why did i put on so much makeup

Ball Chain & Satin

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: “Can you write a one shot where Bucky and Reader are getting married, but Bucky is scared. Angst or fluff, it’s up to you. Thanks!” Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count:1,391

Warnings: Language (probably)

A/N: I’m working on my requests, yay me! Oh boii, the fluff is strong :) Hope you’ll like it!

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You were in front of the mirror, admiring your sleeveless satin wedding gown when someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Grabbing a fistful of satin, you gathered up the skirt of your gown and moved closer to the door. You pressed your ear against the wood and heard him shuffling around on the other side of the door.

“Buck, what are you doing here? We’re not supposed to see each other before the ceremony.”

“I wanted to see you.”

“You’ll see me in an hour. Now, hush!”

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First Times Are Diferents (Jeff Atkins x Reader )

🌸Request: Could you do a Jeff Atkins one shot where you can add smut if you want to but basically it was the readers first time and she’s best friends with Hannah Baker and she comes to school the day after and has hickies all over her neck and Hannah jokingly teases her and Jeff is all cuddly with her and lots of pda because he loves his girl and he was happy to be her first? Thank you!🌸

The room was quiet, without any element of doubt or uncertainty, Jeff was above you, panting, wanted you to be sure, he didn’t want to do something against his will or hurt you, he would not forgive himself.   

-Jeff, I already told you and I’ll repeat, you’re the best person I could ever want to be.   
-I know, honey, I just don’t want to hurt you.
-I know, you’re not going.   


The make-up you put early on the hickeys that Jeff had left the night before seemed to have no effect.
The night before could only have been the best thing in the world with the right person, you and Jeff had been together for about nine months, and that step was the biggest you’d ever given in your relationship other than high make out sessions that they never seemed to get past it.
Jeff would never force anything on you, you and your relationship was based on right times and Jeff was too much of a gentleman and would never do anything to hurt you.
Besides the make-up, which you hoped would be covering the hickeys, you wore a cloth around your neck, but you knew the reddish marks were still there, completely noticeable, and you just kept walking down the hallways to your locker, which looked like strangely far away.
By making the difficult hike that would take only a few minutes, you managed to reach the blue locker.
The task was very easy: Open the locker, take what was necessary for the classes of the day, close it and go to classes.   


But the plan to be invisible at least that day failed completely when your best friend, Hannah Baker, appeared abruptly on your side and instantly your hand went to the scarf around your neck to cover the marks.
You knew that if Hannah saw them, she would tease you for the rest of the day, or the rest of your life.
After all, your friend loved to embarrass you ever since she discovered the crush nothing secret in your current boyfriend before you started getting involved.
“It’s a hobby, Helmet.” She said to Clay once when he inadvertently got in the middle of the teasing Hannah was doing to you.   

- Hannah! You scared me, you came from nowhere.   
-I noticed it, you jumped.   
-Sorry, I was distracted picking up the books.

She suspected something, and you knew she knew it.  

-You’re late today, you’re usually the first to arrive to stay in the courtyard outside.   
-Oh yeah, sorry, I did not hear the alarm today.   
-The alarm or Jeff?

Picked up against the wall, it was practically impossible to hide things from Hannah.   

-How do you…   
-You’re my best friend, you can not hide things from me, and you have that scarf around your neck, and you hate wearing scarves around your neck, and the make up you put on is not covering anything, you’re terrible at wearing makeup To hide something.   
-I know…   
-Hannah, no.   
-Have you and Jeff finally changed much more than body fluids? 
- HANNAH! Why do you say such things?   
-What? Is it less disgusting than to say “Have you exchanged much more than saliva?”   
-I know, I’m sorry. But then?   
-So what?   
-It happened?   
-If you know the answer why you’re asking me?   
-Because I want to hear from you.   
-Yes. Hannah Baker, it happened. No, no one swallowed there, we just …   
-Woah, woah, spare me the details.   
-Thank you for saving me to say the details.
-So my girl finally grew up? 
-Hannah, no!   
-I can’t believe it, my little girl is not so small anymore.   
- Hannah …   
-I remember as if it was today that you could hardly speak to Jeff without stumbling on your own words.   
-I hate you, Baker.   
-And now you'rr exchanging more than kisses.  
- Oh, my God, I hate you.

And that’s how the day went: You’re ignoring Hannah because of the teasing and her laughing behind you at least until you found Jeff after school, with him noticing that you were upset with something.

-Hey, honey, what happened?
-There are moments in my life where I ask myself how I let Hannah enter in my life.

Jeff only laughed at it, knowing that you were just kidding, you could never hate Hannah for something like that and he just hugged you and kissed your forehead, knowing that would calm you.

-She’s just happy, let her be happy towards her shipp like she always says.
-I know, and I love her for being in my life.
-Ready to go?

You and Jeff then entered in his car and you could listen Hannah again.

-There they go, my beatiful shipp! I made this happen!
-Oh my god, Baker! You so annoying!

You screamed back to her through the car window even more ebarassed.

-You love me!
-I know!

