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My Queen ~Bellamy Blake~ (Part 1)

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Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, her best friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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03.11.2017 // Physics ✨

Two days before the start of my oh so called most important exam of my life and I was feeling useless, so I did a formula sheet thing! I once almost did pretty bad because I forgot them during an exam and had to make them up, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey, it's me, firstly thank you for answering my headcannon, it did kind of help me realise I shouldn't bottle up my emotions so thank you. And I can't remember if I asked this already or not but can I get a request where MC is visiting Jumin's office after going to look after her own cat (which is a black and white long haired snow paws) and sees that Jumin is kinda stressed and paranoid about work so MC decides to try and distract him. Nsfw or not it's up to you. :)

i’m so so glad it helped you, even if it was just the slightest! no, you haven’t asked it before, but this was fun to write :) nsfw!

(i haven’t had english classes in over a year, i am simply a nerd from the norwegian countryside who forgets how to use english so don’t judge my grammar too hard okay thanks)

  • Jumin hadn’t gone to the office that day because he had so much work to do that he couldn’t even afford wasting his time to travel there, which is why he was working in the home office
  • Usually he would kind of wake you up to say goodbye before he left for work, but because he started earlier than usual and didn’t want to bother you, you got to sleep in
  • Because you didn’t wake up as early as you usually did, neither Elizabeth the 3rd or St. Patrick were laying in the bed like they used to my cat is called St. Patrick and I just think it fits so well with Elizabeth’s name okay
  • That’s why you put on Jumin’s shirt and decided to venture out of bed to search for your cat, as you wanted cuddles and knew that you shouldn’t disturb your husband
  • After searching the penthouse for half an hour and not finding your fluffy little friend, you decided to ask Jumin if he had seen him
  • You quietly opened the door to his office, but he didn’t even notice as he had his nose burried in paperwork
  • “Honey, I’m sorry to disturb you, but have you seen the cats? I can’t find them anywhere”
  • He shifted his attention to you and gave you a tight lipped smile, that gave away how tired and stressed he was
  • “They are outside, the security guards are watching them”
  • You wondered how stressed he had to be, when he didn’t even mind someone else watching his beloved Elizabeth (even if it was his own guards)
  • Giving him a kiss on his cheek, you started massaging his shoulder/neck and was unfortunately not suprised by all the knots
  • He sighed softly and relaxed into your touch
  • “People are so incompetent, I’m not sure if these deals will go through or not. Am I losing my grip, kitten?”
  • You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and hugged him from behind, giving him a comforting hug
  • “Of course not, love. You’re still as talented and hardworking as ever, and you know that. Speaking of, have you even taken any breaks today?”
  • When he shaked his head, you spun his chair around and sat on his lap
  • He raised an eyebrow and smirked when he slid his hands up your thighs, and realized that you were only wearing underwear under his shirt
  • “You know I don’t really have time for this, right? You’re such a naughty girl for distracting me from my work, maybe I should punish you?”
  • All you could respond with was moans as he started sucking on your neck and unbuttoning the shirt you were wearing
  • “You want me to bend you over and fuck you over my desk, don’t you? Does it make you feel good to know that you have successfully distracted me from my work, giving my full attention to your body?”
  • By now you could feel his hardening length against your inner thigh, and you rolled your hips against him
  • Appearantely satisfied with the marks he had left on your neck, he lifted you from his lap and bent you over his desk, not caring too much about his paperwork
  • “Tell me how much you want me inside of you, kitten”, he growled in your ear as he pushed your lacy panties aside and shoved a finger into you, feeling your wetness
  • “I-I shouldn’t have distracted you, but I need to feel your cock in me so badly, master” you moaned and arched your back, wishing for his finger to go deeper
  • You could practially hear his smirk when he chuckled, his already dark voice even deeper with lust
  • “Master, huh? I like that. Continue, baby grl”
  • As he slid another finger into you, you moaned his name loudly when he immediately brushed against your g-spot
  • “I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t walk for days! Please master, I want you so badly, I’m so wet for you, just fuck me!”
  • “You are indeed, kitten. So wet and ready for me and me only, aren’t you?”
  • By now he had his third finger into you, and you were already a whimpering mess
  • “God, I love you… You’re so beautiful like this, begging for me to please you”, he said and unzipped his slacks with his other hand, giving his already hard cock a few testing strokes
  • You whimpered at the loss when he pulled your his fingers out of you, already painfully close to your orgasm, before you moaned loudly as he pushed himself into you
  • “Such a good girl for your master, taking all of me into that beautiful body of yours” he mumbled and kissed your shoulder, waiting for you to adjust to him
  • After a few moments you rolled your hips, desperate for some kind of pleasure
  • You felt him pull out and thrust into you again, groaning softly and breathing heavy because of the feeling of you around him
  • “F-faster, fuck me faster”
  • Chuckling and giving your ass a hard squeeze, he happily complied to your request, not holding himself back
  • You screamed out his name as you came, your pussy tightening around him and giving him the push he needed to reach his own climax
  • You were both panting for air as you rode out your orgasms, your mixed juices dripping down your legs
  • You winced slightly when he pulled out from you, then pulled you up to him for a slow and sensual kiss
  • “I think I needed that distraction, thank you kitten. I will keep this in mind for the next time I am stressed”
  • He then kissed your cheek, gave you back the shirt you had stolen and said that he needed to continue his work, and proceded to lead you out of his office
  • Slightly dazed from the mind blowing sex, you forgot all about your original mission to find your cat and just passed out in bed from exhaustion, where Jumin found you a few hours later


