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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #13

Call Of Warning

My mother told me once that when I was just a toddler that she was in the kitchen ironing and then heard a voice behind her say “Alister”, which is my name. She turned around and obviously nothing was there. 

Then, recalling where I was, she ran to the living room where I apparently was up at the window and near to falling down and luckily caught me. This is super strange and she says she does not have a clue how it happened as nobody else was home at the time and had left me to watch the TV briefly.

Credits to: AlisterM

Weirdest Coincidence In My Life Time

In January of 2011 I went to a “lock-in” at a local indoor skate park where everyone would skate or bike from 9pm until 9am and nobody could leave until your parents picked you up in the morning. My friends and I had a great time and filmed some clips and it was great. I was 15 at the time. 

I met a lot of cool people from around the area and I also noticed these two weird kids that were there. They were both probably 11 or 12 years old. One kid was fat and had a buzz cut and the kid he was with was taller, really skinny, and also bald (not sure if he had health problems or just no hair like Caillou). They sat up on the ramps without a skateboard or bike and just stared at us and it was pretty weird but I forgot about it for a long time.

Fast forward to summer of 2014, I was skating in my home town with two of my good friends that both skated. After a few hours skating at the middle school we headed back to my house to play Xbox. We started talking about skate spots and eventually about the indoor park that I had gone to a few years back. 

I started telling them the exact story and even described to them the part about the two weird kids. Specifically as I’m talking about the kids I saw, my friend gets a Facebook message sitting next to me. The message came from someone he had no mutual friends with and all it said was “did you hit Ashley?”. He had absolutely no idea who the person was or why he asked that. The person was from a town almost an hour away from us. I was looking at the message and told him to look through his pictures to see if we recognize him. So my friend starts scrolling through his public profile pictures and saying that he’s never seen him before. 

I decide to take a look. It was a short fat kid with a buzz cut. I jokingly comment that he looks like the kid from the story I was in the middle of telling them. I take a good look and realize that he looks exactly how I remember the kid sitting on the ramp. I start to get a little weirded out but just think it’s a look-alike. I’m clicking further through his pictures and then it happens. There he is in a picture with the fuckin’ bald kid exactly how I remember. I was completely freaked out.

So three years after I attended the skate park, I just so HAPPENED to be telling my friends about my time at the park and I just so HAPPENED to be telling them about those weird kids at the exact moment that this message just so HAPPENS to pop up on my friends computer. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I’ve had some pretty weird coincidences but this one blew them all out of the water.

Credits to: jmason215

My Phone Called My Friend’s As We Touched Hands 

This girl was a friend of mine I didn’t meet often. As far as I know she is a bit of psychic. We met at a pub and left our mobile phones on the table in front of us. We were talking and I dearly held her hands in mine. 

At about the same time her phone rang and she said excuse me, got to check the phone. There was my name as the caller and in fact my phone had started a call to her.

Credits to: GioLasar

Me And A Friend Lost 3 Hours Of Time

I was staying a night at a friend’s (Marley) house since her mom was going to be out for the night and she thought it would be fun if I came over. We decided that around 10pm we’d bake some cookies since nothing’s better than fresh sweets at night. I perfectly remember at 10 pm checking the time on my computer and saying in a few minutes we should get to baking.

Few minutes later we do get up and head to the kitchen but when we get there, the clock reads 1am. That’s pretty impossible given minutes earlier I’d JUST seen it was 10pm. I know on the internet you can lose track of time but I think it’s pretty unlikely we sat there for 3 hours without realizing it. We checked all the clocks in the house and yeah, it was definitely somehow 1am.

Just to be sure that us ‘losing track of time’ wasn’t the case, we checked our computer histories since we were on them just before getting up to bake. From 10 m to 1am there were no sites recorded, meaning for 3 hours we hadn’t been online at all. It was like we’d both just sat there doing absolutely nothing for hours and if that’s somehow the case than neither of us remember it at all.

Credits to: CassMasterGreen

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Hey girl, can you give a summary of chapter 116? Pretty please? ^^

Hey! Sorry for replying so late! 


I’m not fluent in Japanese, and I don’t have much experience translating. I can read and look up words I don’t know, but I’m not claiming that this is a super accurate translation. Some things I was shaky on, and I didn’t translate every line. There are probably mistakes. But this is at least the gist of what’s going on, and I hope it helps until a better / official translation is released! :) 

Colored Pages: Exams in January. Kazehaya’s mother asks if he has his admission ticket for the exam. He says he’s got it before heading to the exam center. Sawako’s mother tells her to be careful and “Fight!” as she leaves home. “And, in February, each of us approaches the crucial moment.”

Page 1: Sawako wishes Kazehaya a happy Valentine’s Day. She says that even though she’s giving him store-bought chocolate this year, she thinks it will still taste good. Kazehaya thanks her for doing that for him, and Sawako apologizes for taking up his time when he’s busy studying.

Page 2: They are happy to see each other, and Kazehaya admits that he feels kind of shy since they haven’t been able to meet for a while. The students are currently in a “home study” period, and even though it’s only for a little bit, she and Kazehaya have met each other for the past 3 Valentine’s Days. Before leaving, he tells Sawako to do her best!

Page 3: Chizu texts Sawako a picture of the homemade chocolate she made for Ryu. As soon as Sawako replies to Chizu’s message, she suddenly gets a message from Ayane titled, “Report” (as in her exam results).

Page 4: Message reads: “I passed. I’m heading to the school to let them know.” Sawako says, “You…did it…Ayane-chan…you did it…!!” 

Page 5: “You did it!!!!” Sawako thinks: “Ayane-chan, you’re a step ahead.” 

Page 6: Ayane thinks about what Pin would say if he knew the cough drop he gave her was her good luck charm while she took the exam. (The imaginary Pin in the background is bragging, “It’s all thanks to me!! Ha Ha Ha!!”) She laughs because it seems like something he’d say. “But,” she thinks, “If he said that, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.”

Page 7: “If Pin hadn’t been there, I would have given up a long time ago. If I tell him I passed, what will he say?”

Page 8: Ayane suddenly realizes it’s Valentine’s Day.

