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Okay so it’s my first day of class rn and I spent like 20 minutes circling around my building trying to find out where my classroom is. I eventually asked my friend and she told me that I had to go through a door that’s not labeled and that’s where my classroom will be at. Now I’m waiting for it to start and people are greeting me when I walked in and I’m not used to this.

A Night With The Boys

word count: 2.3k

warnings: implied smut, pervy!jungkook

pairings: wheetae, hwamin

“Who are you texting?” Wheein asked, coming out from the bathroom. This was how Hyejin knew she was bored out of her mind since this was about the tenth time she’d asked in the last four minutes.

Hyejin looked up from her phone and smiled. “Huh? It’s just Jimin. He keeps whining about how bored he is.” Her acrylics tapped on her phone screen quickly, creating a clicking sound that she had fallen accustomed to.

“That makes two of us,” Wheein sighed, hopping into the couch with Hyejin, laying her head onto her best friend’s lap. “Please let us do something today.” She pulled out her phone then suddenly gasped as an idea popped into her head. “We should have a sleepover!”

“Moonbyul and Yongsun already planned to go out with the others already. I’m sure they wouldn’t like to switch up their plans just now,” Hyejin replied, looking down at Wheein whose eyes were still excited despite what she just said.

“I meant with the boys! It’s been a while since we’ve had them over. And the last time we did it was supposed to be a dinner but then…” Wheein trailed off pointedly.

Hyejin immediately caught on, her face blushing at the comment. “It was an accident! We just…wanted to…get to know each other better.”

“I don’t think Jimin putting his tongue—”

“So a sleepover!” Hyejin interjected, slapping a hand over Wheein’s mouth. “Who are the invitees?”

“Your man, Tae, and just invite Jungkook since he’d tag along anyways.” Wheein sat up and tucked her legs under her body. “We have enough snacks right?”

“For me and you, yes. Not for those three grown men coming over. Those appetites are monstrous.” Hyejin reminisced the dinner party, shuddering at the thought.

“Okay so I’ll get snacks and drinks and you make sure to get the times settled and stuff.” Wheein jumped up from the couch, zipping up her jacket and slipping on her sneakers. “This is going to be so much fun,” she giggles before grabbing her keys and rushing out the apartment.

“Yeah right,” Hyejin mumbled, adding the three boys into a groupchat on her phone, “she’s only saying that because she gets to see her little boyfriend again.” Yet Hyejin couldn’t help but feel a little joyful herself.

About two hours later, Wheein came back to Hyejin’s apartment with her arms full of groceries. She set them on the countertop with a huff unzipping her jacket and throwing it on a chair. Hyejin had moved the table from the middle of the living room to the side and set out a bundle of blankets and pillows.

Right after Wheein set out the snacks and drinks, Hyejin came out of her room with a full set of pajamas on, throwing another set at Wheein.

“They’ll be here in like five minutes. Taehyung said he’s bringing his laptop so we can hook it up and watch some movies,” Hyejin said while tying her hair into a high ponytail.

“It’s not like you’ll be watching away,” Wheein teased, setting down another bottle of juice. A stinging pain lingered on her butt where Hyejin’s angry hand had just been.

“Ouch!” Wheein turned to Hyejin and glared at her heatedly. “I’m just telling the truth!”

“You watch yourself tonight before I embarrass you in front of Taehyung.”

Wheein rolled her eyes, stealing a chip from the bowl. “We’re only friends unlike you and Jimin who—if I remember correctly—had you half naked in your room not too long.” She purposely munched on a chip right in front of Hyejin’s face before marching off and changing.

Hyejin crossed her arms and looked down at the floor. “Stop bringing that up or I swear!” She huffed and sat crisscross on the floor unfolding each of the thick blankets.

There were three rhythmic knocks on the door when Wheein finally had changed into her sleepwear. Hyejin stood up from the floor and sauntered over to the door, checking the peephole before unlocking the door and opening it slowly.

“Noona!” Jungkook came crashing into Hyejin’s arms, embracing her with all his might. He smelled moderately of cologne and had a simple grey t-shirt accompanying his black shorts. Hyejin choked a laugh, patting his muscly back just as he let go. “It’s been a while huh. Ya know every since the dinner party and stuff.”

