why did i put this in black and white

Weird how it’s always bey white ppl wanna point to as a bourgeois enemy of the people class oppressor whatever, without saying a peep about their white faves who pull in more money in a year without putting in half the effort, energy, creativity, let alone talent

What is it about bey that makes her wealth stand out, I wonder? Why does Taylor swift making three times what bey did in 2016 not elicit the same essays about economic exploitation? When are y'all gonna drag madonna’s ancient irrelevant ‘I made my name on the backs of blacks’ ass for the fuckin oil trade? 🤔🤔🤔

Preston learned what boycott meant and wants to boycott everything but his newest boycott is to Starbucks

Preston had to go pee and I wanted tea so we go to Starbucks. Preston goes to the bathroom comes back as says there is a code thing on the bathrooms. He asked why did Starbucks put a code on their bathroom. I explained that that some establishments put codes to monitor who goes in and out and to keep non paying customers out. He said but when we go by Starbucks by are house there isn’t this block . He then stated how the area had a high homeless population and how they should do that bc where they suppose to go pee

Then this man who appears to be homeless ( black nAtural hair beat up sneakers dirty white tee but had an iPad and iPhone and on expensive raw demon pants so I knew he was just a hipster) was at the door Preston gave him the code and told him everyone should be able to go to the bathroom. The man thanked him so much said he was a nice boy bc he didn’t want to by a drink.

So now me and Preston are boycotting all the Starbucks and hopes every morning there is pee on Starbucks door bc they should let people who can’t afford there coffee and tea to go pee.


made a short skit comic bc im really bored in school and i dont know what to do tbh so haha yeeeee twYLE FANART ATLAST

from Oculus Chapter 7: The Dog by @earily

p.s i actually made this in manga style which is read right to left just to practice for our midterms which is making a manga, although i made this in my style and not shoujo/shounen type of manga which is black and white one. so in case you’re wondering why i put symbols in first page, that’s why.

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Nickname: Anya

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′4

Last thing you Googled: “best cards against humanity picks”

Favorite music artist: If I had to pick one, Green Day

Song stuck in my head: Put ‘Em Up–Priory

Last movie you watched: Beauty And The Beast (the new live remake version thingy)

What are you wearing right now: Black and white polka dot pajamas, don’t judge

What do you post: Very random mix of fandom-type stuff and activism-type stuff

Why did you choose your URL: It’s inspired by the song “Aliens and Rainbows” by Ferras. Yay for gay alien aesthetic?

Do you have any other blogs: Nope

What did your last relationship teach you: Being single isn’t so bad

Religious or spiritual: Atheist

Favorite color: Purple! 

Average hours of sleep: Around 6. Sleep is not my friend

Lucky number: 8

Favorite characters: Does the TARDIS count as a character? Tom Collins from Rent, Spock and McCoy from Star Trek, Angelica and Lafayette from Hamilton, Charlie from Supernatural (damn it)….oh, I could go for days

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 in the summer, two in the winter. And way too many pillows, my bed is basically a nest

Dream job: Making soundtracks for movies. I don’t know what it’s actually called but I have a habit of matching songs to movies and tv shows. 

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You're a piece of shit. Racism has nothing to do with you putting hate in the snowbarry tag.

Oh. Thank you for enlightening me with this very truthful, genuine piece of valid and honest information. I never would have figured otherwise. Clearly, you ship Snowbarry for reasons not related to race, because why else would hundreds of people side with a bland white lady over a talented black actress?

And for the record, “I need you to pee in this cup” is not hate, in any way shape or form. It’s simply facts. Caitlin is his doctor. Caitlin did say that to him. That is the sentence that started all their interactions. I don’t see why you hate it so much?

I mean… maybe it’s it the lack of romance???

