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Steven Universe The Swing: a parody of Fragonard’s painting of the same name 

After months of hiatus Steven Universe is finally back! 


(UPDATE: Me and Lothlenan spoke about the situation and she also agrees that it was nothing but a crazy coincidence and that there is no harm done. We agreed that many artists have done this parody before us and it will continue after. Please I urge you all if you see that there is something that you are not sure of PLEASE CONTACT THE ARTIST FIRST to avoid drama. thank you)

I didn’t think I needed to defend myself but I guess I have to. Number one I painted my version of the Swing of Steven Universe before the artist Lothlenan. I created mine in March of 2017 and she created hers in April of 2017. I had no clue that this artist existed until AFTER I finished my piece and posted it up on 10/11/17 when I already created prints to sell on Catprint.

After posting my version of The Swing I enter the hashtag to see if it would appear and the artist herself was one of the first post. I was nervous and even express how people might believe I copied her work when in reality I didn’t know she existed or created her own version. I even deleted my post many times but I felt that I put allot of hard work on my illustration that I will post it up again. And if I needed to defend myself I will and here we are now.

I have proof that I created my piece from scratch in April as well as written messages from other well known artists giving me the idea and feedback in putting two things I love together Steven Universe and Art History.  I’m sure Lothlenan knows that “The Swing” is an obvious painting to create a parody especially if you know the contact behind the piece and it symbolic references.

I admit, it a bit strange to see the SU character in the same age preference and the only reason is because that is the time Rose existed for both Greg and Pearl when they were young especially at a time when both were fighting for her love. hence why Pearl is pulling the swing as Greg hides behind the bush.

Listen, I created my piece on my own with no knowledge of the other artist and her version. If I did known that Lothlenan created her own version that wouldn’t have stop me either. the painting itself is the parody and a reference. I created the sketch, the undertone, the lineart. Everything you see in my version is what I made out of nothing but a blank document and if you still feel doubt I can post the progress  as well as photos with proof that I to came up with the idea as well.

This is a message to lithiummoonfox and others who try to create drama please speak to the artists first before you start accusing anyone of stealing. You create a terrible space for not just me but Lothlenan in which we both need to defend ourself when in reality we just want to create artwork we love so we can share it with you all. I understand that it can seem like a crazy coincidence but that what it really just is a crazy coincidence and I don’t need to not post my own art because someone already posted there own version before me!

I worked very hard on this piece and even went to Spain on April 2017 and shared it to others who was with me from day 1. Who believed in the idea of the parody who also critique my work when it was in it early process stage (as I said if you need proof I can create a post of the entire process and messages)

I am a painter, illustrator and freelance artist I worked with the most important artists and curators of our country I was acknowledged in museums and galleries I was published twice and I can keep going on but I to study Art History because I LOVE ART HISTORY! I WOULD NEVER STEAL FROM ANYONE!

I know the SU fandom can get toxic but believe me when I say this won’t stop me from creating my own artwork even if it resembles other artists parody I won’t stop creating I won’t stop my idea of creating SU characters and parodying them from paintings of other artists of different movements. it just what it is going to be.

thank you.

if klance isn’t meant to be canon then why did lance say “i got you buddy” to keith in that voice? i literally don’t know how to describe his tone other than “future boyfriend.” and keith literally stopped in the middle of battle to smile softly at him? keith “knifey mcfighterson” kogane stopped to give lance the most in-love, soft-ass smile i have ever seen in the middle of a battle. like that on its own would be eyes emoji enough, but with the added context of…all of keith and lance’s interactions in season three, well, all i have to say is

My J2 Photo Op from TorCon2017

I always like to let the people I have met  go first because it means I get to watch them get their photos and watch their joy. It truly is a beautiful thing. Seeing the boys interact with the fans feels me up with so many good happy feelings.

Once I got into the photo op room I could see the boys and it was amazing. Jensen was dancing and singing with the music and Jared just beams with happiness. He is such a big adorable puppy. Because they are so tall I couldn’t see their faces around the  lighting umbrellas so I just squatted down to see around them and to see the boys for 30 more seconds of viewing. I gave no shits what people thought. 