[ image description: A screen shot of a post that reads “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.” Someone has crossed this out with a big grey X and underneath added “No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering whether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.” End of descripton ]

I hate this post, I hate it so much. And let me tell you why.

At first it seems like a pretty good post, right? You should love people and do things for them because you want to or because it’s nice, or just because you love them, not because you expect something in return. Yeah. We learn that as kids. But listen. Listen to me. It is not that simple. Yes you should do nice things for people. Carry in your grandmother’s grocerys even if she forgets to say thank you. Sure. But you should never, never, pour yourself into someone who does not give back to you.

Doing everything for someone who gives you nothing in return is not love.

A friend of mine worded it really well “The point of the original post was to emphasise that your own mental/physical health is more important than someone’s selfish needs.” It’s not romantic to run yourself into the ground for someone who can’t even be bothered to care about you. And not only is it not romantic, it’s unhealthy.

I have, on more than one occasion, “crossed oceans” for people who I do believe loved me, but who didn’t even come close to crossing them for me. And do you know what I got out of that? The first one I lost 10 pounds because I was so miserable I could barely eat and I was throwing up what I did eat. And I was still doing whatever I could to be with them, and make them happy, even though they didn’t seem to be willing to put any work in themself. Why bother, I was always there. The second one I ran my own mental health so thin that that literally could not do anything for him, all I could do is sit in the bathtub and think about how I coudln’t feel anything. But I still refused to turn my phone off and ignore his messages. I still made myself avaible to him because he “needed me.”

There was nothing romantic about either of those situations (note: only one was a romantic relationship but the idea of giving and giving and giving when you’re gettin nothing back is romanticized whether it’s in a romantic or platonic relationship.) There was nothing beautiful or selfless about it. It was miserable. I was miserable. I can remember one of my friends telling me he missed me because all I could talk about was the person I had allowed to become my whole life.

And in the end, both of them stopped talking to me.

Don’t believe anyone when they say the second part of that post. It’s bullshit and I’m really tired of seeing it romanticized. It tells people (especailly young girls) that this is an okay way for a relationship to be, that this is what they should be doing. 

There is nothing selfish about demanding that your emotional labour be reciprocated. That’s what makes a relationship (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) healthy. That’s what love is. Both people giving. Both people supportin each other. Not one person giving until they have nothing left for themself. 

“Worries” Part 2

Word Count: 1,116

Daryl Dixon x Reader

This is part two of “Worries”, which you can read HERE

Summary: When Negan takes Daryl in as prisoner, he has more than a few words about Daryl’s relationship with you.

