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Warning: swearing 

I’ve finally done my dream imagine! I’ve been wanting to write a dramatic imagine for a while now. Thank you to those who voted for this and for those who even personally messaged me. I really do appreciate the help.

It took me quite a lot of time to finish this because I had a lot of scenarios in mind. Sorry for the delay. Hope I didn’t disappoint.

Anyways… Hope you guys like it! 

Feedbacks are very well appreciated.



They say that after the honeymoon phase comes the biggest bump in one’s relationship.

For four years now, I’ve been Harry Styles’s girlfriend. I met him when I started working for Lou as her assistant stylist for the Where We Are Tour. At first, I was adamant to do it. But with a little push from Lou, I finally agreed. I’m glad that I agreed. Each passing day on the road, Harry and I grew closer until he finally asked me to be his. And I said yes.

Throughout the course of the On The Road Again Tour, I was asked yet again to join the crew. But this time, no decision was needed to be thought out. I was going to be with the love of my life 24/7 and that was enough reason to agree once more.

 I was with them when they had to perform for the first time without Zayn in Manila. Nerves were wrecking around backstage about who’ll sing Zayn’s part in which song and what’ll happen to their positions onstage with one member missing. I was even there when Zayn officially said goodbye.

I was with Harry when they announced to the public of their decision regarding the hiatus. It was hard for the lads to end up with that decision, but they all knew that it was for the greater good of the band. They knew that if they went on with a heavy heart that they might end up resenting what they do or worse, each other.

 I was there during their last show in Sheffield. Hugs were given as soon as the show ended. Tears were pouring everywhere. I have never seen Harry cry so hard before. Even I shed a tear or two. Of course, I’ve been with these people for two years now. I’ll miss seeing them everyday. But whatever happens, we all promised to support one another in any way or form.


Now, it’s been a few months since the hiatus started. Harry and I decided to go home to Holmes Chapel to unwind for a few weeks. Anne was kind enough to have accommodated both of us. Gemma even stopped by everyday to chat with us. It seemed like I was in a normal relationship and not in a relationship with a superstar.

A few weeks after that, Harry was casted for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk. To say that I was proud of him was an understatement. In the midst of shooting the movie, Harry asked me to join him because he was feeling lonely. With a smile on my face, I gladly joined him. Plus, Cillian Murphy was another reason to drop by. (wink wink)

After the movie, Harry decided to start writing for his first solo album. I was so happy that he’d be back in the comfort of his beloved studio where I knew he was genuinely happy. He decided to take a small trip to Jamaica, which was such a breather. It was away from all the flashing light and spying eyes. Harry’d spend his time in the studio with Jeff and Mitch. While I, on the other hand, started drawing my dream fashion line.

Every since I was a kid, I have loved dressing up. And finishing my degree in fashion designing really was a dream come true. Dressing people up like how I did with the lads on tour was not the job that i was expecting but it was a great experience. I’m much more interested in designing my own fashion line and flaunt my designs on the runway.


One normal day back home, I got a phone call from the biggest fashion company in London. They heard from Lou that I was a fashion major and wanted me to send drafts of my designs for their upcoming fall collection. I was beyond ecstatic.

This is it.

 My dreams are becoming a reality. I immediately called Lou and thank her over and over again. I then excitedly told Harry and he was so proud of me. That night, me, my family, friends and Harry went out and celebrated but I noticed that Harry wasn’t into it. My best friend even asked if he was ill. It was like he wasn’t even there. I just took it as stress and agreed to go home earlier than expected.

The day of his album launch came. It was a whirlwind of emotions. I was so proud of how people responded to Sign of the Times, but the response to the album was much better. Knowing how hard Harry worked for it and how much people appreciated it made me so happy for him.

And to add to that happiness, pieces from the collection that I sent was chosen for the London Fashion Week Fashion Show a few months from now. I had already told Harry the night before about it but he just nodded and told me he was proud.

Maybe he’s just tired? Or maybe he’s just nervous for the launch the next day? I thought. 

His entire team went out to celebrate that night. Of course, I was there during dinner with his family. I told Gemma about the the fashion show and she promised to be there to support me. Anne even let out a sound of excitement and kept on hugging me, making me feel how happy she was for me.

The dinner ended quickly, so they decided to have a few drinks. Me, on the other hand, had a very important meeting with the company so I had to be presentable and hang-over free.

 “Love, let’s go?” Harry asked.

 “Babe, I have that meeting tomorrow remember?” I asked, with a ‘duh’ tone.

 “What meeting?” He asked. I was shocked. His facial expression really showed no signs of him knowing what was going on.

 “The meeting for the fashion show?” I asked, hoping that something will spark up.

 “You got the job?” He asked.

 “Harry, I told you that last night.” I said, a small frown now starting to form on my face.

 “Ohh yeah. That.” He said. I was kind of disappointed that he forgot but I just shook it off.

 “Anyways, it’ll probably be best if I head home first. Go enjoy the night.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

 “You sure?”

 “Of course.”

 And with that, I left him and went home.


The meeting the next day went very well. I met with the tailors who’ll make my designs a reality alongside me and explained to them how I wanted it to turn out. They were nice enough to have understood my worries and assured me of my creative works. The models were also chosen and among those are some of the most well known models. The feeling of Cara Delevingne wearing my work was unbelievable.

I went home that afternoon with a tired body, yet a big smile on my face. Harry was in our bedroom getting ready to go out and celebrate with his friends. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and a quick ‘hey babe’.

“Love, go get ready. We’ll meet them at five.” He said, buttoning his shirt.

“Babe, is it ok if I pass tonight? I’m so tired and I just want to lie down and relax.” I said, slumping my body in the bed. His face showed how much he wanted to go. “Go on without me. Enjoy babe.”

“Don’t you want to celebrate the success of my album, love?” He said with pleading eyes. Of course I want to but having sewed a few pieces myself, I was exhausted.

“It’s not that babe. It’s just that… I’m so tired.” 

“Oh. Ok.”

What’s with his attitude? I don’t know why his tone suddenly sounded like he’s implying that I didn’t want to go just because I don’t want to go.

“What’s with you?” I suddenly asked. I don’t know what ticked inside me, but I had a feeling that me asking that question will lead to a fight.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel that you’re not happy for me.” He said while fixing his not-so-long-anymore hair.

“What are you saying? Just because I don’t want to go out tonight doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you.” My voice started rising.

“Then make me feel it! All you care about is your stupid designs.”

Oh hell no. 

“Excuse me?”

He’s gotta be kidding right now.

“I said it! All you care about is your stupid runway fashion show. You never support me in any of my works. It’s like I don’t even have a girlfriend who supports me. All we talk about is how excited you are for the show and how happy you are that YOUR dreams are coming true. What about me, huh? Ever thought about me? My album? My dreams?”

 “Oh for fuck’s sake Harry. Don’t you ever say that I didn’t support you. I spent two years on the road with you… two years which should’ve been spent on designing my OWN fashion show. I’ve been beside you through all of the rumors, the hiatus, and now your solo career. So don’t you dare point a finger at me and say that I don’t care about your dreams because I do.” I said. My blood’s now boiling that I don’t think it’ll be enough cooling off just for tonight.

 “Then make me feeling like you care and join us tonight.” He shouted.

 “Why are you so fucking selfish? Can’t you see that I’ve been working my ass off for MY dream? All I ever thought about for the past few years was you and your damn career. Can’t you think about mine? All I’m asking is a night in tonight. Heck, I’m not even asking you to stay with me!” Harry was about to say something but I cut him off.

 “You know what Harry? I realized now… All I ever did in this relationship is give, give, and give. And I’m getting tired.”

 Flashbacks of how Harry reacted with me getting the job came to mind… he didn’t even care. Heck, he even forgot that I told him about me getting it. I’ve talked about this with a friend of mine and what she told me really hit me.

 “It sounds to me like there’s only one person in this relationship.”

“Love, I’m not saying that your dream is not that important. It’s just that -” he said, but I cut him off.

“You feel that your accomplishments are far more important and extravagant than mine.” I said in total realization. No words were needed, his facial expressions were enough to assure my assumption.

“I can’t believe you!” I shouted. “A relationship between two people is about trust and support, and you can’t even support your girlfriend of four years? Your girlfriend who was beside you, supporting you since who knows when!” I started crying.

 “Love, it’s not like that…”

 “Then what is it like Harry? WHAT?” My head started to ache and my breathing started to quicken its pace.


 “You know what? You’re not the Harry that I fell in love with anymore. You’re just a big-headed pop star who only cares about his fame.”

 “You’re not the girlfriend that I used to know as well. My girlfriend supports me in everything that I do.”

 “And my boyfriend also does the same.”

 “I’m still that person!” He said in exhaustion.

 “No you’re not.” I said with tears now streaming down my face.

 “Then what are you implying?” For a split second, I saw the man that I fell in love with - the man who’d swim the oceans just to make me smile.

 “I’m sorry but if you’ll continue, it’d be best if I left.”

 “Love, no… Don’t do this.” Desperation was very well heard from that one sentence.

 “I’m sorry.”

 I grabbed my bag and with that, I left the man who still had my heart.

They said that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. But with this kind of relationship, seeing a ray of light might be impossible.


