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HEY GIRLIES! I’m REALLY angry about the outcome of this #PhilandoCastile case, but I’m also upset that I honestly expected it. All of this new information coming out also doesn’t help to soothe my anger about it. I know y’all saw that new #GameofThrones trailer and that simply means I’m even more shook than before! I’m ready to get my life and start reviewing this season! #ChristopherMilan decided to show you girls what he is working with and I’m not pressed about that part, I’m just puzzled as to why you girls think that he did something legendary or groundbreaking. Also, if you’re going to let a platform use you for clicks, you need to be making sure that you’re getting something out of the deal as well (and not just an empty interview filled to the brim with a bunch of nothing). We wont be talking about this or you in a week and you could have prevented that. I’m hearing a lot of news about what the #Trump and his minions are up to. I see that the #Democrats are not featuring this trash bill. And Mr Cheeto himself took to twitter yet again to remind us how many IQ points he is missing. Also were people removing the disabled from their wheelchairs because they decided to protest?  There’s a lot to talk about and I’m here to drag it ALL!

I Don’t Mean It (pt 8)

You were broken. Completely broken. The man you thought was one of your best friends despised you. The man you thought–no you knew– you loved had no trust in you. 

If he didn’t believe you, there was no way the other boys would either you thought to yourself through the tears. But no other thoughts came to you. You felt empty, useless, and broken. You walked and turned off all the lights and sat on the floor in the darkness, letting the room fill with the sound of your sobs.

Two days went by none of the boys had tried to get in contact with you. Tae probably told them. They probably hate me too. I’ve lost them all. But little did you know, they were simply waiting for you to reach out to them and talk first. They wanted to give you your space, and Taehyung still hadn’t told them the truth. I have to leave this place. There’s no point staying here anymore. 

It was true, you really didn’t have any reason to stay back. A little after the boys moved in, you had found a new job, but the commute was kind of far. But somehow they had managed to convince you to stay. Because they were worth it.

You immediately pulled out all your suitcases and boxes and started packing. You even called your landlord asking about the process of moving out. If you were to get past this, you had to move on. Move on from the boys, and move away quite literally.

Taehyung still couldn’t get the image of you crying out of his head, even after two days. He never liked seeing you upset before, and knowing that you were crying because of him tugged at his heartstrings, but he kept telling himself that you deserved it.

He moped around the dorm when there wasn’t a schedule and tried to give everyone his best smile when the cameras were around. He still hadn’t decided how to tell the other boys and he knew that they were giving him the space he needed. 

Today, he had to go to the recording studio to start recording for a new album. He honestly didn’t know if he had it in him to record with how has been feeling recently, but he didn’t have much of a choice. 

Once he made it to BigHit, the boys all gathered in the recording studio and sat there in an awkward silence. Taehyung didn’t mind though as his mind was wandering back to you. He didn’t even realize that Namjoon wasn’t in the room.

“Aish how much longer do we have to wait” asked Yoongi. “I want to start soon!” he said in frustration. Only then did Tae look around and notice Namjoon missing. 

“Where is hyung?” asks Jungkook.

“He said he had something to ask manager hyung.” said Jimin. “But it’s been a while, though.”

“I’ll go get him” Taehyung offers. He leaves the room in search for Namjoon and the manager. He looks for them door by door and in their usual spots, but he was having a hard time finding them. 

Taehyung was starting to get frustrated when he wasn’t able to find them as quickly as he was expecting. Eventually, though, he struck gold when he could hear Namjoon’s voice coming from one of the rooms down a random hallway.

“Hyung, Taehyung’s been acting kind of weird lately and I think we should give him some time off to sort things out.” Namjoon said. Taehyung stood outside the door that was slightly ajar. He didn’t know what made him want to stop and listen in on their conversation, but he did,

“What why? I noticed he was a little strange, but he seemed fine on TV. Does he really need time off?” the manager asked.

“He has some…personal stuff going on.” Namjoon said.

“Whats so personal that I don’t even know about it?” asked the manager.

“Well… he’s in the middle of a rough time with Y/N…our neighbor. You’ve seen her over at our place before” Namjoon offered.

Taehyung could feel his heart tighten at the mention of your name. 

“Oh her. Is she honestly still hanging around you guys?” asked the manager. Taehyung furrowed his eyes in confusion.

“What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t she?” asked Namjoon.

“Aish this bitch. Why do you guys always have her around? What if the press got a hold of that huh? Do you not realize the risks?” asked the manager slightly more loudly. Taehyung’s face turned red once he heard his manager calling you a bitch, but he knew that he was the one who had stopped the article from being published so he just continued to listen silently on the conversation.

“Hyung she’s just a friend. I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of it.” Namjoon stated.

“Big deal? I saw the way Taehyung looked at her ok. And the way she looked at him. It was obvious that if I didn’t do anything, they would have started dating. He would have had to go behind the company’s back. The press would have found out. It would have been just one giant mess Joon. You as the leader should know that and stopped it.” The manager said. 

Taehyung was even more confused. What did he mean when he said “if I didn’t do anything” ?

“Hyung..what have you done” asked Namjoon, catching on.

“Look, don’t tell Taehyung this because I don’t want him running back to that stupid girl. And you should know that it’s best if she stays out of his life. But anyways, I approached Tae with a fake article before all the awards show started a few months ago. I told him that that girl had given a reporter all this private and personal information about Taehyung and that she had received a payment for it. Clearly, it worked if they’re fighting over it. It’s just a matter of time now” the manager said cooly.

Taehyung’s heart sank. What have I done?

“Hyung what the hell. She’s been nothing but a kind friend to us. How could you do that to T-” Namjoon started when the door flung open. Both the manager and Namjoon turned to the door, wide-eyed from the shock.

“T-Taehyung. How long have you been there?” asked the manager, shocked.

“Hyung..w-why would you d-do that? I trusted y-you. I trusted the wrong person! Do you know what I’ve just done because of you?” Taehyung yelled with tears in his eyes.

“T-taehyung-ah, it was for your best. Please try to see where I’m coming from” the manager said. 

“I can’t believe you hyung.” Tae said as he walked away.

What have I done? What I have done to Y/N?

A/N.…AND that concludes part 8~ Do y’all want a part 9? What do you think is going to happen? Inbox or dm me what you think! Also, the italics are meant to be their thoughts. 

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Monsta X as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Thanks @goeffmercantile for the idea!! I hope you will enjoy this if you read it 😃|||

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo:

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  • The leader and founder of the gang.
  • Often not taken seriously in the industry because of his age but these people seem to disappear not long after they make those statements. 
  • He takes care of the whole business and every mission has to go through him first. 
  • While rarely going out on them himself he’s still a very good shot and an excellent hand to hand combatant.
  • His daily activities include scouting new members and making deals with the other gangs.

That’s how he met you. You were the daughter of one the leaders he came to make a deal with and immediately caught his attention. You had that aura of confidence and respect around you. When he saw you standing besides your father he stood up and said.

“I want to make the deal with her and see if she has what it takes.”

You accepted the challenge and the rest is history.

Wonho/Shin Hoseok:

Originally posted by kihqun

  • He would be the one to take care of gathering information. He actually has too many ways to do that. From sweet talking to torturing.
  • Looks really strong and confident and even come out as cocky on the outside but in reality is really soft, especially to people he cares about.
  • His soft side doesn’t interfere with his work though as once he has to get something he will do it with any means possible, no mercy.

He met you when the gang kidnapped you to gather info. After a few questions though it turns out they got the wrong person, the gang lets him decide what to do with you since he’s also the one who takes care of the bodies. He gives you 2 options. Either stay with him or die. He can’t let you go because you already saw all of their faces. So you decide to stay and as crazy as it may sound it was one of the best decision in your life.

Yoo Kihyun:

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

  • Right hand man of the boss and actually the most reliable member as the others (including the leader) tend to get in trouble a lot and he has to be the one to get them out.
  • Incredibly smart and cunning that’s why his specialty is scamming. Not only ordinary people fall for his charms but also the other gangs. That’s how he gets around town and was recruited in the first place.
  • Although not easily annoyed he does lose his patience sometimes and you better don’t even be near him when he does. 

He actually knew you from high school and promised not as much to you as to himself that one day he will definitely find you again and make you his. And so he did, a few years later, after making a title in the mafia world he waited for you outside your house. When you saw him, you couldn’t believe your eyes, it was him, he was alive.

“Sorry for making you wait this long.” he said with a smile but you didn’t care anymore as you jumped in his arms.

I.M/Lim Changkyun:

Originally posted by wonhobe

  • One of the top assassins in the gang.
  • When he and Jooheon get together expect no survivors.
  • He’s more skilled with guns and is actually quite proud of his collection.
  • Keep tracks of how many people he kills and tends to brag about the clean shots he made.
  • While not on a job, he looks pretty casual and you would never be able to tell that he is part of the mafia. Also kind awkward when he needs to talk about other topics besides guns and violence.

He met you in a coffee shop right outside his home. He used to spend his mornings there just thinking about ways to complete the mission when he also started noticing you. You also came there almost every morning (he was quite disappointed when you didn’t) and sat at the table by the window. He was mesmerized by you and after a few months finally decided to gather his courage and talk to you.

Chae Hyungwon:

Originally posted by jonginsbias

  • The first person you should come to if you need anything concerning weapons. 
  • Even though his job is to smuggle them to and out of the country to make more money for the gang, he also has a very extensive knowledge about them.
  • He can even advise you which weapon is the best one for certain kills.
  • Doesn’t like fighting himself and actually prefers not to have a weapon on him at all times.
  • But when push comes to shove he has an unexpectedly good accuracy and take cares of the things fast.

You came to buy some weapons from the store he had set up and that’s how he met you. To his surprise you knew everything about the stuff you wanted and couldn’t help but smirk as not often does he meet someone as knowledgeable in his field as you. When he got you the guns you wanted he just casually asked.

“Want to go try these bad boys out with me someday? I won’t be doing any shooting though but I can see you more than know how to use them.”

Lee Minhyuk:

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • Behind his cheerful exterior there is a fearless drug dealer.
  • He likes to keep it simple and be on good terms with his clients but everyone knows that you will be dead on the spot if you try anything suspicious. 
  • He’s so good with his words that he even made some connections with the higher ups in the city from police officers to judges.
  • Because of that and his skills, making drug deals has never been easier.
  • Other gangs often ask him for advice in exchange for money.
  • He gladly agrees but never tells them his secrets.

He met you at the start of his career when after a deal gone bad he was left all beaten up in an alley. You were coming home from your night shift when you noticed him. You immediately came up to him and asked if he was okay, even though he was barely conscious he just laughed and said that he thought you were an angel as he never saw anything prettier than you. You wanted to take him to a hospital but he begged you not to call anyone and so you dragged him to your apartment and nursed him back to health.

Lee Jooheon:

Originally posted by trainingpanda

  • The other one the most feared assassins in the gang.
  • Unlike Changkyun he specializes more in close range or hand to hand combat.
  • His favourite weapon of choice is knuckle duster knife. 
  • Tends to get to know and earn his victims trust before he kills them.
  • Starts acting all weird and does a lot of aegyo when drunk.
  • Is actually really friendly if you’re not his enemy that’s why he has a bunch of friends and companions outside the mafia industry.    
  • Likes making detailed plans of the missions and often helps Shownu and Kihyun with that.

You were actually going to be his next victim. He was hired to kill you by another gang for unknown reasons, not that he asked, he was only here to get the job done and then take the money. He didn’t expect you to be this cheerful and an excellent discussion partner though. This never happened before but he was starting to doubt if he should kill you. When you agreed to him taking you home and were pushed in the alley behind the club you didn’t even flinch or beg when he pressed the knife to your throat.

“Why are you not scared?” he asked.

“Why should I? I did a lot of awful things in my life, so maybe it’s my time to go.” you replied.

That’s when he knew for sure he couldn’t kill you. After he released you out of his grasp he asked.