And then, you and Jeff went away laughing from the school to his house while you were talk about everything that Hannah made you pass through the day.

🌸A/N: Sorry for the delay, I was studying for some tests and I was quite difficult on some subjects but I have already been through all this and now everything is fine. Send me your requests, my ask box is open for requests and suggestions. Sorry if this one got too short and a bit rushed, I did this during the time I was studying and I got some free time. I’m sorry if didn’t went like requested, but I rushed to do this request.🌸

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Wtf did disney do to make us fall in love with a couple that is barely seen. Even when they become human again we only see them for a brief second.

Oh, you know Disney; it always has its magic touch…

But no, I think the real reason why the musicians have received so many positive reactions is because Disney gave us a reason to look.

Take the prologue. If we weren’t looking at the prince we were looking at the Madame.  She stands out by a ton, with her wig and her dress and her place above the dancers like the full-blown opera diva she is.  And if we weren’t looking, we were listening, and by heaven, she’s the best singer in the entire production.  Plus if you know the lyrics to the Aria, she’s setting the prince up to be initially hate-able to the audience.  She owns the prologue, no competition there.

And then, because he’s in her vicinity, we notice Cadenza.  Even while the prince is dancing, the camera cuts away for little snippets of Cadenza’s expressions during the festivities, and he’s feeling every second of her performance and he’s so in love with her voice and her.  And then we notice the harpsichord and I don’t know if you had this thought, but I remember thinking “Huh…that’s actually really good playing.”  In fact, if people just listen to the audio, Cadenza’s a lot more prominent than one would initially think (because in the movie, the prologue gives us so much to look at that we hardly focus on the music.  In fact, Cadenza’s got an amazing part in the OST “Castle Under Attack”–at around 3:28).

Another reason why they’re so noticeable is because–and this is a film trick that can be used in the best of ways–aside from the prince (but he’s so covered in makeup anyway), they’re the only ones whose faces are shown.  

Even I have trouble remembering that the other servants were present for the entire dance because we were only shown their backs.  If we did see their fronts, their faces were hidden in shadow.  The only reactions we got to the prince’s transformation were Cadenza’s and Garderobe’s.  And they weren’t so much terrified as they were in awe, but they helped put us in that moment.  

The same thing happens at the end of the movie, when Garderobe’s singing the finale.  They are literally the last faces we see.  She sings the last E-flat, Cadenza’s hands go up to play the final note, and then the screen cuts to black.  In a way, it started and ended with them, plus they represent and pay homage to what made this movie such a blast back in 1991: music.  And above all, that’s what makes them so important.

so shaw never really wears makeup, like as a character (obviously the actress does but its made to look minimal and nonexistant)

but like shaw definitely did when she worked at bloomingdales for her cover in season 4, and i can just imagine shaw in her bathroom staring at makeup shes swiped from the store and not having a goddamn clue what the hell is the difference between foundation and concealer, or why some eyeliners are pencil, felt-tip, or just liquid

and the first time she tries, she puts on way too much, and shes annoyed and scrubs her whole face clean off, and is about to give up, but maybe root shows up at her apartment with a smirk, like, “heard you could use a hand”

and shaws all “from you? no thanks” but secrelty shes like okay thank fucking god cause i dont know how this shit works

and the first couple times maybe root does her makeup for her, and its perfect, cause root knows how to work eyeliner like a goddess, and maybe the third time shaws waiting for root to show up, like she always does, and shes glancing at the clock, bitching that shes gonna be late for work, and eventually she just says fuck it and does it herself

its a little sloppy, but you cant even tell because of how minimally she does it, and shaw always looks good anyways

and when shaw gets to work and root shows up in the blue dress with her coffee, shaws like “seriously? now, here?” and while shaw is putting root’s lipstick on for her, she keeps making little jokes like “oh how the roles have reversed” and “see sweetie? its not that hard, i could stare at you all day. though, not that that’s much different from usual”

and maybe shaw purposely overdoes root’s lipstick and root looks in the mirror and just smirks

ID #51524

Name: Danielle
Age: 23
Country: Canada

I was supposed to be a boy.

At least, my mother was convinced I was going to be a boy when she was pregnant with me. She claimed that I “carried” like a boy, but since I’m the youngest, and I have an older sister, it is reasonable to assume that my mother was simply suffering from a massive case of wishful thinking. Whatever the reasons, my parents were so convinced I was going to be a boy they had even decided on a boy name for me—Daniel Thomas.

But I’m a girl.

My parents, always a frugal , figured, why throw out a perfectly good name just because the gender’s wrong? They put a handy “le” on the end of Daniel, and I’m rather glad they did. I like my name, or at least I realize it could have been much worse. They could have been planning on calling me Ralph or something. Not much you can do with Ralph.

So I am Danielle.My middle name ended up being Victoria- Named after a Soap Opera Character my mom fancied. I was born to two folks in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a completely mixed personality of a neurotic introvert and a psychotic extrovert. I am a makeup, and fashion enthusiast as well as studying to be a Primary Care Paramedic. Overall I’m a complicated person in the most simple of ways. I love anything unique even if it defines the term boring.I love living, failing, learning and getting up to figure everything out one step at a time. I’d like to have a pen pal because I’d like to see what it’s like for an individual of my age in another country. How does our way of life differ from each other from where we grew up and how we grew up.

