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Except for the first one - that I decided to post in a single canvas now -, here are some new sketches of Auror!Potter that I did - because I’m still inspired and when I’m inspired, I can’t stop. Dark and angst, just how I like him. This time, full body and sillhouettes too.

[More sketches]

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I feel like you're just a giant attention seeker, and that you make all these blog posts, and videos and shit based around tattoos because you think it makes you cool

yeah but why did you phrase it like that’s not exactly what I do? My accounts would be private if i didn’t want people tuning in. 

i also literally think i’m cool,
is this a diss or are you buying me dinner

dolly-reverie replied to your post “I’ve spent the last six weeks wondering why the meds I was prescribed…”

Are you fucking kidding me how many fucking testing stages did that manage to get through without anyone questioning it????

I honestly don’t know but because I just realized I didn’t point out which med it was, hey fam if you’re currently taking the generic forms of Levsin (Hyoscyamine) (also known as  Levsin, Oscimin, Hyosyne, HyoMax-SL, Ed-spaz, and Anaspaz) and your pills changed shape/size/is no longer a plain pill but capsuled, please check your inactive ingredients for lactose and wheat. I dunno what fuckstick decided it was a good idea but there you go. Hopefully it was just one batch before people went nuts and caused a riot and I’m only just now realizing it cause I’m slow and haven’t needed to take it for months so didn’t notice right away.

Also because most people don’t seem to know this: IMODIUM® Complete is delightfully vague about their ingredients and the only official statement they give is that it may or may not be made from wheat derived products, so if you take Imodium for gluten induced stomach issues, just be careful it’s not the gel capsule ones, they’re gluten free but not necessarily wheat free which is a major allergen unto itself

The more you now.

i literally…just asked…last week…actually since forever…to not use my stuff for shipping…when i make it…purely for the familial/platonic sense…why are you doing this…??

Carl finding your fresh selfharm scars would include:

A/N: I actually wrote this in an imagine and was about to post it but I couldn’t find the file ?? so I must’ve accidently deleted it and I’m mad because it took me 2 days to write w o w.

Warnings: Self harm

1. Him firstly getting really mad because you promised him you’d stopped

2. He’d grab your arm and run his fingers over the marks and ask you why you did it

3. Being super loving and caring once he’d calmed down and apologizing for the way he’d acted, saying he was just mad that you’d hurt yourself

4. Promising to always be their for you when you’re feeling low

5. cuddles, lots of cuddles

6. Him keeping a closer eye on you than usual but you understanding that he’s just worried

7. checking your arm frequently to make sure there’s not fresh marks and being proud when he see’s none.

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I don't know why (probably the 'because no budget') but that answers about Doctor Who questions post made me remember that time that one guy did not believe you when you said bbc used cardboard daleks and then you were like bam, evidence. cardboard daleks. love them cardboard daleks.

Oh GOD, I fucked that guy UP, I was just talking about him at Gallifrey, haha  

He was all, ‘They absolutely did not use cardboard cut outs of Daleks in the black and white series’, and I was like ‘fucker, do you want to fight me about the Troughton era, we will GO, and you will LOSE.’

I brought out photos where the perspective is off, I brought out sourced essays and books talking about them, I brought out magazine interviews, I brought out gifs where you can see them nearly falling over.

He slinked away after trying, “well, they weren’t technically corrugated cardboard’  

Don’t even pull that shit, asshole, do not pretend this was semantics when you just got destroyed on a basic fact that you were shoving down people’s throats as truth.  

He was an asshole in general in that chat.  He absolutely deserved it. 

things i want:

  • opal
  • connie’s cute glasses (reminds me of my oc)
  • pre boohoo rose pearl
  • fusion dances
  • opal (wife)
  • garnet and amethyst being funny and relevant again
  • calmer colors 
  • the crew to post backgrounds and audio again?? why did they stop doing that… i miss it…
  • opal
  • sugilite 
  • the fat characters being actually fat not weirdly slimmed down (ugly)
  • mirror/ocean gem lapis
  • lapis’s mirror eyes (badass)
  • opal
  • BISMUTH (cool aunt gem)
  • the old art style because seeing redraws of the “new” style in the old style makes me feel sad
  • more information on gem society and the war and what the fuck happened to centipeedle!!!!