(Not in any particular order)

1. CeCe claims that she wasn’t the one to talk to Melissa (even though she told Emily that she talked to her to get the tapes and we saw a flashback) and that it was Bethany. So how is Melissa and Bethany talking if they don’t know each other and how did Jason know what Bethany looked like to mistake her for being CeCe?
2. The rooftop incident is one of the biggest plot holes from 6x10. First of all, why would a institution let patients on a rooftop WITHOUT supervision? No hospital does that. And how is Charles 12 years old when Marion died in 2007?yes I know you wanna kiss me.
3. Why did it say “prom queen” in the yearbook if cece didn’t go to school at rosewood high? Just sit on down so we can take your picture even though you don’t go to school here.
4. What was the point of bringing up that Mrs. D and Mr. Young (Bethany’s dad) had an affair if it’s never not going to be addressed again? Further more, who the fuck are Bethany’s parents and why did Mrs. D tell Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie”? Also we didn’t see Bethany’s face only when she was a child…
5. What does Sara Harvey have against Hanna? I recall seeing redcoat burning Hanna’s doll head off…
6. How did CeCe become an expert in the medical field?
7. Apparently CeCe found out that Ali was alive in 3x24 but yet weren’t Noel and CeCe helping Alison the whole time? I can’t remember if it was an assumption since Ali helped CeCe escape to Paris and we assumed it was because Cece helped Ali stay in hiding, too. So if someone can explain that to me that would be great.
8. Marlene confirmed in via interview that CeCe buried Mrs D so CeCe is just going to send a video of burying her mom and send it Alison even though she claimed that she loved her? but now we’re being told that Mary might been the one to bury her…. well what the fuck.
9. What the fuck happened to Eddie lamb?
10. Why did A need a tux rental if it was CeCe and Sara?
11. So did CeCe turn herself in at the end of 4x23? Or did someone else turn her in? It’s a plot hole until explained.
12. Why would CeCe dress as a male in the dollhouse if she identifies herself as female now? No one that is transgender wouldn’t do that because it would remind them of their past. You can say that she did it to make the girls think it’s a guy or whatever but a trans person wouldn’t do that.
13. In 6x06 Mona said that Leslie said that two patients snuck out that night CHARLES and Bethany, who the fuck is Charles? That would’ve been Charlotte by then.
14. Why did Barry help CeCe escape?
15. If Jessica was protecting CeCe, then why bother telling the girls that she didn’t want Ali and CeCe spending time together. If she was protecting CeCe, why cast any suspicious light on her at all?
16. Why didn’t Mrs. D show any emotion to CeCe being arrested? She just starred at her…
17. If she was a patient at Radley while attending U Penn, then how in the hell did she have a room mate when she went to U Penn? If the room mate was just a person she hired, then why have her tell the girls that she blamed them and Ali for her getting kicked out of U Penn.
18. Why did Wren make CeCe a visitors badge?
19. How was CeCe allowed to go to cape may if she was in radley? They’re not going to let you out for summer trips….
20. Spencer said she felt something familiar about the guy in the dollhouse, now before y'all say that it’s because CeCe and Spencer are sisters, this wasn’t planned back then and CeCe and Spencer barely had any interaction with each other. So how is the person going to feel familiar to you if you barely know them?
21. “One of you have been touch by the one Alison fears the most.” We can all assume that it was because Aria touched CeCe when she was about to fall in 4x12 but Alison never feared CeCe and I just don’t think so….
22. Why are the girls irrelevant to the mystery and are just being tortured for fun
23. Why was Mary at the blind school in 7x10?
24. Who was the blond girl in the window of Alison’s bedroom in 1x01?
25. When and where did CeCe and Sara meet?
26. Why did Sara help CeCe and what were her motives?
27. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Ian killed himself, okay why?
28. What was Alison talking about in 4x24 that she saw Ian walk out of the church after pushing him off? I recall Ian looking colorless on that rope….
29. Who was the person in 5x03 that was behind the glass with Mona while Hanna is getting her hair done?
30. Who the person in the black cap talking to Melissa on the security footage in 5x07?
31. Why would CeCe frame her sister for murder if she loved her so much?
32. Why would CeCe toss her fucking brother down an elevator shaft? “Oh Charlotte was angry.” Confirmed in via interview. um okay we need better answers than that marlene….
33. Who was the blond girl at the reptile place in 4x20? With our luck they’re probably going to say it was Sara…
34. Who exactly knew that Alison was alive? Because it seemed like a lot of people knew….
35. Who dug up Alison’s grave? Who exactly was there that night? You could say it was CeCe but it never came out of her mouth that she did it.
36. How did Maya die? Is she really dead? Why didn’t we get any closure? Lyndon was the one who supposedly killed her but yet he had no relevance to the story… and he didn’t even confirm that he killed her. “What do you think?” Isn’t confirmation.
37. Was Melissa really the other queen of hearts? We didn’t see her.
38. Who gave Ali the bloody lip?
39. Why was Noel helping CeCe in the dollhouse? What did CeCe have on him?
40. What is Melissa’s significance to the story? Why did Melissa take that photo of Wilden, Alison, and CeCe on the boat at cape may?
41. Why didn’t Eddie and Wren not like each other that much? “The minute that guy got here it wasn’t for the right reasons.” well what the fuck.
42. Who did Mona, Jenna, and Sydney meet at the park in 5x05?
43. Who was Wren talking to on the phone in 4x10? Why did he want
44. Was Bethany really the one who was writing to Alison or was it it CeCe?
45. Marlene said black widow was Endgame so is Sara Harvey endgame?
46. Why did Melissa want the NAT club videos so bad?
47. What were on the NAT club videos and what happened to them?
49. What happened to Cyrus?
50. Why were 3 people wearing yellow tops that night?
51. What did Maya know? That Nate was in town? Because Nate isn’t relevant to the story
52. Why did Jason have stab wound on his side?
53. Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?
54. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Wilden was acting alone but yet we heard two voices talking?
55. Who did Spencer hear scream in 1x01?
56. Who was the person in the black hoodie that Mona gave the pills to in 3x13?
57. Who hit Toby over the head that night and planted that lighter?
58. Jenna said that Wilden saw Alison that night, how come Alison never mentioned this when she came back? Was Jenna lying?
59. Why were Melissa and Ian in such a rush to get married? What did they need the alibi for?
60. What blond girl was Dr. Palmer talking about?
61. Why are there two different versions of the kissing rock video?
62. Who the fuck is Dr. Sullivan’s son? Mona was apparently threatening him in 2x25.
63. Why was Andrew being adopted brought up in the first place if it’s just going to be dropped?
64. Why were Jenna and Shana afraid of Melissa?
65. Why does 214 keep being brought up and what’s the significance of it?
66. Since it has been “confirmed” that Noel pushed the girl down the steps at the frat party, why did cece’s roommate say that Alison was the one to push the girl down the steps which resulted in getting cece kicked out?
67. What did Jenna give Shana at the park in 2x24?
68. Who did Jason give the 50,000 dollars to? And what kind of information did they give him in order for him to give them the money?
69. Why did Mona tell Wren “that’s before I knew where your loyalties lie.”?
70. Who attacked Alison on Halloween? We were led to believe that it was Lucas but it was never confirmed.
71. Who opened the door to that creepy house in 2x13? And why was there a radley car outside of the house?
72. What was the significance of the ghost girl and how come only Ashley saw her?
73. Who was the person in the redcoat Wren was coloring in?
74. What led Ezra to believe that Mrs. D was A?
75. What happened at Ali’s house when Alison came over to Spencer’s house. crying?
76. Who was that little boy at the doll shop referring to when he said “a man and woman with dark hair?”
77. Why did Mike have 18,000 followers in his bank account?
78. So Shana’s death was just forgotten about?
79. Where was Jason when he was suppose to be at rehab?
80. Did Cyrus really cut Alison’s leg? And if not where did it come from?
81. Why would Alison take pictures of Aria while sleeping?
82. Why did Melissa and Alison have masks made of themselves?
83. Who did Alison get in the car with outside of hectors?
84. What did the lawyer in 5x22 tell Ezra? He basically said that “If you don’t tell me then you can tell the police.” but yet he came out and said he wouldn’t tell him anything? What?
85. Who set up the A bullshit at the park in 5x01?
86. Who was the guy that knew Emily’s name?
87. What was up with the bloody bandages in Jason’s trash?
88. Why was Holbrook kissing Alison at the ice ball?
89. Why was CeCe on Ezra’s payroll?
90. Why was CeCe eavesdropping on aria and Ezra in 4x11?
91. What the fuck happened to Pepe and Tippy?
92. Why was Alison blackmailing people for money if she wasn’t planning on running away?
93. Who was Ali’s friends boyfriend that pulled the gun on her?
94. How is CeCe hanging out at a pub where Ezra and Ali met if she was suppose to be at radley?
95. What was Grunwald talking about when she said “Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.”?
96. Who was hiding upstairs in the dilaurentis house?
97. Who was living under the crawlspace at the dilaurentis house? Was it Sara or CeCe?
98. Who was Bethany talking about on the tapes?
99. Why are there quotation marks around the word “Dr.” Kingston on the police board?
100. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort?
101. What is the ‘plan’ Bethany is talking about on the tape?
102. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up? If it was true, who was Alison watching?
103. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report?
104. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook?
105. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared?
106. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins?
107. Why would CeCe let the Liars think Ali was A? She said she was mad at the liars for being glad that Ali was dead, but she actively let them hate her.
108. Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet?
109. Why did Melissa say she saw Toby in London when she didn’t?
110. Why did Wren misspell the word “diagnosis”?

Well that’s it. At least that’s all I put down… let’s see how all (or at least half) this is answered within the next 3 episodes. WE NEVER GOT CONFIRMED ANSWERS FOR THESE.

