why did i take some at school

  • Cardiology Team: You were in the hospital just a few months ago for a heart attack. Why are you here again?
  • Patient: Well ya'll did such a great job last time that I felt great and didn't take my medicines
  • Us: ...okay. And then?
  • Patient: Well... a friend of mine's birthday came up and I celebrated with some coke
  • Us: Oh boy. Then what?
  • Patient: My chest started hurtin' so I got worried and took all my meds.
  • Us: Wait all your meds?? Like for the last 3 months??
  • Patient: Yep
  • Us: Ah. Hence why you're now in the ICU
  • Patient: Yep
Things Percival Graves Would Totally Say If He Was A Dad:

·         “And you can go right back to your room and find the rest of that skirt before I take you to school, young woman.”

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·         “…What did your Mom say?”

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·         “You used to be so cute, what happened?”

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·         “Someday you’ll understand why I care so much…” His hand unconsciously creeps up to his arm and covers a scar that Grindelwald left.

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·         “Just don’t tell your Mom.”

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·         “I refuse to talk to you until you put on some underwear.” (Cue you, “Percival! They’re only three!”)

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·         “I think this needs more… Magic.”

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·         “Stop licking my face!”

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Why are you crying? Did you even know Wes? Did any of you? I take it that’s a no? Law school isn’t really about making friends, right? Yeah, I bet some of you are really happy that he’s dead ‘cause that means your ranking goes up one.

i’m so frustrated by this idea that people need to publicly announce their reason for attendance of an event, or taking a class, or being in a space, or working on a certain project. 

especially if it’s a space structured around some sort of marginalized identity — disability, sexuality, gender, race, class — your check-in question as a leader or organizer shouldn’t be “why did you come here today? why are you in this class?” that so often requires a disclosure of identity that shouldn’t be necessary to participate. i shouldn’t have to tell you that i’m low-income as an explanation for why i want to go to an event that talks about class privilege. let self-disclosure happen naturally as people become comfortable.

this forced disclosure also creates and reinforces this idea that the only reason people participate in some kind of work or study about marginalization is because they themselves are marginalized in that way or have a close friend or family member who is similarly marginalized. this is really really pervasive in disability studies especially. i cannot count the number of times i’ve mentioned that i’m learning braille and been subsequently interrogated about who in my life is blind. it’s almost unthinkable that i might be learning braille because i want to learn, because i think accessibility is important, because alphabets and alternate formats are fascinating. people should be able to — and this means not just allowed to go in name, but enabled and encouraged to actually attend — go to an open workshop on LGBTQ history even if they’re not LGBTQ, and especially even if they’re not out as LGBTQ without having to justify wanting to learn. 

having to announce your motivation also discourages people with limited knowledge or a certain level of privilege from attending and engaging. if i someone answers a question of why they’re in a class on gender and public health by saying they’re pursuing a major with an emphasis on disability studies and a minor in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies and are particularly interested in the ways that disabled trans people experience barriers to appropriate care, someone who is taking the class because it looks interesting, because they want to learn more, because hey, why not, because they’re questioning their gender, because they’re experiencing newly developing chronic health issues— that person is likely to feel uncomfortable sharing that now. that person feels uncomfortable and inferior in the space already before you’ve even started

we don’t make everyone go around the room in a geology class to explain what personal connection they have to geology that makes them attend class. we shouldn’t do it for classes on identity, either. it distances identity-based subjects from other academic fields and limits their relevance to people who are directly marginalized along a certain axis of identity. 

when i run a workshop, i use one or both of following questions instead: 

  • what about you might seem rude to others if they don’t know you?
    • example answer: i communicate better if i can do other things to help me focus, like fidget, stim, or move. looking like I’m paying attention — sitting still, making eye contact, not multitasking — means what I’m paying attention to is performing that attentiveness. 
  • what helps you learn better?
    • example answer: i need to see something written in order to really understand it, so worksheets, writing on the board, and taking thorough notes are very important to me

and then, if i am working with a group for longer, and people are more comfortable and feel more prepared and safe sharing, i might ask “how do you anticipate that the positions you’re coming from will impact the way you act in this space?” for instance, are you concerned you will take up too much space? close out other voices? can you provide a theoretical background from the perspective of a certain theoretical framework? can you provide a lived background as an activist or someone who holds that identity? do people who look like you take up a lot of space in movements and work surrounding this subject? 

