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In case people need more evidence that Trikey is indeed canon, here’s Trevor confessing his love, three times. Three goddamn times. And Michael actually admitted that his feelings are hurt for once.


Like who he tryna kid though?


i love how much amazing art of loki is going around, makin him look like a stud or somethin, but have u considered, silly “ill do anything to make someone laugh” loki

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I absolutely adore your writing and I was wondering if you could do one where Noctis has to go to a neighbouring kingdom to settle a peace treaty and ends up starting a love-hate relationship with the queen (who's his age and kind of stubborn). Pretty please, thank you 😘💕✨


Noctis x F!OC
Word Count: 2,452
SFW, fluff

I loved this prompt. I’m thinking maybe one day I’ll elaborate on this, because it’s so hard to condense something like this into a one-shot, but I tried my best. I’m gonna put it under a Read More because it’s pretty long and I don’t want it to clog up people’s dashboards––can mobile users let me know if they can see it? Anyway, enjoy! And thank you again for your continued support.

Tagging @chocobrodreamteam because of the sleepy headed prince.

Noctis was in the back seat of Ignis’ car, his head leaned against the window. He sighed heavily. King Regis had sent Noctis, Ignis, Gladio and Prompto to a neighbouring kingdom for a short trip, sort of as an act of good will, to a neighbouring kingdom not too far from Insomnia. It was called Contumacem, and according to Ignis, it was ruled by a young queen, not much older than Noctis.

“Apparently she’s quite lovely,” Ignis noted from the driver’s seat, glancing at Noctis in the rearview mirror. “I wouldn’t be surprised if His Majesty sent you to meet her as a way of joining our two kingdoms sometime in the near future.”

“Fat chance,” Noctis yawned, stretching out his arms. He almost hit Gladio in the face, who swatted his hand away. “Let’s just get this over with. He told me it was a good will visit. We just have to meet the queen, play nice, and go home.”

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dedicated to: @greynoona  ♡ - thank you so much for your appreciation for this blog means a lot ♡

pairing: Jungkook x male! reader

genre: fluff

warnings: none

word count: 2790

summary: this the continuation of Oh Boy. Jungkook and (Y/N) go on a date-wait a date?!

a/n: “no I’m not missing one direction” - lie of the century 

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kpop tag

ive been tagged by my beautiful bub @citruscake !! thank you for tagging me in such a fun lil tag !! i dont really express which groups i stan or what im into besides park jimin, so i figured i should expose a little more to myself?? 

Ultimate bias? park jimin ((it use to be kwon jiyong for the longest time b4 i officially changed it to my bub and im telling u it was very hard for me to make that decision bc i have a tendency to be rly devoted to a certain person for a long time))

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? i dont really have one tbh

Favourite Kpop song(s)? uh i got a few hold up

babe - hyuna 
gashina - sunmi
dna/pied piper/dimples/house of cards/lost/i like it ((pt2 as well)/coffee - bts
sting - stellar 
one love/amen/perfect girl/the whole the clan pt2.5 album - monsta x
teenager/something good/my home/dont care/i keep looking/sign - got7
fool - bigbang
the entire no.5 album/majority of gentlemen’s game - 2PM
solo/yacht/mommae - jay park
im good - henry
that xx/divina commedia - gdragon
trauma/check it/highlight - seventeen
arrived - jessi
oasis/hug me - crush
bermuda triangle/artist - zico

this is just a shorter list of some of my ult favs and newer favs !!

First Kpop Song? my first kpop kpop song would be haru haru ((i think)) by bigbang 

Favourite Kpop Album/Single?
2PM: no.5 
BTS: her / blood sweat tears 
GOT7: departure / fly 
MONSTA X: the clan pt2.5 / All In or Beautiful 

Favourite Kpop Ship? ot7 got7 lol like lets be real here theyre my bias group and my lil family

Hard Stan or Soft Stan? dependent on the group honestly nvm im hard af fuck my previous thought 

Favourite Kpop company? i dont have one they all suck 

Backstory of how you got into Kpop?

