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It’s ‘n’ times, but I have to repeat...

This is not the first time I mention this problem. I did many times before on tumblr - about repost my artwork/comic.
I love One Piece, Zoro, Sanji, I draw artwork for them, even comic, casually share it free. What I hope in return is that people got the very simple but basic attitude - REPOST/DO TRANSLATION WITH CREDIT.

Aside tumblr, I accept people to repost my artworks, in fact I’m too tired and overwhelm by many times I was report back, heard from my friends that my works being repost here and there. So AT LEAST!! AT LEAST WHEN YOU DO REPOST, CREDIT them to me with LINK!!
It’s not 1 or 2 artworks, it’s a whole 10 or even 20 pages comic, or many artworks. If you can do the translation from English to some other language, which mean your English ability is enough to access to me. I can’t understand any reason that people not even send me a message, just a simple message to ask for repost or translation. 

Do you know how hurt it is when you see a comment under your artwork being repost at nowhere “I love this art, I saw it somewhere before but don’t know where or whose…!”

It’s re-posted to the edge that people do not know who draw it, who make it, right in front of your eyes, the one who draw the art.

I did make a post at my facebook page too, so if you guys can help me share this, please do! I want to draw more and more comic for share but everytime this problem happen to me, I nearly run out of power to draw and share it.

“And that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? Did you make me just so you wouldn’t have to deal with all your mistakes?!”

Holy fuck.

This line just bowled me the fuck over.

I… I had never even considered this line of thinking. And hearing it put so bluntly struck me to my core. Holy shit. What an immensely powerful line. What an immensely tragic mindset for Steven to have.

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have you read retrograde by agent37 on ao3? if not you totally should! (and if you have... maybe you would be interested in drawing a scene from it? ^_^)

okay so i hadn’t read it but then i had to because of you and just WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME HURT LIKE THIS OMG I WASNT READY i got stuff to do in my life godammit i’m not supposed to spend all day reading this and then spend two hours on fanart ahah

but yes so thank you for the rec i definitely don’t regret reading it even though i’m still a bit shaky because feelings, and i did this and i’ll probably cringe seeing it tomorrow because i did it at two in the morning and my drawing skills at this time are questionable, but yeah hope you like it i’m going to sleep now :’)

Little Jake was out last night after a very dissociated evening… I’ve already said to Gaz do prepare for him to be around again tonight :( I just have that same feeling I did yesterday… it’s so embarrassing, but at least my partner keeps on being wonderful with him/me/us

I’ve learned a lot of reflection about myself/selves while I’ve been on this course, so I think that’s why he’s a little shaken up

But I need to say a massive thank you to @tizzyrainbow for making him his own play dough - Gaz said it really helped him to ground from flashbacks last night (he was doing his screamy-crying thing apparently :() so that was a very big help 💕

I’m feeling a little tired now, but at least I know I can do this 💪🏻💪🏻


Mafia AU

Word count: 1009

A/N 1: At the ending of last school year I was a little bit idgaf and missed a lot my lessons and so even this year a lot of my classmates and even some teachers began suspecting that maybe I’m in some shady business as I don’t really like telling people what I’m doing… So yeah, long story short quite a few people believe I’m friends with the wrong people or that I’m doing something illegal, I find this hilarious, so that’s why I wrote this short story…

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“Shit.” you mumbled to yourself

You were bleeding. A lot. Or so it seemed to you. But you never wanted for it to end up this way. It all started as a joke, why did anyone even make a big deal out of it?

“In pain?”

A black haired man was standing in front of you. He was wearing a black classy suit. Somehow even this appearance sent shivers down your spine.

“You know everything would have been much easier if you just told me in the beginning where the drugs were.”

This situation was so bad it’s funny. You taught for a while how to answer. You have been telling him the truth from the start but of course he wouldn’t believe you, who would. Stupid. You were so stupid to even start this game.

“As I told you before, I don’t know. Or more like there aren’t even any drugs, how many times do I have to say it?”  you told him through gritted teeth.

A sharp pain went through your body again.

“How about you stop talking nonsense and wasting my time and just tell me where they are.”

“Maybe I would if you stopped kicking me when I’m already down!” you shouted in pain.

