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Jesper Fahey, sharpshooter… and peak bi fashion disaster.

I am so. SO sorry. My roommate seemed to think he looks snazzy, but that was before I made his pants argyle. I’m so proud of the pearl handles on his pistols and those ridiculous little birds on his lapels, though. also his ascot is tied in a barrel knot did you see what I did there

30hrs in Photoshop, no paper sketch.

Inej Kaz Nina Wylan

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Winters relief??? (Why did it take me 20 minutes to come up with this terrible shit god)

Hahaha I’m so bad at coming up with fic titles so dont worry xD 

Ooh okay, let me think… This is all set during winter. 

It’s been 10 years since Jon and Sansa have seen each other. She’s 28 and he’s 30. They dated in high school for 3 years, but broke up just before she graduated. She wanted to travel the world and Jon wanted to stay in their tiny Scottish village. He’s angry with her for wanting to leave so quickly without even thinking about their relationship and called her a selfish brat. She called him ambitionless and that she didn’t want to die in this nothing village like him. It’s a stupid fight because Jon would support Sansa if she wanted to be a deep sea fisherman in the middle of the Atlantic. He would always wait for her. And Sansa knows that Jon is not ambitionless and that his passion has always been to become a fireman and part of the Scottish national rescue team (totally made up lol), which is based near their village. But Sansa also knows she’d always regret it if she didn’t leave and travel, so it’s easier to just fight and break up. It’s easier to be mad at him than to admit how much it broke her to leave him behind. 

Sansa moves to Paris for university and pours her heart into taking internship after internship to get her name into the fashion industry. Her family come to visit her, so she never has reason to visit Scotland again. She planned to a year after she moved but she heard Jon had a new girlfriend and it hurt too much to return. She eventually becomes a fashion designer and travels around the world for her job, keeping her further and further away from Scotland. 

Jon goes to Edinburgh for university but he eventually returns to become a fireman. He did have a girlfriend, but it was never anything serious. He was still in love with Sansa then and he broke it off three months into the relationship. He stopped dating after that. He dedicated his life to his job. 

10 years pass by and Ned Stark has a heart attack. Sansa drops everything, rents her flat in Paris out and moves back home to be with her dad. She goes straight to the hospital from the train station then back home to nap, but that night, her siblings urge her to go to the pub. Jon is supposed to be there (not that she knew that) but he’s running late. Feeling overwhelmed by being back home, Sansa escapes outside just as Jon arrives. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in 10 years and every pain and heartache is as fresh as ever. But so is the anger and resentment and sense of betrayal. They’re civil and curt to each other, but as the night wears on and the alcohol flows, Jon and Sansa eventually erupt into a drunken screaming match. Arya has to pull Sansa away and Robb and Theon take Jon elsewhere. 

Once in private, Arya demands what Sansa’s problem and that’s when Sansa breaks down and drunkenly admits that she’s never stopped loving him and that she didn’t return for so long because she was terrified of seeing him, terrified he’d never forgive her or that he’d already be with someone. She says she doesn’t think she can handle that. Arya sighs and pats Sansa’s head. The next morning, Sansa remembers nothing and Arya doesn’t bring it up. 

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I also think a lot about flashpoint. You know how WA fans say that Barry loves Iris before the incestuous living situation? Therefore it’s not incest, right? Then why does Flashpoint!Barry not know anything about Iris? Flashpoint!Iris barely knew Barry. If they were really close friends, and Barry did love her as a kid, then shouldn’t they be married in flashpoint? Flashpoint is just saying that Barry only loved her because of the incestuous situation. He never loved her as kid. So idk fam.

Right she called him Gary, he had to go back to being a creepy stalker just like he did when he first put on the suit. How close were they when they were kids anyway? All the flashbacks they ever showed was Iris mocking Barry every turn she got. There was never a scene where it showed they were close friends. I was confused on that point because people kept pumping up the “best friends” part of their relationship like it meant something. Yeah, they are so close Iris had no clue Barry was infatuated with her for 15 years. Sure Jane.

WA was always one-sided on Barry’s part. Iris wants the suit, Barry wants the idea of being in love with Iris, he doesn’t actually love her. The show makes it seem like she is the only girl he knows. This is way too Dawson/Joey for me.

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I absolutely enjoy your work, provided that it may not be as big or popular as other tumblr folk. I just find myself attracted to Original characters more then cannon characters. That and I enjoy Kingdom hearts myself! Short form... I love your work, hikari and art. Idk if someone asked this already but how did it all start? why did you make hikari the way she is?

Aww thank you so much! I also like KH OCs too!

How it all started? I would love to tell! But this might be a little long, so I hope you don’t mind

It all started in 2011, when I finished playing BBS. I’ve played KH1 before, but BBS was the one that got me into the series. You could say that I was one of the people who thinks that everyone need a pair in a story and I’ve noticed Ventus was the only one who doesn’t have one I guess? That why I created Hikari in the first place, but now… I can’t look at them the same again. (I look at them as brothers and sisters now)

The very, very, very first story also came out in 2011 to 2012. In just 4-5 months, I finished the series through DDD and I will admit it. It was horrible. Like really horrible.

here is the very, very , very first artwork of her back in 2011. You can see more old artwork in my deviantart account.

I’ll summarize it so you don’t have to read my horrible writting (lol)

So… the previous one is about Hikari or Xikari, Sora’s little sister and a Nobody of Kairi who has the heart of Ventus. I don’t know what I was actually thinking back then, but it happened.

I fell under the trope that every original character has to be a Nobody and has to have a keyblade and dual wield too and has to be friends with everyone, even the Organization was buddy-buddy too. And a princess of twilight.

oh the cringe in one paragraph… but I didn’t stop there. I connected Hikari to everyone and I did it horribly. Sure, Hikari’s pretty much connected to everyone in the story I’m making now, but at least there’s progress. lol

Though I stopped making the series in 2012, I started making crossovers.

Years passed and in 2016, I finally decided to rewrite Hikari’s story to the one you’re reading now. I changed everything about her, except the fact that she’s still Sora’s little sister. I erased the part when she becames a Nobody, dual wield keyblades, princess and all that. I gave her character and flaws. Development with other characters to build relationships. I made her train hard to become a keyblade wielder. I gave her other emotiones beside being the typical nice, good at drawing, singing, cute, everyone likes her, smart. perfect mary-sue character.

Now, even though Hikari’s still a keyblade wielder, at least I got it right on how she became one, right? haha

If you still do want to read her old stories, here you go~

Sora no Hikari 1
Sora no Hikari 2
Sora no Hikari 3

and here are the rewrites~

Little Adventures (is a doujinshi that I drew for her story in BBS, it has 8 chapters in total)
New Beginnings

Forget Me Not

This is the lastest artwork haha

Well, I think that’s enough of me talking. Thank you so much for reading~

If I see one more post about chat being kept out of the loop I’m going to scream. It’s like people don’t want to even think about the the reasons why, they just automatically go into “this is a slight against chat noir!” mode.

Also some thoughts on Queen b and who’s giving her the miraculous. There is a distressing amount of people who are ignoring the few times ladybug was nice to Chloé when she saw she did good. Also like Marinette is not incapable of forgiveness? She’s always been more warm towards Chloé when she actually saw her trying, idk why people just think Marinette is going to hate her always and wouldn’t possibly consider the idea of Chloe being a hero. She totally would if she saw the potential there.

