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BTS Reaction To: Breaking Up With The Love of Their Life

Jin: Tries to keep himself busy and his mind occupied. He spends hours cooking up vast spreads for the boys or hosting more EatJin’s. He also loses himself in video games more than usual and slacks a bit on practice but the boys don’t have the heart to tell him off for it. They know that once he’s not busy, such as laying in bed alone, he cries. They hear the stifled sobs and their hearts are broken too.

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Suga: Pretends to be unaffected. The sunshine line try to make him smile but usually don’t succeed. He finds that there’s nothing left to smile about anymore, not since you left.

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J-Hope: Wears sunglasses more often to hide his red rimmed eyes. His sister offers support, as do the boys, but he only wants you. He feels guilty, like he’s bringing the others down so while he can’t find it within himself himself to be their sunshine anymore, he does work even harder than usual. He works himself to the bone, to where everyone grows concerned for him.

He’s afraid of falling behind and bringing the boys down too. And they’re afraid of never getting their Golden Hyung back.

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Rap Monster: Spends many sleepless nights, wondering what went wrong, if there was someone else who you had been seeing. So he’s tired and heart broken which makes him cranky. The boys avoid him, giving him time alone, since he just snaps at them when they’re around.

“Would you stop making noise?!” he spits at Taehyung.

“Ah, sorry, hyung,” the boy responds before running off.

If he gets too cranky, they’ll sit him down and tell him to stop taking his frustration out on them. But for now, they just avoid him as much as possible.

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Jimin: Stupidly blames himself. He’s the type to put others before him so he instead puts himself in your shoes, wondering if he hadn’t treated you good enough, how long you had stuck in the relationship even though you wanted to leave, if you felt miserable and upset every time you kissed him.

‘How could I not have noticed? I must have been selfish, only thinking of myself.’

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V: Tries to stay strong and bright, for the fans and for the boys. He doesn’t want anyone to see him sad. But he does find focusing a lot harder, instead always wondering what led to the current situation.

“Taehyung, are you paying attention?” an MC jokes. He looks around, suddenly remembering he’s on tv.

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He smiles sheepishly. “Of course I’m listening! I was just thinking about how great it is to be on this show ~”

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Jungkook: “Hyung, why did we break up? I thought … I thought we would last forever.” He doesn’t bother trying to act strong. This is his first heartbreak and he doesn’t know what to do, seeking his hyungs out for comfort and guidance.

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Prompt from the-beauty-of-imagination

Lance knew he was clingy and annoying and sometimes he wondered why Keith even bothers spending time with him. It’s not like he’s interesting like Keith or talented like Keith is or anything as good as Keith. But Keith still lets him be a part of his life, so Lance is going to do everything he can to keep from messing this up.

This went from giving Keith gifts as often as he thought he could without being too strange, letting him choose what most of their activities were when they went out, and most of all, he wouldn’t ever push for kisses unless Keith initiated them.

He was often told he was overly affectionate, which had at times pushed certain people away. Keith wasn’t that affectionate of a person so he couldn’t push his boundaries with hugs and kisses unless Keith wanted them.

To him, it was the perfect plan to make this last and keep Keith from turning away from him- as most people did at some point. At least, anyone he was ever romantically interested in.

“How do I look?” he inquired to Hunk. They had taken a small break at a peaceful planet to gather supplies, leaving them with a few hours away from being paladin’s of Voltron to just relax and enjoy themselves.

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idk why but i suddenly started thinking of that late late show Photo Booth and how harry's hand was holding liams arm :((( and now I'm sad :((( like they didn't have to do that...but they did :(

i know, dear anon, i know :(

i do have a whole folder dedicated to this painful topic

and now that you have brought it up i have a lot of feelings so let’s take a peek into it

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Silver Spoon Pt.5

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: Enjoy :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

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“You can try to forget what happened, but you can never forget what you felt.”

Summary: Seeing you that night was just a careless mistake. It was just another party and another one night stand… But why was it so hard to get rid of you… Why did you have to be around? Why couldn’t I seem to let you go? Was this fate… or just a coincidence?

“What’s the matter? Afraid of a little temptation?”

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

Part 7 everyone~



Jackson’s Point of View

Ugh I wonder if Jaebum has already came back from his date.. Have the boys opened their mouth and told him that I find his date attractive.. Ugh what if Jaebum gets mad? I mean I only said that to get the boys off my back but it’s not that I don’t find Y/N attractive.. of course I do, i mean after all I did happen to approach her first at the bar… probably before she even met Jaebum..

I opened the door to the dorm and I was expecting to walk straight home and go straight to the bathroom and take a nice warm shower after a hard workout session I just did.

I walked straight to my dorm room and I took off my sweater and threw it on my bed.

The house was completely quiet. Hmm no one must be home. I shrugged and took off my shirt and got a hold of my towel and walked off to the bathroom. I was so lost in my head I wasn’t even paying attention to anything, all I want to do is relax and do absolutely nothing.

My hand reached over for the doorknob and I opened it and as soon as I looked up my mouth dropped and there I find Y/N undressing herself…

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Our True Love - Chapter 9

A/N: Yay! Chapter 9! Internet is driving me crazy, so I quickly want to post this before it goes out on me again. I hope you enjoy this chapter! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,769
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I balance myself on the edge of the fountain.

I watch the fallen leaves in the water creating small ripples as the wind pushes it over on the surface. I can see little coins at the bottom of the fountain. Whoever threw them in must’ve thought it would grant their wishes.

Night is crawling over faster now with autumn almost over. It is getting even colder too. Parents are calling their children over to get home. Dogs panting as they jog with their owners through the park. People walking side by side, enjoying the company. I pull my jacket close into me.

“Y/N, don’t do that, you’ll fall.” Bucky says holding onto my hand. I look at him before looking at my shoes. The edge is wide enough for him to sit, what makes him think I’ll fall?

“I’m fine, really. No need to worry.” I say as I continue on my little steps. He lets my hand go with a sigh.

“So, you learned your lesson?” I ask, still my back facing him. Bucky scoffs.

“Not a great day to be strapped to Richard, but we managed fine anyways.” He answers. I look at him before stepping over the small crack. I kick a dried leaf away down to the ground.

“Good. Now don’t do that to each other anymore. You’re family after all.” I say with a sigh.

Family. Come to think of it, I haven’t called my parents for a while now. With everything that is going on, I completely forgot about the ones I know who would fly over the second they hear the words, “I’m a little sad”. Even if it is just over a book I couldn’t find. I should probably ask them how they are doing tonight.

“Family. Such an odd thing.” He says under his breath. I look at him.

“What do you mean? You wanted it didn’t you?” I ask turning my body around to look down at him.

“I know. But it is not what I expected, really.” He looks out into the streets. Lamp posts flickering into life after darkness wraps around the park.

“What did you expect it to be like, then?” I ask, curious. He looks up at me.

“I don’t know. More than what I have, I guess.” He runs his hand through his hair. His metal hand is hidden away in his glove. I watch him before sighing.

“Not everything is really supposed to go as expected. That’s a part of the thrill to life. You just have to find the beauty in it in your own way, you know?” I answer, letting half of my feet hang on the side of fountain.

Without a warning, someone sweeps me off my feet and takes me down from the edge. I look up at Bucky surprised. My body tenses against his arms. Bucky stands me up on my feet before looking at me with an irritated look.

“You’re making me nervous, Y/N. You can fall at any second if you do that.” I raise an eyebrow.

“Why are you so worried? I’m completely fine.” I say. He just gives me a look. I let out a sigh before running my fingers through my hair.

“Fine, fine, Sergeant. I gotcha.” I answer while looking at the passing cars near the entrance to the park. My heart still racing after Bucky carried me like that.

“What about you?” He asks looking at me.

“What about me?” I ask while looking back at him.

“You don’t want a family of your own?” He asks. My body shivers from the mention of it. Or it could probably from the cold breeze. I tuck my hands in my pocket.

“Not yet, I suppose.” I say. He raises an eyebrow.

“Why not?” He asks curious. I look up at him.

Because I was hoping to have it with you.

“Just not the right time or place.” I brush my fingers through my hair after the breeze put it out of place.

“Maybe. You are still young. Maybe you need to learn what it means to love someone first.” His answer felt like a slap to my face.

“What do you mean I need to know what it is like to love?” I ask looking at him. Curious and upset at the same time. His brows furrowed.

“You’ve never been in love, have you? I mean, the times we were together, you were always alone.”

Yes, because I was in love with you, idiot. How can you not notice? But I shouldn’t be too angry. It is my fault for not telling him anyways.

“And I suppose you know everything about love, then?” I ask with a hint of anger in my tone. He caught that.

“More than you do.” He answers. I feel my insides shake with anger. No you don’t. You don’t know at all.

“Right. You marrying Rosaline doesn’t make you an expert in love, Bucky.” I say crossing my arms over my chest.

“No, it doesn’t, but I’ve had many experiences.”

“Yes, before the serum. But you haven’t had any yourself after it didn’t you? The brainwashing wiped your memories away of it.” I ask him straight on.

“I did remember some before and I do have some memories of it when I was Winter Soldier. With Rosaline. I remember it. I saw them in my dreams.” He answers. Sting. Stinging pain in my chest.

“Like what?” I ask.

“Giving me warm glass of milk and honey to help me sleep. And the lavenders. She would put the scented beads above my head. She held me when I cried and comforted me. But the most is feeling her hands in mine. The way her hand holds mine to give me comfort. Is that not love?”

The colour of my face drain away. I felt as though it was my soul that had been ripped apart this time. He’s talking about memories of us together. Of me doing all of that for him… Only he mistook me for Rosaline. My head spins and I feel myself breaking down into pieces.

My heart aches as though Bucky had betrayed me. His mind is too messed up to even remember our nights together. The effects of brainwashing had caused for Bucky to forget all the things I had done for him. No, he didn’t forget them. He replaced me with Rosaline in those memories. This pain is even worse than the heartbreak… How could Bucky do this to me?

I doubt he even remembers that night when he came over.

“Y/N?” He looks at me a little worried. Tears are streaming down my face. He looks at me surprised. “What’s wrong?” He holds my arms. I look up at him, still tears in my eyes.  

“What memories do you remember of us, Bucky?” I ask him behind my shaking voice. Bucky takes a moment to look at me. If he doesn’t even remember me in those memories, then what memories does he hold for us?

