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real talk though

i think the thing with harry potter - why it’s so loved, why it’s so derided, all by people who grew up reading the books - is just that. a lot of the people on sites like this who are reading it and critiquing it and analysing it are people who were kids reading these books, and grew up reading them. (mostly because we’re a large age demographic on these sorts of social media) i know i was four or five when i read them for the first time; i think they might have been the first novels i read independently like that. and i loved them! of course i did, i was four or five, and already an up-and-coming urban fantasy fan. they were full of magic, and kids who were sort of like me, and i loved them.

of course, i’m not four or five now. and neither are any of the people who grew up with the books when they were released. we’re all in our late teens and twenties, and when we look back, we’re looking back with an adult’s critical eye.

because when you’re nine years old, as i was when half-blood prince came out, or eleven, as i was when deathly hallows was released, the idea of harry going into the cave with dumbledore, or snape’s past with lily, don’t seem all that bad. after all, harry’s sixteen, and that’s way old - and snape’s past totally absolves him of any wrongdoing, right? it’s so romantic

and then we got older, and we read that series we’d loved when we’re kids, but we’re older and more critical. we look at it as adults, and see where it’s lacking. how there’s maybe five people of colour in harry’s year, how the only lgbt+ character was revealed to be so outside the books and it was never mentioned inside them, how messed up it is that harry did all this stuff and lived through so much when he was just a kid. even silly stuff - holes in the worldbuilding, little details that make no sense when you look at them twice.

now i’m twenty one and wondering why dumbledore couldn’t have put more adult wizards on harry’s case to help and protect him; why jk rowling imagines a world that seems to be white and straight and cis in its makeup. because i’m older, i understand these things a little more. and i can critique them, because why not? all media is flawed, in some way or other. 

but at the same time, i’m still that four or five year old reading these books for the first time and imagining myself with harry, ron, and hermione. having magical adventures in a land far more interesting than mine.

and i think that’s what i, personally, got from harry potter. it inspired me to write my own stories, the kind of stories i want to see. and on its flaws and failings, i want to build my own worlds, building on the things that annoyed me about the worldbuilding to make my own thing.

and it’s gonna be flawed, too. in different ways. but if i can make one person feel the way i felt, sitting up past my bedtime devouring philosopher’s stone like a starving person at a banquet, it’ll all be worth it.

Ball Chain & Satin

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: “Can you write a one shot where Bucky and Reader are getting married, but Bucky is scared. Angst or fluff, it’s up to you. Thanks!” Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count:1,391

Warnings: Language (probably)

A/N: I’m working on my requests, yay me! Oh boii, the fluff is strong :) Hope you’ll like it!

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You were in front of the mirror, admiring your sleeveless satin wedding gown when someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Grabbing a fistful of satin, you gathered up the skirt of your gown and moved closer to the door. You pressed your ear against the wood and heard him shuffling around on the other side of the door.

“Buck, what are you doing here? We’re not supposed to see each other before the ceremony.”

“I wanted to see you.”

“You’ll see me in an hour. Now, hush!”

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Imagine: Being Sirius’ girlfriend and being best friends with the Marauders, Regulus, and Lilly. You force them all to have a sleepover together and secrets are revealed.

Not requested.

A/N: ANSGT WARNING! Also, I’m so happy with the way that last gif turned out! I’m such a loser lol (Sadly, I wasn’t able to find a good enough Regulus gif to fit in there though)

You were in Divinations class, trying your hardest to stay awake. Your boyfriend, Sirius, is shamelessly sleeping next to you, James is drawing on his face, Peter is staring up at the ceiling, and Remus is the only one actually taking notes.

Class eventually ends and you rush towards the door, you promised to meet your best friend Regulus before going to dinner with Lilly. It was difficult being friends with people who can’t stand to be around each other, but you loved them all so much, so you were willing to make it work.

“Y/N,” Your divination professor calls as you reach the door, “Can I speak to you for a moment.”

You sigh and walk up to her, “Yes Professor Opal?”

“I sense a very bad energy around you my dear,” You stare at her, a bit worried. Professor Opal has never been wrong with any of her predictions before, “Someone very close to you is in danger. A friend will die tonight if you cannot stop it.”

You heart races, “W-what?! Who?”

“That I do not know, I’m only telling you what I sense.”

“Thank you,” You nod, your head spinning. What do I do…?

Night fell, and you’re frantically pacing back and forth your dormitory, “Y/N? Will you tell me what’s wrong…?”

You ignore Lilly, once again. You finally come up with an idea, “Lilly! I need you to come with me!”

“What?! Where?” She says as you take her hand and drag her out of the dormitory. You don’t respond, you just drag her up to the Marauders’ dormitory, “Y/N, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but I’m not going in there!”

“Trust me Lilly! This is important!” You say, doing your secret knock on the boys’ door.

“Hello love!” Sirius says, opening the door, he looks confused when he sees Lilly, “Um… hey Evans…”

She nods awkwardly, “Hi…”

The moment he hears her name, James is on his feet, “Lillyflower! Just can’t stay away can you?!”

His face falls when he sees your expression, “What’s wrong Y/N?”

“Look, this is going to sound crazy, but we all need to spend the night in here tonight,” You explain, Lilly’s jaw instantly falls and she turns back towards the door, “Lilly! Wait!”

“I am not staying in here Y/N!” She enunciates.

“Please! Just listen to me!” You finally convince them to listen, and you explain what Professor Opal told you, “I’m bloody terrified. So, please just do this.”

They all share your worried expression at this point. Lilly was a bit skeptical as she never truly believed in divination, but even she knew that Professor Opal has never been wrong until now.

“I have to go get one more person, please just stay here.”

“Wait! Who else-” James’ voice is cut off as you shut the door and run off to look for Regulus.

You find him in the library; he planned on spending the night in there to study. It was Saturday tomorrow, but he had a make-up test scheduled in the evening, so he was a bit annoyed that you forced him to leave. He was even more annoyed when you told him he’d have to spend the night with his brother and his friends, but he was understanding when you told him why.

Sirius’ POV

“Who is she going to get mate?” James asks me.

“I don’t know, Alice?”

“Alice was in our dorm when she brought me here, she would have just brought both of us,” Lilly finally speaks up. Until now, the poor girl has just been sitting in awkward silence on Remus’ bed on the other end of the room, “Maybe she went to get Marlene.”

We sit in silence for a little while longer until Y/N finally knocks on the door. Peter rushes up to open the door, and my jaw drops. Regulus. I haven’t spoken to my brother since last summer, when I left home, I didn’t even know that Y/N was so close to Reg.

He stands there, even more awkwardly than Lilly, he gives a small wave, avoiding eye contact with me.


You all sit around in silence. At least they’re not fighting. You sigh and finally speak up, “We’re going to be here all night, we might as well do something.”

“How about truth or dare?” James suggests, wiggling his eyebrows at Lilly, who scoffs in response.

“Sounds good to me,” Regulus replies staring at his brother.  