A Performance For You

*Sits back from the piano once she finishes playing* Ah…I think I’m getting back into it, but I don’t think I’m back to where I was before the tragedy…

So, what did you think?

I can see why you were part of the candidates for the final 79th class.

Wow, it makes me happy to hear you say that!

I kind of worry about what you think about me sometimes, just in case I’m annoying you or something.

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“Wow I never thought you’d ever say it” Britland teased.

“Say what” Felix demanded sitting up tense. His eyes darting around defensively.

“Say I love you to anyone” Britland shook his head. His tone serious no hint of his earlier amusement remained in his voice.

“I never thought it’d happen to me” Felix sighed. “I kind of hoped it wouldn’t. I did everything to make sure it wouldn’t.” He glanced at the floor images of him with multiple faceless women danced before him. “I kind of cringe to think about the way I used to be.”

“Why” Britland inquired “it’s not like you forced anyone to be with you. I mean they knew it was a fling. A one night stand. You weren’t offering them forever. Just a fleeting moment of passion.”

Felix gave his best friend a shocked but curious look. “Wow listen to you! You’ve really loosened up since you’ve been getting some.”


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

I just read an interesting comment on one of my posts that I thought merited a full response. I won’t share the name of the commenter for their privacy but here’s the part that struck me: 

I think Rian Johnson straight up butchered Luke’s character when he had him try to kill Ben. I mean this is supposed to be the same Luke who couldn’t even kill his father but is somehow willing to murder his underage nephew?

While I can see why a lot of people would have this reaction, since Luke as we know him is a very loving and forgiving person, I do have to disagree. I think what Luke did was entirely in character, and illustrates an important point about the film and about how Luke is viewed in popular culture.

When Luke first tells Rey about what happened with Ben - before he tells her the entire truth - he says “By the time I realised I was no match for the darkness rising in him, it was too late.” This suggests that Luke had sensed Ben’s attraction to the darkness for a while. Later, he confirms this: “I’d sensed [darkness] building in him. I’d seen it in moments during his training.”

Clearly, Luke had thought that he was good enough of a master to steer Ben toward the light. This is very much like Luke: he believed, even with Vader, that he could use his own goodness to influence the goodness of others. Finally, Luke realised that his own goodness just wasn’t good enough to influence this boy. This is what prompts the incident.

Luke goes to Ben’s hut and looks into the sleeping boy’s mind. The film implies that this is the first time he did this; apparently, he had previously trusted Ben - and himself - enough to give Ben privacy. Now, however, moved to doubt, he gives into the temptation and reads Ben’s mind, “and it was beyond what [he] had ever imagined.” As he says, he saw the end of everything he loved. 

Now, as we know from Luke’s later confession, his first instinct is to draw his lightsaber. Keep in mind that this is Luke, who risked everything - and nearly lost everything - to keep those he loved safe. And who does Luke love more than anyone in the world? Han and Leia. And who do you think he saw Ben killing in those dreams? The ones against whom Ben has the biggest grudge: Han and Leia. When Luke looks into Ben’s mind, we hear a lightsaber igniting and a woman screaming. He saw Han’s death by Ben’s lightsaber. He saw Leia’s agony.

Luke, remember, has a history of kneejerk reactions when it comes to saving Han and Leia. Against his better instincts and Yoda’s warnings, he went to try and save them in ESB, only to nearly die himself while losing an arm and becoming horribly traumatised in the process. We know from the original trilogy that Luke will run straight into open fire to try and save the people he loves, because this is a man who grew up with very few such people. 

So he sees, right in front of him, images of those he loves - probably Han and Leia - being slaughtered. He, like a true Skywalker AND a true Jedi, has a kneejerk reaction, “the briefest moment of pure instinct”. What do his Jedi instincts tell him? Draw your lightsaber. Defend those in danger. You could easily argue that this reaction is just as much a product of trauma as of training: how many times has he seen his friends nearly perish? How many times has he nearly lost everything? 

But then the moment passes, and Luke comes back to himself and remembers where he is and what he’s doing. We even see his thumb move back to the switch to turn the lightsaber back off - but it’s too late. Ben’s awake.

Luke was never going to kill Ben. He saw something which, for lack of a better word, triggered him: the deaths of his loved ones. He had a gut reaction, a Jedi reaction. It’s important to remember that even though he didn’t end up killing Vader in RotJ, he came very close: he had that same gut reaction and had Vader pinned to the ground. He even cut off Vader’s hand before he came back to himself and, as he would have done with Ben, turned off his lightsaber and showed mercy. 

Luke isn’t perfect. He makes kneejerk decisions throughout the entire original trilogy that sometimes have disastrous results. He’s emotional and volatile and fiercely protective of his loved ones. There is no way to get Luke Skywalker more riled up than to threaten the people he cares about. He’s very much Anakin’s son in that respect.

However, as Luke says to Rey in TLJ, he’s become a myth. A legend. He’s been practically deified. People want the perfect hero: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master. This isn’t just a commentary on the universe of Star Wars itself: it’s a commentary on us, too. In the decades since the original trilogy, Luke - who in those films was deeply flawed - has become a paragon of perfect goodness in our cultural lexicon. When you actually go back and watch the original trilogy, though, you realise that he isn’t. That he struggles with impulsive rage, hatred, anger. That he is more than willing to kill to protect his loved ones. That is the real, fallible Luke Skywalker. 

It’s therefore perfectly logical that Luke becomes the person we see in TLJ. The source of shame, his impulsiveness, his instinctual gut reaction: drawing his lightsaber. So now, he refuses to pick one up. He tosses the damn thing off a cliff. He barely even looks at it. He says ‘Jedi’ with a sneer, because it was Jedi training, Jedi instinct, that taught him to draw his lightsaber in response to danger. It was Jedi instinct that brought him to stand over the bed of a sleeping boy, Jedi instinct that flipped the switch in his head so that, for just a moment, his whole body said kill.

Similarly, it was the Force that alerted him to Han and Leia’s danger in ESB. It was the Force that alerted him to the darkness growing inside Ben. It was the Force that showed him what was in Ben’s mind. So, just like with the lightsaber, he cuts himself off from the Force. He isolates entirely, far away from everyone. If he can’t sense danger, he can’t react impulsively. If he can’t react impulsively, he can’t make mistakes. And if he can’t make mistakes, then he’ll can’t ruin anyone else’s life. All he wants, more than anything, is to keep his loved ones safe, and by TLJ he’s come to the conclusion that the only way to keep anyone safe is for him to stay far away from everyone. 

This is why Yoda’s little sermon on facing your own impulsiveness, facing your own mistakes, is so important. Luke’s impulse, when he thinks he’s ruined another life (Rey’s), is to burn the tree. But just as with Ben, he backs off. Yoda, however, forces him to face that flame, and in doing so forces him to face what he did to Ben: he burns down the tree just like Luke’s biggest mistake burned down Ben Solo’s life. And now, as a true Jedi, he must face that mistake and learn from it. He has to, as I like to say, go clean up after himself by confronting Kylo.

Rian Johnson wrote a masterful conclusion to Luke’s arc. He didn’t just force Luke to be human again, he forced us, as an audience, to confront the messiness of Luke’s humanity - something that, in the years of merch and pop culture and fannish devotion, we’ve forgotten. Yoda burns down the sacred tree, and at the same time, Rian burns down our false idol of Luke Skywalker to leave only what matters: the real Luke Skywalker who won our hearts in the first place. Impulsive, hot-headed, stubborn, passionate, wonderfully complex Luke.