Page 9: Ayane thinks, “Now that I think about it, I gave chocolate my first and second years of high school!!! To Pin!!! No way!!!” She thinks about how she could give it to him – as a “thank you” or with a friendly, light-hearted attitude? Ultimately she decides it’s impossible and dashes away.

Page 10: Ayane thinks, “Since Pin is shameless, maybe he’ll demand chocolate. In that case, wouldn’t it be good to come prepared? I’ll say, ‘It can’t be helped’ or something like, ‘Even though it’s for my dad…’” Suddenly Chigusa calls out to her and asks if she came to school to tell them her exam results. She says that yes, and that she passed – Chigusa tosses her the photos and says that now they’re a congratulatory gift!  

Page 11: Ayane brought bags of chips as a bribe for the photos, but Chigusa turns her down, saying they’re a gift for passing her exam. Ayane starts to insist that she accept the chips, panicking because it seems like Chigusa knows why she wanted the photos (haha!). Ayane shoves a chip in her mouth, saying that it’s “hush money” – Chigusa assures her that her lips are sealed as she leaves with the chips. Ayane seems shocked, but thanks her and runs into the bathroom. 

Page 12: Looking at the photos, Ayane thinks about how happy she and Pin look, mentally thanking Chigusa for capturing the moment. 

Page 13: She thinks about how they’re smiling and laughing in the picture. Suddenly she tears up, thinking, “…oh no…the pictures…they’ll get wet…what is this…?” She asks herself how many more times she and Pin will be able to meet.

Page 14: “Three times? And after I tell him that I passed, two times?” In her memories, she says, “Ugh, it’s Pin! Don’t walk so close to me!” He yells, “I’m not!!” She remembers him calling her “Idiot! Idiot!” with a huge grin on his face. “Which one of us is the idiot?” she asks.

Page 15: She thinks that soon she won’t even be able to look at his face. 

Page 16: She walks up the steps to the office.

Page 17: She thinks, “…it’s no good. I’ll start crying…”

Page 18: “(My feelings) will come through. This time he’ll definitely notice.”

Page 19: Pin suddenly hears a noise from outside the door (Ayane running back down the stairs). He listens for a moment, but then slams the door open and yells, “Is someone there? HEY!!”

Page 20: Receiving no answer, he angrily slams the door. He waits around for two hours, grumbling and bored. A female student asks permission to enter. 

Page 21: “Sensei, I passed at my first choice!!” Pin excitedly tells her he knew she could do it! He congratulates her and reminds her to come on the 31st (of March?). Before she can leave, he asks her if she’s seen Ayane. The female student says that she hasn’t, and that Ayane wasn’t in the classroom either.

Page 22: Pin thinks that today should be the day they learn their exam results. “That means she…disappeared / ran…?“ Looking at the clock, he thinks, “Well…I’ll wait a little longer…”

Page 23: Kento runs into Ayane at the train station and asks what she’s doing there. He tells her about the chocolate he’s received and she laughs a little, saying that he’s so nice. He reminisces that last year he only received them from his girlfriend.

Page 24: He shouts that it was fun, and Ayane agrees while thinking that she did really horrible things to him, but he gave her lots of happy memories. Suddenly Kento remembers the exam and asks how she did.

Page 25: Ayane says, “Yeah. I passed!” Kento happily shouts, “You did it!! You did it, Ayane-chan! Congratulations!!” Ayane smiles and thanks him.

Page 26: Kento notices the pictures and Ayane says that Chigusa brought her some from the New Year’s shrine visit. Kento tells her that actually, he was also there – Ayane didn’t know, and asks why he didn’t call out to her. He says it was okay.

Page 27: He says, “I saw you making a face I’d never seen before.” 

Page 28: Ayane thinks, “A face…he’d never seen before?” Kento asks if she remembers what he told her when they broke up.

Page 29: She remembers that he told her to make sure that she likes the next guy a lot. “That’s great, Ayane-chan,” he says, smiling at her. Ayane tells him that he’s too good, and he agrees with a laugh.

Page 30: Ayane says, “It’s thanks to you, Kento!!” She thinks, “That I was able to love someone. I used to think I was incapable of falling in love. That I couldn’t love someone. But…I did…” Kento asks if she gave any chocolate, and Ayane answers that she couldn’t give any – she didn’t even announce her exam results. Kento says, “That’s not good! He’s waiting!!”

Page 31: Kento tells her that she has to go quickly, and she agrees.

Page 32: “…hmm…” Pin says, staring at the clock. Ayane thinks, “Is it okay to let [my feelings] come out?”

Page 33: “In the end, I’m scared. Of being rejected, of seeing the results. Just like when I took the exam, I’m scared!” Ayane calls Chizu and asks her to please say some powerful words (to encourage her).

Page 34: Chizu doesn’t get it so starts yelling, “Idiot! Idiot! Stupid kid!” Ayane tells her she’s cursing and then laughs, telling her to stop. She says, “You’re right! After all, I am an idiot! I am a stupid kid! Thank you! I’m okay now!!” Chizu says, “Huh? Wait a sec – why? Were you feeling lonely because you’re going to Tokyo by yourself?!” Ayane smiles and says, “…no. I’ll do my best…”

Page 35: Ayane then calls Sawako, who congratulates her for passing. Ayane thanks her and apologizes for interrupting her studying – she asks Sawako to tell her to do her best. Sawako says, “…do your best!”

Page 36: “Ayane-chan, do your best! Do your best! Do your best…!” Ayane thanks her, saying she’s so glad she met them all. She thinks, “Even though Kazehaya could have liked someone, Sawako ran to him…”

Page 37: “…Chizu, who understood she couldn’t have a mutual love [with Toru].” [Kento facing her and having their breakup conversation…]

Page 38: [I *think* she’s saying that all around her everyone did these things without seeking or hoping for a certain result] She returns to the store she ran from earlier and buys Valentine’s chocolate for Pin. "But…it was my longing. To become familiar with it…like everyone else.” She enters the school and asks another teacher where Pin is. He says that he already went home.

Page 39: The teacher says that he stayed pretty late, but Ayane races out before he can finish speaking. As she approaches Pin’s apartment, she thinks, “After all, I’m a stupid kid. But [you / he] [know / knows] that, right?”

