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I honestly don’t know what the fuck if this drabble had already been posted or not but….okay then, I’m jsut gonna post again….I could have sworn I did post it….what the fuck.

Anyways. After Keith’s Vlog, no shipping sense, just the entire team loving Keith. like it fucKING SHOULD BE ALWAYS.

Keith rubs his eyes and lets out an annoyed grunt when he can still feel the wetness in them. His steps are hurried and fast, already stripping down from his armour as he makes his way towards his room.

God, why did he even agree to that? There was no point whatsoever and it only brought him memories and feelings he has been trying to put on the side.

Not such luck now.

He just wants to get to his bed, in his room, where the sound disappear and the expectations of people on him don’t exist.

Keith tries to be fast, fully trying to avoid meeting with anyone of the team on his way because now that would be awkward. He doesn’t need pity, or sad look from the side ways. He has reassured himself of this, over and over again and he’s fine, he has been fine before and he will be now.

He’s fine.

But the lump in his throat tells him otherwise, just like the sting on his eyes makes him to choke because there is no escape for them and he feels the same way right now as he jogs down the Castle’s hallway.

He needs to get out of here now.

Then, as the door on the far end of the hallway opens and the team’s chatter and laughter echoes around him, Keith knows that nothing really can go his way.

“I’m telling you, guys, Iverson never looked so mad as - Mullet! Hey, man, you all done? That was quick!”

Damn Lance and his perspective eyes because now he has six pair of eyes on him and Keith can’t move.

Move, move, move, move.

Keith tries to swallow and forcing a small smile, he makes a weak attempt to speak. “Um, yeah, I did and I just…I’m going back to my room.”

He sees the way Shiro realizes something is wrong, he sees the way the older man furrows his eyebrows in concern and suspicion and it all takes for Shiro to step in is the small unconscious step Keith had taken back, putting more distance between him and the team.

“Keith, wait, is everything okay?” Shiro asks, and the question is enough for the entire team to turn concern, looking confused but worried at the same time.

Brush it off. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Your voice sound scratchy,” Hunk supplies quietly behind Lance, mouth pursed in concern and Keith knows, he knows that’s not the only thing they have noticed.

Keith clears his throat, trying to look subtle as he looks away. “It’s…it’s fine. Looks guys, I’m just gonna go -”

He’s ready to run, feet already turning around and body prepare to flee like he always do when there’s some hurried running behind him and Keith let’s out a gasp when he feels two small hands wrapped around his hand.

Keith looks down, blinking owlishly at the way Pidge’s hands hold his own: firm, secure and so damn strong. He feels the tears on the edge of his eyes and all it takes it’s a small squeeze from Pidge’s part and her pleading look for a few of them to fall.

“H-Hey, I’m fine, I’m-” He tries, he really does but the lump in his throat turns heavier and it gets harder to swallow it down.

He doesn’t dare to look up when he hears the rest of the team’s approach but he does gasp when Hunk’s body is suddenly pressed on his back, arms around his waist. Keith has a moment to acknowledge the warm Hunk’s body brings him before there’s a hand on the back of his neck and then Lance is leaning forward, pressing his forehead against his temple and humming a random melody with the back of his throat as he plays with the stray hair in Keith’s nape.

His heart is running wild but he holds his breath, because there’s this pleasant warm feeling spreading through him as his team slowly joins the hug and it almost feels like a blanket and Keith doesn’t want it to disappear, he doesn’t want to move in case it would go away if he does.

Keith bites down his lower lip, trying desperately to hold on to whatever strength he has left, but then he lifts his eyes and Shiro’s gray ones are staring back at him, looking concerned, fond and so damn understanding, no judgement held in them, and suddenly he hears the faint sound of a rope snapping and he sobs.

He sniffles, shutting his eyes close as his tears finally fall down freely and his body shakes with every sob and he hears the way Lance’s humming turns softer, he feels the way Hunk’s arms pulls him closer and the way Pidge’s pulls herself forward until her face is on his chest, their intertwined hands in between.

He recognizes Shiro’s heavy and comforting pressure of his flesh hand as it run down on his hair, the action so familiar to him by now. He then feels two more hands, one on his right shoulder, patting him gently before squeezing tightly, a reminder that he’s not alone and the way a leaner hand cups his cheek and gently wipes some of the tears away, holding so much care with a protective edge that it makes him sigh and lean towards the touch.

Keith realizes that none of them know why he’s crying, and now he knows that they don’t even need to know, at least not right now, because all they want to do is to help him and reassure him of something that he never allowed himself to believe.

That he has a family, he has friends and he’s loved by these people.

He’s going to be fine.

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What’s wrong with hunter armor?

It’s ugly, that’s what’s wrong with it.