“Aw, dang. Why is my skin breaking out? I’ve been taking such good care of it! I have to get to the bottom of this… ”

*flashback to three days ago when I had a beauty blender in one hand and a piece of garlic bread in the other, ready to multitask, living my worst life, owning it*

“Hmm… Well, it wasn’t anything I did, that’s for sure. Looks like this is one mystery even I can’t solve. Guess we’ll literally never know why or how this happened ever. Bummer.”


“Hey Y/N”, Archie called out your name as he ran to catch up.

“Archie, don’t you have class now?”.

He pulled you aside away from the busy hallway filled with students. “I was just heading to football practice, but I really need to talk to you first”.

You played coy, even attempting to make up an excuse like late for class or that Betty wanted to talk to you. But Archie saw right through that and reached for your hand. “Wait, Y/N. Are we seriously not going to talk about what happened between us?”

Last night, his party that was thrown in honor of Jughead’s birthday. However it took a turn when Cheryl invited herself and a dozen, upon dozen of other people. Turning a simple, laid back evening into a raging, classic high school party.

“It was just one night-”

“Don’t say it didn’t mean anything Y/N, because that’s not how it felt”. He interrupted.

You hadn’t realized until now that Archie still had his hand on your wrist, and looking down at the skin on skin contact it evoked last nights memories.


“I drank dialed him, my dad. I don’t even know why I did it Y/N, just the reality of them making it final…I guess it all got to me”. You kept your eyes on him, he turned. “I’m such a mess”.

“Archie, you’re far from being a mess. Out of everyone in this town your the one that is the most sane”. Eyes locked, a new sensation arising.

It only took a split second for your brain to register that Archie had just kissed you. Pulling away, the sensation was becoming more and more heightened. Causing you to re-connect, allowing the feeling of Archie’s lips against yours.

From how you two got off the couch to his bedroom was a blur. Archie hadn’t stopped kissing you and frankly you didn’t want him too. He hovered above you, both smiling at each other. The line was starting to disappear and as Archie ran his hands down your body, that same line was slowly becoming non-existent.

End of Flashback

“Y/N, Y/N? Did you even hear what I said?”. Archie’s voice tearing you away from the memory.

“Look Archie, I won’t lie that night is one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. But we don’t need to make a big deal out of it”.

Archie’s face was full of confusion. “And why can’t we? I know us being together like that wasn’t just a one night thing”.

Your phone buzzed lightly, a message from Betty asking you to meet her at the Blue and Gold. “I’m sorry Archie, but I have to go”.

You didn’t get far down the hallway, when a tiny voice mixed with the same sensation you felt that night told you to stop being a fool and turn back. But instead of listening, you just kept on walking.


I love the Alex and Piper flashbacks in season 5 because it really makes you look at their story line in season 1 from a totally different perspective. It explains why Alex was so persistent to make Piper like her again, it shows that not only did Piper reach out to Alex but that she never moved on and clearly just settled on Larry. I’m even willing to bet that she talked Larry into getting a tattoo because subconsciously she was trying to project some of Alex’s traits onto him (make him more like Alex so to speak). Basically: It was Alex, it’s always been Alex, it always will be Alex. Past, present, and future. They are inevitable.

Intimacy A.I

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warning: none, this is cute and fluffy

word count: 500+

summary: y/n is afraid of intimacy because of a past relationship and ashton promises to help her through it

requested?: yes, @skinnylukes boi I’m so sorry, I should’ve uploaded this years ago I’m so sorry. I hope you like it anyway, Hannah wrote it so I hope this amazing one shot will make up for my suckish uploading ❤❤

requests are open y’all don’t be afraid to request the filthiest thing known to mankind bc I’m all about the filth ;)


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The night started out by sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Ashton had invited me over for a friendly movie night, but as we got further into the night I could tell that he wanted to be closer than just on opposite ends of the couch. 

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Dressed Up | Cassian Andor

Pairing: ReaderxCassian

Warnings: PTSD mention, blood mention, essentially I talk about Scarif

Word Count: 2,322 

Summary: Cassian’s never seen you dressed up!!!!!

The medal ceremony for those who fought on Scarif, in memory of those who died, is in a matter of six hours. 

Of the twenty-twenty that left (including K2), nine returned. Though thankful you were among those who returned, every day seemed like another war-zone. A different challenge you weren’t expecting, another person you had to talk to, another flashback or nightmare… 

Everyone who returned had the same problem, but no one really wanted to talk about it. The only who seemed any bit open to talking was Bodhi, partially due to his past. He needed to lay everything on the table in order to move on from at least some part of it. And, of all those who returned, you were the best listener and often found yourself hearing Bodhi retell stories of his former life with the Empire as you mindlessly wandered the base. 

It’s been four months. This should have been enough time to recoup. For you, it was enough to at least converse normally and be in crowds. For Cassian, it was enough to insist he go on missions again, despite waking every night from another nightmare, his arms nearly strangling you in an attempt to make sure you are safe. For the three others who just joined, it meant wandering aimlessly, wondering if they will ever recover. 

For the rest, that meant taking up work around the base. Bodhi is working as a mechanic. Baze and Chirrut are training recruits. Jyn is assisting Mon Mothma with general paper work. 

It did take you the longest to leave the medbay, so at least you were given that by everyone. Bodhi only had a couple of wounds and was in shock, it was more of an issue of monitoring. Baze and Chirrut were both relatively unscathed, save a few very minor wounds. This was true with the other three who returned. Cassian and Jyn had both been shot at least once. 

You, on the other hand, were nearly ripped apart when they got you back. One of the other fighters had jumped on top of a grenade. Your fighter self tried to pull both of you away, but as he jumped and covered it fully, it exploded. This resulted in grenade shrapnel cutting through you in several places and the blood and bits of your fellow rebel all over. It also gave a Stormtrooper a good shot at your leg, your shoulder, and your wrist. Thankfully Bodhi had shot him before he took another shot. However, you were not even conscious when you made it back. 

The final one to make it back, the sarcastic droid, fried himself helping Cassian and Jyn.  

K2SO is still under repairs. The techs aren’t sure he will ever be back. 

You haven’t told Cassian this. 

In your shared room with Cassian, you sit on the desk, unsure of what to do. Six hours is too early to start getting ready, but there is nothing else to do at the moment. You have no work on the base. The fact that you are walking by yourself, conversing normally, and not staring off constantly is more than anyone could have hoped for at this point. 

The blast door to your room slides open, exposing Cassian. His shoes are extremely muddy, with tracks being left behind. You cock your head and watch him walk in. He’s not one to purposefully walk into mud and it isn’t raining on Yavin4 today. But your eyes trail up his body to see the rest of him completely soaking, jacket clinging to him tightly. 

“Cassian?” you murmur, legs swinging still. 

He says nothing; just shuts the door and sheds his coat quickly. His feet carry him to the refresher, shoes tracking mud the whole way. 

“Baze thought throwing me in the pond would cheer me up,” he grumbles, hand on the door to the refresher. 

“Oh.” You stay where you are, watching as your boyfriend slowly shuts the door behind him. 

THREE hours, one towel to remove the shoe prints, and one showered Cassian later, you decided that maybe it was time to get ready. After all the recipients were required to get there early. But as you sit on the edge of your bed, twiddling your thumbs, you are suddenly unsure if you even want to go.
Of all the people who went, you did the least good. The length of the battle in which you actually fought in was severely shorter than the rest and the only reason you lived was because some other rebel splattered themselves over you. 

Without noticing, your head lolls forward, heavy with remembrance. 

The familiar sound of a live grenade fills the cargo ship. It’s just you and your friend, Haci inside. Eyes wide and heart pounding, you turn to him. And you see it in him. What he wants to do. 

He talks a step forward.

“Haci!” you screech, grabbing his arm quickly, trying to keep him close to you so that you two can run before it sets off. 

“No,” he replies, tossing himself to the ground. 

The sudden force causes the grenade to detonate. Haci, in all his love for the rebellion, saved you and Bodhi’s ability to connect to the Alliance. But in his wake he left himself, physically, splattered. Blood had gotten into your eyes, onto you shirt, simply everywhere on you. And the bits of skin and bone the grenade busted? Some stuck to your shirt and pants. 

The sight f your friend, blasted all over you, out ranked any pain from the five bits on shrapnel lodge throughout your body. They stung and hurt and burned, but you were shaking in shock from the past ten seconds. 

The next thing you know, you feel three blaster shots ripping through you. Your leg, shoulder, and wrist, all the left side, roaring with demanding anguish. And the trooper hit right through major veins too; blood was pouring out of your leg. 

And you collapsed, black absorbing you. 

“Mí amor, mí (Y/N), ¿estás aquí?” Cassian shouts, his hands gripping yours heavily. 

You shoot up, head still heavy. “What?”

“Another flashback?”

Your brows furrow as you look down to your boyfriend. He is kneeling in front of you, hands gripping your wrists, eyes looking to you in concern. Biting your lip, you consider the possibility that it was a flashback. It seems nowadays that the difference between a flashback, a memory and a dream are blurred.

“How long was I out?” your murmur. 

“About thirty minutes,” he sighs. 

His left hand abandons your right, leaving a cold spot where it just was. Cassian uses this hand to reach up to your face, fixing a few hairs that have fallen astray from your normal style. A gentle smile appears on his face. You know he just wants you to be happy, to be better. But being happy, being better, being normal again isn’t possible. And he knows that. He will never be the same way again either. 