that makes space for sharing privilege and marginalization, knowledge level and interest, acknowledgement of fears and hopes, etc. without requiring a certain, specific type of disclosure.

does anyone else have any good check-in questions they like to use? how do y’all feel about disclosure at events and in workshops or classes? do you think it’s an important way to acknowledge privilege, or are there better ways in your opinion? let’s chat.

one time when I was 15 my social anxiety was just starting to pick up and there was a teacher’s conference in the library at school. I was a library helper so I just sat behind the desk like normal. A couple minutes passed and one teacher asked me to get him some coffee from the office so I was “uhh okay” but it took me a while to figure out how to work it because I don’t drink coffee and the machine was ancient

when I came back he was like “why did that take so long why didn’t you just run” and without missing a beat my nervous little ass handed him the coffee and said “we’re not supposed to run inside a school” and I have never been more proud to make a grown man stutter

Drinking Buddies - Damon Salvatore

Despite being underage, human and a girl, you loved drinking bourbon with Damon and Alaric. The three of you would sit in Damon’s sitting room, drinking his expensive liquor. Sometimes, they would bug you about not doing your school work. Some times you would bug Alaric about not marking your essay.

But most times it consisted of bugging Damon for being, well, Damon.

“So you just let her walk away?” You asked, raising your eyebrow at the raven haired vampire who sat across from you, Alaric on the same couch. “Even though she knew you were a vampire and wasn’t afraid to tell the world?”

“I’m with Y/N on that one, why the hell did you let her go?” Alaric asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“She was hot, I have needs. What, was I expected to kill her? Is that how you really think of me?” Damon protested.

“Spend enough evenings drinking with you and you begin to think a lot of things about you, Damon,” you shot back, which you earned a glare from him.

“So what I let her live,” Damon said with a look to both you and Alaric. “Aren’t you guys pro life?”

“Yes, but you are not,” Alaric huffed, taking a sip of his drink.

And sometimes the evening was more depressing. Whenever you felt down, you would sit in between Alaric and Damon, usually leaning against Damon’s chest with your feet up in Alaric’s lap. These nights weren’t often, but when they did happen, the two men watched you like hawks. Alaric would monitor your alcohol intake, not wanting you to get wasted and do something you would soon regret, while Damon let you cry it out on his chest.

Despite constant teasing, sometimes the odd rude comment, there was nothing more you loved than hanging out and drinking with Damon and Alaric. They were never quick to judge you, and always made sure you were feeling alright.

They basically were your best friends and fathers.

A lot of people disapproved of you hanging out with Damon so much. But what they didn’t see was Damon’s soft side, constantly protecting you and ensuring your safety before anyone else’s, including Elena’s.

One day, you thought you were alone in the Salvatore home. You had had a horrible day, getting into a fight with Elena and Bonnie. Caroline had sided with you, thankfully, but Bonnie and Elena had been accusing you of hooking up with Damon behind Elena’s back.

Damon was your best friend, sure, but you would never do that to Elena.

So you laid down on the couch, only wanting to cry. You put your hand over your eyes, willing yourself to sleep. Perhaps when you woke up you would feel better.

You were almost asleep when you heard the clinking of crystal, and liquid being poured into a glass. Opening your eyes and turning your head, Damon was approaching you with two glasses of bourbon in his hands.

“Sorry, I thought you weren’t here,” you whispered hoarsely. “I just-”

“You don’t have to apologize for coming here,” Damon said as he nudged the glass into your hand, before lifting your feet to sit down. When he was settled, he continued. “You know this house is always open to you. And don’t worry about explaining yourself, Caroline already called ahead and I made sure I was home when you got here.”

You let out a weak smile, before your lips started to quiver. “I just,” you began. “I can’t believe Bonnie and Elena would accuse me of that. Sure, I won’t deny that you’re attractive, but you’re also my best friend, I would never want things to be awkward with us and I would also never do that to Elena. The idea that she even assumes that I would do that hurts.”

Damon hummed, on hand resting on your knee gently. “I will talk to Elena,” He said. “You don’t deserve that, after all, you’re always risking your life for her. That isn’t fair. But for now, my wonderful best friend, why don’t we just drink and not worry about what happened today, alright?“ And it was moments like this that you knew Damon was the best possible thing that could happen to you.


Here are 20 tc questions for you. I hope you have fun answering them. I’d love to see you reblog this and let your followers ask you a few of those. (You can also ask me some of them 😂😅)
I tried to only take questions that don’t give so much private stuff of you and your tc away. I hope it worked out.