Warnings: A lot of Swearing (lol Negan is in this what do you expect)

Thanks for requesting a second part, anon! :)

We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet…”

That song, playing on repeat, was driving Daryl insane. The only thing he could think about was getting out of that cell, escaping, and seeing you again. But of course, that seemed impossible since he was locked away, being forced to listen to the same song over and over again, eating dog food sandwiches.

“Get up.” Dwight opened the door, sunlight streaming into the once pitch dark cell. Daryl winced his eyes at the sudden change of light, but didn’t move to get up.

“I said get the fuck up, now. Negan wants to see you.” Dwight says again, and when Daryl doesn’t move, he grabs Daryl by the arm and forces him to walk down the hallway.

“Aha, exactly who I wanted to see.” Negan turned around from speaking to one of his many wives. Daryl grunts in response, and Dwight lets go of his arm.

“We gotta have a little chat.” Negan sets his drink down. “It’s about your precious little whore, Y/N.”

Daryl’s attention is fully on Negan once he mentions your name, even if it’s in a bad way. He hadn’t heard anything about you since the night of the lineup. He didn’t even know if you were alive, or if you were okay. All he could seem to do (besides plan escaping) was worry about you.

“Dwight, ladies, you mind giving us a little goddamn privacy? Fuck, I don’t get any respect around here.” Negan sighs, setting Lucille down on the table. They all hurry to leave the room, making Negan smirk in response. He loves being listened to, being in control.

“So, Daryl.”

“What?” Daryl manages to make out, his voice a little dry from not doing anything but crying and yelling for the past few days.

“Every time I am in Alexandria, all I get is dirty looks from that girl of yours. Let me tell you- that is not fucking cool, but damn is she a babe!” Negan laughs. Daryl gives him a dirty look, not liking that Negan was blatantly hitting on you. He’s very protective of you, and he hates when anyone even looks at you in a way that’s not friendly. But he knows better than to say anything to Negan.

“That ass, mhm, that’s a sight to see. I bet that pussy is great, too.” Negan taunts Daryl, and seeing by the look on his face, its working.

“She’s real lonely without you there. I offered to make her one of my wives, keep her company all day, fuck her brains out. She rejected that offer real fucking quick, seems she’s still hung up in you. Won’t be for too long. Not with all of those strong, younger men out there.”

Daryl wants to pick up Lucille from the couch and bash in Negan’s head like he did to Glenn and Abraham, but he somehow manages to keep his cool.

Despite all of the times that you have tried to reassure him that he didn’t need to be insecure about the age difference, he couldn’t help but let it get to him sometimes. Between everyone at the camp bothering him about it and his own worries that you would lose interest in him, he was very insecure about the situation. Typically you were the only person that could reassure him that everything was going to be ok and calm him down, but you weren’t here this time.

“She wouldn’t.” Is all he says.

“You sure about that, buddy? You’re an old ass man. She’s a hot ass fucking babe, ten out of ten. She’s going to leave you sooner or better.”

“She won’t.” Daryl grits through his teeth.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend you?” Negan puts his hand over his heart. “I did, didn’t I?”


“I could see why you’d be bothered by it, shit, I don’t blame ‘ya. She’s way out of your league. Surprised she’s not with that little serial killer- he’s only a few years younger than her, isn’t he? Or even with Rick. At least he’s got something going for him, being the, quite frankly shitty, leader of you guys.”

“Shut up.”

“Nuh-uh,” Negan shakes his finger. “You don’t get to tell me to shut up, or I will toss you right back into that fucking cage you just came from.”

Daryl sits there, unsure why Negan even called him out there. If it was just to taunt and tease him about you, than he would rather go back into the cell.

“Why am I out here?”

“I got bored. Decided to take the shit out of ‘ya in a different way than torture. I gotta say, this is way more fucking entertaining.” Negan laughs. “I’m just busting your balls, you can relax. I think its damn cool you can score someone like that. Even in the apocalypse. Shit, I’d even go as far as sayin’ I’m proud of ‘ya. She seems to really like you, for what reason I have no goddamn idea, but she does.”

“Please let me see her, I need ‘ta see her.” Daryl begged.

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Ya took Carl here, showed him around. Bring Y/N here.”

“Beggin’ me isn’t gonna do shit.” Negan shook his head. “Dwight!” He yelled, and the man came inside the room.

