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Persona Edit Request Dump

So remember how I said I was going to do a bunch of Persona edits as people in the ask box requested them?

That was a complete and utter mistake, as it turns out.

But I still did everyone’s weird and strange requests (save for 1 or 2 REAL weird ones I didn’t want to touch.)

But regardless let’s get onto it!

Being that Morgana has a body structure only comparable to that of a bobble head, this was kinda hard to do and probably why nobody else has done it yet, but I sure TRIED MY DARNEST. I hope you appreciate maid Morgana with a weirdly human looking body. (Just remember this blog’s motto: Quality Never Guaranteed.)

Did you know that the police can legally arrest you for having these images on your hard drive in some American states?

Sometimes I get worried that I’m making someone’s fetish material.

Unfortunately, I CAN do crossdressing shadow Yosuke. This is a very powerful concept, and an even more powerful image, I feel.

I did both.

Mixing P5 Portraits with P3 and P4 ones is hard.

Yukari’s maid outfit was a blessing.

A beautiful lady.

Anyway, that’s it!

I hope all you monsters who made these requests are satisfied with the results!

Starry Eyed

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Excerpt: “if I believe in aliens,” you sighed knowing exactly where this was going as Taehyung’s eyes turned back to the sky, looking at it with a frown, “there must be aliens out there who believe in aliens as well.”

Genre: fluff

Length: 1.1k

A/N: hope this makes you feel as warm and soft as it did me <3

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

“Why do people even think stargazing is a good date?” Taehyung turned to you, a frown evident on his face as he turned around, his face illuminated by the artificial shop lights, his hands full with bags of marshmallows that he squeezed tightly to his chest. He pouted to himself, still walking the aisles as he dumped biscuits and chocolate bars into the baskets more forcibly, alerting you to his anger at your comment.

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Okay, now I’ve seen far too many people who seem to think that there’s some big conspiracy behind Seb winning and not Kimi and I’m speaking as someone WHO WANTED KIMI TO WIN, that Ferrari did not fuck over Kimi for Seb’s benefit. Kimi WANTED to pit earlier, Seb set some unreal lap times to gain an advantage over his teammate and Kimi wasn’t able to pull time back to his teammate after Seb’s pitstop when he got stuck up in traffic and couldn’t make good pace even after that. So stop making out like this was somehow all Ferrari’s fault when Kimi was the one who wanted to pit and Seb was absolutely on fire and earned that win fair and square.

I know you all wanted Kimi to win, SO DID I, but that doesn’t mean you have to look for and make up excuses to why exactly he didn’t.

anonymous asked:

About this "truth serum" thing: if there is the chance of telling something, even if it's a small chance, can I make a character who _in theory_ knows that stuff doesn't do miracles, panic because he's not sure if he's told something important?

Yes! Exactly! 

So this is a thing about truth serum: interrogatees don’t remember being interrogated, because most “truth serum” agents interfere with memory, so they don’t know what they did or didn’t disclose. And interrogators will leverage that. “You’ve already told us everything, so why don’t you go ahead and tell us everything?” is the general approach. 

Best of luck to you and your truthy tales! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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anonymous asked:

I don't usually do this but I had the occasion to zoom on the snap Phoebe posted of those pics. (they are so beautiful this is so cute) and it only confirm that they only have ONE pic of the whole family, the well known one, The Stunt Pic, and they love it so much and look at it so much that they cropped Dan and GrandPa's foreheads. Organic.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Did you see Phoebe’s snap? She posted a pic of picture frames in their holiday France house, a picture of the whole Tomlinson-Deakin family with Freddie (from when they got papped at Malibu Beach last April 2016) i’m just…why do they even have it, i really hope this ends like in JUNE (i know this is still fake and that pic frame doesnt make it real) but it’s still…eh. i really am sure they have one without Freddie where they’re all smiling unlike that picture.

Hm same pic as always, same pic that was made public, same pic literally everyone uses when they need to associate the family and the kid… you want to tell me they took only that one pic that is actually really weird? (I mean Jay’s eyes are closed, Lottie and Fizzy look like they rather be anywhere else, even the twins are like :/) 

anonymous asked:

Okay I have been thinking about the fact that MAYBE Elias asked Yousef to go out and cool down Sana (because he obviously knows how to do that) so that he (Elias) could actually talk to her and make things right with her. But then again if that was the case that would make me see the scene in a totally different way and I don't want that.

yeah that was actually one of the first things that crossed my mind when i watched the clip, because yousef was most likely hanging out with elias since he was already there. it would explain why yousef was acting so different from tuesday. but i don’t see why it would be a bad thing?

i can imagine elias and yousef noticing sana playing basketball outside and elias not knowing how to get her to stop being mad at him, and he knows yousef could make her smile and lighten her mood. and he may have asked yousef to try and make her smile, and even though it had crossed yousef’s mind bc he did want to spend time with her, but he thought she wasn’t interested after tuesday. so elias convinces him that only HE can make her smile, which revives the hope in yousef that she may after all still like him. 

