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I was pushing a carriage and it was very loud because it was full of totes and heavy bars. It sounded like an old, beat up car. "That's VERY loud!" Yeah, I know.(monotone voice) "I figured you did." Like, if you knew that I knew it was loud, why'd you even say anything? I'm already struggling to keep it moving and trying to be out of the way with this loud thing, and here you are making dumb comments that don't matter. Leave me alone to work.

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I wanna hear the aliya story

disclaimer- I’m not totally clear on all the details bcos it’s second hand from my mum and I’m gonna try to get him to tell me the full story later BUT
at some competition which he was judging at (maybe worlds? idk) Aliya did a bars routine and missed a connection or something and after she got her score she tapped him on the shoulder and was like “why did I get that d score?” so he explained it to her, and then she just smiled and said “I know”

what makes it even better is that he is a TOTAL Aliya fan and apparently that’s like, the only time he’s ever been starstruck by a gymnast lmao

I do not know what this guy laced his salt with, but he was fucking wild. I have no idea why he thought any of us were French, who he was talking to or what that comment was even really about. Either way, our entirely casual Skadi consistently out-damaged and out-played him. He spammed VVT every time Skadi got a kill as if they were, by rights, his.

All I did was make a joke that Apollo is exactly the kind of fuckboy person who’d call themselves xxxPenetratorxxx and suddenly I’m getting the Navy Seal “over 300 confirmed kills” treatment. *shrug*

Our playgroup has now adopted the phrase “Pierre Baguette” for all time. :)

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Is it just me, or does the Harry vs OT3 divide seem to be getting bigger and weirder? Even when the others still talk about Harry or the whole band, it feels...I don't know, uncomfortable in a way I can't put my finger on. I could be off base here, but it's like we're getting new pieces of the puzzle with Louis promo and his interviews. I'm especially trying to process that Louis quote about Zayn and I just don't know what to do with it.


louis’ quote where he talks about harry makes me feel so uncomfortable and i don’t even know why. did it cause a reaction for you?

Hello anons.

I’m not uncomfortable, I’m curious as hell. I know some people view it as a compliment, but the line about how talented Harry is just seems to further the Louis vs Harry image. It’s been that way since the Observer article.

Louis is the underdog, Harry gets the privilege. Louis wasn’t recognized in the band, Harry was. Louis has normal friends, Harry hangs only out with famous people. (I didn’t see much talk about that quote from the weekend’s article, and no, he didn’t mention Harry by name, but boy did that feel pointed.) People don’t want to work with Louis, Harry doesn’t have that problem. 

It seems like more of that to me. And the line about wanting to do something 100% right instead of only 90% right and doing multiple things. I’m a Minnesotan who lived in the South for 15 years, so I know all sorts of ways to be passive aggressive…

When the other men talk about Harry, and when he talks about the band or them, the statements are all rather generic. It was good, they’re doing great. Yeah, it’s cool. When OT3 talk about about each other, they are often much more specific. I have great memories of us doing ______ on tour. That music sounds just like the stuff he always liked to listen to.

Also, I find the mentions of Zayn fascinating

Obviously Wootton is working with each of the guy’s teams, no matter what the fandom wants to think about how he’s gone rouge or whatever. Whether that quote or real or not, whether that happened or not, doesn’t even matter.

What matters is that it’s another way that Louis is being presented as different from Harry. Harry very publicly can’t stand Zayn and says shit along the lines of “I wish I’d know he was sick so I could help him” whereas Louis says things like “I had to reconnect with him, because I understand him and he understands me unlike anyone else.”

It feels like Louis is very, very clearly putting forth “I’m Louis, I’m not like Harry” as part of his image.

And yes, OT4 can talk about OT4, but it’s ringing very hollow when it comes to one member. I wish I could point out exactly what it is about what they’re saying, but I think it’s the generic tone as well as everything they’re not saying.


I hate that I haven’t posted anything in a few days, but I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit unmotivated and discouraged. I’m hoping that taking a couple of days off will help.  I work under the philosophy that you keep writing, whether you feel that anyone is reading or not, but even that gets hard to do at times. 

I did want to make sure to reply to the few responses that I’ve gotten. I appreciate the feedback and don’t want to leave anyone hanging! 

Thanks and my apologies to those who’ve been long time readers.  I’ll try to get my mojo back soon! ❤❤❤

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Miraculous Ladybug ideas and Headcanons

-Let Lila be an interesting character. I mean I’m not certain, maybe Lila will get development and learn she doesn’t have to lie to get what she wants, that she can make friends and even get a boyfriend if she just be honest and be herself (which is why I was so mad when she blames Ladybug for something are brought on herself). However, what if she doesn’t learn her lesson? Hawkmoth DID say that this isn’t the last of Volpina, what if she becomes one of the main villains? What if she becomes a reverse Chloe?