“Which gang were you from?”

“Why don’t we get back in the club and I will tell you my story?”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed!! Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!  😃

Imagine hiding behind Isaac, after getting in trouble with  Derek.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

         Everyone knew a pissed off Derek was a dangerous one. So when you “accidentally ” kneed him where the sun didn’t shine during training, you had the brains to run. It wasn’t completely your fault it happened. As an omega, you didn’t have much to work with. You weren’t as strong or fast as other werewolves, so you tended to rely on your brain during fights. Hence the whole knee to crotch thing, plus Derek totally goaded you into it. “I’m going to die. I’m going to die.” You panicked, running around the flat.  

   If he were human, you could simply hide until something worse happened. Unfortunately this was not the case and anywhere you hide would be easily discovered by Derek. Nonetheless it was still a better option, than continuing to run around like a chicken with its head cut off- which you surely would be if Derek caught you. But where to hide….    

   “Hey  (Y/N), have seen my jacket?” Isaac called, walking into the room. He paused taking in your obvious distress. Instantly the beta was at your side, eyes roaming your body in search for any wounds. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Where’s Derek?”  

  You opened your mouth to reply only for someone else to answer. “Derek, is right here. And he’s going kill a certain omega of his.“ 

     Your eyes widened as you spun around to see an angry alpha glaring at you. Without hesitation you threw yourself behind Isaac, hands clutching the back of his shirt. The werewolf gave you a wide-eyed look, “why are you hiding behind me?“ 

   "Cause you’re my only hope. You heard him, he plans on murdering me.”  

  “What did you do?”   

 "Yeah (y/n), what did you to possibly warrant my wrath?“ Derek pressed, arms folded.    

 Heat rose to your cheeks. "I might have hit him the crotch during training- but I was only doing what you told me and being innovative!”

    “Well they do have a point-” Isaac started, only for Derek to raise an eyebrow at him. “Right. Crotch hitting, no go. Even if it can possibly be used against us in a real battle…”   

  Derek rolled his eyes. This was obviously a losing battle. Besides as much as he hated to admit it, you did manage to catch him off guard. “Fine, I’ll let it go this time.” He paused to point at you. “Do it again though, and you’ll see just how angry I get.”  

   “Yes sir.” You squeaked, grip tightening on his shirt.    

  Shooting you one last hard glare, Derek left, allowing you two to breathe. “See this is why I hide behind you.” You replied, pecking his cheek.

Boys (S.D.R. x Reader)

AN: there might be a part two? Maybe. We’ll see. 

Tag Crew: @artisticgamer @huffleheyguys @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2

Request: @megabooklover18 - Then could I request the democratic republicansx reader where one of them accidentally punched the reader and then they panic and go into mother hen mode?

Warning: fuck boys 

Word Count: 1,688


You and the boys were sprawled out on the lawn of the courtyard relaxing after class. This week, all of your schedules were filled with free periods due to the three day long talent show of sorts that your school put on every year before break. All of these free periods meant more time with your boys, which you greatly appreciated. Everyone was grateful for the easy week, with a few exceptions.

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BTS Mafia au! You show him your shooting skills


Looking at the amount of bulls-eyes you were able to shoot would make Jin quite proud of his pretty innocent looking girlfriend. He knew that you would be able to take care of yourself if there were to be a situation that called for it. Flustered Jin would also come out when you wanted to shoot other guns instead of the ordinary .44 Magnum. 

“Jagi, I’m very happy you can shoot a gun but please, let’s not use the Bazooka in here alright?”

“But I want to explode some things….”

“Maybe next time…..”

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Min Yoongi / Suga

Watching you aim the S&T Motive K14 (a sniper) with such steadiness was something that alarmed Yoongi. He thought you were just an innocent girl who so happened to fall in love with a mafia leader. Yoongi started to think that you were an undercover spy working for the government when really, you were an assassin which you kept a secret that you kept from him.

“Oppa, I’m just a trained assassin, that’s it.”

“Oh - I thought you were working with the cops… WAIT YOU’RE AN ASSASSIN!?”

“Hehehe…..I guess I should’ve told you ages ago…..”

Originally posted by yoonseokismyreligion

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

Hoseok turned from an emotionless moon to an overjoyed sunshine. You put the weapon down, too scared to hold onto it anymore and the embarrassment was starting to slowly killing you. You had almost hit the target but instead hit the ceiling which rebounded the bullet right next to one of Hoseok’s men which by the way, you both hated with a passion.   


“Hoseok….. I almost killed one of your men…..”

“ *whispers* who cares he’s a piece of shit…*shouts* BUT I’M STILL PROUD OF YOU!!”

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon stayed quiet while you recollected yourself. Let’s say… you had too much fun and almost fired at one of your guards that Namjoon assigned to you. When you finally did, Namjoon walked up to you and started asking questions. He wanted to know why you reacted the way you did and more importantly, why you didn’t tell him about this side.

“Jagi, what happened just then, hm?


“I need to know so I can take care of you.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

Park Jimin

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh when he saw you grab the pistol with your two shaky hands and very poorly try aiming for the middle of the target. Before you could even press the trigger, you feel Jimin’s hand onto yours, adding stability into your shot. You let Jimin re-focus the gun and with his cue, you pulled the trigger.

“See? That wasn’t too hard was it Jagi?”

“Oppa……I’m still shaking..”

“Awww, how about we go do something else instead?”

Originally posted by itschiminie

Kim Taehyung

Dropping his phone, Taehyung runs up to you, wanting to give you a bone crushing hug. Although it was your first time shooting, you had managed to hit a head shot, not only impressing your mafia leader boyfriend but the guards surrounding the place as well. 

“Jagi, are you sure you have never shot a gun before?”

“Nope, I guess it was a lucky shot.”

“Babe, I know you’re destined to be apart of this business. Oppa is proud of you.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

 Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook knew of your family of assassins and naturally wanted to see your skills with a weapon. Nothing could prepare him for the mess that was you. Expecting you to have perfect aim and a clean shot was what Jungkook wanted to happen. Instead, your shot landed at the bottom of the dummy with a very loud ‘clank’ sound. 

“So… you’re not good at shooting then?”

“Oppa, I specialize in knives, not guns.”

“Well, you could’ve told me sooner… the boys think you’re a prodigy at shooting….”


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5. Being Attacked by Bugs

So andavs is not quite ready to post her art version yet (we already checked, the mind meld factor is not high…), but I wanted to put this up because it is a special gift for obriensnipples! Primarily as a belated birthday present, because she wanted Derek mowing the lawn shirtless but also because rough times suck and I hope this fic helps with that even if only a little bit!

So this next Not Quite Normal OTP challenge is for you, babe! I hope it brightens your day a little bit!


Stiles’ summer vacation does not start out well. In fact, it starts out pretty poorly.

Okay, really, it’s a fucking disaster.

 Because, Stiles is walking out of Beacon Hills High, officially a Junior now that the final bell has rung, and he’s talking to Scott who keeps insisting that Junior year will be the year that he will finally ask Allison out and Scott has fallen behind to stare at her and Stiles keeps walking because Scott will catch up eventually, though Stiles is keeping an eye on him, and-

Well, that’s when he gets hit by a car.

Not just any car, though. No, when Stiles regains consciousness and manages to blink away the dark spots that take up 90% of his vision, he finds himself staring at the front of a black Camaro.

And the only black Camaro in Beacon Hills belongs to…

“Oh my god.” Derek Hale.

Derek Hale, the now-senior lacrosse player and subject of almost all of Stiles’ dirtiest fantasies.

He groans. And it’s only partly from the pain.


“Stiles!” Scott sounds frantic. “I’m calling an ambulance.”

“I don’t need,” Stiles tries. And then stops. Because he looks down to see his leg covered in blood and he has never liked blood and- well, he doesn’t complain when Scott stands up with the phone pressed to his ear.

“I’m sorry!” Derek Hale is saying and he sounds… angry? This is not how Stiles wanted his first interaction with Derek Hale to go. “You just- you just walked right into the road!”

“Dude,” Stiles replies, rubbing at his eye. “Are you really blaming me for this?”

“Not blaming you, I just- you walked right in front of me!”

“You hit me with your car!” Stiles winces at the sounds of his own voice. It’s too loud. Everything is too loud.

When he opens his eyes again, Derek’s eyebrows are draw together in concern.

“I’m sorry,” Derek repeats. It’s probably just the result of Derek’s ridiculously attractive face and Stiles’ epic crush on the kid, but Stiles forgives him instantly. Even though he’s getting colder by the second and he’s pretty sure that’s not a good thing.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, waving a hand and regretting it when the motion hurts his leg somehow. “I’m sure I’m fine.”

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Warnings: Swearing, smutty

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 1900+ (my imagines will always be over 1000 XD)

Summary: Draco and Y/N get caught in a very compromising moment

Requested: NOpppe

Originally posted by foolforfelton

You’re  friends with Potter, Granger, and Weasley. They found you being bullied by Malfoy when you were in year two and defended you. After that, you guys just naturally clicked and became friends. Everyone knew Harry, he’s practically a legend. Everyone knew who he hung out with, so everyone knew you.

It was Christmas time and there was a huge feast being done in the great hall. You sat next to Hermione eating some soup while Harry and Ron stuffed their face with chicken legs across from you.

“Bloody hell!” Ron snapped causing Harry, Hermione and you to snap your head in his direction.

“What?” You asked curiously wondering what now could be going on. Ron put down his oversized Chicken wing and shook his head disappointedly.

“Malfoy, can’t take his eyes off of you! Stupid bastard eyeing you now that you went through puberty.” He exclaimed.

“Hey!” you laughed at Ron after saying that. You did go through an awful lot. Braces, glasses, all that. As you thought you were late while all your friends were getting bigger breasts, and bigger asses, you were just… awkward. Until one year, you came to school and just… bang. “He called me a mud-blood, Ron, he doesn’t like me.”  Hermione and Harry looked where Ron was looking.

“He wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Y/N,” Hermione, he told all of you.


The next day you walked into Professor Snape’s room sitting down in your usual spot. Hermione tried to sit down next to you, but Malfoy managed to slip in before her. Hermione seemed to be caught off guard as she looked at you.

“This is not your seat!” Hermione growled, Malfoy turned and looked up at her.

“It is today.” He replied just as harshly. You began to get up to sit at the table next to you. If Hermione couldn’t sit there you would just move. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the seat. “You’ll be sitting here for today,” He whispered into your ear huskily. You sat down.

“Pull anything and I’ll have your head on a fucking platter,” you whispered back. The class just started, and Snape was talking, but Malfoy pressed on. Malfoy had tried to kiss you the other night while you were at the library, you figured he came to make sure your mouth stayed shut.

“What is a mud blood like you going to do to me?” He retorted.

“You didn’t say that when you tried to kiss me last night, did you Malfoy?”

He grabbed your wrist under the table and squeezed. Why did he even want to sit here if he was just going to insult you?

“You’re lucky I have patience for you,” He smirked, letting go of your wrist. You two were in very back of the class, Hermione and you were accustomed to getting as far away from Snape as possible.

“Don’t test me, Malfoy, I could hurt you so easily. I mean how hard could it be? Hermione punched you in the face.” Draco put his hand on your thigh, you slapped his hand away quickly. “You’re a bully, product of your parent’s life. What did you do all those years alone in your house? Did daddy Malfoy play board games with you?” He slammed his hands down on the table and grabbed your chin pulling you close towards him. Everyone turned and looked at the both of you. You heard Hermione get up and at the corner of your eye you saw her wand out.

“Listen to you little bitch-,”  Before Draco could say anything else Snape caught on.

“That’s enough! I ought to see both of you in detention, Malfoy.” He settled his gaze on Draco and let out an exasperated sigh. Although Snape was very fond of Draco, he didn’t like his behavior in the slightest. “Have you learned any manners than not to put your hands on a women.” Draco snarled at you while Snape put his gaze on you. “And Y/L/N.” You looked up at Snape expecting an apology for Draco’s action. He set down his potion. “You have detention too.” Draco laughed next to you, while you gawked at Snape.