So I’ve been thinking about it lately and there’s one simple switch that could have put season 3 in a different, possibly better developed direction. I’ve seen it mentioned before but the more I dwell on it, the more sense it makes.

Lena buys CatCo and brings in Sam to run that instead of L Corp. That’s it. Here’s why:

First of all, and this is a big thing that has been bothering me, but Lena would never leave L Corp. L Corp, her baby, her family company that she has vowed to pull out of the ashes and make it a force for good under the new name she’s given it. She has poured her heart and soul into this company and is damn good at it and they want me to believe that Lena would ever give L Corp to someone else to run so that she can look after another company? L Corp is the one part of the Luthor Legacy that Lena is clinging to because she can do good and great things as its head. It’s her father’s company, her brother’s company, her company and there is no way in hell that Lena would hand the keys over to someone else, say “lol it’s your burden now” and leave. L Corp means too much to her, it’s the key to the redemption she thinks she needs just because she’s a Luthor and Lena would not walk away from that.

  • Now Lena would of course still buy CatCo and take a little time to know the company, that’s a no brainer. It’s a good investment, she’d be pulling one over Morgan Edge, and most importantly, Kara asked her to do something and Lena is whipped. Kara is also whipped. Both these soft girlfriends are so in love and so whipped that of course Lena would buy CatCo because she can’t resist Kara’s pout as we’ve seen time and time again
  • Where was I going with this
  • Right so since we’ve established that Lena belongs at L Corp, here’s why Sam would’ve been a good addition at CatCo…

KARA AND SAM WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE SCENES TOGETHER AND WE WOULD GET TO SEE THEM BOND INSTEAD OF HAVING TO BE TOLD HOW CLOSE THEY ARE IN A SHOE-HORNED SPEECH. I’ve talked about how much it bugs me in this post but goodness gracious, I really can’t believe how badly they rushed their dynamic??? The show is called Supergirl and we barely get to see the relationship between her and another Kryptonian/possible relative? If Sam were at CatCo, we could see how she and Kara interacted. We could see them become friends, how they work together, how alike they are, how Kara and Ruby bond when Sam brings her to work. We could have been invested in that relationship because we actually saw their relationship. We would’ve rooted for Kara and Sam to be BFFs and would’ve been devastated during the Supergirl/Reign showdown because it would have been two people we saw become friends now fighting each other. It would have contained that emotional element that the original, admittedly cool looking, fight scene lacked and the development of that relationship would have been a lot more organic.

  • Plus can you imagine Sam’s reaction whenever she can’t find Kara only to be told by some employee that “Oh Kara just left for her exclusive interview with Lena Luthor.”
  • “How often does she have those?”
  • “Like every other day.”
  • Sam immediately calls Lena up “I know I can’t say anything because you’re my boss but as your friend, damn get it girl.”
  • Plus whenever Kara isn’t out “interviewing” Lena ;) you know she’s out on Supergirl business and now imagine not one but two people with secret identities leaving CatCo only to fight each other in the streets five minutes later.

Sam being at CatCo means an easy integration into the friends group. She knows Kara, Lena, and James so being invited to Kara’s apartment for game night? It’s no problem, she knows most of them. Alex would still be introduced to Ruby and that part of the storyline could continue without issue. This also raises the stakes for everyone because the more fleshed out connections Sam has with everyone, the sadder it’ll be when Reign is finally here to stay.

Speaking of James…James. I know many, myself included, dislike the current story the show is doing with him and I think Sam being the one at CatCo instead of Lena would fix all of that. The most obvious reason being that there would be no abrupt BS “romance” between him and someone the writers have made him continually put down. But for other reasons too, I promise!

  • The transition of a new head at CatCo would have been easier if it wasn’t Lena. James’ hostility towards Lena, whether it’s snapping at her for asking where Kara (an employee of hers) was going during work or having a bit of a condescending tone when explaining to Lena about advertisement space wouldn’t have existed. He might have been wary of Sam when she started since she was put in charge by Lena but I don’t see that lasting long.
  • James is so sure Lena is like Lex. He felt that way before and after meeting her. He felt that Kara, who defended Lena over and over, was under the same Luthor spell that Clark was under and because of that, didn’t believe her. I know it’s silly to think that Sam of all people would have an impact on James’ opinion regarding Lena when he doesn’t know her but I think that’s why it would work. Because Sam is someone completely unconnected to the Superman and Lex Luthor debacle. She’s just a regular person (minus the whole…worldkiller thing) who’s friends with Lena and has funny anecdotes about her and makes the woman in question seem more Lena than Luthor to James. And I think that’s important because while I don’t like the romance at all, I need James’s opinion on Lena to change and for them to even become friends.
  • And you know what, I think James and Sam would really get along. I just do. Whether as friends or a couple (we know James likes and is good with kids) I think that if they wanted to put James in a romantic relationship, this would have been a better choice. Sam’s a new character and it would have been a much cleaner start since there’s no baggage between them. And James is a good, stable guy. He’d be there for both Sam and Ruby.
  • And I do want James to have an actual storyline that isn’t just about romance. James helping Sam run CatCo but having more time to return to photography, getting over his unfair opinion of Lena, and connecting with Sam in a platonic or romantic way seems to be a good start, at the very least.

Lena being at L Corp means that Kara doesn’t have to lie to her as much. It’s amusing when it happens every so often but becomes decidedly less so when Kara just has to run out at work and Lena notices or other people have to lie on Kara’s behalf because Lena’s at CatCo and can’t find Kara. If Lena’s at L Corp, Kara doesn’t have to make up excuses about why she’s not at her day job.

The Morgan Edge storyline could continue as planned because Lena would still have bought CatCo.

We could still get cute scenes of Lena at CatCo because of course she would check in to see how things are doing.

We would get Lena back in her office!!! Do you know how much I miss seeing Lena in her office?

The desk?

The couch?

Supergirl landing on the balcony to talk/flirt with her?

I just miss all the supercorp office scenes. They are so pure.

TLDR: It just makes more sense for Lena to be at L Corp and to put Sam at CatCo instead because everyone’s characterization would have been better, Kara and Sam would actually have scenes together, and it’s so much easier for Supercorp to bang in Lena’s office when Lena’s actually in her office.

“Don’t marry him.” {One Shot}

|Pairing| {Min Yoongi 𝕩 Reader}

|Genre| {Slight Angst}

|Word Count| {2,402}


Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

I was looking forward to seeing her. She comes to most of the fan signs, and every time I see her I can’t help but smile because every time I see her, she tells me I’ve made her day; I made her smile. She asks me how I’m doing, if everything’s going well and the way that I want it to. She cares about me and the members, she doesn’t just come to get her albums signed; she comes to see us, or she tells me that she comes to see me, because I - Min Yoongi is her bias. She comes to give us gifts, to thank us for changing her life and tell her what she thinks about new music, new shows we’ve been on, music award shows and our achievements. I see her every so often, but somewhere down the line in the four years she’s supported us. I think I fell in love with her.

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a little something called courage

Hi friends! :) This is a request and a very romantic and fluffy-christmas-best-friend-type story.

Summary: At a christmas after party, Y/N gets drunk and flirts with H.

Picture aint my own.

Outside thousands of tiny snowflakes danced from the cloudy sky and met the already white and frozen ground, bringing white light into the cloudy and grey evening. In times like this it was especially nice to have a warm and cozy flat, one that smelled of sweet biscuits and was filled with the soft sound of various classic christmas songs. Harry agreed. 