“I… I don’t remember so much of us. Just bits and pieces.” He says a little hesitantly. That continues to shred my soul into smaller pieces.

“Then why do you always get so angry at me? Always getting jealous when you see Richard together with me? Getting angry at me when I don’t talk to you?” I ask, half yelling at him. Yes, why does he do all of those if it’s not because of our past?  

His eyes search around my face. I seem to have made his mind spiral into an abyss. Bucky blinks before clutching his temples. He backs down onto the edge of the fountain again to sit. I stand there, still with tears streaming down my eyes. I’ve really hit a dead end with this.

“I… I don’t know. I just. For some reason I can’t bring myself to leave you alone. I don’t like the idea of you being away from me. And I hate the very idea of another man making you happy… It’s just, I… I don’t know why I feel this way.” He says before resting his hand on his chest. I glance over at him before running my fingers through my hair to push them out of my face.

“I… I don’t think there’s a reason for us to continue this friendship then.” I say. Whatever piece left to my heart, I shredded it along with the others. Bucky looks up at me surprised. I couldn’t read the expression on his face.

“What do you mean?” He asks. I laugh softly behind my tears.

“You don’t even know why you want to keep me around. You don’t remember anything about us. You… You don’t even care.” I accuse him behind my laughter.

If he doesn’t remember anything about our nights together, it shows that he never cared about them. Not in ways that I did. He only remembers the things he cared about. Which is why his memories with Steve never faded away.

“Y/N…” Bucky calls out to my name. I look at him, waiting to hear what he has to say. He bites his lower lip before opening his mouth. His phone rings in his pocket suddenly. He looks at me for a moment before answering his phone.

“Hey, Rosy. He’s there? Yeah I’ll be home soon.”

My chest tightens at the mention of her name. I wait for him to end the call. He stares at the phone a little before looking up at me. When I can see that he has nothing to say, I speak up.

“Just forget this, Bucky. Forget whatever you’re feeling for me now. It must be nothing that you’d even forget about the times we spent together, right?” Bucky gets up on his feet, grips on my arms and look straight at me. I wince from the pain of his metal fingers digging into my flesh through my coat. He looks rather upset at me.

“It’s not nothing! I know it’s not! I just… I just need to sort out my mind. I just need to remember better. I know that there’s more to us than what I can remember. I know it in my heart but I…” I jerk my arms away from him. Enough. I don’t want to deal with this anymore.

“Just forget it! Okay?? Whatever you have in that mind of yours is probably what you believe anyways! Stop giving yourself a headache and believe what you want to believe in!” I shout at him angrily. Why is he still insisting for me to stay?

“You know my mind is not normal, Y/N! How can you say that? You’re getting angry at me when I can’t even control my own mind! You know what I’ve been through! You know it when you were the one giving me comfort from my nightmare—” He stops. I widen my eyes. His lips quiver as he backs away a little.

Did he just suddenly remember of it?

Bucky runs his hands through his hair again, looking down at the ground confused. I brush the wet tears away from my cheeks and breathe out a sigh. Is it even worth it to keep fighting with his mind like this?

What am I fighting for anyways? Do I still believe that we have a chance together? Or do I just hope that we will continue our friendship like normal? I can’t even do that without Bucky getting jealous if I hang out with any guys other than the ones he approves of. Why is he trying to control me like this if he doesn’t even have feelings for me?

“Go home, Bucky. Rosy is waiting for you. We’ll talk later.” I say looking at him. As I was about to walk, Bucky’s hand grabs onto my shoulder, turning me around and pulling me into him. He wraps his arms around me tightly, not letting me go.

“Bucky! Let me—”

“Please don’t leave me.” His voice shaking against my neck. We both gasped at the same time. Memory hitting us hard.

“Please don’t leave me…”

His voice echoes in my head. The same exact words he said one time. Bucky probably even remembers it from how tightly he is holding me. I move my hands up to his sides to hold him back. I don’t know what to feel right now. I never do with Bucky’s mood swings like this.

I’m sad, angry, confused… why does he play with my emotions like this? I can’t even decide on what I feel or think because Bucky couldn’t with his. Is the change in his emotions also the cause for the shift in mine? Why can I never just stay with an emotion and go with it? Why does mine have to change because his did?

“Y/N…” Bucky says as he loosens his grip on me. I look up at him. The familiar sad blue eyes staring down at me. I turn away from looking at him. I can’t. Not right now, please.

“Give me some time… I know that there’s something more to us than what we have right now… I just… I just need to sort my memories out. Please…” He pleads with me. I keep my eyes away from looking at his. He lifts his metal hand to pull my face up to look at him.

My body grows a little limp. The same sad eyes, same quivering lips, same worry lines on his forehead and same messy hair: all still the same old Bucky. But, I know that deep down, he’s already a changed person. A person with the love for another. I reach up to tuck a side of his hair behind his ear.

“Okay…” I say quietly. He wraps his arms around me again. I wrap mine around his neck gently.

Why can’t I just end this here and now? Put a stop to this constant push and pull between us? Pack up my bags, get on a flight and leave. Simple. That’ll be the end of it. It’s not like he’s going to run after someone he doesn’t even remember sharing countless nights together. It’s not like my leave would impact anyone’s life so tremendously.

But I can’t do that to Bucky. I can’t do that to Steve, Wanda, Sam, Tony, or anyone. I shouldn’t push all of them away again just because I can’t sort my own mind out. They are my friends after all.

Bucky loosens his arms around me. He reaches down to hold both of my hands tightly. His eyes staring down at them. He smiles a little.

“Why do I have a feeling we’ve done this before?” He asks. I look at him.

“What do you mean?”

“Hold hands.” He says as he shifts his gaze up to me. I force a smile.

Because we always do when you needed a reminder that you are no longer alone.

“That is for something you to figure out.” I say instead. I brush another of his lock away from his face before letting out a sigh.

“I won’t leave you, okay? I’m here for you.” I say before pulling him down to leave a soft kiss against his cheek. He nods.

“Even though my mind couldn’t remember the reason, but in my heart, I know my whole world will shatter if you’re no longer with me.” I gasp at his response.

He brings my cold hand up to his face, nuzzling into my palm. He closes his eyes as though remembering the sensation of my hand against his nose, lips and cheeks. My heart races. The curve and edges on his face is something I already know. Something I’d never forget.

“I feel… really at peace…” He says into my hand. His blue eyes staring right at me. My heart beats with both happiness and pain. I pull my hand away from his face carefully.

“Go home and see your wife. We’ll talk later.”

With that, I turn around and make my way home. Inside, I was happy to relive the feeling again of his hands in mine, but also broken that he did it. It was our very own thing. Our sweet little secret that we share.

But it is also a painful reminder of my broken heart when he married Rosaline. 

★ ★ ★

A/N: Okay~ I love this chapter so much. Shows a little bit of Bucky’s feelings about their friendship. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think. <3 Thank you so much for reading. <3

Next chapter coming soon!

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Secret Santa for @twindoodle! Sorry I’m late! 

They run across the rooftops, grinning excitedly. It’s been ages since they last got to hang out like this. She watches her partner, her best friend, laughing as he manages to stick a landing to a jump that nobody without a superhero suit would ever be able to manage. He’s a great guy, honestly.

She just wishes they could actually talk more.

Well, maybe they can! They have all night, so long as no akumas attack. So why shouldn’t they just talk, a little bit? It’s not like one conversation will reveal all.

“Hey, Chat? Want to play twenty questions?”

He nearly falls over. “What? Really?”

She laughs. “Really.”

He beams, and nods, leaning on his staff with a wide grin. “Want to go first, or shall I?”

She taps her chin. “Hmm… what do you want?”

“Anything my lovely Lady decides!” he beams. And… this. The flirting would be nice… if she even once thought it might be real. But honestly, who would be that candid with their crush outside of the movies?

She grins, an idea popping into her mind. “Okay, I’ll go first: Who do you like?”

He stares at her for a minute. “Um…  you, obviously? I mean, who wouldn’t fall for the lovely Lady of Paris?”

She laughs, slightly, and smacks his shoulder. “No, I’m serious! Who do you like? I want to know for real.”

He smiles, and shakes his head. “I’m serious too. I’m very serious about you, my Lady.”

“C’mon, really,” she smirks. “I know you’re a flirt, but there has to be somebody who’s capture your heart, right?”

She’s not sure why, but his smile seems to falter. “Yes. You.”

She frowns. “Okay, okay. If you don’t want me to know…”

He stares at her blankly, and then a sad look crosses his face. “There is someone.”

She perks up. “Tell me about her! Or him? Or them?”

“Her,” he says quietly. “She’s… amazing. Her eyes are like bluebells… and she’s just… lovely.” A sad smile plays at his lips. “She’s creative, and clever, and brave. And I love her, so much. But… well, I don’t know her as well as I’d like to. And she doesn’t know I love her, because every time I try to tell her, she doesn’t take me seriously.”

Her eyes widen. “What? How dare she? Who is this girl? I’m going to have WORDS with her!”

Chat gives her a slightly panicked look. “Nonononono! It’s okay! You do not need to do that! You do not! At all! It’s fine!”

“Just give me a name, Chaton,” she looks up at him with wide eyes. “Please let me play matchmaker?”

He shakes his head quickly. “Really, it’s fine, I swear!”

Meanwhile, her mind is whirling. “Okay, so you don’t know her that well-”

“Hey!” he frowns, crossing his arms. “I know her plenty well… just… not as well as I’d like to. You know?”

“So you don’t know her that well.”

He pouts, rolling his eyes. “You won’t figure out who she is.”

“Shh!” she puts a hand up. “Okay, and she doesn’t take you seriously… I’m assuming you flirt like crazy around her, right?”

“Yeah,” he mutters. “You got it.”

She thinks it over carefully. “And blue eyes… creative… Not Chloé?”

“NOT Chloé,” he confirms.

“So…” she rubs her temple. “Who have I seen you flirt with other than me…?”

He sighs. Nobody, he wants to say. Only you. But he can’t just say that. She won’t believe him…

And it’s technically not true, as she’s starting to remember. Suddenly, her eyes widen in shock. “Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s so obvious. Princess, why didn’t I see it?” she looks at him. “You like Marinette?”

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To Death

For @fandomwritingchallenge.

Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,781
Prompt: carnival
Warnings: swearing, non-graphic violence, very light sexual content (nothing really happens though)

Q returned home from a very exhausting, tedious day at work, bearing the image of a steaming hot cup of tea in his mind. He has been looking forward to one since the moment he left his lab, and now he could enjoy it at last.

Only—he found his flat’s door open by a cranny as he approached it with a key in his hand. He panicked. His other hand automatically reached for a pen with a mechanism that could shoot poisonous darts if the right button is pressed. He always kept it in the front pocket of his bag.

He narrowed his eyes and proceeded with utmost caution. There had been an intruder in his flat, and maybe still was. He had to be ready. One slow step at a time, he approached the door and opened it; it emitted a creaky sound. Whoever was inside must have heard it.

Pointing the dangerous pen in front of him, he entered the foyer. No visible damage had occurred in there, but there was no sign of his furry friends, either. When he listened carefully, he could hear a female voice coming from the living room.

Though, he had a glimpse he had heard that voice before. But that was impossible, because that woman was—

Q neglected all of the previous cautiousness and rushed to the source of the noise. He nearly forgot to breathe.

The door between the living room and the kitchen was open ajar. He burst through it, and came to an immediate halt when he sighted the figure standing in front of the telly.

Why wasn’t he surprised to see 007 in there?

However, he was surprised by one different thing: the reason why it was so, that is to say. Well, it was two things, in fact—that, and whom he could see on a video tape.

M. His M. The silver-haired iron lady just as he remembered her and very much alive. It was merely a tape, but his brain was suddenly flooded with memories. She was telling Bond about an unfinished business; giving him instructions.

Bond acknowledged Q’s presence without moving by a bit. “M’s given me work. I’m going to Mexico,” he said matter-of-factly, without a twitch of his face. He did not add any explanation so as to why he had gone to his flat and not his fucking own. “And I need your help, Q.”


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Actual request:  “ Can I request an imagine where the Mikaelsons care about the reader and Lucien kidnaps her because he knows what the reader means to the Mikaelsons. Lucien is first annoyed by the reader as she asks too many questions but later on he ends up liking the reader’s company since there’s something about her that he likes and can relate to. He doesn’t want her to be saved but Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Marcel, and Rebekah devise a plan to get her back. You can decide whether the plan works. Thanks!”

Requested by anonymous.

A/N: Sorry y’all, I couldn’t make it as it is requested but hope you’ll like it!

“Get–off–you–” you say and try to kick Lucien Castle. But he’s way too strong for you and has an annoying smile on his face. It’s like he’s not kidnapping you at all but taking you a trip.

“Love, please be quiet, I don’t wanna break your pretty neck.” he says and puts you down. You look around, see you’re in his apartment.

“What the hell is this?” you yell at him. “Even Klaus is gentler than you when it comes to kidnapping someone!”

“It sounds like you’ve been kidnapped before, love.” he chuckles. “Please do tell me, is that why they all care about you that much?”

You take a deep breath and look him in the eye.

“Are you jealous?”

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glitch in the matrix

okay i’m not sure if this would really qualify as a glitch in the matrix but it freaked me out nonetheless.

about a year ago i needed something from the store so my mom took me to target. she told me to go inside the store and get what i needed while she parked. my little sister stayed stayed with her.

i quickly found what i needed (poster board for a school project in case you were wondering) but i saw no sign of my mom, and since i had no money on me i called her to ask where she was.

my mom ALWAYS picks up her phone no matter what, especially if it’s me or one of my siblings calling; so i found it really strange that she hadn’t answered. i tried calling again, but again, no answer. right when i was about to attempt calling a third time, a call came in: it was my mom.

relieved, i answered but her response scared the crap out of me.

“i can’t answer right now, something happened”, and then she just hung up. she sounded as if she were crying and in pain and after standing dumbstruck for a few seconds, i ran out of the store to check the parking lot for her and my little sister. i thought something horrible had happened like a car crash or something, my heart was beating so fast i was so scared.

but once outside i didn’t spot anything. the parking lot, which had been completely full just a while ago, was now completely empty. i also saw no signs of people or other cars around the usual busy street.

completely freaked, i walked back into the store, but it was also now empty. i looked around but found no one else. i was so scared at this point i had no idea what to do. i felt so alone i wanted to cry, but i just shut my eyes.

when i opened them, i was at the electronic section of the store, and an employee was shaking me and asking if i was alright. the employee said he had found me just staring blankly at the ground for a good 30 minutes, and had been trying to get me out of my daze for about 10 minutes. he said i kept muttering “don’t hurt them don’t hurt me” over and over. he looked pretty freaked out, but i was so confused.

right then, my mom called me and sounded angry.

“where are you? your sister and i have been searching everywhere for you for the past hour!”

i was so relieved to hear her voice but i was also confused because it sounded so different from her last call. also, i was sure i had only been gone for a few minutes. i told her i was by the electronics and she came in a few minutes.

she and my little sister seemed perfectly okay, but i must have seemed out of it because my mom kept asking if i was okay. i didn’t want to mention anything until we were back home.

i asked her what was up with the call earlier and she just looked at me confused.

“what call? the one where i asked where you were?”

“no, no! the one before! where you sounded like you were crying…”

“i only called you once”

“no, i had been calling you a couple times but you didn’t answer. and then i got a call from you and it sounded like you were really upset and then you just hung up on me!”

she told me she never got any calls from me and that she never called me or said any of what i had mentioned. frustrated, i showed her my call log, and sure enough there were the attempts at calling her and the creepy call i had gotten from her. but she shook her head and showed me her call log, which only showed the call she made to ask me where i was.

i didn’t mention anything about everyone disappearing or suddenly finding myself in the electronics department after closing my eyes. she already thought i was crazy because of the phone call ordeal, but i still wonder what the hell happened? who or what called, and why had everyone disappeared? and why did i find myself in a different section of the store muttering (what i hope was) nonsense?

Seventeen: No Matter What

Anonymous asked: hello! can you please write a scenario where you are a trainee at pledis and as a test to see how much you have progressed, you have a solo performance as sort of an “opening” for svt on your bday but because you are so focused and stressed over your performance to impress pledis, you forget it’s your bday but seventeen doesn’t and as a happy bday surprise to you and for your hard work, they dedicate your favourite song to you and invite you back on stage to properly wish you happy bday. thanks!

Summary: There is no one who loves you more than Seventeen does.

-Admin Syrup (I changed it a bit, hope you like it nonetheless! Sorry for the suuuuuuper long wait!)

You replayed the song for what seemed like the fiftieth time for the day, limbs and mind numbed from the ceaseless practicing you had done since the morning. The squeak of your sneakers against the floor, your breath coming out in sharp huffs, and the pounding beat of the music was all that registered in your mind as you observed your form in the practice room mirror. Each movement had to be perfect before you could rest, even though your muscles were screaming at you to stop. You were so focused on the mirror that you hardly noticed someone had entered; you were only dragged back to reality when the music suddenly stopped and it felt like you were doused with cold water.

“How long have you been here?” You didn’t even have to look to confirm that the owner of the deep, rumbling voice was Jeon Wonwoo.

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The Other Woman (Part 4)

Title: The Other Woman

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Summary: You were a good girl. So how did you end up as the other woman?

Word Count: 3894

A/N: Thank you for the overwhelming responses on the previous chapters! Your sweet messages brightened my weeks <3 As always, I don’t mean Danneel any harm, no hate for that lovely lady. If you’d like to be added to the tag family, just hit me up! 

Tags: @nanie5 @supernatural0826 @padackles2010 @holdyourselfinmyhands @remybosslika @jensen-gal @barricade-ghost @son-of-a-horse @just-another-busy-fangirl @mrstheorossix3 @tas898 @darkx143 @emilypkuzu @sortaathief @anokhi07 @to-the-starss @relationshipyard @isabelaelisa @hibaabdo @artprincessbree @anxuanpham @trashytears @lalakawe @but-like-dean-tho @evelinakikoum @skathan-omaha @soobi89


“Jared! Misha! What are you doing?!” a yell came like a booming bark, startling the three of you like scared rabbits.  Misha froze, Jared’s smile faltered and you turned to face the person responsible for such reaction.

Much to your surprise, Clif Kosterman stood before you three, strong and tall as ever. He was Jensen’s bodyguard and you had only every spoken to him at parties where he was forced to be pleasant.  You knew he did not earn a reputation as a cold man without a reason.

His gaze fell like an act of violence; you swore the look you got from the man could be the definition for glaring. Misha stuttered out, “No-nothing! Jared and I were just showing Ms. L/N how to – “

“It’s no longer L/N, Misha. With all due respect, you shouldn’t be dragging her out here without informing me,” his tone ice cold.

Wait. Why are all of them here suddenly? You were trying to put the pieces together in your head. Last you remembered you did not need anyone’s permission to roam about your own property.

You cut your self-debate short to focus on what Clif was saying, feeling guilty for the other two. Awkwardly, you stepped forward in front of Misha and Jared with an apologetic expression.

“I-it’s not their fault. I agreed to this, really!” you defended the two. You were timid in his imposing presence. His icy cold gaze fell back on you, unlike his friends, he didn’t let up with the harshness.

“Sorry, missy. I’m afraid you cannot be running off shooting guns without proper supervision”

“Wha – “

“Come on now, Cliffy. You didn’t think we were capable enough to take care of one girl?”

“Don’t call me that!” You swore you saw a vein ready to pop on his forehead. He ran a hand down his face and sighed exasperatedly. “Even so, missy here cannot be put in any situation that may harm her. She’s a girl for goodness sake. Who in their right mind would – you know what I’m not gonna argue on this”

“Anyway, I’ve been looking for her for a good hour now. Next thing I know I find her shooting off cans with two idiots.”

Jared tried to defend himself but only done himself cut off by Clif’s glare, daring him to speak up. Here you are, feeling awkward again. You messed up, somehow. You had gotten Misha and Jared in trouble, surely Jensen would find out about. Which adds up another reason for him to hate you for.

“Mr. Ackles’ looking for you, missy” Clif stated.

“J-jensen?” Your eyes snapped up in shock. No way?

“No, Alan Ackles I mean”

Why is everyone here?!