Unlike Chloe who likes Ladybug but dislikes Marinette, Lila likes Marinette but dislikes Ladybug and her Chloe have spats about it every now and then? That could make for good humor. Or what if she becomes the new Chloe while Chloe herself gets her redemption? Only time can tell…

-Also, let’s find out more about Lila’s background! What’s her home life like? What happened in her past? Is she really a bad person? Maybe she has a reason to lie?

-Is it just me, or I’m really interested in the Chloe and Ayla relationship/friendship dynamic? Don’t get me wrong, I do like me about Ayla x Nino (heck, I’m even starting to ship Chloe and Nathanial together), but from the art I’ve seen, I think Chole/Queen Bee and Ayla/Volpina will make a good match/duo. I don’t know if this show is capable for have same sex ships (because of controversy), but a friendship between them would be just a great. Also, it would be a very interesting dynamic if Chloe doesn’t get redeemed (Queen Bee and Volpina are friends, but Chloe and Ayla are not).



-Like in a confession, I hope Adrien and Marinette’s/Ladybug and Chat Noir’s relationship starts by MariChat (from what I heard, the most boring part of the love square) because I feel like if it happens this way, that part of the love square can get it’s development.

-VOLPINA SHOWDOWN! (fight between Voplina!Lila and Volpina!Ayla)

-PLEASE let Hawkmoth have a assistant!

-More development for the characters please and more solid plots.

-More development on popular characters in the fandom like Nathaniel and Nino etc. I also heard he was Jewish. I would love the crew to touch upon that.

-More drama (but that’s just me).

-PLEASE let Chloe have her redemption and be friends with Marinette and Ayla. That way Ladybug, Queen Bee, Volpina and Chat Noir can be an awesome miraculous team!

-Let Nino be the turtle miraculous (or another miraculous later down the line) and have Fu take him under his wing!

-Please don’t forget about Sabrina if Chole does redeem:(

-Plus, more development for Sabrina please.


-More on this new power that Ladybug is supposed to get.

-Have Chat Noir have more of an important role in later seasons. Plus let him have some new abilities and weapons too!

-Let the revel be worth waiting for.

-More on what happened to Adrien’s mother. Is she Le Paon? Will she ever come back?

Feel free to add on if you have a idea or request!

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do u think zach deserves to be on the tapes? i think his reason was so minor that it should not have been included

honestly it all depends on your perspective. he was petty for taking hannah’s notes, while he did not know the significance they had to her. he had the chance to make up for his mistakes when hannah told him her feelings via that letter (she even screamed at him in the hallway), but he didnt (although he says that he did not ignore it).

also, his tape gave ppl a reason to believe that hannah’s tapes could be inaccurate bc she thought he threw away her letter.

his crime wasnt on bryce walker levels of repulsive but it just tells us that your actions might have unintended consequences and thats why im partially for him being on the tapes.

*loses followers* lmao


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?

top 10 phan moments that make me wanna rip my heart out

yeah, just ten moments among hundreds, let it be part one or something. tell me what i’ve missed because i want more suffering in my life.

10) mind control.

i mean, i appreciate the subtlety. i crave those tiny moments that you only notice when someone points them out to you. but this! you can’t miss this one, this moment is shoved down our throats. this is so “i’m allowed to do that to you, to be in your personal space, and gaze into your eyes for no reason, just because i want to”. and phil’s face in that moment, so much joy and mischief, he claps his hands and gazes back.

9) chest touch.

drama queen howell strikes again, it hurts to rewatch it srsly, why is he so extra? but what is phil doing ladies and gents? he slaps his chest in the weirdest way possible, he brushes it, it’s like he wants to shove him but reassuringly and the movement happens so fast you have to pause for a second to comprehend it. that sweet gentle boy is so fond of dan’s unnecessary commentary and yeah, it completely distracts us from what dan is saying at that moment.

8) feel my heartbeat.

was that necessary, really? like, i don’t ask my friends to feel my heartbeat when i’m scared, that was such a “horror movie at first date” bullshit, that’s not what people do?? and when dan does feel that beautiful hummingbird heart, phil just covers his hand with his own palm because yes, you gotta feel it very close, no air between your hand and my chest. dan immediately looks into the camera to show us that yeah, i know you’re there, nothing strange, and makes a comment about phil dying. wow.

7) phil the delivery man.

i don’t know what to say. it’s so simple but why does phil have to make such an act of bringing dan his charger, why does he talk in that stupid voice?? they have a banter, and then phil FIXES DAN’S CHARGER FOR HIM, like what?? who asked you to do that? where’s my IT guy au (literally, he’s got glasses, look at him). and before he leaves he plays the piano that nerd, what an attention seeker, and then bows!! is he tipsy? did he have a pre-liveshow orgasm or something? dan laughs fondly and it’s all i need in the world.