“Are you sure you would still like to go?” Cassian asks, eyes training back to yours. 

“Of course! Why?” 

Suddenly, you are scared that he doesn’t want you there. Or maybe you aren’t going to be awarded. Maybe you weren’t even meant to comeback… 

“I’m just worried about your flashbacks, amor. Now I suggest you head over to Jyn’s quarters because she said she has something for you.”


WELL, she certainly did. 

You were expecting maybe her telling you to calm down, or her giving you another goddamn blank journal, or her giving you another pen (where does she get all these pens from?). What you got was much, much better. 

“Here,” she hums, handing you a silver colored boxed. 

Without wanting to ask questions, your fingers work quickly to open it. The odd cardboard isn’t a familiar feeling; you are so used to metal and wood these days. Clasps from blaster boxes and metal safes full of intel. Cardboard is an awkward sensation. The pink and white swirled tissue paper on the other hand… now this you know. 

Your mother is one of the most known seamstresses in the Galaxy. She travels designing clothes, fixing clothes, and tailoring for the finest and the best of the Galaxy. And, with her ability to get around, the Alliance has been using her for some intel. Not a lot, not enough to jeopardize her profession, but enough to help the rebellion. 

This is her signature tissue paper. 

You tear the paper away, exposing black silk, a bit of black tulle peeping out from below. 

“For my sunshine - mom” 

For the first time in weeks, you grin. A full on, happy grin. The little note in her handwriting is the best thing that could have happened to you recently, screw the medal ceremony. A moment of home, of what drove you into the rebellion in the first place. The love for your mother and your need to protect what was right. 

The happiness is overwhelming. It hurts your gut how much it fills inside you. But happiness is so much better than the emptiness, the worry, the anxiety, the depression you’ve been feeling. 

“Let’s get ready, yeah?” Jyn smiles. 

“WOW,” you murmur, glancing at yourself in the mirror. 

It’s been years since you’ve been dressed up. The closest to date was that one mission where you went to a salon and they braided your hair in an extravagant ‘do. This is something different, something amazing. 

The dress is simply amazing. The top half is pure silk, with a soft sweetheart neckline with a gather at the lowest point. Sleeves are off the shoulder, but perfectly fitting. From the waist down, it is tulle (with silk beneath). The tulle has a soft shimmer to it and every time you shift, a slightly different color is shown in the highlighted areas of the skirt underneath the light. 

Jyn had surprised you by showing off her unknown hair styling skills. It was such a simple hair style, a low bun, but the ease and cleanliness in which she executed it was surprising. She also surprised you by having some makeup on hand. That you will question later. 

Cassian had gotten ready much quicker, partially because he promised to go help Bodhi (the boy had never worn a suit before). The part was in hopes that he would run into Leia. He wanted to ask her something. 

“Cassian, I just don’t think suits are for me!” Bodhi whines, trying to button his shirt, and failing miserably. 

“Bodhi. It’s just one time. Then, after this, you never have to wear a suit again. Ever,” Cassian grumbles, taking over Bodhi’s weak attempt at buttoning. 

“But I feel bad if I don’t wear this again. (Y/N)’s mom made suits for all of us. I feel like I need to wear it again.” Bodhi sighs, running his fingers through his hair nervously. 

“If you ever get married, wear it then. How’s that?” Cassian finishes the last button, patting Bodhi on the chest. “Where is the bowtie?”

CASSIAN and Bodhi are the first of the Scarif group to arrive. Sure, plenty of people from around the base and diplomats and leaders are there, but they were the first of the group to arrive. They awkwardly descend onto the stage, sitting in the seats with a tag indicating their name. Luckily they are sat next to each other for the ceremony, making it much easier for the time being. 

Chirrut, Baze, and the other three quickly come in only a few minutes later. That leaves the two girls. 

Cassian turns to Bodhi, asking him some small talk question, when Jyn and you enter. Bodhi is still facing towards the entrance of the room, so he looks, a smile coming across his face. 

“Wow,” he says. 

“What?” Cassian asks, turning his head. 

It’s like everything slows. Your head that was turned to Jyn moves slowly to the front of the room, gracing Cassian with a full shot instead of a profile. His eyes are wandering around your body, looking at every part of you dressed up. The tulle skirt bounces softly with every step, mesmerizing Cassian just a little more. Every part of you seems to glow a little more as you come closer to him. 

“You okay, there, Cassian,” you giggle, sitting next to your boyfriend. 

His eyes are still trained to yours, a smile still donned on his face. “I’ve never seen you dressed up. You look amazing.”

“Oh.” You blush, turning your head to the ground. It’s true, he has never, ever seen you dressed up. You, on the other hand, have seen him dressed up a few times, mostly for missions and you always found it both arousing and amusing.
Cassian continues to watch you, eyes literally not stopping as he attempts to absorb your beauty. Every aspect of you is glowing; the black of the dress just makes you look even more glowing than before. Some of the sparkle of the under skirt leaks onto your arm that is rested on top, causing a bit of a rainbow to form. 

But he cannot stop staring. From the beautiful little bun to the perfect fit of the dress to your soft, awkward smile, everything is perfect and beautiful about your outfit. And you, of course. Everything is perfect about you. 

“I love you. And you look amazing,” he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss beneath your ear. “I hope to see you dressed up more.”

You tilt your head slightly. This allows you to look into Cassian’s mischievous eyes. A soft smile appears on your face. 

“Let’s get through this ceremony first. Then I’ll consider dressing up more.”
“Of course.”

Cassian sits back upright, hand in his left pocket rolling the ring in-between his fingers nervously. 

He hopes he can see you dressed up again really, really soon.

Little Holmes Part 2 - Moriarty x reader

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AN: Highly requested by many of you lovelies. I will probably be writing one more part after this one. It’s a little messy but I hope you still enjoy it!

Previous chapters: Part 1

Overall Summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister. 

In this chapter: Sherlock confronts you on Moriarty which erupts a flood of memories to how it got to this moment.

Word count: 1,736

Warnings: None really, some hints of smut

“Honestly (Y/n), out of every single person on this entire planet you had to go for him! The man who tried to blow me and your brother up! The one who want us dead!” John threw his arms up in the air as he paced in front of you. You stared blankly at the wall behind him, you knew something like this would happen if they ever found out about your love life. 

“Technically, he only wants Sherlock dead.” You corrected him. 

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I have to take something off my chest, it’s real quick. For me if there weren’t any feelings of a romantic nature from Sherlock’s side no way Molly would have asked him to say IT first. No fucking way, either she would have sensed he was in danger and would bring herself to say it reluctantly. That would have probably been the end of their friendship as it were or she would have hung up, feed up of their history and bye boy bye. I know that during S1 the writers wanted to frame her as having a crush and I know unrequited love exists and is valid. But Molly is a character that sees something, honestly we have no idea how perceptive she is, i.e.to what extent and how she works it out. And let’s not get started with all the scenes that play out off screen. And the ongoing ambiguities. The Unknown suggests there are reasons, sensible reasons, for Molly to see that Sherlock has something for her but she never ever pushed him, she might expect it from him -xmas gift/dinner?solve crimes?/is that your gf’s phone?- because she likes/loves Sherlock therefore he’s likable/lovable and she sees *something*, but there are boundaries and that phone-call erased the hell out of that line. *for me* she asked him because,

  1. “oh if it’s so fucking easy, go on you do it first and let’s see how effortless and simple it is to say those words” and
  2. “well now that we’re here, let me hear you say it, you go first, don’t suggest, say the words. I want to know if i’m wrong or not” and 
  3. “you are not going to be smooth and all if you knew that these words mean to you”.

That was the 11th hour, *for me* the moment of Truth, pure and simple, and she’s going to get it from him. The first time he says ILY she’s not shocked “you moron so this is how you were going to say it” because yeah *for me* she kinda knew how he felt for her and he had, although barely, passed her test. But that’s not enough. For the second time, the YLU is not only meant it’s revealed. The first one was real but the second one was different. He didn’t just love her now, he has always longed for her, longed for it, and I’m pretty sure several flashbacks went into her head, that she pondered like fanvideos. As in, all this time, after all these years, she was right? 

There is this quote, that for the life of me cannot get out of my head and I don’t really know why, I can’t work it out so I might need your help. It’s from ACD The Devil’s Foot, in which btw SH lets a murderer loose because of personal ethics.

“I have never loved. But if I did, and if the woman I had loved had met with such an end, I might act even as our lawless lion-hunter has done.” 

It’s under read more because it’s in the back of my head whenever I think about the coffin scene and I can’t make a proper connection; ugh. 

Tom King’s Cunning Catwoman

I was going about my business with both feet out of comics for a while, then, BOOM. Wednesday comes around and Tom King drops his bombshell.

Given that this is probably something any Batcat fan can’t or won’t want to ignore, I thought I should acquaint myself with his Selina by actually reading the issues that led to Batman 24.

Conclusion: She’s more calculating and cunning than what we’re used to. Have a feeling she’ll have the upper hand in this relationship. If they do get married, I don’t think we have to fear her losing her identity. Bruce needs an ironclad prenup though.

Does she have his back? Yes.

Will she betray him? I don’t think so.

Will she circumvent him? Yes, if needed for good reasons

I Am Suicide

1. The first time we see her is when the Hannibal mask comes off.

Although we’re all in shock, she seems to be taking it in stride, like she’s not surprised to see him. There’s no anger at him for turning her in knowing she’d get the death penalty.

