why did i only just start watching s2

anonymous asked:

Bad fan. 🤣 These are the same writers. They started writing S3 right after S2. No breaks for the writers. So why can't they remember what they wrote? We'll get to see the pearls just as we watch Claire give them away. Again. 🤔

I find it quite OTT that she didn’t hide them with Brian’s ring. Like just throw a line in there that she did, even if they forgot to include them in 2x01 (and the entire season for that matter).

Whatever, just seems such a waste to first exclude the markings scene in preference to the gift exchange, only to have them not hold onto them for any significant amount of time after, whereas the markings are something they’d never lose. Just an odd choice is all, and pretty heartbreaking in more ways than one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