Preferences: 20-25 preferably

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how would the band react to a s/o whos really good at makeup? :)

 As someone who can’t do their make up for shit, I don’t wear it. I envy those that can.

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He would try to see why the hell it took them so long to get ready. But when he realized how much detail went into putting on all of the things like foundation, contouring, baking your face, etc, he wouldn’t question things so much anymore. 

Stuart Pot (2D): 

  • He would look at you in admiration. He did know that you loved wearing make up and that you looked up so many videos on youtube so you could wear it like that so when you told him to judge how you did it for the first time, he kissed you and told you that you looked amazing. 


  • She really didn’t wear make up but with the amount she did, she knew how much of a struggle it really was. But since you loved doing a lot more than she did, she would look at you with such a loving look. She would also look at you for tips, she wanted to slap as much as you did. 

Russel Hobbs: 

  • He didn’t really pay attention when you did your make up but the times he actually did, he looked so intrigued by it. How many steps there were to make it look right. He also did his own kind of studying by looking up youtube videos and all. He would also be the kind of boyfriend who would like to do the ‘partner does my makeup’ tag as well. 
*Trigger Warning* Not Again

Summary: You feel hopeless after harsh words are thrown at you from your boyfriend.
Members: Sehun x Reader
Type: *Trigger warning* Angst/ Fluff
Length: 1,528 Words

 Please don’t ever let someone make you feel this bad. Your life is worth more than anything, and you should never throw it away because someone is cruel to you. You deserve better no matter what people tell you <3

-Admin Kat

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“Fuck off!” You yelled at Sehun as you threw the necklace at him. You could feel your blood boiling as you stared at your boyfriend from across the room. He stared at you with just as much intensity. Your heart was racing in your chest; pounding in your ears and deafening you. You were so mad. You didn’t want to be this mad at him. You never did. But you couldn’t help it. He knew what he had done when he started flirting with the other girls, but he never seemed to care. Listen, I’m sorry. He would continuously say until you dropped the conversation.

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Conceal, don't feel.

From personal experience, I would say that concealer it’s one of the most intimidating makeup products. Why? Because there are so many forms of concealer, colors, and textures. If you accidentally put too much or blend incorrectly, you’ll end up looking like a birthday cake. Everyone wants to hide their dark circles, blemishes, or redness to achieve their flawless look.

Trust me, I used to be more than terrified of this product. I started with something very light and simple, and I gave up on it because I did not know how to use it and it didn’t give me the coverage I was looking for. And if some of you can relate, then this blog post is for you.

I have a list of things to consider when purchasing a concealer, and how to use it. It may sound like a lot of information but I promise you that concealer is one of the most important tools you’ll need in your makeup journey. 

 Picking the right shade

Picking the right shade of concealer can be a tricky task and it really depends on your “trouble area”. You’re going to want something that is a little darker (by darker I mean something with an orange/peach tone) than your skin tone. Why would we go with an orange/peach shade? Well lets take this back to kindergarten when we learned the color wheel; orange neutralizes blue, and often those dark circles have a blue undertone. This will look funny when first applied, but it truely works. The orange color wont surface because you’ll apply foundation all over your face and it’ll even out your skin tone.

-Orange toned concealer = medium/dark skin

-Peachy/light pink concealer = fair/light skin


How to use it

Application is fairly easy. I use concealer before and after my foundation. Before to hide my dark circles and redness; and after to highlight and further cover my under-eye area.  When your using concealer to highlight/hide your under-eye circles, apply under the eye in an upside-down triangle shape. With this, you get an even application of the product.

Remember to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS blend. This makes a huge difference on the coverage the concealer is going to give you.

You can use a few things:

Your finger is one of the most handy tools you already have, by dabbing (never rub) concealer on the applied area. With this, you’ll be able to “push” the product into your skin which it’ll give us a long lasting effect

I personally prefer to use a damp Beauty Blender with the same technique.

Creases are awful and often unavoidable with an entire day’s wear. Fortunately, setting powders are excellent to fill in the lines of your eyes to give it a flawless, airbrushed effect. You can use foundation powder, banana powder (yellow setting powder to highlight under your eyes), or a translucent setting powder. Anything works! And just about all the beauty companies have a setting powder. The best ones (in my opinion) are Ben Nye’s Luxury powders (variety of shades), ELF Setting Powder, or Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Contour Kit (the peach/yellow powders would be used to set the under-eye area).

**My general rule when it comes to applying makeup, is to always set any cream/liquid with a powder. I always set my foundation with a powder, as well as my liquid concealer.

Color concealing

Color concealing is an “advanced” technique but I do feel that it is important to address. One of the things most people want to hide are redness and/or blemishes. This can be achieved with a green concealer. Green neutralizes red, which helps hide the appearance of a blemish/rosacea (a condition with red pigmentation). On top of the green concealer, you can apply foundation to hide the color. There are a variety of brands that sell green concealer, drugstore and high end. Personally, I wouldn’t spend much on a fancy green concealer, as you won’t use much of it and all products achieve the same goals.

