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Jack Kelly Eats Papes

A few weeks after the main events in Newsies took place:

The newsies are lined up as per usual, returning the papes they couldn’t sell and collecting back their money. They’re all in high spirits, still grateful that they’ve finally gotten their rights.

Jack Kelly, who’s not on line, casually strolls by while holding Katherine’s hand.

“Hey, Jack!” most of the newsies shout, glad to see their friend. Whispers float around about how Jack has no need to return his papes; instead, he has never failed to sell all of them. The newsies look up to and admire this hero, wishing to someday be like him.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Jack is not a perfect newsie. He never sells all of his papes.

Later that night, when no one’s around, the sound of rustling paper fills the air. Jack Kelly is at it again, ripping pieces of newspaper apart with his teeth like an animal. He doesn’t need to sell back his papes. He eats them instead.


Ok ok I know this is really weird but I saw a post about it so this is for @jaredeatsbathbombs. Don’t hate me.

Why did I lose like 70 followers since I reblogged those women’s March and justiceformuslims posts? If you’re for trump and against human rights then please keep unfollowing me, I don’t need your bullshit anywhere near me


anonymous asked:

Why did you lose followers you gained? I don't understand *hides*

Well, people probably didn’t like the spn family spam and unfollowed me even tho I had a tag they could blacklist? Oh well