“Yes, sir?”

“Take him back. Done with him. He’s too goddamn sensitive.”

“No, no, no please, let me see her.” Daryl was about ready to explode, between the anger built up from this conversation with Negan, to that stupid song playing over and over again, to being stuck in isolation.

“Too bad so sad.” Negan waved them off, and gestured for his wives to come back into the room.

“Let’s go.” Dwight forced him back into the cell, pushing him to the ground.

“I want to see Y/N.” Daryl says before the door is closed shut again.

“Sorry, old man.”

The door shuts again, leaving Daryl alone again. His mind is still reeling from the conversation with Negan, making him more upset by the minute. The only thing that calms him down is remembering your voice telling him that you love him, and your beautiful face. You’re the only thing that gets him through the day and that gives him the strength to keep on.

We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet…”

Isak and Sana’s friendship - throughout the years

The last one gets really really long because I couldn’t stop - I kinda have so many more of these so remind me to do a part 2 sometime <3 if you like of course :)

when Isak and Sana have to prepare for their final exams in third year, Even helps Isak plan a big study session at their apartment. 

  • there are colourful cushions all over the floor with books stacked in a pile. 
  • Even has freshly baked brownies placed in the centre, 
  • and calming music playing in the background. 
  • Isak claps his hands, raises one eye brow at Sana and exclaims “lets do this” 
  • they spend the afternoon quizzing each other, yelling at their text books and eating all the sugar Even throws at them before deciding they’ve had enough and going out for pizza

When they graduate, the two hug (something rare for both of them) 

  • but they struggle to let go, 
  • when they do Isak blinks his eyes 
  • and Sana laughs at him for crying 
  • I just got a fucking eyelash in my eye okay?!
  • mmhmm that’s it Isabel
  • but Isak doesn’t know that Sana is struggling not to cry either. Thank god she chose to wear waterproof mascara today. 
  • Even forces the two to get together as he takes over a million photos of them
  • Eveeeeeen I think you got enough
  • Isak are you crying?
  • fy faen

Turns out the bio dream team ended up both studying at the university of Oslo

  • Isak is studying med, Sana is studying politics, but still….
  • somehow they manage to compete and challenge each other for the better
  • I can’t do this Sana, I give up. Why did I even bother, I am an idiot. I should just drop out
  • oh okay I didn’t realise you were a coward
  • what
  • you too scared of work huh?
  • sana nei I-
  • wanna do something easy?
  • but I just
  • or do you want to work hard and accomplish your dream like the nerd I know you are?
  • well when you put it like that
  • okay give me your book, I bet I can answer more questions than you
  • Isak grins
  • your on Sanasol

When Isak asks Even to marry him (by hiding the ring in their bottle of kardammome and insisting Even makes him a kardamomme sandwich even tho it tastes like balls) Sana is the first person he calls after screaming with the boy squad for an hour

  • You learnt to tie your shoe laces? well Isak that’s-
  • nei Sana he said YES
  • she pauses for a few seconds before whispering “you did it?” 
  • I DID IT
  • He said yes?
  • well of course he said yes, that boy looks at you like your god or something
  • that’s cos I am
  • okay stop 
  • she smiles on the other end, her heart growing five sizes at the thought of her two best friends deciding to spend the rest of their lives together
  • congratulations Isak, I am so happy for you…you- you deserve this. 
  • Isak is gonna cry
  • Sana?
  • yeah Isabel?
  • will you-okay don’t laugh but- will you be our maid of honour?
  • Sana is speechless
  • wh-why me?
  • are you kidding? Sana it all began with you…you and your 10%
  • her beautiful laugh chimes down the phone
  • your practically my fairy godmother
  • oh my gosh say that again and you’ll have to find another maid of honour
  • well Eskild is keen for the job actually
  • Sana laughs 
  • fine i’ll do it
  • you’ll do it?
  • i’ll be honoured Isak

When Isak and Even bring home a baby girl from the hospital, Sana stands back as boy squad, girl squad, and the kollektivet fight over holding the tiny human. 

