why did i read tha post

Excerpt from the hell post because who wants to see that long-ass thread again? @tha-kaptain @administratumadept

@imperialfistsspacemarine said :

I never said anything about that i said this game is pretty damn diverse cause it is. If you knew anything about the lore tgrn you would know why i used the sisters of battle, the slamanders, the imperial guard, the tau, and the eldar as examples. This tells me one of two things: 1. You didn’t read my post fully and 2 you haven’t forgotten the lore, you don’t know it. Cause if you did you would know why i put these as examples. I will now explain to you as to why i used tge examples.

We are talking about the actual minis, the toys. You come up with what the lore tells us, get out of the game universe to discuss the tangible elements of the game (in this case, the models) as adults, please.

The imperial guard they don’t give a shit what is between your legs, what gender you identify as or what you want to fall in love with.

So, may we talk about hoping that GW makes some female bits without hurting your fragile little feelings? Another question : may I head-canon that some of MY MINIS might be LGBTQIA+ or do I need you to sign some papers that you aren’t butthurt by my head-canon (or anyone else’s)?

The Tau are the same as the guard with the exaption that there are more species diversity

Hello, the only Tau I’ve ever seen on a battle field is the firecaste. Tau has what? One female head per sprue and one character? (I don’t have @administratumadept‘s dedication for crunching numbers). Also If you count Aliens as minority representation, you’re a sick man.

The sisters of battle this should be a given as to why but I’ll explain it anyway. They are an all female standing army for the church. In fact during the age of aposticy they where better fighters than even my boys the imperial fists and there leader was given tge privilege to meet the god emperor himself.

Again, in-lore argumentation is for kids on the playground. Where are the plastic, normal-priced minis? WHERE?!

The salamanders are a founding chapter of the adeptas astartes that due to there gene seed and of there home planet there skin has become darker. Yes a whole chapter of space marines of people of color.

Where is the African heads sprue to convert them and not make them look like the old movie-representation of black people (white dudes with black make up)? Wheeeeere?!

The Eldar this including the dark Eldar have male and female fighters and any gender can do anything in there society.

Yes Eldar are okay. We are in agreement. (let’s not bring up boobplates and SM fetishes this time).

Now my last thing is this i know yoi didn’t read my piece or any of @40kwarlord pieces is cause me and him both said we didn’t give a shit, we want more art and even female space marines, why? Cause its cool that’s why.

If you want the same thing as us, why all the bitching and moaning?

In conclusion stop misrepresenting people cause they have different veiws i mean seriously not only does that kind of screeching about non issues damages reputations it ultimatly damages the cause your fighting for.

I think you are mistaken about who’s doing the whinging.