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Request: (Anon) Hi, I don’t know if you’re taking any requests or not - but if so can you please do a Stiles Stilinski one where y/n and him are dating and something happens and she falls into a snakes pit and gets bitten so many times & a soul of a powerful goddess or something gets trapped in her and she tries to kill the pack.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

 Word Count: 3.6k

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

(Y/N)’s POV

All I asked for was a normal Friday night for me to spend with my boyfriend. That’s all I really wanted, but of course the universe got ‘normal Friday night’ confused with ‘running for your lives through a dark forest’. Stiles and I were tracking down an old Minoan relic that somehow found its way to California.

We went looking for the site someone dug it up from when I began to hear hissing. Naturally, I was prepared to run, but I wasn’t prepared to leave without Stiles. He was still searching the area, failing to notice that I was no longer right behind him.

“What are you doing?”, he asked as he pointed his flashlight at me, “(Y/N), what’s going on?”

He rushed to get next to me. You would think I’d be able to make out what he saying to me at such a close proximity, but all I could hear was the hissing growing closer.

“You don’t hear that?”, I trembled while trying to distance myself from the noise

“No. What do you hear?”

Stiles turned around to see what I was staring at. All I could see were trees up to a certain point, then nothing but darkness. The hissing wasn’t as loud anymore and I could finally hear myself think.

“Hissing. A whole lot of it”, I said uncomfortably

Terrified was not the proper term to describe how I feel about snakes or anything with more than two legs.

“How many can there be in this part of the forest? It makes no sense. Maybe we should just go back to Scott’s and update him on what we know”

“We can stay here. I’ll just stay in this spot and you can continue your search”

“Babe, I know you’re scared and I won’t keep you out here if it makes you uncomfortable. We can go talk to Scott, then spend whatever’s left of this Friday night together”, he reasoned as he held my hand

I returned his sweet smile and squeezed his hand, “You know me so well”

Even though he wasn’t that far away, he leaned in, wrapping his arm around my waist. Before our lips could touch, I could hear the hissing again and it was getting louder.

“We need to leave right now”

“What is it?”, he panicked

“I can hear it again”, I clarified, staring at the darkness that wasn’t too far from us

Suddenly, snakes began to appear from all over. The ground in front of us was covered in reptiles. I let out and scream as I quickly backed away.

“(Y/N) what is it!?”

“How can you not see them? They’re everywhere!”

“How many do you see?”

“Too many”

There was a large black snake in the mix quickly making its way towards us. I grabbed Stiles’ hand and took off. I could still hear the hissing, but luckily we were close to the Jeep. As the it came into view, I felt nothing but relief.

“We’re almost there. Keep going”, Stiles yelled

It wouldn’t take much to keep me going knowing that about five hundred snakes were right behind us. I continued to push myself as we neared the car. I could finally see the silver lining, when I fell in a hole. I expected to land on dirt, but much to my dismay I felt something slither across my arm.

I called for Stiles as I started to panic. Pretty soon it was too hot and I could hardly breathe. Everywhere I looked it was all I could see. It’s just my luck that I would fall in pit full of snakes.

Stiles reached the hole and tried to calm me down. He remembered the rope he had in his trunk and ran away. The snakes managed to cover my legs and parts of my arms. Some were beginning to lay on my shoulders. If I hadn’t been so terrified, I would actually be impressed.

“Hold on (Y/N). I’m sending it down now”

I grabbed the rope and as soon as my fingers touched the material, the snakes were in a frenzy. Fangs were piercing my skin from my neck to my legs. I wanted to scream, yet I had no energy to. My hands let go of the rope as things began to quiet down. I laid on my back and allowed to fatigue to take over. The view of the night sky became blurry and soon turned to darkness.

Stiles’ POV

It’s been almost twenty four and still no signs of her waking up. Physically she was perfectly fine. The doctors never found any snake venom in her system, even though they found tiny scars all over her arms, legs, and neck.

I never should have brought her out there. We may have been searching for a relic, but no one expected it to summon over a hundred snakes to attack her.

“What happened out there?”, Scott asked

I was so lost in my thoughts, I forgot he was even here or the rest of the pack.

“There was hissing that only she could hear. Then there were the snakes that she could only see, yet when she landed in the pit, I could see every last one of them. The second she tried to break free, they went on a frenzy and attacked her”, I responded, my eyes not even daring to turn away

“Didn’t she tell us she was terrified of snakes?”, Liam asked

“She did. Maybe that’s why only she was able to see them. The relic doesn’t want to be found, so it needed to keep you away”, Lydia said from another corner of the room

She was usually right about these things and it certainly made a lot of sense. Why else would she be the only one able to see them when they terrify her? That doesn’t explain them attacking her the way they did. We were already running away, so why attack her?

Everyone’s attention turned towards (Y/N) when the monitor showed her heart rate increasing. She was squirming in her bed, whimpering. Suddenly, she stopped and her eyes slowly opened.

(Y/N)’s POV

The very last thing I remember was how pretty the sky looked as everything went dark. With the amount of venom they released, I should have been dead by now.

Yes, you should have.

Wait, what? Who the hell are you?

It’s a secret for now. You’ll know soon enough.

If someone else is stuck in my head, I want to know who they are. It’s not like you belong here.

You’re absolutely right (Y/N). I don’t belong here. I need my old body, but that’s long gone by now. Yours will have to do until further notice.

No it’s not. Get. OUT!

Not a chance. I have work to attend to, starting with your friends and ending with your boyfriend. Once they’re out the way, I can finish what I started. They won’t even know what hit them and you’ll be to blame.

Don’t touch any of them! You don’t think I’ll tell them when I wake up? This plan of your won’t last for long.

That’s where you’re wrong. You think you’re in control, but not really. You’re–I’m waking up.

I felt my eyes opening up with my friends all around me. Stiles was right by my side holding my hand and asking if I was alright. I was prepared to tell him about the voice in my head, yet something else came out.

“I feel fine actually”, it was my voice, but it wasn’t me saying it

Everything in me was begging my friends to realize that I wasn’t myself, but they didn’t seem to notice.

If you keep this up, I’ll just have to kill them right now.

You wouldn’t.

Oh I would.

My body was moving, only I wasn’t the one moving. It felt odd to have someone else in control. I would have enjoyed being on autopilot, if they weren’t trying to murder all my friends for some type of subplot.

Stiles offered to take me home and she gladly accepted. I should have been at ease because I could somehow warn him, but being alone meant she would try to kill him.

You know this is almost too easy. I can kill him first. On a dark road with your boyfriend and he doesn’t suspect a thing.

If you touch him, I swear–

That you’ll do what? Try and force me out with the control you don’t have? Either way, if I get hurt, you’ll certainly feel it too.

Stiles cleared his throat as he fidgeted with the radio, “So how are you really feeling (Y/N)? I thought after that…experience, you might want to talk about it”

“Why?”, she sneered

Wow, where’s your Academy? You’re doing so well. If only I could roll my eyes right about now.

“Well…you’re scared of snakes. You told me you always have been. I thought being in that snake pit would have had you a little more freaked out than this”

“Is that necessarily a bad thing? It’s over now and I have nothing to worry about. The doctors told me I was fine”, she said sweetly

“If you say so”, he said, eyeing me curiously

I knew that look all too well. If he already suspected something, he wouldn’t say anything to me just yet.

Smoke began to come from the Jeep as it came to a stop on the side of the road.

“Oh come on! Not now”, he yelled, “Where did I leave the duct tape?”

“Duct…tape?”, she questioned

“Yeah, it comes in a roll, pretty sticky, I use it on Roscoe to fix him?”, he said sarcastically

I would have found his reaction hilarious if I wasn’t trapped in my own body.

“Oh. I knew that”

Liar. Tell him he left it in the trunk.

“I think you left it in the trunk”

Realization hit him and he began to grin, “I forgot I threw it in their when we were in the backseat”

I giggled at the awkward, yet sweet memory. It was a bit of an experience.

No no no. I don’t need to hear the details of you being…intimate.

Are you sure? There was a moment when we were about to–

Stop. Talking.

“Stay in the car. I’ll be right back”

Stiles was making his way to lift the hood of the car when more smoke came out. He cursed and coughed before busying himself with fixing the car.

“Hey babe?”, he called, “Can you hand me the wrench? I think it’s in the glove compartment”

I felt my hands reaching the for the tool and pushing the door open. Silently, she got out the car and slowly approached Stiles. He was leaning incredibly close to the car and never realized she was right behind him.

Stop! You don’t have to do this!


Please stop. I’m begging you. You can’t kill him.

What did I tell you!? Keep quiet or I’m going to silence you entirely, then you’ll never get your body back.

I felt my hand raise above my head, squeezing my fingers around the wrench as tight as it could. As the wrench plunged towards Stiles’ head, someone’s headlights flashed from the opposite direction. Immediately, she dropped the wrench and Stiles nearly jumped out his skin when he realized I was right behind him.

The car slowed down next to us and Parrish and Valerie hopped out.

“What are you two even doing back here?”, Parrish questioned

“Well hello to you too Parrish. Nice to see you. How have you been?”

Parrish rolled his eyes at Stiles as Valerie eyed his car, “Your father was worried about you. He thought you would’ve been home already”

“I would have been too, but I was on the way to take (Y/N) home when the car broke down”

“If it’s broken down, then why do you have duct tape in your hands?”

“To fix my car!”, Stiles nearly yelled

“Stiles”, Valerie said calmly, “It’s going to be alright. Your father is already on his way out here. So why don’t I take (Y/N) home and Parrish will wait with you until he gets here. That way she gets home safe AND you can get your car safe”

She looked between the both of us for a response. The uncomfortable silence was slightly irritating.  

“I am pretty tired. I think I’ll take you up on that offer”, she answered, “I’ll see you tomorrow Stiles”

Although disappointed, Stiles still managed to smile back at me, “I’ll see you tomorrow babe”

I hate every part of this.

See that wasn’t so bad. If we can work together this will be over much–


So you want to prolong this?

No. I don’t want to work with you and I’m not helping you kill my friends either! I want you out of my body!

She said nothing to me the entire ride home. For once, it felt like I was myself again, but I knew the feeling would never last too long. By the time we pulled into the driveway, her mind was racing a mile a minute. She needed a way to get rid of my friends all at once as quick as possible.

Whoever she was, she was far too strong for me to handle. So far no one has seemed to realize that I wasn’t myself and that drove me crazy. She had no idea who I was, yet she played me to a tee.

She laid in my bed that night, heart content on finding ways to commit mass murder. Slowly she drifts off to sleep and just as slowly I started gaining control of my body again. I tested the reins and tried to move my toe, then my ankle. Next thing I knew, I was walking around my room looking for my phone. As soon as I found it, I sent a message to the one person I completely trusted.


