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Gotta Go My Own Way

Prompt: Could you do one for batsis where none of the boys seem to fully accept her which makes her run away and get lost so they look her up and when they find her she’s super badass and idk, you can continue it however you like. But with LOTS of angst pretty please? By @redbircl

A/N: This is the first batsis fic I have ever written (not counting the little first sentence drabbles I did a while back). I hope you guys like it!

“Why can’t you just trust me? I have been training just as long as you have.” Y/N said as she stalked across the cave after Tim.

“You aren’t as skilled as I am and you blow things way out of proportion, like you are right now.” Tim said as he dropped into the chair in front of the batcomputer.

“Just because I am not Robin doesn’t mean I can’t handle myself. And I am not blowing things out of proportion. You guys babysit me and underestimate me every step of the way. If I am not as good at fighting or problem solving as you are, it is because none of you have given me a chance.”

“Calm down, Y/N.” Dick said, putting his hands on her shoulders. “We just want to make sure you stay safe.”

“Yeah, sis, you know we don’t want you to get hurt.” Jason interjected.

“Are you protecting me or are you holding me back?” Y/N asked as she left the cave. She loved her brothers, truly she did, but she knew that she could do more than they gave her credit for. She wasn’t an acrobat like Dick, a first rate detective like Bruce and Tim, a sharpshooter like Jason, or a highly trained assassin like Damian, but she knew she could find her skillset if they just gave her the chance.

She sighed as she entered her room and closed the door. She knew they were well meaning, but the constant handholding and hovering were driving her insane. Just once, she would like to be her own hero as opposed to the sidekick of a sidekick.

She walked over to her bed and pulled a suitcase out from under it. Leaving wasn’t a decision she took lightly, she had been agonizing over it for months, but nothing was changing and she needed to make a move. She wiped away her tears as she packed her bag. The thought of how upset her family would be when they figured out she was gone was breaking her heart, but she was set in her decision.

She opened her window and climbed out. She made it to the edge of the property before a shadow dropped down in front of her. She honestly has been expecting him sooner.

“Lovely evening for a walk, isn’t it?” Bruce said in a bemused tone. He moved closer when she didn’t answer. “I know what you are doing. I am not happy about it, but I won’t stop you either. Just promise me you’ll stay safe, okay?”

Y/N nodded and wrapped her arms around her father. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you, too.” He said as he kissed the top of her head. He watched as she disappeared into the night.

Y/N didn’t know if he told her brothers to stay away or if he simply kept them off her tracks, but she didn’t see them for several years. In that time, she trained with everyone who was willing to teach her. She steered clear of the League for fear that somehow word would get back to Damian and her family would come looking for her.

Five years after leaving, she stepped back into Gotham. She laughed at how dreary it was, exactly as damp and depressing as she remembered. And yet strangely, she loved it more than any of the cities she had seen while traveling.

She stepped into the apartment she had rented. She didn’t feel like she could go home, not yet at least. She had been gone too long to just walk up to the front door.

When night fell, she put on her new suit and headed out onto the street. As soon as she started jumping from roof to roof, she noticed her family watching her. She smiled and kept going until she knew they were following her. She landed on a rooftop and waited for them to catch up.

“Who are you and what are you doing in our city?” Damian said as he stepped forward to meet her.

“I am aware that Wayne Industries has sizable holdings in Gotham, but I don’t think you could really call it ‘your’ city.” Y/N teased. There was a moment of silence has they realized who was behind the new mask.

“Holy fuck.” Jason whispered. The boys had been lost as to where their sister ran off to. They had searched for months before Bruce finally shut them down.

“Y/N?” Dick said as he moved closer to her.

“In the flesh.” She said with a flourish.

“Where have you been?” Tim asked. They were honestly so shocked to see her that they forgot to be mad.

“Here, there, and everywhere. I needed more training so I went and got it.” Y/N answered with a shrug. Dick moved forward and enveloped her in a hug.

“Don’t you ever put shit like that again. We thought you were dead.” Dick said as he squeezed her tightly.

“I won’t. I got what I wanted and now I am back to stay.” She whispered as she hugged him back.

“Not to be a party pooper, but there is a hostage situation two streets away.” Tim said.

Dick let go of Y/N. “You want to show us what you learned, lil sis?”

Y/N smiled. “It would be my pleasure.”


So I’ve received two prompts asking me to try to fix today’s clip

I decided to join both prompts into this fic

I wrote this waaaay too quickly so it’s probably not really good

I tried to get the girls to talk and fix their things, I hope you don’t think it’s too rush up, I don’t think just a single conversation can solve this but like I’ve named this fic: It’s a start

Also, Yousef’s explanation isn’t that good but that is because I feel like I’ve written that explanation a thousand times now and I just don’t want to repeat myself

So basically this is me apologizing because this fic is probably a mess but I am also a mess right now so…yup


“since julie likes to pretend he died, could you please write something with yousef reaching out to sana after he somehow finds out what happened? texting her to see if she’s ok, her like why do you care, the fact that you’re dating my friend doesn’t make us friends, and yousef like wwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” 

“ fix-it for the girl squad, they ask her why she did it, Sana think she needs to apologize but once she’s explained the girl squad apologizes for not listening or realizing something was wrong, also maybe she and Noora talk about Yousef and you slip in some Yousana somewhere in this mess of a prompt as well. ❤️”

I’ve changed them a little bit, hope you don’t mind.


“I promise. We’ll be there” Chris said before hanging up the phone.

Sana could feel the tears rolling down her face and there was nothing she could do to stop them. She turned around to look at the window once again and she froze when she saw him. Outside her window, on the grass, Yousef was standing looking right at her. She noticed the exact moment when he realized she was crying. He saw his eyes widening, his lips forming a line, his hands turning into fists.

She quickly turned around hoping that he would let it be, but of course, he wouldn’t.

“Sana!” she heard him calling her “Sana, wait!”

She stood still in her place, her back still to the window.

“Sana, please look at me” he must’ve approached her ‘cause he sounded closer “Sana”

She took a deep breath and turned around slowly, her face still wet from the tears.

“Why are you crying?” he asked

He was now on the other side of her window.

“It’s none of your business” she said dryly

“I’m worried about you”

She just looked at him and stayed quiet

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked “Maybe it’ll make you feel better”

“It won’t”

“Sana, you can keep all to yourself, you will explode. You need to talk to someone”

“And that someone is you?”

“I don’t see anyone else around here” he said shrugging

“Why are you even here?”

“I’m meeting Elias but he hasn’t arrived yet, your mom said I could wait here” he said and she just nodded “Come out so we can talk”

Again she just stared at him

“Come on, you’ll feel better”

She sighed. Why not? She couldn’t feel any worse than she already did. And as much as it hurt her, she had to get used to see him and talk to him, he was her brother’s best friend and…and he was Noora’s boyfriend, if there was any chance Noora and her could still be friends, she would have to deal with him too.



He was sitting on the grass when she arrived. He looked up at her and smiled when he saw that she wasn’t crying anymore. She didn’t return the smile but she sat down next to him on the grass.

“Okay, tell me who made you cry so I can kick their ass”

Sana wanted to laugh at the irony, his girlfriend was one of the people that had made her cry.

“It’s just some stuff with my friends” she said

“Well, I’m listening”

“I…I guess I’ll start from the beginning” she sighed “I found out that this girl, Sara, was planning on throwing me out of the bus”

“I thought you were the bus boss”

“I thought so too. But they’re more and have more power so they could throw me if they wanted to. So I left before she could.”

“And your friends stayed?”

“They don’t know why I did it. The thing is that…after leaving the bus I found out that Sara had been saying nasty stuff about me and my friends, and even her friends. She had told Isak…”

“Even’s boyfriend” he said more as a statement than as a question

Yes, Even’s boyfriend. He had these conversations with Sara where she said all these things about everyone and I took pictures of the messages without Isak knowing. And then…then I made a fake instagram account and posted them. Not the ones about my friends though, I didn’t want them to feel humiliated”

“And did you post the ones about yourself?”