2. Next issue, we see a flashback of Bats chasing her to turn her in, with a torn ACL no less

What does that even mean – “THAT will be enough”? Is she throwing in the towel and being resigned to her fate so quickly?

3. Same issue progresses with her writing him a letter explaining why she did what she did. I can’t really rely on it much given what we know now (i.e. she didn’t do it). Was she just describing Holly or herself when she said she just wanted to kill them. SIDE NOTE: if she wiped out 237 terrorists for the orphanage bombing and future terrorist activities, she should be given a Medal of Honor instead of being sentenced to death by lethal injection. It doesn’t make sense unless… but let’s not go there.

4. She has a conversation with Wesker about voices in their heads. Something is clearly weighing on her mind. Perhaps the thought that Batman might not be able to win her freedom?

5. We are not privy to the plans she and Bruce hatch off panel and when the faux betrayal happens, we believe it because it’s so plausible. Catwoman would want her freedom most of all and if she stayed, she would be at the mercy of whatever deal Batman made with Waller. SIDE NOTE: I thought it strange she can nonchalantly watch her man get beat up by Bane

6. She goes in for the double double cross. When all goes according to plan, proud of her man she is

Rooftops (aka when Cat put one over the Bat while Tom King distracts us with standard batcattery)

1. Opens with a scene where Bats tells her that he was able to commute her death penalty to life sentence.

I roll my eyes at what a lousy deal this is. She killed terrorists, for goodness sakes, and foiled their plans! This Batman is a terrible negotiator. I guess he couldn’t really call in hotshot Wayne Enterprises lawyers to plead her case.

2. Next up standard batcat stuff. They go on a date beating up criminals ala Night on the Town, drop by her place (registered under Holly) to blow it up,  rooftop sex, “I love you Bat”, “I love you Cat”, recollecting the first time they met. He says Boat. She says Street and mentions Holly.

Of course, all this name dropping of Holly is by design. She’s leaving breadcrumbs, knowing his bat radar would pick them up, and his obsessive detecting would lead him to Holly. Why not just save everyone the trouble and tell him what’s going on? Because she is Cat and he is Bat, a rodent. Also, if he had no qualms turning her in. What more Holly?

Not surprisingly, while he’s still basking in the afterglow, she puts on her clothes and bails on him.

3. Batman finds Holly, gets all dramatic about Cat, gets slashed in the throat by Holly. Very conveniently Cat is in the area, saves him from a nasty fall and brings him to Alfred for some band aid.

Again with the games. She knows Holly is sick in the head. Why lead Bruce there to get hurt? Is this payback for turning her in? Only Tom King can tell us.

Incidentally, both Holly and Cat go scott free. Bruce recovers as he has really thick veins. And he’s Batman.

alfredkirkland143  asked:

Hello can I have some yandere headcanon of England or America please? ♡♥♡

I already did England…but I guess more couldn’t hurt. I got’chu, my dude.


-This boi is more deluded than anything when he’s a Yandere.

-He’s absolutely convinced that you love him in return, and as a result, believes that anybody trying to alert you to his unstable side is a ‘villain’ trying to ‘steal his princess.’

-As a result, not only does he kill them, but he expects you to be proud of him for it.

-He honestly is like a puppy when it comes to this. After doing anything, he looks to you for praise, and when he doesn’t get it, he gets extremely depressed.

-Unless its after he killed somebody.

-Then he is pissed. He doesn’t understand why you’re angry at him, and becomes somewhat violent as a result.

-He mostly just loses control, allowing himself to be blinded by anger. He might hurt you as a result, or might just throw furniture around. Duck. But don’t run. That’ll make it worse.

-If he actually hurt you, he won’t touch you. He’ll be terrified of hurting you again.

-This is your chance to run. He’ll be too scared to chase you, thinking he deserves to live without you, even if it kills you.

-However…he’ll soon decide he can control himself if he ‘tries harder,’ leading him to retrieve you again.

-He isn’t completely oblivious in this case though. He will beg for your forgiveness, crying on your floor.

-However, your answer doesn’t matter to him. He’ll take you either way, in the end.

-If you willingly go along, however…

-He won’t feel like he has to…’tie up any loose ends.’


-Once he has you around for a while, he becomes a lot more caring, especially if you’ve been behaving.

-Remember how he acted around Chibi America? Kinda like that, only less ‘big brother-y’ and more like a significant other.

-Of course, if you haven’t been behaving, he’s still harsh at moments, and keeps you in restraints a lot more often.

-His little magical friends do most of the stalking for him.

-God forbid you ever escape. You’ll have to deal with a half pissed, half heartbroken country.

-”Why the bloody hell did you leave me!? Am I not enough for you!? I-I…I’m never enough, am I…!?”

-Doesn’t even register that he’s guilt tripping you, but he totally is.

-In his mind, however, he’s getting flashbacks of being abandoned by people he’s trusted in the past (especially America), and getting closer to the edge of his sanity by the second.

-”Oh love…I’m truly sorry, but you didn’t have a choice to begin with. Let’s see if we can break that rebellious streak soon, hm? I’ll come get you in a week.”

-He says as he locks you in the basement, without food or water.

I just watched Socalyalcon and....

OH GOD, WE’RE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!!!!!!! Here are my thoughts (totally out of order I guess)

• Cece worried about Jess again and giving her advices (WHY DID IT TOOK SO LONG THOUGH?)
• Schmidt being a friend too (WHY ONLY NOW?)
• I already smile and my heart melts just by seeing Winston and Aly sharing the screen. I don’t even care what they’re doing.
• I think this is the first time we saw Reagan all smiley and nice, and it finally felt like she actually cares about someone (Jess) and isn’t just like “someone please get me out of here”
• All those brand new flashbacks were cute
• All those flashbacks to old episodes got me screaming. Most of this season makes sense now!!!!! The execution is still terrible though, because a lot of things still don’t make sense and I can list them if you want to, first of them being the “I’m in love”) and It took them 20 episodes to address their point here, that’s not good story telling. This definitely helped me to tolerate this season a lot more but it’s still a bad season.
• Jess constantly breaking into Cece and Schmidt’s house got me laughing all the time lol
• I love how comfortable Nick is around Jess, it’s very natural to them. I guess this counts as something coming from Nick, right? Also the fact that he did notice at the end that he kept going to Jess as a girlfriend when he should be going to Reagan.
• FINALLY we saw Jess actually having an attitude about this whole situation she got herself into. First she tried to put an end on being Nick’s “girlfriend”, then when she noticed she was the architect of her own misery, in her own words, she quickly decided to fly away to Portland to give her, Nick and Reagan a break. I can’t believe they’ll still last two more episodes without her though, just like I can’t believe they’ll last 6 episodes after “Glue” and so many episodes in total!!
• Cece saying that it’s not like Jess introduced them and Schmidt reminding hem that Reagan and Nick met because Jess went on jury duty LOL.
• Cece mispronouncing the episode title, hahah, I feel ya, Cece.
• I still think NICK (and Reagan) need to notice they don’t survive without Jess. I would love if they explicitly noticed it like Jess did, but I doubt this will happen.
• I’m still not really excited for the next episodes because I don’t like when Jess is completely separated from the rest of them but if that ignites something on Nick and if it’s implied somehow that Jess not being there for them anymore is the reason they’ll break up I’ll be okay.
• Very excited for the finale!!

holistic-alien  asked:

This will be cut into three parts. Hello so I initially wanted to message this to you but I didn't want to be to intrusive. So I was reading this Jaden Smith interview article and it asked him about the same sex kiss then the interviewer wrote how quick Jaden was to say that they didn't actually kiss then he (Jaden) went on say that how he was really uncomfortable about the kiss and really wanted the scene to be cut. 1/3

The he said that the only reason he did the scene was because he thought that the scene was would make Dizzee really memorable because he did this thing that was unexpected/no one did so the reason we didn’t get a “real kiss” with Thizzee was because of Jaden. So look I don’t want to come to any conclusions and didn’t really care that Thizzee’s kiss wasn’t shown on screen but I think that it’s sorta homophobic that he tried to erase the scene because it made him uncomfortable. 2/3

Direct Quote: Smith quickly clarified that he and Noah Le Gros, who plays Thor, never kissed even if the scene suggested such. “I was super resistant at first. I was pushing for that scene to be removed until I saw the value of it, especially going forward into the second part of the show. Don’t you feel like you watch it and think Dizzee is one of the most memorable characters because he did something so different?” said Smith. Idk, I don’t want to make a big deal out of nothing but.. 4/3

i’m gettin flashbacks to when the get down was cancelled and i said i wanted to beat jaden’s ass but i didn’t know why… i know why now

(source for anyone who wants it) thats the only article i could find where he talks about it but honestly that combined with the rumor that was floating around before from one of the extras on set, i believe it, and i had a feelin. 

it makes me frustrated but im not even about to dwell on it, its over, we’re past it, he a weak ass bitch for not sucking it up, and a bitch ass nigga for taking the part away from someone who could’ve given us (bi’s) better rep but whatever i guess

PLL 7x19 Review

Hello welcome back to what could be my last review, I don’t know if I will do one after next week, it all depends on if I watch live or not. OR if you guys really want me to do one last one while I cry my eyes out I can. Enough about that here are my thoughts and theories on 7x19, as always they aren’t in any order and may be confusing, but you guys have managed to watch 7 years of confusing so it should be easy to decode me.

 *Just realized this post is over 1500 words long so its under the cut.

