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Jfc. Team USA with the new YOI poster. WHERE DID THEY EVEN GET THIS.

Okay fine. I am rooting for USA… er, after Russia and Japan? Oh wait. But CANADA. Why is life so hard can I just root for everyone please

(Meanwhile, because of this ISU/YOI collab art, I have finally combined my RL #figure skating tag to the #yuri on ice tag. I never noticed I have never yet combined the two. Omg. Omg omg omg I am so happyyyy~ ♥)

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I love that pasta is basically the only thing Yuuri eats in your fics

IS THIS TRUE?? Anon, since I have an English paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, and since I’m curious, I’m now going to do a comprehensive study of food (and specifically pasta) mentions in all of my fics.

Five Times Viktor And Yuuri Were Jealous Of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) - pasta mentions: 0

  • one vague mention of food, which is never specified
    • Viktor watches the scene in shock, the food that they had just bought completely forgotten on the picnic table in front of him.

Accidentally Seductive - pasta mentions: 0

  • one metaphor containing food, once again the food is not specified
    • (Because negative things and Yuuri just didn’t fit well together. It was like mixing together two different foods with different textures.)

The Fundamentals of Caring - pasta mentions: 0

  • Popcorn
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) - pasta mentions: 1

  • There is unspecified food at a restaurant
  • Yuuri eats pasta! Specifically Phichit’s father’s pad thai

Not Jealous - pasta mentions: 0

  • Yuuri’s boyfriend brings him an unspecified lunch
  • Takeout food is mentioned in a hypothetical scenario Victor comes up with while daydreaming about Yuuri
    • [He] Wants to lay in bed with him and watch television shows and order takeout food with him and take long walks with him and do all of those ridiculous, sappy things.

all the world’s a stage - pasta mentions: 4

  • When Phichit first tells Yuuri about the job they are given unspecified food. 
    • His mind has gone haywire, his heart thumping in his chest. A waiter comes by and sets food in front of them, but he can hardly even see it.
  • Victor and Yuuri go out on a date to a restaurant, but the food is never explicitly mentioned.
  • Yuuri and Victor order and enjoy pizza
  • Makkachin eats dog food
  • They eat chips and salsa while watching Phichit skate
  • They eat popcorn when they watch Phichit skate again
  • They eat Pringles at Victor’s house one time
  • Yuuri was going to get unspecified food when he was intimidated by the paparazzi waiting for him
  • Christophe suggests Victor brings Yuuri’s family food when he’s going to fly to surprise him
  • The night after the gala Victor makes Yuuri food and puts it on a tray
  • At some point, Phichit and Yuuri go to a diner and eat unspecified food
  • Yuuri makes Victor piroshki and also makes katsudon several times throughout the story
  • There is a mention of eating a 32 inch Snickers bar
    • And how would one go about eating a 32 inch Snickers Bar in the first place?
  • There are four mentions of pasta in this fic, although pasta is never explicitly eaten.
    • 1. Victor thinks that anything Yuuri says would sound good. A pack of rabid raccoons? Cruel and unusual punishments? Ketchup and pasta?
    • 2. “Do you feel like Chinese? I could go for Chinese,” Victor muses. “Or maybe just pasta or something. I don’t know. Pizza again? Always a good choice. Oooh, or katsudon. You’ve gotten me hooked on katsudon, I’m afraid.”
    • 3. “I thought he was sick,” Yurio answers. “Relax, he probably had bad pasta or something. It happens.”
    • 4. Phichit is a firm believer in pasta Thursdays, a tradition that is held dear to all of their hearts.

centripetal force - pasta mentions: 4

  • Yurio wants to talk about food bc Victor is annoying him by being smitten™
    • “Let’s talk about food now. I want to talk about food.”
  • Yuuri eats a sandwich at the quad. Phichit also has a sandwich.
    • Yuuri moans in response to the first bite of his sandwich. “I’m starving,” he realizes.
  • Both Yuuri and Victor eat pasta!
    • “I’m getting pasta,” Victor tells him, heading off towards the pasta station. Yuuri gets pasta, too. Then they’re sitting across from each other, except Yuuri has already begun digging into his food, and Victor hasn’t, is just watching him.
  • Yuuri gets Victor a blueberry muffin when he’s hungover after the Halloween party
  • Yuuri brings pastries for Phichit and himself then starts crying while holding the bag
  • Victor orders Yuuri pasta in Saint Petersburg
    • Victor attacks Yuuri’s pasta with his fork, eats a bite of it. “See,” he explains through a mouthful, “your weakness is your empathy, Yuuri.”
  • They eat piroshki together
  • At some point, Yuuri brings Victor a bag of unspecified food
  • Victor is mentioned eating pasta at some point
    • “This is good,” Victor states firmly, digging into his pasta.
  • Pasta Thursday is mentioned to be a thing on campus
    • Yuuri is hungry, one day, so he walks to the dining hall for a late dinner. Victor is working on a project, so Yuuri is alone, yawning with thoughts of Pasta Thursday on his mind.