“Yes…I thought it would be a good plan so I wouldn’t get caught”

“Was that the only reason?”

“What do you mean?” she asked frowning

“You said you didn’t post the ones about your friends because you didn’t want them to feel humiliated, yet you posted the ones about you. Did you think like you deserved to feel that way?”

“No…I…I just…” Sana was speechless, that thought had crossed her mind sometimes and she didn’t expect him to see through her that way

“Sana, you know you don’t deserve to be treated that way, right? You deserve to be loved and accepted just the way you are”

“I know…”

“Do you?”

“This is not about that…it’s just” she shook her head and continued with her story “after creating the account I felt bad and I deleted it but the damage was already done. The pepsimax girls thought Vilde had been the one behind the account and made one to bully her, they posted pictures and videos of her. Do you know that Hei Briskeby video of yours? The one with the nudes for nudes and Elias?”

“Yeah…I didn’t know you watched our videos”

“The point is…They made a screenshot of it and tagged Vilde’s boyfriend to make him think that she had cheated on him with Elias”

“But she didn’t”

“I know and now Magnus, her boyfriend, knows too but for a while Vilde thought he was going to break up with her. I was ready to confess everything, it wasn’t fair to Vilde but then…Then Isak took the blame for me”

“He did?”

“Yeah, he figured out that I was behind the Sara account and he took the blame for me. The pepsimax girls apologized to Vilde and wanted to forget about everything but my friends, they wanted to tell the school. Isak could get expelled for something he didn’t do. So I told them the truth”

“You told them everything you’ve told me?”

“No, I told them that I was behind the Sara account. And they…they’re so mad at me, they won’t talk to me” Sana felt the tears coming to her eyes again


“They hate me…Chris is the only one talking to me but Eva, Vilde and…”she hesitated before saying the name “and Noora”

She looked at him waiting for a reaction to that name, but all he did was stare at her with the same worried face

They won’t talk to me” she finished

“Have they even asked you why you did it?” he asked

She shook her head no and blinked letting the tears come out

“Well, if they don’t care enough to ask you how you are and why you did it, then they don’t deserve you, neither of them” he said

She looked at him kind of confused as to why he was talking about the girls like that, especially about Noora.

“Please don’t cry” he whispered

He moved his hand from his lap to her face, stopping in the air before touching her. He looked at her, waiting for her permission to touch her. She closed her eyes and nodded slightly. He took it as a confirmation and gently wiped away the tears from her face. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with a mix of concern and tender. She bit her lip feeling her heart pounding fast on her chest at the proximity.

“Sana?” she heard a girl voice saying

She looked to her side and saw the girls, Vilde, Eva, Chris and Noora, standing in her backyard. Elias was with them. She stood up quickly taking a few steps back so several meters would separate her and Yousef.

“Are we interrupting?” Elias asked “I found the girls on the door and let them in”

“No, no, you’re not interrupting anything. We were just talking” Sana explained abruptly, she focused on Noora then “There was nothing going on, we were just talking, I promise, we were just talking”

“Okay? You don’t need to explain anything to me” Noora said confused

“I just don’t want you to think that I would do anything with your boyfriend behind your back” Sana explained

“My what?” Noora blurted out

“What did you just say?” Yousef asked standing up

“Noora? Are you dating Yousef and you didn’t tell us?” Vilde asked

“No, I’m not dating Yousef, I’m not dating anyone” Noora said

“But I thought…” Sana said confused looking from Noora to Yousef and then back to Yousef

“Sana…” Yousef started but she interrupted him

“Why are you here?” she asked the girls

“We wanted to talk to you” Eva said

“Yousef, let’s leave the girls alone” Elias said


“Yousef, come on”

He followed his friend out of the backyard, turning around to give Sana a last look before leaving.

“We’re here because we don’t want to be angry with you without knowing why you did what you did” Eva explained once the boys left

“Sana, we’ve noticed for awhile that you were changing, that something was wrong with you and we know we should’ve asked sooner, but we’re here now, we want to know why were you acting like that” Noora added

“Sara was going to throw me out of the bus” Sana said

“What?” Chris said

“I heard the pepsimax girls talking about it”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Vilde asked

“Because…because I didn’t know if you already knew…”

“You thought we wanted you out?” Eva asked “Why would you think that?”

“You seemed to be having fun with them, you seemed to like them more than you liked me”

“Sana, you’re our friend, yes the pepsimax are fun, but you’re our friend” Chris said

“I just…I didn’t want to give her the chance to humiliate me so I left the bus, but then I found those texts between Sara and Isak, and I swear, Isak didn’t know anything about it, it was all me”

“You wanted revenge on Sara for trying to leave you out?” Noora tried to understand

“Yes…and no. I wanted you to see what kind of person she is” Sana explained “Vilde, Eva…Sara also wrote things about you two”

“Why didn’t you post them?” Vilde asked

“Because I didn’t want people to make fun of you, I was trying to protect you and instead of that I was the reason the girls made that account about you, Vilde”

“Hey, Sana that wasn’t your fault” Eva said “The pepsimax did that on their own”

“Yes Sana, that’s not why we’re angry” Vilde said

“Then, why are you angry?”

“Because you didn’t trust us. You chose hate over us” Noora said

“You should’ve told us about Sara when you found out, you didn’t have to go through that alone” Eva said

“And we’re sorry Sana, we should’ve noticed that you were suffering” Chris added

“I’m not the most opened person…” Sana said shrugging

“That’s not an excuse. We’re your friends, we’re supposed to notice when something is bothering you” Noora said

“We’re sorry Sana” Eva added

“I’m so sorry too, I should’ve told you sooner” Sana said

“Maybe we can start again? Try to be better?” Noora offered

“We can start by looking for a nice van for the 5 of us” Vilde said

“I thought you didn’t want a van” Sana said

“I don’t care anymore, the point is to be together” Vilde smiled

“Okay, group hug” Eva said opening her arms

All the girls embraced each other tightly. They pulled away laughing and sat on the grass.

“Hey Sana?” Noora said “Did you really think I was dating Yousef?”

“I saw you two kissing at SYNG” she admitted “And then I found out you met each other last week”

“That’s what you meant with “the thing with Yousef”, didn’t you?”

“Yes…what did you think I was referring to?”

“I thought he had told you he likes you” Noora said shrugging

“Wh…wh..what? what? Why would you think that?” Sana stuttered

“Sana, I kissed him at SYNG, he just kissed me back for a moment but then he pushed me away. He said he was sorry and that he couldn’t do it. Then he asked me to meet and he told me that he didn’t feel anything about me, that he liked you”

“He said that?” Sana asked blushing

Noora nodded smiling

“I was so shocked when you told me you didn’t like him back but now I get it, you thought I was dating him”

“I did…”

“So you like him?” Eva asked smiling

Sana just looked at her and bit her lip

“Ohhhh Sana is going to have a boyfriend!” Vilde teased her

“Nei Vilde”



The girls left not long after that. They still had a lot of things to work out between them but at least it was a start.

She closed the front door after they left and turned around to go to her bedroom. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him standing in the hallway.

“You scared me!” she said

“Did you really think I was dating Noora?” Yousef asked her

“She already explained it to me, I’m sorry I made assumptions” she said looking at the floor

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me these past few weeks?”

She looked up at him and nodded

“I saw you kissing her”

“That kiss didn’t mean anything. I was…I was confused and I thought, I thought it would be easier for me if I just forgot about you” he explained “But then I realized that I didn’t want to give up on you”

“It really hurt me…and then I found out you were meeting her” she said

“I only met her to…”

“To tell her that you like me” she interrupted him

He widened his eyes and opened his mouth blushing.