You’re in the middle of your game and at this point, Sirius and Remus have switched clothes, you’ve made out with Sirius, Peter has his makeup done, and Lilly is on James’ lap -looking absolutely miserable.

“Sirius, truth or dare?” Regulus asks, every time Regulus’ turn comes up, he asks Sirius, and every time Sirius chooses dare.

Sirius puts his hands up in defeat, tired of being picked so much by his brother, “Truth.”

“Why did you leave?” The room falls silent.

A pained expression crosses his face, “You know why… I couldn’t stand to be around them anymore.”

Regulus nods, and Sirius continues, “Regulus, truth or dare?”

Peter is about say something about him not being allowed to question Regulus back but you stop him, “Truth.”

“When I left you didn’t say a word, why do you care now?” You can tell he’s trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice, and you take his hand and gently run your thumb over his knuckles in attempts to calm him.

“You think I wanted you to leave?!” Regulus says, his voice rising, “But what was I supposed to say Sirius? You just got up and bloody left!”

We sit in a tense silence for a moment; finally Regulus speaks up, “Sirius truth or dare?”


“Why didn’t you take me with you…?” His voice cracks slightly and your heart breaks for your best friend.

“I’m sorry Reg…” Sirius says, looking down. He looks up to see Regulus running his fingers through his hair, Sirius’ eyes widen as he sees something poking out from under the cuff of Regulus’ shirt.

Anger floods his eyes, and you gently whisper, “Sirius, don’t-”

“Regulus, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to roll up your sleeves,” Sirius interrupts.

“I picked truth Sirius,” Regulus chuckles nervously.

“I said roll up your goddamn sleeves Regulus!”
Regulus looks at you desperately, but you know there’s absolutely nothing you can do or say. Everyone stares at Regulus, he sighs and slowly rolls up both sleeves on by one. The second they see the dark mark on Regulus’ arm, James, Remus, and Peter pull out their wands, Lilly lets out a loud gasp, and Sirius looks away in disgust and hurt.

“GET OUT!” James roars, Regulus argues and James steps closer to him.

“STOP IT!” You cry, stepping between them, “It’s not what you guys think! Just stop!”

“You knew?!” Sirius finally speaks up, absolutely furious, “You knew Y/N, and didn’t tell me?!”

“Sirius,” You say calmly, “It wasn’t my place, just hear him out!”

“There’s nothing left to hear,” He responds.

“Will you listen to me for once Sirius?!” Regulus burst. Everyone shuts up and turns to him, “I had no choice, you left me in that house. I could either run like you or I could join what our family believes. But I don’t have friends like you, I had nowhere to run to. I’m sorry!”

Regulus breaks down into tears, the boys have put their wands away and look incredibly disappointed, and Lilly has tears in her eyes like you. Sirius takes everyone by surprise when he pulls Regulus into a tight hug, letting out a throaty sob, “We’re going to be okay. I promise Reg, I promise.”

After the sentimental mood dies down a bit, you decide to call it a night -hoping the danger has already passed. You use a duplication spell to create two more beds, and you push all the bed closer together to fit them. Everyone gets his or her own bed and you share with Sirius.

Once everyone is settled in, Sirius finally wraps his arms around you from behind and whispers in your ear, “I’m sorry for yelling at you my love. I should’ve trusted you knew what you were doing. Thank you for taking care of my brother for all these years Y/N.”

You turn in his arms and place a kiss against his lips, “You don’t have to apologize Sirius, I can’t even imagine what you had to go through.”

“I love you Y/N,” He whispers, the sadness is still prevalent in his voice.

“I love you too,” You say, kissing him once again.

The next morning, the seven of you make your way to the Great Hall, making sure no one saw you together. When you finally get inside, Dumbledore makes an announcement, “The library caught on fire last night, luckily no one was harmed, it will be closed off for today while we work on repairs.”

You and your friends exchange glances with one another and all turn to Regulus, who mouths back ‘thank you’.


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First Times Are Diferents (Jeff Atkins x Reader )

🌸Request: Could you do a Jeff Atkins one shot where you can add smut if you want to but basically it was the readers first time and she’s best friends with Hannah Baker and she comes to school the day after and has hickies all over her neck and Hannah jokingly teases her and Jeff is all cuddly with her and lots of pda because he loves his girl and he was happy to be her first? Thank you!🌸

The room was quiet, without any element of doubt or uncertainty, Jeff was above you, panting, wanted you to be sure, he didn’t want to do something against his will or hurt you, he would not forgive himself.   

-Jeff, I already told you and I’ll repeat, you’re the best person I could ever want to be.   
-I know, honey, I just don’t want to hurt you.
-I know, you’re not going.   


The make-up you put early on the hickeys that Jeff had left the night before seemed to have no effect.
The night before could only have been the best thing in the world with the right person, you and Jeff had been together for about nine months, and that step was the biggest you’d ever given in your relationship other than high make out sessions that they never seemed to get past it.
Jeff would never force anything on you, you and your relationship was based on right times and Jeff was too much of a gentleman and would never do anything to hurt you.
Besides the make-up, which you hoped would be covering the hickeys, you wore a cloth around your neck, but you knew the reddish marks were still there, completely noticeable, and you just kept walking down the hallways to your locker, which looked like strangely far away.
By making the difficult hike that would take only a few minutes, you managed to reach the blue locker.
The task was very easy: Open the locker, take what was necessary for the classes of the day, close it and go to classes.   


But the plan to be invisible at least that day failed completely when your best friend, Hannah Baker, appeared abruptly on your side and instantly your hand went to the scarf around your neck to cover the marks.
You knew that if Hannah saw them, she would tease you for the rest of the day, or the rest of your life.
After all, your friend loved to embarrass you ever since she discovered the crush nothing secret in your current boyfriend before you started getting involved.
“It’s a hobby, Helmet.” She said to Clay once when he inadvertently got in the middle of the teasing Hannah was doing to you.   

- Hannah! You scared me, you came from nowhere.   
-I noticed it, you jumped.   
-Sorry, I was distracted picking up the books.

She suspected something, and you knew she knew it.  

-You’re late today, you’re usually the first to arrive to stay in the courtyard outside.   
-Oh yeah, sorry, I did not hear the alarm today.   
-The alarm or Jeff?

Picked up against the wall, it was practically impossible to hide things from Hannah.   

-How do you…   
-You’re my best friend, you can not hide things from me, and you have that scarf around your neck, and you hate wearing scarves around your neck, and the make up you put on is not covering anything, you’re terrible at wearing makeup To hide something.   
-I know…   
-Hannah, no.   
-Have you and Jeff finally changed much more than body fluids? 
- HANNAH! Why do you say such things?   
-What? Is it less disgusting than to say “Have you exchanged much more than saliva?”   
-I know, I’m sorry. But then?   
-So what?   
-It happened?   
-If you know the answer why you’re asking me?   
-Because I want to hear from you.   
-Yes. Hannah Baker, it happened. No, no one swallowed there, we just …   
-Woah, woah, spare me the details.   
-Thank you for saving me to say the details.
-So my girl finally grew up? 
-Hannah, no!   
-I can’t believe it, my little girl is not so small anymore.   
- Hannah …   
-I remember as if it was today that you could hardly speak to Jeff without stumbling on your own words.   
-I hate you, Baker.   
-And now you'rr exchanging more than kisses.  
- Oh, my God, I hate you.