  • Okay give her to uncle Mags!
  • Magnus you have literally just held her for 45 minutes, i get her for two seconds and you ask for her back? piss off, Eva says as she presses her face against the small little head
  • Language! not in front of the baby Noora says horrified,
  • Vilde grins i’m gonna make her the cutest little aerobics outfit
  • Is baby aerobics even a thing? Jonas asks as he grabs for the baby
  • nei back off! Eva says
  • your being a baby hog Eva 
  • Eskild shakes his head disapprovingly
  • now give her to her gurumother
  • we told you that is not a thing Isak laughs 
  • I like it Even grins causing Isak to whack him playfully
  • Mahdi finally manages to steal little evak from Eva and holds her up to his face
  • hello angel
  • oh great now we’ll never get her Jonas groans
  • Sana is standing in the back staring intently at the cute cartoon animals Even painted on the wall
  • are you going to hold her? Isak’s voice startles her 
  • um what - uh nah I- I held her before
  • no you didn’t
  • yeah um i did
  • Isak gives her his snake glare
  • you don’t like my baby?
  • what? nei I
  • what’s wrong with my baby Sana?
  • oh my god
  • my baby not good enough for her aunt Sana
  • okay look
  • hold my baby Sana
  • Isak- kids are just…I like kids
  • you like kids?
  • yes I just
  • don’t like my kid
  • fy faen she breathes
  • LANGUAGE Noora shouts
  • Isak laughs 
  • Even Linn held her, why won’t you
  • okay fine oh my god
  • She marches over to where Vilde and Eva are tickling the child which is gazing up with big blue eyes laughing at virtually nothing
  • give me the child she says
  • Vilde looks up are you sure
  • Sana rolls her eyes yes i’m sure
  • she picks up the baby awkwardly and stares at it
  • she doesn’t get the appeal
  • Hi baby she says the baby opens it’s mouth and drools
  • you don’t do much do you?
  • the baby crinkles it’s eyes in a smile the way Even does and grows red like Isak does when he is embarrassed (which is a lot)
  • suddenly Sana grows warm. she sits down with the little girl in her arms and smiles at her 
  • well your not too bad I guess
  • suddenly she hears a flash from across the room
  • she looks up to see Even grinning behind a camera
  • GOT IT he says proudly high fiving Isak
  • Sana rolls her eyes you two are the worse she says 
  • she shakes her head at the baby 
  • your dads are so lame
  • the baby hums in agreement
  • i feel bad for you 
  • the baby pouts
  • i do and look at those guys over there
  • she lifts the baby up to show her Mahdi and Magnus playing with a stuffed duck and a stuffed bunny
  • and then you have Vilde and Eva
  • she gestures to the girls who are giggling over the baby sock with their arms around each other 
  • the baby coos
  • don’t it’s not cute
  • the baby tilts it’s head in interest
  • it’s not
  • the baby isn’t convinced
  • anyway then you have Noora and Eskild
  • the babies eyes follow where Sana is pointing
  • nei Eskild this is plastic, the baby can’t have plastic
  • oh my gosh Noora you are such a fun sucker 
  • excuse me?
  • i’m the fun gurumother you’re gonna be the old hag she tricks into giving her money
  • You are going to poison her!
  • Sana rolls her eyes
  • a mess I tell ya
  • The baby looks over at Chris who is choreographing a dance routine to the nursery rhyme playing from the music box Noora gave the baby
  • Sana smiles, yeah okay she’s special, she says 
  • the baby nods 
  • Jonas and Linn are in the corner discussing capitalism 
  • the baby raises her nonexistent eyebrows 
  • yeah okay I was surprised about that development too
  • then she finally lets the little girl look at her parents who are laughing at Magnus and Mahdi and trying to tell Noora and Esklid to chillI 
  • hope you realise how lucky you are Sana says pulling the baby close
  • I mean they are all crazy, but stick with me kid and i’ll help you through
  • The baby smiles, she likes that idea
  • the boys walk over to Sana after a few minutes
  • hows aunt Sana doing? Even asks
  • we have an understanding
  • She loves you Isak smiles, he loves seeing two of his favourite girls together like this
  • Even picks up his daughter “Okay Lily Flower time for lunch”
  • Isak grins brightly at seeing his baby in his mans arms
  • everyone is grinning actually
  • especially Sana
My Thoughts on Demoncism/Sophomore Slump

So I just finished watching Demoncism/Sophmore Slump on the Disney NOW app. I bet you can all guess what I’m felling right now.

