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Can I request for MC who have no sense of direction, wondering the rfa plus saeran reaction when they found out MC get lost on their date? Thank you :D

i love this bc omg!!!!! lol sorry, only jumin is date thingy (i wrote it on my phone), i hope you like it anyways <3 <3


-you two were supposed to meet at this very fancy resturant, and even tho jumin had tried persuading you to let him send his limo, you had refused. it was just around the cornor after all

-you agreed to be there 18:30/ 6:30

-you leave in very good time, half an hour before. when it really only a five minute walk

-so 10 mintues passes and you figure you’re just walking really slow

-but then 20 minutes passes, and you’re pretty sure you’ve passed that sign before

-ain’t no problem you think. still have plenty of time.

-jumin calls you at 19:00/ 07:00 bc where tf are you? are you okay? did you forget?

-so now you have to tell him how you somehow got lost and have no idea where tf you are.

-you read the street sign aloud for him…and it’s literally only 1 block away from the resturant

-after that, jumin never lets you walk anywhere alone again


-“babe, i forgot the lunch you made me, do you mind bringing it with you?”

-zen had to meet early that day, while your work hours were still the same (being his manager and all)

-it should be an easy walk, you had walked it countless times with zen. everyday for about 8 months now. you’ve never walked it alone tho

-you were definetly going the right way, there was the cute little vintage shop! and the florist!

-you didn’t remeber it being so long tho, guess time passed quick when you were with zen!

-your phone rings in your pocket, and you’re met with a very worried zen

-“babe where are you? are you okay? you left an hour ago, right? it’s only a 20 minute walk?

-“im on my way?? i think?? its only 20 minutes? uuuh”

-zen just snorts at that and asks you to send him your cordinates via google maps.

-comes pick you up on his bike and is bewildered about how tf you managed to go in the opposite direction???


-is suprisingly good at finding his way, and is often the one leading the way whenever y'all get together and has to find some specific cafe

-(probs a fucking cat cafe, by jumins and sevens request. when zen sees he just turns on his heel and is gone withing 0.02 secs)

-ok but you are at disneyworld together and you two got seperated in the crowd

-and so you decide to meet by cinderellas castle

-except yoosung has been waiting for an hour now

-you call him and admit you have no idea where tf you are

-he’s asking what you see around you, and so you describe it to him and he just about dies of laughter

-you’ve somehow managed to walk around the castle, different route each time, about 20 times.

-it honestly makes him a bit happy that he’s the one to lead you around.



-imagine her getting lost in the c&r building, so that jumin has to send bodyguards with her to prevent it lmfao

-you two NEVER get anywhere on time because of that

-it has been numorous times that you two have had a cinema date or dinner plans and you had cancel

-tho jaehee will never admit when you two are lost, and you’re the one who has to put your pride aside and get either seven or jumin’s peeps to come get you

-jaehee gets kinda grumpy everytime, but it’s nothing kisses and tickling can’t solve and her trying not to smile or laugh is the most adorable thing ever

-watching zens musicals at home and cuddling isn’t half bad either

-everytime you have to go to rfa meetings, seven or jumin (s drivers) will come pick you both up.


-soo you two are out stargazing on some hill, and you thought you’d get more blankets from the car

-after 10 minutes seven was like?? the car is just behind that tree

-you’re not by the car? so maybe you went to do ya thing

-he waits by the car but after 5 minutes his phone lights up with the name “bae♡♡♡”

-“seven? where are you??? i think im lost??”

-he checks your phones location trough screams of hysterical laughter
-it doesen’t help that you’re close to tears when he finds you.

- he’s trying his very best at comforting you, but everytime he thinks about how you got lost it send him into another fit

-you have to drive home because it would be very unsafe to let seven drive at his hysterical state

-he builds a gps in your robot cat and have you take it everywhere with you

-“seven! care to explain why the fuck the cat splurted water in a guys face when he asked for my number???”



-“is there a lock on the door?”

-“which fucking door this is the middle of a forest?

-ok ok happy after ending sae is ths best sae

-finds out when you want to go to a ice cream parlor with him, and he lets you lead the way because you’re so excited

-but then you lead him in the wrong direction and he doesen’t have the heart to tell you right away

-so you both end up taking a detour, saeran gently nudging you in the right direction

-your proud expression when you find it makes it worth it tho

-insists on going everywhere with you after that.