And that’s how the day went: You’re ignoring Hannah because of the teasing and her laughing behind you at least until you found Jeff after school, with him noticing that you were upset with something.

-Hey, honey, what happened?
-There are moments in my life where I ask myself how I let Hannah enter in my life.

Jeff only laughed at it, knowing that you were just kidding, you could never hate Hannah for something like that and he just hugged you and kissed your forehead, knowing that would calm you.

-She’s just happy, let her be happy towards her shipp like she always says.
-I know, and I love her for being in my life.
-Ready to go?

You and Jeff then entered in his car and you could listen Hannah again.

-There they go, my beatiful shipp! I made this happen!
-Oh my god, Baker! You so annoying!

You screamed back to her through the car window even more ebarassed.

-You love me!
-I know!

And then, you and Jeff went away laughing from the school to his house while you were talk about everything that Hannah made you pass through the day.

🌸A/N: Sorry for the delay, I was studying for some tests and I was quite difficult on some subjects but I have already been through all this and now everything is fine. Send me your requests, my ask box is open for requests and suggestions. Sorry if this one got too short and a bit rushed, I did this during the time I was studying and I got some free time. I’m sorry if didn’t went like requested, but I rushed to do this request.🌸

Makeup help (Jun)

6k bullet points

he wants you to help him with his makeup

  • “Y/N, could you help me with my makeup?”
  • you quirk your eyebrow at the question
  • not because it’d be weird or anything, but because usually either one of the stylists or he himself would be doing it, because in most cases the makeup was for a photoshoot or some other activity
  • “Why?”
  • Jun gets a mischievous grin to his face
  • “I figured it’d be nice.”
  • and because you really don’t mind and actually do want to know what it would be like - especially considering you’d let him do your makeup once or twice in the past - you get up from where you’ve been
  • he leads you to where his makeup is, that being by a desk in the room he shares with some other members, that also has a mirror by it
  • it’s your first time seeing his collection and you can’t help but gawk
  • “You’re… really prepared.”
  • Jun snickers and gets an arm around your shoulders as he nods
  • it’s obvious that he’s proud of his collection and it’s just as obvious just how impressed you are by it
  • “So, I can do the base, but I need your help with my eyes in particular.”
  • you nod with a grin and follow him closer to the desk, where he puts on some moisturizer, followed by foundation
  • while he lets it dry, you grin and look at how carefully he had made sure there was no empty spot and that the liquid was spread equally on his face
  • honestly you’re glad to see the shade is much closer to his actual skin tone than you’ve seen in the past
  • “But why do you need help with your eyes? A weak spot or something?”
  • as much as Jun doesn’t want to admit his weaknesses, he nods a bit abashedly, smiling a litlte
  • “Something like that, and I genuinely think you do a better job at it than I do.”
  • and when you think about the times he’s done your makeup for fun, you realize he never put any eye makeup on you
  • the second time you did ask him to, however, and got some mild eyeshadow that was put on very simply
  • but yes so Jun then puts on some powder, too, and turns to you after making sure he liked what he saw on the mirror
  • “Does this look good to you?”
  • you kinda want to combust on the inside because he always looks so damn good
  • so you get closer to him and grin while getting a hand to the back of his neck
  • “It looks alright.”
  • and while he looks mock shocked you lean in to kiss him
  • because you had to
  • and it’s s o difficult to pull away but you do it soon anyway
  • you try to hide how badly his kiss took your breath away and focus on his makeup bag instead, going through it to find what all he’s got in it
  • eventually you get a small eyeshadow palette and his favorite eyeliner
  • you wouldn’t have realized it if Jun hadn’t gone “Not that one” at every other eyeliner you picked up but anyway
  • but so you proceed to put some eye makeup on him and it amuses you how his lips spread into a smile that widens little by little
  • “Something funny?”
  • he almost shakes his head but remembers what you’re doing right on time
  • so he just hums while you let the soft makeup brush glide on his right eyelid
  • “Nah, just that this feels as nice as I thought it would.”
  • you raise your eyebrows and chuckle softly while changing to a darker shade to create some smokey eye for him
  • “You’ve thought about this?”
  • Jun hums again and tells that he feels a new sense of closeness when there’s makeup involved, and hurries to add that it’s in a much different way than with stylists
  • you smile widely while finishing up the shadows and picking up the eyeliner
  • “I can’t disagree. It’s… new to see you like this and touch you like this, too,” you mumble, having spent a fair amount of time touching Jun’s face lightly by then
  • and boy has it been nice under your fingers
  • he snickers and you shush him while laughing, saying his eyeliner will end up funky if he doesn’t stay still
  • you finish the makeup while Jun tells you the cheesiest things and teases you about how weak you are for him
  • you tease him about the same thing, and he has no defense
  • soon you put the eyeliner away and look at Jun, who still has his eyes still closed, adoringly
  • “You’re done!”
  • you regret at least half of your life decisions when he opens his eyes, his gaze surprisingly sultry with the top notch eyeliner and smokey eye
  • and it really doesn’t help that he keeps his eyelids low, purposefully making himself look even sexier than he already did
  • “How do I look?”
  • so you just point at the mirror so that you don’t have to give away just how gone your voice is, and as soon as he sees himself, the widest smirk gets up to his face
  • "Well look at that, what a handsome guy.”
  • you snort but agree eagerly
  • afterwards you get to take a few pics of him, and he also insists on taking some couple photos with you
  • you’re both so happy with how it all went and turned out that you get to do his makeup in the future too and he encourages you to experiment
  • so you do, and one day the result isn’t just for photos
  • because he knows how badly you wanted him the first time, and being the boyfriend he is, he wants to give you exactly what you want, while looking sexier than ever

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BTS | Their GF Does Their Makeup

Anonymous said:

Bts reaction to their girlfriend doing their makeup.

You mostly wanted to try and do his makeup just to see if you could actually do it since you found that you were really good when you helped your friends.

“While you’re at it you want to do my hair too?” he’d question.

“Oh…um, I don’t know about that, I’m better at makeup than hair,” you replied, a little thrown off by the question.

“I think you’ll do fine jagi, besides, I can’t go out if my hair’s not done too…”

Originally posted by nnochu

He had actually refused to allow you to do his makeup makeup, not because he didn’t think you could, but because he didn’t think it was necessary. So while he was sleeping you decided to do his makeup and when he woke up…

“Normally I would be upset by something like this…but you should do my make up more often. You’re really good.”

Originally posted by sugaglos

He would be super excited if you asked to do his makeup. “Of course you can do my makeup! You’re so good at yours I know you can do mine.”

Little did you know that later that they he would be on tv still in the makeup you did…and even bragging about it.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“But I’m so pure!” He’d say dramatically, “Why would you want to put so much makeup on my delicate skin.”