My favorite concealers!

My holy grail, best friend forever concealers are Mac Prolongwear concealer (high end) and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Drugstore). I feel that both are very similar to each other in texture and pigmentation. I own them both and use them interchangeably throughout the week. Nyx has a variety of concealers that have been raved on by several makeup artist. 

Yes, the art of concealing is one of the most helpful and important tools. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: practice makes perfect. You always need the right tools that suit your needs. I can rave on and on about our product but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it’s not for you. Concealer is one of those products where it can make you feel like you’re wearing too much makeup. Fortunately enough, there are all sorts of concealers that are suiting to everyone’s needs. I always encourage my friends/family/readers to go out there and get samples of all sorts of stuff, especially when you’re looking into investing into a good product. There is something out there for everyone and concealers are an essential in everyone’s kit. It’ll take you from “I haven’t slept in a few days” tired look to a “I’m tired but you can tell but please add 3 extra shots of espresso please” look. 

Disclaimer: Hiding and getting rid of under-eye bags are two separate things. If you want to get rid of your dark circles, you must hydrate (eye cream and drink lots of water). 

Thank you for reading beauty bees and I apologize of my absence. 

xoxo, Maddy Bee

“She Likes You” - Sammy Wilk Imagine

Request:  Hi can I have a Sammy imagine please

‘Do I look good? Did I put too much makeup on? Should I put a jacket on or should-’ I was running out of my breath worrying about how I look. 

‘Y/n, firstly, you need to chill out, okay?’ My best friend Cara put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down. ‘Secondly, you look amazing, you didn’t put too much makeup on and yes, you need to put a jacket on because it’s fucking freezing outside.’ She said. 

‘Okay, okay.’ I sighed. 

‘Why do you worry so much anyway? We’re just going out like every Saturday night.’ She asked. 

Yeah, but tonight is Sammy coming along with us. ‘I do not..I-I just wanna look good.’ I said while putting my earring on. 

‘Yeah, but you’re never so stressed about- Oh wait..’ Oh no..here it comes.. ‘There is going to be Sammy! That’s why you’re so worried and excited!’ 

‘Whaat..No..that’s not true.’ I was trying to fake it, but it was too obvious that I was head over heels for Sammy. 

‘Yes, it is! Aw, y/n is in love!’ Cara teased me. God, she’s gonna do that forever. 

‘Shut up!’ I said, but couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

‘Do you like him a lot?’ She asked being curious as always. 

‘Cara, stop.’ I was already blushing and I just wanted to end this conversation. 

‘No, seriously, do you like him?’

‘Well..maybe, just maybe, I have a small crush on him?’ 

‘I knew it! I knew that you were gonna fall for him!’ She said.

‘What do you mean you knew it?’ I asked her confusedly. 

‘Well, it’s kinda obvious that Sammy is fuckboy and you always fall for fuckboys. Don’t even try to deny it, y/n.’ She said. Sadly, what she said was completely true. 

‘You know what? Let’s just stop talking about this and let’s go. It’s not like anything will ever happen between Sammy and me.’ I said taking my purse that was laying down on my bed and leaving my room along with Cara. 

‘Why do you think that nothing will happen? I can always ask Jack to-’ 

‘Don’t you dare!’ I turned around pointing my forefinger at her. ‘Cara, I’m being serious now. Do not do that, please.’  

‘Alright, alright, I won’t do anything.’ She said a bit terrified by my reaction. ‘Gosh, you’re so sensitive.’ She said and I rolled my eyes as we left the house. 

‘Hey, girls.’ Jack, Cara’s boyfriend who was waiting for us in the car in front of my house, said as we got into the car. 

‘Hey, baby.’ Cara said and kissed him. 

‘Hey, Jack.’ I waved to him. 

‘Why are you alone? Where’s Sammy?’ Cara asked him. Yeah, where is Sammy?! 

‘Oh, he said he’s gonna be there waiting for us.’ Jack said and I felt so relieved ‘cause I already thought that he wasn’t coming. 

I’ve known Sammy for a very short time - maybe two weeks. He’s Jack’s friend and one night Jack brought him out with us.I had no idea that he was supposed to go with us, but when I saw him, I instantly fell in love. Even though, we’re like, two different worlds, I still want him. It’s crazy how I always fall for fuckboys. And Sammy was one.

We entered the club and there was Sammy sitting at the bar. My heart started to beat so fast at just the sight of him. 

‘Hey, guys!’ First Jack and he did their handshake and then he hugged Cara and then me. ‘Hey, y/n.’ 

‘Hey,Sammy.’ I smiled pulling back, but oh God, how much I wanted to stay in his arms. 

Soon, we started to drink. One shot of vodka, second shot of vodka, third shot of vodka, fourth shot of vodka and for Cara, that was enough to get drunk as fuck. I was drunk too, but not as drunk as she was. I know my limits. I got lost in the crowd and started to dance.  