It was not working. This torturing was going too far. You were still shocked as it is that he shot you. You were thinking about a way out of this but strength was already starting to leave your body.

“Oh no, you don’t get to pass out on me before you tell me” he put his fingers on your chin and made you look at him.

But at this point you were too tired. “Whatever” you thought. It’s not like you have a plan or anything and it’s too late to explain that none of that story is true. He wouldn’t listen anyway. You looked him in the eyes. They were so dark but no anger or anything like that in them. Actually there was no expression on his face at all. You wondered what he was thinking. With all the strength that you had you smacked his hand away from your face.

“Do not touch me.”

“I think you don’t understand the situation you’re in right now.” he told you standing up, still looking at you.

“I do actually,” you said. “And it’s so funny that this has been going on for so long that everyone really started to believe me and I even got myself involved with the real things!”  you started laughing.

That caught him a little bit off gourd but he didn’t let it show on his face. He sighed. I think it was about time he was done with you. He started pacing back and forth in the room.

“Ah, you’re a pain. What should I do with you?”

“How about you believe me and just leave me alone?”

“Nope, can’t do that. You see I have heard how good you are with words.”

“Great. Just great.”  you thought. He knows another lie about you. Well it was not exactly a lie, you were pretty good with coming up with stories. Actually really good, so good that everyone around you believed you even though you were bluffing all this time. At first you found it funny but later on you just couldn’t drop the act but now see where this got you.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked in a harsh tone.

You didn’t realize but while being lost in thoughts you stared straight at him. Okay. Don’t panic. You’re not afraid. Well you were but of course you can’t show it.

“I have eyes, so can’t I?”

Good job. You did not want to sass him. Why did out of all the possible answers you told him that. You waited in silence for him to say something. A small smirk appeared on his face.

“Okay, I see there’s no point from me to talk to you anymore because you clearly don’t feel intimidated. I think I should bring you to someone who will make you talk.”

He started approaching you. Still holding your wound you tried standing up from the wall and get something to protect yourself.

“And now you suddenly want to fight? Why not do it earlier?”

You did not say anything because even though you wanted to just kick him and go you did not have the strength anymore. You watched as he approached you and just threw you over his shoulder. He signalled the other men you even forgot were in your room to open the door. You tried punching or doing anything really but you couldn’t even see clearly. Did you really lose that much blood? He went for the stairs and took you out through the back. It was dark but of course he couldn’t risk someone seeing you. He placed you in the trunk and shut it. You tried your best to stay awake but you were tired and just done with everything, so you close your eyes not knowing if you will ever open them again.


But you did. You were surprised by the sight as you slowly opened your eyes. You were in a hospital. A nurse came to check on you.

“Oh, you’re awake!”


“No need to worry. You’re in the Phoenix Private Hospital.”

Good. You were still in the city.

“That was some nasty accident, we’re glad you’re okay now. It will still be some time till you recover but we will take good care of you.”


“Yes, don’t you remember? Oh dear, I will call the doctor, I hope you don’t have a concussion.” the nurse said as she quickly left the room.

Oh you do remember. But it was no accident. Why would she even say that? As you were pondering silent steps could be heard outside. You looked up expecting the man from the night before to enter the room. It was not him though.

“Yoongi.” you hissed.

“Well good morning to you too.”

A/N 2: Thanks for reading! Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have missed. I may continue this or make a series out of this if inspiration strikes me again and if anyone would be interested  😂

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seohyun asked if theres any couples in the audience, taeny raised their hands and seohyun said "girl-girl couples too of course, or boy-boy"

after seeing taeny doing that, hyosoo did the same, but thats less important because taeny did it first cause they’re so stupid for making my ass ship them even more and seohyun saying “girl-girl couples too of course” got me dying why is taeny real and killing me


I don’t understand why people like Bum and hate Sangwoo. Like in the sense they call Sangwoo evil and nothing but a sick killer. Like hello? Bum is too? And you can make the excuse “oh but Bum was abused into it”, “he has mental health issues”. But Sangwoo was abused too and that’s why he turned out how he did. I’m willing to bet he had mental health issues too. So why is Sangwoo shit on because he is a murderer but Bum is accepted and loved, even though he brutally killed Jieun.