“Okay, first…pure my ass,” you said with a deadpanned expression, “And second, you wear more makeup than I do almost on a daily basis, all I was to do is give it a shot.”

“Well jagi…when you put it than way…I’m sure just this once wouldn’t hurt.”

Originally posted by lil-unicorn-yixing

“Jimin, quit laughing…I’m going to make a mistake if you keep laughing like this,” you said as he continued to laugh.

After you asked if you could do his makeup, he agreed right away wanting to see how you would do doing his makeup compared to your own. But as you were working on his makeup, nothing help with the fact that he kept laughing.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…but I wish you could see the face you’re making…do you make that face when you do your own makeup?”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

I can’t let you do that, Y/N,” he said, looking at you with a pouty expression.

“Aw…why not? It would be fun,” you said.

“Because…You’d do so well with my makeup I would look prettier than you and we can’t let that happen,” he said with a smile, “Only you can be the prettiest in the room.”

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Just don’t stab me in the eye,” he’d say as you diligently worked on his eyeliner.

“I’m not going to stab you in the eye, I do this on a daily basis,” you retorted.

“I have heard you say ‘ow’ as you’ve done your makeup, I don’t think you can make any guarantees…”

“It’s easier when doing eyeliner on someone else as long as they don’t move…or talk for that matter…”

Originally posted by officialwookkibby


Why do I wear makeup?

So, I worked with little kids for many years, and they often asked me variations on ‘Why are your lips different colors on different days?’ ‘Why do you put stuff on your eyes?’ I always told them the same thing: “I like to put colors on my face for fun, to go with my clothes!”

Other people my age sometimes ask, “Why do you wear so much makeup?” I tell them, “It just makes me feel more awake when I look more awake, and besides, I did theatre for so many years that I just got used to seeing myself with makeup on.”

A few weeks ago, a friend said something to me along the lines of, “I know you enjoy using makeup and that’s a form of self-expression for you.” It was such a positive way to say it that it startled me, and weirdly, made me feel like I didn’t need to defend why I like to use makeup. Instead, for the first time, I told the truth.

“Actually,” I said, “I sort of feel like makeup is my apology to society for not being conventionally attractive. Like, ‘look guys, I’m trying.’” I’d never actually admitted it before, but for me, I don’t think of makeup as something I do for fun or to express myself, it’s a way to try to make myself look like I’m at least putting in an effort to fit the standards of femininity. It doesn’t bring me joy, but it makes me feel more secure, like I have a small amount of control over the way I look.

As someone who has a LOT of physical flaws and a weird body type, I sometimes secretly feel like I have to ‘perform’ femininity in a more elaborate and over-the-top way than someone who is more naturally attractive. I’m not fishing for compliments or asking to be reassured otherwise, I just feel this way deep down despite knowing it’s not rational– like I don’t really “count” as a woman because that word, at least to me, implies a certain degree of ‘prettiness.’ When some girls wear an oversized t-shirt and no makeup, they look cute and natural. I look like a mugshot on the news of someone who ran over her boyfriend with a ride-on lawnmower while high on bath salts. 

It is kind of freeing to admit that I actually do use makeup to hide my insecurities instead of pretending it’s a purely artistic choice. (Also, I’m not especially great at makeup. And I use really cheap brands. So if it was an artistic hobby, it would be a pretty sad one.) That said, I do love to do special effects- zombie makeup, animal characters, things like that.

So I guess my question is, for other people who like to use makeup, am I the only one out there who feels this way? Is there a distinction for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

anonymous asked:

Wtf did disney do to make us fall in love with a couple that is barely seen. Even when they become human again we only see them for a brief second.

Oh, you know Disney; it always has its magic touch…

But no, I think the real reason why the musicians have received so many positive reactions is because Disney gave us a reason to look.

Take the prologue. If we weren’t looking at the prince we were looking at the Madame.  She stands out by a ton, with her wig and her dress and her place above the dancers like the full-blown opera diva she is.  And if we weren’t looking, we were listening, and by heaven, she’s the best singer in the entire production.  Plus if you know the lyrics to the Aria, she’s setting the prince up to be initially hate-able to the audience.  She owns the prologue, no competition there.

And then, because he’s in her vicinity, we notice Cadenza.  Even while the prince is dancing, the camera cuts away for little snippets of Cadenza’s expressions during the festivities, and he’s feeling every second of her performance and he’s so in love with her voice and her.  And then we notice the harpsichord and I don’t know if you had this thought, but I remember thinking “Huh…that’s actually really good playing.”  In fact, if people just listen to the audio, Cadenza’s a lot more prominent than one would initially think (because in the movie, the prologue gives us so much to look at that we hardly focus on the music.  In fact, Cadenza’s got an amazing part in the OST “Castle Under Attack”–at around 3:28).

Another reason why they’re so noticeable is because–and this is a film trick that can be used in the best of ways–aside from the prince (but he’s so covered in makeup anyway), they’re the only ones whose faces are shown.  

Even I have trouble remembering that the other servants were present for the entire dance because we were only shown their backs.  If we did see their fronts, their faces were hidden in shadow.  The only reactions we got to the prince’s transformation were Cadenza’s and Garderobe’s.  And they weren’t so much terrified as they were in awe, but they helped put us in that moment.  

The same thing happens at the end of the movie, when Garderobe’s singing the finale.  They are literally the last faces we see.  She sings the last E-flat, Cadenza’s hands go up to play the final note, and then the screen cuts to black.  In a way, it started and ended with them, plus they represent and pay homage to what made this movie such a blast back in 1991: music.  And above all, that’s what makes them so important.

so shaw never really wears makeup, like as a character (obviously the actress does but its made to look minimal and nonexistant)

but like shaw definitely did when she worked at bloomingdales for her cover in season 4, and i can just imagine shaw in her bathroom staring at makeup shes swiped from the store and not having a goddamn clue what the hell is the difference between foundation and concealer, or why some eyeliners are pencil, felt-tip, or just liquid

and the first time she tries, she puts on way too much, and shes annoyed and scrubs her whole face clean off, and is about to give up, but maybe root shows up at her apartment with a smirk, like, “heard you could use a hand”

and shaws all “from you? no thanks” but secrelty shes like okay thank fucking god cause i dont know how this shit works

and the first couple times maybe root does her makeup for her, and its perfect, cause root knows how to work eyeliner like a goddess, and maybe the third time shaws waiting for root to show up, like she always does, and shes glancing at the clock, bitching that shes gonna be late for work, and eventually she just says fuck it and does it herself

its a little sloppy, but you cant even tell because of how minimally she does it, and shaw always looks good anyways

and when shaw gets to work and root shows up in the blue dress with her coffee, shaws like “seriously? now, here?” and while shaw is putting root’s lipstick on for her, she keeps making little jokes like “oh how the roles have reversed” and “see sweetie? its not that hard, i could stare at you all day. though, not that that’s much different from usual”

and maybe shaw purposely overdoes root’s lipstick and root looks in the mirror and just smirks

llamauniduck  asked:

25 27 and 33 as three seperate drabbles?