how the mighty fall (in love) - pasta mentions: 1

  • Victor orders a sandwich and Yuuri orders pasta
    • They sit down at a booth. It’s Italian food, which Victor enjoys. He orders a sandwich, Yuuri orders a pasta dish.
  • Victor has unspecified takeout food in Saint Petersburg


The most pasta mentions is a tie between centripetal force and all the world’s a stage. However, pasta is never explicitly said to be eaten in all the world’s a stage. As I have continued writing, the pasta mentions have increased, but this is also most likely due to the fact that most of my latter fics are multi-chapter, whereas the beginning ones are one-shots. The fic with the best food, in my opinion, is The Fundamentals of Caring. I do really like pasta.


The full video version!

I don’t know what JK said to HS but it’s pretty clear HS was already about to sit and pointed out the other empty sit to JK. And did JK really point at JM’s direction with his lips (like he was telling HS why he wanted to sit there)?!

Of course, HS probably understood there’s no arguing with JK about it (he’s been away from JM for a long time that night, come on! Give the guy a break!) so just did what an understanding hyung would do. (Poor HS T-T)

And JM! OMG! JM! The smile he did after realising JK’s sitting next to him the rest of the night – KILIG! (Just google it. I’m sorry but I have no other sufficient one-word expression to use for this!)


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I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.

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You're my favorite artist on this site. I absolutely LOVE your art style and swan? best webcomic ever. I'm super excited to see whats going to happen next. But honestly i never know how to tag stuff on your art so i just put "hashtag love it hashtag fav artist" but irl im like THIS IS THE BEST OMG SHE BLESSES MY SOUL SO MUCH WITH HER ART I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART, LOOK AT IT, IS IT AMAZING??? YES OF COURSE IT IS CUS SELENA DID IT

hghdfjkgjdhkdjf anon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im blushin youre too sweet <3

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Why did Pitch get cancelled?!? I just started watching it today omg


Basically the ratings were really low. But not like Scream Queens low. The ratings weren’t low because the show sucked, they were low because it basically got a death slot competing against Thursday night football. Also, Fox did jack shit to promote it. 

The ratings by NO MEANS matched the fan reaction. Opposite ends of the spectrum entirely. I was one of the first people to post in the tag the night of the Pilot and it BLEW UP. Within 24 hours my post was SEVERAL pages back. I couldn’t find it. Before you knew it, by episode 2, there was a full fledged fandom. It only kept growing. The characters were all amazing and the show gave what so many people asked for; diversity, dealing with real issues, and a strong POC female lead.


FUCK FOX. I’m bitter. 

T : Uhurrrmmm… Okay so, we’re here to accept the Sims No Filter Challenge from @hibiskiss.

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture. (Thank you very much for tagging me sweetie!! 😀 Yay!)

N : Yeah! Aand.. now we’re going to erase all make up on our face. So.., just give us a moment..!

……………………………Hausuhuahauusuah…….. (▰˘◡˘▰)

T : Are we really going to show our bare face?

N : Welp..! We don’t really have any other choice on this post aren’t we? This basically why we’re here.. On the count of three…. THREE!

………………………………? …!!

N : Bwahahahaha..!

T : This is not fair!! You’re using Anndolbyskin, which basically full of face make up! Not fair! Not faiiiiir!

……(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ *** Zwappp! *Nathaniel change into another pale skin*

N : Happy now?

T : Whatever… Let’s just continue to the before after pictures!

——  *Why he’s still so good looking???*  ——

T : Omg, what’s with your poses here? So gaayy!~

N : Lol, shut up! Look at your bare eyes here! So slaaayyy~ are you having a toothache?


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*Only do this when you guys feel like “want to do it” & have some free times for it!^^ btw I forgot which one of you already did this tagg, so if you already did that.. Then.. it’s up to you! kkkkk

*I only remember @declarations-of-drama already did this. ahueheueu, I want to tag you tho..