“You’re flat is so much nicer than m’house,” he’d replied to me asking why he hung out at my place ever since coming back from tour, “So homey and feels like christmas, too.”

Of course I didn’t mind that my best friend refused to leave my side, on the contrary, Harry was what made my home feel as comfortable to me as it already did to him. 
He was here now, too, watching amused as I turned left and right in front of the mirror in my room, brushed through my hair and I blushed when he chuckled at the sight of me checking out my bum in the black jeans hugging my legs.

“You’re a vain one,” he commented lowly from where he sat on the edge of my bed.

He was already dressed for the occasion, a black, thin silk shirt that wore his last name where he carried his heart, and skinny jeans covered his body, proving once more that he didn’t need much in order to look attractive. He’d surely manage to make all of my coworkers swoon the moment him and I would arrive at my work’s christmas party. For some reason my heart skipped a beat at the thought of other women lusting after him, but I brushed it off and 
glance at his reflection behind me, just in time to catch the smile and wink he sent my way, before he turned his attention back on his phone. 
To be fair I had spent the past 15 minutes deciding what to wear, only to then change my mind and look for something else, and Harry’s patience impressively hadn’t wavered once. He didn’t seem too bothered by it, and really I didn’t have any other choice anyway. 
Tonight I wanted my coworkers to think I looked nice next to Harry, who’d spontaneously decided to tag along, and that was a challenge since he was simply the most gorgeous human being in the world and made anyone by his side fade into the background. Usually that was fine with me, but tonight I cared to be seen as well, maybe a little bit also so that the people drooling over him would hold themselves back.
My fingers pulled at the hem of my silver top and I scrunched up my nose in disapproval.



My eyes wandered over my appearance. Over all it was a great outfit and suited the occasion, but I didn’t feel right.

“Do I look nice?” I asked my fashion expert of a best friend, “Be honest.”

Harry’s eyes found mine in the mirror and I watched with growing insecurity how they moved from my face to my chest, stomach and then legs. He sat up straighter, tilted his head and frowned. 

“Turn around.” 

I followed his request, feeling a little silly and his chest rumbled with a laugh when I ended my little twirl with a curtsy.

He nodded in approval. “I think you look lovely, darling.”

The honesty in his tone made me blush and I turned to look away quickly, though of course he could see my flustered expression in my reflection.

“Thanks, H.”

“Those jeans give you a great arse,” he continued to comment, humor in his voice, and though I sent him a glare, the confirmation that I looked hot to him had my heart flutter, “And I love the shiny top. Suits your pretty eyes. However, may I make a suggestion?”

I nodded, slightly confused, and looked at him expectantly. “Sure.”

Harry got to his feet and made his way over to my closet with bouncing steps. A cheeky smile was flashed my way and I arched my brows, wondering what he had in mind.
I watched him rummage through my clothes, giggled at how some items earned a nod and even small whistle of approval while others he tossed to the side with a head shake and a “What the hell did you think when buying this shit?” or a “Tell me you got this for a joke.”
Finally his fingers pulled out a hanger from the rack and held it out to me with a delighted expression on his face, indicating he’d found what he’d searched.

“In my humble opinion,” Harry said, “I think you should wear this.”

The hanger carried a dress, one I’d bought months ago and never dared to put on before. It was a navy blue velvet fabric with tiny stars of silver embroidered along the neckline. I knew that it suited me well and loved how it felt against my skin, but it was a little… out there.

“The neckline is a little lower than what I would normally wear,” I began slowly, “Meaning it just covers my boobs and that I can’t wear a bra under it ‘cause it would be visible. I agree and really like the dress as well, but it’s too much, Harry.”

“Look,” Harry handed me the hanger and turned back to my closet, where he crouched down and began to look for shoes that would match the outfit, “I think you look beautiful right now, I genuinely do. However: it’s tame and safe. Which is good, but I think you could, if not should, look fucking hot tonight, sweetheart. A) rub it into all of your coworkers faces and b), we’re going out after anyway and the dress isn’t too revealing for a club, is it?”

“Well, I’m flattered,” I laughed and raised the dress to look at it more closely. 

It really was a pretty dress and both the colour as well as the cut was very flattering, but wouldn’t my coworkers think that I’d overdressed? My nose scrunched up and with a final glance at Harry, who always wore outfits that were more than just a little out there and didn’t care what anybody thought as long as he himself liked them, I walked back into the bathroom. 

“I’m going to slip it on!” I declared. 

“Good girl,” Harry called after me, “Just found shoes that go with it as well.” 


Harry’s hand was a constant pressure at my lower back and whenever my eyes met his, however brief, he smiled. We’d earned quite the looks from the people gathered in the venue, some diverted straight to Harry but I did notice a couple eyes checking me out as well, making me smile with confidence.

“I told you,” Harry hushed into my ear, a response to somebody complimenting my appearance and I blushed heavily, “You look beautiful.” 

“So say Harry,” my colleague, Gina, a tall and pretty woman with dark hair, said, before casually resting her palm on Harry’s arm, “Are you and Y/N coming to the after party?” 

“You mean the club some of you’re going to?” 

She nodded, red painted lips stretched into a smile. My eyes glared at the hand she refused to take off his arm.

“Sure,” Harry replied politely, shrugging her hold off by casually reaching out to pull me closer, “S’always great fun to go out with m’bestie, isn’t it?”

“As long as you don’t puke on me again,” I giggled with a nudge to his stomach.

It was his cheek’s turn to flush and I waved off the girl’s request to tell the story behind my comment. There wasn’t much behind it, but I remembered Harry, hunched over the toilet and as pale as a sheet asking me to please never tell anybody about his state, something I agreed to while washing out the stains his vomit had left on the shirt I’d taken off a minute earlier. 

“Thanks for not spilling ‘bout that low of my life,” Harry murmured the moment we were left alone again.

We stood by the table, picking out different snacks from the finger food section for the other to try, since all of them looked pretty much the same amount of gross and Harry had come up with a game he called ‘let’s see who’s the worst at pretending this doesn’t taste like shit’.

I took a sip of champagne and nodded. “You’re welcome. I’m not too keen on people knowing the details of that night myself anyway.”

“Right,” Harry grinned and I kicked his shin, but of course he went on regardless, “Saw you damn close to naked that night.” 

The christmas music playing and the people chatting was loud enough for my annoyed groan of “Harry!!” to be overheard. He grinned, proud that he’d hit a nerve.

“How you noticed my almost nudity while throwing up your guts is still beyond me,” I added, quieter this time, “Here, try this.”

His face grimaced when he tasted the weird looking pastry I’d held out for him (my heart made an unfamiliar jump when his lips wrapped around my fingertips to take the food into his mouth) and he shushed me when I giggled at him casually spitting all of it out and onto a napkin.

“Attractive,” I mumbled.

Harry’s eyes narrowed and his brows arched. I knew he wasn’t going to let our earlier conversation go.

“I’d notice you taking off your shirt no matter what m’doing.”

I sent him a glare. “Stop that or I’ll shove the rest of that pastry thing down your throat.”

The giggle that followed my words had Harry’s heart drop and he found himself itch to reach out and hug me to his chest. Not only did the dress flatter my body in every way possible, he thought, but there was something else as well, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on but it sure made it hard not to kiss me. He bit his lip. Why was he thinking about kissing his best friend?