Jensen does the thing where he scans the line with his eyes…and talk about making your heart beat faster when he looks right at you (with your giant smile plastered to your face). Next thing I knew it was my turn. I don’t remember saying hi… I remember saying “Jensen I gave you a hug earlier so I am going to hug Jared this time. But I still would love your super big smiles!” And then Jared grabbed me and hugged me and just as Chris is about to snap the picture Jared somehow squeezes me tighter and I take big breathe in and fuuucckkkk I smell the musk…. No way to describe it. 

 And then I was sent on my way. Shell shocked. Walking up to them is just something else. You’re surrounded by giant men and it’s somewhat overwhelming but so good at the same time. It’s just Jared and Jensen is all you can see and they are both coming toward you. It’s truly something else. Also Jared’s hugs are something else. like from another dimension. Chuck knows I love Jensen but Jared’s hug did something to my soul. 

The End.

(Please be kind and respect me and my picture!)


ITS SUMMER. I liked the lighting here, but it does force me to realise that the sun does completely bleach and obliterate my eyebrows

dec.16 | I’ve made a self yearly review, so why not a studyblr yearly review too? heheh. Here’s a collage of my favourite photos since I joined the community. I’ve been here not for very long but everyone is so welcoming and kind. I even made friends who all are nice and supportive. And to be honest, being in this community is one of the reasons I had the courage to quit studying what I don’t like and pursue something I love. So thank you. You guys have played a big part in my life this year and I don’t regret what I did.

- Pat

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have a boy- heck, have three!

threw this together in about an hour, so there’s room for improvement, but it just had to be in pixels. i’ve been really seriously daydreaming about a fan game with these guys. it’d be a ton of work…


Hey guys!

Have you seen A6A6I5 yet? I will post the art I did for it later, but in the meantime have this!

I was told to make the pictures for the update look rough and unfinished on purpose (still not sure why, if those are supposed to be photos and not drawings though), and I assume other artists were told the same, so please don’t say something like they “didn’t try hard enough”.

But before I started working on that I’ve made these quick warmups to embrace the sketchiness :з


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

no you guys don’t understand I love my cat so much

my perfect fluffy baby

Nuts and Bolts

Sweet Pea x reader

Synopsis: You’re studying law while your boyfriend gets in trouble with it. Desperate to find some money to afford an engagement ring for you, Sweet Pea seeks help from a Ms.Peabody.

A/N: sorry I haven’t posted in ages between Christmas and exams I’ve been wrecked. I wrote this a little differently than how I’d normally do it. Hope you like the idea and aren’t to mad about the execution. Feed back welcomed especially with the new (for me) format. This fic is really long, so long I didn’t have enough space to do the Love Chrissy Xx, so love Chrissy Xx. (This is also why some speech towards the end has to be on the same line my apologies)


“Sweet Pea?” The Serpent woke you, surrounded by books, as he dragged his feet and clicked the door close.

“Oh sorry baby, go back to sleep you have college in the morning” he peeled his wet Serpent jacket from his skin and began changing.

“It’s like 4am, did the Serpents really need you this late?” you shoved the law books from the bed.

“Yeah they did, lot more to do lately.” he huffed, collapsing alongside of you, the bed bending slightly more with the new weight. You immediately cuddled up to him, he willingly accepting it. His skin cold from the night instantly warmed.

“what was the job Pea?”

“I’d rather you not know, it’ll be easier for you to lie to the police then when they come looking to take me away” he laughed as you playfully hit him into the chest.

“Don’t joke about that Pea”

“Well I mean on the brightside our conjugal visits would be pretty great”

“Are they not now? I’m going to be a lawyer, I could get you off” you winked and the your hand slipped up the inside of his shirt, running over the bumps and grooves of his muscular frame. You both met hungrily before Sweet Peas phone buzzed to life, you both groaning at the sound of being interrupted.

“Sorry honey do you mind?” You smiled at him before kissing him and reburying yourself in his chest as he went for his phone.

As if on cue your phone lit to life, Unknown Number decorating the screen, it continued to buzz as texts came flying in.

“Wait yn!” He snatched the phone from your hand and you looked on confused.