Page 40: “Didn’t he say, ‘It’s okay to be a stupid kid’? [Here, I think Ayane is referencing the end of her conversation with Pin in Chapter 87] Surely whatever he says, whatever the outcome is, I’ll be able to come to terms with all of it, right?”

Page 41: Ayane rings the doorbell.

Page 42: O/////////////////O

Page 43: If this is going to be my first rejection, I’m glad that it’s Pin. 

I’m not always sure who she’s talking about in the section leading up to Pin’s door; she might be speaking directly to Pin in her mind, or she might just be thinking about him. If anyone has anything to add / clarify, feel free! This was an amazing chapter!! :D

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Hi! I absolutely love that mean bean picture:D did u draw it?? Also lol I like that code name even more than beaM. I'm here again with the theories, please bear with me:3 I've seen stuff about J2 wedding rings before, but then I saw them side by side in one picture here: tinhattumbles*tumblr*com/post/159058509355/i-never-understood-the-significance-of-j2s and wow why isn't it widely discussed that the patterns fit? I mean designs are different and it's not in-your-face, but? Jen's fit in Jay's ♥

Hola Mean Bean anon! Happy to see read from you again :D 

No I didn’t draw that, I was curious if any bean would act mean to other beans so I googled it. Turns out there IS! Even better it’s from a charity called TearFund ! (Legit or not for y’all to find out :P)

That story was 100% me tho ;)

So let me put your link HERE. Over these years I don’t have any conclusion to their rings. I really don’t have clues. Although I’ve read posts from other hats, it’s just not “enough” for me. Their rings don’t look matching to me. Maybe just ME because I rely on supports & judges a lot, what a bitch :(

Moreover, I think it’d be too easy for us to find flaws if they wear rings that match with each other. Those rings should be part of the bearding aren’t they? “See my RING round my RING finger I must be MARRIED with a woman” Haha if I can beard this easy I’d love to wear rings a lot! ;) Since you asked me on rings, I asked my parents to lend me their special pair of rings:

These are rings for husbands my mom requested for. The design is the same. My parents are parents who love to buy wedding rings and they have a lot excuses on this. Rings for birthday, rings for travel, rings for this good weather and rings because we’re so in love… They wear different pairs of wedding rings everyday, ew :P

I don’t mean to turn you off, Iet’s talk about the fun part now ;) We see the Js wear different rings a lot, right? Then why are we always spot the SAME wedding rings on beards’ fingers aka THE RINGS WITH FUCKING BIG DIAMONDS ON IT REMINDING ME THEY ARE SO MARRIEDDDDDDD

Horrible husbands bought new rings they like but their wives hate the designs so much they stick with one ring? Aww what a sad story :( Or like people say, the Js often lost their rings on set! How sad is that? No trustable crew can help them to keep their WEDDING RINGS and lost them every fucking time :( My heart can’t take these sad stories they’re #RelationshipGoals how dare they

BONUS: Jay’s likes-to-wear-a-bit-loose-they-said-but-its-fucking-loose ring which TRIGGERS me all time-

Hope to see read from you again soon, Mean Bean anon! ♥

To be loved

I felt as if everything was caving on top of me. My heart was clenching so painfully I was losing not just my breath but my sanity.

We need some time apart.

We did not need time apart when he had his accident. Nor when those pictures were released; to think that I believed him when he said this was during our break. Images of everything we had been through replayed in my head like old movies as I felt myself falling. Hands that’s what I felt before I could hit the cold floor. I looked up and saw the face of the one person I could count on to never break my heart. My best friend. My mentor. The reason why I am able to live my dream every day.

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Merry Christmas, Bam

Walking back to the trapper shack with Bam, your head was still reeling from all the excitement of the evening.

“Christmas in Brown Town is so much different than Christmas where I grew up.” You kept your arm tight around Bam’s waist and his arm was thrown loosely across your shoulder.
“So, no homemade presents wrapped in tree bark?” Bam smiled as he looked down at you.
“No.” You replied with a laugh. “And our Christmas meal was never crab stew, either.”

It had been a long day of celebration and as much as you loved your in-laws, you were ready to be alone with Bam for your first Christmas as husband and wife. You had been so distracted all day long as you watched Bam move around the campsite and interact with his family.

He smiled gently at his mom, hugged his sisters tightly, and fussed with all of his brothers at one time or the other. His relationship with his dad was special and they spent a long time laughing and taking together, just the two of them. But now, it was your turn to spend time with him and you could barely wait.

“I have a present for you.” Bam suddenly announced.
“Nice…” You looked up at him with a sly grin as you began yanking his shirttail out of his pants. “Can I unwrap it now?”
“Girl, stop!” His smile always wrecked you and you swung around in front of him and pressed your mouth to his. The feel of his soft mustache excited you even more and as your lips parted, his did too. His arm tightened around your neck, but too soon, you felt his lips close as he pulled himself away from you.

“Let’s get inside.” His deep voice stirred your insides but you nodded your head and let him lead you to the trapper shack. It was dark inside the small cabin except for the glow from the small wood stove. As Bam added another log to the stove to warm the room, you lit the two lanterns, bringing a soft light into the space.

“Now.” Bam turned to you and held out his arms. You flew into his embrace and your body collided softly with his. It never ceased to amaze you how a man with such a hard body could hold you so softly.
“You know what I want for Christmas, right?” He grinned.
“Oh, you always want that. Not just for Christmas.” You joked.
His long curls glimmered in the pale light as he laughed and with his hands on your waist, he pushed you towards the bed set against the wall.
“But first I have something I want to give you.” Bam gestured for you to sit down and he thrust one hand deep into his front pants pocket.
“Oh, I know that old joke.” You couldn’t help but laugh. “You want me to reach in there and get it myself?”
You loved watching Bam smile and it was even better when he laughed.
“Get your mind out of my pants for a minute, girl.” He shook his head at you but he still smiled, enjoying your humor.
“Here.” He pulled his hand free of his pocket and you cupped your hands in front of you to receive the surprise.