We chatted some more, sometimes with other people and sometimes only with each other and slowly dusk turned into a pitch black night before the big windows. I admired the golden stars, how lovely the snow looked and sighed to myself when Harry’s arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into his chest.
With my back pressed to his front he hummed lowly, happiness warming his stomach.

“We don’t have to go out with them,” he murmured into my ear, “Can just go home.” 

It was a wish he only voice because I wasn’t facing him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had the courage to admit that he didn’t really want to go get drunk with people he didn’t care about, not when there was a couch and movie player in my flat where it’d be just us.

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?” I argued, “Since I put on this dress and all.” 

He chuckled behind me. “True, that it would be for sure. So you’re down?”

Please say no, his head begged me.

“Yes,” I turned to face him, slowly moving out of his hold. 

He did look incredibly handsome. His green eyes reflected the many colourful christmas lights that decorated the room and his skin seemingly glowed, perhaps partly due to the makeup he’d let me apply to his face in the afternoon. Well, maybe just because he was that pretty to look at.

“What are you staring at me for?” he asked, lips quirked up into a smile.

I shrugged. “Nothing. So… can we go?”

“Sure. I think your friends, Gina and Amy, are ready to leave as well.”


The club Gina and Amy dragged Harry and I to was one he’d been to before and the moment we stepped inside the dark venue that had loud music jumping from the walls, he warned me that there was a barkeeper he’d want to say hello to and have a quick chat with since he knew him for some reason I couldn’t quite hear over all of the noise and wanted to catch up.
I could tell Harry didn’t like the idea of leaving me in the middle of a club, but I reassured him that since I wasn’t completely on my own but with two friends, it would be fine.

“M’not gonna be long, anyway,” he repeated, eyes full with worry, “Promise.”

“Sure, no, it’s fine, H. You just come find me later alright?”

He nodded and with a quick, warm, kiss to my cheek left my side for the first time all week. It felt kinda weird and I watched him walk away with the wish to call him back right on the tip of my tongue.

“Where is he going?” Gina asked, faint disappointment in her voice. 

Her brown eyes stared after his figure pushing its way through the crowd, a look in her orbs I couldn’t quite place. Maybe she fancied him, I thought, who didn’t, right? If I were a nicer person I would set them up and play matchmaker. I knew Harry wouldn’t mind a girlfriend these days. 

“Sucks to be alone at christmas,” he’d complained on a daily basis ever since late november, at first via texts and now every day in person. 

I knew what he meant, as I was very single myself. It would’ve been nice to have a body to cuddle up to in the middle of these cold nights, to have someone help put up a christmas tree and I longed for the stress and pressure of having to find the perfect present for my significant other.
Harry felt the same. And Gina was pretty and from my limited experiences with her I knew she was quite nice so maybe… no, not gonna happen. I wasn’t going to set my Harry up with anybody. 

“He’s saying hi to a friend who works here,” I explained briefly, distracting myself form having just thought of Harry as my Harry.

Amy returned from the bar with drinks for us and handed me the cranberry flavored one. We clinked our glasses together, cheered on our short christmas break that was starting today and the moment I swallowed the first sip I knew the amount of alcohol in there would make me tipsy. And that was just drink number one. I shuddered, then raised the glass for another sip.

“So you and Harry,” Amy began after we chatted about this and that for a while, “What’s going on between you two?”

It had been a question both her and Gina had been burning to ask me ever since I’d arrived at the office party with the handsome male by my side. 
They’d noticed how close our bodies stayed throughout the small gathering, as if there was an invisible thread binding them together and keeping them from moving apart. I knew it was easy to mistake our friendship for a lover’s relationship, since Harry and I were as close and loving with each other as other couples who actually were with each other romantically, and I had had my fair share of awkward conversations about it before, so I didn’t mind them mentioning it now too much. Especially since I had been right and was in fact already a little tipsy. I found myself minding a lot less when there was alcohol involved.

I shrugged. “Nothing. We’re best friends, why?”

In sync, Gina and Amy’s heads tilted and their eyebrows arched. I took another sip and shrugged once more. 


“Well, I mean,” Gina smiled, “I figured guys weren’t a couple but I thought you guys were dating…”

“…or at least hooking up,” Amy finished with a laugh.

“Nope,” I shook my head, giggling myself, “We don’t think of each other like that.” 

“That’s not exactly true,” Amy argued, her voice slightly raised over the loud music, some dubstep version of ‘All I Want For Christmas’, “I see the way his eyes rest on your face, like, all the time. How he pulls you into his side or compliments you every minute or so. If that isn’t a guy who fancies a girl I don’t know what is.” 

“No, no, no, that’s not what he’s like everyday,” I explained quickly, “he’s the one who convinced me to wear this dress since he likes it a lot and now… well he’s just a bit clingy lately, I guess. We were separated for a long time while he was away working and when he’s back we’re always a bit more attached to the other than usually. But there’s nothing more behind it. I swear.”

I thought they would let it go after that elaboration, but being the nosy girls they were the subject of me and Harry kept being brought up.
They asked about the origin of our friendship, tried to dig and get more details about the night he puked on me and finally repeatedly asked if I had feelings for him, to which of course I’d said no every time.

But did I really not have feelings for him, my drunk head suddenly began to question. He was attractive, obviously, and my type. But besides that he was also the easily smartest man I’d ever met, the most thoughtful and genuinely good person in my life and, well, I cared about him more than I did anyone else I considered a best friend of mine.
I swallowed hard. Shit.

All the while I was slowly realizing things I had tried not to before, I was handed drink after drink, all of them different and payed by either Amy or Gina. Part of me knew that their generosity wasn’t just them being nice, but them trying to get me drunk enough to spill the secrets about Harry and my feelings I was trying to hide from them. 
I was lucky they didn’t give a shit about him being famous or how wealthy he was, or else I would’ve drunkly admitted way too much had they bothered to ask, because two shots later, I was positiv that I was very drunk. 

“Listen,” Amy sighed, not quite sober herself, “We think that you and Harry are meant to be.”

“Wonderful,” I laughed, “You got to that conclusion after meeting him for the first time just three hours ago?”

Gina nodded and giggled. “I wouldn’t mind getting with him myself, believe me.”

I knew it! Forget it Gina!

“But I think he’s into you and I know when there’s no changing a guy’s mind. So, Amy and I think you should go over to him and finally, do yourself a favor, and jump his bones.”

“Though the jumping and boning should maybe happen when you’re alone with him,” Amy added.

I rolled my eyes and turned to find his face in the crowd. Harry hadn’t been out of my sight for more than five minutes since he left my side. The friend he was speaking to had his back to us, so Harry’s eyes could find mine and watch over me at all times. 
He’s so cute, my drunk brain sighed, always making sure I’m okay.
Fuck. I’m really drunk.
The cloud my head was stuck in slowed my thoughts and made them all romantic the moment Harry was involved. Fucking hell.

“Oi!” Gina called out, “She’s not saying no!”

Both of them clapped their hands in excitement, bearing wide smiles. 

“I can’t!” I groaned and hid my eyes behind my shaking palm, “He’s my best friend.”

Amy shoved another drink into my free hand. “That’s exactly why you’re going to go for it.”

I glanced at the yellow-ish drink. “Now what even is this?”

Amy smiled, raising her own cocktail. “A little something called courage.”