‘You look so hot.’ I heard someone says in my ear. I turned around to see Sammy. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and started to dance with him. 

‘You’re not so bad yourself.’ I smirked. He chuckled and came closer to me biting his lip. 

‘You wanna go outside?’ He asked and I nodded. He took my hand and led us outside the club. We walked over to where Jack’s car was and I leaned with my back on the hood of the car. 

‘What?’ He asked when I started to laugh hysterically. ‘Why are you laughing?’ 

‘I don’t know.’ I shrugged my shoulders and continued to laugh. 

‘You’re so crazy, baby girl.’ He said as he came closer to me so our faces were just a few inches apart. My breathing quickened as well as my heartbeat when he moved my hair behind my ear and whispered ‘You’re so pretty.’ I smiled a little to him and he smiled back before our lips met. 

We started making out when we heard someone says ‘Wow, Sammy you’re fast.’ It was Jack and with him was drunk Cara who shouted ‘Finally! She likes you so freaking much, how don’t you see that Sammy boy?!’ 

‘Is that true?’ Sammy asked me and I blushed and hid my face in his chest. He chuckled and hugged me placing a kiss on my head. 

‘You taking her home now, Sammy?’ Jack teased. 

‘Fuck off, Jack.’ He said, I looked up at him and he pressed another kiss on my lips. 

My mothers reaction to episode 6 and 7

“So many colors”

tearing up* “T-they were born to MAKE HISTORY”

“Wait are you saying there might not be another season…..unacceptable”

“Ohh look at the writing”

….why is the j person in green

Oh Yurio looks so sad……how come?

“When are they gonna kiss?

Why is it that whenever the Russians enter they have guitar music in the background



WHO IS THE CHINESE BOY!!! I want him to have a show

Oh my naked Victor yaaaay!


“Who is Chris and why is he touching everyone?“

“Why are his eyelashes that way”

The sin of keeping him to yourself? The sin is THEY HAVENT SHOWN ME A KISS YET


His outfit is gorgeous

*cheers* go Thai man


shall we skaaaaaaate

*claps hands with beat*

Yes China man!

He’s so lovely…..you sure he’s a man?

Yuri seduce Victor please oh god

DONT EVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF ME DEAR GOD *squeals so loudly my father pokes his head in*


Wait where’s Yurio?

Why am I seeing so much of his butt? Not that I’m complaining but……I’m old


*claps after the dance*

Perfect so perfect


Oh! Does Chris like Victor

Who….is this purple thing??

Oh god….I don’t like this man he looks like maleficent

Who put this mans makeup on? They should be taken out back and shot!!

Wait he’s crying….it’s ok she’s just one girl

Why is maleficent in this show?

Does the Chinese boy like the Lion boy (she meant Leo I think)

did you know Sarah, Iglesia is church in Spanish

Why is he showing his butt so much? Why is it only this character

Sex appeal of the man?


Wait…is he gonna orgasm on the ice

Are you leaking in your pants buddy?




This show is so good

Why does Victor have silver hair?

I bet you people will go to Youmacon as these character


Yuri… honey it will be fine I’m sure of it

why is Yuri shaking his butt


Victor looks like a girl here

Stop cumming on the ice


Kiss him Victor

Screams for Pichit*

Victor I swear to god if you don’t kiss him


or he could fuck him….I’m down for seeing both

Victor is the absolute worst at motivating people

*tears up* I can’t….no


oh god now he’s Elsa

Let it goooooo


where’s Yurio?

Why does the dog have tissues


Oh…my…god *begins screaming then starts to cry* I-I’m so happy….YES YES YES KISS HIM MELD MOUTHS



I’ve been casually practicing masculine makeup for the last few weeks & today is the 1st time my dad has seen me in it & I was scared af but I asked him “hey do I look any kind of masculine or do my cheeks just look kinda dirty ?” & he said that the shape of my face did look kinda different . then he asked me why I wanted to do that & the 1st thing out of my mouth was about how it’s validating since my skills with makeup have progressed so much over the last few years & contouring is a new challenge for me that would make me feel good about myself for putting in the effort to master it (which is tru but..) . 

so I told myself to Be Brave & brought it up again & I said “I’ve been thinking about it more & gender is just kinda…’everything’s made up + the points don’t matter’ to me , so it interests me to play with cues people pick up on right away to try to place your gender .” which is a scarier truth . but he took it in stride & I kind of want to cry but um anyways happy pride month fam <3

Korean gentlemen!

Hey! to say I love your blog would be an under statement! I’m obsessed! your blog is very popular these days! I’m sending in my own story time, but I was hesitant because I’m a bit shy.

So I’m in my 20s, dark caramel/brown skin tone and so… usually hanging out with my friends a lot, we know so much about each other! even knowing our outside friends! But it came to my surprise that one of my good guy friends (my guy friend is White, he’s like a brother to me!) has a friend I never met! He’s Korean-American. I asked my friend about him and he said he met him at this get together and they had so much in common they hung out the past weeks, and he’s cool yada, and I’m like you’re making a new friend and didn’t tell me ahaha, but it was cool! I know eventually I would’ve met him!