Your eye fell on the two small objects he dropped into your open fingers. One was a silver key, nothing fancy at all. The other item was an earring, a silver cross. Bam moved to sit beside you on the bed and you felt his lips on your neck and his hand slide up your thigh.
“The key fits the lock to the trapper shack and our space on the Integrity. I finally had a copy made for you.”
Bam’s breath was warm on your ear and the warmth spread down your body the way it always did when he whispered to you.
“And the earring?” You asked, turning the cross over in your hand.

You had seen on old picture of Bam wearing the cross earring in his left ear so you recognized it right away. But you wondered why he was giving it to you then.
“I wore that earring for years.” He explained. “I never took it off. It was a part of me for so long that I couldn’t imagine myself without it.”
He stopped talking long enough to press his lips to your neck once, then again, before he continued.

“The second I saw you, even before we met, I knew you were the one. Before I introduced myself to you, I took off the earring and put it in my pocket. I knew I would give it to you one day.”

Your eyes misted with tears and you were glad he couldn’t see your face. He always fought to blink away his own tears when he saw you crying. Bam had such a poetic soul, full of deep caring and emotion. His gifts to you were never common; never frivolous.

“You are such a part of me that I can’t imagine myself without you.” His voice was soft and his touch on your leg was burning and intimate. You laid your Christmas gifts on the little table beside the bed and let Bam gather you in his arms. As you lay back on the bed, wrapping yourself close around him, you remembered your gift for him.

“Whatever Christmas present you have for me?” His hands slid down, trailing fire where he touched you. “I want it and I know I’ll love it. But I want this first.” Your eyes closed as he covered your body with his.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart.”
“Merry Christmas, Bam.”

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i think that person meant that afad does not have the same impact that blackout did. blackout was so popular and absolutely everyone knew about it (which is awesome btw.) i think a lot of us asian people want something to the level of blackout, with the same reach and impact. but im wondering why we never created something like that before?

Honestly, that’s a great question to ask yourself!! Tumblr is full of picture of white people, white models, white tv stars, white everything. So for the people whining about how we don’t have an Asian version of Blackout: why didn’t you think of it before?? Why is it only AFTER YOU SAW BLACK PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING that you decided you want the thing too? 

I saw conversations about #Blackout happen before it became a thing. From what I saw, the first conversations about it stemmed from a lot of Black people on Tumblr being frustrated with the fact that Black History Month was over, that Black History Month is only ONE month out of the year, and that in most schools, people learn about the same Black figures in history year after year. It stemmed out of frustration about erasure of Black people from history. And Blackout was a hit! It was amazing! 

What will we have to say about asianinvasion or a Tumblr-wide AFAD? Literally every motivation about it that we’ve seen has been “because Black people got to have a thing, we should have the thing too! ” Think about how different those two motivations are.

The sudden desire to have #asianinvasion was well-intentioned but just because it was well-intentioned doesn’t mean it’s not selfish, short-sighted, and disrespectful. 

And yes, Asian people have been erased from western histories too. But we can talk about that without co-opting the ways that Black people use to combat their erasure.

I am really sorry to all the followers who keep seeing these same asks and answers about this over and over again, but AFAD keeps getting hyped so I think it’s a good thing to keep answering them so non-community members can actually see what we’re about.  -Kat

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What do you think about eleanor follow? I don't think she will come back. I highly doubt but i just want to hear your opinions. Thanks

Okay so I’m trying to put my thoughts together. @thegirlinthemirrorposts and _______ I have to tag you because this is all of us.

We’re over a weird promo round, 

  • which lasted for 2 weeks, 
  • everything was rehashed re babygate, 
  • douis was over - friendly breakup. 
  • And now it’s an E follow.

A month later he will have a music video out, Brits, the livestream, the festival. (I call that Promo 2.0)

I don’t want to say what I think. 

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BTS prologue Theory/explication/thoughts.


After read plenty of theories I have decided come with mines. Let’s begin with the last scene in I NEED U’ s MV:

As we can see, the camera shots Jin and V as specifics, while the rest are running without see their backs. What I understand about it is that Jin and V are the only ones alive.

Now let’s see the first scene from the prologue:

V is sitting in too much pain, with bloody hands and clothes. He calls someone and says “Hyung, I miss you” and he wants to see him. The next scene V is lying on a bed, but take a look at his clothes: 

This scene must happens in a different time. But I will explain it later*.

Now five members come, all running and laughing through the woods. It seems like they are coming from somewhere, a place only they know. I want to explain this as their souls coming from the other life and they are coming to take V with them. 

V is happy to see them but there’s no hugs:

Why? Was V waiting for them? Does he know they are dead?

Until JungKook points someone: Jin, who’s recording everything. Finally, V hugs Jin. He looks really happy after find Jin. After this the members show themselves playing, having fun, but all in the same place.

 And suddenly Jin record a butterfly, next there’s a flash scene where a paper bag is on the air and the place it’s empty. From this, I think the video is already showing us that members (except for Jin) aren’t actually there:

Next scene Rap Monster writes something in the mirror, but I can’t read Hangul, so two different persons told me the mirror says “You/We must survive”. I have two ideas:

  1. Rap Monster is clearly trying to say that Jin and V must survive. Why? Although they all want to be together, Rap Monster knows they can’t take (Jin and V) with them. I mean, the ones who are dead can’t force the two left to come to the other life.
  2. My second though is that Rap Monster means that Jin has to survive because it’s the only way they can survive too. Why? The members are alive in Jin’s memories, if Jin dies then, everyone will disappear. Also, he (Rap Monster) wants to Jin to save V* (*I will explain it later).

Later in the same scene the members are resting, again in the same place. In the whole MV, J-hope, Jimin and Suga stay quite. If we remember well, they were the ones who committed suicide, (besides Rap Monster and the cigarette in the gas station):

Later in the same scene, Jin it’s looking a Polaroid and tells to J-hope “Shall we go there?” And everyone agree but no one say a word.