She had to be related to what we found in the woods. She had everything to do with the snakes given that she showed up after I was attacked. They kept us from getting to the relic. It didn’t explain how she got here though. She needed it which is why she’s trying so hard to keep up away. I grabbed my phone and sent out another text.


The clock read 5:45 AM. In fifteen minutes, it would go off and she would awaken once again to take over. I turned it off and spent time getting ready for school. If things didn’t go as planned then the death of my friends would be on my hands.

There was enough time to eat and even make my way to school, but once I stepped through those doors I felt her waking up. I tried holding on for as long as I could, but it was no use.

Soon I was pushed to the backburner, no longer in control of my body.

It seems like I need to stay up to keep you check. I can’t have you running around and doing whatever you please. What have you been doing this entire time?

Enjoying the freedom I have left before you destroy my life.

This is all for my benefit. You just happen to be collateral damage. I’m not doing this for you.

Great, so you kill my friends, then leave me to deal with the aftermath?


Just shut up.

My patience was wearing thin. Having someone else occupying my body for over four hours was exhausting and I’ve had my fill of it.

The pack was nowhere in sight for majority of the day and a part of me was glad. There was no telling what she would do if she saw them in public. As I reached my free period, she began to roam the halls, undoubtedly looking for Stiles or Scott. I prayed she never found them. If Stiles got my message then he knows to stay away.

When she reached the science wing we both heard it. Laughter echoed down the hall from one of the laboratories. Of course it had to be Scott with Lydia and Liam. She made her way into the room with a smile plastered on my face.

“Hey guys”

“(Y/N), how are you feeling?”, Lydia asked

“I feel a lot better after I had a good night’s rest”

They seemed pleased with her answer, but on the inside I was screaming and begging them to get out of here.

“Continue on with whatever you’re doing. I think I left my book in here”

As they all turned around, she turned the knobs on the back row of gas valves, then left the room. She quickly made her way down the hall to watch the room.

“Wait, Liam, don’t light that!”

It was all I could hear Scott say before the room was engulfed in flames. A sick smile spread across my face and I began to panic.

What is wrong with you!? You didn’t have to do this.

I didn’t have to sweetie. I wanted to. The only person I truly need out the way is the Alpha. Everyone else will die just because I want them to.

A part of me relaxed as the door flew open with Liam running out and Scott not too far behind with Lydia in his arms.


The school had to be shut down and everyone was currently being evacuated. Liam found me before I reached the door and pulled me to the boiler room, telling me the pack was meeting there. This was what she needed. Everyone in a same place with no way to escape.

Once we reached the basement, the door was locked from behind and I was pushed into the darkness.

“Who are you?”, I heard Scott ask, “When (Y/N) woke up, it was someone else we were talking to, wasn’t it?”

“You are absolutely correct”, she answered

“Why (Y/N)?”, Lydia asked this time

“She was the weakest out of you all”

Excuse me?

“Oh shut up”, she responded

“What?”, Scott

“She’s still here. She never shuts up”

The lights suddenly turned on and she was surrounded by Scott, Liam, Malia, and Lydia. Stiles was nowhere to be found.

“I’ve roamed this place for centuries and a bunch of children think they can defeat me”, she laughed maniacally, “Once I get rid of you, I’m going after her precious boyfriend, then I’m getting my own body. She takes the blame and I move on”

As the pack closed in on her, I begged her not to do anything stupid, but she ignored me. She held up one hand and they were all on their knees grabbing their throats. Soon their faces began to change colors.

You have to stop! There’s no need for you to do this.

“I can do what I want child. Now keep quiet”, she sneered

Don’t do this. Please!

“Shut. Up!”

“Who the hell are you talking to?”, a familiar voice asked, “You look insane”

She kept her hand up as she turned to face Stiles. He had been in the forest again. His shoes and the rest of his clothes were covered in dirt and leaves.

“It’s okay (Y/N). She won’t be here much longer. I promise”, he said with a nervous smile as he held up the relic we had spent most of the night searching for, “You’re some sort of snake goddess aren’t you? You chose (Y/N) because you fed off of her fear. She’s not weak, it just made it easier for you to take over”

“And? What could you possibly do to get me to stop? If you try to get rid of me, she dies”

If it means getting rid of you, then I’m perfectly fine with that.

You can’t be serious.

“(Y/N) would never be okay not being in control of her own body. I’m doing this for her”, he said as he slammed the relic on the ground

The top broke into pieces, creating a jagged edge. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to send her to her knees. There was a pang in my chest and she yelled in agony as Scott and Liam grabbed my arms to hold her still.

“I have to stab her with it”, Stiles paused as he looked at Malia

Everyone wanted her gone, but no one wanted to risk my life. I was fine with it. Malia leaned forward, whispering in his ear. As she pulled away, there was still uncertainty etched into his features, yet he still charged towards her and jabbed the edge of the relic into my side.

My body grew weaker as she was finally expelled from my body. All I could do was smile at Stiles before I dropped to the ground.

When I finally came to, I could hear a voice in my ear telling me that everything would be alright. Slowly my eyes opened, and Stiles was leaning over me as relief washed over him.

“I thought I lost you”, he sighed as he kissed my cheeks

“Of course not. You made a promise and I trusted you to do the right thing. I always will”

We both smiled at each other perfectly happy to be in each other’s company.

“I have a request”

“Anything for you (Y/N)”, he said as he held my hand

“The next time we have date night, we’re actually having date night. No questions asked”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself”

Okay, so we know that The Machine is a giant shipper.

We also know that The Machine isn’t above writing crackfic. (Because it’s just a simulation, what the hey)

So this means there must be all sorts of simulations in its memory where The Machine indulges in SO MANY TROPES. Tropes that wouldn’t be able to happen in meatspace. Because why do simulations if you can’t have fun with it?

The PoI Musical episode: Carter keeps breaking the 4th wall because she is Not Having these horrid choices of music genres.
Doppelgangers! Root and Shaw both all but go apoplectic when confronted with multiples of the other, but for, uh, very different reasons
Peggy Sue/Groundhog Day this is canon already
Body Swap: classic, classic, classic. I mean, yes technically this was done in canon, but imagine a Shoot body swap. Amy Acker gets to be the low-affect menace that eyerolls at this nonsense around her. Sarah gets to play the perky passionate zealot that nonetheless has no qualms about murder and torture. They still eye-fuck each other something fierce. Bonus points if John and Leon swap. Bear loves everyone, he’s no help.
Fantastic Voyage/Harold, I Shrunk the Kids
The Victorian AU episode
Regressed to kid personalities
The Noir AU episode
Midsummer Night’s Dream, or feelings swap, or love potion: lol John and Shaw have to nonstop mouthwash for like days after.
For Want of a Nail this is canon already
Western AU, bonus points if it’s a Magnificent 7 take
Doppelgangers variant: each clone has a specific personality aspect of the original. All of the foodie aspects of the team end up huddling in the corner planning a feast. And then they have to thwart their murderous selves. Of course, traditionally only one person gets split, so the obvious choice is Harold, so that we see sides of him he would never let out otherwise.
prison escape thanks, Samaritan
WWI/WWII period piece episode
The Machine is unable to make a coffee shop AU work, so it’s a BuyMore (superstore retail) AU
Carmageddon AU. Because it’s more hilarious than zombies.
The Machine does make a world variant where there’s only one single bed wherever the team goes, but this doesn’t work because they’re all okay sleeping on the floor and in the bathroom. Curses, foiled again.
The team is not quite sure how they ended up forming a band, getting famous, and touring around the world…or why Carter is still breaking the 4th wall

To Long, to Need, to Know

Baz was in love with a boy. Simon was very sure of it. It was of course because of his observative detective skills. Not because Baz had dropped a paper that told about his feelings in a bin. And Simon had read it. Well, at least not just. There had been a task in the english lesson that asked every student to write an essay about what they desired the most. Simon had obeserved that Baz had gotten really angry which Simon took as reason to find out what Baz was up to. He hadn’t expected a (actually really well written) poem about Baz’ feelings for a boy he couldn’t have. Simon felt a little bad for reading it and he knew he should leave it at that but thoughts kept racing through his head ever since he knew.

Maybe Baz had done it to confuse him. Maybe it had been his plan that Simon would read it and be intrigued by it. But what kind of weird plan was that?

So this was the reason why Baz had never had a girlfriend. But what boy was Baz in love with? Definitely a straight boy, otherwise there’d be no reason Baz couldn’t have him. Maybe Dev or Niall? It could be anyone in class. Maybe even someone Simon didn’t know.

You should just forget about it. It’s not even important. And none of your business.

Simon’s mind kept reminding him of Baz’ lovelife. It made him mad. He couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

But why? It doesn’t matter who Baz loves. It should be a relief, really. It means he isn’t in love with Agatha or Penny. Now that we’re not together anymore it wouldn’t be that important, but he’s still my enemy. I guess I’ll have to try to find out who it is. But the poem says that he’s been in love for years and he’s kept it a secret for so long. Probably nobody knows except for me. He has no one to talk to. And after all the years I didn’t notice a thing. Baz is horribly good at keeping secrets. It’s actually really sad. Maybe I should offer him an open ear? No, Baz would never want to talk to me about his problems. But was Baz really as sad as he had sounded? Maybe he will just tell me when he knows that I know. I’m going to talk to him, as soon as he comes back from the catacombs. He won’t attack me in our rooms.

When Baz came back into their room he expected Simon to be asleep. He was surprised to find him sitting on his bed. He wanted to ask whether everything was alright, but of course he couldn’t do that. He quickly went into the bathroom to change, hoping Simon would be asleep when he came back. He wasn’t. Baz wanted to ignore him and go to bed, but Simon wouldn’t let him.

‘Do you want to talk?’

'Fuck off, Snow.’

'Do you have a girlfriend?’

Baz froze. Why was Simon asking that? Why would he even wonder? Did he have a suspicion?

'None of your business.’

'But I’ve never seen you with a girl.’

'I don’t have time for this.’

Normally Simon was tired at this time of the night, but now that he got to ask Baz questions he was too exited to be sleepy.

'I read your text. You know, for the exercise in english yesterday.’

'What the fuck are you ta-’

Oh. No. No dammit. If Simon knew he was gay it wouldn’t take him long to figure out who he was in love with. On the other hand – it was Simon he was talking about. But why was he upset, then?