“Do you really feel that?”

“Yes, I like you Sana” he said looking at her eyes.

She smiled at him and was about to say something when Elias entered the hallway putting his jacket on and looking at his phone

“Yousef, Adam and the boys are here, come on” he said “Oh Sana, I didn’t see you there. Everything okay, here? Your friends already left?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine” she said

“Cool” he nodded “Come on bro, they’re waiting for us”

“Sure” Yousef said following his friend and walking past Sana

“Hey Yousef” she called after him making him turn around to look at her


“Me too” she said smiling before turning around, leaving a very happy Yousef and a very confused Elias behind her.

She entered her room, sat on the bed and smiled to herself.

Just like with the girls, she had taken a step forward with Yousef. And just like with the girls there were still a lot of things to solve, but it was a start.


Again I’m sorry if this is a mess

I hope you’ve liked it

and thank you so much for reading!!♥

mmeishi  asked:

for the made up fic title: it started out with a kiss (how did it end up like this?)


Oh, who am I kidding, this would totally be a Vicchan-didn’t-die scenario, where Yuuri takes bronze and then, during Viktor’s equally romantic and lonely exhibition at the Sochi GPF, somehow finds himself out on the ice. Think of that time when Viktor first performed “Eros,” and Yuuri just, WHAM, teleported out there with the strength of his desire.

“Someone get that fan off the ice!” Someone shrieks, because Yuuri is wearing his glasses and a very bulky scarf. However, for this one person, there are twenty others that whisper,

“Is that the bronze medalist from Japan?”

“Hello,” says Viktor, and flings off the scarf, and takes his hand. Yuuri’s glasses go– for once, he doesn’t care where his glasses are.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, as they gain speed, “I don’t know how this happen– AHHH, okay, okay!” He is pushed into an impromptu spin, and hears words meant only for his ears:

“You dared to take the ice with me. Behave like it, won’t you?”

Viktor, charismatic and magical as he is, goes along with the new addition to his routine. Yuuri, fanboy that he is, knows the routine well enough to skate a shoddy facsimile of it at Viktor’s side. They screw up, a bit, which is fine– nobody performs a pair skate well on their first try. They are still Viktor and Yuuri, however, so after the first ungainly swerve to avoid an accident they each try twenty times harder, with all the drive of two hypercompetitive athletes. 

Overall, it is the best skate of both of their lives, because they do it together. Their final pose ends up with Yuuri, dipping Viktor– and Viktor, reaching up to press an elated kiss to his cheek. When Yuuri scurries off of the ice and refuses to make eye contact afterwards, Viktor throws a fit– meaning, he smiles perfectly for photos, verbally nips at Yakov, and riles up Yuri Plisetsky. Yuuri sees Viktor’s eyes on him at the banquet, and makes a beeline to the champagne table. The rest is history.

The media has a field day. Yuuri moves up his flight back home to a punishing 6am in the morning, and Viktor doesn’t get the chance to snag him.

During the exhibition at Worlds, JJ takes the ice with Viktor, and Yuuri sees red. Jealousy. He’s jealous. The sharp pangs of this last for only a few moments, until Viktor graciously escorts JJ from the rink.

“Well?” He calls, and the music is playing but Viktor’s not moving, still.

“Yuuri,” Phichit whispers, awed, “I think? No, I’m sure he wants you.”

“That makes no sense!” Yuuri hisses. Then, he locks eyes with Viktor, who gestures impatiently to the ice. “Oh my god, how did it end up like this.”

“Don’t act so surprised,” Phichit says, and shoves him forward, “I know you’ve been practicing his exhibition since the last GPF.”

It turns out that Viktor has been practicing sharing the ice with him, too. 


I received many messages about that klance time travel au comic I made (thanks! but wow, what happened??) and I decided to answer them in one long post (so you won’t get mad at me because of all those posts that would appear on your dashboard otherwise).

- I knooooow! I think about this au a lot, maybe that’s why I feel like I’ve read more. I hope I’ll find other fics soon.

- Thank you!! I have no idea how will he look like in the future so I just drew him the same as he’s now but older (what do you think about his stubble?? It’s not really his style since he cares a lot about his face buuuuut this’s Lance from the future. He probably doesn’t care as much anymore….?). P.S. I think I’m going to draw a second part.

- Exactly! Lance’s so happy to see young Keith again. And I can picture Keith’s sleepless night “Why did he smile at me? Why did he call me babe? Why?! Does it mean the future me allows it? Or was he just teasing me, as always???????”

- Yeah, and I’d LOVE to read more of that. But in the meantime I think I’ll try to draw it myself ^^

- Yep, I recommended two fics in my previous post~

- You really think that?? I’m so happy, thank you! I was laughing while drawing his older face. I couldn’t help but think “would he like his stubble? I think not. Lance better not see his future self”. And the answer to the other question: yep, I do.

- Thank you!!! As you can see, I do have plans to draw more. I’m so glad this comic got such a response!

- Hahaha, of course it works in two ways! Lance wouldn’t be so eager to tease older Keith, I suppose~ We should worry about the state of his heart.

- Thank you, it means a lot! ;-; I think future Keith would be like a perfect combination of pretty and manly, lol. What about his mullet though…? Would he keep it? I’m almost 100% sure Lance would not allow him to cut his hair (we all know he secretly likes his mullet)

- I’ve read like two or three fics, that’s all :< (maybe I saw the third one in my dreams, sounds possible). I don’t know where are the others, but I need them too!!

Very early this morning, at 1am, I was browsing AO3 as I usually do to find a new Olicity fic for my early morning reading. It was at this time that I discovered a tiny hidden gem by @callistawolf called In The Moment (we’re lost and found). Now, when I did find it, I was surprised. I’ve read most of Calli’s works, and they are all masterpieces - she is a phenomenal writer, and I’ve adored every Olicity fic she’s written - which was why I was surprised, because this one managed to slip through the net. I began reading it this morning at 6am.

And oh my Lord. I was absolutely stunned.

Originally posted by forbeautifulpeopletv

In The Moment (we’re lost and found) is INCREDIBLE. I’ve NEVER read a fic like it. The vagueness of the tags and mystery that created just dragged me into the fic, kicking and screaming (in delight). Some of the tags informed me that the fic was exploring issues and certain plot points which I’m currently exploring myself in Defend Not The Man, But The Mind, and that made it all the more attractive. But I’ve never been more thankful and absolutely overjoyed to have accidentally discovered a fic at 1am.

I won’t spoil anything major, but let’s just say my respect for Calli has risen by 10000%. Not only was her characterisation of Oliver and Felicity flawless, but she managed to capture the essence of their personalities and traits even when they had their memory loss, and can’t even remember their own names, or how they know each other. The way Calli wrote their dynamic was captivating. The plot was gripping, and I found myself excited for every chapter, every next scene. I felt like I was going on the emotional journey along with Oliver and Felicity of them finding each other again.

This fic is a GIFT to the fandom, and WHY AREN’T PEOPLE GUSHING ABOUT IT MORE??? It’s one of the classics, one of the best fics out there, up with the likes of Masquerade and FiCoN in my opinion. 100 million out of ten would recommend. Calli, I want to squeeze the life out of you in a hug and kiss you fro this. My emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

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So awhile ago I came up with this idea for a Little Mermaid inspired AU for Captain Underpants (yeah, I’m still amazed I was able to do that. Check this post I did when I was discussing the ideas: https://tornrose24.tumblr.com/post/161762928252/i-dont-know-why-but-i-came-up-with-a-little ). So I went ahead and did some drawings for it, only I opted to use something closer to Dav Pilkey’s art style instead of my own to see how it could work. (Still trying to work with the anatomy issues).