“Nice to see you too kid.” Hyejin messed his hair knocking him to the side to greet to older men behind him.

“Jinnie!” Tae exclaimed, enveloping her into a hug just as Jungkook had done before.

Hyejin laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging him back. “I’ve missed my shopping buddy.”

“Well we have a few days off. If you do too, we can take a little trip down to the District,” Taehyung smiled happily once Hyejin nodded, agreeing to his plans.

Noticing Wheein behind, struggling with Jungkook, he walked over to her and pulled Jungkook away, circling his arms around her petite waist and bringing her close enough for her to feel his body warmth, as well as every dip and curve under the flimsy shirt he wore.

“I’ve missed you,” Taehyung whispered into Wheein’s neck, his lips brushing lightly along with each word he spoke. Wheein ducked away, giggling, her hands on his biceps trying to push him away.

“Stop Tae, they’ll see.” Wheein barely got him to budge as he pouted, bringing her closer.

“What? You don’t miss me?” Taehyung whispered jokingly, his hands slipping dangerously down Wheein’s back.

“Tae!” Wheein accidentally squeaked a little too loudly, making the other three turn to them. She hurriedly slipped from his hold and chuckled nervously. “Have some snacks!” She gestured towards the food on the counter. There, Taehyung had come up behind her, trapping her between the granite and his body.

“What if I have something else in mind?” Taehyung asked, strategically placing his face near Wheein’s. “Something much more to my liking.” The innuendo seeped through Wheein’s mind quickly, heat rushing to her cheeks.


Jungkook popped up next to them, grabbing a bowl of chips and a bottle of juice. “Are you guys done flirting? I have this scary movie I’ve been dying to watch with my girls.”

Wheein removed Taehyung’s arms from around her and followed Jungkook to the couch.

“We weren’t flirting and I don’t like scary movies that much. You know that Jungkook.” Wheein frowned, sitting down on the fluffy blankets that were laid out.

“Ah me neither Jungkook,” Hyejin pointed out. After an awkward greeting with Jimin, they both had sat down a respectful distant from each other though Jimin was trying his best to get closer without making it obvious.

Ever since the dinner party there had been some kind of unspoken tension between the two. Jimin had tried his best to bring it up in their conversations, but Hyejin dodged them with quickness, changing the topic abruptly.

“Well that’s too bad,” Jungkook mocked Hyejin’s voice, “my laptop, my choice.”

“I brought my laptop though, didn’t I?” Taehyung said, walking to where the bundles of blankets were.

“Then why did I just log in with my password?” Jungkook rose an eyebrow waiting for the rebuttal, but all Taehyung did was shrug and cuddle up to Wheein.

Hyejin leaned closer to Wheein and jokingly whispered, “Just friends huh?”

“Fuck off,” Wheein sneered, “I hope you can actually keep your clothes on the whole night this time.”

“Okay! I found it!” Jungkook kneeled next to the television and connected the cord to the laptop, clicking play when it showed up on the flat screen.

The dark ominous music already had Wheein pulling the covers up to her face. Taehyung chuckled and pulled her closer until she was laying on his chest comfortably.

Jimin watched the two with envy, looking at the distance between him and Hyejin with distaste. She had her knees up against her chest, her feet laying on top of the other for warmth. Jimin noticed and grabbed a blanket, covering both of them.

“Thank you,” Hyejin mumbled, her eyes glancing briefly at Jimin then back at the movie.

“No problem.” Jimin gulped and dragged his body closer bit by bit.

Hyejin noticed but didn’t object, accepting that she would jump next to him in the long run. She felt his arm creep around her shoulder and his body move, his thigh touching hers.

The sudden loudness of the music form the movie made the two women cringe, burrowing themselves closer to the mean beside them, leaving Jungkook cold and lonely in the middle, chomping down on the chips.

“What is actually wrong with you Jungkook? This is what you watch on your free time?” Wheein asked, covering her face with the blanket.

“Well this and watching—”

“I’m gonna have to stop you there buddy,” Wheein laughed smacking his arm.

By the end of the movie, Taehyung found himself nearly cradling Wheein, Jungkook—surprisingly—had Hyejin huddled up against him while Jimin had eyes the two jealously throughout the whole movie.