And then the camera shots Suga with the lighter and a lost expression. I think the members who committed suicide are the ones who still feeling lost and confused. That’s why Rap Monster asks Jin to survive, because they didn’t want to die. Different from JungKook who died being hit by a car. From my point of view, JungKook hasn’t even realized he’s dead:

The first part in the sea/ocean/beach you can see Jin recording the members, taking photos of them but not with them. This place must be the same place where the photo that Jin was holding was took. From this I can guess that Jin is trying to enjoy the time because something in his heart knows his friends aren’t actually there:

Now we have the scene in the gas station, does it look familiar? Rap monster seems to be very comfortable there, I think this is because he died in the gas station. Next we have the part that made everyone’s mind blow up. Rap Monster takes a picture of Jin and Suga with the Polaroid camera. Then the Polaroid is keep it in the car. This is very relevant for the end:

We also get to see a Ji-hope scene. Jimin who doesn’t participate too much in this MV is sleeping. I think the way he died along with Suga’s death were the most painful. Jimin looks very sad, quite and calm during the MV. He stills in pain, he doesn’t understand yet the reasons and even being with his friends he’s lost. That’s why J-hope is taking care of him:

After that we go back to the ocean. JungKook, as I said before, is clueless. I think the way he looks at the sea means the after life, what would he find beyond? Is he ready to go and accept the fact that he doesn’t belong to this world? Suga appears, being the one who still thinking in his suicide, he’s taking care of Kookie.

The members are looking at the ocean, the sun is coming out and take a look at this:

V is looking the up, to the big stairs and looks back to his friends. In this part, V is thinking about joining them. Why? Because I have this idea about V being alive somewhere else. Just like I said in the beginning, V is wearing different clothes when he meets the members and when he makes that call to his “Hyung” and this is important because it could means there are two V’s: One is the real and the second is part of Jin’s hallucinations.

 I think the V we watched in the whole MV isn’t a soul but neither a real person. The real V is struggling between life and death, something after he killed the man leads him to the death and now he has to decide if he stays alive along with Jin or follow his friends to the after life. This is why I think Rap Monster wants Jin to survive because he needs to save V. And Jin haven’t realized it.

Now V is giving to Jin his last smile, while saying to his friends he’s going to join them:

And now see this:

For me, it looks like they are telling him to jump so he can join. But RapMon is kind of like saying “come back”. But this could be just my idea.

Finally, V jumps.

But wha I find curious is that we never get to see V on the water. And even if he reaches the water, he could survive. You know, the water doesn’t look that deep and since he’s jumping in one corner, it’s easy to get out if you swim. This is why I do think he’s not there, but his jump represent his decision of follow the members to death:

After the credits we have the last scene with Jin and see how the water looks really, really close to the car. It almost looks like the car is on the water. 

Jin takes the polaroid RapMon took back in the gas station and the biggest clue: Jin is the only one in the picture. Where’s Suga? Why does it look like Jin took a selfie? Because Jin was alone:

Finally the last seconds give us a hint:

Is Jin trying to committee suicide? Did he went to the water to take V out? If not, then what’s Jin gonna do next? I think the next will be Jin looking back in his memories just to realize that he was always alone, the guys were either souls or just hallucinations. But since we never saw the real V die, Jin will notice it too and this time he will go to find V before he dies and join the rest, because the “must survive”.

Bonus: Have you read the translations of Butterfly song? According the english lyrics the song says “Please don’t disappear”, “I’m afraid”, “Will you stop the time when this moment passes”, “It’ll become something that didn’t happen”, “You’ll forget me”. The lyrics can stand my theory of RapMon wanting Jin to stay alive so they won’t disappear (since they still living in Jin’s memories), also the song tells about “the moment” and how it will end, the end must be when Jin realizes/accepts the fact that the members are dead and he needs to save V before he also disappear.

This is my theory guys, I don’t know what you think about it. Do you agree with me in something or not? Did I miss something? Thanks for reading til the end!


Roof Luke Smut // wanderlust

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Wanderlust Masterlist

You storm in between all of the people and up the stairs so you could clean the mascara away from your cheeks.

Your hands grip the sink before a dark laugh is heard from behind you,

“Nate,” You hiss looking at him through the mirror as he leant against the bathroom wall with a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“Y/N. What’s with all the tears?”

“Why do you think? The boy I thought loved me turned out to be a total sham.”

“I suppose getting told that good old lover boy had actually been fucking another behind your back was a bit of a, what’s the word? Relationship killer.”

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PLL Theory “Big A”

Alright guys, listen up. I think I got it. I think I do. 

Toby is A…I mean Toby’s twin is A. Why? Keep reading…

  • In the promo we got a glimpse of A. Not many match that build, Toby does. 
  • There’s all this weird business with her mom. 
  • Marlene said we wouldn’t see ‘Courtney’ but we would see ‘double’ of someone…uhmmmm
  • He DIED. Alright, this is my main point. We all lost our shit when we thought he was dead but then he came back to life. DID HE?! DID HE?! What if he really died? What if he has a twin that took over the game and pretended all this time? Marlene said A stole the game from Mona in Season 3, aka when Toby died if I’m not mistaken. THERE WAS A BODY! WITH TOBY’S TATTOO THAT SPENCER SAW AND WE NEVER ACTUALLY FOUND OUT WHO WAS THAT BECAUSE ‘TOBY CAME BACK TO LIFE’

Now I need you all to tell me why my theory is wrong because if I got it right before the finale I’m going to be seriously pissed. This was going to be a nice post with pictures and proof but ain’t nobody got time for that so just try to remember what I’m saying okay?

Any thoughts?

I’ve been on a journey for the pass few years trying to get my life back l, one thing which I was embarrassed about was my weight I was very confident as a person but when I look at old picture I did like what I saw, in school when I had to walk up six flight of stair I felt I was going to die from there on I was on a journey to be my fittest I ever been.
Before I took this journey I played rugby a lot but this wasn’t why I was so big I was lost I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life stress and scared I hide away and ate and ate to that size , now I’m more focus of my goal never have I tho I would be in university and one and half year away from getting a degree.