2009: so i bought a new ipod nano right it was like b4 mp4 players were in mobile devices and i have an older cousin shes like older by 4 yrs and i was 9 at the time and i wasnt as tech savvy as a 12 yr old would be so i asked if she could download songs for me and i didnt really request any songs, she just gave me some of her songs from her own playlist and what do u kno let me hear your voice by bigbang was one of them !! being super like curious as to what i was listening to i searched them up and i fell in love w gd in that mv like WOW his BLOND got me right in my 9 yr old heart and i started to listen to their other songs which i really loved and i loved a lot of taeyang’s solo songs like look only at me and wedding dress that was my shit and i ended up watching a few wonder girls/2ne1 mvs

2013: i faded out of kpop and didnt really know what was happening anymore in that realm and i was watching bubzbeauty and her background music was an instrumental of cafe by bigbang (which is SUCH a BOP) and i really liked it so i searched it up bc i knew she was a fan of bb as well and i was like oh hey its bigbang i wonder how theyve been and at the time their recent song was like FANTASTIC BABY so u could imagine how turned off i was by them LOLOL but i couldnt get over how much i liked cafe and then some of their other songs and im tellin u jiyong SNATCHED my heart AGAIN after like an idle 4 years HE DID THAT !! and bb/2ne1/mostly yg artist was the only groups i listened to bc i didnt really think to venture out of them bc bb was my rock i loved bigbang and i didnt want to leave then i got my friends into kpop and one of them actually showed me bts bc she didnt rlly care abt group hopping and so bts was my second boy group that i got into and now im here in 2017 still listening to kpop !!1!! 

now that im done rambling lol, i tag my cuties @kyunggii , @kapparel , @thiccjm , @xkatanax , @peachiejihoonie , @sunnysidewrites , and @famfamella ((you guys dont have to do this bc i know its long and sorry if im being annoying by tagging u in all these tag games ))-: ))

hrm, seems i can’t get into Dragon Age after all. i’ve been trying to play origins for like the third time but it just seems the series isn’t for me.

30 Days Shipping Challenge

Day 7: “The most heartbreaking scene.”

Komugi: “Right now, I’m very happy. I may not be worthy, but please allow me to join you.”
Meruem: (“I see…I…”)
Komugi: “I believe that I was born to be here today.”
Meruem: (“…was born for this moment.”)

Meruem/Komugi - HunterxHunter (Episode 135)

  • Marik: If We Win This Duel I'll Give You The Millennium Rod
  • Bakura: Sorry Marik, But That's Our Old Deal, Now I Need /More~/
  • Marik: ...
  • Bakura: [Nudging Him And Winking]
  • Marik: ...If We Win This Duel I'll Tell You The Secret To The Power Of The Pharaoh
  • Bakura: Shit Actually I Do Need That Nevermind That's Good
When I Crawled Into Bed... (Tony x Reader)

Just an idea I had the other night when I didn’t go to bed until 6:15 in the morning.


It started a few weeks ago after one of Tony’s more… rambunctious parties. Three priceless artifacts were broken, over seven thousand dollars worth of alcohol was consumed, and Phil Coulson himself was called in to shut the party down at 5:38 in the morning. But none of these things were remembered in the following weeks. 

What was remembered however, was the little game you and Tony had started the morning after. A game which continued to this very morning. 

“When I crawled into bed last night,” Tony started as he walked into the kitchen where the rest of his teammates were seated. Everyone either gave a roll of their eyes or an audible groan. Everyone that is, except you, who simply took a small sip of your coffee and patiently waited for your turn. “There was not one but two very fine Victoria Secret Models awaiting my company.” 

“I hope you had a good time,” you matched Tony’s smirk as you set down your coffee mug and stared him straight in the eyes just as you had every other time you two had decided to play this game. “Because when I crawled into bed last night there was a royal redhead awaiting me. And what do you know we were also accompanied by two ‘very fine’ Victoria Secret Models!” Steve chocked on his coffee and everyone else laughed at the annoyed look on Stark’s face. You stood up from your seat and started to leave the room before tossing a quick comment over your shoulder, “Prince Harry says hi by the way!”


Basically every other day was the same thing. You or Tony would spot each other in a room and just had to open your big mouth about your latest escapade. It didn’t matter if it was just the two of you, the team, or the SHIELD debriefing room something just had to be said. 

No one was ever quite sure whether one, or both, of you was bluffing. However, no one was ever going to call either of you out on it. No matter how crazy these stories kept getting the rest of the team tried their hardest to stay out of it. 

If only everyone had known to stay out of it.