I opted for the surface world to take place in a 1900-1930′s inspired era so that it could have a fairytale feel, but the AU could also get away with something like robots (just in case). Here we have Edith with the adopted children of the king of the surface world, Billy and Lisa, who are the child versions of Harold’s future husband and George’s future wife (They are canon character and I had to include them for the AU. It was a cute thing to not pass up.

….Yes I HAD to make Harold part dolphin. I made George part orca (but I’m open to changing it if someone has a better recommendation). And yes, Krupp gets to be part shark and this time the infamous ‘shark teeth’ is a natural part of his features instead of a visual gag. The characters look weird when their bodies are missing their necks in this design, so I opted to give them pendants/necklaces that take inspiration from their original designs to solve this issue. I didn’t like the idea of giving Krupp a crown (I made him the king of the ocean in this AU because OF COURSE that had to be a thing *laughs*), so I took inspiration from Greek and Polynesian clothing from way back when to craft something that indicates royalty.

….That is still a toupee. He has his ways of keeping that thing on underwater, but don’t ask him.

A glimpse of George and Harold as humans… plus a VERY familiar face. I gave them special matching bracelets that allow them to take on a human form. (NO ONE LOSES THEIR VOICE IN THIS AU. I already did that the last time I did something similar).

I had this idea that CU represented certain parts of Krupp that he tried to remove and they manifested into a physical form. He’s more like a spirit though that was trapped in an object the boys found, so that’s why he’s floating. I was debating about giving him shark teeth or not and when I went with it I made them look more rounded and less scary looking than Krupp’s. And I also opted to make his overall appearance cartoonish and youthful looking, compared to Krupp’s more realistic design/I made the lower half go up a bit, like how a very missing article of clothing is always pulled up so high.

One especially for the shippers! About 10 years ago in this AU, Krupp had once taken on a human form (complete with normal teeth LOL) and became friends with Edith. And of course they both fell in love with each other but they never had the chance (or courage) to confess because he left the human world out of fear and because of obligations/duty. (And it plays a part in why Krupp casted off a part of himself that allowed him to feel both love and optimism, and why he ended up becoming a bitter person). So in the present day, Edith never learned the true identity of her crush or that he loved her back.

….So anyway, it was something I did for fun, but I’ll consider developing this AU more if anyone wants to find out more or WANTS more. I don’t know if I’ll do a fan fic just yet, but it would be fun.

(Oh yeah, Captain Underpants belongs to Dav Pilkey… and Dreamworks Animation now, I guess).

Here’s those requests I did! Now in easy-to-find ao3 format! They are all around 1-2k


Karamatsu confronts Chibita about why he’s been so pissy since he moved out. Spoilers: it’s because he’s lonely and gay. 

Just Pretend

It’s a fake dating fic my dudes do you really need a summary? (I think I’m gonna make this one multichapter so watch out)

Enough For You

Chibita has outdone himself for their first date. Karamatsu thinks he needn’t put so much effort in to make the night memorable.

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why would you do that? I just have so many peter and tony feels and you just gotta dump my in a pile of heartbreak. does peter ever find his star. because I want him to find it and hold it and never let go and i;m going to cry now look what you did

I like to think he finds Tony in time, and everything will be all right. But I honestly don’t know.

Just wanted a drink

So, I found this thing on my computer and rememebred I posted it on FanFic a long time ago… It’s an old story I did when I had a shitty week and needed some cheering up. Might be kind of OOC but with reason (you find out why at the end)
I’m using it now for the Writing Wednesday for @finish-the-clone-wars

This a sort of crack/parody kind of story, made for fun and laughs. Hope you don’t hate it for that 

A mercy mission gone wrong, a group of clones faces madness. Fives is crying, Rex might commit mutiny, Cody might kill a brother, Jesse is no help, Echo is out of it and Wolffe got knocked out. Angry citizens of the planet want them dead and the boys wanted a drink, not cause a planetary shut down for the government. Humor one-shot. 

“Why do I always get stuck with these missions…? And just when I was on a break,” Commander Wolffe grumbled, sitting in the back of the ship as they descended onto the nearby planet.

“Oh c'mon Wolffe, they’re not that bad. Besides, you got your meal right?” Commander Cody grinned, looking over his shoulder from his position at the front.

“Says you… nothing ever happens on these missions… Should have drank some more before coming here…” Captain Rex added, eyes steady on the planet as he stood by the controls.

“I think it’s nice to get some time off from all the fighting. Our break wouldn’t have lasted long anyway,” Echo shrugged, checking the system to insure a safe landing.

“I still don’t get why all of us had to go. I was enjoying the food for a change…” Fives sighed, slowing their decent onto the planet Ukio.

“Because the Generals thought we could use some ‘down time’ and bond… We could do that over other things,” Jesse explained, sitting next to Wolffe and looking out the window of the ship.

“Why did they sent so many of the 501st then?” the Wolfpack Commander frowned, glaring at the non-captain men in blue.

“General Skywalker thought it would do them good. 'Sides, you don’t know what they’re like when they’re left alone for too long,” the Captain shot each of his men a steady glare as they gave a sheepish grin in return.

“General Kenobi wanted to test the 212th and how they work without me…” the Commander in Orange spoke sadly, almost offended.

“I still say it’s stupid,” Wolffe frowned again.

“Look, it’ll be over soon, so try and stay awake alright?” Cody, with a grin on his face, spoke. He, out of everyone on the ship, outranked Wolffe and could speak freely. Rex had learned a while back to try and keep it as professional as he could, but well, Rex is Rex.

“Or you could take a nap and let us do it all. It’ll probably be easier, since the inhabitants would run in terror from you,” the blonde’s remark earned him suppressed laughs and grins amongst the troopers and a death glare from the 104th Commander.

“Before you two get into a fight,” Echo intervened, voice a bit tense as he addressed his superiors, “We’re about to land. Sir,” he added that just in case Wolffe thought about taking his head off.

Ukio was a peaceful planet in the Outer Rim, with lots of rivers. The inhabitants, Ukians, were mostly farmers, who suffered at the hand of the recent Separatist attack that the Republic chased away. And now, they were in need of some help. Mostly just taking care of any droids left in the aftermath and making sure buildings were secure.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Wolffe was at his feet before the doors even opened and set on his bucket, before stepping out.

“Wolffe, wait!” Cody called, letting out a groan of frustration and rushing after him.

“Let’s get out there,” with a sigh, the Captain grabbed his own and Cody’s helmet before leaving.

“I got a bad feeling about this…” Jesse muttered, glancing at his brothers.

“What’s to worry about? The file says they’re farmers – not like they can harm us,” Fives gave his usual confidant grin and followed their commanding officers out.

“When do things ever go as planned for us…?” Echo sighed, giving a shrug and followed Jesse out of the ship and onto the planet surface. They were a bit too distracted to notice the beeping, blinking red light as they left, The air was thicker than what they’re used to, but they’ve handled worse.

When Wolffe got out, he saw the natives of this planet and felt free to frown under his bucket. The Ukians were tall, thin bipeds, with hairless pink or green skin. They had wide, bright eyes which narrowed to slits on each side. The Ukians stared at him with big eyes, before the Commander heard his brothers behind him.

“Wolffe, I see you already made some new friends,” when not facing them, and especially with their helmets on, Wolffe had a hard time distinguishing between Cody and Rex.

They were almost the same when it came to sarcasm and jokes. And Rex never shied away from not addressing his superiors as he should. At least his brothers.

“You could say that…” he mumbled, as the purple/green aliens eyed them.

“Sirs, what are your orders?” came from behind as the other three troopers arrived.

“Let’s see if they know basic…” the 212th Commander took a few steps forward towards the Ukians.

“Hello,” he started as his brothers sighed at the simplicity of his approach.

“Can you understand me?” Cody added as the natives kept looking at him.

“I’m with the Grand Army of the Republic, here to assist you in-,” before he could go on, one of the aliens in the front growled, looking a lot less friendly and the clone backed away.

