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Only Mine

Word count: 895

Saving Kai from being killed (6x22)

Hearts. Flowers. Sharp pain in your leg. You looked down and saw a piece of glass, stuck in your thigh. You grabbed it with both hands carefully and took it out as gently as you could. It hurt so much you thought you were gonna pass out. You pressed on the wound, trying to keep it from bleeding too much, but it didn’t really help. You looked around and saw many people dead and covered in blood.

‘Dammit, Kai!’ You said to yourself. You knew Kai was planning something, but what you didn’t know he was planning to kill Jo on her wedding day in the middle of the ceremony. He did. You looked around and saw Alaric with Jo in his arms, her wedding dress covered in blood. You tried to stand up but fell down immediately, the pain in your leg and the blood you were losing making you weak. You cried out in pain as you saw Kai suddenly appearing in front of you.

‘Shit! I’m so sorry!’ Kai said, putting his hands on top of your hands, making a pressure on your wound.

'I'm…fine.’ You said, but you weren’t fine. You had a feeling like you were gonna pass out right in front of Kai.

'I’ll be right back.’ He stood up as he walked towards Alaric. You managed to stand up and sit on one of the chairs that were near you. Suddenly you saw a bunch of gemini coven witches gathering around, chanting. One thing led to another and then you saw something that made your heart burst into million pieces. Kai showed a piece of glass into his neck, collapsing on the floor.

'No!’ You yelled and walked as fast as you could towards Kai’s body laying on the floor. You kneeled down as you shaked his body a few times, hoping he would react, but nothing. You tried his pulse, no heartbeat.

'Dammit! You can’t do this to me, Kai! C'mon!’ You started giving him CPR, your hands covered in blood. You didn’t care about your wound, every particle od your body was focused on Kai. Tears started rolling down your cheeks. 'No, no!’ You kept repeating your actions, hoping he would open his eyes but he didn’t. Suddenly, someone grabbed your hand, making you turn around.

'Stefan, please we have to help him! Please’ you begged, trying to find a way to bring him back.

'I’m sorry.’ That was all he said. He picked you up and made you sit down on one of the chairs, reaching out his wrist to drink his blood. You took it, your thigh healing in a few seconds.

'Thanks, Stefan’ you whispered, your voice cracking, your eyes red and puffy from crying. Everyone left. You were the only that stayed there. You slowly walked over to Kai, kneeling down beside him. You leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on his lips as you started crying even more.

'I love you.’ You whispered and closed your eyes for a second before opening them again. You sat down beside him, thinking of how many different ways this could’ve gone. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You and Kai were supposed to leave Mystic Falls, leave everything behind you and start over. You wiped away your tears and took a deep breath.  You stood up and walked away from all of this. You were walking around alone, unsure what you should do. You felt helpless, unable to get the sight of Kai killing himself out of your head. After an hour or so, for some reason, you went back. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Kai looking around and Bonnie laying on the floor. Just when you wanted to come closer, you caught a glimpse od Damon.

'No!’ You yelled, making Kai turn around, dodging Damon’s attempt in killing him.

'Stop!’ You said, standing between Kai and Damon. Damon shot a glance towards Kai and then walked towards Bonnie. He gave her some of his blood to heal her and then picking her up as they left you and Kai alone.

'What the hell?’ You said, turning around as you looked at him. How-? I was-? Why did you-?’ You couldn’t even finish your sentence. You were seriously pissed at Kai. 'You scared the crap out of me!’ You hit his shoulder, making him step back a little.

'I thought you were dead! I thought you were… omg!’ You said as tears started rolling down your cheeks again. He hugged you tightly, one arm wrapped around your body, while the other was gently caressing your hair.

'I’m completely fine. I had to do this.’ Kai whispered.

'I hate you Kai!’ You said into his chest, your voice muffled.

'No, you don’t. You know I would never leave you like that.’ He said, cupping your face and looking straight into your eyes.

'Don’t you dare do that again because then I will be the one to kill you.’ You were dead serious, but he just laughed and hugged you again.

'It’s cute when you’re mad.’ He trailed off.

'Don’t mess with me, Parker. I can be a badass too. It’s not just you who can do that, you know.’ You punched him playfully, making him laugh. He kissed you as you slowly walked away from this awful place, hand in hand.


Jimmy: “I thought maybe I’ll make it more like a vacation for you while you are here. First of all, let’s switch the background if we could, maybe we can have some music and then…”  - Benedict Cumberbatch at Jimmy Kimmel Live [x]