After emptying that drink number I-didn’t-know-anymore as well, my eyes found his face.
Okay. This was the dumbest idea ever and something I would for sure regret the moment my brain sobered up. In this moment however…
Harry did look great. And inviting.
As always, drawn to him and longing to be closer, my feet carried me towards him without my head consenting to it. 
Harry’s hands reached out for my arms the moment I got closer, steading me. I’d been tumbling, apparently, and looked as if I might trip over my own feet, worrying him the second I got closer. 
His fingers touched my bare skin and I felt my heart squeeze itself so tightly it hurt in my chest. 


“How much did you have?” Harry asked, brows furrowed and no humor in his tone. 

When he spoke the music around us seemed to quieten, all of my senses only there to pay attention to him.

“S’this the girl?” his friend wondered behind me and Harry gave a short nod, all of his thoughts on me. 

“Y/N, you alright?” 

“Sure!” I cheered and leaned my head against his shoulder as I embraced him awkwardly, “Missed you, that’s all. Promised you’d be right back.”

He smiled at my pouted lips. “M’sorry, love. But, really, how much did you drink?”

I shrugged. “A bit. A lot. Don’t know, but probably slightly too much.”

“Slightly,” he agreed. 

Harry’s arm sneaked around my waist and his fingers fisted the velvet material. He was glad I was with him and cursed himself for not having noticed the many different glasses of alcohol I’d been drinking from in his absence. It wasn’t that he minded me consuming alcohol, it wasn’t his place to anyway, but something about my current state made him uneasy and ache to get me out of the situation as fast as possible.
My hand absently drew patterns over his chest and I followed my own finger with attentive eyes. His skin was warm under the thin material and my tongue had to hold back the small moan rolling off it at the thought of the warmth being revealed to my eyes. If only that damn silk wasn’t there. 

“Is it your turn to throw up on me tonight?” Harry joked when I hiccuped and the tiniest bit of bile tickled my throat. 

I shook my head, then grinned up at him and poked his cheek. “Only if that means it’s your turn to take off your shirt. Remember? Like I did that night.”

“I’m gonna leave you two to it,” the guy Harry had met up with excused himself and Harry quickly apologized to him, promised to reach out another time and then turned to me. 

His hands held me at an arms reach from him and I blushed when his eyes stared into mine intensely. “What’s gotten into you, Y/N? Don’t think I’ve seen you quite this tipsy before. If not dare I say, wasted.”

“I’m fine,” I groaned and slapped his shoulder, “Fun-police.”

My hands reached for him again, gentler this time, and Harry’s lips parted in surprise when I shrugged off his hold and instead slung my arms around his neck. I nuzzled his collarbones and giggled at how funny it felt to press my breasts, which were as I’d warned him earlier today, not supported by a bra, to his chest.
Harry loosely held me to him. 

“Jeez, Y/N,” he sighed, “M’gonna take you home, alright? Think you’re unwell.”

“Because I want to be close to you?” I gasped, pushing him back. 

Sudden hurt cursed through my middle, making my tummy turn and eyes water. He was rejecting me, he didn’t want me to touch him or be as clingy with him as he’d been with me all week. If that wasn’t beyond unfair!
Harry frowned at my upset expression. 

“Hey,” he caressed my cheek gently, “Don’t give me that look, baby. M’just worried about you, s’all. Appreciate how much you like me all of a sudden, believe me. S’nice to have you attached like that.”

“M’not being clingy,” I whined, though of course I was. 

“You are,” he smiled and soothed my pout with a kiss to my forehead, “but I like it, so it’s fine. Please let me get you home now, though, alright?”

“I’d much rather dance with you!” I giggled, letting him take my hands only to move them and force them up so he was sort of twirling me around, “Show off my dress and my hot, handsome and oh so sweet Harry.”

At that he laughed and when I looked up at him, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes wide. His heart hammered in his chest and never before had he felt himself long to lean in and kiss me as strongly as he did now.

“Babe,” he warned, “You’re drunk off your arse. C’mon.”

His fingers interlocked with one of my hands and he pulled me with slow but certain steps towards my two giggling friends. He wore a stern look, though I knew him well enough to know that there was a smile right under the surface and that he wasn’t really mad at me or them. 

“Don’t care which one of you is responsible for this,” he nodded at me giggling behind him, amused with how his shirt looked when I pulled at the hem, “but m’gonna have to take care of her now. So thank you very much.”

“As if you mind,” Gina grinned. 

Harry glanced at her before turning to Amy, the arguably most sober one from all of us, “Will you two be alright without us?”

“Of course,” she assured him, “Go get Y/N home.”


It was a funny drive home.
Harry spent the whole twenty minutes apologizing profoundly to the cab driver who had to endure me singing christmas songs (baldy), me shouting at Harry that I was serious and sure that I would throw up right now (I didn’t), me crying because I was embarrassing Harry and finally, me complimenting a helpless Harry every five seconds. 

“I love your hair,” I’d sighed, one fist holding on to it tightly, “So fucking soft.”

“Thanks, love,” Harry sighed, by this point just letting me say and touch whatever I wanted since trying to shut me up had proven itself to be pointless. 

I leaned in closer, my lips ghosted over the shell of his ear and Harry’s toes curled when I moaned faintly and my warm breath hit his skin. “Tell you a secret. I wish I knew what it was like to hold on to it during sex.”

“And on that note,” the cab driver interrupted, “M’glad to say that we have reached your destination.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever tipped somebody as much as I did that poor man,” Harry groaned as he carried me down the hallway and into my bedroom. 

I giggled against his neck and kicked my legs back and forth. “You’re such a good guy, H.”

Once there, he dropped me on my mattress and began to remove my shoes with quick fingers, freeing my aching feet.

“Want me to help with your dress as well?” he asked, genuinely trying to help and with no erotic thoughts behind his suggestion at all. Well, perhaps some.

I gave a lazy nod and stretched out my arms. “Yes please.”

A shirt was dropped on my chest and I giggled when Harry accidentally tickled me by touching my sides briefly. He fumbled to find the zipper, pulled it down and slowly began to push the material off my shoulders and then down my stomach, all the while trying to adjust the shirt he’d thrown over me like a blanket so it kept certain areas covered from his eyes. 

“You’re so sweet,” I cooed once I lay technically naked, except for the shirt, before him, “A real gentleman.” 

“Thanks,” he hummed, “Now put the shirt on while I’ll find you a pair of shorts, alright?”

With numb fingers I somehow managed to push my body up and into a sitting position and then pull the shirt over my head. It fell over my thighs and it was then that I realized the shirt wasn’t mine, but the silky fabric he’d been wearing all night. I diverted my eyes to the Styles resting right over my left breast, and blushed. 

“Suits you,” he hummed and smiled when my eyes found his where he stood by the edge of my bed. Topless. 

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” I sighed, a small grin pulling at my lips, “Didn’t even have to throw up on you first.”

He laughed and shrugged at that, then tossed me a pair of shorts, though when I groaned and complained that I couldn’t put them on myself, he complied and helped me pull them up my legs. 

“Do you think we can skip brushing my teeth?” I whimpered, the thought of getting up saddening me somehow. 

“Sweetheart,” he sighed and sat down beside me, and his heart aching at how adorably uncertain I looked, “Please don’t drink like this again, alright?” 

“Alright, “ I nodded and he smiled softly when my fingers found his. 

For a moment we stayed silent, my eyes were set on his hand while his didn’t leave my face. My head wasn’t too cloudy anymore, maybe because the water he’d forced me to drink before carrying me to bed, was working wonders already, and slowly I started to realize what I’d done. Oh, shit.