“Well, he seemed to understand that,” Rex chuckled from behind as even Wolffe grinned.

“Anyone else, who’d like to try, be my guest…” Cody muttered, not amused.

“I’ll give it a shot,” Fives stepped up, walking past his superiors and took off his bucket.

“Careful you idiot,” Echo almost facepalmed but restrained himself.

“Greetings, I’m Fives,” with a wave of his hand, the natives narrowed their eyes. “The others are my friends, and we’re here to help. Can you understand?” he stressed the words with equal embarrassing faces.

“…” there was silence on all sides as the clones waited for their reaction.

“I don’t think-,” Jesse was cut off when one of the Ukians shouted, hand in the air and the others did the same.

“I think you pissed them off!” Wolffe yelled, reaching for his blaster but was stopped by Cody.

“No shooting. They’re civilians,” he warned, an edge in his voice that made the Commander stop.

In moments, the natives rushed forward. The clones, not sure what to do, tried to defend themselves with only their hands, but it was futile. The Ukians were rather strong and heavy, and the swarm easily overcame the six soldiers. Especially since they weren’t fighting back.

As they tried to fight them off, they noticed they were being taken away from their ship and towards… well, they weren’t sure. When they finally arrived at what seemed to be the center of the village, the clones were released and the natives back away.

“That was… interesting,” Cody cleared his throat as Rex gave him a look of disbelieve and shook his head, while Wolffe let out a small growl.

“It’s like General Kenobi and Skywalker…” Echo mumbled, looking at his superiors.

“They do take after them a lot…” Jesse shrugged, getting to his feet from where he landed.

“Now what?” Fives looked around, seeing the Ukians were back to just staring at them.

“Welcome!” came a booming voice as the six turned, seeing one of the natives, only bigger and had a more yellow shade of skin and a big smile on his face.

“You sent by Republic yes? I am Igan!” well, he spoke basic – that was something.

“Yes,” Cody was the first to react, straightening his back and taking a step forward.

“I am Commander Cody,” he introduced himself, before motioning to the others: “My companions are Commander Wolffe, Captain Rex and ARC Troopers Jesse, Fives and Echo. We were sent here to help,” removing his bucket; the Commander gave a small smile.

So much like Kenobi…” the other five clones thought, realizing they too were supposed to remove their helmets – and they did, albeit with a bit of a hesitation.

“Help? Ah yes! The enemy! No need to worry! They are gone!” the apparent leader of the Ukians laughed as the clones looked skeptical.

“You sure? I mean, those clankers are plenty,” Rex joined the conversation, looking up at the giant humanoid creature.

“Oh yes, yes! They fled out there!” Igan pointed his hand to the forest. “But they left things – strange things – when they fled,” at that, the soldiers snapped their heads to him.

“Bombs,” Wolffe growled, a scowl on his face.

“We’ll take care of those, no worry,” Fives grinned, giving a nod.

“Thank you!” Igan smiled and spoke to his people in their native tongue. After a few words, the farmers cheered and smiled.

“Just show us where the bombs are,” Cody nodded before Igan spoke again and some of the natives came closer, motioning the clones to follow.

“These are all inactive…” Rex muttered, eyeing the small object on the wall.

“You sure?” Cody asked, raising an eyebrow at his brother.

“Positive. They’re like the ones we use – just carry a different radius and a smaller impact,” taking hold of the object, the Captain took it off the wall and moved it in his hand to get a better look.

“You sure know a lot about this…” Wolffe spoke, a hit of impression in his voice, taking down his own bomb and setting it into a bag.

“You get used to it after so many ground recon and assault mission,” the answer was halfhearted, like the blonde didn’t know who he was talking about.

“Well, Captains tend to be in more action than Commanders…” Cody spoke, his tone a bit sad.

“They also tend to only fight, not think,” the one with the cybernetic eye muttered, earning a half hurt half annoyed look from the Captain.

“Wolffe, you should know that-,” before the 212th leader could finish, Jesse came in.

“Sirs, we’ve taken down the few we found. There shouldn’t be any bombs left,” after he spoke, the trooper sensed he interrupted something, as the tension could be felt in the room.

“Thank you Jesse, we’ll meet you all outside,” Cody spoke, seeing the other two were still glaring at each other.

A few moments passed, and Rex broke his stare, heading out without saying a word. Cody, standing by the exit, saw Wolffe and put a hand on his chest, keeping him in.

“Wolffe, you don’t interact much with the rest of the command. Don’t pretend you know what is happening around,” the two sent dark looks at each other, two eyes almost threatening as one seemed annoyed.

“Maybe you should explain it to me then,” the Wolfpack leader growled softly and just as the other clone was about to answer, a call of 'Commanders!’ made them both back off and go outside.

“What?” they called, seeing the three soldiers looked board and one deep in thought.

“What now? We found all the bombs,” Echo explained, nodding to the three bags on the ground.

“Well, I already told General Kenobi about what happened. Now we wait for further orders,” Cody shrugged, moving closer to Rex, who has yet to acknowledge anyone.

“Can we see if this place has any drinks? I really need one…” Fives licked his lips and frowned.

“Didn’t everyone get one before we left?” the Commander sighed, tuning to Rex.

“Aren’t you going to join in?” the Captain only moved his eyes to his men before sighing.

“I’ll keep an eye out for them…” he muttered, nodding to Jesse to get off his ass and move it.

“C'mon Wolffe, you know you want a drink,” the Commander in orange grinned.

“Tch, fine…” with a roll of his eyes, Wolffe followed the others, who were looking for the bar.

These guys were never high on mercy missions, so they never knew what to do. Not to mention their moods were dropping – must be the atmosphere of this planet. And each one was getting a slight headache – nothing they couldn’t handle but it was annoying. A drink usually fixed that.

As they walked around, the natives kept smiling at them, but no one really understood a word. Fives had tried to ask them about drinks, but they just looked at him like he’d grown a second head.

“How can we not find a single place to drink? And why are we so lost! This place isn’t even that big!” the impulsive ARC Trooper frowned and his ARC brother sighed.

“Maybe if you just-,” as Jesse was about to speak, an explosion rocked the ground beneath them. Yells and screams of the natives came from all over as the clones shared a look, put on their helmets and rushed towards the explosion.

“Oh kriff…” they muttered, seeing that the explosion had come from their ship and everything around it was now in flames, the ship itself destroyed. That included a pillar of sorts, with all kinds of plants engraved in it.

“I got a bad feeling about this…” Jesse said again, loud enough for his brothers to hear.

The fire didn’t spread too much as the natives managed to keep it under control, but when all was set and done, their eyes turned on the soldiers, hatred and anger in them.

“Why are they looking at us like that?” Echo dared to ask as they started being surrounded.

“…That was their Life Totem…” Rex spoke into the private channel they shared. “I’ve seen it before, during a mission with Commander Tano. It supposedly protects their harvest and homes. And we just destroyed it…” he explained, his back touching with that of his brothers.

“Wonderful… just wonderful!” Wolffe growled, hand on his blaster.

“Where’s their leader? Maybe we could explain the situation…” Cody looked both ways, seeing that almost every farmer had come now.

“I don’t think they want to listen, sir,” Fives’ comment didn’t help, as they took out their blasters.

“Only shot if you have to! And set it on stun!” Cody ordered as the farmers stopped not too far from them, pitchforks, shovels and other tools in their hands.

“Well Captain, what do you do in this situation?” Wolffe almost mocked a small grin on his face. “You did say you see more action and you’ve dealt with this before.”

“Yeah, but last time, we didn’t destroy the totem,” it was clear Rex was forcing himself to keep professional.

As they faced down their oppressors, the soldiers thought the natives had calmed down. Fives even took a few steps forward, despite the protest of his superiors. One of the Ukians growled as he came closer.