“We always have a choice,” Beca said, taking Chloe’s hands so she would look at her. “You always have a choice. You don’t have to do this.”

Chloe shook her head. Beca was wrong. She didn’t have a choice. She’d already said yes.

“Tom… he’s a nice guy Beca. And… and I’m going to marry him tomorrow,” Chloe said, looking down.

“You don’t love him,” Beca said, angry tears in her eyes. “You know you don’t. You’re only marrying him because you think your parents will disown they find out you’re gay.”

She wrenched her hands from Beca’s.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, angry now. “Tom treats me well. He’s reliable and he’s practical. He’s-”

“He’s safe,” Beca said, with a scoff. “You want someone safe. Instead of someone you love, is that it?”

“And you think I love you?” Chloe snapped.

Beca bit down on her lip. She would not let Chloe see her cry.

“Right,” she said. “I get it. I guess all those things you said last week were bullshit.”

“That’s right,” Chloe said, angry at Beca and angry at herself.

Beca didn’t believe her, but the fact that she would even pretend to have made all that up was enough to break her heart.

The week before, they’d both gotten drunk and Chloe had confessed everything to her. She told her how she didn’t really love Tom, and that she was just too scared to come out. She told her that she really loved Beca. And Beca had told her that she loved her too, and then they spent the night together. When Beca woke up the next morning, Chloe was gone.

“Well then,” Beca said, trying to keep herself together. “I’m sorry I bothered you. I’ll go. Have a nice life Chloe.”

“You can’t do that!” Chloe said, still crying angry tears. “You can’t just show up the night before my wedding and tell me you love me!”

“In case you’d forgotten,” Beca said, “this isn’t brand new information. You weren’t that drunk last week not to remember what you said. What I said.”

“What do you want me to do? It’s too late!”

“I want you to be happy!” Beca yelled back. “And you won’t be happy if you marry him.”

They stared at each other in silence.

“I’ve said my piece,” Beca said. “You know how I feel. I’ll be at my place if you change your mind.”

Beca turned and walked away.

When she got home she started drinking, and didn’t stop until she passed out on her sofa.

She woke up in the early hours of the morning and barely made it to the bathroom before vomiting.

It’s no wonder Chloe doesn’t want you, she thought, bitterly.

She cleaned her teeth and washed her face before heading for her bedroom. Before she reached it, there was a knock at the door.

Hesitantly, she opened it.

“Are you going to break my heart again?” Beca asked, before letting her in.

Chloe shook her head. Tears down her face.

“I told him,” she said, once Beca had stood aside to let her in. “I told them all.”

“And what did they say?”

“Tom was upset. My mom was pissed. My dad said he just wanted me to be happy.”

“So it’s over?” Beca asked.

Chloe nodded. “I’m all yours,” she said.

“Promise me you won’t leave,” Beca said, not daring to believe it.

“I promise.”


“I don’t want to feel like this tomorrow,” Beca said, closing her eyes as the room continued to spin.

“You won’t,” Chloe replied. “You’ll feel much much worse tomorrow.”

Beca groaned and put her head in her hands. “Why did you let me drink so much? You’re supposed to be the responsible one.”

“I told you not to drink anything Stacie gave you,” Chloe said. “But did you listen?”

“No,” Beca sighed.

She whimpered like a child as she lay back on the bed.

“I hate being drunk,” she said.

“Sit up Becs, you can’t go to sleep like that,” Chloe said, half amused, half exasperated.

“Why?” Beca mumbled.

“Because you’re still in your dress, jewellery and you have a face full of makeup,” Chloe said. “Let’s get you changed.”

Beca groaned again in response.

“Also, you haven’t touched this water and I’m gonna need you to drink it all. Or you’re gonna feel even worse tomorrow,” Chloe said.

“You’re so bossy,” Beca said, holding her arms out so Chloe could pull her into a sitting position.

“And you’re a child,” Chloe said. “Now drink your water.”

“Yes mom.”


“You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me,” Beca said, hesitantly reaching across to take Chloe’s hand. “You can keep pretending that you’re okay, but I know you. And I know you’re not.”

Chloe frowned.

“I want to be okay,” she said. “I keep thinking that if I don’t acknowledge it then it’s not really happening.”

She felt Beca rest her head on her shoulder.

“I love you, you know?” Beca said.

Chloe smiled. “I know. I love you too.”

“And I want you to be okay. I want you to be happy,” Beca said.

“I am happy-”

“Chlo’,” Beca said, “you don’t have to pretend with me.”

“I know,” Chloe said. “I’m… I’m not good at this. I’m not good at admitting when I need help.”

“Just start off small,” Beca said. “Start by telling me.”

“Okay… Bec… I need help,” she said, tears stinging her eyes.

“Then I’ll help you,” Beca said. She kissed Chloe’s shoulder and then rested her head back on it. “I’ll help you get some actual help.”

Anthony Carelli issues statement regarding Jim Cornette incident
[October 10th, 2017]

In 2005, an incident occurred at Ohio Valley Wrestling that ended with student Anthony Carelli (later known as Santino Marella) being slapped by Jim Cornette, which led to Cornette being fired from OVW. 12 years later, after a multitude of burials from Cornette, he finally came face to face with Carelli last weekend at the XICW Cobo Legends convention, in an incident that was caught on camera. Carelli later issued the following statement:

Hi everyone, ok so here’s my one-and-only official statement regarding Cornette. He can definitely dish it out so lets see if he can take it too.  You will soon identify a reoccurring theme here, he’s complete bullshit, from head to toe.  My original stance from day one was to just let him rant and NOT to stoop to his level, and I tried to for a long time, but sometimes a brother gots to set things straight.  Its important to note that Cornette has been lying for so long about all this stuff that he actually believes it like an actually memory.   Some would say he’s a good bull-shitter.  But it’s actually called being a compulsive liar.  

12 years ago I moved to Louisville to train at OVW, after a month of the beginners class I was invited to the intermediate class where I would train with the legendary Rip Rogers.  At that time I was also invited to come and watch an OVW TV taping.  Upon arrival to my first ever TV taping I was told I could sit in the student area in the audience.  Keep in mind I’m with my daughter and simply a member of the audience, or so I thought.

The show starts, its great, and then there’s the debut of the bogeyman who was supposed to leave the arena through an emergency door directly behind us, no one gave me the 411, so as bogeyman was leaving he turned right towards us and I thought he was gonna do me a solid and scare my daughter thus creating a memory that she would never forget, so as a dad I was pretty stoked, and yes I was definitely smiling.  The bogeyman then jars the guard rail, we all run, and he exits out the door.  It’s all on YouTube if you care to see it. Actually I encourage one to do so, so you can see for yourself that I’m not laughing.  Hence BS #1.  There was never any agenda to the whole thing.  I wasn’t trying to be anything other than a fan.   I wasn’t part of the show, heck it was my first time there for show.  Gosh when I look back now I was so green to everything but I was definitely enjoying a pro-wrestling show with the rest of the audience.  The eagerness, the learning, the dedication, they’re all fond memories.    