Sometimes I’m really proud of myself and I don’t have regrets because I gave my best I gave my all and more, freely, willingly, selflessly and lovingly. I took responsibility for my actions and for the energy I put into things even when it was hard to face it all. But I did it and I don’t have regrets. This is why I can make sad jokes at my expense haha. Like yes, there is a hole. But it closes slowly and I fill it with flowers. The feelings are never black and white and I embrace them all.

I’m proud of myself…at least I can say that honestly to myself. I can look myself in the mirror, feel right with my soul.


Someone asking me to RESPECT and BELIEVE kubo .. why should I respect someone who doesn’t know how to RESPECT others ?

If kubo really intended to make ih from the beginning .. tell me what is this all about ? why did he put so much effort making Ichiruki moments from chapter 1 to 500 episode 1 to 366 , during interview he talk about Rukia’s name and says that she is like ichigo’s Ray of light , poems , color spreads , movie , symbolic BLACK SUN AND WHITE MOON , he even make Rukia’s Bankai form which exactly looks the same as ichigo’s , opposite color BLACK AND WHITE and both their robe change as if they’re related to one another , Urahara’s prophecy, Kyoraku visit the human world to meet ichigo’s friend blah blah as if ichigo will end up staying in the soul society , Isshin Masaki Ryuken love story parallel to ichiruki/ren.. with his sweettalk about ichiruki during interview he has ichiruki under his spells to stay by his side for many years and make us believe and hope that Ichiruki will happen but he crush ichiruki’s hope with single chapter in the END for what? For moneys sake ?! For marketing purpose ?! .. kubo is making too many excuse just to get Fans attention and sympathies and now he have ichihime brainwashed and make them believe everything he said .. good job ship war maker ..
Why bother listen to guy like him ? To me , ichiruki are not a part of bleach anymore, without bleach Ichiruki can still stand but without ichiruki bleach is nothing like right now

your rival wants to battle // listen here

pokemon battle music for studying or w/e

1. Battle! Wild Pokemon / FireRed and Leaf Green // 2. Battle! Trainer / Diamond and Pearl // 3. Battle! Deoxys / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 4. Battle! Wild Pokemon / Gold and Silver // 5. Battle! Dialga and Palkia / Diamond and Pearl // 6. Battle! Trainer / FireRed and Leaf Green // 7. Battle! Gym Leader / X and Y // 8. Battle! Cobalion/Virizion/Terrakion / Black 2 and White 2 // 9. Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 10. Battle! Rival / Heart Gold and Soul Silver // 11. Battle! Team Flare / X and Y // 12. Battle! Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf / Diamond and Pearl // 13. Battle! Elite Four / Ruby and Sapphire // 14. Battle! Miror B / Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness // 15. Battle! Team Aqua/Team Magma Leader / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 16. Battle! N / Black and White // 17. Battle! Regi Trio / Ruby and Sapphire // 18. Battle! Frontier Brain / Platinum // 19. Battle! Suicune/Raikou/Entei / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 20. Battle! Champion / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 21. Battle! Giratina / Platinum // 22. Battle! Strong Wild Pokemon / Black and White // 23. Battle! Champion / Heart Gold and Soul Silver // 24. Battle! The Boss of Team Galactic / Diamond and Pearl // 25. Battle! Primal Groudon/Kyogre/Mega Rayquaza / Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire // 26. Battle! Elite Four / Black 2 and White 2 // 27. Battle! Ho-Oh / Heart Gold and Soul Silver // 28. Battle! Champion / Diamond and Pearl

Maybe anything can look like a miracle when our souls are empty. Or maybe miracles are there everyday and we only notice them when something silences everything else. I only know that nine years ago today, a miracle entered my life.

I’d spent the night bawling my eyes out, kicking myself for ever letting Suki off-leash, cursing drivers who would hit a dog and not even stop, and wondering why I even thought of going on. You know you’ve had a good cry when your eyes are so swollen you can barely open them, but open them I did, and there, framed by the sliding glass door I’d put into the shed, hoping to collect the sun’s warmth, was a black and white dog, head tilted, and looking in.