“Whoa, whoa no need for-,” his words were cut off when a fork missed his leg.

“Now?” the Wolfpack leader growled, looking at the other Commander.


“Then what?”

“Fives, get back here now!” Rex yelled in an order as the natives advanced.

“Run,” Cody spoke, turning around and dashing away, the one spot where they weren’t surrounded.

Jesse and Echo shared a look, then at their Captain who had to go and drag Fives away while Wolffe seemed frozen in his spot.

“Run?!” he repeated, as if he didn’t understand.

“Run!” Rex called, pulling the Commander behind him like the ARC Trooper and motioning with his head for the last two to do the same.

“I told you this isn’t gonna be easy!” Jesse shook his head.

“What did we even do?!” the second ARC trooper called, stealing a glance back at the angry mob.

“How the kriff would I know?!” Fives shouted, thinking he’d get the blame – as usual.

“Rex – let – me – go!” the Commander tried breaking free, but the Captain’s grip was unusually firm for one of his rank.

After a few minutes of running, the clones finally stopped and took a rest. Cody and Rex checked the perimeter and found that they haven’t been followed into the forest. That was good.

“Can someone tell me what the kriff happened?” Wolffe growled, rubbing his hand by which the 501st Captain had dragged him along.

“They think we destroyed their totem, and without it, they won’t be able to make good harvests anymore,” the blonde man sighed, putting down his helmet and sitting on the ground, looking at the others.

“If only they understood us…” Cody sat on a rock, bucket on his knee and thinking of a solution.

“Well, what are we supposed to do now?” Echo asked, looking around.

“We need to try and find another ship. The sooner we’re out of here, the better,” Cody spoke as the three troopers jumped to their feet.

“We’ll go!” before any of the superiors could protest, they were gone.

“What was that about?” the 212th Commander wondered, until he felt coldness around him.

Gulping, Cody turned his eyes on the other two soldiers, seeing them glare at each other. If looks could kill, they’d both probably be dead.

“You wanted action Captain, here you go,” Wolffe spoke, eyes never going off the blonde.

“I’m surprised you haven’t shot anyone, sir,” Rex made sure to add the proper addressing, but it only served to mock the Commander.

“At least I can know how to properly handle a situation.”

“Yes I saw, you were amazing back there, sir.”

“I know, maybe you could learn something.”

“I wouldn’t want it to seem as if I was copying off you, sir.”

Cody just sat there, not sure what to do. The two were about to jump at each other or pull out their blasters and shot. How is he supposed to handle the situation? But what was going on was the better question. Ever since they got here those two have been at each other’s throats.

“Commander!” came a yell as Cody turned his head, seeing the three soldiers running back.

“What happened?” he asked, while the Captain and Commander still glared at each other.

“We found them!” Echo yelled.

“You mean they found us!” Jesse corrected.

“Just run!” Fives ran past them and jumped behind a rock.

Before the Commander could ask what happened again, he head metallic sounds and turned his head to the direction from where they came.

“Clankers!” he yelled, jumping and knocking Rex down, just as blaster fire shot over them.

Wolffe reacted a moment later, dropping to the ground, but had bad timing, as he dropped on Fives, who was holding his blaster. Out of instinct, the trooper shot and hit the Commander, who collapsed onto the ground.

“FIVES!” Echo yelled in horror, looking from the Commander to his brother.

“I’m sorry!” he yelled back, fighting the urge to cry out.

“Is he dead?! DID YOU KILL HIM?” Jesse shouted, mouth gaped open.

“It was on stun, okay!” Fives shed tears of fear for when Wolffe woke up.

“Nice shot!” Rex yelled, blasting at the droids and giving thumbs up.

“Rex! Seriously!” Cody growled, murder in his eyes as it seemed he might attack the Captain.

“We’re all gonna die…” Echo whispered, eyes glassed over as he held the blaster.

“What are we gonna do?!” Jesse panicked, shooting randomly and hitting the droids.

“We can toss Wolffe over and while they’re distracted, take 'em out!”

“Rex for Force’s sake stop trying to do mutiny!”

“The Commander is gonna kill someone… Please don’t kill me!”

“Why did I come here…?”

“Fives, Echo, don’t die on me!”

“You’re not helping Jesse!”

It took a while, but Rex and Cody, with little help from Jesse, managed to take care of the droids, as there were less of them than they thought.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Jesse smiled, feeling better for about three seconds, before hearing a groan.

“Commander Wolffe! He’s waking up!” panic grabbed his heart again as Fives whimpered behind the rock and Echo just stared at… nothing.

“I got it!” Rex called, pointing his blaster and firing.

“REX!” Cody screamed as the Commander in gray fell again.

“What, it was on stun!” he defended.

Cody took a deep breath to keep himself calm and not strangle his brother.

“Let’s just get out of here. Jesse, try and get Echo back so we can carry Wolffe,” with that, Jesse went and shook the ARC trooper and even slapped him across the face.

“Wake up!” he screamed and it seemed Echo was finally reading him.

“Help me carry him,” nodding to the sleeping Commander, Echo looked in fear but nodded.

“Fives, c'mon, stop crying and get up,” the Captain spoke, pulling his man on his feet.

“But – but he’s gonna kill me!”

“Not if I have anything to say about that.”

After about half an hour, the soldiers made it back to the village. It was already dark and they moved quietly, so they wouldn’t get attention to themselves. But as luck would have it, Cody’s comm. link beeped to life and Obi-wan Kenobi spoke: “Cody, where are you? We haven’t been able to reach you for the last three hours.

The troopers stopped as they heard yells and shouts. The natives had heard them and were heading their way.

“Sir, we could really use a ride. Right now!” the Commander spoke quickly, moving away with the others to try and avoid the natives.

What is going on there?

“…We found some clankers and well, Commander Wolffe got shot!” Rex piped in, knowing his friend was always bad at lying to the General.

I see, I’ll be there with a ship in a few minutes. Stay where you are.

“Not an option sir!” Jesse yelled, finger pointing at the mob of farmers.

“Run!” Cody yelled, pulling Echo, who had frozen again behind him, while Rex threw Wolffe and Fives on his shoulders, the latter too exhausted to run.

“Ugh…” came again as all troopers’ eyes grew wide.

“Shot him!” Rex yelled as he felt Wolffe move on his shoulder.

“I – I CAN’T!” Jesse panicked, shaking with the blaster in his hands.

“Shot who?” Wolffe was coming back quicker and quicker, before taking note of where he was.

“Let me down Captain!” he yelled, trying to get off.

“Hey, stay still or you’ll-,” before he could finish, Rex tripped over a root and was sent flying into the ground, Wolffe landing atop him with Fives falling at the top.

“Get – off!” the blonde had a hard time breathing as the others stopped to help them. They rushed to get the three on their feet, but managed.

“Just keep moving!” Cody ordered, still pulling Echo behind him.

“Rex!” Wolffe called, turning to see the Captain limping behind. Seems he hurt his leg more than it seemed in that crash.

“Oh, c'mon!” he muttered, turning back and supporting the 501st leader. The blonde didn’t really like the idea, but it was better than getting killed by farmers.

“I’m fine!” Rex tried but failed to defend himself, leaning on the commander in gray.

“Yeah, sure you are,” the Commander muttered, a frown on his face.

“I can see the ship…” came a weak reply from Echo who was staring at the sky.

“Finally! Jesse, get him and Fives there now!” Cody called, letting the two carry the ARC trooper as he turned to see the other two CO behind.

“Rex! Wolffe! Behind you!” he shouted, seeing a half broken droid appear.

“Down!” the Captain ordered, pushing the Commander out of the way and getting hit in the shoulder, before falling to his knees.

“Rex!” Wolffe yelled, eyes ablaze as he pulled out his blaster and shot the droid, making it explode.

“We need to move!” Cody came closer, helping the 104th leader carry their brother. The both of them rushed over to the ship.