“Ah my hair is bothering me,” Wheein announced as the credits rolled in. “Excuse me while I go get a hair tie.”

“I’ll go get one, I need to grab my phone charger anyways.” Hyejin removed herself from the covers, stepping carefully over them. She entered her room, not bothering to turn on the lights since she already knew how easily she could find the two objects. She grabbed the hair tie, sliding it onto her wrists, shuffling to the side to unplug the charger.

“Hyejin.” A voice sounded out gruffly from behind her, her body straightening out immediately at the noise.

“Jimin what are you doing?” Hyejin heaved, turning around to face him. He towers only a few inches above her, his aura dominating the space around them. “Did you need anything.”

His piercing stare had Hyejin backing up, her back meeting the wall at an unfortunate circumstance.

“Yes and no,” Jimin’s voice had dropped an octave, shocking Hyejin completely. “That night at the dinner party, if Wheein hadn’t found us…” he trailed off, his body standing right in front of hers. “…would you have let me continue?”

Jimin snuck his hand around Hyejin’s waist, pulling her lower body into his, a gasp escaping from her lips, knowing he remembered that night very well.

“What,” he tightened his clutch on her waist, his head lowered to her neck, his lips planting small kisses, “would you have done?”

Hyejin let out a small whine, her hands clutching the collar of his shirt. “Jimin, the others—”

“Can hear us I don’t care. Tonight I’m finishing what we started.” Jimin gripped the back of Hyejin’s thigh, hooking it around his as he pushed her against the wall, a small thud emitting.

“Jimin! Be quiet,” Hyejin said in a hushed voice.

Outside the door, three ears were pressed up against it, listening intently.

“They’re totally going to fuck,” Jungkook said a little too loudly.

Wheein smacked his back, walking towards the snacks. Just as she was about to grab a drink, Taehyung walked up next to her with a mischievous smile.

“Wheein didn’t you say you had something  wrong with your desk? You can show it to me now if you want,” Taehyung hummed, grabbing Wheein’s free hand in his giant ones.

“Nope.” Wheein slipped her hand from Taehyung’s, a pout forming on his face. “If you’re just going to try and get my pants off, I’m sitting next to Jungkook for this movie.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jungkook drawled from the couch.

“Hands to yourself,” Wheein warned. She sat back down on the floor, bunching up the blanket between her and Taehyung. Jungkook mindlessly browsed the movie section on his laptop clicking through the movie title until he heard Wheein scream out frantically pointing at the movie Jungkook had the mouse on.

“That one!” she exclaimed.

Jungkook’s face scrunched in disgust. “A romantic comedy? How typical for—”

The bedroom door suddenly opened, Hyejin strolling out, her black hair down and mussed. She had a small smile on her face even though the tips of her ears were reddening with embarrassment. Slowly sipping on a cup of juice, she settled down next to Wheein, as silent as could be.

As if she hadn’t just finished fucking a close friend in her bedroom just five minutes ago.

“Um where’s Jimin?” Taehyung questioned, searching behind Hyejin for his best friend.

“Sleeping,” Hyejin answered, licking her lips to rid them of the sticky juice.

“Wow noona, I didn’t know you had it like that. That pussy—”

“Don’t finish that sentence or I will hurt you,” Hyejin threatened, throwing a pillow at Jungkook. “Just put on the movie already.”

Jungkook followed orders, clicking the movie Wheein had suggested earlier, falling his way into Hyejin’s lap on his way back to the blankets. He grabbed her hand, settling it into his ruffled hair, gesturing for her to run her hands through.  Almost two minutes later, the boy’s eyes began to flutter, urging to put himself to sleep.

Taehyung was heavily immersed in the movie, following the actor’s every action with a small gasp here and there.

“You are totally going to tell me everything later,” Wheein whispered into Hyejin’s ear harshly.

“You just covered my ear with your spit and of course I will, just wait until the boys leave.” Hyejin nudged Wheein lightly, leaning over Jungkook’s face to see if he was still asleep. There was a 99.9% chance he wasn’t and wanted to just listen in on any potential conversation, but she wanted to believe with that .1% that he was. Hyejin blew out a big breath, bringing her attention to the big screen.