+ it would explain elias’ comment “i’m warning you bro, she’s fucking pissed” bc elias knows yousef likes sana and vice versa

i mean thats how i saw the clip, but i dont see how it would be a bad thing, if anything it only further emphasises yousef’s feelings for sana

anonymous asked:

Do you have alot of cc? Any tips for the beggining of a story?

well, my mods folder is 2,82 GB damn, I have to clean up again cause even If I don’t use 40% of the cc I have, I keep it idk why duuh. 

@sandy-sims did a post [HERE] about that, in which she explained better than I could ever do haha 

the only thing I can tell you is to not get caught up in how many followers/notes you have! just post what you like and what makes you happy! and don’t you dare worry what other people think of you and your story/posts, because I’ll kick your butt, till you’ll be fine with your content, OK?! ok! even if you receive anon hate, ignore them, they’re robots, you know? haha

I can say some more things, which could help you a bit:

  • Start with your intuition.  Maybe you were inspired by something you saw, read or have always been fascinated by a strange story, your dream life idk.
  • Character/s. Your story should have at least one character that your readers can care about and root for. If your characters are different from one another, well-realized, and fascinating, your readers will love reading about him/her/them whether s/he’s sympathetic or not.
  • Start with a compelling flashback. Though flashbacks take the risk of being sentimental or confusing the reader, they can draw the reader in, and make your reader curious. For example, start with a moment when a character acts in a surprising way?!
  • Don’t be afraid to start with a bold voice that says a lot about the main character and tells the reader what to expect in the rest of the story.
  • Start with characterization. Your character doesn’t have to speak to the reader right away. Instead, you can let your reader see your character in action, to show the kind of person your character is and what is at stake for him or her in the story.

Hope I helped you and I’m looking forward in reading your story boo!

anonymous asked:

Sony put two gay characters in there rated R movie but not there PG-13 movie *insert you know why gif*

Like oh no ‘’queer’’ is not for kids, they don’t need representation. Really Sony? But hey, I understand that Ghostbusters, unlike Rough Night, needed to make money all over the world, even in homophobic countries, to not be considered a failure. But in America, why did they forbid interviewers to talk about Holtzmann’s sexuality?

Also, Kate McKinnon being a real gay person but not being cast as the gay character is sad. Yes, maybe Kate really wanted to play the weirdo again. No matter what, I think she should not play weirdo or gay characters everytime because that will affect her career as an actress (if she really wants to be one), she needs to prove she has more range than that (and we know she has range).

Now I will wait to see Rough Night before judging it, especially in regard to the gay characters…

transilver  asked:

Adsjfggd I sent you the first anon stating that you were 15 and allowed to make mistakes and word things badly and even offend people because guess what!!! We all did that when we were 15!! That's called being a teenager!! So I'm going to reiterate, non anonymously, for anyone who wants to see: LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE, JESUS CHRIST, SHE'S 15, SHE'S A TEEN, WHY ARE YOU ALL SO HELL BENT ON HARASSING KIDS ON THE INTERNET??? Sincerely, a 21 gay trans guy who is neither aro or ace.

god bless you

speaking of the trans agenda tbt to the time some rando sends me some ask all phrased like “why DO you think lars is trans” and got defensive when i told them i didnt need to explain it to them. their purity inspires us all

tbt even further to the time i got a series of anons after i made an “ugh the cis” post first acting like they didnt know what “cis” meant and i did go ahead and explain briefly and then they send a heart-rending message like “so…if im cis…..d oes that make me a bad pperson??? :’(((( 3 ’;w;`” and im like man get tf outta here with your brilliant plan to convince me to concede the true beauty of the Cis. s m g h these fuckers…..cant believe they even were following me in the first place. really had a brilliant, heartwarming strategy going tho

anonymous asked:

I just wanna say Clay deserved better. I think this is one of the more depressing characters he's played (I think Steve from INH is going to be a really sad role too) but it showed how depressed he was and it felt too real for a second, even if the show is bad he did a really good job.

Why does Seb continue to make me suffer like this tbh. Like I can’t even think of a character he’s played who didn’t deserve better, except maybe Chase.. that guy was pretty much an asshole but I still want to love and protect him so


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜


SKAM S04E06 Clip 5 - Let’s go bitches

ISAK: Hello.


EVEN: Hi, Sana.

ISAK: Where did you see it last?

EVEN: I don’t know. I think it’s in the bed, but I can’t find it. I’m sorry I’m stressing. I have to make it to work on time for once.

SANA: What a nice place.

ISAK: Thank you. Snooped around flea markets and picked out the cheapest stuff.

EVEN: You call that snooping?

ISAK: Yeah, I guess it’s that. Took the first -

EVEN: We were able to get quite a lot of stuff.

ISAK: Huh?

EVEN: We were able to get quite a lot of stuff.

ISAK: Yeah.

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