1. How old is your tc?
2. How old are you?
3. Does your tc have a loud voice or a silent voice?
4. Does your tc teach you this year?
5. Does your tc have fluffy hair?
6. Is your tc emotional or rather cold?
7. Is your tc a popular teacher at your school?
8. Why did you fall in love with your tc?
9. Do you know your tc’s favourite colour?
10. Do you know what music your tc likes?
11. Do you think your tc knows how you feel for them?
12. Do you and your tc have something like a friendship?
13. Do you know if your tc has any pets?
14. Do you know if your tc is in a realationship?
15. Do you know if they have kids?
16. Is your tc tall or short?
17. Do you talk about different things than school with your tc?
18. Does your tc have a nickname for you?
19. Does your tc tease you in some way?
20. Have you ever told one of your friends about your feelings for your tc?

Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Chapter 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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Library Games (Woozi Hogwarts AU Smut)

Summary: He was just a Slytherin and you were just a Ravenclaw. Except, not at all. He was unlike any Slytherin you’d ever seen before - unlike any Hogwarts had seen before. Your ready mind wanted desperately to figure him out, and it turns out that took unraveling him one (clothing) layer at a time. Smut. 

(AN: I had way too much fun writing this. It’s longer than my dick (8500 words long) and you may need to get some snacks or take a bathroom break before you start it. Harry Potter is my life and always will be and that’s clearly reflected here. The smut is kind of at the wayside but I tried really hard, so… please enjoy it? And of course, @livingthroughtheexperience has pointed out to me the real world logistics of having sex on a leather couch…but this is fanfic. -Tanisha<3) (Also smut warning) (also i’m SCREAMING BC that picture is perfect and i’m so glad i found it)

The idea of putting students in houses in the first place seemed strange to most. Other schools didn’t do it, so why did Hogwarts feel the need? Especially after the devastation of the war - the long, painful year it had taken to rebuild the school, the many lives that had been destroyed because of prejudice and the hunger for power - the house system seemed almost ludicrous, null in void. But the new Head Mistress, Minerva McGonagall insisted that the tradition was one of the core values that school was founded on and needed to be carried on if the students were to have a ‘proper learning experience’.

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3x20 thoughts

Why I Ship Rilaya: The Episode

Riley and Maya are more important than Riley and Lucas. I don’t think anybody missed that.

I’m gonna give up a good school so I can be with Maya, just like you did for your romantic interest.

Wait…*takes hand*…Ok.

Quite the cliffhanger. Next week are we taking A Long Walk to Pittsburgh, are we thinking about Graduation, or are we about to enter a Brave New World? I’ve been saying it since the promo for 3x20 dropped, but this plotline is definitely reminding me of some key BMW moments.

Mark Drabble #1

Title: Drabble #1 for Mark

Writer: Admin Kay (whats a mark lee @ hope don’t come for me for doing this)

Artist: Mark Lee aka the man with the master plan (NCT)

Genre: Fluff and Humor

A/N: We got a school cancellation so kyun and I will be taking blurb requests all day! numbers and list here

Request: 19&46 for nct’s mark please from @zxtlx

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“Mark, you’re satan.” I said, stone-cold and dead in the face.

“Why baby?” He questioned, a small smirk dancing on his lips as I sat on the floor.

“How on eaRTH DID YOU MOVE EVERYTHING IN MY ROOM FIVE INCHES TO THE LEFT?” I yelled, my ass hurting like a bitch after completely missing the bed and falling on the floor. “This is some Donghyuck shit right there and you know it.”

“LanGUAGE.” He yelled covering his ears.

“Mark Lee you are almost 19 and you’re about to go on a rap survival show. Get used to it.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Did Donghyuck help you orchestrate this mess?”

“No…Johnny-hyung did.” He admitted, completely throwing Johnny under the bus.

“You both are dead to me.” I said, emotionless.

It was just a joke baby, I swear.” He said while pulling me up.

“My ass hurts. Don’t think I’m not calling Donghyuck later. I’m coming for your ass.”

He engulfed me in a hug as an excuse to restrain my arms. I thrashed while he snuggled into me. “You love me.”

“Shut the fuck up.”


- 28 years old Park Jimin is the 13th leader of Busan Mafia gang.

-He sets his eyes on 18 years old high school student Jeon Jungkook when he successfully beaten up three of his men all by himself.