“But I’ve never had detention!” Snape looked at you and shrugged. You were well behaved in all classes and had very good grades. But how? How could Snape give you detention?

“There’s a first time for everything Ms. Y/N.”  Being that this was your last class you were not excited to be spending your time on detention, particularly with Draco Malfoy. Later after class, you went to detention with Draco. It was decided you would have detention in Snape’s room while he was at a meeting.

You sat on opposite sides of the room as Draco. Snape got up and told you he would be back in an hour. As soon as he left you heard Draco saying some insults to you.

“You filthy little bitch, my father will hear about this!” you put down your book and slowly turned your head around. You ignored him, it wasn’t in your best interest to have another fight with him, even worse get another detention. “Of course you shut up now! Don’t want to get in trouble.” You seethed as he talked, you wanted nothing more than punching him in the face. “Stupid mud blood!” Every time he opened his mouth you got angrier. “That’s no way to treat me, how you did…” You swallowed your retort and just smiled and tried to move on. But that only made it worse. Then he felt empowered to sneer about Ron, your friends. Burning rage coursed through your body like poison, screeching a demanded release. It was like a volcano erupting; fury sweeping off me like ferocious waves. The wrath consumed like engulfing your moralities and destroying the boundaries of loyalty you had ever had.

You walked closer to his desk as your from upturned to a sadistic smile.

“Tell him what? That you tried to come on to a Gryffindor? That you put your filthy hands on her thigh and tried to seduce her? You came on to me! You got yourself in detention.” You slammed your hands on his desk so he could look into your eyes. He was angrier now. He looked up at you with hatred. He grabbed his hair and pulled his face close to yours. “I wonder what your Slytherin friends will think.” He yelped and tried to smack your hand from his hair. You pulled harder and harder. He leaned in so far to your face that you could feel his heart bang against his ribcage. The unsteady breaths rested on your lips. “I wonder what sexual assault goes for in Azkaban, even better, I might want to send you to muggle prison.” You let go of his hair, pushing his head back as you did so. “You said to me in the beginning of year five you wanted to see me get angry.” He held his head and huffed. “It’s year six and I’m livid.” His gelled hair was frayed and messed up. He stood up abruptly causing you to shudder.

“Are you blackmailing me?” He asked with a smirk. He hands ran through his messed up hair and then looked back at you. His eyes danced across your body looking in places he should have. “You got a lot of nerve. Pulling my hair, threatening me.” He walked closer towards you. You backed up as he walked closer. He loosened his tie and chuckled deeply “Sometimes I wonder if they put you in the right house.” You were offended, you were no Slytherin, not one like Draco in the very least. There are plenty of kind Slytherin, but the Slytherin Malfoy meant was the deceiving, horrid ones.

“I’m not Slytherin, not your type.” Draco grabbed onto your arm and kissed your cheek softly, traveling down to your neck.

“You’re right.” He whispered on your neck. You stiffened under his touch, you tried pushing him away, but they were weak attempts, weaker than they should be. You wanted it, but at the same time, it felt so wrong.

Your hands ran through his hair as you let out a moan. He looked up smirking. You wrapped a hand around his neck and pulled him closer to you. You weren’t sure what you were doing. But his lips were on yours and you ass was sitting on one of the desks. He tasted like mint and apples. Your eyes closed as you pulled deeper and deeper into his mouth. You legs wrapped around his torso as they pulled him closer. Your hand rested on the back of his neck as the other gripped at his hair. His placed his hands on the small of your back, where they occasionally roamed around. You tugged the of his shirt. He wasn’t wearing a robe this time. He was just wearing his Grey sweater and white under shirt like everyone did. You took his tie and loosened it even more around his neck. He pulled off his sweater quick, as your hands unbuttoned his white undershirt.

    “This is risky,” you mumbled against his lips, pulling him in closer while you held his arms.

“I’m not scared, I’m never scared,” He chuckled, pulling down your skirt causing you to scoot forward as you grabbed onto his shoulders and laughed a little. He smiled down at you as you laughed. It was genuine, but still, Malfoy was a coward.

“You’re not scared of anything huh?” You asked him while he rid you of your house sweater. “Than what about the time Hermione punched you, or how you cried and ran away every time something bad happened.” He got more forcefully as he unbuttoned your under shirt.

“I’m working on not being an arse, so cool it,” He said it harshly, and if you were being quite honest, you liked his bad boy attitude. Just not his need to be superior to everyone and hate on muggle-borns or half Bloods.  

“Really? Well maybe if you lost the superiority over half Bloods and muggle borns, I’d like you better. Maybe if you could lose the bullying, but still be, well.” You stopped there. It was a bad idea, Draco. He was prejudice and sneering. He would never have a heart of gold and you don’t think he would ever be the man you would want him to be…It was bad judgment and common sense, but you’re only a schoolgirl. His upbringing was terrible, that you knew. And you thought that this scared boy could at least be decent. It was a stupid thought, but a thought nonetheless.

“I’ll never be a good guy, but I’m trying.”

“You’re a horrible excuse for a human being.”

He didn’t say anything, he just unbuttoned my shirt, failing to actually push it off your shoulders and have my skirt halfway off your thighs.

Possibly because he had a good face you were doing this, but you saw a tiny part of yourself in him, you were also scared.  

You unbuckled his belt, he tilted his head upwards closing his eyes as you palmed him through his boxers. As soon as you did that you heard talking down the hall. Snape. You panicked.

“Draco!” You whispered. He pulled out his wand in a hurry and with a swish all your clothes were on and you ran back to your desks. The door opened and Snape looked at both of you. A smile formed on your face. He stared at both of you. He knew something was up.

“You can go.” He told both of you. “I don’t need you two making a fuss in here.” You both got up in a hurry. As you left you heard him say something. “And don’t ever do that in my classroom again.”

Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Summary: The reader is hopelessly involve with Dean, but too scared to do anything about it. She has to deal with Dean bringing home countless girls, and she reaches her breaking point. With the help of Sammy some sense is knocked into Dean. 

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyMMEmwFQUE

Word Count: 2342

Author’s note: This is 100% inspired by Guardians Of The Galaxy…but it came out so awesome! Let it be known this is the first fluff I’ve ever written…I know I’m just as shocked. I really love this one guys, I hope you do too!

There was no denying it, you were head over heals for Dean Winchester. You’d been hunting with him and his brother for the past year, and ever since that first hunt you’d fallen for him. There was something about how those green eyes of his light up that just made a thousand butterflies in your stomach take flight.

The one thing you couldn’t get over was seeing him with other girls. You always compared yourself to them, and in your own head came up short. Convincing yourself you weren’t enough for Dean was something you constantly did.

You knew Dean’s type, and you always told yourself you weren’t it. Sure the girls would only stay the night and Dean wouldn’t remember their names, but at least they knew him intimately. You wanted so badly to feel his lips on yours, his hands run down your body, and him whisper little things into your ear.

Dean often consumed your thoughts, and that was happening right now. Sam was snapping his fingers, “Hello earth to (y/n), stop thinking about Dean”. You were pulled from your thoughts, remembering you were sitting across the kitchen table from Sam.

Throwing a napkin at him you rolled your eyes, “Sam shut up before Dean hears you”. As you spoke Dean was dealing with one of his one night stands, and you knew his routine to a t. Dean would explain he wasn’t much of a breakfast guy and would offer to make coffee, which was a flat out lie and he just wanted to politely make his guest leave.

He would sit down and have a cup of coffee with the woman and once they were done remind the girl that he really needed to start his day, lie number two. The girl would get the hint and call a cab, and pretty soon she’d be on her way.

This certain girl had perfect red hair, a toned body, and beautiful face. Taking her in your self hatred started to eat away at your mind. Sam threw the napkin back, “She’s not that pretty you know (y/n), to Dean she’s just another girl”.

Sam of course knew your feelings for his brother and always insisted that Dean would return them. That didn’t give you the confidence you needed to actually make a move, but it did warm your heart how deeply Sam cared.

He would always insist that Dean was just scared because when he loved people, it meant he could lose them. The voice within your head told you it was because Dean didn’t feel the same way. Thus, your current state was created.

You sighed, “Sure Sammy, then why did he have sex with her?”. Your anger bubbled as you watched Dean flirting with the girl. She was reaching for the sugar and Dean came up behind her to also grab a packet, and he pinched her side. She laughed while Dean pressed his body even closer to her.

Picking up on your apparent anger Sam called for Dean, “You know Dean we really should be starting our case”. You found yourself smiling, it was good for Sam to have your back. Dean didn’t want this girl to go yet, “You know Sammy I think we have time for one more cup”.

The anger easily found it’s way back to you, why was he fighting to keep this one. You’d finished what you’d been eating, which meant there was no real reason for you to be subjected to this.

Getting up you put your dish in the sink, unfortunately bringing you closer to the love birds.  While putting your dish down the girl gave you a dirty look, intensifying your anger. The random girl shot daggers at you before pulling Dean in for a kiss.

You didn’t want to give her the satisfaction so you just gave her a glare before returning to your room. While walking to your room you thought about how much better it would’ve felt if you’d just shot the girl. She was acting like a monster so the action would be justified.

After you left Sam was left in the kitchen with his brother and his random one night stand. Sam was just as angry as you were, if not angrier. You were Sam’s best friend and it pained him to see the way Dean played with your heart.

He knew that Dean was too scared to act on his feelings, and he wished he could get you to believe it too. Every time either of them loved a girl, that girl was immediately put in danger. You meant a lot to Dean, which meant you’re be put in even more danger. So Dean pushed down what he felt and tried to fill the void with meaningless girls.

The girl came to sit down where you’d previously sat, across from Sam. She made herself comfortable, which annoyed him. Sam called to Dean again, “You know Dean I think (y/n) had the right idea by going to her room to get ready”.

At the mention of your name the girl rolled her eyes, obviously feeling territorial. Sam heard the girl scoffed under her breath, “…that girl really needs a lot of getting ready”. By this time Dean had joined them at the table, and he also vaguely heard what the girl said.

Dean was annoyed, “What did you say?”. The girl placed down her cup and laughed, “Well the girl that was in here two seconds ago obviously needs a lot of time to get ready..did you see her?”. Suddenly Dean felt incredibly regretful that he’d even kissed this girl, she was a clear waste of time.

Sam smiled seeing the anger bubble up in his brother, maybe he’d finally act on his feelings. Dean’s brows furrowed, “Sorry not everyone can be as quick to get ready as you sweetheart, I guess it’s so easy because you barely wear anything in the first place…easy access huh?”. Sam couldn’t help but laugh, he wished you were in the room to hear Dean’s remark.

The girl got up from the table, “Excuse me?”. Dean didn’t hesitate, “You heard me, you’re the type that has to put others down to feel remotely good about yourself. That girl is beautiful, inside and out which is something you’ll never be”.

The girl flipped both brothers off and then stormed out of the bunker. Neither Sam nor Dean cared how she left, they were just glad she had. Even though she’d left Dean was still fuming, he threw his coffee cup into the sink causing it to smash into pieces. Sam got up, “Woah Dean calm down”.

Dean angrily ran a fist through his hair, “Sammy who do I do this?! Why do I waste my time on meaningless girls when I know I’m in love with (y/n)! Why am I so scared!”. Dean was so confused, his feelings overwhelming him.

Sam got up and calmly spoke, “You’re scared you’ll lose her Dean, and that’s understandable”. Dean’s anger soon turned to pain the more he thought about everything. He sighed, “Why can I wipe out an entire vamp nest but can’t tell her how I feel?”.

Sam laughed, “Because love is a lot more difficult Dean, it’s unpredictable..which makes it scary”. Dean knew that when it came to matters of life or death he could always make the right decision, but with his feelings it was more difficult.