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Important unanswered question

I’m rewatching 610 and Jessica doesn’t even look sad that her daughter was just killed and buried.

On my list of questions, I’ve stated that it’s confusing how Jessica buries her, yet later launches a lair to go find Ali. How did she know to go looking for Ali if she witnessed her ‘death’?

I am praying for a flashback to Grunwald pulling Ali out of the ground, and we see Jessica hiding behind a tree, witnessing Ali being saved. THAT is why she never stopped searching for Ali - she saw her get saved, but didn’t have time to run up to Ali because she had Wilden and Charlotte to take care of first. It’ll also explain why she wasn’t so sad after burying Ali; she knew she made it out.

It is the tiny details that really make a difference in the quality/strength of a mystery plot. I don’t expect them to touch on this, but I sure as hell need to know why Jessica launched a lair to find Ali if she was the one to ‘kill’ her.

Who’s in control?

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Demon!Deanx Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: Attempted murder. Demon!Dean, eight months birth.

Note: Hope you guys like it! And please remember to follow @realdiepie @bleu-dans-la-nuit


“Is everything okay?” 

You read Sam’s message making you sigh. Of course you were not okay. Your fucking boyfriend was in the fucking Bunker dungeon. Oh… let’s not forget that he is a fucking demon. 


That’s what you ask yourself every single day since the day he died. Again. But this time, you and Sam didn’t see it coming. The day Metatron killed him was one of the worst days of you life, that night, you and Sam cried in each other arms, none of you knowing there was a life growing inside of you. In the morning, when Sam went to Dean’s room where his dead body was supposed to be, he found an empty room. 

Dean was gone. 

You and Sam were so busy trying to track Dean and find what the hell happened to him, that you didn’t see the signs even though they were all in front of your eyes. The morning sickness, the swollen boobs and feet, you were eating things that you thought were disgusting and not eating your favorite foods. But it all collapsed in one night. 

Flashback On

“Oh god I really want strawberry.” You said eating the blueberries that Sam brought you from the Market because there were no strawberries. You and Sam were in a crap motel in a random city, you watching TV, and Sam in the computer trying to get clues on Dean’s location. 

“Why are you so bossy this days, (Y/N)?” Sam asked not even moving his eyes from the computer, making you raise an eyebrow. Did he really just say that? Realizing your silence, he looked at your Bitch face, making his expression soft. “Look, I’m sorry okay? It’s just because it’s so stressful knowing that Dean could be anywhere and…“

You stopped listening when a comercial got your attention. Was about using condoms, and they started to list all symptoms that may appear if you don’t use them, the basic symptoms of pregnancy.
1- Morning sickness –Check.
2- Breast Changes –Check.
3- Dizziness –Check
4- Mood swings –Check
5- Missed period –Check….

“Oh my god Sam!” You gasped and Sam stopped taking. 

“Are you listening to anything that I’m saying?” Sam asked indignant but you just ignored. 

“Me and Dean didn’t use any condoms” You said with fear growing inside you, making Sam’s face turn into one of disgust. 

“Why the hell are you telling me this now?” He asked confused. 

“Sam please… take me to a drugstore” You said afraid. If you were pregnant…you wouldn’t know what to do without Dean. 

“Why…?” He asked slowly, starting to get suspicious about what you were thinking. 


“If you are, I will help you, (Y/N). You are my best friend.” Sam said holding your hand but the truth was that he was so scared. Just like you. 

“Really?” You asked sniffing a little and he gave you a smile to give you strenght. 

“Really.” He assures you, making you take a deep breath before looking at the pregnancy test. 


The tears started to fall from your eyes and Sam closes his, knowing how hard it would be. 

“He-he is not here Sammy!” You cried falling in your knees. “ I don’t know what i’m going to do!” 

“Come here” He said helping you to get up and sit on the bed. Sitting right next to you taking a deep breath again, carefully choosing the words. “This is what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna have this baby and I will help you through everything, even if that means getting up at 4 o'clock to buy you strawberries…” He said and you give a small laugh. “In the morning, we’re going to a doctor and I promise you that I will find Dean. To see his child grow up.” 

“Thank you so much Sammy…”

“You’re welcome, (Y/n). I promise i’m gonna be the best uncle ever!” 

Flashback Off. 

“Mary is moving. A lot.” 

You answer Sam, feeling Mary kick your belly. Six months had passed and Sam had finally found Dean. You were eight months pregnant now, and feeling terrible pains while Sam tried to cure Dean, who apparently became a Demon. Your life sucked. Of course, Sam helped you through everything. He took you to the doctors, felt Mary’s first kick, and he really bought you anything you wanted when you had your cravings. Hell, he was there when you found out that it would be a girl. You really appreciated everything that he’d been doing for you, he was your best friend but…. he wasn’t Dean.

The love of your life. Mary’s father. Your boyfriend. 

And it hurt so much to know that now he was a Demon without a heart, and he was in the Bunker and you weren’t allowed to see him. You and Sam agreed that it would be better if Dean just saw you after he’d been cured. 

“And it’s hurting? Can you bring me some water?” 

You read Sam’s message, not bothering to answer it. You got up and went to the kitchen to fill a bottle of water for Sam when suddenly all the lights went out and you started to hear… Dean’s voice…?

“Come out and play, Sammy!” It was definitely Dean’s voice. Damn it. Your hands started to shake and your heart sped up, and you didn’t know if it was because you were scared or because of the anxiety to see your boyfriend again. You missed him. So fucking much. You unintentionally dropped the bottle of water of the floor making a hell of a noise. “Is that you Sammy? Or maybe it’s that whore that i used to call my girlfriend?” 

Your heart was reduced to dust, and you felt a lonely tear roll down your face. You instinctively put a hand in your belly to protect your daughter, and in that moment you finally realized what you and Sam were dealing with. That Dean, was not your Dean. He was a demon, a monster, and not the man you fell in love with. 

You got a knife in one of the drawers in the kitchen, and although you were feeling a terrible pain in your belly, you started to walk the fastest you could to find Sam.

“Don’t you miss your boyfriend, (Y/N)? You didn’t even help Sammy to cure me, you hurt my feelings.” He yelled again making a shiver run through your body. His voice was so firm and… scary. “I do miss you. It’s been a while since we had a little fun don’t you think?” 

The pain in your belly and on your back was stronger now, but the lights came back. 

“Sam…?” You whispered terrified. Just the thought of something happening to Mary scared you to death. “Sam…!” 

“Gotcha ” Someone whispered in your ear from behind you, and you felt an arm grabbing your neck. The other arm dropped your knife on the floor. 

“De-dean…” You gasped and he pressed you up at the wall, his arm barred across your throat. 

“Miss me sweetheart?” He said with a low voice and an evil smile. Soon being replaced by a confused look. “Woah (Y/N), you really are a whore. I stay out for a few months and you get pregnant of my brother.” 

“No Dean, I never….” You tried to say but he pushed harder on your throat. 

“Shh, i really don’t want to hear your whining right now.” He told you and you felt the tears starting to run down your face. The only thing clear in your mind in that moment was ‘Protect your daughter’. You tried to push him, kick him, but nothing seemed to work and he just laughed at your failed attempts. “Stop trying (Y/N), you know that nothing will work” 

“SAM!” You screamed making Dean mad and his eyes went black. You closed yours refusing to see the blackness in the eyes of the man you loved. 

“You shut up!” He said angry and his arm pushed harder. “Now listen to me. You will open your fucking eyes to see me kill you and this poor bastard baby.”

“No, no, no Dean! Please no!” You said desperately, seeing his eyes come back to normal, but suddenly you felt a terrible pain running down your spine making you grit your teeth trying to not scream. 

“See? You’re so weak! I’m not even touching you and you are dying of pain” He told you with an evil voice making you sob, and you felt water running between your …legs? 

Oh fuck. 

“It’s not you! Dean, my water just broke… please, let me go! I know you really don’t want to do this, please don’t to this!” You said between tears, sobs and despair. “I love you…” You whisper. 

“You see, i don’t love you, i don’t think that i ever did! Give me one good reason for me to let go of you, stupid little girl.” He told you with no remorse and his eyes were black again. 

“Because this kid is yours Dean! She is yours!”

“She…? It’s a girl?” He asked loosening his arm on your neck, his eyes coming back to normal and for one second you saw…humanity. You saw your Dean again. You nodded slowly and this time you couldn’t afford the scream when another wave of pain hit you. 

“(Y/N)!” Sam’s voice echoed throught the Bunker and Dean went back to his Demon form, pushing his arm harder again. 

When you started to become dizzy and black spots filled your vision, you saw a blue light and Sam’s voice coming closer. 

“It’s over Dean. Let her go” Cas said taking him away from you and you tiredly slid your way down to the floor. 

“(Y/N)! Oh my god… Is that water?” Sam asked crouching next to you to help you.

“Sam….my water broke…” You said feeling your eyes slowly closing. “Hospital…save Mary…now”

And everything went black. 


You slowly open your eyes confused when you saw a White ceiling… this was not the Bunker. 

You tried to sit up but you groaned in pain, feeling something in your arm, a terrible pain in your back and your belly….


You sat fast ignoring the pain touching your belly and feeling the stitches there, seeing that you were in a hospital room. 

“Hey, easy easy!” Dean’s voice stormed your ears, and when you looked up there he was. With a preoccupied look and red eyes from crying. You instinctively tried to move away feeling the fear take over you. He closed his eyes like he was in pain and tried hard to not let any more tears fall. 