So on to how I met, him, I’ll call him J, so when I went to my friends house as I do a lot, J was there, that was my 1st time ever meeting him, I came in dressed in my workout clothes, looking a hot mess, so you can imagine when I saw him, my heart dropped, I was like, do I have the wrong house, I literally said that! because my friend had the door unlocked for me! I was thinking, you could’ve at least told me! my friend walked in and he was like, “Oh meet J, J meet my friend” and he stood up and greeted me with a hand shake and my hands were shaky, because let me tell you! I’m dead serious, he looks like a celebrity, like super star, idol status, his hair was even fucking pushed back!!! he was wearing all black and he smelt sooooo good omfg! I’m sorry, I just…wow thinking about  when I met him the 1st time. When he got closer to me to say hi, his eyes were a little light brown, and he has reallyyyyyyyyyyyy nice skin, like tell me what you use?!

Before I even asked him where the 2 of them are headed to, my friend told me to a small dinner party for J’s good friend engagement, (In my head I was thinking you guys only known each other for few weeks and he’s already around the family , but I didn’t want to be rude!) basically an engagement party to celebrate, I was like “Cool, congrats to her!” and J out of no where said, “You wanna go?….I mean if you want, she’s cool, she wouldn’t mind…” the way he said it was sooo cute, it’s like he was thinking to himself “should I ask or not, oh why did i just do that?” ahaha! So without a hesitation, I was like “SURE!” I put that in all caps, because that’s how it felt I said it, I was soooooooooo happy he  asked me, and his smile….HIS SMILE!! HIS MUTHA FKIN SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the most sexiest smile, I’ve ever seen, his teeth are so white and straight! he told me it’s in about 3 hours, but he was just hanging around with my friend. I’m talking too much ahaha but after that talk, I went home, and child! when I told you, I did makeup on my face like never before, I even stopped by the store to by new makeup so I can look extra good, eyelashes and all. Even my sister was like “whose gonna be there? you looking like that?” I didn’t tell her.

Fast Forward! to the engagement party!!! BTW His family and friend were  soooooooooooooooooo nice! I felt like I’m apart of the family! but let me get to the good stuff!

So my friend picked me up, so we could go together. I walked out of my house, looking fine, feeling fine, had on a gorgeous red dress, hair pin up in a bun! So as I walk to the car, I was being silly, doing a model walk and jokingly started twerking (which I was stiff because the dress was so tight ahaha!) and as I get closer to the car, mind you it’s late at night and my house has a long walk way! so as I get closer……J was in the car and my heart dropped from embarrassment, I was thinking I hope he didn’t see that shit! but to my surprise, he got out the car and opened the door for me, he…..SIGH!! Even held my freakin hand to help me get in the car, he held my hand, he held my hand! not just held, but like a grab, so I’m thinking! damn, I’m already having a crush on him! and he said “There we go, watch your head” he was so sweet helping me in the car!!!

On our way to the venue, I was nervous, because I didn’t want his family to be like “who this random white boy and black girl with our son/friend” so I was rehearsing how I would act, what I would say to them! and J!!! J, , J, J! He’s so sweet, he was telling me how cool his people are and that we will have fun! And after that, we were just chilling and listening to music, and then he pulls down the visor (mirror) and he was staring at me, but not the entire time, just like off and on, being….sneaky/sly about it, like he was “fixing his hair” but everytime, he was looking at me, and I pretended like I wasn’t paying attention, but I put my head down and I smiled soo hard! I couldn’t believe it, 1st he held onto my hand, now he’s staring at me! so we got to the venue and he helped me out the car…I can’t with him, I’m having so many feels writing this that I’m squealing! we walked into the venue, and when we 1st get in, as we waited a little, he pulled out a chair for me, touched me on my back and told me “I’m a gentlemen, you don’t have to stand, here” KHKWIPHPH9U9U023!!@@@@!!!!!!!!!! HE’s soooo everything! he’s handsome, looks like a celebrity, so gentlemen like! the party was so much fun, and like I said every one was so sweet, I even exchanged numbers with 1 of his family members , his sister!! she’s drop dead gorgeous too! she reminds me of Bora from SISTAR, all of his family were handsome and gorgeous, I was like wtf! and we’re going out tomorrow! yes! this is recent! so I’ll have more to tell in the future, if you guys want! We’re going to see Goosebumps ahahaa! I talked to her the most that night, we were laughing and laughing, she’s my age, and she’s so cool! She visits Seoul a lot, since they have family there. And J did come over to us and sat right in the middle of us! he kind off pushed his sister to the side and he turned over to me…mind you he’s extremely close to me, like almost kissing close and his eyes are so gorgeous up close I nearly lost my words, he told me not to listen to his sister, and she’s crazy (he was joking, you know sibling love) and his sister told him we’re going to the movies Friday to see Goosebumps and he said he wants to go and that him and my friend can go too, lmao he said “like a double date, you can take my sister, I’ll take him” that was funny! I thought he was asking me out for a second!