So much for a peaceful sleepover.

Travel - XXVIII

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“Dad you have to come with us,” said Virgil. “You’re the only one who really knows who Thomas is. Even if we were to find him, how are we to know that it’s him? You said yourself that he does a lot of hiding. We need your help with this.”

Mr. Xander let out a soft sigh and ran a hand through his hair. “Virgil, I want to help, but it’s not like I can go anywhere! My watch keeps me bound to Level Five.”

“Dad.” Virgil took his watch out of his pocket and Parker pulled back his sleeve to reveal a bare wrist. “We’ve gotten ours off. We can take yours off too.”

Mr. Xander stared with wide. “How did you…”

“I figured it out,” Parker said meekly. “It only took five years. But I think it’s better if we get somewhere safer and take yours off than do it right here.”

“But how will we get anywhere safer with my watch still on?”

“We know a secret tunnel,” Virgil said as he got to his feet. “We’ve met some interesting people, and you’re about to get acquainted with the mob.”

They all left Mr. Xander’s house together and stuck to the alleyways. Once they told him where they were going, Mr. Xander was able to lead the way with a better route to avoid police eyes than any of them could have come up with. The walk through the tunnels was going to be long, and Virgil was starting to get fed up just a couple minutes into the walk when LOG-IN thankfully broke the silence.

“Why did Thomas build me like this?” he asked.

Mr. Xander looked at him. “Because he wanted the new CRS to have the capabilities to learn human emotion and come to proper conclusions—”

“That’s not what I meant.” LOG-IN hesitated a moment. “Why did he make me…defective?”

“LOG-IN you’re not defective!” Parker said.

“If he wanted to build me properly, he would have instilled emotions from the start,” LOG-IN said. “Humans don’t have to learn emotions. They can feel just fine. I have to…I have to understand happiness, or figure out sadness or interpret anger. Even then, I fall short. I can’t…feel…like I’m supposed to. I’m defective.”

Mr. Xander stopped and turned to LOG-IN. “I think you’re thinking about it in the wrong way. It is incredibly difficult to create artificial life with as much complexity as humans. Thomas is smart, but he’s no genius. Of course he won’t get it right on the very first try, at least not ‘right’ in the sense that you’re thinking. But he made you, and you’ve grown a lot. I can tell without even having met you. You’re far more human than any robot created before you.”

“But that’s not enough,” LOG-IN said, insistently. “I need to already have achieved humanity. It’s what I was built for. It was the whole point of the trials. I’m not even the first try. Thomas didn’t get me right on the first try! I was scrapped. Twice. And now I’m defective again so I’m going to—to…!”

“You think he’s going to scrap you?” Parker asked.

LOG-IN looked down. “Well that’s quite obvious, isn’t it?”

“He’s not going to scrap you.”

“Yes, he is.”

“We won’t let him scrap you.” That got LOG-IN to raise his gaze. Parker looked firm in his decision. “You’ve grown a lot, LOG-IN. You’ve learned so much. And I don’t care how smart or experienced or whatever this Thomas guy is, if he thinks that scrapping you is a good decision then he’s an idiot. We won’t let him scrap you.”

LOG-IN continued to stare, uncertain about what to say. He finally settled on, “Even though I don’t work?”

“Don’t work? LOG-IN, what are you feeling right now?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you think about being deactivated, what do you feel?”

“I’m…I’m not sure.”

Parker smiled, lightly. “I think it’s fear. And that’s pretty human.”

Something swelled within LOG-IN. He wanted to say more, but he couldn’t find the words. Parker wasn’t going to budge, LOG-IN knew, so any further argument was futile. Instead he chose to let his lips upturn and nod.

The group continued walking and after a couple hours, they’d arrived back at the Sandlot mansion.

[All characters are available for questions.]