“Where’s my daughter?” You asked the only thing that mattered in that instant.

“Look (Y/N)…”

“Where’s my daughter damn it!” You raised your voice and one tear escaped from your eye. He tried to hold your hand but you moved yours away. 

“Don’t touch me!” You said scared and suddenly the hospital room door opened revealing Sam and Cas, with a confused look. “Sam!” You said relieved and he gave you a small smile, sitting next to you on the bed, hugging you carefully. 

“Sa-sam where’s Mary?” You asked still afraid and he gave a comforting smile.
“She’s okay (y/n), the nurse took her to make some tests. Listen to me. Dean… is cured. He is not a demon anymore okay?” He said slowly for you to understand since you were scared and trembling. 

“He’s not a demon?” You asked watching him talking softly to Cas, both with a preoccupied look as Sam nodded, sending Dean a look that seems to understand. 

“Hey sweetheart…” He said softly, slowly approaching you so he wouldn’t scare you. And this time, you did nothing when he sat next to you and held your hand. 

“(Y/N), me and Cas’ll talk to the nurse so they can bring Mary back, okay?” Sam asked and you nodded, trying to calm yourself down. He was your Dean again…your Dean. 

“Dean…? It is you right? No demon?” You asked and he smiled letting one tear roll of his eyes. 

“No demon babe, just me” He told you. “Look, i’m okay now and i’m… so so sorry for this.” He continued tightening your hand.

“It wasn’t your fault” You said more to you than to him. “You saw…Mary?” 

“Yeah…she’s beautiful, just like you. Oh and thank you so much for putting my Mother’s name on her.” He said looking truly happy for this making you smile. “But anyway… what i’m trying to say is that… i love you more than anything, and i’m sorry that for what i made you go through… i could never forgive myself for almost killing you…and killing our baby. For missing your pregnancy.” 

“I’m glad that you are here now Dean…” You said giving him a small smile and hugging him, sighing in relief. You just couldn’t believe that after months you were finally in your boyfriend’s arms again. “I love you so much Dean. I missed you so much…” 

“Me too baby.” He said rubbing your back. “Me too…” 

“Hey…” You heard Cas’ voice entering the room again with Sam, and there was a nurse behind him with a small baby. You heart started Racing, finally you would be able to see Mary.

“Someone is hungry, mommy” The nurse said with a small smile, putting her in your arms so you could feed her and you let tears of joy fall from your eyes, the same with Dean. 

“She is so beautiful…” You said happy and everyone in the room was smiling at the scene. “She has your freckles Dean.” 

“Just his freckles (Y/N), because she is like a mini you” Sam said and Dean gave you a bitch face. And suddenly, Mary opened her eyes while you were feeding her, making you gasp and sigh. 

“Freckles and eyes Sam… Beautiful green eyes.” You said and Dean laughed slowly passing his finger through her small head. 

“Thank you so much (y/n)” He said kissing your and Mary’s forehead and then giving you a chaste kiss. 

You smiled looking at your non demon boyfriend, at your beautiful daughter, and at the best uncles that someone could ever ask for. You smiled, finally feeling things starting to get right.

[Fight My Way Episode 8]

I haven’t decided if the writer is actually Self Aware in their commentary or if it’s been an accident up until this point, but one thing is for certain, they have made the ladies strong and forgot to make the men their equals.

Inequality in a relationship kills it faster than outsiders. If I look at my favorite OTP (Healer, IHYV, QIHM) and compare them to my NOTP (Heirs, YFAS, SHR) the single thread running through both of them is equality. Do they share power? Can both partners take responsibility for the other? Do they balance each other out?

While I love strong women to death, Seol and Ae-Ra are vastly superior to their male counterparts, so I can’t get invested in the relationship. So while the writer provided scathing commentary on Rich Asshole Archetype with Moo-Bin, they have yet to make Dong-Man a man worth having, even though he’s poor. He continually insults Ae-Ra, holds her responsible for his emotional state, and refuses to have a conversation about real feelings with her. He’s still pulling Asshole moves. This episode was a little better, but not by much. I don’t think his relationship, even as friends, with Ae-Ra is healthy and it certainly isn’t comfortable to watch.

I wasn’t moved by the ending sequence. Ae-Ra was clearly afraid of watching him in the ring but she went anyway, even though she was getting hysterical and having a panic attack. Dong-Man didn’t even acknowledge her sacrifice. You look pretty when you cry? coupled with a flashback about having to love ugly things more so they won’t be sad? What the fuck was that? 

And don’t get me started on Joo-Man. Why can’t he tell Ye-Rin that he has a girlfriend? Why was that on Seol’s shoulders? I did appreciate that Seol acknowledges the ridiculousness of throwing water in Ye-Rin’s face or slapping her with kimchi but…none of this situation is Ye-Rin’s fault. How sad is it that Seol sees herself in Ye-Rin? Now, this poor girl has found out that Joo-Man and Seol are dating. It will have consequences.

And who is going to bear the brunt of that? My money is on Seol.

Look, these guys are hardly the worst that dramaland has to offer. I’m just disappointed that I can’t have nice things. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue. Maybe a gifset next week will pull me back. But the things I initially liked about Ae-Ra and Dong-Man aren’t there anymore.

Seol deserves better.

something I’ve noticed bout Noctluna

a lot of people love claiming that Noctis and Luna didn’t love each other. and I’m not gonna rant bout the same thing everyone else did. I’m going to talk bout something that I haven’t seen meantioned before

In chapter 4 at the very start you get a ‘side quest’ which is just the game letting us know what the heck Lunafreya is doing since we saw her at the start of chapter 2

After that flashback we go back to Nocits and the group start teases him bout his love for Luna and how he needs to man up even going to the point where guys would cry ‘why does Luna have to love the prince’

My question is this: If Noctis didn’t love her then why would the group bring it up? An even better question if Noctis didn’t love Lunafreya then why didn’t he tell them to stop. I mean, If i was in Noctis shoes and there was a girl i was really shipped with that i had no feelings for i would go out and say it. and stop people from teasing me bout it. Thats just how humans are. especially men (Though maybe i have no right to say that cause im a trans woman) This reminds me of the whole ft thing where the grey fangirls are convinced that Grey ‘dosen’t know how to tell Juvia no’ and like that Noctis really dosen’t need you to baby him. No, he is not ‘secretly in love with Prompto/Glaido/Ignis/Iris/whoever you ship him with. Noctis loves Lunafreya. Cause if you remember his reaction is to get embarrassed and just poke fun of thier imaginations. This is how an in love married man reacts when people tease him about his wife. 

@hernkydernky123 opinions? Did I hit the nail on the head?