I’m then summoned to the back where Cornette is flipping out and proceeds to slap me several times.  He claims 17 but lets just call that Bullshit #2.  I had no idea what he was even talking about.  I remember saying just that, which of course got him even more mad.  I remember him saying “you are nothing in this business”, and I’m like yeah no shit I literally just signed up here a month ago lol.  He knew I couldn’t do anything, he took complete advantage of the situation, and he assaulted someone, period, and probably should have been arrested and charged for that matter.  He acted completely unprofessional and very much disrespected the business he claims to love, I say claims to love cause all he ever does is go on completely negative rants about various aspects and his personal opinions.  All that hatred and negativity must be such a heavy burden to carry around all the time.  He has become his own prison sentence, left to marinade in his own negative filth.  Thank God he has become a non-entity and quite frankly irrelevant for some time now.  His overall contribution to the industry has been quite damaging and by no means, is he an authority.  He was merely tolerated and permitted, by real men, to be around the business during one of the best eras in history.  Hey don’t get me wrong I’m not an authority either but I’ve been around great men in this business that truly are and trust me he is NOT on that list.  Most people in the industry generally think him of as an asshole and loser today.  Most, but not all.  There are those few that do like him and that’s 100% fine by me.      

He also said that Bogeyman was furious at me and wanted to kick my ass, so years later and after I got to know Marty pretty well I asked him about that night and he said he was just upset at his “wardrobe malfunction”.  They failed to calculate the effect that the ring lights would have on Bogyman’s makeup and it was proving to be an issue.  Thus the original source of that segment’s frustration is what I always thought.  So what are we at now, BS #3?

Cornette was subsequently fired and pretty much resented me ever since.  I don’t hate him. I don’t hate anyone but he was in the wrong and everyone knows it, especially him.  That is why he so desperately tries to put me down and make excuses as to why he acted the way he did.  The answer is simple Jim, because you are and insecure poor excuse of a man.  

I would get asked about it from time to time but mostly down played it as it really didn’t bother to too much.  I’ve endured much more than a slap, or 7, in my life.  I actually do have a few friends in the business that still like Cornette so I thought that perhaps we could have had a good working relationship if things had been different.  I was not opposed to learning from him, in fact I regret not being able to.  I was taught to respect my elders in life in general, and my seniors in the pro-wrestling business, and until this moment I have.      

Fast forward 10 years and I’m now forced to retire due to 2 neck surgeries.  My WWE career was a dream come true, an amazing 10 year chapter in my life, and I am forever grateful to all the fans all over the world.  I sacrificed everything important to me and risked it all to make it.  I gave it more than 100% and am quite proud to say that I made it on my own merit.  When I got hired almost 2 years after the incident and thanked Johnny Ace for not holding the incident against me he didn’t even know what I was referring to.  I had to actually remind him, which was nice cause it reassured me that my employment was by my own hand.   So trying to say that I was gifted my job is a big pile of BS, #4 in fact, and Cornette knows that too.  I get it, it’s quite simple, he’s just trying to press my buttons and stay relevant.  However it’s the time I spent away from my daughter that I will not allow him to diminish.        

My intention was not to be a comedy wrestler, (check out my Boris Alexiev videos on YouTube) but I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I ran with it, just like anyone would do in my position.  Looking back I actually love the fact that I was able to bring laughter into people’s homes, and for so many years.  It’s entertainment.  It’s my absolute favorite thing to hear from fans, that I made their family laugh.  I think laughter is the greatest indicator of having a good time.  I don’t know if he was just jealous because he was not athletic enough to make it in the ring as a wrestler or what, but he’s definitely made some poor comments over the years.  I actually heard through a pretty good source that he can’t even cast a fishing rod.  Now that’s uncoordinated.  You might as well hand your balls in if you can’t cast a fishing rod.  Look I’ve been given the stamp of approval by people that actually matter so I’m able to rest well at night when it comes to my in ring ability.  Sorry buddy but comedy is an essential component of Sports Entertainment.  Honestly shouldn’t you actually know that?  And btw Kay Fabe was ruined long before I ever laced up my boots.  I too wished it hadn’t been, but it is what it is.   We work with what we have, whenever we get our chance to do so.  The business has evolved, and it will continue to evolve.  Those that can’t adapt, can’t evolve, get left behind.  And please don’t hate on WWE, it makes you look really pathetic.  Vince has done a million times more for this business than you will ever be credited for.  Bottom line is he is one of the most successful people in the world, and well you are definitely not Vince.  Put it this way, when I grow up I wanna be like Vince, but if I ever end up like you, I will consider my life a failure.  

Little does Jim know that all those countless negative comments and rants just make him look like an unconfident bitter person that has no class.  That is why I never made a big deal about it because he was already doing a great job of tarnishing his own legacy.  He shits on the comedic component and my in ring ability but duh I’m from OVW so he’s actually shitting on himself and the company that he partly owns.  He’s also shitting on his “friends” Rip, Danny, and Al, that all had a hand in my development and training, plus I can list off many great and iconic comedic wrestlers, 1st and foremost however is the late great Bobby Heenan.  Now you try and tell me that he had no place in wrestling and well I would have to say that you really don’t know as much as I thought you did about Pro-Wrestling Mr. Cornette.        

So one day I see that I got a voicemail from my friend Josh in Tennessee, then I get a text saying “omg I’m so sorry I didn’t know he was going to do that” then I get a call from Josh and he’s all upset about Jim Cornette tricking him in to calling me and then taking the phone from Josh and going on one of his classic rants.  Keep in mind I’m still in bandages fresh out of neck surgery so yeah I’m a little shocked that he could actually stoop this low.

So I mention the message he left in my shoot interview with Rob Feinstein and after it circulated a few people left messages for Cornette on social media letting him know what they thought of what he did.  So now his panties are all bunched up, yet again, and he goes off on his podcast actually denying the whole thing.  A blatant lie told to all of his loyal listeners, BS #5.  I guess he was ashamed of what he did so he just pretended it didn’t happen, and then proceeds to say again it anyway, lol, duh you just stooged yourself off shmarts.  Anyhow no skin off my back, it is what it is, and then he proceeds to call me midget, goof, etc. lol come on Jim you are known for a tennis racket, please tell me you are kidding me when you call me a clown, you were a red nose shy of being the biggest clown in wrestling history.  I think they call that “projecting”, like when he accuses me of disrespecting the business, when in reality its all he ever does.  He also stated that he will slap again the next time he sees me.

Fast forward to the Cobo Centre in Detroit last Saturday and his table is just 2 tables down from mine, so I know at some point we will have a chance to meet, as in actually meet, for the first time, since I don’t consider our first interaction an actual meeting, because no greetings and pleasantries were exchanged etc.