“I kinda flirted with you tonight,” I murmured, hot embarrassment burning my cheeks.

Harry giggled adorably and I moved to make room for him so he could slip under the blanket and cover me with it as well. My head found his shoulder to rest on and his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me further into his chest. 

“I’m sorry.”

He shook his head and dropped a kiss to my temple, “Don’t be. S’fine.”

We fell silent once more, our eyes focused on different spots in my room and slowly we both felt sleep creep up on us. 
I scratched his bare tummy with my fingers and sighed against his skin. This felt incredible. The silk material warmed against my skin as it lay pressed to his naked chest, a fact I under other circumstances would have swooned over.
He held on to me tighter. 

“M’only saying this because you’re my best friend,” he sighed against my forehead and moaned lowly when my leg pushed between his so we lay wound together, “And because I think the alcohol s’gonna delete the memory off your brain by tomorrow anyway, but I kinda fancy you, Y/N.”

The words were rushed and his chest rumbled under my ear when he spoke. I cuddled myself further against him, joy and love warming my heart.

“Good,” I murmured and placed a soft kiss to the warmth of his jaw, “Kinda fancy you as well, H.”

The white pillow our heads were resting on dipped when he turned his head and upon looking up our eyes met, curiosity and surprise reflecting in the other’s orbs.

“Huh,” he hummed and a finger found my cheek to caress it tenderly, “Okay. Maybe try not to forget this bit of the night then.”

“I’ll give it my best.” 

We didn’t kiss that night, though I burned to do so. But Harry already hadn’t imagined to admit how he felt while I was intoxicated, the truth had just spilled out of him at the sight of me comfortable and pressed to his chest and because it felt so good to be cuddled up to me in my bed, but he at least he wanted our first kiss to be when we were both sober and, well, when it was perfect.
And turned out perfect came the next morning, when both of our mouths smelled of morning breath and they met each other smiling, after I’d sleepily hushed into his ear that my memory was very much in tact and that I still very much and head over heels, adored my best friend.

Hope you enjoyed this! I quite like it not gonna lie… :) 
Feedback is very welcome, positive as well as negative. Let me know! 

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Android/robot au I’ve had in mind for a long long time.

Kuroo is a soldier sent to shut down a lab for shady operations. There he met Kenma, the smartest android ever created. They slowly and awkwardly learned to know each other, but Kenma was forcibly taken away by the lab company and restarted in order to erase his memories. Kuroo broke into the new secret lab to take back Kenma and after reaching him and seeing his expressionless face, he knew Kenma forgot every memory they’ve created together. But then Kenma smiled, took the soldier’s hand and gently said, “Kuroo Tetsurou.”

Bokuto is a secret android prototype feared by the lab employees.
Akaashi is merely a newly hired lab helper.
By getting lost in the lab, Akaashi met Bokuto and started to meet with him secretly. After discovering the lab’s plan to turn Bokuto into an indestructible weapon for war, Akaashi tried to flee with him, only to be caught and half beaten to death in front of Bokuto who snapped and almost killed everyone. As Bokuto knelt down and held Akaashi close, he said, “I’m not sure why I did that. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I hated that they almost took you away from me forever.

I never experienced it before, but I think that’s what people call it love,” said Akaashi. “You were never meant to develop feelings, but for some reason, you did; and that’s what made them fear you.

It’s super cliché, I know.

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Model Mistake // Jungkook Angst pt. 1

Request:  Ohh gurl I’m a sucker for some angsty shit! Can you do jungkook x reader? About y/n being super insecure and wanting to do everything right. Jungkook does something super rude&stupid and y/n goes in total introvert mode. Although a Happy end would be so cool! Hope you can do something with it♡♡

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Today was a special day for you. It was going to be the first time that you were allowed to be on set of a photo shoot to watch your boyfriend, Jungkook, and the guys work their magic for army everywhere. You already swore that you wouldn’t be in the way of anything, you’d be as still as a statue if that’s what it took for you to be able to watch and be a supportive partner for Kookie. 

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11 hours as a couple

Harry sighed at the magnificently designed silver and gold invitation to Blaise and Ginny’s wedding. He shook his head but he picked up a pen and a sheet of paper to write his RSVP anyway.

He was in the middle of writing ‘no plus one’ when a sharp knock sounded on his front door. Harry waited a moment to see if whoever it was would assume he wasn’t home and sod off, but the knocking only got louder and more persistent.

“Ugh, okay. I’m coming.” Harry was ready to tell the person on the other side of the door to fuck off, but when he saw that it was Draco Malfoy, his words disappeared and he just stood there with his mouth open.

Malfoy narrowed his eyes at Harry. “Close your mouth. You look like one of those statues on top of fountains who spit fountain water out of their mouths.”

Harry snapped his mouth shut, but he didn’t respond in any other way.

Malfoy rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Aren’t you going to invite me in? It’s bloody freezing out here.”

Harry nodded and moved aside to let Malfoy in. Malfoy walked into Harry’s house like he lived there, heading straight for the kitchen where he started opening and shutting cabinets like a madman. Harry closed the door and went after Malfoy.

“What the hell are you doing, Malfoy?”

“I’m looking for alcohol.”

“And why are you looking for alcohol in my house?”

“I need to talk to you,” Malfoy said, finally turning around to look at Harry. “Didn’t you get the invitation? It’s so insensitive, isn’t it? The way they’re flaunting their happiness?”

“Who? Blaise and Ginny?” Harry asked, and Malfoy rolled his eyes before going back to searching the cabinets.

“Yes, obviously, Blaise and Ginny. Ah, yes! There it is. Scotch.” Malfoy promptly set to work fixing himself a drink while Harry stared at him.

“Why are you so upset?”

Malfoy took a drink before saying, “Why aren’t you upset? You were with Ginny for nearly two years.”

Harry shook his head. “Ginny and I are friends. I thought you and Blaise were still friends as well.”

“We are. And I do want Blaise to find love and happiness, but not until I find it too. It will be horribly embarrassing to show up at their cute little Christmas wedding by myself. Which is why-” Draco stopped his sentence when he caught sight of the papers on Harry’s kitchen table. He glared at Harry’s RSVP, snapped his fingers, and the paper vanished.

Although Harry was impressed by that wandless magic, he still exclaimed, “What the fuck, Malfoy? I’m going to Blaise and Ginny’s wedding. I don’t care that you’re pissed off, Ginny’s my friend and I have to go even if that means going by myself.” Harry stared defiantly at Malfoy, but Malfoy seemed unmoved.

“I never said not to go to the wedding, Potter. I was going to suggest that we spare ourselves some shame by going together.” Malfoy raised his eyebrows at Harry, and Harry recognized it as a challenge.

“I’m listening,” Harry said. He sat down at the table and wandlessly pushed a chair back for Malfoy to sit in. Malfoy didn’t appreciate Harry’s neat trick with the chair, but he sat down nonetheless.

“All we need to do is pretend to be a couple for their wedding day. We get to the ceremony at noon and leave the reception at eleven at night, so that’s only eleven hours. When they get back from their honeymoon we can tell them we broke up because we weren’t a good fit or something.”

“What about the other people at the wedding? Like the Weasleys and Hermione and Pansy? Are we going to keep pretending around them while Blaise and Ginny are on their honeymoon?”
Draco shrugged and took another swig of scotch. “Yes, I suppose. But we won’t be around them together, so it won’t be as hard.”