Dean laughed too before getting serious, “How do I fix this Sammy?”. He realized how many times you’d had to deal with him bringing home girls, and he felt awful. Sure, when he was with the girls he couldn’t help but think about you but that wasn’t an excuse.

Sam smiled, “ Go talk to her Dean, or at least try too. She’s probably going crazy with her thoughts, I mean we both know her..”. Dean shook his head finishing his brothers sentence, “She always overthinks….I guess like me”.

With his new found confidence Dean headed towards your room. He wanted to finally set things right, because he couldn’t do this anymore. He couldn’t try to distract himself with meaningless girls because it made him feel emptier. Dean needed to grow a pair, and go for what he wanted you.

In order to distract yourself from how you’d felt you decided to nerd out to one of your favorite movies, Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a feel good movie, and you had to admit Peter Quill made it all a lot more enjoyable.

Peter Quill was a lot like Dean; daddy issues, girl crazy, incredibly sexy, and overall good hearted. The whole thing about Guardians of the Galaxy was the soundtrack, it was all oldies. At one moment in the movie Peter dances with another character to the song, “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”.

Peter let’s his dancing speak for him, and you imagined Dean did the same with his body. Whenever that particular scene came on you dreamed it would be you and Dean. Trying to truly distract yourself you hooked up your speaker to play the song.

You blared the song, hoping it would drown out your feelings. The music was so loud that you didn’t hear the knocking on the door, and Dean call your name. Getting up from your bed you started to sing the lyrics while dancing around.

I must have been through about a million girls

I’d love ‘em then I’d leave ‘em alone

The lyrics just screamed Dean, they were totally him. Dean stood there leaning against your doorframe, watching you. He couldn’t even see your face, but you still looked incredibly beautiful. He found his mind drifting as he watched your hips sway slowly to the beat.

He found himself subconsciously walking towards you, just wanting to be with you. Before he could make it fully towards you, you had turned around. You both stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do next.

It used to be when I’d see a girl that I liked, I’d get out my book and write down her name , Ah, but when the, the grass got a little greener over on the other side, I’d just tear out that page

Without speaking he placed his hands on your hips, and then looked up with concern in his eyes afraid that he’d overstepped. You looked down at where his hands were, butterflies taking flight in your stomach. Dean took this as apprehension, “I’m sorry I-”.

Dean went to pull his hands away but you reached out and held them. You smiled, “Dean I didn’t mind”. There was about a thousand words that came to mind, but they got all jumbled in your head.

Dean seemed like he didn’t know what to say quite yet either. Moving closer to you he put his hands back where they’d been, and you felt so hot under his touch. You both started to move slowly to the beat, his huge hands guiding you.

I fooled around and fell in love,

I fooled around and fell in love, since I met you baby

The lyrics getting to him, Dean realized how badly he needed you. He pulled you closer to his chest, resting one hand on the small of your back. Turning your head to the side you pressed your ear against his heart, listening to his heartbeat.

Closing your eyes you took in his smell; a mixture of whiskey and aftershave. Listening to his heartbeat while swaying to the music you finally started to relax. You smiled to yourself, because Dean’s heartbeat suggested otherwise.

His heart was beating fast, and you wanted to calm him. Dean brought his chin to rest on your head as you moved to the slow beat. For once you felt so safe in his arms, all you concerns melting away.

Free, on my own is the way I used to be,  Ah, but since I met you baby, love’s got a hold on me

It’s got a hold on me now, I can’t let go of you baby

Turning your head back you looked up at him, resting your hands on his chest. Dean looked down at you, his green eyes full of light. You noticed all the freckles on his face, each one like a snowflake.

Dean bit his lip, still contemplating something. You wondered if he was thinking about what you were thinking about. Soon enough you got your answer as he cupped your cheek in one hand, bringing his face towards you.

Dean lightly placed his lips on yours, and you felt months of doubt melt away. His other hand still rested on your back, as his thumb traced little circles. The kiss got hungrier as both of your desires grew.

When the kiss ended you both were left breathless, caught up in the moment. Dean scanned your eyes, “Listen (y/n) there’s no excuse for how I’ve acted…I was scared and I let that control me”. He held you tighter as he spoke.

Dean continued, “I…I love you (y/n) and I’m sorry for treating you how I did because you deserve so much better”. You smiled, happiness radiating throughout your entire body. Looking up at him you answered, “I love you too Dean you’re all-”.

He cut you off by placing his lips on yours again, so completely lost in the moment. When the kiss was over he held you tight again, loving how perfectly your body fit with his. Again you rested your head against his chest, and this time his heart beat was calm.

You both started moving to the beat of the song again, wanting to preserve the moment. Dean rested his chin on your head once again as he wrapped his arms around you. He finally had you, and he never wanted to let you go again.

I fooled around, fell in love
I fell in love, I fell in love, yes I did

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First kiss+solangelo amybe?

YUSSS!! Lol this turned like a lot more angsty than it needed to be i am very sorry I have a problem with angst okay someone pls stop me before I make myself die of the feels XD

As a doctor, WIll always had to remain calm. No matter what came through that door. It didn’t matter if it was a minor cold, or blood was gushing out from their side, the campers of Camp Half-Blood could always trust him to be cool and collected, the eye of the tornado.

But, alas, there are times when even the best of the best crumble away.

All of it was so sudden. Really, no one knew it was happening, except Nico di Angelo. Nobody expected him to come when he did. One moment Will was just sitting on his bed, reading some book called Carry On that Annabeth recommended to him, the next he was looking up as someone appeared out of nowhere, causing him to jump a foot in the air. He looked up to see a familiar pale face. 

“Gods Nico I thought I told you not to do that anymore,” Will says with a laugh, standing up. Nico looks like he wants to say something, and he tries to, but he’s interrupted as he falls against Will, unconscious. Will gasps, reaching his arms around him to support him. 

“Nico?” he says worriedly, his breathing starting to speed up. That’s when he notices Nico’s hands pressed firmly to his side, both of them coated in a thick layer of wet blood. 

“NO. No no no no no!!” he cries. A few of his siblings rush into the room to see what the commotion was about, and immediately stop. Will looks up at them, tears glimmering in his eyes. 

“We have to get him to the infirmary. We have to save him.” Nobody told Will that it was probably too late as they helped him with Nico’s lifeless body, taking him to the infirmary as quickly as they could. None of them mentioned that it was almost impossible for someone to lose this much blood as they opened the doors, causing campers to hoard around them. And they did not mention how cold Nico’s skin was as Will ordered everyone away that wasn’t a doctor. 

“I need stitches,” Will tells one of the Apollo kids that rushed to their aid as soon as the door bursted open.

“And bandages. Lots of bandages.” Another person nods, heading off. 

They set Nico down and the campers arrive with stitches, bandages, nectar, and ambrosia. Another camper removed Nico’s hands from his side. That was when his world came crashing down. That’s when, for the first time, the campers saw Will cry. 

“I-I-I can’t–” he says, his hands shaking. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright Will. We got this one.” They all knew Will and Nico where friends. In fact, they where almost inseparable. Some even wondered if their bond went deeper than friendship. Either way, they never left each other’s side. They where the sun and moon. Always. 

So, for the first time in forever, Will left the room, the thought of blood spilling onto the pristine white sheets making his stomach twist painfully as he gazed at Nico’s chalky while face in his mind’s eye, cold and unmoving. 

Nico isn’t going to die, he told himself as he clutched his head in his hands. Nico won’t die. He’s a fighter, he’s always been. He’s probably been through worse. Your siblings will save him. They always do. But, no matter what he told himself, he kept thinking about what would happen if his heart stopped, bringing the sun down with it. The world would stop spinning and there would be a hole in his heart, bigger than anything he’s ever experienced. He never even told Nico he loved him, and that would be the worst part of this whole situation. He would regret it till the day he died.

By the time his sister came out it could’ve been an hour or five, Will still wouldn’t have known.

“He’s stable. For now,” she says solemnly. Will nods his head. 

“I want to see him.”

“I’m not sure if that’s–”

“I’m going to go see him,” Will says firmly, ending the conversation. He stands up, brushing imaginary dust off his jeans in an attempt to keep his heart from racing a thousand miles an hour. It doesn’t work.

The hallway seems to grow longer than ever now. Every step seems to ring in his ears like a drum. Thump. Thump. Thump. He doesn’t know what he’s going to see when he walks up to Nico’s room, but it’s not going to be good. 

The door creaks open like something out of a horror movie. The air around Nico smells and feels like death, and that’s when Will realises that the ghosts have gathered around him, mourning.

The other doctors cut off his shirt, which is now deposited in a trash can, stained permanently with blood. His side looks like an animal attacked him, all of it marked with bright red scratches that go in every direction. It must’ve been a monster or something. 

Will then looked up at his face. It was paler than normal and his eyes were closed, but it didn’t look like he was sleeping. It was something more grotesque than that. It was someone’s awful version of sleep, something that showed more pain than peace. The worse part was always waiting for them to wake up. Even if it wasn’t someone Will got along with too well, because people where counting on him to save them, but the truth is, when you get to this point, there was nothing much you could do. You just had to wait by and hope that the gods think their life is worth saving. 

The machine beside him was beeping steadily. Good. There wasn’t anything to worry about. Not yet. Nico would be fine. He was always fine. Even when he had to get seven stitches in his head when a minotaur had a little too much fun with him. Even after he shadow traveled all the way from Greece. Even when he almost got his arm chopped off. He was constantly fighting battles, whether they where with inner demons, or the demons demigods faced everyday, and each time he was okay. Always okay. 

Will did something that he’s done to countless of patients as he stayed by their bedside late at night, hoping he wouldn’t fail someone else. He started to talk. He always hoped that his words would reach them, and that it would help them resurface. But this time, his voice came out choked up.

“Nico I… You can’t die on me, okay? You’re my friend, you’ve always been. Even when you tried to push me away, I still wanted to be with you. I know you try to be something dark, something that people want to stay away from, but to me you where the stars in the night sky. You where the moon guiding my way home. You where the brightest thing in my sky. Always. I need you, Nico. I–” Will can’t continue because tears are starting to stream down his face and weak sobs are escaping his throat. He presses his forehead against the scratchy sheets. 

“Gods I can’t do this. I can’t–” he groans and sits up. He grabs Nico’s lifeless hand, squeezing.

“Please keep fighting. For me?” Nico doesn’t answer. Will pulls up a chair so he can stay by his side. He grabs Nico’s hand again. 

“I’ll be right here. Always.” 

Will was woken up by the monitor beeping. At first it didn’t really worry him, but then he realised that something about it was off. He bolted awake to hear it beeping warningly and seeing others rushing in. Oh gods no no no no no.

“Is he breathing?” someone says. 

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

“Check his pulse.”

“It’s faint but it’s still there. We need to get him an oxygen tank asap. Someone try to get him breathing at least a little bit,” a girl with frizzy black hair nods her head, pressing her hands to Nico’s chest, giving him CPR. 

Then, oh gods, no. There’s one final, long beat, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dead silence. The room is suddenly a lot colder as the ghosts form again, crowding around Nico, their eyes sad. Tears stream down Will’s face as he forces himself right by Nico’s side, pressing his fingers to his stone cold face. He presses his face to Nico’s chest as the other’s quietly slip out and the ghosts disappear, letting him mourn in peace. 

“Nico…. You can’t die on me. Why did you die on me….” he starts to shake with grief. 

“Nico after everything you’ve been through…. it’s not fair for you to die. Not like this. Not after–” he pauses, deciding to choose his next words carefully. 

“Look. I wish I could’ve told you this when you where….. but oh gods Nico, I love you. I love you so much you can’t even begin to understand. I’ve always loved you, Nico. I wish you knew. Maybe…. maybe it could’ve ended different.” He puts both of his hands on Nico’s still cheeks. He wish he could see a smile crack on them. He wishes he could see blushes spread across them and he wishes he could’ve wiped curls out of his eyes as they gazed at each other. But now…. now…..