-They takes Jungkook and beat him up and drags him toward their quarter and asks him why did he do it.

“your men tried to rape a girl.”

-Jimin is furious, “we’re a fucking mafia not some rapist keep your dignity!”

-He orders to get rid of those three men immediately.

-Jimin takes a liking on Jungkook and offers him to join their gang but Jungkook refuses.

-Honestly, Jungkook has always wanted to join a gang, knowing well himself how good he is at beating people up and how bad his grade at school is.  When his teacher asked him to tell the whole class about what he wants to be when he graduate Jungkook would write A GANG LEADER in all capital with black marker on the white board, causing the whole class to gasp.

-But this mafia leader in front of him right now is so far from the image of mafia gang leader Jungkook had in mind all this time. Jimin is too flashy for his liking. Is this shorty really is the leader? What’s with his hair? Fuck, is he wearing make up?

-So Jeon Jungkook refuses, telling the pretty leader to fuck off, wrong answer.

“It’s not an invitation cutie, it’s an order.” so they drags Jeon Jungkook with them.

-Two years later, Jeon Jungkook still hasn’t achieved his dream to be the mafia leader, but at least he has become the pretty mafia leader’s right hand and boyfriend, close enough.

PS: I always love the concept of pretty and cute Jimin from the outside but he honestly is a badass inside.


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Here we have a blonde, short haired, not smiling, stef. 

Hi. Just thought I’d update y'all on my life. 

So let’s start with the blatantly obvious- i chopped 12 inches of my hair off!!!!!!! The reason why I decided to do it was 50% cus my hair was SO FRIED and 50% cus I wanted to look like CL soooo yeah. I did it. It’s done. 

I’m also now back in school (kind of sad face) except my best friend transferred to my university so I don’t have to suffer alone in my classes anymore (happy face)!!! 

Some of you may know this already but I actually ended up completely quitting my old job and taking a leap of faith by switching career paths! I am no longer barista stef but rather a (soon to be) colour consultant at Sephora!! I honestly never thought that I’d be leaving Starbucks so soon and do miss it from time to time but am loving the new experiences and challenges I encounter at Sephora and the wonderful work family that it comes with. Plus you all should know by now that makeup is the second thing in my life that I’m most passionate about (after jimin) so to work in the industry is almost like a dream come true for me. 

In terms of my mental health I’m kind of all over the map right now; BUT I am currently getting help for it and am also on low dosage medication so hopefully things will steadily go up from here! 

Anyway, I realize that I haven’t been as active as i would have liked to be the past couple of months (I so sorry) but hopefully now that I’ve gotten past some of the kinks and bumps in my life I’ll be back updating and connecting with u guys regularly. Just felt like I’ve kind of been isolated for a lil while and wanted to tell u guys what’s up. 😊 xoxo all my love -stef

oh ps- follow my instagram for more frequent updates on me- i follow back and love seeing all your posts!! helps me to put faces to names too yknow? hehe

pps- thank u guys for 15k im so sorry i havent been able to do a proper thank you but i promise i will soon i just cant believe there are 15000 of u guys ugh i wish i could hug each and every one of you honestly u guys have no idea how blessed u make me feel. i love love love love love you. so much.

So I’ve seen this come up with other characters from other fandoms but I’m going to use the Joker as an example when explaining it cause he’s the one I’ve seen mentioned the most recently.

Most of these points came up in one of those weird arguments(the topsy-turvy ones where you start on whether schools are secretly run by energy sucking aliens that want to take over the earth by making the new generations weaker and more apathetic and end on the dubious/controversial sexuality of villains) that I had with a friend, so hopefully it covers everything. If not feel free to pop by to talk more.

(I’ve used the terms queer and gay here as umbrella terms because the Joker’s sexuality is not confirmed and is a speculation)

Okay so with the lego batman movie lots of people are seeming to have the Holy hell is Joker gay??? Has Joker always been gay????? thought process and some are not happy with it due to the fact that Joker in most forms of canon (*cough*with the exception of the legoverse*cough*) is a terrible person(which is true. He is a completely terrible person.) and so see showing him as gay to be both terrible representation and terribly homophobic.

I’m just gonna give you my tiny opinion on why I think otherwise(it’s of course completely okay for people to have different opinions and I wouldn’t mind listening to and talking about them too) so please before you start planning to raid my house and gun me down in my sleep read on ;

Is the Joker straight? From the evidence given I’d say no in most forms of canon. (again this is up to your interpretations of canon.)