And he stabbed her 12 times. Twelve. Like I heard the argument that if he hadn’t killed Jieun, Sangwoo would have hurt him instead. And that’s true i suppose. But to me, Bum still chose to kill Jieun. He still had a choice. And it wasn’t just once. Or twice. He stabbed her twelve times. Like to me that’s pretty obvious how he killed her on his own free will.

I don’t know. If someone can explain the difference between the two why it’s okay for one to be a murderer but the other not be, that would be great cause I’m clearly too dumb to understand

I’ll Be Around For You

So this section is hella sad, like, pull out those tissues, kiddos! What makes it even sadder is that I’m not making any of the historical events up, like, all the suffering this family goes through in here is real. I gave myself feelings with this one! (Wanna read the first five parts? Here you go!)

PART SIX: When the words don’t reach  


“Why’s Mama crying?” Alexander Jr. whispered to Philip.

“I…” Philip thought he knew, but he didn’t want to say.

John Laurens knew, and he certainly did not want to say, especially if Eliza would rather not talk about it. He hadn’t meant to overhear, but he’d become attune to Eliza’s crying, since it was so rare. When it happened, he was drawn to it. He always had the urge to protect her, even when there wasn’t anything he could really protect her from.

“Remember how Mama was pregnant?” Philip said softly.

Alexander Jr. nodded, looking up at Philip in confusion. Their mother still looked pregnant. John knew it took time for the weight, as little as it was, to come off.

“She’s not anymore,” Philip said.

John cringed as he remembered Eliza’s face after she realized what had happened. Alexander had come home late, detained at the office. He’d come home to the usual greeting from his children, who loved to jump all over him, but his wife, who was also typically there to kiss him hello, was missing.

John had been with Eliza since he heard the sob. He’d seen the blood, and he’d watched her, hands shaking, as she cleaned it up.

When Alexander finally found her, curled up on their bed, sobbing into a pillow, her crying only increased. John sighed in relief when it seemed like Alexander just knew what had happened. When John had left them, Eliza’s head was on Alexander’s lap, and he was whispering soothing words to her, running a hand through her dark locks.

“Where’d she put the baby?” Alexander Jr. asked, looking around the room they were in, as if maybe the baby had been placed on a shelf or was rolling around on the floor.

“The baby was too tiny.” Philip looked down.

“The baby is… dead?” Alexander Jr. whispered.

“Yes,” Philip said, voice breaking. He looked up at John, tears in his brown eyes. “The baby’s up there with the angels and God, Alex. The baby’s happy.”

Alex wiped away his tears on his sleeve. “You promise?”

Philip pulled his little brother in for a hug. “I promise.”

From the way he said it, John knew that Philip was lying. He wasn’t sure at all. He wasn’t sure of anything anymore.


I tried to laugh this off at first. I really did. 

But in the end it kind of pissed me off. 

Because not only did the come at us - they are also clearly going after the Ripped Bodice as well. Like of all the things to take exception and make in to a skit, why us? Why our community? 

I mean this wasn’t even funny to me - it was awkward and embarrassing becuase:


Am I being too sensitive? Should I just laugh it off like I would if one of our community did something similar? But then it would be an inside joke - we’re allowed to poke fun at our genre because we understand it.

Meanwhile the mainstream media treats us as a joke. Literally. Again.

@heroesnhearts have you guys seen this yet? What do you think?

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I think what it boils down to is respect. We can't be expected to be heard when the majority shoot off at the mouth instead of politely saying how we feel about the mistreatment of Malec. I have read terrible tweets to the cast, writers, showrunners, directors, etc. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. These white, straight, old men don't get how we feel, and shouting profanities at them will not make them listen. Well thought out, educated upset will get us farther with them.

I definitely agree with you, Anon. But the thing is, I am not denying that there are probably horrible tweets out there (doesn’t matter who they are addressed to) but like 90% of the tweets were/are very respectful and politely no matter what. They just wrote down their concerns and hopes/wishes, wanting nothing more to be heard off.

So yes, liking a tweet that basically says that the whole Malec fandom is “toxic” is not helping anyone here.

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Noctis and Luna, would you ever consider letting Prompto do a romantic couples photoshoot for you two? I mean nothing dirty or anything like that! Just sometimes couples have romantic photoshoots done with a great photographer! And I was just wondering if you'd let Prompto do that! It would make for beautiful memories!