Will leans forward, his face inches from Nico’s.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and I guess you’re not around to care,” he whispers, then he presses his lips to Nico’s cold ones. Softly. Gingerly. Then, to his surprise, he felt them move underneath his. For a moment, he wonders if he’s imagining it, if he wants it to happen, but then hands cup the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Will pulls away and looks at Nico, who’s brown eyes are wide open, his face full of innocent wonder. 

“That was my first kiss,” he whispers, sounding excited, and pretty shocked. 

“What the fri–” Will’s heart is beating faster than ever. Nico looks over at him, cocking his head. 

“Why are your cheeks wet?” Nico asks. Will lets out a cry of joy and wraps his arms around Nico, burring his face in his neck. Nico yelps.

“Oh right. The stitches. Nico how–”

“How what?”

“How are you alive?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You where dead, Nico. I heard your heart stop.”

“Well it’s working fine now….” he trails off, thinking for a second. Then–

“DAD!” he roars. The god Hades vaporises in front of them. 

“Okay look I had to. You know I’m a sucker for love stories,” Hades says, putting his hands up defensively. Nico crosses his arms and rolls his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean you can just raise people from the dead.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“I just did.” Nico opens his mouth to say something, but then Hades disappears. Will shakes his head, chuckling. 

“I love your dad.”


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It’s Okay, It’s Okay

I was feeling…well, I broke down the other day and it got worse when I realized the one person who I wanted to notice…didn’t. But others did. And that got me more emotional. But I’m better now, and I’m sorry to the people I did worry, who did notice me.

So thank you @recklesssketches @the-wickedness-that-is-zai

Summary: Sometimes Felix disappears without a word, and Bridgette’s the only one who notices.


No one really paid attention to Felix in the first place, so it was easy for him to skip classes, avoid going home.

His teachers missed his name during attendance, usually marked him present when they catch it later because “hey, that Agreste kid was there; he’s just quiet, is all” and he got high grades so who really cared what he did?

His father usually left reminders via email for him if something came up, too busy with his own work to check on him personally. The staff knew he didn’t eat much so it was no surprise if the meals they made were left untouched by the door of his room.

Honestly, Felix could disappear from the face of the earth completely and no one would notice.

Well, except for her. She noticed everything about him.

Bridgette remembered it was that time again; early spring when the skies were clear but weather still cool and windy. It was the same weather years ago, when she had learned her one and only friend had moved away without a single warning.

He disappeared every year, around this time, she learned. No one really noticed until she had asked a classmate the first year after seeing him again.

She figured it had something to do with his mom.

Bridgette knew she shouldn’t worry; he did this regularly and always returned, safe and sound, like nothing had ever happened. But the point was that she was worried, and she seemed to be the only one who was.

When was the last time someone really worried about him? Really noticed him? Perhaps there had been more, but they had all come and gone, and he thought he could disappear like usual.

But he forgot about his girlfriend.

Bridgette climbed up the rose trellis, just like had had shown her, and leaped over the wall, landing with a soft thud on the grass.

She let her feet lead her, and memory nudged her along the paths that he had brought her through.

“This had been our secret gateway, in a way.”

“You’re the first person, aside from me, to come here in a long time…”

“I think she would have liked me showing you this place.”

“I think…my mother would have liked you, Bridgette.”

Bridgette smiled softly as she sat down under the peach tree, reaching for his hand.

Felix shuddered at her touch, as if he hadn’t even noticed her approaching, and he immediately leaned his head against her shoulder.

“It’s okay to miss her, Felix,” she murmured, stroking his hair. “Just because things have changed…it doesn’t mean you’re unloved.”

“Not even my father noticed I was gone longer than usual,” he whispered. “Why are you always here for me, Bridgette? We got off to such a rocky start.”

“We did,” agreed Bridgette, tilting his head up slightly and pressing their foreheads together. “But look how far we’ve come. You don’t have to be alone anymore.” She closed her eyes. “You can open up to me too.”

With that, Felix broke down, burying his face in the crook of her neck, his muffled sobs filling the otherwise peaceful garden. She hummed softly in turn, stroking the small of his back and running her fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she said softly. “I’ll always be here for you. If no one else, then me. You’re never alone, Felix.”

Sirens Call part 2

A/N: Hey everyone. I am so sorry this is really late. I hope ya’ll can forgive me, this might suck but this is honestly liked it. *shrugs* So here you go part two of Sirens Call. Inspired by this song.

Warnings: Sadness?

Word count: 1882

Part One

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Promise |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  I was wondering if you could please do a request where Joe dares you to do the birthing simulator?

Word Count - 1,677

Warnings - N/A

“I really don’t want to do this.” You whined, throwing yourself down on Joe’s bed.

“Babe, you lost the bet. You don’t have a choice.” Joe chuckled, sticking his tongue out in concentration as he hovered over his camera that was sat on a tripod in front of you.

“Please don’t make me do this.” You pleaded, sitting up and looking at Joe, hoping that he would change his mind.

Joe chuckled as he turned his attention away from the camera and on to you.

“I would love to say no, but a bet is a bet. If I had lost, you would have made me do it right?” Joe asked, bending down so his face was inches away from yours.

“No. Of course I wouldn’t.” You smiled sweetly, biting down on your bottom lip.

Joe instantly smirked as he stared down at you. “Don’t lie. I love you, but I’m definitely going to make you do this. Just as you would have done to me if I had lost.”

Joe chuckled to himself as he leant down further and kissed the tip of your nose.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed again as Joe turned back to his camera.

“Jack and Conor are going to be here for support if that helps?” Joe chuckled, his back still facing you.

“How is that possibly going to help? You know that they will both just sit there laughing at me.” You shook your head as you moved so you were lying on the back, and closed your eyes.

A few seconds later, you felt the weight of the bed shift slightly before opening your eyes again to be welcomed by the sight of your boyfriend hovering over you, his hands resting by your head.

“Hey.” You giggled, keeping your hands by your side.

“I love you.” Joe chuckled, gently kissing your forehead before starting to plant kisses all over your face.

“Joe, stop!” You laughed, trying to push him off you.

“I’m just kissing my girlfriend.” Joe smirked, moving his lips down to your jaw line.

His actions instantly shot shivers down your spine, causing goose bumps to run down your arms.

“No, don’t. Don’t start because you know that Jack and Conor are going to walk in any second.” You chuckled, resting your hands on his chest.

“It won’t take long.” Joe grinned, his eyes sparkling.

“Tell me about it.” You laughed and rolled your eyes, as Joe glared at you playfully.

“I’m only joking.” You smirked as Joe moved next to you.

“Better had be or I’ll make this more painful than I need to.” Joe chuckled, gently placing a kiss on your cheek as you rested your head on his shoulder as the door of Joe’s bedroom opened.

“Not interrupting are we?” Jack asked, with a small smirk on his face as he slid his jacket off.

“No, don’t worry.” You chuckled, shaking your head at Jack and Conor.

Why did they always think that you and Joe were up to no good? Like you’d be stupid enough to do anything when you knew that Jack and Conor were coming over.

“Aw, better look next time.” Conor laughed.

“How did you even get in here without us letting you in?” You asked, running your hands through your hair.

“Oli is upstairs.” Jack shrugged, sitting on the bed. “What was this bet you lost then?”

“Oh, that’s not important, most important part is her punishment.” Joe smirked as he pressed record on his camera, and you all sat on his bed.

“So the other day, I was scrolling through the internet as I usually do-” Joe started.

“Why does the sound like the beginning of a weird fairy tale?” Jack asked, chuckling.

“- And I found a video of a lady and her partner, and they had this labour pain machine, and obviously Jack, Conor and I are never going to go through the pain of childbirth but…” Joe continued, smirking at you with a sparkle in his eye.

“Y/N is going to go through child birth today!” Conor grinned excitedly.

Honestly, they were like little children at Christmas.

“Y/N, we’re just preparing you for when you have kids so you know how to deal with it in the future.” Jack chuckled.

They were all clearly looking forward to this.

“So, this is a pregnancy simulator, and I’m going to strap Y/N up to it, and prepare her for her future children.” Joe told the camera, with a smirk on his face.

“I hate all of you.” You mumbled, ignoring the sniggering looks from the three boys that you were sat in the middle of.

“You don’t mean that.” Joe chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed with a pillow under your head as Joe sat at the foot of the bed, with Jack and Conor next to you once Joe had attached the simulator pads to your back and stomach.

“So, Y/N is going to answer questions about our channels, and each time she gets one wrong, she is going to get a ‘contraction’ and-” Joe said, looking down the camera.

“And if you lie and change the answers, I swear you won’t live to have children yourself, Sugg.” You told him, giving him a playful glare.

“Anyway,” Joe chuckled, shaking his head at you. “First question, how may subscribers do I have?”

You gripped Jack’s hand as he chuckled excitedly.

“I don’t know, I don’t pay that much attention to your channel.” You smirked, nudging him gently in the back with your foot.

Your answer caused Jack and Conor to burst into fits of laughter.

Joe rolled his eyes but gave you a playful grin. “Come on babe.”

“To the exact bloody number?” You asked, your mind quickly searching for an educated guess.

“I’ll let you have it in the million point the hundred thousand.”

“7 million, 9 hundred thousand?” you mumbled unsure as you tightened your grip around Jack and Conor’s hands.

Joe looked at you, showing no expression what so ever.

“Well done babe.” Joe smirked, leaning over and planting a kiss on your cheek before sitting up right again.

“How many subscribers does Jack have?” Joe asked, a sly smile forming on his lips.

Glancing up at Jack, you let out a deep breath.

“He has like 3 subscribers.” You chuckled, squeezing his hand so he knew that you were only joking around with him.

“And it’s me, you and Joe.” Conor butted in, chuckling.

Jack rolled his eyes and looked at Joe.

“No, like 9 hundred thousand?” You mumbled as your stomach dropped, knowing you had given the wrong answer.

“Nope, he reached 1 million. You went to his party to celebrate.” Joe laughed, reaching for the simulator.

“Oh shit yeah, I forgot about-” your sentence was cut short as Joe turned the simulator up causing you to scream loudly.

“Joe! Stop it!” You screamed, grasping Jack’s hand tightly. The pain was beyond strange. It was as if someone was doing acupuncture but wrong.

Your reaction reduced Conor to tears as he was curled up on the bed laughing.

Joe turned the simulator off again and gently rubbed your knee as the pain faded away.

“Sorry babe but I’m only asking 3 more questions. I promise.” Joe chuckled. He didn’t look sorry in the slightest, and neither did the other two sat next to you.

Conor was still in fits of laughter and Jack was sat chuckling to himself, his hand still holding yours.

“Hurry up because I want to get this bloody machine off me.” You mumbled, actually very thankful that you were holding Jack’s hand.

“Name three of Conor’s covers in 7 seconds.”

“Why 7?” You asked, looking at Joe with a curious expression on your face.

Joe shrugged and chuckled. “Just a random number.”

“Erm, Hello, Never Forget You and …” You rattled your brain for another song that Conor had done his own version of but no.

Instead came a shock so harsh that you couldn’t even scream.

“Joe!” You were finally able to get a sound out of your mouth.

Joe switched the simulator off after a couple of seconds and looked at you, biting down on his bottom lip.

You glared playfully at him and answered the last 2 questions, only getting one of them wrong.

“You okay?” Joe chuckled as he switched his camera off and you sat up, pulling the pads off your body.

“Brilliant.” You smiled sweetly, not wanting to show him, Jack or Conor any reaction.

How else could you get payback on them if they already expected it?

Jack and Conor chuckled as they left the room and went upstairs. Though Jack was rubbing his hand as you had held it slightly tighter than what was needed because he deserved to experience a fraction of the pain that the pregnancy simulator had put you through.

Standing up from the bed and pulling your shirt down into the right place again, Joe’s arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

“It wasn’t very painful was it?” He asked, sounding incredibly guilty.