-took you on a shoot once

-you trailed right behind him but still somehow managed to get lost

-he only lets you come with him on shoots after that, if you hold his hand the entire time or if your otherwise bound together

-honestly thinks it’s the cutest thing ever, and you look like a little duckling trailing behind him

-which results in lots of pictures of you and helluva lot of kisses
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Nightly Horrors (part 1)

part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

(Eric x Reader)

Summary: Your friends decide to walk around at night dragging you with them. Eric catches you snooping around.

“That’s a terrible idea, you hear me? TERRIBLE! We’re in so much trouble if someone catches us sneaking around here in the middle of the night. Guuuuys, please let’s go back I don’t wanna end up factionless.” You whinened, walking behind your two friends. For some reason they thought it would be fun exploring the dauntless grounds. You? Not so much. They had dragged you along with them anyway.
You were an abnegation transfer and although you had chosen to be in dauntless the thought of breaking the rules didn’t appeal two you very much. Old habits die hard they say. Dauntless was all about being brave and fierce, everything you weren’t. You just thought they were being suicidal. Maybe some of them were.
“Nothing will happen, we just take a quick look around and be back in our quaters before anybody even realizes we’re missing.” You friend Amy said while rolling her eyes at you, both amused and annoyed at your level of fearfulness.
“Anyway…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. In an corridor to your left you heard a door opening and someone was stepping out ending his conversation with the person inside. You three looked at each other for a second with wide eyes before you all started to run wherever the hallway you were currently in was leading to.
Your friends were already behind the next corner when you heard a voice behind you calling out to you.
“Hey you there!”
You stoped in your tracks. Fucking hell. You knew that voice. It was Eric. Your personal devil send straight form hell just to torture you every single day in training. I’m done for. There’s no way I’m geting out of this.
“Uuuh, uhm yeah…hi there…” You stammered out unsure of the best approach in this kind of situation.
“Care to tell me what the hell you doing here in the middle of the night? And who are you anyway?” He said with a straight face.
Is he serious? He makes my days a living nightmare and doesn’t even now who I am? I knew he was an ass by this level of ignorance is truly astonishing.
He leaned against a wall looking you up and down with a measuring look.
“I’m Y/N. I’m one of your inistiats you know? You see me every day do you really not know who I am?” You said in a firm voice your anger getting the better of you.
“No,” He answered, looking you over once more, “But now that I know …you realize you have no right to be here, initiate?”
“There is a perfectly good explanation for my being here…” You said already thinking in your head what that good explanation could be. You had no clue. To make matters worse you were a horrible liar. This was doomed form the start. Why did I ever thought becoming dauntless was the right choice.
“I’d really love to hear that. Should be interesting. And that explanation better be good or you’re not gonna make it back to your quarters tonight…” He stared at you seriously. You had no doubt he meant every word. But surely it wasn’t ok to strike down an initiate over something like that. Or was it?
“You see…,” You were begining, no idea were this conversation was going, “I am a sleep walker, no idea how I ended up here, really…I-I could not be more surprised than you are.”
“That’s bullshit.”
It was. Of course he’d see trough something so stupid. But well you really, really were a bad liar.
“You’re right…the truth is I-I…you see I have a huge crush on you and was following you!” Bloody hell why did you say that, that was even more dumb than the excuse before.
“Aaah is that true now?” He said walking over to you. You stumbled back trying to put some more space between you two. You hit the wall with your back and pressed yourself againt it hoping a portal would open up right there and swallow you whole. Eric placed both of his hands on the sides of your head, he brought his head awfully close to yours and gazed into your eyes with an intensity that made you uncomfortable. A blush was spreading on your face much to your discomfort. One of his hands landed on your hip, his face drawing nearer to your own. He leaned to the side and whispered into your ear.
“You’re a terrible liar, sweetheart.” With this he let go of you and stepped back. You released a breath you didn’t know you had kept in and inhaled deep.
“What was your name again?”
“Y/N.” you said, looking anywhere but directly at Eric.
“We’re going to have such a good time from now on. Belief me.” He said smiking and walked away. You were left standing there with the knowlage that you most likely hadn’t seen the worst of Eric yet. You were sure you would soon enough.

((New update :P

OMG Jared’s in this one.