I shook my head, wondering if I were hallucinating. But the dog still stood there, still looked in at me. I stood slowly, and slid the door open. He backed up. I told him he was handsome. He smiled. I extended my hand, palm down, so he could sniff me. He wanted none of it and looked at me with a sort of fear in his eyes, matched by his stubbornness to hold his ground.

I turned to the coffee maker and put the filter and the grounds in. I checked the battery levels (on a sunny day, I had enough electricity for one pot of coffee, one minute of microwaving, and internet access for 8 or 9 hours.) As the coffee dribbled out, I saw that he had moved, further away, but still staring at me.

He was skittish. Wherever he’d come from, hands had done him no favors. I noticed a collar, but there were no tags. His long hair hid the collar for most of the day. Finally, I got a good look at the collar. It was a puppy collar, tight around his neck. VERY tight around his neck. It wasn’t until the next day he let me remove it, and there was much growling and showing of teeth as I did. Hands are not friends he kept saying. A puppy NASCAR collar, with checkered finish flags on a red background.

Every day, Suki and I had walked together, and I decided even today, the day after Suki died, I would walk. Her footprints were in dried mud everywhere. Each one stabbed at my heart. The black and white dog kept his distance from me, but followed. Every once in a while, he’d disappear into the sagebrush, and he’d bring one of Suki’s toys with him. He ran back to the shed, and then caught up with me again.

When I returned to the shed, I saw what he’d done, and it made me weep all over again. He’d deposited every toy he’d found on Suki’s grave. I fed him some of Suki’s food, and he ate like he hadn’t seen food in a while. He was thirsty, too.

I was sure someone would be looking for him, so I took his picture and made up a poster to put in the little grocery store window, the place where everyone posted everything that is sold, everything that is lost, and everything that is found.

When I came back from town, he was still there, still watching me. No one claimed him, and each day, we got a little friendlier. Eventually he came into the shed for a few minutes and I congratulated him. A day or so later, he came in the shed and laid on the futon bed. It took another six months of patience before he would allow me to pet his head, or put my hands anywhere near his head.

I played like a rodeo cowboy, lassoing him with a leash when it came time for him to go to the vet in Denver. He tolerated the four-hour drive okay, checked out healthy, had no chip, and the vet guessed he was about a year old. He did NOT like the city. We came back to the San Luis Valley the next day,

Oh, and how did he get his name? I was chatting online with my friend Howard and told him about the dog. I told him I didn’t think I could keep him, so soon after losing Suki. Howard told me that dogs are like Jell-o. There’s always room for more. I couldn’t name a dog Jell-o, but I had come to think of the dog was a sort of angel, so add the two together, and you wind up with Angelo.

And that, my friends, is how my miracle dog came to rescue me.

Happy ninth Gotcha Day, and happy tenth birthday, my dear Angelo.

Angelo and his human have written about 20 books, which are available here: www.amazon.com/Leland-Dirks/e/B004L0XJSK

Mona Knew Charles

Q: Mike said Mona had planned to fake her death to work with A. Did she actually fake her death, or was she really kidnapped by Charles? 

A: I think we’re going to find out more about this in season six as well. Marlene said there might be flashbacks to put exactly what happened in black and white. From what I understand, Mona did plan to fake her death and meet Mike a couple of times. That moment that Charles walked in her room and fought with her, all that was real and she really did get jumped by A and I think drugged since you saw her in the back of the car with her eyes opened. I got drugged and taken to the dollhouse and that’s where I’ve been ever since I disappeared, and that’s why Mike truly believes that I died.

- Janel Parrish via Seventeen

So Marlene has said that Mona was betrayed by someone she knew when she was “killed”. So Mona not only knew Charles but they were close enough for her to trust him?