I’m already getting to know 1 person that’s close to him, that’s so cool! they’re beyond nice! OH YEAH! and I talked about South Korea with his family! he was mingling with others, and so was I so we didn’t see much of one another at the party, until I was sitting down at the table by myself drinking , chilling and I look up and J was staring dead at me, I don’t know how long he was staring at me, but he did play it off by waving at me lol! it was too cute! The party ended and J actually took a ride with his friends and family so he could go spend time with his niece!

So before we were leaving he came up to me and my friend and he gave my friend a hug and told him he’ll see him later and then I was standing there awkward thinking how would he say bye to me and that it would be so cool to get a hug and he did!! he hugged me and told me he really enjoyed our company, thanks so much for coming, and his hands went from my back from hugging me to down my elbows and we both laughed, I guess he was embarrassed like “sorry touching her too much” but it wasn’t awkward and it was fast, so it wasn’t touchy in a rude way. he’s so sweet! (and single ahaha!) and that smile!!!! 

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Can u do ota from kbtbb have a fight with mc because of his jealousy. Can u end it with a sweet moment please. thank u

“Remove that makeup on your face now. It does not look cute on you.” Ota demanded.

“What? I put in a lot of effect on it.” You protested.

“I think it look good on her.” Baba is trying to help you.

“See, Baba said that if look good on me.” You protested again.

“I say just removed it.” Ota demanded again.

“You are so unreasonable.” You shouted and left the room.

For the rest of the day, you ignore him. You are also avoiding him even when you are at home. He reached home and you went to the bedroom to avoid him. He stepped into the bedroom; you immediately went to sleep with your back facing him.

The next morning, you wake up to find Ota already not in the bedroom. You walked out of the bedroom and heard some noise coming from the kitchen. You are surprised to find him in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Morning! Breakfast will be ready soon.” Ota smiled at you.

“You don’t usually cook.” You exclaimed in shock.

“I should put in my effect to appreciate you since you put in so much effect on the makeup for my sake.” Ota smiled at you.

“So you know that I did it for you but why did you ask me to remove it?” You asked, totally confused with his behaviour.

“Well… I don’t like the rest to see how beautiful you are.” Ota blushed.

You can’t believe that he got so jealous because of you. You ran over and embraced him. You then give him a kiss to show him that he is the only one for you. He returned your kiss deeply and soon both of you smell something burning from the frying pan.

“Agh.. My eggs…” Ota sighed and turned off the fire.

“Hee… Let’s cook together.” You smiled at him.

“I think I will just wait in the living room. Cooking is just not for me.” Ota teased. “Plus you already not mad at me.”

You wanted to protest but he kissed you before you can do so. That kiss just melted your heart and there is no way you can still be mad with him.

Gajevy -Parenting
  • Gajeel: I wanna be a daddy, please, Levy?
  • Levy: Kids? That's way too much responsibility, we should try out a pet first...
  • Pantherlily: Do I not count as such? I am an animal, by your Earthland standards, and Gajeel takes good care of me.
  • Levy: -sghs- Fine.... but you gotta teach them self defense.
  • Son: Daddy, were you and Uncle Natsu and Aunt Wendy REALLY raised by dragons? The teacher at school says dragons aren't real...
  • Gajeel: WHAT? THAT BITCH, I'LL-
  • Levy: GAJEEL! Sorry, honey, no killing just yet. Yes, dear, dragons were real, some of them were scary, but a few were nice. And I'm sure your grandpa Metalicana would be very fond of you.
  • Son: I'm sorry your daddy is gone, Daddy.
  • Gajeel: - chokes up- I got you now, kiddo, I'm fine.
  • Daughter: Daddy, can you teach me how to braid my hair?
  • Gajeel: Why do you assume I know that?
  • Daughter: Because your hair is long and pretty like Auntie Erzy, and she braids her hair...
  • Gajeel: All right... Asuka, come help me, we're gonna look killer after this.
  • -5 minutes later-
  • Levy: OH MY GOD, Gajeel, what did you do?
  • Gajeel: -in fabulous braids- I taught my baby girl how to do her hair, and I liked it so much, I had her and Asuka braid mine too.
  • Daughter: Can we put makeup on Lily?
  • Levy: YES!- chasing Pantherlily-
  • Pantherlily: - screaming- SAVE ME GAJEEL!
  • Gajeel: -laughing too hard to do anything-

Larry KING: Why did she like acting so much?

Pia LINDSTROM: I don’t think she liked herself in her real life. […] You know, she was an orphan. […] And so she really was very lonely. […] And I believe she was one of those people who liked to put on the clothes and the makeup of another person and to become that person. And when you become that person, then you’re brave, and then you can talk and then you can do lots of things. But deep down, I think she was very frightened.

INGRID ROSSELLINI: […] I remember going to the theater and […] it was so terrifying the idea of being on stage, and so many people looking at you. You can’t see them in the dark. And I said: “mama, how can you do that?” She said: “I can do that because I’m very shy”. And I said: “what does that mean?” She said: “Because I’m someone else when I’m on stage.”