As I’m heading back down the hallway after I got a bite to eat, its Jim and I walking straight towards one another and no one is around, what a perfect opportunity to talk it over and hopefully hash things out.  I say Hello sir and I extend my hand to shake hands.  After all why not, peace is better then enemies right?  Its funny he looked shocked to hear my real voice, lol, mark.  He then proceeds to try to tell me about what happened 12 years ago like I wasn’t there lol, insults me, disrespects me, and then tries to walk away.  I remember being disappointed in how poorly he was dressed that day.  He made no effort at all to make himself presentable to meet his fans, visibly dirty clothing and in poor health I actually felt bad for him, until he decided to be a piece of garbage once again.  I said to him that I was hoping we could walk away from this with a new found respect for one another after possibly talking it out, and that I always regretted not learning from him.  I always hope for the best in people, like my mom.   He laughed and said that he had no respect for me, called me a joke, and that he should slap me again, that’s when I said to myself fuck this guy, there is no way in hell he’s going to punk me off after what he did all those years ago, so I said “do it” “please”, “slap me again and see what happens” trust me Jim it was not so that I could “sue” you. That’s what you see in the video.  Me cutting him off and saying “do it then”.  You cant make a claim like that and then walk away, at least not where I’m from.    It was at that moment that I saw his true colours.  He tried to run away and actually cried out for security.  I guess his wrestling instincts kicked in because he was a classic heal, brave guy when back up is around, but when its just him and the baby-face alone at the end, he begged off.  What happened to slapping me the next time you saw me Jim?  Then when he saw a fan and or security personnel his mock bravery started to kick in and he started to put on a show, Cornette style.  He was a complete bitch as I expected he would be, if it ended up going down this way, and when it was just the 2 of us, nose to nose, eye to eye, quite frankly a coward.  And believe you me I called him those exact words to his face “coward” and “bitch” and all he did was turn another shade of red.  He knows in his heart that I saw it in his eyes.  He can never say anything about it again because he backed down after shooting his mouth off so that’s BS # shit I lost count.  He also said publically that he decided to leave when we all know he was kicked out, escorted out in fact.  Taken out like the trash that he is.  So don’t forget to add another one to the BS list.   It was the perfect ending, the bully got what he deserved in the end.  

Sorry to all the fans that came out to the convention and show.  I really tried to put it all behind us.  Cornett had other plans.  Sometimes we just have to take a stand.

I hope the show was still a blast, well I’m sure it was because there were a great bunch of guys performing that night!

So I now get to have some closure from the original incident.  I get to return to my wonderful Canadian life, and come home to my hot Polish fitness model wife.  This week we are going camping up north to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, kayaking, hiking, fishing etc … . . let me guess you’re gonna go on a few rants this week.   Truly pathetic bro, sad, but hey enjoy them cause for a brief moment people are taking about you.  And we all know how important that is to you.  In the wrestling business you are always one headline away from having your spotlight taken away.  And since the shield has reunited . . . .well I guess its gone.

The End!    

Sincerely (so help me Jesus)

Anthony Carelli

*Trigger Warning* Not Again

Summary: You feel hopeless after harsh words are thrown at you from your boyfriend.
Members: Sehun x Reader
Type: *Trigger warning* Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1,528 Words

 Please don’t ever let someone make you feel this bad. Your life is worth more than anything, and you should never throw it away because someone is cruel to you. You deserve better no matter what people tell you <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by wooyoung

“Fuck off!” You yelled at Sehun as you threw the necklace at him. You could feel your blood boiling as you stared at your boyfriend from across the room. He stared at you with just as much intensity. Your heart was racing in your chest; pounding in your ears and deafening you. You were so mad. You didn’t want to be this mad at him. You never did. But you couldn’t help it. He knew what he had done when he started flirting with the other girls, but he never seemed to care. Listen, I’m sorry. He would continuously say until you dropped the conversation.

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ID #51524

Name: Danielle
Age: 23
Country: Canada

I was supposed to be a boy.

At least, my mother was convinced I was going to be a boy when she was pregnant with me. She claimed that I “carried” like a boy, but since I’m the youngest, and I have an older sister, it is reasonable to assume that my mother was simply suffering from a massive case of wishful thinking. Whatever the reasons, my parents were so convinced I was going to be a boy they had even decided on a boy name for me—Daniel Thomas.

But I’m a girl.

My parents, always a frugal , figured, why throw out a perfectly good name just because the gender’s wrong? They put a handy “le” on the end of Daniel, and I’m rather glad they did. I like my name, or at least I realize it could have been much worse. They could have been planning on calling me Ralph or something. Not much you can do with Ralph.

So I am Danielle.My middle name ended up being Victoria- Named after a Soap Opera Character my mom fancied. I was born to two folks in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a completely mixed personality of a neurotic introvert and a psychotic extrovert. I am a makeup, and fashion enthusiast as well as studying to be a Primary Care Paramedic. Overall I’m a complicated person in the most simple of ways. I love anything unique even if it defines the term boring.I love living, failing, learning and getting up to figure everything out one step at a time. I’d like to have a pen pal because I’d like to see what it’s like for an individual of my age in another country. How does our way of life differ from each other from where we grew up and how we grew up.

Preferences: 20-25 preferably

Conceal, don't feel.

From personal experience, I would say that concealer it’s one of the most intimidating makeup products. Why? Because there are so many forms of concealer, colors, and textures. If you accidentally put too much or blend incorrectly, you’ll end up looking like a birthday cake. Everyone wants to hide their dark circles, blemishes, or redness to achieve their flawless look.

Trust me, I used to be more than terrified of this product. I started with something very light and simple, and I gave up on it because I did not know how to use it and it didn’t give me the coverage I was looking for. And if some of you can relate, then this blog post is for you.

I have a list of things to consider when purchasing a concealer, and how to use it. It may sound like a lot of information but I promise you that concealer is one of the most important tools you’ll need in your makeup journey. 

 Picking the right shade

Picking the right shade of concealer can be a tricky task and it really depends on your “trouble area”. You’re going to want something that is a little darker (by darker I mean something with an orange/peach tone) than your skin tone. Why would we go with an orange/peach shade? Well lets take this back to kindergarten when we learned the color wheel; orange neutralizes blue, and often those dark circles have a blue undertone. This will look funny when first applied, but it truely works. The orange color wont surface because you’ll apply foundation all over your face and it’ll even out your skin tone.

-Orange toned concealer = medium/dark skin

-Peachy/light pink concealer = fair/light skin


How to use it

Application is fairly easy. I use concealer before and after my foundation. Before to hide my dark circles and redness; and after to highlight and further cover my under-eye area.  When your using concealer to highlight/hide your under-eye circles, apply under the eye in an upside-down triangle shape. With this, you get an even application of the product.

Remember to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS blend. This makes a huge difference on the coverage the concealer is going to give you.

You can use a few things:

Your finger is one of the most handy tools you already have, by dabbing (never rub) concealer on the applied area. With this, you’ll be able to “push” the product into your skin which it’ll give us a long lasting effect

I personally prefer to use a damp Beauty Blender with the same technique.