Of course. He probably hated him even more now.

'So what, now you want another room mate? Well, good luck with that.’

It’s not like both of us have tried to get another room mate for years.

'What? No, that’s not-’

'Also just because I like boys it doesn’t mean I like you. You know I don’t. If it makes you feel better, you can just change in the bathroom. Oh wait – you do that already. So whatever the fuck your problem is – keep it away from me.’

Great. That’s just great. Now he’s disgusted and living with him will be even worse. Why did it have to be him? And how does he see me now? It’s pathetic. A plotting gay vampire mage. Just great.

'Who is it?’

'Who’s the boy you’re in love with?’

Suddenly Simon appeared to be angry. Baz didn’t understand why.

'As if I’d tell you!’

'Come on!’

'I’ll tell your parents when you don’t answer me!’

'Why on earth would they believe you?’

'Er… I’ll tell the whole school about it!’

Simon knew he was being a dick. But he couldn’t help it. He needed to know. Something made his heart ache and he couldn’t help it.

Baz was realizing just now that this gave Simon power over him. If only he never had written that stupid paper…

'Fine…’ he growled. 'It’s Martin.’

'No it’s not! You’re lying.’

'No, i’m not. How would you know?’

'I can tell! We’ve lived together for almost eight years.’

No no no. This is all going wrong. Simon can’t know. He can never know. But it would be actually worse having the whole school knowing. And why not? It will gross Simon out, but why would that bother me? If Simon doesn’t tell anyone it doesn’t matter whether he knows. It will be humiliating but okay. And Simon usually keeps his promises. What other choice do I have?

'Promise me you won’t tell anyone.’

'I promise.’

'Remember that you asked for it.’

Simon nodded and Baz looked him deep in the eyes, his gaze showing everything he felt.

'Simon…’ he whispered across the room. 'I’m in love with you.

And Simon knew it to be true. Suddenly Baz felt like crying and he wanted to turn away, but Simon did something that surprised them both: he came over to Baz.

'I’m sorry I wanted to blackmail you.’

He moved closer to him, so that he could see Baz’ dark eyes.

'I’m sorry you feel lonely.’

He tilted his head towards Baz’.

'I’m sorry you thought I didn’t love you back.’

Only in this second he remarked that he did. He did love Baz. So he kissed him.

So that’s why I couldn’t let it go. That’s why I needed to know. The way I need to kiss him now.

It’s Your Lucky Day (Josh Dun Smut Part 1)

“ A Josh dun imagine where the reader gets to go backstage at a tøp concert cuz Josh saw her and wanted to have a good time (if y'know what I mean ;)) and after they’re done there’s some fluff and Tyler walks in and has no idea about what happened (lil daddy kink in there)”
word count:1103

My chest tightened and excitement flooded my body as I saw the large white curtain drop and the soft red lights went out and the screams of adoring clique members filled the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Purple lights flashed and shot across the packed stadium accompanied by the beginning of ‘Fairly Local/Heavydirtysoul’. When I had arrived to the venue, I had strategically planned to be barricade at the second stage. So when the lights when all the lights went out and I heard the beginning to ‘ode to sleep’ my hands began shaking as I saw movement on the small stage in front of me. Suddenly, as if out of the shadows, none other than Joshua Dun was standing right in front of me, leaning down and staring directly at me. My heart tightened and I cheered along with the people surrounding me. Just before they began their song ‘The Pantaloon’, Josh removed his skeleton hoodie and his sweat covered back was just feet away from me. My mind was quickly filled with less than pure thoughts as I watched his back muscles move with every hit of the drums. Tyler stopped for a second and began talking, telling us a quick story about his grandmother, and Josh started to look around until we made eye contact. I felt the heat rush to my face and he sent me a half smile before turning away and talking to a stage hand. The show continued on and just as ‘goner’ came to an end I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw that very same stage hand that Josh had spoken to before. He leaned over to my ear and spoke loud enough for me to hear over the people chanting for one more song. “It’s your lucky day miss, the band has requested you to come backstage after the show. That is if you’d like to of course.” My eyes widened and I nodded quickly. He gave me a smile and nodded before speaking again “Just wait here after the last song and I’ll come get you.” I nodded again and thanked him. Suddenly I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. Why did they want me to come back there? What did they want? What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m weird? I quickly pushed the thoughts to the side as I remembered who I was talking about. They are probably the sweetest people to ever exist. Tyler gave a heartwarming speech that easily brought tears to my eyes and then began to sing ‘Trees’. I sang along and all too soon there was confetti raining down and Tyler and Josh were bowing down, both smiling like crazy and covered in sweat. I watched as people rushed out, hoping to avoid traffic (like that was ever going to happen in New York). I stayed next to the barricade and smiled waving to people I recognized from Twitter and Instagram accounts. About 15 minutes later just about everyone was gone except for a few lurkers and the staff who began the cleaning up process. I smiled as I saw the man from earlier walking in my direction. “Hey! Let’s head backstage, yeah?” I nodded following and smiling like crazy. “Oh! I’m Steven by the way” I smiled and told him my name, making polite chit chat as we made our way through the crowds of venue workers and security as well as people that travel with Tyler and Josh. “Okay! So this is Josh’s dressing room, he told me to have you wait here while he talks to some people and showers quickly, shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes! Help yourself to any snacks or whatever and make yourself at home.” I smiled and thanked him before he walked off, closing the door behind him. I walked around the dressing room, trailing my fingers over a large table with a pile of folded up clothes that I can only assume he was wearing before the show. I ran my fingers gently over the material and smiled to myself. This is real. This is really happening. I walked over to the large couch and sat down, trying to steady my breathing and calm my nerves when I heard that unmistakable laugh come from the hallway “Yeah I’ll catch you later dude!” I stood up quickly and the door opened a second later to reveal none other than a wet, pink haired, shirtless, Josh Dun. He smiled at me and closed the door. “Hey, you actually came!” I rolled my eyes internally at that. well duh you’re josh dun. He giggled and his tongue poked out from between his tiger growl teeth. “Yes that is my name” My eyes widened and my face heated up at that. “Did I say that out loud?” He continued giggling and nodded. “So all I know so far is that my name is Josh Dun, you like my band, and you’re very beautiful. Care to tell me more?” My face heated up even more from that but I focused on speaking without stuttering. “What do you want to know?” He raised an eyebrow at that “Maybe your name for starters.” I laughed and sat down, nodding for him to come sit. I told him my name and he asked different questions about me, how old I am, what other music do I listen to, if i’m in school and what I’m studying, stuff like that. Eventually I decided it was my turn to ask a question. “So Josh, I’ve told you everything you want to know, my turn.” He quirked an eyebrow and smirked. “Okay princess. What do you want to know?” That threw me off for sure and suddenly making a sentence seemed impossible to me. “I….uh…. Why did… I…” I cleared my throat and slowed my breathing again. I looked up at him and he sat there smirking at me, obviously enjoying the effect he had. “Why did you invite me backstage? Out of everyone in that venue why me?” He leaned back into the couch but kept eye contact, the smirk never falling from his C major lips. “Because you were so intoxicating that even in just the few short seconds that I saw you, I knew I had to experience you for myself.” Now it was my turn to quirk an eyebrow. “Experience me? What exactly does that mean?” He let out a low chuckle and sat forward just inches away from my face and whispered “What do you want it to mean?”

A/N: Obviously there was no smut in this chapter but I know exactly what Josh means (; I’ll be posting part two tomorrow. aaaannnd maybe just maaaaybe part 4 to new girl *eyes emoji* *im on my computer*

Theo Raeken~The wailing woman

Requested by: Anon


Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is a banshee, along with being Lydia’s younger sister and acts a bit like Lydia in season 2? Could it also be a Theo Raeken imagine?

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All of my Imagines


A/N: I really hope you like it!


Warnings: Seeing spirits(?) Being a banshee(?) Tiny bit of fluff (?) 


Words: 2.214


Pairing: Theo x Reader


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Third POV.

“What will happen to her?” Lydia asks. Stiles, Scott, Liam, Lydia, Kira and Malia are standing in a hospital room. Lydia’s sister y/n was bitten by Liam. He didn’t mean to do it but it just happend. “If the bite catches she’ll become a werewolf. If it don’t it she’ll die,” Stiles says. “I know that!” Lydia says. Melissa walks into the room and she comes back with the test results. Lydia looks very hopeful to Melissa but Melissa doesn’t look that happy back. “She has an allergic reaction it,” she says. Lydia gets tears in her eyes and Stiles gives her a hug. “It doesn’t matter that she is going to die. I mean that didn’t happen with you too,” Scott says. “But it is an option,” Lydia says. “Lydia… I’m so…” Liam stutters. “I know you didn’t mean it like that,” Lydia says. “But is someone supposed to watch y/n to make sure that she doesn’t run in the woods totally naked for two days?” Stiles asks. “You did that?” Liam asks to Lydia. “Liam, wrong moment,” Scott says. “And we’ll all make sure she is safe.” “What will happen to her when she becomes a banshee?” Lydia asks. “She does banshee things,” Stiles says. “She was always a banshee but her powers are just activated now. We just need to make sure that she’ll survive it,” Scott says. “And we have to look for a crazy psychopath who wants to be resurrected,” Stiles says. “Stiles!” Scott warns him. “Alright, alright,” Stiles says. Mrs, Martin walks into the room. “She is able to go home!” Mrs. Martin says and she hugs Lydia. “I just talked with the doctor and he has to come to check her sometimes but she can go home.” “That’s great!” Lydia says.

Y/n’s POV.

After I got out of the hospital everything is a bit strange. It’s loud in my head and I can sometimes hear actual voices. Of course I’m not telling anyone. They would think I’m crazy. Scott and Liam are making popcorn in the kitchen. They were the ones who had to babysit me. I want to grab my drink but I suddenly see a man standing in front of me. The voices in my head start to get louder. His chest is open and there is blood dropping on the floor. He has claws what is really strange but the claws are blue and shining. He walks towards me and I stay were I are. “Y/n, are you alright?” Scott asks. I look at the man but Scott doesn’t see it. Suddenly the man grabs my feet and I scream.

Third POV.

