online news zine I could get in deep shit because Deep X can be some online lunatic fringe and Fringe was another show entirely. Maybe not entirely, Fringe was so deeply derivative it could have been X-Files outtakes. This informant could be anyone: an X-Files fan or someone who hated the show; someone who just wanted to see their made-up story in print.

Deep X claims to know “a couple of people who are very close to Anderson and Duchovny.” Inasmuch as feeding an urban legend, this is meaningless. The deejays who ran the first Paul Is Dead report didn’t know the band or anyone in their Apple corps. The first Elvis sighting could have been an impersonator on break. The first person who saw Jesus on a taco wasn’t even a member of the clergy.

Deep X contacted me through email, claiming that Duchovny and Anderson secretly got married years ago, that they have children together and that they wouldn’t have to hide all this in plain sight if it weren’t for Tea Leoni. I ignored it. At my peril. When the Duchovny Leoni divorce announcement came out this weekend, I got an email from Deep X asking “believe me now?”

There are gossip magazines and tabloids that might just label this as an anonymous source and run with it. I’m not saying I believe it. I’m just saying, as an X-Files fan, it’s a story I could wish was true. I was never a Tea Leoni fan anyway and I don’t care if Gillian Anderson’s hair could be a little too red, if you know what I mean. The idea that the actors who played Mulder and Scully could have hidden something like this for years would rank it up there with Rod Stewart getting his stomach pumped because he gave one too many blow jobs.

The X-Files is all about mythology. Part of what feeds that was the chemistry between the two stars. Mulder and Scully teased and occasionally squeezed, but like most things on network TV, never pleased. It took them years to kiss. The idea that they were doing something deep under the covers themselves was always a thing of fan fantasy. Not mine, I actually preferred them separate, smoldering from afar in their unimaginative ties and feet too short to reach the pedal. I wouldn’t care if Duchovny was actually a celibate, just so long as Mulder hit on bug scientists named Bambi.

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Bloody Flashbacks, Radley Files, & Can We Believe the Answers We`re Given - PLL 6x04 “Don`t Look Now” Analysis

I can`t believe we`re already discussing 6x04 - it feels like this half season is just flying by! This episode had everything; investigating, relationship dramas, new characters, a “Black Hoodie” ending, and finally - a pretty significant reveal. 

The Charles Reveal & Can We Believe It

So, the big reveal of the night - Charles DiLaurentis was Ali and Jason`s older, mentally disturbed brother. He was sent to Radley because when Alison was 11 months old he put Ali in a bath filled with hot water, most likely with the intention of watching her drown. 

Great! So this explains everything, right? Why Charles became “A”? He hates Alison and he`s hated her since she was a baby…Well, not so fast. Charles DiLaurentis is dead.

I was thrilled to get this huge answer, but then I thought,  is it really an answer if it makes me more confused than I was before? The way I see it, Charles is either dead OR he is “A”. Because how can he be “A” AND dead at the same time? Doesn`t make much sense now, does it? The only other explanation I can think of is that someone has assumed Charles` identity and has been attacking the girls and half the people they know in Charles` name. Only then the #CharlesIsA hashtag would be somewhat of a lie. 

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