Nanbaka Chatroom: #2
  • squealingmonkey_ logged on. harmbesson logged on.
  • harambesson: Of all times I had to be logged on why did it have to be with you.
  • squealingmokey_: Can it, gorilla, I'd rather see words over your face any day of the week.
  • harambesson: Oh yea? The feeling is mutual.
  • asianbeauty logged on. shota-baby logged on.
  • squealingmonkey_: Who the fuck are you two?
  • asianbeauty: Liang and Upa. I swear to god, I'm going to kill Mitsuru. As if hitting on my when I first showing up, thinking I was a girl, wasn't bad enough.
  • shota-baby: To be fair, you do wear makeup.
  • asianbeauty: EVERYONE in our building does. QI does. You are the only one who dosesn't.
  • shota-baby: Yes because it wasn't bad enough last time.
  • squealingmonkey_: I mean it didn't look THAT bad...
  • shota-baby: I looked like I was stuck in my teenage edgy phase.
  • asianbeauty: You're not?
  • shota-baby: Liang. Shut the fuck up.
  • harmbesson: Great building you have here, monkey boy.
  • squealingmonkey_: At least I don't have 'kardashian-waist' in my building.
  • asianbeauty: I bet this is the last time Mitsuru gets to make accounts for us for things like this.
  • shota-baby: At least your name is a complient. I don't even KNOW what mines mean.
  • asianbeauty: I think it's some anime term.
  • modernXweeb logged on.
  • modernXweeb: DID SOMEONE SAY ANIME!?
  • harembesson: How even...
  • shota-baby: I swear, this kid is so special.
  • modernXweeb: HI MASTER!!11!!
  • shota-baby: How did you even know who I was...?
  • modernXweeb: .... Um...lucky guess...
  • shota-baby: Whatever. So do you have any idea what my username means?
  • modernXweeb: Yes. But I don't think you want to know.

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Did you twitter get hacked or something?? :(

Yes!! ALL of my tweets got deleted and I still can’t log back in. Why, did you get some sort of lewd message from me???? If so I am very sorry, that wasn’t me!!

The Girl (Peter Pan Request)

Your eyes shot open suddenly as you wondered what you were hearing. You got up slowly, hoping not to wake your family up. You rolled your eyes thinking how upset they’d all be after the horrible fight you just had. You loved your family, but you were ready for so much more. There was just no way to get what you needed with them.

 You walked towards your window, hearing the sound get louder. It was absolutely beautiful and captivating. You winced as you opened your window and you could now hear it loudly and clearly. You hoped no one would wake up from the sound, yet you couldn’t believe that no one else was waking up to see what it was. You felt compelled to follow it, as if the music was playing just for you. You were about to walk down the stairs and walk outside, but you figured you’d definitely look insane if you went outside half naked. You quickly pulled on the first pair of pants you could find and the first shirt as well, hoping that you would be quick enough before the music you were hearing stopped.

You went downstairs quickly, feeling so pulled towards the music you didn’t even think about the noise you were probably making. You walked outside, shivering slightly at the cold. You soon noticed you were walking towards the forest, and you could see between the trees that there was a small fire with people all around it. As you got closer, and as the people there started realizing you were walking towards them, they were stopping what they were doing. You could still hear the music however, and you were now standing in front of a group of boys. The music was coming from behind you. It stopped suddenly, and you knew whoever was playing it was standing close to you. You turned around slowly, seeing a young and handsome boy.

No one was speaking, and the stranger in front of you was staring at you as if studying and questioning your presence. “What brings you here?”

You furrowed your eyebrows questioning his anger, “I heard the music. I wanted to see what it was.”

“You?” He asked, now smirking, “You could hear it?”

You nodded, “I’m pretty sure the entire town could hear it…”

“No.” He said, cutting you off completely. He turned to someone else and gave him an order, “Take the boys, I’ll deal with her.”

“Deal with me?” You asked, growing nervous. The rest of the group followed the other boy, and the stranger in front of you walked towards you and grabbed your arm leading you to follow the group, however not letting go of his grip.

You pleaded, “Look, I can go! I don’t need to be here, the music was lovely but I shouldn’t have come, I just felt like I had to!”

The boy who was holding your arm suddenly let it go, forcing you to stumble a little as he placed himself in front of you, “That’s not possible.”

“Please, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong here. Let me go.” You said.

“You are not supposed to be able to hear this. No girl can.” He said, showing you his instrument.

“Well, there must be some explanation…” You offered.

“There must,” He snapped, rolling his eyes, “You’re coming with me.”