Scott walks into the living room where y/n is sitting on the couch. She looks very frightened. Scott hearted her heart skipping a few beats so he thought it was smart to look. He looks at the place where y/n is looking but he doesn’t see anything. Liam also walks into the living room but he quits walking once he sees y/n being all frightened. She suddenly screams and Scott and Liam fall on the ground with their hands covering their ears. Y/n starts to run. She runs into the woods.

A half hour later Malia, Lydia and Stiles are walking into the house when they see Scott and Liam onto the floor. They are still unconscious. Their hands are still on their ears but there is also blood dropping from their ears. Malia runs up to them and she breaks Scott’s hand. His ears heal and he wakes up. Malia does the same with Liam. “Where is y/n?” Lydia suddenly asks. “She was afraid of something and she screamed but it was too powerful and especially with our super hearing,” Scott says. “We have to find her now!” Lydia says.

Y/n’s POV.

I run and I run. On some way I just can’t stop running. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any control over my body anymore. It’s so strange! And I hate it. I can’t do anything. My body isn’t listening to my brain! I can feel my body being drawn to something. Suddenly someone grabs me and I stop running. I can suddenly feel the cold around me. I fall on the ground and I look up. There is a strange boy standing in front of me. Well, he isn’t that strange. He is new in school. Well actually he isn’t knew because once he was in our school but then he left and now he is back. “Are you alright?” he asks. “It’s midnight and I’m running in the woods. Of course it’s not okay!” I say. “What are you?” The boy doesn’t look human and after that weird guy I just saw I want to know the truth. “I’m a chimera. I’m Theo and you are?” he asks. “I’m y/n and I have no idea what I am,” I say. “Why are you here… running?” he asks. “I don’t know,” I say. “That isn’t good at all,” he says. “You don’t have to tell me,” I say. The voices start to get harder and I put my hands around my head. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” Theo asks worried. “The voices,” I say. “What voices?” he asks. “The voices in my head!” I say. I look up and the guy is standing behind Theo. “B-behind-d you,” I say. Theo turns around. “I don’t see anything,” he says. “He is standing right in front of you,” I tell him. The guy walks up at me and I scream. When I’m done screaming Theo looks up at me. “I know what you’re,” he says. “The wailing woman. You’re a banshee.” “What the hell is a banshee?” I ask. “I’ll explain everything to you but if you stay here you will get sick,” he says. He picks me up and he starts to run. “You’re Lydia’s sister, aren’t you?” he asks. I nod. “I’ll make sure you’ll get home safely,” he says. He is very warm and I see my house. He runs in it and he puts me on the couch. I see that there is no one home. “It might shock you but there are werewolves and other creatures,” he says. “What’s a banshee?” I ask. “That’s someone who can predict death,” he says and he gives me a glass of water. “And what about those voices?” I ask. “That belongs with being banshee. They tell you who and when they’re going to die,” he says. “How did I became a banshee?” I ask. “Do you remember something from the last full moon?” Theo asks. “It’s very vague but people said it was an animal attack,” I tell him. “It was a werewolf. You was bitten and that bite activated your powers,” he says. “That’s impossible werewolves don’t exist,” I say. Theo shows his hands and suddenly he has claws. “I’m a chimera so why can’t there be werewolves?” he asks. “I think that I see a werewolf,” I say. “I’m a chimera,” he says. “Since that full moon I’ve been seeing a dude with claws and an opened chest,” I say. “It could be a dead werewolf. Banshees can be haunted by spirits who want to be resurrected,” Theo says. “Can you make it stop?” I ask. “I’m sorry,” he says when he shakes his head. “Can I make it stop?” I ask. “I don’t know,” he says. “Who bit me?” I ask. “Liam,” he says. “Liam?” I ask. Liam is a werewolf? That’s just crazy! “Liam is Scott’s beta,” he says. I do know things about Alpha and betas. I had to do a project about wolfs. “Is there more that I need to know?” I ask. “I don’t want you to fight with your friends,” he says. “Just tell me,” I say. “Well Scott and Liam are werewolves. Malia is a werecoyote and Kira is a kitsune. Then we have Lydia and she is a Banshee too,” he says. “Why didn’t she tell me?” I ask. “I don’t know,” he says. “What is Stiles?” I ask. “He is a Stiles,” Theo jokes and I laugh. “Could you stay here for if that guy comes back?” I ask. “Of course I will,” he says. He goes sitting next to me and I feel his arm around me. I put my head on his chest and I close my eyes.

Third POV.

“Where could she be?” Lydia asks. Everyone walks towards Lydia’s house. “We don’t know but we lost her trail so we need to get her scent back,” Scott says. “Stop!” Everyone stops walking. “I smell something,” Scott says. “So do I,” Liam says. Scott runs into the house and he sees y/n sleeping against Theo’s chest. Everyone runs after Scott and Lydia wants to say something - probably really mean - but Theo puts his finger for his mouth. “Shh, she is sleeping,” he whispers. Lydia looks really mad at him and he smiles really innocent to her. “I told you, you can’t trust him,” Stiles whispers. “I brought her home after she ran into the woods. She just asked me to stay here,” he says. “What have you told her?” Lydia asks. “The truth,” Theo says. “You told her about you being the bad guy and working with the Dread Doctors?” Kira asks. “No, I told her about you and what you’re,” he says. “Theo kitchen now!” Lydia whispers. “If I move she’ll wake up,” he says. “Kitchen!” Lydia whispers again. Theo tries to get to the kitchen without waking y/n up. Everyone else follows them. “Theo! Leave my sister alone!” Lydia says and she hits Theo on the back of his head. “I brought her home! She could have died in those woods. Besides why did you bite her?” Theo asks. “It was a full moon. I couldn’t really control myself,” Liam says. “Uhm… Guys!” Stiles yells and we all walk to the living room. Y/n, is standing up a bit and Theo runs up at her getting him a death glare of Lydia. “She is sleepwalking,” Theo says. “What?” Lydia says and she looks at her little sister. Y/n takes a few steps to the door and she opens it. Lydia wants to grab her sister but Stiles grabs her hand. “If you stop someone who is sleepwalking you could kill her,” he says. While they were talking y/n walked further and Theo followed her. She suddenly started to run and Theo runs after her. The others also find out that y/n is running and they follow her. “Where is she going?” Liam asks. “I don’t know but keep following her and don’t touch her,” Scott says. “Guys, Lydia and I don’t have a supernatural ability to run this hard,” Stiles says. “I will follow my sister!” Lydia says stubborn. “Well then jump on my back,” Scott says. “What?” Lydia asks. “When I stop you jump on my back and we run,” Scott says. Suddenly Scott stops and Lydia jumps on his back. Scott starts to run again. “And what about me?” Stiles asks. “You have to get to your jeep. To inform your dad and maybe even her mom,” Scott says. Stiles nods and he runs the other way. Theo is the one closest to y/n. After that Liam and Scott. The last ones are Kira and Malia. They are watching Liam and Scott’s backs, Liam and Scott are watching Theo and y/n. Just because they don’t trust him. Suddenly y/n stops running and she walks slowly to a chopped off tree. “The Nemeton,” Scott says. Y/n lies down next to the tree and Theo gets to his knees next to her. She opens her eyes and looks around her. “What happened?” she asks. “You were sleepwalking,” Theo says. “But everything is alright,” Scott says. “Could you let me go so I could get to my sister?” Lydia asks. “Of course,” Scott says and Lydia jumps of Scott’s back. Lydia walks over to her little sister. “Y/n?” she asks. “Lydia,” y/n says. She stands up and Lydia gives me a hug. “I’m going to help you with all of this,” Lydia says. “But first… Are you alright?” Theo asks. “Yes, I’m fine,” y/n says. “Do you know why you’re here?” Scott asks. She shakes her head. “I think it is because of this,” Malia says. Scott walks over to Malia and he sees a body. “What’s that?” y/n asks. “It goes with being a banshee but I’ll learn you everything about it,” Lydia says. “I’ll call Stiles but you have to go before you will get a cold,” Scott says and y/n nods. She walks with Lydia but she suddenly stops. She turns around and walks over to Theo. She hugs him and he is at first really shocked but then he puts his arms around her too. “Thank you,” she says. “You’re welcome and I’ll see you again,” he says. “Y/n?” Lydia asks. Theo loses his grip around her and she walks back to Lydia.

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Tick, Tock

Merry Christmas @roar-of-the-fire-dragon !! I am you secret santa I guess we’re calling it for the fic exchange. I hope you like this, short and sweet! I meant to make it longer but life and such, I might make a part two sometime! 

Characters: Gray, Natsu, Lucy

Pairing: Nalu (hint at Gruvia)

Words: 1221


“I’m fine. I am.”


“Do you really mean that?”


Gray stared at his blonde hair friend with narrowed and disbelieving eyes. The room was quiet, with only the sound of Lucy’s clock in the background. Her shoulders were tense and she was avoiding his eyes while twisting her wrist in her hand. Gray had been friends with Lucy for a long time now, and even if he wasn’t he would be able to tell that she was lying to him.

“Yes, I do.”

“Lucy.” He replied firmly, fixing her with a look that said to drop the act and tell the truth.

Huffing, Lucy crossed her arms and stared him straight in the eyes, clearly annoyed.

“No Gray, I’m not fine. I haven’t been for a while and I probably won’t be. You asking me all the goddamn time isn’t going to change that and I just wished you’d go back to being my friend who stayed out of my business.”

Dropping his gaze, Gray ran a hand threw his hair, giving up. “Fine, I’m sorry I care Lucy. I’ll see you later.”

Getting up, Gray grabbed his coat and headed out of her apartment, tempted to slam her door out of frustration.

He needed a drink.

“Hey Mira, the usual please.” Taking his favourite spot at the local pub, Gray couldn’t stop worrying about Lucy. She had been holed up in her apartment for a few weeks now, only leaving to get food and to make certain appearances so people wouldn’t worry, but that was it. She had a rough few months, her dad passed away and she had a really bad breakup with some loser scum named Dan.

Gray got a few good punches in.

But now it was almost Christmas, and he knew how much Lucy loved the season and he didn’t want her to be miserable and alone. And their friends were starting to notice.

“Here you go,” sliding his drink to him, Mira looked at him with concern, “everything okay?”

Taking a swing of the drink, he shook his head.

“Is it Lucy?”

“Yeah, she’s still having a hard time, but she won’t let anyone in to help. I’m worried.”

Nodding, Mira started to pour him another drink, since he downed the first one. “At least you’re trying Gray. She just needs more time.”