So I have been meaning to try my hand at fan fiction for a while so please be gentle. Summary: When an Older Ladybug and Chat Noir get Matching tattoos and it in turn causes an accidental reveal. Marinette awoke to the blinding harsh and unforgiving rays of sunshine that filtered through her window onto her sleeping face. She groaned and winced as the sudden noise of her own voice was too loud for her pudding head and sensitive ears. “Oh my head!” She rolls over and places a pillow over her head as a small red ladybug-esque being floats towards her bed. “Marinette wake up, I placed some pain killers on your side table next to a glass of water for you. Please drink it you’ll feel better.” Tikki, her kwami said as she floated underneath the pillow to look at the heavily hungover girl. “Shh… Tikki, not so loud. Wait what happened last night? Last thing I remember is going out on patrol with Chat Noir and deciding to celebrate our two years of friendship now then nothing.” How did I even make it back home she thought.
Slowly she sat up and drank the pills as her kwami gazed down at her worringly, “you really don’t remember anything marrinette?”
The girl slowly shook her head trying to finger comb her long blue-black locks into a ponytail.
“No Tikki but my body feels heavy and my chest stings!” Marinette complained as she slowly moves off the bed to head toward her bathroom to shower away the soreness in her body and hopefully give time rid her headache to calm down.
“Well you and Chat Noir got progressively drunk after the battle with BrewMeister and as a thank you and apology the Akumatized victim gave each of you a bottle of twenty year old fine wine. -Oh and you might want to look at your chest.” Tikki said with laughter in her eyes.
Marinette frowned in confusion and turned to her mirror and took off her sleeping shirt. She gasped at her reflection as there over her heart sat a freshly inked modified yin yang symbol about two inches in diameter with a green paw print in the black side and a red circle with a line down the middle and five black dots sat in the white side. Needless to say her scream could be heard throughout the surrounding apartments. A few apartments down Adrien awoke almost similarly to the girl with the exception of his kami laughing at the boy’s hangover. “Plagg, knock it off will you!” He said as he stared at his reflection finding the same freshly inked tattoo right over his heart as well. He groaned as he turned to the small floating black cat, “are you going to continue laughing or are you going to tell me what happened last night other than me getting a tattoo?” “Isn’t it obvious kid? Ya got drunk with your Ladybug and both got matching tattoos amongst doing other things.” Plagg said as he took a huge bite out of a wheel of camembert. Well atleast I don’t model anymore or else this would have been hard to explain, adrien thought as he turned away from the mirror “Wait, what else happened?” He asked but the kami was already to busy eating cheese and ignoring him to answer. He headed to his shower to get ready for the day as he had planned to hang with Nino later on. Marinette was having a small panic attack she wouldn’t stop staring at her chest. Ok, she thought, this isn’t so bad I just have to make sure no one sees it but I need to have a talk with that damned alley cat tonight! Determined the girl got ready for her day and after a call from Alya complaining her boyfriend Nino was going to be having a bro day with Adrien the girls decided to go and do some shopping for their upcoming last school year at the university. Later that night both had transformed and after interrogating their Kiwanis about the previous night, ladybug and chat had met up at the top of the Eiffel tower after ensuring no Akumas were around. They sat back down staring out towards the city with Chat Noir laying his head on Ladybug’s lap so she would play with his hair. A habit that had developed over months of constant patrols over a sleepless city. A comfortable silence fell between them both thinking of their civilian lives. High school was over and both just a week away from starting their last year of university. Marinette looking forward to studying fashion and Adrien who at 18 had quit modeling in favor of perusing a career in business and minoring in physics as a compromise he reached with his father when he gave up modelling. By fate or coincidence they ended up in the same university as Alya and Nino. Allowing all four friends to be able to hang out constantly. “Kitty, are we going to talk about last night?” Ladybug asked as she stared down at her partner with a faint blush on her cheeks. Chat slowly opened one eye to stare at her, he sat up and smirked at her, “my Lady, are you by any chance refurring to the matching tattoos we both have? I think they are pawsitively inkredible!” Ladybug groaned at the puns as he continued, “ Or maybe it’s the fact that we both got so drunk we don’t remember much of it.” He stated a bit more serious. “It’s both chaton, I mean not that I don’t like it, I just am not sure why we did it, he’ll I don’t remember even getting home or anything really what do you remember?” She asked looking at him closely to see if he would know anything else she didn’t. “My lady I remember as much as you do.” He smiled at her only half lying about it. Remember a vague conversation they had the previous night FLASHBACK: TWO drunk super heroes walked out of a tattoo parlor holding another up laughing as they walked toward the park that sat by the Dupain-Chen Bakery. Reaching a nearby bench they clumsily sat down still laughing. “I can’t believe we actually did it!” Chat said still amazed as he stared at his bare chest from his open jacket. “Oh man, this night has been inkredible!” Their costumes had changed as they got older to fit their age and style as Ladybug developed more curves and larger breasts and Chat Noir gained height and a more defined muscular body. While Chat’s was almost the same in style his leather outfit was reinforced with Kevlar type material to absorb some of the damage from the battles, Ladybug’ s changed to look more like a zip up jacket in the same polka-dot red but her arms were in a solid black and with palka-dot red skin tight pants that tucked into knee-hight lace up black combat boots. “Mon minou, this was awesome! And why not we are partners! We are showing it!” Ladybug slurred as she clung on to That’s side on the bench. Her jacket open enough to show the freshly inked skin on her chest that chat couldn’t stop staring at either. They both giggled uncontrollably but soon Ladybug quieted down turning to him and startling him with a fierce hug. “My Lady, are you feline ok?” Chat asked as he looked at his partner’s head nuzzling his neck. “Promise me,” she mumbled still holding on to him. Still confused he slowly untangled her from him and silently waited for her to continue. Her eyes bright and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol and their closeness. She took a deep breath and said, “promise me you won’t let me regret this when I’m sober. You are my partner and other half. I wouldn’t be Ladybug without you. So make sure that sober Ladybug doesn’t freak out over the tattoos because trust me she will!” Slightly amused Chat answered his affirmative as he, while still drunk had been more accustomed to drinking than she was, started to notice the lateness of the hour. They had been out all night and had only a few hours before sunrise. Making sure she was ok and wouldn’t pass out they parted ways heading home for the rest of what was left of the night. PRESENT: “Are you Kitten My lady? I love our matching tattoos and you know friends get matching tattoos all time it’s not a big deal is it?” Chat asked. Ladybug shook her head and smiled relieved that he didn’t regret the tattoo as she had secretly feared. She had grown to love the damned kitty and was worried he might regret it. She had already gotten over it and decided she liked the Tattoos. Both heroes having cleared as much as possible of the previous night, had decided that unless they were alone together to keep the Tattoos hidden from all others lest they risked exposure. They parted soon after that. Reaching home, Adrien detransformed as an idea hit. He now knew he could identify his lady with the Tattoos. He smirked and went to bed. Weeks later their courses at the university had started and Adrien was still no closer to finding out who Ladybug is. Dejectedly he sat down in their usual booth at the cafe where he, Alya, Nino, and Marinette usually met after class. A few minutes later they three other showed up. Marinette noticing Adrien’s mood, sits across from him next to Alya, quietly asked him in anything was the matter. He just sighed, “nah, just thinking of a few assignments I have to do,“ he lied. They places their orders and soon all four were laughing along exited for Nino’s birthday pool party the following day. Both had the same worry: how would they hide the tattoo. Marinette had of course designed her swim wear with a slight chat noir theme. The bottom piece was all black with a high waist while the top was black as well but had the the same color green paw prints bordering the top as Chat’s eyes. Unfortunately it did nothing to cover the tattoo which sat proudly visible. Not knowing how she would get away without exposing it , marinette sighed and reached for the rounded green cover up with black pom poms bordering the edges and tied a black sash around her waist. Now the tattoo was only visible if you knew it was there to look for it. Satisfied she headed to the party where she found many of their former high school classmates. Many of whom were either dancing, swimming or chasing each other with water guns in some sort of heated battle. Dodging them, she headed over to the DJ birthday boy and Adrien who was standing next to him with a red tank top and black swimming trunks to congratulate Nino and hand him his present. What the poor girl did not count on was her best friend coming up behind them and blasting to blast her with water. She tried to turn and dodge as she noticed the boys expressions but was too late and only succeeded in soaking her front instead of her back. "Alya!!!! I swear you better watch out I WILL get you back!” Marinette threatened as both Nino and Alya laughed at her. “Oh girl, you are as terrifying as a new born bunny. What S the worst you can so?” Alya taunted with a playful smirk on her face. Nino laughing went to hug his girlfriend, “Nette, she has you there. You are just too adorable to be vicious.” He said with a slight apologetic smile. Marinette scaled as she began to notice how quiet Adrien had been and turned to him surprised to find him with a dumbstruck expressing on his face. Staring at he now slightly visible tattoo through the fabric covering it. Her face paled before becoming red as she fixed her hair to cover over it which seemed to snap him out of his trance. As the party progressed the girl forgot about the incident, the boy did not. He kept his eye on her the whole time and it did not go unnoticed by a certain blogger. “Girl, Adrien has not stopped stating at you since you got here, maybe he finally has noticed you crush on him!” Alya stated excitedly. But for Marinette who had grown to understand that there might not possible be anything more besides friendship shrugged it off and sat on a reclining chair, “ I’m not sure that is true Alya maybe you are imaging it?” “Girl I know I’m not but continue to delude yourself,” she laughed, “oh I see Nino calling me over I’ll be back in a bit.” With that Marinette was left alone but soon enough she felt someone drop into the seat that Alya had just vacated. She turned to find Adrien the giving her a rather familiar smile. “Hi, Adrien enjoying the party?” she quietly asked. “Yeah it’s a lot of fun so far!” He smiled and stretched his arms over his head causing his tank top to shift allowing for Alya and Nino to see a certain tattoo peak out as they neared them. “Dude cool Tattoo! I had no idea you had one!” Nino exclaimed as Marinette turned to look at him surprised Alya asked,“you have got to let us see it when did you even get it?” He took one look at Marinette and smirked. “Well I must say, the cat’s out of the bag now huh,” he said as he shrugged out of his tank top to reveal a lean but very muscular torso and one yin yan tattoo over his heart. “Had it done a few weeks ago,” he turned and winked at Marinette who by this point had her whole body turn tomato red. Her brain still in shock from the tattoo that sat over her own heart. “But if you must know Mari and I had decided to get matching tattoos,” Adrien continued with a loving look as he sat slightly behind her to reach around and tug her hair out of the way. Having snapped out of her her shock Marinette narrowed her eyes at him promising retribution at the smirking guy, “so much for not telling, kitty.” She sighed and pulled off her cover up to reveal her matching tattoo. Alya squealed exitedly and took out her phone to get a picture all the while exclaiming, “Oh my god, Mari when we’re you and Adrien going to tell us and why keep it a secret are you two dating?” Turning the blogger caught aight of the two friends eyeing each other ignoring her so instead she for once decided to let it be for the moment and enjoy her boyfriend’s party. She would hound the for details after. They walked away to leave the two alone. “Hmm looks like we lost them for a bit huh princess?” He said and he hugged her waist from behind her on the chair and she leaned into him. “Shame on you Kitty I won’t here the end of this from her later. When did you realize, are you disappointed it’s me?” She asked some of her old insecurities coming back a bit. “Are you Kitten princess? I’m so glad it’s you! There is no one else I would have wanted to be my Lady but you.” He stated lovingly as she groaned. “No, I have to deal with your puns as Adrien now too?” “Buginette stop lying you love my puns! Besides are you ok with this?” He asked a bit more serious. “She turned and cupped his cheek and smiled up at him, "as you said Chaton, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad it’s you too.”

(Translation) Kare to Soine vol. 4

彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ vol.4 藤木空 (R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Suzuki Yuuto

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T/N: Suzuki Yuuto!! He’s getting better at this omg his voice is so cuddly in this volume!… I swear, he’s sweet and cute, and it’s just like a perfect bulliable kouhai material.

Oops, I mean… doteable kouhai material.

It’s mentioned that he’s younger than us, but in actual, he doesn’t call us senpai (why tho!!)

Anyway, this was a request and feel free to send a correction in my way if there’s anything wrong. Enjoy!

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