“Where are the others?” Kenobi asked, seeing the three troopers almost fall into his ship.

“Behind us,” Jesse managed, panting and letting his face rest on the metal ground.

“I see them,” the Jedi looked shocked, seeing the condition the three were, but shook it off and used the Force to carry them onto his ship while it already took off.

“I’d love to hear what happened,” he smiled as he brought them in. But his smile faded as he saw the blonde Captain with a wound on his shoulder. Wolffe was panting and just closed his eyes, falling asleep right there and then.

“He’ll be fine…” Cody spoke before the General could even ask. “The blast was weak and it didn’t do much damage. Rex is just out. It’s been a long day for everyone…” standing up; he addressed his superior as he’s supposed to.

“Very well, but I still think all of you should head to the medical bay once we get back,” the soldiers who could, nodded and looked at each other, thinking of what had happened today.

“So…” Cody spoke awkwardly, sitting next to Wolffe by the bed in which Rex was assigned.

“So,” the other Commander repeated, eyes going from one brother to the other.

“So?” the Captain raised an eyebrow, not sure what to do.

“I need to say something!” two out of three said in unison, looking around and letting out a sigh.

“I’m first!” Wolffe demanded, eyes narrow. The other two backed away.

“…I’m sorry Rex,” alright, that wasn’t what either was expecting. Not now anyway.

“The way I acted I…” it was clear the Wolfpack leader didn’t know how to say it. “I didn’t mean all of it. Maybe a bit, but the rest…”

“It happened because of the air in the planet,” Rex gave an understanding grin.

“How did you-?”

“Because it affected us all. When Kix checked me over, he found something off in my lungs. Turns out the air causes non inhabitants to go a bit crazy,” he finished off.

“That would explain why everyone was acting so… off.”

“That solves one issue,” Cody cleared his throat and looked at Rex.

“Right… Wolffe, I’m sorry too for … stunning you,” it came hard off his tongue, but made Wolffe grin.

“I’m actually proud about that. You showed guts, I give you that,” the two laughed.

“Well, glad we finally settled that down,” the second Commander smiled.

“When are you getting out anyway?” that was directed at Rex.

“Oh, I can leave now,” he shrugged, actually lying, but who’d know?

“By the way Wolffe, can I ask a favor?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Fives is still scared out of his head when he shot you. Mind playing on that a bit?”

“…You’re one sadistic man you know that?”


“Yes, I’d love to!”

Cut! Yeah, not my best work, but it was hella fun! Keep in mind, this was made as a stress-relieve so don’t take it seriously, okay? Thanks!
Also, I kinda edited it a bit from the original (just some words) so…

Some people have ask me if I could do a list about the best Larry fan-fictions that I have read so far. So I thought why not.

You read every fan-fic on the app Wattpad. You can also start follow me there so you can find the books : @Mr-Stylinson 

Locker 17 by @StylesRoyalty

I did just finish reading Locker 17 yesterday actually and I swear that’s the best story i ever have read. I have push that story away because it was so many chapters (140) but now understand now why is so many. You really get into this story so hard and gets really emotional. I’m not that one who gets the ‘’feelings’’ while I’m reading a story but I really got that in this one and god.. I just wanna read it again haha. So Locker 17 is really a story to recommend if you like smut,drama and really good Larry love.

Confession Of A Gay Disney Prince by @JeddieJay

Another good story you have to read is Confession Of A Gay Disney Prince. That story have been finished before but he who have wrote this story ( Jayme Dray ) wanted to make it better so he have started over so he is not done with it yet but I can promise you that this story is worth to be waiting on. He have write the book in a differently kind of way unlike other fanfics. This story is more like something that actually can happen in real life. Really good.

17BLACK by @obeylarry

A story I finished to read about a week ago is 17BLACK. A really good story for you who like Larry smut like me haha. No but it’s a really great one because even if its much smut in this one it have a good story that make sense. Some other Larry fan-fiction that are based on Larry smut doesn’t usually have a great story behind that make sense, but this one really have so I really recommend to read it.

My Boss - The Boss by @onedirection23rd

My Boss / The Boss is a really good story for you who is a Harry fangirl and like him ‘topping’’ haha. ( I am and will always be on the team Louis Tops ) No but this story was really good and I remember that it was a character in this story that made me so god damn angry. Like for real. The first ‘’book’’ is called My Boss and then it will end really weird but don’t get panic cause it’s a second one after that are called The Boss so it’s 2 ‘books’.

Dangerous by @Larry_Lashton & Eyes Open by @littlepixielou

Dangerous and Eyes Open are the first fan-fiction I started to read. They are easy to read and if you haven’t read Larry fan-fictions before is good too start with these one. 

anonymous asked:

To Tae fic question #6 where the reader is rly clumsy and always manages to hurt Taehyung is a fic called "Jinx" by mlkygguk but idk what happpened to their account bc now that i checked i cant find it,so sorry :(. If anybody knows if @milkygguk deactivated or changed url's pls let me know

anonymous asked:

Wait! i think i just found the reason why i couldnt find the “Jinx” fic, the author did moved url’s but she said she took it down (read the faq first if you wanna know why) but however you can still check out more of her amazing writing @1honeypot, pls send lots of love to her!! hope this helped! :)

Thank you so much!!!


i guess i should say what my thing is

Seph meets Old Cloud

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you've probably been asked this a bunch of times, but do you have any writing tips/advice for a newbie writer? and could you maybe tell us a little about your writing process, as well? sorry if that's a lot to ask! (you're a fantastic writer, btw!)

Actually no one much ever asks me for advice, hm.

My advice to newbies? Copy. Copy like a mofo.

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Work this out

Title: Work this out.


Thanks to snnowfrostt​ for the line, it was supper fun to write and it allow me to write Caitlin from a very different point of view, I change the line just a little bit I hope you don’t mind.

Also this may be a little M+ rated for some people.

“You have to stop this man; you can’t let her out every time you caught her, that’s not how the pipeline works.”

“I know Cisco believe me, but she is not causing any trouble and she always gives us useful information, for example now we know where Mirror Master is hiding.”

“I really don’t know how she does it. How does man gives her such important information so willingly is beyond me?”

“She has her methods. She can be really… persuasive…”

What bring you back my love? Do you need more information?”

“You know why I’m here!”

“I see, this is a personal visit, you’ve come to play.”

“No! I’m here to bring you back. We can help you.”

“Come on Barry, we both know that’s not the reason you are here, you miss me…, you miss the feeling of my cold lips over your warm skin, you miss the way my body molds to yours, the way your name rolls thru my lips every time you make me feel too much.”

“Th…that’s… not…true…”                                              

“Who are you trying to fool? I know you better that you know yourself, and I know for a fact that you miss my cold just as much as I miss your warmth.”

“This has to stop, we can’t be meting under this circumstances.”

“You say that every time we ‘meet’ and that was half a year ago, do you really want it to stop? Do you really want us to stop?”

“Yes… no…? Cait I want to be with you, I really do, but… I want to be with all of you. Please come back with me, Cisco and I could help you control your abilities; you would be one of the good guys. I really need you but I don’t want to hide my feelings for you any more, I don’t want to feel like I fail you every time I leave… I don’t want to hide us.”

“We are enemies now, opposites, how could we ever work?“

“We will find a way, just as we always do and if we manage to keep this up for as long as we did, who says you can’t be part of the good guys? You need to start believing in the impossible Dr. Snow.”

I hope you all like it :D.
To explain a little for me when Caitlin gains her abilities she develops another personality, Killer Frost, that’s why Barry tells her he wants to be with all of her.

This dialogue-short only fic was inspired by lilywlk and the relationship between Spiderman and Black Cat, hence the sexier Caitlin/Killer Frost.

Find the rest of the Fics here.