Is the Joker a good representation of the lgbtq+ community? NO.

Why do I think Joker being a terrible lgbtq+ representation can be excused because it’s not about the representation. Now HOLD UP! Before you start asking my address to bomb my house listen up

Is good lgbtq+ representation needed in media?? YES.

So why is it okay that you can’t get this from the Joker? Because the Joker as a character is someone you should never feel represented by. I mean the guy is literally a mass murdering clown??? No one should ever feel like he is there as a representation for anything. Ever. Unless of course you are ,like, Pennywise in which case Iloveyou.Pleasedontkillme

If Joker was the only character in DC that was shown as (possibly) being gay then of course a #burnthemtotheground would be appropriate (not that I’ve seen anyone use this # now but it would definitely be the one I’d start if this was the case) but DC has lgbtq+ characters who are much better people who can be used as representation

Why is making a character ,as terrible as the Joker, be (possibly) gay and having him “act” as such ‘okay’ (in my opinion) ?

(again this is totally my opinion and maybe I’m wrong and am actually a terrible person but this is actually the way I see it)

Let terrible, completely horrible people be gay. Let angelic, pure cinnamon rolls be gay. Let morally ambiguous/on the fence people be gay. Why. Because your sexuality has nothing to do with your moral compass. It’s never said or even implied that the Joker is gay cause he’s an evil person. No is it ever said or implied that he’s an evil person because he’s gay. There is ,in real life, no correlation between the two at all and ,how I see it, there shouldn’t be one in fiction either.

In conclusion lgbtq+ people are just that - people. Humans. And all humans have the ability to be either bags of dicks or the melted cheese on top of a pizza. Their sexuality has nothing to do with that. So with the Joker being (possibly) gay/acting like it (aka inappropriately hitting on men, confessing his undying love to Batman on a regular basis) I see it as the same thing. He’s gay. He’s a bag of dicks. Both true but neither have anything to do with the other.
So the way I see it that doesn’t make it homophobic. It’s not like they took their sole gay character and just so happened to turn him into a warm fizzy-less fizzy drink. No, they just had some of their queer characters be the weird black smudges you get when you use a bad eraser and had the others be that last beautiful chip at the bottom of the bag.

In contrast to these reasons why the Joker being shown as gay is okay there is this ;

there’s gonna be those few people who live completely isolated from the views of the modern world who pick up on the fact that villains can be gay and take it as absolute proof that all lgbtq+ people are villains. What can we do to prevent this?? I don’t know…These are the type of completely whacked people who’d believe a crazed killer clown who fights a man dressed as a bat for an occupation is the absolute perfect representation for the whole real life lgbtq+ community. These are the kind of people that can be set off by literally anything. If it isn’t something like a villain being gay that sets them off then it’ll be the next thing. They could literally show two pure, loving cinnamon rolls of the same gender holding hands on tv and these people would flip because “ohmigodthegaysaretakingover!!!!1!@!!1!”

What can we do about these people? I don’t know…

Should characters like the Joker not be made queer in order to not set these people off? In my opinion, no. Why. Because these people are going to be set off no matter what you do. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that a queer person is like any other regular old human and like any other regular old human they make the choice on whether they are a good or a bad person and like any other regular old human their sexuality doesn’t help determine this choice. Why pander to people who can’t seem to process that being queer doesn’t automatically equal to being evil(specially when they get this kind of conclusion from a character like the Joker…because seriously what!? )

Anywho those are my honest opinions…though of course nothing is ever fully unproblematic

Again if anyone wants to talk or give different opinions/thoughts or are pissed/offended(is2g that was not the intention) by anything I said then I’d love to talk about it (unless of course if you’re Pennywise, energy sucking aliens or my childhood friend’s older sister who I owe 20 to , in which case I’m not home please go away.)

(I can’t believe I wasted time on a fucking essay on the Joker’s sexuality……what even is my life…….)

Elementary Fic Recs

Forgive me for the half-baked nature of this post

I chose all of these as my favorites because they focus on Joan. No surprise there.

kill your darlings by notablyindigo

It had not been a mistake, this life she had chosen. But it had rapidly become one.

A beautiful take on why Joan gained back her medical license, based on the narrative provided in 5x10.

i’ll take you on, i’ll take you all on by beanarie

Joan Watson has just returned to school after taking some time off to recover from a tragic accident. Gregson, her favorite English teacher, has a new pet project, a British kid who can’t seem to stop getting in trouble. Together they… serve detention.