“Woah Pea” you laughed before taking it back from his tight grip and reading the texts, your face dropped.

“Sweet Pea…” you looked from the phone to him, sat up and pushed away from him, he also sat up and attempted to move back closer to you.

“Wha-whats wrong yn” every possible scenario running through his head, he reached for your arm and you pulled back.


3 Weeks Earlier ~ Sweet Pea POV

“Okay Fangs I’ve decided, I’m going to propose”

“Wow no ring, you’re not down on one knee, I’m sorry SP but I can’t accept” he put one hand on his heart and the other to his head before I shoved him.

“Oh Sweet Pea we can’t! We’re only 23! What will our parents say! What about ynn!” He continued to act like the idiot he is as I laughed at him.

“youre right Fangs you’re right, I’ll have to just settle for yn, I don’t deserve you”

“I’m afraid so Pea”

“Don’t call me Pea” I looked at him seriously before laughing again.

“So after what? 7 years together you’ve decided it’s time?” He took a drag from his cigarette, the Whyte Wyrm lights glowing behind us.

“Almost 8, in about 3 weeks” I crushed my own cigarette into the gravel.

“That’s exciting SP, congrats dude! When you gonna do it?

“Not sure, I guess our anniversary?”

“Yeah sounds just cheesy enough for yn to love it but still mock you for it”

“Hah yeah, I think she’ll love it”

“So how are you going to pay for the wedding?”

“Well I mean we won’t have to get married right away so there’s time to save. We probably won’t get married till after yn finishes Law next year at least”

“What about the ring?”

“When did you become a Wedding Planner?” I laughed and he crushed his cigarette next to mine, he then put his hands up in defense.

“Nah man, just wondering, rings are like expensive and we’re not exactly making a killing at the garage and she’ll probably want a diamond not a bolt”

“Yeah I guess but I’ll figure it out. Anyway there’s still time, I better get going, she’ll be home soon and you know I like to be there. We’ll probably come back for a drink later” he smiled before giving a small wave and escaping the chill night back in the bar. Huh, where am I going to get this money, I threw my hands in my pockets and began my walk home but was first interrupted.

“So, SP is marrying the small town Northsider, fairytale”

“What do you want Penny?” I replied harshly to the voice behind me. This witch.

“Nothing nothing, just, yanno, Northsiders do want the big fairytale wedding” she ran her hand across my shoulders before standing in front of me. Snake in the grass.


“And like Fangs said, costs a lot of money, a lot of money you don’t have” she jabbed her finger into chest. Ugh, hate her. I tried to move passed her but she instantly pushed me back.

“i have money you know SP, I could help you”

“I don’t want your help”

“Suit yourself, I’m sure the Northsider will stick around for the nuts and bolts you Gearheads provide” she began sauntering off. I will not bite the bait. I will not bite the bait. I will not bite the bait. Damn it.

“Penny wait” she turned with a smirk. Damn it.

“What’s the price?”

“Few favours”

“It’s never a few with you”

“It’s a simple favour.” Her grin was soul crushing, this is a giant mistake. Yn is worth it.

“What’s the favour?”

“Take my niece to a family wedding, might give you ideas for your own” this was the last thing I was expecting her to say and she could easily tell.

“See, easy” this is not going to be easy.


2 Weeks later

It was not easy. It was horrible. Her niece, Annie, was 21 and a mess. I had to lie to yn and tell her I was working late at the garage, hated it. Hated the wedding even more. Loud. Abrasive. Peabody’s everywhere. Annie was drunk for most of it and under Penny’s instruction I walked her back to her room after. Then had to practically peel her off me. Uncomfortable.

“So time for your next job”

“No Penny I did what I had to” I went to close the trailer door but she jammed her foot before I could.

“Heard you bought a nice ring recently, cost a bunch I’d say? A bunch you don’t have” if I could, I’d kill her but the only grave I’m digging is for myself. Fuck.


Present ~ Sweet Pea Pov

“Yn, honey tell me what’s wrong” she was already out of the bed, getting dressed, grabbing things and shoving them in a bag.