“What? Where?” You asked, panicking. Before you could really react, you felt yourself lifting from the ground. You couldn’t tell what was happening because of the fact you were in complete shock. You could see the angry stranger watching you as you, apparently, flew. The only explanation you could come up with was that it was a dream. It’s just a dream.

The next thing you knew you were standing in another forest, except something was different about it. It looked different, of course, but something felt different too. You noticed everyone being led away by a tall boy while the stranger came towards you.

“Where am I?” You asked.

He didn’t answer yet, he simply leaned back against the tree nearest to you. You looked around, and he was letting you walk to touch the leaves and the branches.

“If you’re not going to tell me where I am you could at least tell me your name.” You said.

“You’re awfully calm for someone who just got whisked away to another land.” He said, smirking the same way he always seemed to.

“Well, I imagine I must be dreaming so I don’t really see the point in freaking out.” You said.

He chuckled, “This is not a dream, Y/N.”

Your eyes shot in his direction, “How do you know my name?”

“I know everything.” He said.

“Except why I could hear the music.” You challenged.

Confusion flashed through his eyes, until anger was the only emotion left. “I’m Peter Pan, this is my land. You are here now, which means you must follow my rules. Now go join the others, do not speak to anyone.”

You decided to stay quiet and turned towards where the other boys had disappeared to, you had no idea where you were going and you knew he wasn’t going to help you. You walked, following the scent of food being cooked. You reached what looked like a camp; there were several boys around the fire. Some of them seemed so young, you didn’t quite understand why they were all here but you knew you were best to sit alone by a tree.

Several minutes later, a boy was standing in front of you offering you food. You smiled at him, knowing you were being watched by Pan. “He told me to bring it to you, it’s okay if you take it.”

You sighed gratefully breaking into a smile, “Oh thank you.”

He sat in front of you as you ate, “I’m Fred. I got here about a month ago, I’m sure you’ll like it here.”

“Do you?” You asked.

The boy shrugged, “It’s home now. It’s a lot less lonely than my other home.”

“How old are you?” You asked him.

“I’m 10.” He said, “And we don’t grow here so I’ll always be 10.”

You smiled at him, “Well thank you for the food.”

“Thank him.” He said, glancing over to Pan.

You looked over to Pan, who was sitting down around the fire while it glowed around him. He was watching you curiously; you could tell there was something about you he didn’t understand. Frankly, you didn’t understand him much either.

Your thoughts were interrupted when Fred suddenly screamed. You looked towards him in panic, noticing something had hit his face. You rushed to him, holding his head up as it had knocked him down. You could hear Pan yelling at whoever had thrown the item. You looked at Fred examining his wound. You mother was a nurse, so you knew how to help a gash. Ripping off a piece of your shirt, you dabbed at it hoping to collect most of the blood.

“Will he be okay?” You heard Pan’s voice above you. You looked up and then looked around, noticing you were both alone with Fred.

“He’ll be fine, it just hit him pretty hard.” You said.

Pan took Fred to where he usually sleeps and he let you assess his wound to make sure it would heal. Pan walked back to the fire while you worked.


“Is he okay?” Felix asked.

I nodded, “She’s helping him.”

“You’re letting her stay?” Felix asked.

“There’s something different about her,” I said sitting back down, “I don’t think I can let her leave.”

“Well she seems nice, if she could hear the music it means she must belong here.” He said.

I didn’t answer, and he knew to leave me alone. I knew she would come back the fire eventually; it was the only place she knew. She didn’t have a place here. Not yet.

End Pan POV

“He’s all tucked in, his wound is clean. He should wake up feeling a lot better, and quite comfortable.” You said.

Pan nodded and then raised his eyebrow at you, “You tucked him in?”

You shrugged, “I used to babysit a lot. Kids like being tucked in, it makes them feel safe.”

“A lot of them feel lonely sometimes. They’d probably enjoy that.” He said.

“Are you still angry with me?” You said.

He stayed silent, looking at you. You stood there awkwardly, not knowing what else to do. You decided to go sit on a log beside him.

“Did you figure out why I could hear the music yet?” You asked, changing the subject.

“Do you miss your home yet?” He asked.

“No,” You said, “I don’t think I ever will.”