On the left it was taken 4years ago 2010 when on holiday I was not happy with myself I felt ugly and depress I didn’t know what I wanted to do, during this time I was at the hight of my weight at 115 kg I was over weight and sweaty all the time I promise myself to change and change for good
On the right is now 2014 now I’m 78 kg I look a lot slimmer . went I set out my aim was a six pack as I saw this as ultimate goal of fitness but on my way I found fitness come in all shape and size, I still want to lose more and build more muscle mass but at this stage I’m happy

One of the main reason I wanted to lose weight was I couldn’t buy nice cloths they didn’t do XL so losing weight open up so many options for me I’m so happy I did it.
It more than a change of physical, it is a lifestyle change, learning about yourself and learning how to be independent, I was lucky enough this change happen when I change from teenage to young adult it help me to see this from a wider view, I’m always thankful to the people who help me on the way and the ones I met I wouldn’t have don’t this with out you guys

Tumblr was where I use my motivation a lot the blogs inspire my to a better lifestyle also the fact I got to post a before and after :)

One last thing I want to say is losing weight does not make you happy do what you enjoy makes you happy for me it is training and traveling with a healthier lifestyle it has aloud myself to enjoy it more now
The journey has only started in so excited what lays ahead in the next year

Taylor make out imagine !

“Babe where the heck out we going ” you say. You laughed at the uncertainty of the situation. Your boyfriend Taylor just got his new car and would drive anyone anywhere if they asked. But he said he was surpising you and you guys had been driving for at least an hour! Up hills and down hills. “ Show me a little trusty eh ! ” he said. The radio was blasting and a little but of a throwback “ with you ” by Chris brown. Taylor began his mini fan girl attack. “ oooooo I’m into you and girl oh no one else but you ” he sang loud and proud. He was holding you hand so he was fling around your arm every time he moved. Dam boy almost dislocated your shoulder ! At the end of the song he literally hit the break sending to flying. “ you asshole what was the for !” You yelled rubbing your for head. “ we are here ” he said with such a devilish grin but you couldn’t help but wanna kiss him ! He has rushed out throwing something over the hood of the car. Then coming around to you. “ comeeee on slowwww poke !!” He said dragging out of the car.“ Ok babe I’m gonna lift you to the hood "he said. Before you could even process the information being given to you he had already but you on the hood of the ….. It was one tall ass car ! Soon enough he came to join you :)! ” ok now this is why I brought you here look up “ as you did you saw a beautiful starry sky there were at least a thousand In your view ! You never saw this you had lived in Cali your entire life. ” you I this is gorgoues taylor ! “ you said almost speechless at the beauty you saw before you. ” I have wanted to bring you for awhile but never had a good enough car to make the trek “ he smiled you couldn’t help but stare when he smiled. He never smiled much in picture but in person if you saw him smile it was so perfect it looked drawn on. He stop talking when he saw me staring and began leaning in. With him gone so much these kisses meant so much more because you missed them so much. You guys were in perfect sync he was being dominate because you let him win you knew that made him happy having the complete control. He put some of his body weight on you leaning on you. This felt like a movie the stars the kiss it almost felt unreal. ” you know these stars aren’t assss bright" he said. You look at him in utter confusion “ as bright as out eyes lol those beautiful big eyes are 10x better than any starry night you could ever show me. ” he said your heart melted he was the biggest sweetheart ! “ I love you (y/n) and stop letting me win I like challenges” he stated “ oh really ” you said with a flirtatious smirk. He wanted a challenge huh “ then come here caniff here’s your challenge ” you called pulling his shirt bring his lip to you. Let’s just say you never give up without a fight ;)

So Zach opened Frankie’s private snap and Frankie talked about Zach’s body and after Frankie looked at his body. Frankie said “alright…show your dick” (im 100% positive on this. beats by dre works wonders) Zach laughed and asked us if we heard it. And then later he went to the bathroom which is enough time to snap a picture of his dick and send it.😂😂😂😂 it wasn’t “send me a pic” becuase clearly Zach just did that and after Frankie saw it he wanted to see more. think about Zach’s reaction people. Would he have laughed like that if it was “send me a pic” everything lines up with what I just said. And by the way Zach did a good job not panicking when Frankie said that he didn’t even react right away to it Becuase it required a “picture” response that’s what happened when you open a snap before you see it first 🙊 which is why he took it to the bathroom. Now I see what kinda freaky deeky things they be on.

Ps: Zach will never open another Frankie snap in front of us ever again lol


Anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where someone is trying to blackmail Calum and some keeps acting all weird and you have to help him? Please and thank you!


You’d never expected to be so lucky as to have a boyfriend like Calum. He was all any hopeless romantic would want: protective, caring, sweet and sexy as hell. All this ran through your mind as you watched him on stage for the thousandth time, knowing that all the girls around you would be lusting after him but he was only yours.


It was around 3am when Calum drove you both back to the hotel you were staying in for this part of the tour. You were glad to have him all to yourself as he’d been acting distracted, constantly looking at his phone when you were with the boys. He always seemed more relaxed when he was with you, not having to show off in front of the rest of the band but he was still quiet in the car.

“Cal, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just tired, it was a big show and you know I haven’t been sleeping well recently.” Calum quickly glanced at you showing a soft smile.

“Okay baby, you can sleep when we get back.” you said, reaching over and stroking his hair comfortingly. He leaned into your hand, sighing faintly.


You were both in the hotel room, you in one of Cal’s t-shirts and him in just a pair of boxers. You both snuggled under the sheets, yourself tight in Calum’s muscular arms. You could lay here forever.

Calum’s phone buzzed yet again. He stiffened and you looked up at him questioningly. He seemed to hesitate before staring hard into your eyes. “Y/N, I love you so much. You know that don’t you?”

You always told the other that you loved them but for some reason this seemed different. 

“Of course I know you do Cal. I love you too.” You reassured him, confused.

He seemed to relax before drifting to sleep. Even unconscious, he had a worried look upon his face. He was probably just stressed out, you snuggled into his arms again.

His phone buzzed yet again and you reached over Calum, careful not to wake him, to where his phone lay on the bedside cabinet.

Before turning it off, something caught your eye, it was your name.

Unless you had some sort of super human will power, there was no way you weren’t going to unlock his phone and read the messages.

“If I don’t receive $1,000 by tomorrow I'm going to sell these pictures to some one who’s offered me the same amount. You don’t want Y/N to find out do you?”