Look at this. Who does this. Who puts this many pouches over their damn STOMACH, of all places.


And this. What the hell kind of helmet is this. Why did you just drape a ratty-ass cloth over your helmet. At least make the cloth a different color so it compliments the metal, dammit!

I hate this post-Cityfall fashion line. Bring in the Iron Banner line, please.


{ “She’ll just become even more of an annoyance.” }

Spoiler alert: Looks like M’s abilities include predicting the future!

Thea kinda SUCKS at keeping her obsession low key. She’s really become a PAIN IN THE NECK. She just can’t help it if she’s a FANG of the supernatural! *high fives self*

@seraphinitegames, what are your favorite vampire jokes? (also petition for detective to make puns post-Reveal?)

but would they not just smile wearily and dejectedly sigh after a while bcuz i’m sure i would do exactly that if someone made hooman puns all the time like how overkill is that

(at last panel: even if a vampire only had one fang left, he could still open his mouth and use it) 

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How did you learn tarot? What are some good ways to start off learning/getting acquainted with a new deck? ☺️

I am sorry I left this in my inbox for so long! I am eventually going to make a post about learning tarot and my tips because it’s a question I get a lot. But for right now I want to stress that I learned tarot by doing a TON of readings and not just for myself but for anyone I could. It’s why I started this tumblr so I could read for a bunch of people. I really think that actually reading for people and not being too worried about getting it wrong is what helped me learn tarot! So my number one tip is start reading asap! It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about the cards grab your favorite app, website or guide book and just start reading.

If you are nervous about how to start reading while knowing nothing i used to follow (and sometimes still do!) a small format that really helped. It looked like this:

Card #: Question the card is meant to answer- Card pulled. Short description of the image on the card or the book meaning of the card. How the book meaning enlightens the situation you are trying to answer and what you think the card means to you.

Its a really easy format that helps guide you through not only learning the book meaning but also beginning to interpret in relationship to the situation.

Another thing is start off with a small number of card: 3 is usually a good number. And, when I was starting out, it really helped me to give each card a specific question to divine even if it was just a single question that had been asked. So if my querent asked “What would my relationship with X be like?” I would do:

Card 1- What will this relationship be like?
Card 2-  What will the biggest challenge of this relationship be?
Card 3- How can we overcome this challenge?

I hope that made sense. 

Also my favorite resources for tarot are:

Biddy Tarot
Golden Thread Tarot (app)
Labrynthos Academy (app, good when your a beginner)
The little white book that comes with your deck (Unless you have a rider waite deck, then ignore that book. Its not really helpful at all).

Anyways those are my tips for learning tarot. To get acquainted with your deck (again there will be a post on this at some point) I suggest cleansing, charging, doing a deck interview spread and then just bonding (shuffle them, talk to them and carry them around).

I hope those help! Good luck <3 I’m here if you have any other questions and I’ll try to be more timely in my responses! <3

So I’ve started drafting photo posts before posting them now, so they don’t post multiple times and to make sure it works. And god damn it I just perfectly spaced out all my sketches and then it just. Only has one photo in it. Where did the others go. Why does this always happen.

In relation to my other post something that absolutely breaks my heart is when people come to me with their ocs, wanting to keep the design that they love the same but for some reason they feel they must follow genetics to a T.

Who cares? If the design makes you happy why change it? You shouldn’t feel forced to change your ocs to fit in with this new wave of strict genetics that has cropped up in the fandom. I enjoy it because genetics interests me and I like following a set of rules, so I don’t mind changing my designs to fit those rules. But if you don’t then no one should be able to make you.

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I actually saw a blogger make a public apology for drawing incest pedo porn. Shes been gone from the internet for over a month now. She apologized and gave reasons to why she did it. Mostly because she was 12 when she started and didn't have a grasp that it was wrong. (Shes 23 now, But stopped drawing the porn at 18). I wish she didn't delete her blog, but her apology post was better than GP's post talking about coping with abuse.

People can definitely change. The kicker here is that smaller artists? Less popular creators? They’ll be crucified for these mistakes and run off of websites even after a legitimate apology and change of heart. Glip? They can continue as if nothing happened. People will defend them. It’s constant.

expressivite replied to your post “Also I still think the first episode of season three might have been…”

@shelbybros-ltd i think the same, honestly it doesn’t make any sense how things ended up

Right?! Between the stuff she said to the press and all the plotlines left hanging, I feel like something must have happened. Why did they introduce Grace’s uncle? Why did he say he’d be checking in and then never come back? Why didn’t we ever find out what really happened with Grace’s husband and how she felt about it? Why didn’t we get more Polly/Grace drama? I feel like I could accept it if they just came out and were like “yeah we fucked up” haha


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later


voltron character posters 1/7 → lance

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?