Confession: So, I just started talking to this black man and from our first encounter alone, I expected him to tell me he only dates white women but when the conversation came up, he told me he had no “preference” per say but did think lighter skinned/white/latina women were prettier. We eventually began debating about it, with me trying to educate him on why that’s wrong. I put up my white flag and told him I wasn’t going to argue this with him any longer and surprisingly enough he said, “No, we need to talk about things like this. It’s good to debate. It’s how I’ll learn.” I know this shouldn’t be such a big deal but the fact that he’s WILLING to listen and not completely shut me down or call me a “bitter black woman” was such a turn on. (An intellectual turn on, of course.)

Why isn't black history month racist?

Not against whites, but against Native Americans, or Irish, or Chinese, or Japanese?

All of these people were persecuted against in America. The Irish were sold as slaves on America (mostly indentured servants but also as slaves) and in England. Do we even need to explain what America did to the Native Americans? Kicked them out of their land (cough cough Jackson). We banned the Chinese from coming into our country and persecuted them. The Japanese were put into concentration camps by FDR. I get slavery is awful, and it is, but isn’t it racist against other races?

C- It annoys me so much that in the new youtube rewind video (Now Watch Me 2015) when they did the whip and nae nae to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento that there were only, like, three black people there out of so many white and/or non black people. And they were mostly in the back. Like how y’all gonna put US In the back when y’all dancing dances we made and songs we came up with?! Why?! Why was there not at least one black person in the center or front where the camera was focused most of the time? Like why?! Why are white people so obsessed with taking things we made and redoing them?!?? I thought youtube wouldn’t do something so….this.

And there were so many white youtubers there. Is there just a huge lack of black youtubers or did they just out right not include more? Like dafuq youtube?

I just saw a post that was “Fourth of July Food Hacks” and was just. Recipes. For red white and blue foods. Why did Pinterest/Buzzfeed start making everything a “hack”? How is putting red and blue sprinkles into sugar cookies “hacking” the cookies? You put strawberries in a line on a vanilla-frosted cake, but did you lace it with Black Cat crackers or something??? What are we hacking?

*boils eggs in blue food coloring and devils the yolks with red food coloring* *hacker voice* I’m in

I watched Marfmello’s review on Nina Simone’s documentary, and I had no idea she was in an abusive relationship with a white-passing light-skinned man. The way they described how he was being interviewed, it reminded me too much of Motolla and even Ike Turner. How these men are known for abusing black women in a marriage and how they’re still able to have a platform to speak on it and tell their “side.” I remember watching interviews of Motolla and reading excerpts from his autobiography, and that man was basically tryna justify why he did the shit he did to Mariah. How he put her through an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship where he had her questioning her identity. The fact he tried stifling her blackness and limited her socialization with black people and making appearances at black entertainment outlets. I understand how it feels to have a white person try to “limit” your blackness, and that shit is awful.

  Don’t get me started with Ike Turner. This nigga got an Unsung about him and they were digging into his timeline just to explain why he did what he did to Tina. And it’s like, whenever a man abuses a black woman, people are so fascinated that they literally have to place “psychologists” and get inside their minds to understand why they would hurt a black woman. As if we need justification, and I rarely see this happen with anyone else. Chris Brown has been given so many chances to “explain” why he is a piece of shit to women of black descent. He has been given so many platforms to refer to what he did to Rihanna and Karreuche as “mistakes.” Meanwhile black women are told to stop being “bitter” and “move on.” They’re told not to talk about the abuse others gave them. They’re told not to out their abusers. Yet their abusers are able to share their stories and explain the situation as if their side is “important.” 

C: Whether Nate Parker is a rapist is not the issue for me. The reason I won’t go see BOAN in theaters is, I keep thinking about all the talk I keep hearing about the racial hostility at Penn State, then why did you put yourself in a position to be at their mercy? And whatever hostility was there didn’t stop NP from marrying a WW, who he met before the incident in question. It’s disingenuous for BM to claim they’re victims of white supremacy, and be sleeping with them at the same time. What are you fighting for? Equality for your people, or your right to white privilege too?