A Joan-focused HS AU wherein beanarie makes me cry with how expertly she writes a young Joan scarred by a very different sort of tragedy. 

Spontaneous Chemical Reaction by Dienda

Joan starts learning how to disarm a bomb, there might be a few hiccups.

My friend’s first and hopefully not last Elementary fic published on ao3! It is the most charming and fun take on Joan learning how to defuse bombs, with all the nuance and humor and warmth you would want from Joan and Sherlock’s relationship. It warms my heart.

light and fire by disheveledcurls

Weird-ass detective BFFs, bees, crime-solving, villains and nemeses… and a relationship predicated on one Holmes, one Watson (and a pet turtle.) New York remains –fondly– unimpressed.

(An assortment of vignettes following Joan and Sherlock throughout the seasons, in no particular order. Mostly canon-compliant.)

The second chapter which was written as a Holmestice gift to me! Honestly if you don’t recognize disheveledcurls name you haven’t been following me long enough. Her take on Joan and Sherlock is everything I ever wanted and more. She understands Joan in pretty much every way that I do, and her writing pulls at your heart in the best way possible.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot by inasentimentalmood

What if Watson had never quit medicine and Sherlock was the one in a second career, haunted by a past mistake? A coffee shop/medical AU—sort of.

I am so completely enamored with Joan’s identity as a surgeon and how that affects her character and this AU…gave me everything I’d ever wanted plus something I never though I would want but now I’m angry I can’t have more of. 

ghostwave-senpai  asked:

i have a question o3o. okay, i'm a junior in high school and i wanna do animation, and its around that time when they start making us take tests and send the scores off to colleges and all that jazz. I've been looking and some schools say a BA in Animation, while others say a BFA. Is there a major difference? Also, looking at the one college that calls it a BFA, it also wants me to take "liberal arts courses"? im asking b/c you did animation and the college.

I’m gonna’ be perfectly honest and tell you right up front that I have no idea, but that I don’t think it much matters, and I’m gonna’ elaborate on why.

After a quick google search and clicking on a few different sources, it seems like the difference between a Bachelors of Art and a Bachelors of Fine Art is that the BA focuses more on you getting a well-rounded, general arts education in addition to your major (generally this means with more liberal arts classes: literature, philosophy, “humanities”-type classes), and a BFA focuses more on you getting specific, intensive instruction in your major.  

NOW, obviously, seeing as how you said the school that offers the BFA requires more liberal arts courses, and the schools that offer the BA don’t mention it, there’s a discrepancy here.  To add to your confusion, I got a BFA and I DEFINITELY took required lib arts courses.  I think it kind of comes down to what the school offers and what they decide to call their programs.  Some schools might offer one or the other, some schools might offer a BA and a BFA, and the requirements might vary depending on the school.  

I would say the distinction doesn’t matter much in the long run… no studio is gonna’ ask you for a copy of your degree, and even if they were, they wouldn’t pick someone with a BA over a BFA or vice-versa, they would hire you based on your portfolio and skill set.  I would say the important thing is to pick a school that seems to best fit your needs, and offers a program you’ll get the most out of.  

Most schools are more than happy to send you information and fancy art booklets in the mail to give you a better idea of what they offer, so I would email any place you’re interested in and request more information from them!  The school I went to actually set me up with a counselor who I’d occasionally talk to over the phone if I had questions, long before I was enrolled there, and she was always super friendly and easy to talk to.  You can also schedule campus tours at most colleges as well (have your parents or a school counselor help with this if you need!), which is a great for you to get a feel of what the environment of the school is like.  

Anyway, I hope that helps!  The number of letters in your art degree aren’t as important as what you learn while you’re there and how you apply it!  

Purple Rain was such a whirlwind success. Why did you decide to take a break at such an explosive time in your career?

APOLLONIA: After awhile, it just got so unpredictable. Some things weren’t as I expected and it was absolute craziness. I just needed to catch my breath and regroup. I thought I needed to know the behind the scenes process, the business aspect of it all and I wanted to produce and direct as well. So I went back to school to the American Film Institute. Then I got married. I took time out to travel. I just didn’t want to do anything and needed a break. It was a beautiful time for me to get away, be married and travel. I didn’t have to worry about the next movie or the next album or appearance. I was told by an agent back in the day to stop trying to be a businesswoman, to just act and sing. And I thought, No…I want to know exactly everything that goes into putting a contract together, percentages, over and above the line money, I want to know all of it. I’m glad I did it.