He looked at you curiously, and you smiled.

“You know, I never thought I’d have a conversation with you.” You said, “Why are you so mean to the others?”

He scoffed, “I’m their leader.”

You rolled your eyes, “So you’d rather they fear you.”

“Stop asking questions,” He said, standing up, obviously angry.

You stood up and walked quickly to make your way in front of him, “You don’t scare me anymore Peter. I know I’m not supposed to be here, but I have one more question for you.”

He rolled his eyes, and signaled for you to ask your question.

“If I’m not supposed to be here then why do I feel like I belong here?” You asked.

He was silent, but this time not because he didn’t want to speak but because he didn’t know what to say. You looked into his eyes, noticing he was trying to answer your question.

He sighed, “Perhaps it’s because you do.”

“You mean that?” You asked, in shock.

“Look, there is something about you that is different than anyone here,” He began.

“Besides the fact that I’m a girl?” You asked, teasing, hoping to figure out if he was even capable of smiling.

He rolled his eyes annoyed, “You’re wasting my time. Move.”

You moved aside, and watched him walk towards what you assumed to be his quarters.

“Peter.” You called out.

He turned around with the same eyebrow raised as before.

“I don’t think I’ll ever miss my family because for the first time, I don’t feel like I’m lost.” You said.

His eyes widened slightly with understanding, and a small smile crept onto his lips.“You can sleep in there, you’ll be warm.”

You smiled, “Thank you.” You turned to go to where he pointed.

“Y/N,” He called out. 

You turned around, afraid his mood would change again. You watched him smile for a second time before speaking, “Welcome to Neverland.”


It had been two days since he said he’d tell me more about himself & I hadn’t talked to him once. I was starting to think that he was lying, that maybe he was afraid to tell me details because he knew I’d be able to tell if they were wrong. I’d gone over our conversations dozens of times in the two days since our last interaction & nothing gave me any hint of if I should believe him or if I should report him for being a creepy lying fucker. I was a forgiving person though so I really wanted to give him the chance to explain himself. Even if I was talking to some random person who wasn’t a member of Exo at all. At least I’d give them the chance to try & convince me otherwise. 

I ran my fingers through my hair as I sat on my bed, logged into the chat & waiting for that cute little pop sound. My bowl of ice cream was melting in front of me because, for once, I didn’t feel like eating it. I’d only gotten it to distract myself from my computer & make an appearance so my family wouldn’t think I was dead. If they knew what I was doing… they’d probably take my computer away. I may be old enough to legally make my own decisions but I knew it was still considered weird to talk to strangers online, especially ones who claimed to be international superstars. As I thought about it, I thought I was crazy too. But even with all my doubts, I was curious. 

My mom called me to dinner an hour after my ice cream had turned into a complete pool of creamy goo so I decided I might as well eat something. Though leaving my computer, knowing he might come on while I was gone, wasn’t exactly ideal in my head. I shook my head at myself because I sounded like a complete psycho. Why was I planning my life around talking to someone online? Was I really that desperate for interaction? …Yes. Who was I kidding? I totally was that desperate. Alas, I decided to go eat dinner, forcing myself to stop thinking about him & his stupid secrecy. I wouldn’t let him control my life like that. Even if he didn’t know he was doing it, I wouldn’t let him. Because I was a strong somewhat independent woman. 

I went to the kitchen where every one had crowded around the stove, making their plates & talking obnoxiously. They all ignored me completely aside from my mom, who as usual, chose to make things awkward & mention my lack of makeup. She never understood why I chose to sit in my room looking like a hobo & not go out partying in hooker-esque clothes with a face full of makeup. Not that I hated makeup. I just didn’t wear it unless I was going somewhere that involved boys… Ah, boys. The main reason for my existence. Them & food were my biggest obsessions… My reverie was interrupted when… it happened. A thought came to me that really made me doubt my whole life. I, for just a second, thought about putting on makeup to talk to that ByunFanboy idiot. Why? Because apparently I was shallow & somehow thought he could see me to be impressed. No. I wouldn’t do it. 