If anyone knows the refund policy for Amazon Instant Video, let me know. Kthx


So my hatred of Tom has been long documented by this point. If TomStar was going to happen, I feel like “Why did I even bother with any of this?” A lot of people are just eating up his “character development” but the truth is no one gets a cookie for being a decent person. You’re supposed to be a decent person by default. But for Tom, everyone has seemed to lower their standards for him. I calmed down when I read the synopsis because I though I just had to put up with him for two episodes and then I could move on with my life. Now I have to tolerate my favorite show instead of enjoy it. The reason I never complained about Jarco this much is because I actually like Jackie. Speaking of which…

Sophomore Slump

I’m not angry at this episode; I just feel sad, but I think I’m supposed to. Marco always wanted adventure and a little bit of danger and Star always delivered. Then he went to Mewni and helped defeat Toffee and returned to Earth without Star. Without Star, there’s no adventure. His mom’s summer in France analogy is perfect for what he’s going through right now. I’m Marco Diaz’s biggest fan but even I’ll be the first to say he was kinda being super annoying. 

Look at him and his friends playing D&D like a buncha NERDS.

Originally posted by nerdbrose

I have mixed feelings about the Jarco date. On one hand, it was sweet. On the other hand, it was so hard to watch someone try so hard and so very little at the same time. And I’m just sad. I’m so sad. I’ve always been the biggest starco fan. Even so, I’ve never said anything negative about Jackie. Watching her break up with Marco, I said out loud to myself, “She is the coolest person in the world.” She is. She handled that like a champ. Props to the animators for all the facial expressions. You can see her processing everything she was about to do. I feel bad for both of them. Marco spent the majority of his life having a crush on this girl and when he’s finally with her, she’s just as cool as he thought she was. Jackie has this boyfriend who is super sweet but something’s just pulling him away. There’s no bad guy and nobody wins. 

Marco’s going back to Mewni, but with TomStar looking the way it is, it’s like why bother?


Summary: You moved to Derry when you were 12 years old, and, to your luck, the monster that haunted the town was nowhere to be seen. However, he had been able to get a glimpse of you–proceeding in taking the chance to sneak into your dreams for the next five years. Until he opens his eyes, yours would stay closed too. And only to crimson dreams. 

A/N: Okay so… Just… Be prepared. This shit gonna be wild. Feedback appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy. 

Words: 3.5 K +

Warning: Slight description of blood?

You dropped the weights, the heavy thud muffled by the blast of the music in your ears. Nodding your head to the beat, sweat dripped from your chest and soaked into your shirt. The fan cool against your skin while you ran your fingers through your hair and slicked back the few strands that had fallen in front of your eyes. Dropping down into a squat, you immediately tightened your core. Launching yourself so that your feet then spread, jumping into another squat, then finishing your reps with the burning sensation of the last ten seconds in which you forced yourself to get the “body” you had always wanted. Or, needless to say, the one that everyone around you expected you to have. 

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Request: Can I have an imagine where Kai gets terribly sick and when the reader shows up he tries to shut her out but fails. So she cooks him dinner while he watches :’)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door was locked, but Kai was stupid if he thought doing that and ignoring your texts could keep you away. It was early nightfall when a rock went soaring through his window and sending glass exploding everywhere, quickly followed by you, climbing in through his window, wearing a faded blue pullover with ripped jeans and your grimy converse. You hitched yourself into his room, avoiding the mess of shards scattered messily around his fluffy carpet, and raised your eyes to his bed. It was a wooden four poster, draped in silk with colors of red and white, four feathery pillows supporting the weight of your boyfriend. His face was ghostly white, blue eyes lacking their usual sparkle, his hair untouched, and full lips chapped as ever.

“What- do you think you’re doing?” he groaned softly, blinking up slowly through his eyelashes, hardly even phased by the fact that you’d just ruined his window.

“I’ve come to take care of you, idiot,” you huffed, approaching Kai.

“Don’t,” he waved his hand when you got close, “I’ll get you sick.”