6) child beer.

what’s happening and does it even matter. phil’s hiding on the floor, but why? to surprise us? eh whatever. so he’s got that magical japanese powdery stuff and he wants dan to taste it. the biggest problem for me here, ahem, i mean the thing that just kills me every time is that phil spends the whole time (eight minutes) on his knees and he looks so cute when he makes that beer, holds it close to the camera, and then lets the foam sit so dan can have the ultimate child beer experience.

it reminds me of that hot chocolate video, where he does something so trivial but he’s so gentle and loving about it. i still don’t understand why they didn’t do a simple taste test like bros, but phil had to make it for dan, he wanted to see his reaction. and then he tries it as well, touches the glass rim with his lips at the same place where dan’s mouth just was (gross).

and i just can’t ignore how that boy sneaks past dan’s room after that, he’s playful, he stops to say that he googled something and dan was wrong, and domesticity, i wanna die.

5) sleeping phil on tour.

i kinda wanna talk about the angle here because i don’t understand how it was filmed (camera is pretty static, dan’s hand reaches from the side, not behind), but i don’t know if it matters here. what matters is how gentle dan is. of course, he starts with classic nose tickling, which is what “messing with a sleeping friend” usually implies, but then he frees one strand of phil’s hair and just lets it fall. wow, fantastic prank, dan.

and let’s separately discuss that pout/kiss phil does after he opens his eyes. i know you want a slow mo replay, so here we go:

that’s what i call “im gonna stay asleep but i love you”. where’s the nearest cliff so i can fling myself into abyss?

4) the look.

context what context. why did they keep it? why did they put it on fullscreen instead of hiding in the corner? two full-length looks dan, really?? you know what he looks like, why do you have to examine him like that in front of us you slut. and it just passes, without acknowledgment, they just turn back at us simultaneously and I’M STILL DEAD at that moment, i don’t care what happens next.

3) snoot. proot. (i just filmed you doing that)

i don’t even care what it was. something about piano sounds or whatever, but this video haunts me. THERE’S SO MUCH TO IT. first, phil is lying on dan’s bed (at least in the official version it’s dan’s, not mutual), just chilling?? and dan’s working i guess. so they are not actually doing something together but it’s a cozy evening, why would they spend it in different rooms? dan says something, idk, and phil replies “yeah” in that deep voice I SWEAR i haven’t heard from him before. dan makes the sounds again, like can you believe he’s an actual dork in real life, it’s not an act, he’s actually the weirdest boy alive, and he so obviously doesn’t know he’s being filmed. because when phil says “i just filmed you doing that you’re so weird”, he’s so delighted, he laughs at himself, he turns around, his hair is pushed back omg they are both so sleepy and i rejoice. i think this video gives us a rare but fantastic insight in their everyday life, phil must be keeping so much silly videos like that on his google drive and we never get to see them BUT SOMEHOW he posts this one, probably because dan is cute and he wants everyone to know it.

2) you loved it. you wanna do it more.

so, yes. you know this one. where do i even begin?? they play this dragon quiz and then 1) phil says “you loved it” in the strangest voice, like the voice we never hear from him, it’s deeper and quieter, he looks at dan even though dan’s not looking back; 2) dan is looking down as if he’s fiddling with an ipad or something, it’s almost a bts moment, something they would usually edit out. AND THEN THREE SECONDS OF SILENCE while dan kinda processes what’s going on and phil still looks at him expectantly. seductive as fuck. and now this quiet “alright”, i’m just… dan looks like he’s gotten the hint, so he’s a little embarrassed and they share the softest laugh. 

the thing is, we know how often phil makes sexual innuendos and dan always reacts the same way: he looks into the camera, he throws a witty comment in, he puts it on display to show us that there’s no intimacy in that moment. but not this time. i don’t understand why they didn’t edit it out. i just… don’t.

1) pantless liveshow
this is the ultimate. this is the weirdest and the most awesome thing these two gave me and i’m not even sure what can top that. the moment when phil decides to grab the humidifier and show us, he looks at the screen, says “one second” and stands up very awkwardly while dan turns the laptop away from him and makes the weirdest “how you doing” face. 

WHAT THE FUCK. did they think we were so used to them weirdos that we wouldn’t even notice that shit? but fuck, they do it again, they want to show us the spray and dan goes “should i go get it? you have to do phil’s corner”. like, i can’t function, i honestly can’t. AND THE WORST PART is when dan returns and we can see him covering his legs with a blanket just too fast like it’s not that cold boy come on.

i have no explanation and i have every explanation. i don’t deserve all this suffering.