My mom nudged me out of the way, because in my moment of getting caught up in thoughts of impressing someone who I didn’t know, I’d been standing right in the middle of the kitchen with an empty plate. My dad rolled his eyes at me as usual, probably knowing I was thinking about something K-Pop related, which was technically true… maybe. The worst side of my family came out as my brother poked me & made a comment about how I was started to resemble an actual potato. They liked to tease me about how pale I was or how non-muscular I was. I didn’t care though, which lead me to go back where I felt most comfortable. I made a small plate of food & returned to my little cave.

When I got back into my room. I ran to my bed to check my computer. Still nothing. He hadn’t even come on for a second. The fact that I memorized his last online time stamp said a lot about me. Like how much of a stalker I’d become. It was really sad. But instead of staring at his name some more, I ate. I focused myself on the hotness of my dinner & not the hotness of the possible Exo member I may or may not have been talking to. I shoved my last bit of food into my mouth & just as I was walking across my room to take my plate back in the kitchen, I heard it. That cute little popping sound that made my heart jump out through my nose & land on the floor. He was online. I darted to my computer again, seeing his name in our chat, but he hadn’t said anything. I thought about saying something first but I didn’t want to seem eager. 

ByunFanboy: Hello beautiful. (:

ToothyChanyeol: Well hey stranger

ByunFanboy: I’m sorry I was gone again. Are you mad?

ToothyChanyeol: Maybe :P

ByunFanboy: I’m here now. (: 

ByunFanboy: I want to talk to you 

ByunFanboy: You remember what I said, right?

ToothyChanyeol: About you being in one of the biggest Asian-based male groups in the world? No, I totally forgot about that. 

ByunFanboy: HAHAHA, okay okay :P 

ByunFanboy: But seriously… I want to tell you so much

ByunFanboy: I feel like I can trust you, but I’m… not allowed to get personal.

ToothyChanyeol: What if I guess things about you? 

ByunFanboy: YAS. That’s brilliant! 

ByunFanboy: Guess away!

ToothyChanyeol: Hold on… before I guess… how do I know you’re telling me the truth?

ByunFanboy: You don’t trust me? :(

I had to take a minute to rethink things. Did I really want to do this? Was I prepared to do all this work, blindly trusting someone I’d only met a little over a week ago? What kind of person would that make me? I didn’t know I was that much of a pushover until now… but it’s Exo… it’s possibly one of the hottest guys in the world, wanting to talk to me. He said he trusted me. But did I trust him? How could I? I didn’t know him… But it’s Exo! I was torn. For a second.

ToothyChanyeol: …Of course I do. <3

ByunFanboy: YAY! Okay, what first? 

ToothyChanyeol: Hmmm…

ToothyChanyeol: How tall are you?

ByunFanboy: Pretty tall. Over the average for Korea. 

ToothyChanyeol: Okay… that tells me nothing. Thanks. 

ByunFanboy: Sorry :P

ToothyChanyeol: This is hard, I don’t know what to ask! 

ByunFanboy: I’ll help a little. I sing better than I dance.

ToothyChanyeol: WHAT THE FUCK.

ToothyChanyeol: Was that a trick hint? THAT’S STILL HARD. 

ByunFanboy: I can’t help you any more than that. :P

ByunFanboy: Sorry. But things like hair & appearance are kind of off limits

ToothyChanyeol: Well shit…

ToothyChanyeol: I need time to think. Can you come on tomorrow?

ByunFanboy: I’ll try (: 

We both logged off, me with more of a sense of anxiety than anything. I still couldn’t figure it out. There were members who rapped so technically they were better singers than dancers, but if you don’t consider rapping as singing, they were better dancers… I was very confused. I couldn’t get my head to work it all out. I fell onto my pillow after turning my computer off & I couldn’t sleep at all. My brain was whirling with possibilities, why did I log off before asking more questions?! Oh yeah… because I couldn’t think of any. If I asked straight out if he was brunette, then that would be him giving too much away. I couldn’t ask appearance questions, he made that clear. I hoped that by going to sleep, I could recharge my thoughts & I’d wake up with a genius question to ask or a realization of who he was just by the two tiny hints he gave me. As stupid as that sounded, like I said, I was hopeful. 

A/N: Did you figure it out yet? If not, you’re going to like the next part. It gets a little more… intimate OOOH. ;) xo