He looks way too tall on that last panel, seriously.

And he’s an idiot for not already figuring out that Oncie and Warden have been fucking for this long. Wth Jared? ))

Warden: *He bursts through the main doors to his office with post-holiday glee, looking bright and chirpy and as manic as ever.* Jared! Alice! Jailbot! Daddy’s home! *He trots happily in, where the Lorax is sitting in his chair going over some papers like he has no clue what they mean. Jared is scribbling on a clipboard while Alice looks very bored with even being here. He probably ordered them all to be here to welcome him back, because otherwise she wouldn’t even be here. Of course the second he hears his name Jailbot bursts through the window happily. This makes the Lorax jump- because even after a week of that he’s not used to it.*

Lorax: Oh thank God! *Immediately jumps up to leave* Thought you’d never get back, *muttered* you psycho. So where’s my boy? You didn’t eat him did you?

Once-ler: *walks in holding the bags and places them on the floor. He’s extremely happy to see the lorax and very proud of him for looking after superjail* Almost~ *trots over to him happily* How’ve you been?

Lorax: Ah! *Toddles over to Oncie and expects to be picked up so he can give him a hug, though he doesn’t show it* Everything’s fine. *Slight squint at the Warden, who is busy hugging and fussy over Jailbot. There’s lots of happy beeping and cooing noises coming from the corner* His murderbox is still goin’ fine, but I swear to God you owe me for this. But hey! *Brightens up* How was vacation? You get any sightseein’ in or did you just, you know, *looks uncomfortable but pleased regardless* ‘Stay in the hotel room’, so to speak?

Once-ler: *squats down to him and gives him a hug* Yeah, that’s so much for looking after this place *strokes his hand through the Lorax’s fur* I do owe you one. *pulls away and stands up again* Yeah it was great, a few problems, but they were sorted eventually *chuckles awkwardly at him*

Lorax: *Gives him a hug and then takes a step back* I can imagine there were a few problems. *Looks over at the Warden who is currently hugging Jailbot very tight and grinning, while Jailbot pats his back with his claws. Warden is just cooing petnames at him now.* Well! The sooner I get out of this hell-hole the better. You can tell Mister Crazypants over there that I didn’t change nothin’. I just filled in the forms that the big-headed guy told me to. I think- I’d never held a pen before Monday.

Jared: *Then suddenly dives for him. They’re almost the same height* No!! Please don’t go! *cries* You were the first boss I ever had who was actually reasonable!

Lorax: Gah! *flinches away as he’s held on to. Fortunately Jared doesn’t smell like rot and death, so he doesn’t get scrabbled at* Get off! Boundries!

Warden: *Comes over and plucks Jared up by the collar* Jared, you manwhore! You just go diving into the bed of the first little fluffy man who throws you a bone?

Lorax: *Backs off quickly* Aaah, go easy on him. He’s had a tough time.

Jared: *Looks like he might cry he’s so touched at someone actually being reasonable empathetic towards him* Yeah! Ohh… I’ll get back to work.

Warden: *Puts him down and pets his head* You do that. Run along!

Once-ler: Wait, you’re really going so soon? We’ve only just got back, I’ve hardly seen you *watches as the lorax makes his way to the door*

Lorax: *Turns back* Ha, well no offence to your boyfriend, kid, but the less time I spend here the better.