“Oh yeah? Well lets just say when I crawled into bed last night I went in knowing there’s probably going to be an album in my honor in just a few months.” 

“Did you sleep with Taylor Swift?” Scott Lang had a look of disgust on his face as he grabbed an apple and went to join you by the door. He had asked for some advanced training and since Natasha and Clint were away on a mission it was up to you. “Because that’s just sick.”

You laughed as Tony tried to splutter an explanation about it most definitely not being Taylor Swift, but you didn’t get to hear who he was trying to insinuate as you led Scott down the hall. 

“So why did you request advanced training?” You asked the man beside you who was still looking bemused at the earlier engagement with Tony Stark. 

“Well considering the man who taught me how to be Ant-Man is like a hundred years old I didn’t exactly think he was a qualified sparring partner. And I think the better question is why Tony Stark thought it would be fun to tell us how he spent last night.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s just a little game me and Tony have been playing lately,” you gave Scott a sweet smile as you stood opposite of him on a large sparring mat. 

“A game?” Scott had a singular eyebrow raised and the tiniest hint of a smile curving his lips. 

“Did you want to train or talk about how Tony Stark and Taylor Swift should start carving their initials into trees?” 


“When I crawled into bed last night I was-” 

“Tony I don’t want to play this right now.” You interrupted the billionaire before he could go too far. No one else was in the room, not like it had stopped you before, so he pressed on.

“What? Are you finally ready to admit defeat?” 

“Tony I said drop it!” You snapped at the pompous man in front of you.

“Oh come on! There’s no shame in having to spend the night alone. I mean I’ve never had to, but I hear from others that-”

“You really want to know Tony?!” You stood up and were standing toe to toe with him. “When I crawled into bed last night I crawled into bed with Scott Lang and I had a wonderful night and I’m so fucking sick of playing this game with you because-” You cut yourself off abruptly. Tony looked sick to his stomach and you felt the same way.

“You slept with Scott Lang last night…” Tony repeated what you had just said, but much, much quieter. His face of disbelief didn’t waver as he sat down on an island stool and stared at the ground. 

“Yeah. I did.”

“Why did you say you were sick of playing this game (Y/N)?” Tony finally looked you in the face after a few tense moments of silence and you swallowed hard. 

“I think you know Tony.”

“Say it anyway.”


“Say. It. Anyway.”

“Because when we started this, all I thought it was, was a game. I thought it would lead to something more. And with Scott it didn’t have to be a game. I’m not a kid Tony. I’m sick of playing games.” 

Tony took a deep breath and clenched his jaw. He didn’t make any more eye contact as he swept past you and exited the room, leaving you to stand there and think about how even though it had never been anything remotely official you somehow felt like you had broken the rules of the game. A game you didn’t know you wanted to keep playing until it was too late.


The next few weeks were oddly quiet in the tower. You and Tony avoided each other at all costs and no one else knew what the heck was going on so they didn’t want to say anything to set either of you off. 

It wasn’t until Scott Lang requested another training session that things started to pick back up again. 

“I noticed no one talked at breakfast this morning except me,” Scott commented as you two walked to the gym. 

“It’s been kind of… tense lately.”

“Tense? The last time I was here Tony Stark was telling us about his nightly conquest and now he won’t even tell me what the weather is like outside? That sounds like more than ‘kind of’ tense.”

“There was an incident.” You admitted curtly.

“An incident?” 

“Yes Scott, an incident.”

“Tony knows we slept together.” It wasn’t a question. Scott just looked over at you and raised his eyebrows.

“Scott I’m sorry!” You stopped walking and turned to face him.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Scott asked.

“Because I told Tony-”

“Why should I care? I got to spend a great night with a great women and there’s no awkward feelings between us. You should be saying sorry to Tony.”

“Why would I say sorry to Tony?” 

“Because he likes you and he hasn’t actually slept with anyone in months.”

You were taken aback. You knew you had been making up stories, but with Tony’s track record you figured at least half of what he had said must have been true. “How do you know?” 

“Because I’m a superhero,” Scott’s smile made you laugh as you shook your head.

“Scott, I’m a superhero!”

“Yeah, but you don’t have a man’s intuition.” 

“Touche,” you conceded and started to walk forward again. “Now did you want to train or talk about how Tony Stark has to find someone to carve his initials with?”