“Well we won’t be having any kids, put it that way.” You chuckled, turning to face him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Really?” Joe asked, a serious look on his face as his smile faded.

“I’m only joking; I guess I can go through it again for you.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“I love you.” Joe grinned, leaning his forehead against yours and gently pressing his lips onto yours as his hands made their way up your back.

“Mhm.” You mumbled, shaking your head as you pulled away from Joe.

“Am I forgiven then?” He asked, a shy smile on his face.

“I guess so; Jack and Conor aren’t though because they went along with it.” You chuckled, as a smirk spread across Joe’s face.

“I’ll get them back for you, don’t worry.” He chuckled.

“Promise?” You smirked.

Joe simply nodded and chuckled quietly.


anonymous asked:

Aaron has find out about the cheating. He is drunk and plead robert to tell him that he is not in love with her. I want robert desperate both of them actually. Aaron ask him if he ever loved him. Make it angsty sad and beautiful. If you write it i mean

“Aaron?” Robert called, searching the dark living room for his husband. He flicked on the lights, noticing that Aaron wasn’t downstairs, wasn’t curled up on the couch, or in the kitchen, but there was a soft light coming from the upper floor that made him walk up the stairs, carefully navigating the spiral steps in the dim light.

“’m here,” Aaron greeted, waving a half drunk bottle of whiskey at Robert. He was sitting on the landing, knees hugged to his chest as he sat opposite to their bedroom door, his gaze on the half open doorway.

“Are you okay?” Robert asked, easing himself down onto the top step of the stairs, not wanting to make Aaron uncomfortable, or sit too close. He’d been worried, when he’d gotten a drunken voicemail from Aaron, wondering why his husband had called him at all.

Last he’d heard from Aaron, it was him screaming at Robert to get out of his house, Aaron angry and devastated as Robert admitted all, told him about what had happened with Rebecca.

In all the years he’d know Aaron, Robert had never seen him go from blissfully happy to absolutely broken in a matter of seconds, and it had been because of him.

Robert hated himself for it. 

“Okay?” Aaron snorted, laughing at the mere concept. “My husband cheated on me three weeks after our wedding. Do you think I’m okay?”

Robert ducked his head, ashamed. “You called me.”

“I wanted you to come here and make me understand.” Aaron admitted, taking a swig of the alcohol before he spoke again, wincing at the bitter taste. “I wanted you to make me understand. Make it right.”

“I would if I could, you know I would.” Robert said, hating the way Aaron shifted away from him as he tried to reach out for his husband, tried to reassure Aaron the way he always did, with touch, a hand on his knee, or an arm around his shoulders. 

“But you can’t.” Aaron said sadly, shaking his head, fresh tears rolling down his red, and splotchy cheeks. He looked exhausted, as though he hadn’t slept in days, his eyes red rimmed and swollen from crying.

Because of him.

Because of Robert.

“I fucked up, Aaron.” Robert said, picking at a loose thread on his tracksuit. He’d been sitting in front of the television with Victoria when Aaron had called, the two of them slobbing out in their comfortable clothes, drinking wine and mourning the apparent end of both of their marriages. 

“Do you love her?” Aaron asked, looking at Robert with tearful eyes. 

Robert’s jaw almost hit the floor. “Love her?” he said, incredulous at the mere suggestion. 

“Do you love her? I need to know, Robert, I need to know if you love her, if you want her more than you want me -” Aaron started to ramble, pressing his palms into his eyes as he started to cry even harder, choking out heartbroken sobs between his every word. “Do you love her more than you love me?” 

Robert scrambled to his knees, not caring now as he moved to sit in front of Aaron, prising the whiskey bottle from his hands. “There’s no one in the world I love more than I love you, Aaron,” he shook his head, desperate to just gather Aaron into his arms, desperate to hold him close, make it better.

“Why did you do it then?” Aaron practically begged. 

Robert’s heart ached as he looked at Aaron, hated how all of this was because of him. “She was easy to manipulate, I guess. I wanted to hit self destruct and I knew she’d let me.” 

Aaron choked out another sob, shaking his head. “It hurts, Robert. It hurts so much - the fact you could do this to me, after everything, after everything we’ve been through. I feel like it’s never going to stop hurting.”

He was drunk, and honest, and saying all the things he was too angry to say to Robert without the aid of half a bottle of whiskey, Robert knew that much. “I’ll never forgive myself for hurting you like this,” he said, knowing it was true, knowing he wouldn’t ever forgive himself for doing what it did, hurting Aaron the way he had.

“I don’t want to feel angry anymore.” Aaron admitted, hugging his knees even tighter to his chest, as though he was trying to fold himself up entirely, escape from all the problems Robert had caused.

Robert didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to fix it, make it better. 

“Did you ever love me?” Aaron asked after a few minutes silence, a desperate look in his eyes.

“I love you so much Aaron, I don’t know what to do with it, most of the time.” Robert said, echoing Aaron’s words from their wedding day, those words that had sent his heart racing in the best way possible. 

“So you slept with her to make yourself feel better?” 

Robert closed his eyes, hating the sick feeling that rose up in his stomach as Aaron spoke. “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me,” he mumbled, not quite able to look at Aaron.

“I want to forgive you.” Aaron said quietly, picking at the skin around his thumb. “I don’t know if I can.”

Robert nodded, spotting the top of the whiskey bottle, screwing it back into place. “Do you want me to get you a glass of water?” he asked, gesturing toward the kitchen downstairs. 

“I want you to go back in time and make it so none of this ever happened.” Aaron sighed, sobering up now, roughly wiping at the drying tears on his cheeks. 

Robert gave him a sad smile. “If I could, I would.” 

The Patronus (Remus x Reader)

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Eight days have passed since Y/N heard that her aunt died. She was really close to her, and the hole in her chest doesn’t seems as it ever will be filled. Y/N refused to talk to anybody. She was curled up on her sheets, all day, missed all of her classes. She only went to the bathroom. Her roommates brought up food for her every day, but the meals mostly remained untouched. Her friends tried to talk to her, but after she shouted at Lily and told her to get out of here because she doesn’t need any help, they gave up. They decided it’s better to leave her alone for a few days. It was a Monday afternoon when she finally decided to went down to the common room. It wasn’t only because she started being better, it was also the guilt. Why was she so mean with her friends? They only wanted to cheer her up.

After she brushed her hair and put on some fresh clothes, slowly walked down on the stairways. Only a few students were in the common room, along with Remus, who sat near to the fireplace while he was reading. He didn’t even notice her until she sat down next to her. The boy’s lips slightly parted, he was clearly surprised, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey Remus.” – Y/N whispered with an almost invisible smile. She was afraid but also glad to see her best friend.

He put his book down on the table. – “Y/N! How are you?”

“Better.” – she said, and after a bit silence, she countinued louder and faster. – “I’m so sorry. Sorry for ingoring you guys, I know you only wanted to help me and support me… I was awful. And Lily…” - but at this point, Remus cut him off.

“Stop. Don’t apologize. I’m sure Lily understands what is happening with you. We’ve just really worried about you.”

Y/N smiled, tears were in her eyes. – “I could really use a hug right now.” – she muttered almost inaudibly. Remus didn’t say a word but hugged her immediately. His warm, thight hug made her cry. The last few days was the lonelinest period of her life, and Lupin’s hug made her realized that she’s not alone but also she has the best friends in the world.

“By the way” – she started after she can finally breath. – “Where are Sirius, James and Peter? Up to something again?”

“Detention. They put cornish pixies on Snape’s shoes and robe pockets.”

Remus was serious, but Y/N started to laugh. Honest, loud, cheerful laugh. Lupin melted by this. This was the sound that he loved to hear, this was the laugh that he fell in love with every time, this was the sound that always make him smile, even if he was in his biggest pain.

“I missed that tone so much.” – he whispered while Y/N stopped.

“And I missed you so much.” – she hugged him again, not so thight but really soft.

The two talked until it was the middle of the night. The common room was long-empty, while they still sat next to eachother on the couch. Talking about small, ordinary things was good for her. Remus told her how Snape’s face looked like when the cornish pixies stole his socks and his wand, how he ran after them, and how Sirius looked when McGonagall said they’ll got a full month detention. They talked about school and the exams, and Remus told her that he finally managed to produce a full, corporeal patronus.

“Oh, how I envy you! I wish I could do that too, but the only thing I can produce is a little silver dot. Maybe my patronus is an ant or a flea.”

“You probably didn’t choose the right memory. It has to be powerful, not just simply happy. I can help you… if you’d like.”

“You mean right now? I don’t think I can do that after…” - she stopped, but Remus continued while he stood up.

“But yes you can! I know you aren’t in your best mood, but you’re strong, and if dementors will appear, you’ll probably feel yourself much worse than right now. Just choose a memory, a powerful and happy one, and let it fill you.”

Y/N stood up carefully. She still didn’t know what will be the memory. The latest events of her life darkened everything, and if she thought about her family she only felt herself worse. Only her friends made her feel better. And that thought was the point when the girl looked up on Remus. The tall boy with his big, friendly eyes and his warm smile made her so happy. She take out her wand and thought about not exactly a memory, but about him and how she feels when he is around her.

“Expecto Patronum!” – she yelled, and a wolf ran around in the room instantly. Her eyes widened open as she looked up on him; he had a similar reaction. The wolf stopped in front of them and then it disappeared.

“Ermm… it was a… it’s a… so…” - he whispered, but then continued louder as he sat down on the couch. - “… see? I knew you can do it!”

“I… yes.” – she smiled and sat down next to Lupin. – “So you’re just going to ingore the fact that my patronus is a wolf?”

His cheeks blushed; he was so adorable. Y/N didn’t want to push him, he was shy indeed, and she didn’t want to make him feel more unconfortable. She leaned closer to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. Remus started to rubbing her back and gently kissed her forehead. His other hand rested on her thigh, and Y/N smiled onto his neck.

“Anyway” – he started, looked up on him – “I didn’t see the others come back?!”

“Eermm… I did. Surely they didn’t want to interrupt us. Sirius even made kissing noises. I was wondering why you can’t notice.”

“Oh, Godric.” – she rolled her eyes. While they talked there were only a few inches between them. Lupin smiled and Y/N bit her lips, looked down on his.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Please.” – she sighed and already started to leaning over to him and press her lips on his. He was slow and gentle, and Y/N felt that his face getting even warmer than usual. It felt just right, being on his arms and kissing him while her heart almost popped out from her chest. She smiled onto the kiss and Remus followed, mildly pulled away before he kissed her again; deeper, with more passion but still gently.

Tomorrow morning she woke up in Remus’ lap to the voice of Sirius and James clapping and cheering very loud.

“Just about time, darlings! “


24 Hour Livestream


“…And we are back guys, sorry for the technically difficulty but we’ve gotten it sorted. Also, while we were away we’ve got confirmation about another special guest joining us this morning as we near our fifteenth hour live. Which is good because I need someone else here to keep me awake and this guest have been sleeping this whole time to get ready for her, oops I mean their appearance.” Joe said correcting himself on camera as he quickly scans the comments that were coming in. 

“Ha, a lot of you guys have guessed the special guest..” Joe laughed to himself.  “I’ll keep it a secret for those of you who want it to be a surprise but they are currently en route so get ready.”

Joe was in the middle of a quick impromptu question and answer segment when Y/N knocked on his front door, giving whoever was sill awake in the flat a heads up. Joe stopped mid answer and turned his head towards the door as a smile appeared on his face. 

“Guys, I think our special guest has arrived!” He said looking back to the camera hearing his front door click shut. 

“Yes I am here at bloody 9 in the morning” Y/N said as she made her way into Joe’s flat and moving to sit next to him at the worktop. 

“What do you mean? I’ve been up for the past fifteen hours love! You’ve had all night to sleep.” Joe said leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. 

“You really think that I haven’t been watching you? I’ve had about just as much sleep as you have.” You said looking at him before turning to face the camera and giving it a wave.