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Himawari and Neji (warning- feels overload)
  • -Hinata and Himawari are visiting Neji's grave-
  • Hinata: Okay Himawari, it's time to go- say goodbye to Your Oji-San.
  • Hima: bye-bye Oji-San! Enjoy the flowers!
  • -walking back home-
  • Himawari: Mama, how did Oji-San die?
  • Hinata: ...Your Oji-San was the smartest, best person I ever knew. He helped me train when I was younger, helped me develop my own jutsu so I could become stronger. In the war...He gave his life to save mine. *starts tearing up* He was selfless- to the very end. And you know what Hima?
  • Himawari: *listening intently* What?
  • Hinata: in the end- he was smiling. He was happy- to have died for his comrades. In the end... He found peace.
  • Himawari: Oji-San sounds amazing mama. *hugs and wipes Hinata's tears* was he really as smart as papa keeps saying he was?
  • Hinata: he really was Hima. He was a genius. But more importantly- he also had a good heart.
  • ----------------
  • -at home-
  • Himawari: ugh I can't figure out this puzzle... Nee-San's no good with this stuff and papa's working... Mama's talking to Sakura Oba-San. I shouldn't disturb.
  • *has an idea*
  • ----------------
  • Hinata: Thanks for coming, Sakura Chan.
  • Sakura: haha, it was no problem, Hinata! Oh! Could I say hi to Hima before leaving?
  • Hinata: sure- she's in her room solving this puzzle that Shikamaru bought for her. It's a little advanced *laughs
  • -both go to the room and find Himawari is missing-
  • Hinata: Himawari! Himawari if you are hiding come out NOW Mama wants to talk to you!
  • Sakura: I... I don't think she's here Hinata....
  • Hinata: *pales* b-but... Where...
  • Sakura: come on- let's tell the others. We need to find her- now. She's daughter of the Hokage. This is not good.
  • -everyone starts looking for Himawari as the news spreads-
  • Naruto: Himawari!! HIMAWARIIIIIIIII!!!!!
  • Sasuke: Naruto... We'll find her. It's okay.
  • Naruto: I just... I don't want anything to happen to her 'tebbayo.
  • Sasuke: Nothing will. I promise you.
  • Bolt's voice: Hey! Dad! Sasuke Oji-San!! Found her!!
  • Naruto: that was Bolt! Let's go!
  • *both run towards the noise*
  • ---------------
  • Himawari is talking to Neji's grave.
  • Himawari: so, Oji-San, I knew you wouldn't be able to reply, but maybe if I sat nearby, you could help... In whatever way you could, and you did! *smiles* After hearing the stories about you... I really like you , Oji-San!!
  • -Naruto and Hinata tackle her at the same time, while Sasuke, Sakura, Sarada and Bolt watch a few feet away-
  • NARUHINA: BOLT- I mean HIMAWARI! What were you THINKING?! you could have been killed 'ttebayo!! Don't EVER do that again!!!
  • Himawari: but... I-I just... Wanted help with my puzzle...
  • Sarada: why did you come HERE?
  • Sakura: isn't this Neji's...
  • Naruto: ...yeah.
  • Hinata: why did you run to Nee-San's grave, Hima?
  • Himawari: Mama, after you told me about Oji-San, I got stuck in that puzzle Shikamaru Sama gave me. I just thought... *smiles* Oji-San is so smart! Maybe he can help me!
  • Sarada: Uuuh, but he's-
  • Sasuke: COUGH COUGH COUGH Sarada no.
  • Sarada: oooookay.
  • Hinata: .... Oh. Hima... He-he can't help you anymore, Hima. He's... not going to come back- you know that right?
  • Himawari: Of course I do! But can't you feel it mama?
  • Naruto: Feel what, Himawari?
  • Himawari: papa, mama, whenever I come to Oji-San's grave with any of you, I can tell- you get really sad! But... I also feel- even though nothing is there- like there are warm arms wrapping around me, around all of us. I am sure that is Oji-San! That's why I... Really like Oji-San!
  • *she shows the puzzle to a shocked Naruhina and Sasusaku family*
  • Himawari: and look! Right after I came here, I was able to finish the puzzle. I could feel Oji-San's arms around me, guiding me.
  • Hinata: oh, Hima. *leans down and hugs her, tears in her eyes*
  • -Bolt sees Hima 'hogging' mama and runs forward, launching himself into the hug. Naruto smiles widely and leans down, pulling all three into one big hug-
  • Himawari: can you feel it?
  • Naruto: yeah... Yeah I can.
  • *all go back home, laughing and smiling. Hima looks back. She can see the grave in the distance*
  • Himawari: *smiles* Bye, Oji-San. I'll see you soon. *turns and walks with her family*
  • -back at the grave, Neji leans against the stone. He is smiling(yes I'm doing this to you)-
  • Neji: You're becoming more and more lovely as the days go by Himawari. You looks just like your mama- with a little bit of that Baka mixed in. *laughs* I look forward to seeing you again...
  • ------------------------
  • A/N PHEW. that was a LONG one. Tell me if ur feeling the feels cuz I am
As fate would have it - Chapter 10

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 10 - How do you feel?

!!! Contains Manga Spoilers (Chapter 48) !!!


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Main Characters:

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