He thanked her for the drink, and she went on to serve more customers. He thought Lucy had enough time already, enough to at least talk to him.

He took another drink, frustration starting to get the better of him.

It didn’t help his nerves that Juvia was starting to get really jealous of the amount of time he’s been spending with Lucy.

“Hey man, you okay?”

Turing towards the voice, Gray spotted a pink haired man, looking at him with squinty eyes and, in his opinion, a stupid look on his face.

“What’s it to you?” he snapped, not wanting to tell a stranger about his friend and her problems.

Looking affronted, the stranger put up his hands in surrender. “Sorry man, you just look super pissed and didn’t want ya going round picking a fight with some stranger.”

“You’re some stranger,” Gray pointed out. Was this guy serious?

“Oh, right.” The man laughed, “well at least if ya fight me I can take ya.”

Gray quirked a brow, “I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you.”

The pink haired man cackled, then stuck out a hand, “well we’ll have to see someday, I’m Natsu, nice to meet ya.”

Gray shook his hand, still unsure what to think of Natsu. “Gray.”

Natsu knew there was a reason he starting talking to the droopy eyed man who looked like he was ready to kill when his friend came to pick him up.

“Gray, seriously?” she scolded as she walked up to the duo, and Natsu couldn’t help but stare. “Explain to me why you couldn’t get Juvia to pick you up, because it better be a damn good reason.”

Natsu saw Gray talk, but he didn’t hear a word that came out, still stunned by the blonde in front of him.

And apparently she noticed.

“Um, could you please stop staring at me?”

Gray turned and glared at him. Apparently he was protective.

“Sorry!” he exclaimed, “I didn’t mean too! You’re just gorgeous.” Oh, shit. Did he really just blurt that out?

“Uh, thanks.” Looking uncomfortable, she grabbed Gray and waved to the barmaid, leaving.

Natsu just stared out the door, a slight blush on his face out of embarrassment.

“Her name is Lucy.” Turning around, he saw the barmaid smirking at him, before going off to clean glasses.


With a small smile, Natsu left the bar and headed home, her name playing over and over again in his head.

Natsu sat at his regular seat in the pub, having been coming here regularly for about a month now. Mira made the best food, and he really didn’t know how to cook.

“Hey Natsu, the regular?”

“Yeah, thanks Mira.”

Looking around, Natsu recognized a few people, waving at a few of them, but not seeing the people he really wanted to.

Gray had only been back a few times since that first time he met him, though Natsu suspected they just came at different times. It wasn’t really Gray who he wanted to see anyways.

Sighing, he rested his cheek on his hand, waiting for his food in slight disappointment. He couldn’t get Lucy off his mind, even though he only met her for about two minutes.

“Hey Mira, can I get a strawberry milkshake please?”

Natsu started at the voice, recognizing it as he had been playing it over and over again in his head for the past month.

“Lucy!” Mira exclaimed, slightly shocked from seeing her friend sitting so casually at the bar. “Sure, coming right up!”

Natsu turned to the blonde, eyes wide.

She turned to him, looking confused at first but then recognition light up in her eyes.

“Oh, you’re Natsu right?”

Holy shit, he thought, she remembers me.

“Uh yep! I don’t know if you remember but uh, sorry for staring and everything a few weeks ago. Not my best moment.” He rubbed the back of his neck, cheeks dusted pink as he avoided her eyes.

She laughed, saying not to worry because Gray said he was a pretty good guy and holy hell, Natsu didn’t know what to do. He never had this much trouble talking with girls before, mostly because he never particularly cared for them in the romantic sense but Lucy, well she was something different.

But then he remember that Gray said Lucy had been going through some pretty difficult things, though he didn’t say what exactly, and suddenly Natsu could look at her like a person and not like an angel who was perfect with no flaws.

Because she was human and Natsu knew how to deal with humans.

“Well in any case, I did mean what I said,” he grinned, showing off his teeth, “you really are beautiful.”

Lucy blushed, swiping a strand on hair behind her ear, “thank you.”

“So,” she began after taking a sip of her milkshake, “why is your hair pink?”

And that was how their friendship began.

Lunch Time

Category: Jimin Smut

You are on your way to your husband’s company. You decided to surprise him at work and have lunch together. You know he needs a break sometimes specially since he is the CEO of his family’s company.

You lightly giggled while thinking of your surprise for him. You are wearing the simple but classy dress that Jimin gave you. It’s white in color and cuts just above your knee, making you look like a queen.

The employees smile at you when you pass by them and you just smile back. Being the CEO’s wife, of course the employees also know you. When you reached your husband’s floor, your eyebrow arched. You are curious why the secretary wasn’t on her table outside your husband’s office.

Since the secretary wasn’t there, you decided to just enter his office. Your eyebrow arched once more when you saw your husband’s secretary almost showing her breasts to Jimin and throwing herself on him. While Jimin is just sitting on his swivel chair while seriously signing some papers, not minding that his secretary is actually seducing him.

He handed some papers to his secretary and that’s when he saw you. His face instantly brighten when he looked at you. A huge smile was plastered on Jimin’s face while you two just looked at each other.

You turned your look to his secretary and you saw that she’s new, so you know that she doesn’t know about you yet. The secretary arched her eyebrow on you before distancing herself. She even rolled her eyes on you before going out of the room.

When you’re finally alone with your husband inside his office, you decided to continue your plan.

“____! I’m happy you paid me a visit! I’m really lonely when you aren’t by my side. Come here,” he said as he motion you to come to him.

You went to him and sat on his lap. He instantly wrapped his arms around your tiny waist and buried his face on your hair, smelling your scent. You felt him giving butterfly kisses on your bare shoulder while adjusting your position so you’d be closer to him.

“So, why did you suddenly gave me a visit?” he asked you and you remembered your plan.

“Well.. I brought you some lunch..” you trailed off as you stood up from sitting on his lap. His eyebrows furrows when he saw that you didn’t brought anything.

“What did you brought?” Jimin curiously asked you.

You sat on his table, on the spot in front of him and put your legs on the armrest of his swivel chair. You spread your legs apart, showing him that you are naked underneath the skirt of your dress. “Me.” you whispered.

His jaw dropped when he saw your already wet pussy. You saw him gulped before looking at your eyes. You saw lust and hunger suddenly filled his brown eyes. He reached for something under his table and you heard his office door locked and excitement instantly ran through you.

Without saying anything, he dipped his head in between your legs and you felt him licked you there like a popsicle. You always loved how long his tongue is and how warm it feels when it plays with your clit.

You threw your head back and held on his hair to pulled him deeper to your core, wanting to feel more of his tongue. You looked down on him and you felt more aroused when you saw him looking at you while his tongue played with your most sensitive part.

“J-Jimin! O-Ohhh.. ohh..” you can’t help but to moan out loud when he hardened his tongue and entered you. You are both in the most perfect position, you in his table and him still sitting on his swivel chair.

You groaned in protest when he suddenly pulled back. He licked his lips and his hand went on your back, zipping off your dress. He smirked when he finally removed your dress and your bra, leaving you completely naked.

You layed yourself on his table like it was your bed and pushed the other things that’s on his table. He stood up and just looked at you intently. You hate the fact that he’s still fully clothed but at the same time you loved looking at him while he’s on his office attire.

“I always wanted you to fuck me on your office table..” you whispered causing him to inhale sharply because of your explicit words. He unzips his pants and he gave it a few strokes before gently entering you.

“A-Ahhh..” A long moan escaped his mouth as he put his shaft fully inside you. “Still so t-tight..” Jimin sighs.

You wrapped your legs around his hips and pulled him closer. He bend over and buried his face on the side of your neck while he slowly thrust in and out of you.

You hold on to him and you can’t help yourself but to grip on his polo making it look like it wasn’t ironed. You won’t deny the fact that Jimin is huge and you always feel like it’s your first time when you two do it.

You don’t want Jimin to be gentle to you this time so you begged for him. “Jimin, p-please.. harder. Fuck me some more.. Ohh..”

Hearing those words from you, Jimin instantly fasten his pace. You felt him kissing the skin of your neck, going down to your breast. He massaged both of your breasts before sucking a nipple. Jimin rested his forehead on yours as he fucks you. Hard and fast but full of love.

You can see beats of sweat dripping on the side of his face and his lips slightly apart as he fucks you senseless. You can’t stop yourself from screaming his name when he hits your g-spot. Your loud moans filled Jimin’s office, not minding if someone might hear you both.

You felt something inside you wants to explode and you knew you are near. Jimin felt your walls clenching around his shaft and he thrust inside you faster.

You threw your head back and screamed when you reached your peak. “JIMIN!”

After a few more thrusts, he also came inside you and your named softly escaped his lips. He buried his face on your neck and you played with his hair as you both catch for breath.

He pulled away a little to see your face. Jimin smiled at you shyly before kissing you. You immediately respond to his lips and he pulled away after a few minutes.

“How about we get an actual lunch, my wife?” Jimin teasingly asked you. You both chuckled before getting down from his office table and Jimin helped you get dressed.

You are both smiling when you two stepped out of Jimin’s office. Your smile disappeared when you heard the flirty voice of Jimin’s new secretary making you and Jimin stop on your tracks.

“Where are you going sir?”

You answered Jimin’s secretary instead of him. “He’s going to have lunch with his wife.” You smiled at the secretary but she arched her eyebrow on you. Jimin just stood there, amused.

“Who are you? His other secretary?” her being sassy to you made your blood boil so you smiled sweetly at her before answering.

“I’m his wife who he just made love to, inside his office and on top of his office table.”

The secretary’s jaw dropped and you just flipped your hair on her face and continued to walk beside Jimin. After a few steps, you stopped again and walked back in front of Jimin’s secretary.

“Oh and by the way? You’re fired,” you smiled sweetly at her and went back to Jimin.

You felt Jimin’s hand went to your lower back and slapped your butt cheek before whispering to your ear.

“Such a sassy wife,” he whispered before kissing your cheek and slowly shaking his head in disbelief. You just smiled as you two went out to have an actual lunch.

I haven’t posted any one shot lately because of too much school work and tight schedule, and specially because of what happened lately where someone stole one of my works and he/she said that he/she’ll erase it but he/she still haven’t BUT! I’m stocking alot of one-shots (most of them are smut i just realized oh my god) for you guys.. I’ll post it next week or idk please wait for it. ily ♥