Shock ran through you before you opened the attachments. There were pictures of Calum with another girl and in a later picture they appeared to be clambering into a cab together. The date on the bottom showed the night before you were due to meet him in Boston for the remainder of the tour.

You turned the phone off. Your emotions were running all over the place, from shock to anger and finally settling at hurt. Your eyes pricked and began to water. No. Even though your heart was breaking, you loved Calum enough to wait until tomorrow for an explanation. You shuffled over to the other side of the bed and lay awake for hours until finally falling into an uneasy and broken sleep.


You woke up to hear the shower running but you could hear Calum whispering urgently over the sound. You looked over, his phone was gone and everything from last night came rushing back to you. 

You sat up as Cal came out of the bathroom, shoving a band tee on over his head.

“Oh. Hey baby. I didn’t want to wake you, I was just going out to get breakfast.” Cal looked down at his feet. He was lying.


Looking at him standing in front of you, you hoped with all your heart that there was some simple explanation for this. It was all too overwhelming and you began to cry.

“Y/N!” Calum looked instantly concerned and rushed over to you, wiping your tears with his fingers “What’s wrong? Baby, don’t cry.”

“Cal… I saw your phone… I-I…” you managed to say through your sobs.

“Shit. Y/N, I didn’t want you to find out.. Nothing happened, I promise, I love you and only you, the pictures made it look like more than it was. I was just going to pay…” Calum stumbled over his words, barely taking a breath in between his sentences whilst running his hands frantically through his hair.

“Then why would you hide it from me if nothing happened Cal?!”

“I don’t know Y/N… I… if the pictures got out, it wouldn’t only be bad for us, it would be bad for the band. Everyone would think I’m a cheat and I couldn’t bear it if you thought that too. We did share a taxi but I only dropped her back to her hotel before going back to the tour bus. Y/N you have to believe me…” You looked up at him and saw his deep brown eyes glistening with tears. “Please… I would never cheat on you, I love you. Please say something.”

“I love you too but…”

“Y/N! Nothing happened! Please!” Calum began to become desperate, willing you to believe him and anger was creeping up on him.

“Okay Cal, I believe that you would’ve just told me by now, calm down. You can’t pay this person you know, I won’t let you. Your fans might be shocked but they would never hate you, they love you and the boys, some might even be glad,” you smiled up at him, trying to lessen the weight of the conversation.

“But Y/N… I can’t bear anyone thinking I would do that.”

“Okay, Cal, I know you’ve been stressing out about this, you should have just told me, we need to ring the police.”

Cal stared at you, his face was etched with concentration, thinking about what to do. 

“Okay, I’ll call them now.”

Once the call was finished, you stood up and walked over to him, nuzzling into his back and wrapping your arms around him.

“I love you Calum Thomas Hood.”

“Thank you for making me do the right thing Y/N, I love you too.”


Request an imagine/preference/one shot/blurb etc here!

Will sighed, grabbing his bag before he left his cubicle and heading for the elevator. He’d been scheduled off today but there was a shortage of people who could work on the holidays so when the call came he thought why not? Now it was beating midnight and he was going to spend Christmas morning driving home alone instead of curled up in bed with his dogs like he’d planned.

He pressed the elevator button and tapped his foot, waiting impatiently for it to open. He didn’t look up when the door opened and saw someone else was there but thought why bother talking when they were wearing what he knew to be very expensive shoes?

The door closed and an accented voice said softly, “Merry Christmas,” making Will look up with wide eyes.

It was his boss, Hannibal Lecter. The man was notorious for being very hard on his direct subordinates though in IT Will had never seen more than his picture in the company newsletter.

“You too.”

There was a pause before Hannibal said, “I did not know we were in the habit of having employees work on the holidays.”

Will looked up, smiling. “Only the ones that volunteer. So that means I’ve been alone all night. Why…uh…why are you here, sir?”

Hannibal shook his head. “Hannibal, not sir, and you are…?”

Will held out his hand and Hannibal took it. “Will Graham.”

Their hands did not move to shake and Will pulled away, embarrassed before Hannibal said, “I do not believe I have had the pleasure of seeing your face before, Will. I would have remembered such a beautiful one.”

Will blushed, laughing nervously, “I…heh…um…thanks?”

“I apologize for my forwardness, it is highly inappropriate.”

Will nodded, smiling as he looked at him. “Kinda? But I’m…not offended.”

Hannibal smiled, taking Will’s hand in his to bring to his lips. “I am glad, I would not want to be offensive.”

Will felt his cheeks were burning when he said, “You can be a little offensive.”

Before Hannibal could reply there was a jolt, the elevator suddenly stopping. Will looked out of the glass wall, the Christmas lights the only thing illuminating the empty building.

“I do believe we’re stuck, Will,” Hannibal observed, touching the buttons.

Will turned, swallowing, “The emergency phone isn’t working?”

Hannibal picked it up, putting it to his ear. “No, I do not believe there is anyone on the receiving end. It is the holidays after all.”

He set the phone down and smiled at Will. “Whatever will we do to pass the time till morning?”

Will swallowed and said, “I can think of a few things.”

Hannibal’s grin widened. “So can I.”

Bts reaction to you not wanting to take a picture because you didn't feel pretty

Jin: You would be watching movies and snuggled up on the couch together.. he would pull out his phone in order to take a quick picture of you two when you refuse hiding your face in the blankets. He would automatically laugh “Come on babe it’s one picture” he wouldn’t think to much of it until you replied quiet harshly.. “I don’t look pretty enough to be in a picture with you anyway” he could gasp at your sudden reply and look at you with wide eyes. “baby you don’t really think that do you? But your beautiful.. Someone so gorgeous shouldn’t think so low of themselves. I love everything about you.” He’d feel terrible as he scrambled to find the right things to say to you. He’d want you to know how beautiful you are.

Suga: He doesn’t seem like the type to take pictures of you two. Maybe once and awhile to set a new picture for his phone. The one time he wanted to talk a picture with you but you rejected him he will feel a little hurt at first asking why you don’t want to take one when you always ask to take pictures “Why take a picture.. I’ll just look bad in it”. He will at first be taken aback by this reaction. He’d put his arm around your waist and hold you close while explaining to you that you are the most beautiful thing these seen and if it helps he would take a silly picture instead. But if you truly didn’t want to take one he wouldn’t pressure you.