——————– Happy Easter everyonee!!  💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤️ ———————–

at first i was like “what the fuck does this mean omg why did he do that” but then it hit me: dan has not been danisnotonfire for some time now, he has grown out of this nickname, it doesn’t fit him anymore and thank god it doesn’t!
just look at dan, he’s happy, he’s open, he’s confident!

changing into daniel howell is like when you finally go to uni and you just feel the need to change that ugly email you invented when you were a sad teen into something that defines you

dan has grown up and i’m honestly so proud of him, this is all i have to say

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🍴 Muhren can cook and did a little lunch for Blakk and him, so they can discuss about themself between work's schedule (he know pretty much nothing about him after all)

Omg yes! This is perfect. I was JUST thinking of sending a bunch of questions to find out more about Muh!!

This is Blakk’s first real get-to-know-you lunch. *__*

» reaction meme

This was Blakk’s first time meeting someone for lunch.  He was worried about being late, so he wrapped up his training extra early, changed, and snagged some extra nutrient bars just in case Muhren hadn’t had a chance to get anything for himself between their demanding work schedules.

When he arrived at the lounge, Muh was already there, unpacking a couple of small boxes upon the table.  Blakk stared in confusion for a moment, before realizing that this was his lunch.

Frak.  Was Blakk supposed to have brought something different?  Was he supposed to have made something?  Dammit.  Frakking hells.  Blakk glanced around in panic for a brief moment, until Muh’s gaze caught his eye, and he quickly schooled his face into something more appropriate and shoved the ration bars into his back pocket.

“I’m here!” Blakk said, completely unnecessarily. He mentally kicked himself and added, “How was your training?” before realizing that he had no idea if Muh had even had training that morning.  Quickly, he sat down at the table and tried to pretend he had a clue what he was doing.

(WTF I’m on mobile and I can’t add tags, this is killing meeee. Blakk is not used to normal social interactions. XD)

A lil’ fan-art for @friendsick ‘s Eddsworld Mafia AU ( @eddsgang )

I was going to draw something else, but I ended up drawing this instead… Anywho, I suggest you lovely people to check it out, I bet you’ll get into this Eddsworld AU.

((Edit- I just realize the the silhouette-ish Tom and Matt looks the same. Where did I go wrong.))

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Omg! I did have a bf too when I was 15 and he was 18, and i think I haven't met someone sweeter than that guy. I really have good memories about that "relationship" so i understand you completely!!

i can say without hesitation this guy was the first guy i ever fell in love with! i don’t even know how or why? it just happened? and for some unfathomable reason it was mutual? what the heck? (also we were both at calarts for the creative writing programme at the cali state summer school for the arts and -cough- pretty sure i was a better writer than him -cough-) 

ok but another funny story: we were in the same grade despite me being 15 and him being 17 so we were applying to colleges the same year. we wanted to go to the same college ya kno, be ~that couple~ ya kno. so he was like, let’s apply to william and mary. so we both did. and I GOT IN. and he didn’t.

i laugh for decades whenever i think about it lmao rip first love

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I feel the need to tell you that today i was going through who my watching list on DeviantArt (which i rarely go on anymore) and I saw you tagged as my friend? So i thought i just forgot to uncheck the option, but when I went into your profile I saw that we were indeed mutuals? It was so baffling. I mean, that's probably why im following you on tumblr but Ive come to admire your art so much it took me offguard omg

omg whaat

i honestly rarely use dA anymore and i havent followed anyone there in forever so chances are if i follow you there i probably did it years ago :0?? and tysm oml

Oh, Gods, how did I not know that the Abelas x Lavellan pairing was a thing and WHY ISN’T THERE MORE OF IT?! The Long Pursuit by tinyfierce on Ao3 is probably one of the most beautiful fics I’ve ever read. Like holy wow.

Gorgeous Abelas tarot design by the incredible swevenfox who has a whole tag of amazing Abelas works and I’m just so smitten with them. The original posting of this work is here

There are two things about this moment that I like way too much:

1. Yuri has a cute af onigiri pillow

2. While Victor is like “OMG YAAAAS!” Yuri - the one who did it - is just sitting there like “wut” 

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the link is under /tagged/friends-with-benefits-au it was legit two years ago lol thats why you don't remember it i just got bored the other night and went back really far and read a bunch of old stuff

omg yikes @ myself lmfao I may do a rewrite because Percy’s half of that dialogue is… not in character lmao 🙈 thank you for the trip down memory lane!! Never worry about how long ago I did something haha xx