Harry nodded. He thought over the plan for about a second before he said, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

“Of course you will. It’s an ingenious idea. Now, let’s get to work on our story. Who do you think made the first move?”

Malfoy- no, Draco, Harry was supposed to call him Draco today- arrived bright and early at Harry’s house on Christmas Eve morning.

Harry shook off his nerves, took one last look in the mirror, and went to greet his fake boyfriend for eleven hours at the door.

When Harry opened the door and saw Draco, his jaw practically hit the floor. Draco looked handsome, but no, not just handsome, stunning. Gorgeous. His hair was styled off of his face, but he had used nowhere near the same amount of styling gel he used in first and second year. He wore midnight blue and white dress robes which brought out the blue hints in his eyes.

“What did I tell you about closing your mouth?” Draco said. When Harry’s jaw didn’t move, Draco put a finger under Harry’s chin and shut Harry’s mouth himself. He smirked as if he was rather pleased with himself. “Come on, Harry.”

After a moment, Harry followed Draco into the lounge.

“You remember the story we agreed upon, yes?” Draco asked as Harry got the Floo powder.

“Yes. Wait, sorry, I don’t remember our first kiss. When was it again?”

“October. We were standing under a lamppost. You leaned in first, then me. Remember now?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, I think I got it. Let’s go.”

Draco and Harry’s fake relationship was first put to the test when the usher put them in the seats next to Neville and Luna at the ceremony.

“Oh, Draco,” Luna said, and she threw her arms around him. “I’ve missed you.” She realized Harry was sitting next to Draco and exclaimed, “Oh, Harry, I’ve missed you too.” She looked back and forth between Draco and Harry for a moment. “You two came together?”

Draco nodded. “We’re dating.” He took Harry’s hand in his own, and Harry had to convince himself that his heart was only beating so fast because he was scared of the plan not working.

Luna smiled. “That’s wonderful. Your auras really compliment each other, you know that? I’ve always thought you two would make a happy couple. Isn’t that right, Neville?” Luna said, turning to the man next to her.

Neville looked up from the wedding program, confused. “What?” He caught sight of Draco and Harry’s intertwined hands and his confusion grew.

“I said, I’ve always thought Draco and Harry would be good together. Isn’t that right, Neville?”

Neville’s brow furrowed. “Uh, yes you have. I just never thought it would actually happen.”

Luna nodded and smiled before turning back to Draco and Harry. “I am absolutely thrilled for you.”

Neville was frowning, but he congratulated them anyway, “Yeah. I’m glad you guys are happy.” Neville’s words were obviously supposed to be a statement but they came out more like a question.

Feeling oddly like he had to defend himself and Draco, Harry said emphatically, “Yes, we are very happy. Draco makes me smile everyday.” Harry glanced at Draco, who was looking at him with a slightly surprised expression, and gave a little smile that he hoped would inspire Draco to play along.

For some reason, Draco blushed. Then he cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, that’s, uh, yeah, it’s true. I’ve- I mean, we’ve never been happier.” Harry thought that was strange, as he’d never heard Draco speak so inarticulately before. He thought Draco might be nervous, so he squeezed  his hand. Draco blushed again and looked away.

“That’s nice,” Neville said. “When did-”

“Oh, Neville, the wedding will start soon, let’s watch for Ginny.”

Draco and Harry had gotten to the reception space while it was still fairly empty, and Draco took one look around the massive ballroom, said, “Lovely color scheme,” and then dragged Harry to the restroom to talk.

Draco fixed his hair in the mirror (Harry didn’t think it needed fixing) as he asked Harry, “How do you think it’s going?”

“I think it’s going well,” Harry said. “But the reception is going to be the hard part, isn’t it? We’ll have to talk to Blaise and Ginny, Hermione and Ron, and Pansy, and they’re going to be the most skeptical.”

“Yes, Granger did look a bit alarmed when she was walking down the aisle and saw us holding hands.”

“We’ll manage. Is there anything you think we need to review before we go out there?”

Draco smoothed down his robes and shook his head. “I think we’ll be fine.”

Suddenly, someone pounded on the door to the restroom, shouting, “Oi! You’re not the bloody Minister of Magic, are you? What gives you the right to hog the restroom?”
“Shit,” Draco said. “We have to make it look like we were kissing in here or something.”

Harry frowned. “What? Why?”

“Why else would we be in here together for an extended period of time?”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Okay, well, what do people usually look like when they’ve been snogging in a restroom?”

“Um, their hair and clothes are messed up.”

Draco looked horrified. “There’s no way I’m messing up my hair or my robes. How else do people look when they’ve been caught snogging?”

“Their faces are red.”

“Well, shit, I don’t know how to make my face red. Maybe we should just- maybe it’s not-” It was clear to Harry that Draco was panicking, so he just acted on the first idea he had.

Harry put his hands on Draco’s arms and leaned in to kiss him. The moment his lips touched Draco’s, Draco froze. For a second it was rather awkward, but then Draco noticeably relaxed and kissed Harry back. His hands moved to circle Harry’s waist and Harry’s hands slid up to cup Draco’s jaw. They both melted into the kiss, and soon enough they were snogging for real. Then the knocking on the restroom door returned and they broke apart.

“Well, our faces are red,” Harry said. Draco didn’t reply, he just stood there with his lips still parted and eyes wide. Harry kind of wanted to kiss him again. Instead he grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the restroom.

The eleven hours were nearly up, and Draco was still thinking about that kiss.

For the most part, the day had gone exactly according to plan. Everyone, including their closest friends, believed that he and Harry were a couple. Initially Draco found that odd, but as the day went on he realized his very not-fake attraction to Harry must be apparent to the people around them. The only thing that had not gone according to plan this day was the kiss that Harry and Draco shared in the restroom. That perfect, infuriating, mind-blowing kiss which Draco was reliving in his head over and over until Harry approached him and shook him out of his reverie.

“I’m sorry, what?” Draco said.

“I asked you if you’d like to dance.”

Draco stared at Harry’s outstretched hand for a moment, but then he set his hand in Harry’s and smiled. “I’d love to.”

When they were out on the dance floor, their bodies moving in perfect harmony as if they’d been designed for this specific purpose, Harry pulled Draco close and spoke into his ear.

“Today was fun. More fun than I thought it would be.”
“Yeah,” Draco agreed, not knowing how to say what he wanted to say. Luckily for Draco, Harry did know how to say what he wanted to.

“I’d enjoy being your boyfriend for eleven hours again sometime. Maybe even for longer than eleven hours.”

Draco pulled back from Harry just far enough to answer him with a kiss.


It’s  Namjoon vs Seokjin; making it Taehyung running the game!
($$!)!$!)! = Kim Seokjin (count it), it wouldn’t be enough characters to spell out “Kim Taehyung”.
A lot of people have been saying its Namjoon vs Taehyung but it doesn’t fit! I don’t think we can count the ’?’ at the end since he’s asking a question for all of them! It’s just the punctuation mark.


We know that Hoseok got kidnapped. I am still assuming he got kidnapped after day-care. HAVE U NOTICED: Before he kept calling Yoongi just by his name, just “Yoongi”. Yoongi even adressed it, that he should use honorfics and Hoseok (the real one) said he never did why would he now.
AFTER coming from day-care he suddenly started calling him “Hyung”. Why?
TAEHYUNG is younger than Yoongi, he would call him Hyung. Seokjin is OLDER! He wouldn’t!
That could be the one real hint!