“Awe really? For those of you who don’t know, this my girlfriend Y/N. A lot of you kept asking if she was going to be on this livestream and we’ve managed to keep it a secret to surprise you guys!”

“It’s a surprise to both of us really, I wasn’t going to show up. He wanted me to stay awake with him the whole time, that or come over at 4 in the morning.” Y/N said looking into the camera as she raised an eyebrow and giving an unimpressed look. 

“Well thank you for showing up because I’m really struggling. Have you eaten breakfast? We’re thinking about getting McDonalds.” Joe asked looking over at Y/N and then his publisher Briony who was standing on the other side of the worktop. 

“Yeah I have, but thanks. So what do you have planned for the next couple of hours?”

“I’m not really sure honestly. We had some fun activities planned to keep me awake but I’m knackered and really not in the mood to hula hoop.” Joe said laying his head on his arms that rested on the counter. 

“Nope, c’mon. This is exactly why you planned these activities around this time.” Y/N said scooting off her chair and pulling Joe with her. 

The camera cut for a few seconds as Josh and the other behind the scenes people set up an angle to get both Y/N and Joe in shot. For the next hour or so, the two found themselves doing various activities with the many random objects Joe had displayed out on the table while laughing way more than what was necessary. Joe had succumb to the delusion of being awake for over 24 hours already with still having so a little less than 9 hours of his livestream to go.

“Alright love,” Y/N said taking the toy had been fiddling with for the past few minutes, “I think you should take a seat and do something else.” 

“I’m so tired, I need caffeine!” Joe cried out, sinking to the floor.

“Okay, here read some comments. You’ve got 2 more hours until Grant gets here and I believe you’ll need energy for that.” Y/N said as she moved to grab Joe’s laptop and handed it to him before moving to help Briony make everyone some coffee.

“Wait you’re not staying?” Joe asked looking up from the comments.

“Oh I’m staying, I’m just not going to be on camera. I wanna see these animals that are coming over!”

“Oh yes guys, animal hour is a thing that is happening later with 2 other special guests. I don’t know what these animals are but I was told that I would love them.” 

“Oh you will.” Briony said as her and Y/N pass the coffees around to everyone before Y/N sits back down by Joe on the floor. 

“Mhmmm, so good.” Joe said letting his head fall against Y/N’s shoulder and his eyes close after he took a sip or his drink.

“Hey, wake up!” Y/N said shrugging her shoulder. 

“I’m not sleeping, I’m just…I’m jus-” Joe let the yawn take over as he continued to speak. 

“I believe thats a forfeit Sugg” Y/N said as the corners of her mouth curled up into a grin as she read all of the comments that were pouring through about Joe’s yawn. 

“Oh why did I even have this bloody forfeit wheel? I think I’ve been the one who’s had to do the most.” He mumbled as he handed Y/N his mug and got up to spin the wheel; 20 press ups.

“Well that will wake you up” Briony and Y/N laughed as she watched Joe sink to the floor again. 

“You guys are the worst.” Joe said looking up at the two girls and then into the camera before getting into position and letting his arms lower his body than push him back up. 

Y/N took a sip of her coffee before starting the count down, “1….2….3….”

Good To You

Summary: Based off of “Good To You” by Marianas Trench.

Word Count: 1628

Notes: this is such a good song, thank you for this request omg

Everyone’s around, no words are coming now

And I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound

And I know this isn’t enough, I still don’t measure up

And I’m not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it

The Gallagher family was preparing for a big dinner at their house. Kev and V were coming, as usual, along with Jimmy, who invited his dad Lloyd. Mandy was also coming with Mickey.

Mickey was invited by Mandy because he was complaining about being bored at home so he lazily agreed to come– secretly though he was excited because he knew he’d see Ian. To his demise, Ian wasn’t happy with him at the moment. It was understandable, Mickey knew that he shouldn’t always act like Ian is nothing to him– like he’s not completely in love with the redhead.

As everyone sat down to eat, Ian ignored making eye contact with the Milkovich boy and engaged in conversation with Lloyd. No one would think anything about Ian and Lloyd talking, but Mickey knew different– he knew they were fucking which bothered him way more than he would have liked it to. He scowled at the older man for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly Jimmy’s father and the redhead turn to talk to the rest of the family. They share a few laughs, clearing enjoying their time together. Mandy is deep in conversation with Debbie, and Mickey sits awkwardly and silently. He’s doing everything he can to stop glancing at Ian.

Suddenly Mickey hears Lloyd clear his voice. “So,” Lloyd starts. “Ian, my son has been telling me he and Fiona think you have a boyfriend that you’re not telling anyone about. Is that true?” Mickey heart drops to his stomach because he knows that he, himself, is the so called boyfriend that Lloyd is asking about.

With that being said everyone tenses up at the words. Carl turns his head to Mickey with the fear that he would lash out and beat his brother for his sexuality while Mandy got ready to hold her older brother back. Mickey masks the sadness that came to him when everyone reacted like that. “What the fuck? I know he’s gay. It don’t fuckin’ bother me,” is all Mickey can say. It doesn’t fucking bother me because I’m his boyfriend. It’s me. He can’t breathe, he feels like he’s suffocating because he wants to say more, it just won’t come out. The feeling worsens when Ian frowns at him and abruptly excuses himself from the table.

“Where’s he goin’ now?” Fiona raises her eyebrow.

Lip sends a threatening look to the Milkovich boy that told Mickey to fix whatever he did to hurt Ian. He then turned his head so he was looking at his older sister.  “No fucking clue.”

After a few moments, Mickey decides to go outside and take a smoke. He’s expecting Ian to be long gone, but instead the redhead was sitting on the porch with his knees ups to his chest. His eyes is red, it looks like he might’ve been crying. Mickey’s heart breaks at the sight he caused.

Mickey frowns and sits down next to Ian. He lights his cigarette and takes a drag before handing it over to the other boy. Ian thoughtlessly takes it and places it between his lips. They sit in silence– an unspoken conversation.

Eventually he glances up through his eyelashes to find Mickey staring at him. Mickey gives him a soft and apologetic look when their eyes meet. He then reaches out and quickly squeezes Ian’s hand. There’s so much flowing through his mind, but he cannot talk, and he doesn’t know why. He hopes this uncommon sign of affection is enough to at least show Ian that he cares, but he knows it’s not enough to be the man Ian deserves.

* * *

I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines

Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want

As Ian went to bed that night his mind was completely occupied with the thought of Mickey. He tried to get him out of his head but nothing seemed to work. All he kept thinking about was the look that Mickey gave him when they were out on the porch— what was it? Nothing? Worry? Love? Care? An apology for making me feel like I mean fuck all to him? He couldn’t decrypt what emotion that Mickey’s eyes were holding. It was so odd for Ian not to understand the Milkovich boy.

He fell asleep think about Mickey, and woke up thinking about Mickey. Even in his dreams, Mickey was the main character.

He rolled over in bed and shoved his head in the pillow. At first, he didn’t even notice Lip kick him in the back. “Ian, get the fuck up.”

Ian groaned but turned his face from the pillow. “Why?”

“It’s noon. What the hell were you so distracted for last night?” He looks curiously at his brother. “I know it was about Mickey. Every time he’d stop staring at you, you’d start staring at him. Then when you and him came inside later you were all weird. What the fuck did he say to you?” He presses.

Ian quietly snorts. “Nothing. He said nothing.” Being that Lip is the only person who know about him and Mickey, he’s a little bit more open about talking about their relationship or whatever it is.

“Then why are you acting like you’re in outer space or some shit? It’s Mickey fucking Milkovich– not like anything will come of you two,” Lip scoffs.

Ian lets out a frustrated sound. “There is something in him that wants to be with me. I know what he felt with me. You can’t fake that.” His tone is hopeful, but Lip sees past it.

The older Gallagher boy thinks Mickey is a useless piece of Southside trash. “Whatever, man. I just don’t wanna watch you get screwed over.”

Ian turns his gaze away from his brother out of annoyance. He knows Lip can’t understand what he’s trying to say, so he doesn’t try to start a fight.

As Lip leaves their bedroom, Ian leans back into his pillow. “Fucking Mick,” he says to himself in a whisper. Why do I even try to stick up for him? He probably could give a shit about me, right? Ian doesn’t know what to believe.

* * *

And now I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone

And now I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me

And I’d be so good to you

Ian walks into the kitchen after work, takes a beer, and goes behind the counter to make himself food. Luckily, Mickey didn’t have a shift today so Ian didn’t see him at work earlier.

For about an hour, he has a surprisingly peaceful time with his family. Then, Mickey storms in with messy hair and red cheeks. It looks like he was running.

Ian completely froze. Since their last encounter his anger towards the closeted Milkovich boy has been diminishing, but he wasn’t completely happy with him. He never explained himself– always leaving Ian in the dark.

The two stare at each other for a bit before Mickey walks to him. Neither of them knew who initiated it, but suddenly their lips were suddenly connected. Ian’s hands cradled Mickey head while Mickey’s hands rested on Ian’s hip.

“Stop fucking the geriatric viagroid,” Mickey insists right after they separate. He doesn’t even give Ian time to process their kiss.

Ian nods rapidly. He can see that look again in Mickey’s eyes, but this time he finds it to be readable– it’s love. “Okay.”

“Good, that guy’s a fucking pedophile,” Mickey says harshly. “Plus, you’re mine now,” he looks into Ian’s eye with a bashful expression. The thought of Ian being with other people was slowly killing him.

“Only yours,” Ian beams. All the happiness he once had came rushing back to him. “Always will be,” he says. “Don’t need to be anyone else’s,” he wants to say, but he bites his tongue because he knows his family is listening.

Mickey nods and kisses Ian harder. He’s tried everything to not fall in love with Ian, but nothing worked so he’s almost fully accepted. They seemed destined to be together.

Cutting them off from their moment, Fiona speaks up. “What the fuck?” Ian tries not to but he laughs into Mickey’s mouth.

Mickey undoubtedly feels anxious when he thinks about turning around to see the whole Gallagher family looking at him, but he knows he needs to.

When they turn everyone is staring at them with wide eyes. No one would ever assume that a Milkovich could be gay.

“What the fuck?” Fiona repeats herself. “The guy you’ve been seeing is Mickey Milkovich?”

Ian nods slowly. “He’s good for me, Fi.”

“Bullshit,” Lip says under his breath.

“Fuck you–” Mickey starts at the eldest Gallagher brother, but gets cut off.

“We are good for each other, guys.” Ian speaks with a convincing and serious tone.

Fiona seems to understand that Ian won’t let up— that this was serious between them. “Alright. If you’re sure you two are good for each other I don’t really care.”

“Thank you,” Ian says softly to her.

Carl suddenly has a look of realization. “Cool,” he smirks.

When Mickey sees how accepting the Gallagher family is– besides Lip– he turns to look at Ian in awe. They genuinely smile at each other.

Mickey knew he had to be good to Ian for as long as they live, and Ian knew he had to do the same. They finally had the chance to be together.

To My Dean

Originally posted by lamefreek

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 780+

A/N: Hi all! I’ve finally gotten around to being able to post my one shot for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ ‘s 6,666 follower challenge! Kari is amazing and actually was an inspiration to my writing. I don’t think I would’ve posted my first fic if it weren’t for her. Here’s to an amazing, sweet, and talented author, Kari!

My prompt was Kari’s favorite word: Serendipity

I took a different approach with this one, but I hope you all enjoy! (especially you, Kari!)

Warnings: a lot of fluffz, mention of loss of family

To my Dean,

First and foremost, I love you. I love you like the wind loves the sea. The hold you have on me is natural, like a constant pull in the tide, away from the despair of the shore, where the waves crash on the sand. At times I feel I’m drowning in this world we fight for, but I would drown forever as long as you’re my ocean. We’ve had our ups and our downs, as every couple has, but we are truly different, my love. Meeting you was serendipitous. A fortunate happenstance.