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SO COLE JUST POSTED pictures of his little photoshoot he did with damon baker, and I'm still waiting for damon to shoot with lili and cole 😭

Uggghhhhghghghghg I know why did you even put that thought in my head (if youre the same baker anon as before otherwise hi new damon baker anon) 

Guys I am so so sorry

Hey! So as some of you guys know, I’ve been having a fucking hard time. I’m just gonna lay everything out so you all can understand why I’m not on here that much. I’ve already kinda made a post about this, but it doesn’t have everything, especially with what happened tonight.

I guess the best spot to start is 8ish years ago. My mother was in a horrible car wreck around this time of year. She almost died, we honestly still don’t know how she lived, but she did. She was in this accident while coming to pick me up from practice and I blamed myself for years.

Flash forward to last Friday. My father was in a car wreck and almost died. Same situation. I’m having flashbacks and panic attacks because it’s all too similar. I’m just trying to go 5 minutes without having a breakdown.

I was attacked today while in a church. I’m not hurt, besides some bruises, but it fucking petrified me. There were 2 police officers right there and they did nothing while I was manhandled by this 6 foot dude. This is of course just feeding my anxiety and I’m just trying to ignore everything and make it through this hellish week.

I’m freaking out and it’s all piling up and I want to tear my hair out. I’m trying to stay somewhat sane and it’s all getting to be too fucking much.

So that’s what’s going on. It’s as full of a story as you all are going to get, I’m sorry. I might not be on that much at all. I love you all so fucking much and I hate not being on, but I really just need to focus on not breaking down.

I love you all,
Maura Xxx

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Why are people attacking Emily? Apart from drugging Charlie she did nothing bad. Even that was for own self defense considering she was still locked in the house.

I haven’t seen people attacking her necessarily, unless I’ve missed something? I just saw someone make a random text post in the tag about how they “wouldn’t mind if she died” or something so I got defensive lol I love Emily and I hate seeing female characters who are considered too loud and too harsh by someone’s personal standards being considered too annoying to live basically (she turns Nancy down initially bc all she has is her pride and once she lets go of that I’m pretty sure she’s afraid she’ll shatter)

Yeah, even with Charlie, she didn’t mean to kill him or anything and she clearly cares about him. She just knew she couldn’t get out any other way and had no idea what Lydia might do to her.

I think Holli Dempsey has done a great job as Emily; her performance is charming and cutting and deeply poignant. I love how she was ready to fight Will this last episode lol this tiny little lady will never go down without a fight

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Hi, I hope u can asnwer me something. I leave tumblr like one week and l just watched the last Phil's video and I'm so confused: why, how and when did the phandom know they're moving out? I mean I'm not suprised (in a positive way) but I want to know

Basically, until dnp posted the moving video the phandom had been speculating and theorizing for months based on the hints they dropped like the missing painting, Dan’s empty bedside table, him not doing his liveshow at his usual spot, prefilmed videos and stuff like that. It wasn’t confirmed but people had pretty solid theories.

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I'm not the biggest Hiyoko fan I'll admit; but the fact people just write her off as a bully bugs me. She's been bullied too for one, hell I think her own mom and grandmother bullied her, that's just wrong let's be honest! Two; when the chips were down in the simulation with the despair sickness she didn't just lay down and cry she TOOK CHARGE! She made sure those not infected were safe and the sick were safe! Three: she did try to change herself for the better, a rarer thing than ya think

(Yep I agree ! I don’t post them all but seriously I get soooo many asks who are sending hate to Hiyoko and defending Mikan. I mean, I know that what Hiyoko did was wrong but she has her own past too, why do people always seem to look the other way when it’s about Hiyoko? Everyone (mostly) seem okay with saying that she was a big bully but not a lot of person acknowledge what you said (that she changed and was trying her best to protect everyone).

She isn’t even one of my favorite character (far from it at the beginning actually, I learned to like her while doing this blog) but I can still say that she deserves better than what she is getting. And, like I had Mahiru said earlier, do people who send her ask full of hate realize that they are bullying her? So that they are doing exactly the same thing they are saying they hate Hiyoko for?

-mod lili)


NAME. Kristopher
HEIGHT.  5′ 4′’
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.  Zeromancer or Linkin Park
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. I’m So Sorry – Imagine Dragons
LAST MOVIE WATCHED. Ernest & Celestine
LAST SHOW WATCHED. Probably an episode of Survivor?
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST. Roleplay, other things
OTHER BLOGS. way too many to really list & pretty much all of them are inactive or not active yet

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. My original idea of GoddessxSlayer or something along those lines seemed too bleh & might easily be mistaken for a character other than Ike so went with the obvious choice
ALIGNMENT. some sort of neutral I can’t remember
POKEMON TEAM. Instinct?? if you’re just talking Go – otherwise I’m pretty classic & go Rocket
AVG HOURS SLEEP.  between 2-18 it differs a lot
DREAM JOB. pretty much doing it, I pet sit!