Creases are awful and often unavoidable with an entire day’s wear. Fortunately, setting powders are excellent to fill in the lines of your eyes to give it a flawless, airbrushed effect. You can use foundation powder, banana powder (yellow setting powder to highlight under your eyes), or a translucent setting powder. Anything works! And just about all the beauty companies have a setting powder. The best ones (in my opinion) are Ben Nye’s Luxury powders (variety of shades), ELF Setting Powder, or Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Contour Kit (the peach/yellow powders would be used to set the under-eye area).

**My general rule when it comes to applying makeup, is to always set any cream/liquid with a powder. I always set my foundation with a powder, as well as my liquid concealer.

Color concealing

Color concealing is an “advanced” technique but I do feel that it is important to address. One of the things most people want to hide are redness and/or blemishes. This can be achieved with a green concealer. Green neutralizes red, which helps hide the appearance of a blemish/rosacea (a condition with red pigmentation). On top of the green concealer, you can apply foundation to hide the color. There are a variety of brands that sell green concealer, drugstore and high end. Personally, I wouldn’t spend much on a fancy green concealer, as you won’t use much of it and all products achieve the same goals.

My favorite concealers!

My holy grail, best friend forever concealers are Mac Prolongwear concealer (high end) and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Drugstore). I feel that both are very similar to each other in texture and pigmentation. I own them both and use them interchangeably throughout the week. Nyx has a variety of concealers that have been raved on by several makeup artist. 

Yes, the art of concealing is one of the most helpful and important tools. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: practice makes perfect. You always need the right tools that suit your needs. I can rave on and on about our product but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it’s not for you. Concealer is one of those products where it can make you feel like you’re wearing too much makeup. Fortunately enough, there are all sorts of concealers that are suiting to everyone’s needs. I always encourage my friends/family/readers to go out there and get samples of all sorts of stuff, especially when you’re looking into investing into a good product. There is something out there for everyone and concealers are an essential in everyone’s kit. It’ll take you from “I haven’t slept in a few days” tired look to a “I’m tired but you can tell but please add 3 extra shots of espresso please” look. 

Disclaimer: Hiding and getting rid of under-eye bags are two separate things. If you want to get rid of your dark circles, you must hydrate (eye cream and drink lots of water). 

Thank you for reading beauty bees and I apologize of my absence. 

xoxo, Maddy Bee

“She Likes You” - Sammy Wilk Imagine

Request:  Hi can I have a Sammy imagine please

‘Do I look good? Did I put too much makeup on? Should I put a jacket on or should-’ I was running out of my breath worrying about how I look. 

‘Y/n, firstly, you need to chill out, okay?’ My best friend Cara put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down. ‘Secondly, you look amazing, you didn’t put too much makeup on and yes, you need to put a jacket on because it’s fucking freezing outside.’ She said. 

‘Okay, okay.’ I sighed. 

‘Why do you worry so much anyway? We’re just going out like every Saturday night.’ She asked. 

Yeah, but tonight is Sammy coming along with us. ‘I do not..I-I just wanna look good.’ I said while putting my earring on. 

‘Yeah, but you’re never so stressed about- Oh wait..’ Oh no..here it comes.. ‘There is going to be Sammy! That’s why you’re so worried and excited!’ 

‘Whaat..No..that’s not true.’ I was trying to fake it, but it was too obvious that I was head over heels for Sammy. 

‘Yes, it is! Aw, y/n is in love!’ Cara teased me. God, she’s gonna do that forever. 

‘Shut up!’ I said, but couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

‘Do you like him a lot?’ She asked being curious as always. 

‘Cara, stop.’ I was already blushing and I just wanted to end this conversation. 

‘No, seriously, do you like him?’

‘Well..maybe, just maybe, I have a small crush on him?’ 

‘I knew it! I knew that you were gonna fall for him!’ She said.

‘What do you mean you knew it?’ I asked her confusedly. 

‘Well, it’s kinda obvious that Sammy is fuckboy and you always fall for fuckboys. Don’t even try to deny it, y/n.’ She said. Sadly, what she said was completely true. 

‘You know what? Let’s just stop talking about this and let’s go. It’s not like anything will ever happen between Sammy and me.’ I said taking my purse that was laying down on my bed and leaving my room along with Cara. 

‘Why do you think that nothing will happen? I can always ask Jack to-’ 

‘Don’t you dare!’ I turned around pointing my forefinger at her. ‘Cara, I’m being serious now. Do not do that, please.’  

‘Alright, alright, I won’t do anything.’ She said a bit terrified by my reaction. ‘Gosh, you’re so sensitive.’ She said and I rolled my eyes as we left the house. 

‘Hey, girls.’ Jack, Cara’s boyfriend who was waiting for us in the car in front of my house, said as we got into the car. 

‘Hey, baby.’ Cara said and kissed him. 

‘Hey, Jack.’ I waved to him. 

‘Why are you alone? Where’s Sammy?’ Cara asked him. Yeah, where is Sammy?! 

‘Oh, he said he’s gonna be there waiting for us.’ Jack said and I felt so relieved ‘cause I already thought that he wasn’t coming. 

I’ve known Sammy for a very short time - maybe two weeks. He’s Jack’s friend and one night Jack brought him out with us.I had no idea that he was supposed to go with us, but when I saw him, I instantly fell in love. Even though, we’re like, two different worlds, I still want him. It’s crazy how I always fall for fuckboys. And Sammy was one.

We entered the club and there was Sammy sitting at the bar. My heart started to beat so fast at just the sight of him. 

‘Hey, guys!’ First Jack and he did their handshake and then he hugged Cara and then me. ‘Hey, y/n.’ 

‘Hey,Sammy.’ I smiled pulling back, but oh God, how much I wanted to stay in his arms. 

Soon, we started to drink. One shot of vodka, second shot of vodka, third shot of vodka, fourth shot of vodka and for Cara, that was enough to get drunk as fuck. I was drunk too, but not as drunk as she was. I know my limits. I got lost in the crowd and started to dance.  

‘You look so hot.’ I heard someone says in my ear. I turned around to see Sammy. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and started to dance with him. 

‘You’re not so bad yourself.’ I smirked. He chuckled and came closer to me biting his lip. 

‘You wanna go outside?’ He asked and I nodded. He took my hand and led us outside the club. We walked over to where Jack’s car was and I leaned with my back on the hood of the car. 

‘What?’ He asked when I started to laugh hysterically. ‘Why are you laughing?’ 

‘I don’t know.’ I shrugged my shoulders and continued to laugh. 

‘You’re so crazy, baby girl.’ He said as he came closer to me so our faces were just a few inches apart. My breathing quickened as well as my heartbeat when he moved my hair behind my ear and whispered ‘You’re so pretty.’ I smiled a little to him and he smiled back before our lips met. 

We started making out when we heard someone says ‘Wow, Sammy you’re fast.’ It was Jack and with him was drunk Cara who shouted ‘Finally! She likes you so freaking much, how don’t you see that Sammy boy?!’ 

‘Is that true?’ Sammy asked me and I blushed and hid my face in his chest. He chuckled and hugged me placing a kiss on my head. 

‘You taking her home now, Sammy?’ Jack teased. 

‘Fuck off, Jack.’ He said, I looked up at him and he pressed another kiss on my lips.