I will never forget the day that I met the most handsome, gruff man to have ever walked into my life. You stole my attention quickly because I had never seen someone so petrified to board an airplane, let alone a man who looked so tough and strong. I still remember how fast you snapped out of your trance when I told you that you’d soon bite your nails down to the nub. You looked at me in a way that nobody has ever looked at me before. There was a gleam in your eye that I could only compare to the stars. And as I glanced at your jagged and raw fingernails, I noticed the callouses that layered your fingertips. The fingertips that I did not know would trace my body and drive me wild. The fingertips that soon would learn every inch of my intimate soul. The fingertips that I wanted pressed against my skin for the rest of my life. It started with your hands, Dean. We carve our own lives and though yours may carve monsters’ hearts out with silver, they also carved a way for love.

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Inevitable Injury

Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader

Requested by Anon: “Are you still open to writing a Rafa fic? I dunno… Maybe you twist your ankle jumping around at a clipping show and when you hobble off to the back you run into Rafa and start talking and he’s concerned he helps you out? I dunno??? There’s just a serious lack in a good Rafa fic market!”

Word Count: 1,794

TW: injury, sexual innuendos, literally just protective Rafa fluff

Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Raf, this is not the sixties.” You told him, approaching the front door in shorts and a tank top.

“Thank God.” He chuckled. “Guess what came in the mail today?”

You shrugged as you plopped down on the couch. Raf lifted your legs and sat down next to you before pulling you closer. “Was it my new phone case? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s late.” You chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“It was actually the VIP passes for the clipping. show next month.”



“Like plural?”

“That’s what the ‘e’ and ‘s’ are for.”

“So, I’m going, right?”

Rafael let out a hearty laugh as you inspected the passes with care. Ever since you started listening to clipping., you were dying to go to a show. You almost never got the chance to between work and traveling. Plus, whenever you did have the chance, Rafa, or even Diggs, told you to wait till the next one. This one’s gonna be a bit wild, they’d say, how ‘bout the one next month?

You’d heeded their advice for a long time, but your curiosity was starting to get the better of you. You had to go to a show, and this was your chance. “Why are you laughing?” You asked him.

“Oh, you were serious?”


“I’m kidding.” He chuckled, lightly pressing his lips to your forehead. “There’s a reason why Diggs and I always make you wait till the next one. His concerts can get a little crazy.”

“I’m aware.”

“And I’m not gonna be in the crowd to protect you.”

“Who said I needed protecting? I’ve been to concerts before.”

“Not a clipping. concert.”

You rolled your eyes at his persistence. He was always doing this, trying to protect you from the inevitable. You understood and loved him for it, but he couldn’t protect you from everything. You weren’t a child anymore. “Raf, I’ve been in a mosh pit before.”

“You broke your ankle.”

“And I lived.”

“Baby,” He chuckled, taking your hands in his, “I know I can’t tell you what to do, but I’d feel a lot better if you stayed home, where you’re safe.”

“Baby,” You imitated, “I’m going to this concert.”


“Ah! I’m going.”

“Please don’t go to the show tonight.”

“Come on, Rafa, why not?”

“Clipping. shows can get wild,” He said, pressing a kiss to your temple, “And you, my love, were not built for the wilderness.”

After a month of pleading with you, Rafa realized you weren’t going to listen. However, that didn’t stop him from trying. You knew he meant the best, but he needed to understand that he can’t protect you from everything. Not even your parents could do that. If going to this clipping. show was going to be a mistake, you’d have to find for yourself.

“Raf, I’m a grown woman.”

“You’re younger than me though.”

“I like how you think that’s an argument.” You chuckled as his shoulders began to drop in defeat. “I know you don’t want me to get hurt, but I live in the real world. It’s going to happen eventually.”

“Not if I can help it.”

“You can’t!” You laughed incredulously. “Geez, I feel like I’m talking to my mother.”

“Please don’t compare me to your mother.”

“If it makes you feel better, I’m pretty sure she loathes you too.” You said, evoking a small laugh from your boyfriend’s chest. “Look,” He started, “I know I can’t force you to stay home, but I seriously think you shouldn’t go. You’re small and adorable and easily excitable. You might end up hurting yourself before anyone else can.”

You smacked his chest with a giggle as he held his hands up in defense. “You are!” He laughed.

“Well, I’m definitely going now.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” He said as he trailed behind you. You’d finally arrived at the venue and were headed towards the green room when you threw your head back in laughter.

“What are you babbling about now?” You joked.

“First, you come to the show where you could most definitely get hurt. Next, you dress like a fucking sex goddess?”

“Raf!” You pulled your dress down a bit as he draped his arm over your shoulders.

“How do you expect me to control myself? I only have oh so much will power.” He grinned as your familiar blush fanned over your cheeks.

“Guess you’ll have to suffer.” You patted his cheek lightly.

Not a second later, you burst into the green room and gave a happy shout. You were filled with excitement as your now close friends echoed your sound. “Y/N, it’s been too long!” Bill said, pulling you into a hug.

“It’s been, like, a week.”

“Too long.” Jonathan laughed.

When you arrived to Daveed, you both gave each other knowing smiles as the other two men groaned, Rafa still not having reached the room. You opened your arms dramatically, “Diggs, old buddy!”

“Y/N, old pal!”

You laughed as he spun you in a circle. You hadn’t seen him a few weeks (“Can you tell Raf I’m missing the meeting?” He said to you earlier that month. “He’ll strangle me through the phone if I do it.”). You considered him one of your best friends; he had introduced you to Rafael, after all.

Following you and Daveed’s traditional greeting, and the boys’ mockery of it, you sat with them on one of the couches. “So, does Rafa know you’re here, short stuff?” Bill asked.

“Yes, he does.” Rafael answered as he walked in. “But he does not approve.”

“Ooh, Y/N’s in trouble.” Jonathan chuckled. You glared at Daveed when he let out a laugh, but quickly covered it with a cough and sip of water. “First of all, I can go where I want.” You said defiantly. “Rafael is not the boss of me.”

Raf shrugged, letting out a small, “Eh, debatable.”

As the others laughed, you threw a pillow at his face while your cheeks burned red at the innuendo. “I hate you all.”

“C’mon, babe. I never tried to forbid you from going.” He reasoned. “I just think you’d be safer at home is all.”

“I’m not a child.”

“You might as well be.” Jonathan chimed in.

“Just because y'all are unnecessarily tall doesn’t mean I’m short.”

“Rafael’s right.” Daveed said. “These shows can get kinda crazy. I can’t stop you from going-”

“This is literally your show. Yes, you can.” Raf interrupted.

“But be careful, yeah?”

“Diggs! You’re supposed to be on my side!” 

“I’m not not on your side.” Diggs shrugged with a smirk.

“And I won’t not hurt you.”

“Okay, settle down there.” You laughed, placing a hand on Raf’s knee. “You guys don’t have to worry. I’ll be in the front row, rapping all the songs with you. I’ll be fine.”

“If you come out with any injuries, I hope you know I’m saying I told you so.”

“Gee thanks, Rafa. I love you, too.”

When it came time for the show, you were not disappointed. It was everything you imagined and more. Watching Daveed in his element as he rapped about everything from sex to the Bay Area was just mesmerizing, and Rafa right beside him, his biggest hype man. He was bouncing and vibing along to every song, of course, checking on you every minute or so.

Diggs was performing his last song as you jumping up and down, rapping along with him. He’d occasionally stop and let Rafa rap, laughing because he didn’t know nearly as many of the lyrics as he should have. Rafa was still glancing at you, especially as the crowd started to bump into each other.

You weren’t sure how it happened, someone bumped into you and almost knocked you over. The girl helped steady you and apologized profusely as a sharp pain shot up your leg. “It’s okay,” You told her with a smile. The pain went away as the adrenaline increased, the best part of the song coming.

When it was over, you walked toward the stage door, your limp barely noticeable. Of course, Rafael noticed. Before you could even get to the green room, Rafa and Daveed were waiting for you. Rafa saw that it was a serious limp and met you halfway. “Are you okay? What happened? Why are you limping?”

Diggs opened the door to the green room as you chuckled, “I’m fine. Just landed the wrong way.”

Rafa set you down on the couch with a concerned look in his eyes. You knew he wasn’t gonna let this go as he placed his hands on the sides of your cheeks, tilting your head every which way in a search for more injuries. “Rafa, I’m fine! This is nothing. Remember? Mosh pit?”

“You’ve been in a mosh pit?” Daveed asked.

“Not the issue here.” Rafael interrupted. “This is the same ankle you broke, Y/N.”


“We’re taking you to the hospital.”

“I don’t need to go to the hospital, I’m fine!”

“He’s right.” Diggs said. “You might have sprained it.”

“Then it’s settled.” Rafael picked you as you rolled your eyes. He carried you all the way to the car, telling that this was exactly what he was worried about. You winced as he slid you into the backseat, causing him to freeze in his tracks. “I’m fine.” You said through gritted teeth. “Y'all are just babies.”

“Tell the doctor that when you need a splint.” Diggs chuckled, starting the engine.

Two hours later, Rafa was holding the front door open for you as you used your new crutches to hobble into the room. “This is so unnecessary.” You said.

“The doctor with a PhD said otherwise.” Rafa laughed. “It’s only three weeks, you’ll survive.”

“You say ‘only’ like that’s little bit of time.” You pouted as you approached the bedroom. You threw the crutches on the bed and proceeded to limp around, looking for a T-shirt to wear to bed. Rafael chuckled and pulled out one of his own. “Here,” He tossed it to you. “It’s not that long. And I will be here the entire time.”

Your head snapped towards as he stood with a grin on his face. “Don’t get whiplash, too.” He joked.

“I thought you were leaving for that new project on Sunday.”

“Change of plans.” You both crawled into bed and pulled you closer, his chest pressed against your back. “Turns out, if a loved one happens to sprain their ankle and needs medical assistance, they’ll postpone the first meeting.”

“That’s good to know.” You placed your hands over his as you giggled at your own thoughts. “I’ll have to sprain my ankle more often.”

“That’s not funny.”

“It was a little funny.”

It’s Me, Sweetheart

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Mary, Cas (mentioned), Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 1860

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Blood, guns, some swearing, maybe a little angst? Basically supernatural stuff. Season 12 spoilers!

Summary: Dean and Mary show up at the bunker and find an injured reader and Sam missing.

Author’s Note: Okay, so a few things: I don’t know where Mary actually got her clothes but I’m gonna assume from the Impala and we’ll leave it at that, I tried to keep the dialogue as close to the original scene but some things are changed, most specifically that Mary almost shoots the reader and not Cas, there’s a brief third person section for Dean and Mary, and when I started writing this a few months ago (I kind of forgot about it, oops!) I was thinking I would do another couple parts and extend it till when they get Sammy back but now I’m not so sure I’m going to. If people like this and want me to write a few more parts I’ll consider it, but honestly I found this difficult to write for some reason and it’s not really what I was hoping for. I wouldn’t be changing anything except for the addition of the reader, but basically it would just be a rewrite and we all know what happens with Sam already (and if you don’t know you probably shouldn’t be reading this yet anyway!) so I hope you guys don’t feel like I’m leaving you hanging. So let me know if you guys want more, but no promises. Wow that was a lot of words, sorry guys! Happy reading!

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     Darkness faded in and out of your vision as your eyes fluttered open, your head pounding and something warm and thick dripping down the side of your face. You groaned and reached up with a shaky hand, wincing as you made contact with a gouge on your forehead. You pulled your fingers away and found them coated in blood.

     “That Bitch.”

     You put your hands on the library table in front of you and used it to claw your way off the ground, wobbling when you finally managed to stand up. Your head was throbbing and you felt nauseous. You swore again when you saw the blood on the floor.

     “Sam?!” you called into the silence, your voice echoing off the walls and piercing the eerie quite. You used the table and chairs to make your way out of the library and crouched down in front of the red stain on the floor.

     That woman was going to regret ever touching Sam.

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