(Pia Lindstrom and Ingrid Rossellini talking about their mother Ingrid Bergman - CNN LARRY KING LIVE 2003)

(Photo: Ingrid Bergman - 1947 by K.W. Gullers )

Today I did this thing where I only put makeup on half my face.
The contents which I put on were: 
BB Cream, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow filler, blush, powder and cheek bone definer.
Why? I wanted to see the difference between me being caked up and me being normal. Often people never understand why people cake themselves up but it’s often to do because they have a lack of confidence. My skin looks so much more clearer on the other side and personally I feel more confident in my make up skin. 
I have never put on eyeshadow and things before so this was hard to do but I hope I did well enough to prove a point that people are not fake if they wear make up.

A Real Lady
Swings ft Beenzino, Gray,Zion.T
A Real Lady

Black hair, high heels, sexy body
A girl who knows but doesn’t wear a skirt too short
But actually looks better in jeans
A girl with a butt that softly swings from left to right
With ankles that are thin enough to wrap a hand around
With arms with slight muscles
When she goes to the pool, all other girls run away
She puts on makeup like she doesn’t have any on
Her kiss is like a bomb, yeah, like how? Like bang
She disposes all the guys who like her, she’s really the best
A girl with so much sense that she pays for the coffee while I’m at the bathroom
I’m pleased on the inside but I say, why did you pay that?
She’s laughs as she stays cool when a fan asks me for a hug
She sends my mom a text sometimes
She allows me to drink with my friends sometimes
She knows how to look good but she has character as well, baby
Yeah, now that’s a real lady

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

Overflowing with selfishness, they only receive, don’t know how to give
All the girls who only know themselves fall down
There’s a lot of skinny bodies but not a lot of hearts
The emptiness of a one-night stand, envious of bachelors?
Soulless girls mindlessly waiting in nightclubs, VVIP rooms?
What’s the use of words like pride and integrity?
Where’s the love? Everything is OK with just money
Yeah I don’t give a thing about ya body
They might pretend but they’re just not it, going into bed
I want a type with a bigger heart than a chest
Girl you can throw it in the bag
A girl who has more of her own opinion than money
A girl who can move hearts with words rather than her body
Girl let me get you some, whatever you want
If you pass my standards, you deserve it

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

A real lady, I try to stop her but she goes off to work
What she needs isn’t money but a guy like me
A real lady, she doesn’t meet just anyone
She really needs it, a guy like me
An independent girl, like Gwan Soon
She’s like a cat, always landing on her feet
When I sleep in, she always comes and wakes me up
She secretly learns recipes of dishes that I like

Pedicured toes, she doesn’t show off her sexiness
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re always busy but you always have a lot of time to see me
You’re a real lady, a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity
You’re a girl with integrity, a girl with integrity

cr: pop!gasa

Mike Harvey’s Taxi Photo Booth

You meet all sorts of people driving a taxi. It’s the nature of the job. If you don’t meet lots of people, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re doing something wrong and should probably reconsider the choices you’ve made.

Mike Harvey is a man from South Wales who started driving a taxi to fund his trips around the world. A few months ferrying lots of people in and out of Swansea; a couple of months in Brazil. Half a year meeting lots more people on the night shift; three months touring Egypt, or Nepal, or Kathmandu.

In 2010, Mike started to document some of his taxi journeys, building a rapport with passengers, taking their photo at the final destination and waiving the fee as a thank you. He stopped taxi driving a year or so ago, but has  ​compiled his favorite p​ortraits from the project, all of which are named after the price of the journey, and unique, intimate insights into the social makeup of South Wales. He is currently exhibiting them at the Monkey Cafe & Bar in Swansea.

I met with Mike yesterday for a chat.

External image


VICE: Hi, Mike. Why did you start taking photos of your passengers?
Mike Harvey: I just found the job so fascinating. I never knew who was going to get into my taxi next—I’d learn so much from the passengers because there were so many predicaments I was put in. So I got a DSLR and started taking photos. I wanted the pictures to represent the journeys we’d shared, because the taxi was occupied by so many people throughout that period.

Were most people happy to have their photo taken?
Well, I documented roughly 130 journeys altogether, and I’d say only nine people said no. I’d always do it at the end of the journey, so we’d have built a rapport by then. I see it as one of the best educational experiences of my life, really, because whether it was giving someone CPR by the side of the road, a pregnant woman running away from my taxi, not paying, barefooted…

External image

(£2.87) "This guy used to be a bit of a regular customer, but he’s passed away since I took this photo, so there’s some poignancy there for me.“

What happened there?
I was driving out of Swansea at about 3AM, and this girl who was full-term pregnant—you know, ready to go—was sat at the side of the road, barefoot, flagging me down. So she got in and… it’s a bit of an impromptu counselling service sometimes, driving a taxi. I said that maybe getting hammered when you’re pregnant isn’t such a good idea, but, you know, we had a nice chat. Then, when I dropped her off, she legged it. I’d usually chase after someone, but she was fully pregnant, you know? She was the one that got away, but I let her get away.

People would also offer me drugs—ketamine. I mean, I don’t do drugs anyway, but who does ketamine when they’re driving?