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Wrong Card or Wrong interpretation?

Hi guys!  so it’s been a while (been on a mental wellness healthy journey (yes it’s going great but it’s been very time and energy consuming))

BUT talking about me isn’t why I’m posting.

I was just doing a freebie kik reading for someone and at the end of the reading she was telling me she always wanted to learn about tarot, and then asked me “How do you know you pulled the right card?”

I stared at the phone and blinked a few seconds.  I never entertained the thought that a wrong card could be pulled.  I then proceeded to answer that I trust the universe to give me the right card, but the real question is, did I interpret it correctly.

So I ask the community, Do you think we can pull the wrong cards?  Or can we just poorly interpret? Both? How do you personally know when the reading is off? 

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ok jealous!shawn request so post-breakup, you're at school fooling around and pushing and getting touchy with one of shawns friends but shawn's still into you. and also, you hate him for something that he did pre-breakup and he doesn't know why you hate him thx ily keep doing what ur doin

i don’t want to explain why but you got don’t stop by 5sos stuck in my head also i cannot find a specific reason you’d hate Shawn so i’ll just say things ended badly lol

and i love you too :)

Something about the way your new guy, Drew, made you feel was exciting and something you hadn’t felt in awhile. Of course, you enjoyed relationships that made you feel safe and beautiful, but your new man made you feel sexy and exciting, which enticed you into going places you wouldn’t have gone before, sneaking out of your dorm room to make out in his car, and wearing tight clothes that could seduce him from across the room.

Tonight you were clad in a form fitting romper with a halter, something you never would’ve worn when you were with Shawn. The romper was low cut and did wonders to accentuate the curves of your body, and you felt hot in it. You made your way into the humid party, your hips involuntarily moving themselves subtly to the beat as you pushed past to find the man who made you feel this way.

Drew greeted you with a sly smile, making his way over to you. As he approached you, his hands slipped down to your lower back and pulled you closer to him. “Wow, you look…” he starts, whistling to finish his thoughts as he scans your body. “Can’t wait to take this off,” he whispers, making you giggle.

“Hey, dude, where’s–” a familiar voice starts, guiding your attention towards its owner. Shawn.

“Y/N,” Shawn says, shocked. He’s never seen you in bold lipstick or anything that low cut before, and he couldn’t help but take all of you in.

“Shawn,” you say back in a monotone, staring Shawn down. He looked the same; hot as hell, but still the same.

“You two… You two know each other?” Drew asks, laughing a bit as he gazes at the scene in front of him.

“Mhmm,” you hum sweetly, glancing at Drew before focusing back on Shawn. “More than I’d like to,” you say bitterly, a false smile stuck on your face. 

Shawn clenched his jaw for a moment and laughed a bit as well, the chuckles as fake as your smile. “So this is the girl you’re fooling around with?” Shawn says, directing the conversation at Drew.

“Uh yeah, this is my girl,” Drew says, giving a kiss to your neck.

“Hm,” Shawn grunts out, crossing his arms as he begins to smirk. “This is my ex.”

Drew widens his eyes and starts laughing nervously. You roll your eyes and lean your body towards Drew’s again, smiling wide. “Wanna dance?” you seductively whisper, skimming your hand across Drew’s chest.

Drew, in response, leads you out to the dance floor, holding you close as the two of you begin to dance close. Drew presses his fingers into your skin and whispers something suggestive into your ear, causing you to laugh. Shawn watches the scene and fumes, grabbing his drink off the counter and chugs it down to calm himself. As the alcohol sets in, his heart fills with guilt. He watches as Drew leads you upstairs, knowing in his heart that you would’ve still been his if he had been honest with you in the first place, and him being jealous tonight was a long time coming, self-inflicted wound. 

jealous!shawn blurb night!

anyway. here’s the top 5 grammatically unusual phrases containing the f-word that resonate with me the most currently

1. what’s so fuck then
2. what the hap is fuckening
3. Shut Your Fuck
4. fuck of
5. something’s fucky

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