“Send me a line of dialogue and I’ll write a dialogue-only short fic!“

I’ll write anything Flash related but no Barry & Iris romantically involve, that I just can’t.

"The Curious Case of the Missing Shirts" One Shot

Original Imagine Link

Warnings: none

Word Count: 793

Link to Fic

“Hey, Dean?”  Sam walks into his brother’s room.  Dean frowns at him in confusion when he realizes Sam isn’t wearing a shirt. 

“Uh, what’s up?”

“Have you been taking my shirts?  I could have sworn we just did laundry, but I can’t find any clean ones.”

“No, Sam, why would I take your shirts?  I have my own.  Although…” Dean glances at his closet.  “I’m actually getting kind of low, too, now that I think about it.”

Sam’s eyebrows knit together.  “Huh.”

“What does it feel like?”

She jumps at the sudden disruption and turns around to look for the source of the voice.

“Uh, excuse me?” Her voice is rough when she asks Elsa to clarify.

“Your magic, what does it feel like?”

She’s still somewhat stunned at her sudden appearance and when she doesn’t answer, Elsa continues.

“Mine feels like a brisk, cold breeze through my body. It’s quite invigorating.”

She gathers herself and swallows before answering.

“Burning. It feels like I’m on fire.”

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anonymous asked:

So how do you think she should have died? Do you think maybe she shouldn't have died at all, but instead left, like Jackson? Though I do think she was too much of a main character to just leave abruptly without it being weird (like Jackson's was). But mainly because Allison wouldn't voluntarily leave- nor allow someone to ship her off. I would really love to hear your ideas! =) I took drama as an O level subject and I'm really into acting, theatre, script writing, character development, etc

I have a few ideas. Of course, I am angry like the rest of the fandom. I do wish Allison lived, but then again (with Crystal leaving and your very valid point about Jackson)…what other choice did Jeff Davis have? 

I majored in English in college so plot holes and inconsistencies are a big pet peeve of mine. Here are my problems with the way Allison died:

  • I really wish her father would have been the one to hold her in his arms as she died. I loved Scallison and Scott McCall is perfect.  But I really hate that Jeff made Allison’s goodbye with her father her rushing off the phone and ignoring her mentor’s warning in order to save her friend. Yeah, they bonded when she made the arrowhead, but a last moment is a last moment.
  • I don’t like the inconsistency of Allison being torn between Isaac and Scott. Too much love triangle for me. In part of the season, Allison seems to have completely moved on. But all of the sudden, Davis throws in a Scallison scene in the closet when Lydia and Scott are in Stiles’s head. Then it’s back to Allisaac in this episode as Allison saves Isaac with her silver arrowhead. THEN all of the sudden she is dying in Scott’s arms saying, “it’s okay because you’re my first true love.” Allison Argent is a girl who knows what…or who…she wants. This just doesn’t work for me.
  • I HATE that one of Kira’s mom’s minions did this. Granted they were under control of the Nogitsune, and it seems that there is foreshadowing that Kira’s mom isn’t exactly a stand-up gal, it just seemed forced. It didn’t seem like the right time or place. I think she deserved to be killed by the Nogitsune himself. Allison Argent is a warrior, and for her to be “caught off guard” as a way of dying just doesn’t fit.
  • There are so many other ways to connect the dots here, and as of right now I’m not seeing it. All I know is that Lydia seemed to know Allison would die, as of this episode. Allison was seeing her dead aunt, but did we ever find out exactly why as we did with Stiles’s inability to read (correct me if I’m wrong)? To me, it just felt like Jeff was saying, “Quick… change ownership of the Oni to the Nogitsune and that’s how she’ll go.” Even the plot was lazy.

So how would I do it?

I’m not one to write an Allison Argent death fan fic, because I’m not a fan of the idea at all.  But to write off such a strong, elegant, and loved character is something that shouldn’t have been taken as lightly as it was. I would have let Allison shoot many arrows, and save many of her friends. I would want that silver arrowhead somehow destroying the Nogitsune, not just saving her “boyfriend” (DISCLAIMER: I love Isaac Lahey fiercely and this has nothing to do with him and everything to do with Allison’s character arc). I would want her father jumping in front of her, ready to die for his daughter. I would want a flash of her mother’s sacrifice in her eyes, a whispered promise from her father to protect her friends, something a little more meaningful than her telling Scott what we all already knew - that they loved one another.

I would have given Allison a funeral with flowers and slow music and Lydia crying softly into Stiles’s shoulder. I would have zeroed in on Scott gripping Kira’s hand and Melissa McCall’s face covered with her shaking hands. I would have shown Isaac leaving the funeral and breaking his hand as he punched glass and anything else that would make him bleed. 

And I would have ended with Chris Argent’s tear-streaked face, shakily placing a photograph on Allison’s gravestone. The wind would carry the photograph away, landing on the Nemeton, with a message showing on the back.

“Never frown: someone could be falling in love with your smile.”

Need a break from the angst?

If you’ve had enough of the suffering for now, come to a nicer place.  Come with me to a place where Oliver and Felicity are trying to leave the recent stress behind… to a place where they are really working together to solve a problem. 

Take a break and read “Small Things and Big Plans”.

I wrote this story during the @olicityficbang because I still had some questions that needed answering.

1. When did Oliver and Felicity learn about Ray’s “death” and did they attend the funeral?

2. How did Felicity react when she learned that Ray signed over his shares to her?

3. How did the Palmer Tech board react to this? Wasn’t it a little suspicious that Palmer signed over his shares to his ex-girlfriend and then died mysteriously? Didn’t ANYONE question this?

4. Did the police investigate Palmer’s death, and did Oliver and Felicity know  about that investigation?

And the REALLY important question…

5. How the heck did Oliver and Felicity wind up in Italy after driving off into the sunset?

Here’s a little taste to entice you:


They spent the next several minutes creating a transcript. When they reached the part when Ray said the word “miniaturization”, Felicity exclaimed, “That’s it! That’s what happened!”

“What… what happened?” questioned Oliver.

“That’s why so little of his lab was recoverable. That’s why they couldn’t find enough to piece things together. It shrunk!”

“Shrunk? As in Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids shrunk?”

“Yeah… I know that sounds like fantasy… well, really… science fiction, not fantasy… ‘cuz we’re not dealing with Hobbits or dragons, just weird science-y stuff. So science fiction, but not fiction anymore. He did it. He really did it. He shrunk his lab! No wonder there was an explosion!”

“Maybe they didn’t find his body because it’s the size of a chocolate chip?”


Now you ask… why are you promoting your story now? Didn’t you write it a while ago?

Yes. Yes, I did. Thanks for asking. As part of the Fic Bang, my date for posting was Sunday, Dec. 27. Being just two days after Christmas, my story got rather lost in the shuffle. It doesn’t suck – very good writers have told me so – and yet it’s gotten far less comments on AO3 than just about any other story done during the Fic Bang.

Does my story involve time travel, zombies or vampires? No, sorry. This is certainly not an AU story.

Does it involve Oliver and Felicity being incredibly cute while working on a mission and solving a mystery? Yes, it most certainly does. 

Janis @so-caffeinated said that a little self-promotion every now and then is OK. So… I’m self-promoting and asking you to read my story. Break free from the angst and enjoy a light mission/mystery story with a happy ending. 

It’s here on AO3: “Small Things and Big Plans

Oh, and please leave a comment or two. Thanks!!!

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Silence is Golden -- the mute Belle!verse

Blame tinuviel-undomiel because this is 100% her fault.  She prompted for a story where Belle has her memories and works as Regina’s maid but can’t speak and then later asked for a story where Henry finds out who Belle is and promises to help her out and alright now this is happening.  So if you have any prompts for this verse you know where to send them.

The first half of this was already published as a flash fic (I edited it a little bit) so if it looks familiar to you that’s why, just scroll down a bit.

God help us all.

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