“If it’s something that Luna and Prompto both really really want, made them both happy, and so long as he keeps it tasteful and doesn’t embarrass us about it, then sure. *he shrugs* I don’t see why not.  Memories in photos are good, and Luna does enjoy having photos done with me I’ve come to notice. Prompto, every once in awhile, sneaks some candid shots, but if we did an actual photo session it’d probably make Luna even happier. So, yeah. I’d do it.”

“Oh, we absolutely considered that. I already have a few locations in mind. Tenebrae, the place where it all began for the two of us.  Our very first memories we made there, and those are among my most precious ones. The thought of having a photoshoot in the fields covered with Syllebossoms, where we used to play around making flower crowns for each other, and doing that again would mean a lot to me.”

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istg momo adores mina so much but idky shes just SO GODDAMN shy & awkward to show that side of her towards mina (not sure why bc she shows it openly to others). as such she plays cold/nonchalant & even hard to get at times but u can see that hidden side of her exploding out whenever mina gives her sudden hugs & skinship lol and at those times it did for a moment feel like momo's gonna explode once & for all & stop being cold etc but nOPE AFTER A SEC SHE GOES RIGHT BACK INTO HER COLD F**KING CAVE

Why is Momo like this, why must she destroy our hearts? I’m just as frustrated as you fam. Maybe she’s worried about exposing her feelings, idek. Ya gotta admit though, it’s a part of what makes mimo so popular. 


Bennett grabbed something to eat and waited for his father to return and when he did, he still looked shocked.

“How do I fix this? I don’t even know the whole story, how do I be there for her?” Nigel asked quietly. Bennett swallowed his the shock from his dad asking him for advice and just gave it. 

“Listen to her. Right now, she feels all alone and you’re making her feel like this is a punishment. You weren’t supportive when she moved out here and you yelled in her face that moving out here is why this happened to her. I love you and all dad, but you’re hypercritical. We’re not like you and Aili, she’s a lot like mom, she’s sensitive. She has no one, really, right now. I’m working, Anika is about to have our baby any moment, Priscilla has twins to handle, she’s away from all of her friends and you and mom, just be there. If she wants to cry on your shoulder, be that shoulder. For the past five years, I’ve been the father that she wants, but I am not her father, I’m her brother and you need to step up and be the father that she needs.”

Advice please, please and thank

I have to rant about my crush cos my anxiety is kicking in. Friday, he didn’t come to school, he sent me a morning text and that’s it. After school I text and ask why he wasn’t at school, he was sick. So we text for a while but then he stops replying so I’m like oki he’s sick he might text later or tomorrow, he never did, so yesterday by the way I ate so fucking much like if you cut me open I’m pure calories and diabetes, anyways later on in the evening I send him a meme cos he’s sick I wanted to make him feel better, he didn’t respond either. Right now my anxiety is spiraling, what if something happened ? Or am I just being selfish, cos he could be very well asleep, maybe he’s trying to get better, maybe his phone broke or is dead, but if I don’t see him tomorrow at school I might flip cos I’ve been dying to see him and talk to him in gym class, everyday that’s what motivates me, and I am trying not to think negatively but I’m scared and he’s not responding and I don’t want to be a freak and start texting and asking if he’s oki, I just hope he’s okay cos we were just getting started on our friendship in the beginning of February any advice cos at this point if he doesn’t text today or isn’t in school tomorrow I’m going to lose it…I’m so scared, like do I seem obsessed ? I hate having crushes, when I do I act like an idiot ugh

  • Finished making Babcia’s tribute video
  • Turned my hair red one more time for the service
  • Found a song that’s been bugging the shit out of me for months (it’s production music, that’s why it was so tricky)
  • Was added on IG by a member of an Aussie pop group that I can’t pretend I hated even though everyone else did
  • Accepted that i’m good at a lot of things but making carbonara without the cream isn’t one of them

FINALLY WATCHED BASTILLE DAY !!! it was sooo good, y’all  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 10/10 would recommend. now imma !!! icon the heck out !!! of this movie & then i’ll try to get something done here bc my gawd the last time i did anything on here was like daaays ago