Namjoon: This boy is like aesthetic central so He’s the type to take thousands of couple selcas. He would pull his phone out holding it up over both of your heads, catching you of guard. He would try to snap a quick cute picture together when you dodge the camera and walk away a little so he can’t take one of you. He would get a little frustrated and ask you what was wrong and why you don’t want to take a picture together. When you finally spoke up.. “I don’t want to I don’t look good in them anyways” he would look you straight into the eyes. His heart hurting a little at the hurt he saw in your eyes. He truly didn’t understand way you did this. “Baby why do you do this? You are beautiful. Why are you beating yourself up like this. Everything about you is gorgeous please don’t keep telling yourself these things. They aren’t true..”

Jhope: he would be really confused why you didn’t want to take a picture when you never declined his offers to take pictures before. He would ask what was wrong thinking maybe you had a bad day or something was wrong. When you tell him you didn’t want to take a picture because you didn’t feel pretty enough to take one. He’d reply with more of a expression. He’d be shocked that his beautiful girlfriend would think so low of herself. He’d look at you and give you a simple smile before taking your hand and going through all the pictures you’ve taken pointing out the good things “see jagi look you are beautiful”

Jimin: He wouldn’t believe you at first “Yeah right baby alright smile” he’d think you were joking because you’ve always seemed so confident in your looks. When he saw the look in your eyes, a look almost a little to familiar to him. He’d know you were being serious. “You don’t really think those things do you babe?” When you nodded he’d stop pushing the picture on you and he’d hold you safely in his arms. “You know that I wouldn’t tell you things you want to hear or lie to you. You’re more then pretty I don’t know why you wouldn’t think so. Of all people you should be comfortable around me. In my eyes your perfect” he’d poke your cheek making you smile a bit. Kissing your nose then lips

Taehyung: You were on a date and he tried to take a picture to save this moment you both never get due to so much work. “Y/n just one!” he whined and giggled swatting your hands away from your face “Im not pretty enough for a picture” he would stop laughing and smiling right away “what?.. Please don’t think those things..” he’d close his phone and he’d move to give you a hug. He’d run his hand up and down your back “I love you baby you are absolutely beautiful please don’t put yourself down" he just wants you to be confident in your own skin

Jungkook: Youd be laying together after his morning practice. He doesn’t take many pictures of you two so when your refused to take a picture he didn’t mind but he was a little concerned because you didn’t seem like yourself “You’re okay right babe” You explained why you didn’t want to take one and He grabbed your hand in his. “listen to me babe.. You don’t have to be self conscious. I love you and I think you are the most beautiful girl believe me. I’d tell you everything about you I fell in love with but the list goes on forever. I love you and you need to love yourself” after this he wouldn’t ask for another picture because he wasn’t going to push you.

Once in a lifetime Episode Meta Overview

- There really wasn’t enough Iris, but it was wonderful that they had Iris operating in her position in Barry’s life, as his best friend as opposed to his heart to heart being with Caitlin or Cisco or Ronnie, who whilst great friends, aren’t family.

- Eddie was sweet. I mean, I think the thing that lots of people don’t realise is that though this may change in the future, Eddie was introduced as a supporting character solely for the purpose of Iris’ arc, and by extension Barry’s manpain. So, him being killed to save Iris and him being in a relationship and showing the viewer Iris’ feelings hopes and dreams was sort of his function, and so people wanting to riot because Eddie was a ‘good guy’ who 'deserved Iris’, are sort of missing the point of the fact that this was probably planned from the beginning of the season.

- I found it interesting the introduction of multiple universes and then the swift pulling away from them. I thought we’d start the whole season in a new universe, but we didn’t because I think the showrunners have realised we’re very attached to this specific Barry Allen, this specific West family, and this specific STARlabs unit.

- I mean Iris’ storyline could go a multitude of ways now. I think they’re really carving a space for her to be the hero and the inspiration of the show, continually through season two and that makes me incredibly and earth-shatteringly happy.

- Barry and Iris’ relationship is SO interesting to me because it’s SO mature in some ways. Like, you don’t often get in a show especially in the CW, the male and female leads deciding that even though they love one another mutually and it’s been proven that they should and can be together, them not stripping each others clothes off and making sweet passionate love and damn the consequences, but I think that’s what I love about Barry and Iris. Like, they’re very thinky about what’s going on. Barry has been planning just TELLING Iris about his feelings for years. They care about things like not fucking up each others’ relationships, and stability, and the family unit and their relationship and changes to it, and Iris’ agency and that makes me elated.

- Ronnie and Caitlin was cute but I literally know about as much about why that shit happened as I did when I saw the similarly random April Fools shot behind the scenes pictures of the wedding.

- IRIS AND META GOD. Iris is so loyal, and so, SO pragmatic and logical. I mean, she loves Eddie, and she wants to stick that relationship through and that’s it and I love it.

- Not to criticise Eddie before the grass has grown over his grave or anything but I was disappointed often with the fact that Iris’ spunk, stubbornness, logical reasoning and anger was never allowed into the boundaries of their relationship. Like, she ALWAYS forgave Eddie for stuff she was rightfully angry about because he put himself in danger and she wanted to be supportive of him, or realised she didn’t care AS much as she did about him being safe and that distressed me.

- I mean, this episode was slightly messy in that it was clearly made to be a two parter.

- I liked Barry coming back, but I didn’t really understand a lot of the stuff before. Like, it was a very Severus Snape, crying over Lily’s body moment with his mothers’ murder. I find it really difficult to believe that the irrational, illogical, personal feelings orientated Barry that we know and love would ever just listen to his future self because of a hand wave.

- Barry is really, really self-centred. I mean I love him, but goddamn is he incredibly flawed. I think it’s just incredibly interesting that Barry is very much all about his own feelings (I don’t care), and him being a hero, and his love and all of this and that as viewers we constantly make excuses for this when we’d never do the same for anyone else (LET ALONE IRIS OR CAITLIN), but it’s a really interesting hero-villain dynamic between him and Wells due to it, because they both are very, very intelligent and very, very self interested.