“What’s wrong?!” I crawled me way to the edge of the bed, grabbed the bag from her hands and unpacked while she continued getting dressed.

“What’s wrong!?” She shouted back. She never shouts at me…she rarely shouts at me.


“Why is someone sending me photos of you and some girl in some hotel room!” She threw the phone at my chest, definitely going to leave a mark. The phone showed me in the hotel room with Annie, when she was hauling me onto the bed. Nothing happened but this made it really look like something did. Fuck Penny, trying to take the only good thing I have from me.

“Yn…” I looked up and she stood over me, nothing but hurt on her face.

“I can explain” I didn’t want to have to explain.


“Emmm” she groaned at me, throwing her head back before grabbing the bag from me again and ripping things from the dresser and her books from the floor.

“Oh and happy anniversary” she hurled a box and narrowly missed my head and then slammed every door of the trailer. Fuck.

I got dressed as fast as possible, grabbed my Serpent jacket before bolting out the door after her, the rain still hammering the aptly named Sunnyside.

“Yn please! Where are you going!?”

“I DON’T KNOW! JUST AWAY FROM YOU!” she continued pounding the pavement outside the fence of the park. I caught up to her easily, the law books weighing her down.

“Listen that was a job for Penny!”

“Excuse me!” She stopped suddenly sending me slamming into her.

“Okay well no that’s not what I meant!”

“WELL WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEN?! what do you mean” the sight of her crying hurt me more than anything I could think of. I just grabbed her and pulled her into my chest.

“I needed money and Penny gave it to me, I just needed to take her niece to a wedding and then some other things and then I’d have enough money and her niece just got super drunk but I swear, yn I swear nothing happened, please believe me” I pulled her from my chest to look her right in her beautiful, sad eyes.

“I-I think-i want to believe you Pea…but why did we need money? It’s not my college fees I’m on scholarship? Is it the trailer? What is it?”

“Umm” okay okay okay. It’s a good sign she said We and not I and she still called me Pea, good signs.Breathing, breathing, breathing, okay, okay, okay and then I dropped down to one knee and pulled the little box from the leather pocket.

“This is what the money was for” I peeled back the lid to reveal the stone I could have never afforded without Penny. The witch. Yn covered her mouth and I was losing confidence.

“Yn Yln, I love you, please please please will you marry me” “No” I’m going to be sick.

“Wh…wha” I just couldn’t find my words, my ribcage was collapsing on itself.

“I wont marry you with that ring” she dropped her arms to her sides and bit her lip before pulling me up from my knees.

“I don’t understand”

“You take that ring back and get a refund and then take the money back to that witch”

“Bu-but the ring” “I don’t care about the ring Pea!”

“But fangs said-” she rolled her eyes and I just realised how stupid I sounded.

“I couldn’t care less if you gave me a freaking bolt or something! Just please take back the ring and get away from that woman” “And after I give back the ring….”

“Then I guess I’ll have to marry you” her smile was the best possible thing I could see after she gave me a mini heart attack. “You have to have a ring” I began rummaging through my pockets at her protest before pulling out the contents of my pockets. My keys, a button, a bolt and some change. “Emm” I took the bolt and slipped it on her baby finger and she laughed.

“Perfect I love it, except it’s super cheesy you’re proposing to me on our anniversary, I still love it” I laughed at her and grabbed her tightly around the waist. I adore this girl. I kissed her furiously.

“The Serpent’s may have just got a new lawyer”

“Yeah and now you owe me a favor” I raised my eyebrow at her before kissing her.

“You have to carry these books back home…and me home”

“Deal” I adore her.


Modern Kylux AU

“Who’s this guy in your phone?”
“What?” Hux looks up quickly to see Ren thumbing through his mobile’s photos. “Why are you in my pict–”
“You have pictures of you and another guy.”
“No, I don’t,” he chuckles sarcastically. “What are you on about?”  
“You put an ugly filter on it.” Ren turns it so he can see the screen.
“I did not—
oh. Huh. I didn’t realize that I still had that.”

Photo Opportunity - Zach Mitchell

Pairing: Zach Mitchell x Reader

Characters: Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell, Karen Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 909

Author: Hannah

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