It was nearing three in the morning and you were pacing outside Tony’s door. You couldn’t bring yourself to go inside. You had fought aliens and robots, but you couldn’t go in and tell a man how you felt. How pathetic. 

You were about to walk away when you remembered all of those mornings when Tony had bragged about what he had done in the night. Scott had said Tony hadn’t slept with anyone in months, but who was to stop him from starting again?

You basically threw open Tony’s door and rushed inside. 

Tony shot up in a daze and looked around in confusion until his eyes landed on you. Good. He was alone.

“What the hell (Y/N)? It’s three in the morning, what do you want?” Tony’s voice was husky with sleep and his eyes weren’t fully open.  

“I want to talk,” you don’t know why you whispered but you did, and you shuffled closer to Tony’s bed near the middle of the room.

“Talk about what?” He pushed his covers off and swung his legs over the side of the bed. 


“(Y/N)…” Tony dropped his head into his hand and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Tony I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have slept with Scott and I shouldn’t have made up all those stories about who I was sleeping with.”

“Don’t apologize. I should be the one saying sorry for overreacting. You’re a grown women you can sleep with whoever you want to and i-”

“I only ever wanted to be with you Tony!” You cut him off and strode over to where he was sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked up in shock as you came and sat beside hi.

“You what?”

“You were the only one I ever wanted to be with Tony.” You pulled the stunned man in for a kiss. When you finally pulled away you brushed your lips together and whispered quietly, “When I crawl into bed I want it to be with you Tony. The man I love.”

Tony pulled you tight to his chest and rolled you over so he was hovering above you. “And when I crawl into bed I want it to be with the one person in the world who can drive me this crazy, the women who I can’t ever seem to get out of my head. When I crawl into bed, for the rest of my life, I want to crawl in next to you.”


Hey guys! I hope you liked it!(: I have a request waiting but I wanted you guys’ opinion on whether it should be a Bruce/Reader or a Steve/Reader? 

As always requests and ships are open!(:

[K] Wonderful School Days


The protagonist was a normal high school student when her ability awoke and went on rampage.

Alienated by the power, the protagonist was forced to drop out when a letter of recommendation arrived, written by principal of the Super Ashinaka Academy(1); Miwa Ichigen. This enabled her to transfer to this school as an exception.

The protagonist’s heart was full of excitement when she was shown around by her kind classmate; Yukizome Kukuri, when suddenly she got dragged into the dispute between club activities.

The dispute was between two out of the seven extraordinary clubs that are specialised in recruiting people with unique abilities;

The Red Club [known as HOMRA] and the Blue Club [known as SCEPTER4].

For some strange reason, either club presidents’ eyes were fixed on the protagonist/each other(2) and the protagonist was rescued by three members of the Silver Club; President Isana Yashiro, and member Yatogami Kuroh and Neko.

Surrounded by characters with overflowing personalities, the curtain of the protagonist’s new school life is now open!


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Favourite Female characters meme

@lustigs-maerchenland tagged me. Thanks you.

Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

  • Ciri (Geralt Saga)
  • Teresa Moreno (Sharpe)
  • Sansa (A Song of Ice and Fire)
  • Clea (Doctor Strange)
  • Lesley May (The Rivers of London)
  • Kitiara Uth Matar (Dragonlance)
  • Aveline Vallen (Dragon Age)
  • Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  • Constance Bonacieux (The Musketeers)
  • Asajj Ventress (Star Wars)

I tag: @alayne-stone-heart @verecunda @becumsh @timeforalongstory @chancellorfangirl @slowlymychaos @katistrophe

If you’ve already done this or simply don’t feel like it, then don’t. No pressure. ^^

i sort of get that some people MIGHT be bored of troy baker in all the games but -

troy baker sounds the same in every game” 

?? ?? ? 



sure he does.

because pagan min sounds like joel and joel sounds like the joker and the joker sounds JUST LIKE BOOKER DEWITT AM I RIGHT

“I’d like to think that the gang have really cute birthdays celebrated together with cake (stolen from a cake designer) and presents. But it’s probably not the case for Sly, whose parents died the same day.”

Confessed by: Anonymous

(If I know Sly and the gang, they probably do have a really kickin’ birthday party for him, and for the whole day they laugh and goof off and have a good time, but then that night when Sly is alone in bed, he cries himself to sleep while clutching the Thievious Raccoonus. ~Mod)