Though you’re no longer married to Kevin Bernhardt, do you two still remain friends? How does that work with an ex?

APOLLONIA: We spent some amazing years together. We are still best of friends. We hang out now and we’re family. I love that. You just make it work. We’re very respectful of one another. You don’t want it to be awkward when you run into each other on the street. Thankfully, we don’t have that issue. I like to keep it friendly.

Please make us happy and tell us the rumors are true about you and Prince being an item at one point.

APOLLONIA: When you look at the chemistry Prince and I have in Purple Rain, and still to this day, we make each other laugh uncontrollably, I can see how it’s easily assumed that we were a couple. But it’s that friendship, a form of longevity, a mutual respect and love that we have maintained for over thirty years that makes that chemistry so real. We can just look at one another and bust out laughing. He makes goofy faces and I snort when I laugh. There are all these rumors that Prince is so intimidating and I never saw him that way. Listen, I look at it as when I die and when he dies, we are all going out the same way we came in: bare ass naked. No one gets to take their fancy cars or their fancy guitars with them. We’re all the same in the end. Prince and I remain close, and sometimes a true partnership and chemistry is built from that and best to keep it at that, just friends.

To still have this amazing bond with Prince after all these years, what does that feel like?

APOLLONIA: Isn’t it crazy? I remember this tender moment right before our thirty-year reunion celebration of Purple Rain. Right before I headed out there, Prince and I had a conversation and I said to him, “You know, it’s been THIRTY years and I want to thank you for picking me.” I started crying and was so emotional. I said, “After all these years, look where it carried us, look what’s happened. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You picked me. You decided on me. You took a chance on me. I love you.” Then Prince said, “ I love you very much. I love you more.” It was a beautiful moment. I just love him.

After spotlighting the big screen, Apollonia returned to her original roots of television, leading her to a role on the hit prime time soap opera series Falcon Crest, playing “Apollonia”, the girlfriend of the character played by then teenage heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas.

You have been linked to your Falcon Crests Co-star Lorenzo Lamas. Is there any truth to that? And is it true you dated the legendary David Lee Roth?

APOLLONIA: Ah, you know, Lorenzo and I were friends for many years. We had the same agent. So one weekend we went with our agent to Del Mar to the racetracks and they put all the “actors” up in the hotel. And, you know…I’m just going to say it. We made out.

Funny thing is that about two years later, I get cast on Falcon Crest and we had to make out again and that time it was awkward. It was like, really? We have to do this? Lorenzo is a sweetheart. But no, no! Nothing else ever formed. We’ve always just been great friends.

And rock star David Lee Roth?

APOLLONIA: David Lee Roth, YES! We were madly in love and we dated off and on for quite a long time, I would have to say for several years. We would see each other, go out and travel. I remember when he used to live in the penthouse at “Empire West” in West Hollywood. We would actually have spit contests outside his balcony. We would sit there and see whose spit would hit the ground floor. He would tell me, “Babe, I want to see you in the movies.” And I would say, “Yeah, hello? Me too!” He had this thing at the Warner Bros. studios and he would say, “Let me help you set up some demos and get you a deal at Warner Bros.” I just never agreed to it. I just wanted to do it myself. A little after that, I was cast in a movie with that guy, Prince. When Apollonia explains this, her voice is playful and mischievous.

I was so young and determined. So that was different. That was fun, doing it on our own. I didn’t let him David help me. There is great satisfaction knowing you succeeded on your own. You go, girl! But yes, David Lee Roth and I were in love and that was a fond time.

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I'M IN LOVE WITH ALWAYS HUMAN I'M DYING HOW DO YOU DRAW SO WELL AND HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU IN TOTAL TO MAKE THIS. AHEM WAIT LET ME REGAIN MY COMPOSURE. As a fellow artist how long have you been doing art? What inspired you to make this comic/manga? AND WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME and maybe your age? OWO

Awwww, thank you very much <3

I’m 28 now (so, pretty old by tumblr artist standards) and I got into anime/manga when I was 12, which is when I started covering my school books with countless doodles of anime eyes :P

I’ve been drawing on and off since. You can see some of my older art on deviantart. I can’t dig up any of my really old art because I am super disoragnised and I don’t know if I saved any of it, sorry ^^;

And I’ve talked a bit about the inspirations for Always Human here :) 

Good luck with your own art!