“Shut up, Malachai,” you sighed, climbing atop his fluffy sheets and scooting in beside him, instantly enveloped by his soft sheets. You lay propped on the pillows, arms sliding under Kai’s limp form and setting him gently atop your stomach despite his protests. His head lay across your front, and you absentmindedly began to slide your fingertips through his mess of brown locks, your other hand coming gently to his side to caress his clammy skin.

“Why are you doing this?” he whispered, not even bothering to put up a struggle now that he was in your embrace.

“Why did you not want me to do this?” you responded, looking down as Kai’s lips gently fell apart, eyes fluttering closed in relaxation.

“I’m too strong to get sick,” he whined, “I don’t want you to see me like this, weak.”

“You always surround me with love and affection when I’m in need of it, so I frankly couldn’t care less how you want me to see you, because either way, our love goes both ways, you understand?”

He opened those brilliant blue eyes and blinked up at you, a little smile tickling his mouth, “I understand.”

“Good,” you said, bending down to plant a brief kiss atop his perfect nose, “because I’m making you soup now.”

“What!? You seriously don’t have to do that,” he groaned, but you were already up on your feet, and slinking your arms beneath his back to hitch him into your arms.

“All mighty powerful heretic suddenly can’t stop me,” you giggled, holding your boyfriend bridal style, to which he pouted up at you, as it was the best he could manage. “Come on babe,” you held him firmly to your chest, rounding his bed to get to the door. You used your elbow to push it open before continuing a strenuous walk down his stairs, in which you almost slipped near the bottom. 

Once you reached his kitchen you set him gently into a chair, which he automatically slumped back into. You skipped around the white marble island and headed for the sleek black cabinets, humming softly to yourself as you plucked various ingredients from the kitchen. Soon enough, you had set out butter, onion, pepper, chicken base, and of course, tomatoes.

“Tomato soup?” Kai asked from behind you.

“Got a problem?” you responded, giving the heretic an up and down glance.

“Even if I did, I couldn’t do anything about it, could I?” he said gruffly.

“Nope,” you winked, turning back around to get working on the soup.

It didn’t take long for the whole kitchen to be filled with a wonderful aroma, and you were pretty proud of yourself for not setting his kitchen on fire in the process. You peered down into the pot at the thick red liquid, and removed it from the stove to pour into a white bowl, dunking a spoon in before quickly sprinkling shredded cheese atop the mini masterpiece. The whole time, Kai simply sat there, eyes following your around the kitchen, fixated on you always.

You took a seat in the stool opposite Kai’s, setting the bowl down in front of him with a command, “eat.”

He stared frostily at you, folding his arms over in challenge, “or what?”

“Or this,” you growled, lifting the spoon from the bowl and shoving a mouthful of soup in his opened mouth before he could protest.

He simultaneously coughed in surprise whilst gulping down the soup, “really funny.”

“More,” you insisted.

He grumpily began shoveling soup in his mouth, starting off slow but eventually devouring the whole thing at a rapid speed, his mouth covered in tomato soup and sticky cheese. When he finished, he brought his eyes back up to yours, and he must have been aware of the fact that he looked like a mess because his cheeks burned pink, “napkin, please.”

You grabbed one with a small smile, heading around the sink and picking up a glass of water while you were at it. You came to Kai’s backside, spinning his chair so he faced you, and giving his slightly less pale face a good look over.

“Just give me the stupid napkin, princess,” he sighed.

You ignored him and began wiping off at his mouth yourself, cleaning up the edges until you were satisfied enough to give him a little kiss on the lips. Kai sighed in frustration with himself, unable to resist from kissing you right back.

“You need to stop doing that,” he grumbled, “you’ll get sick.”

“And if I do, you’ll be right by my side like I am for you,” you smiled, handing him the glass of water and producing the pills you’d brought him from your jean pocket.

He chased down the pill you gave him with water, and then set them down, “now what?”

“Now you sleep,” you said, reaching your arms beneath his to hoist him against you again. Not quite able to tackle the stairs, you set Kai upon the grey couch, reaching for a thick blue quilt while you were at it. This time, he already knew to sink straight into your arms, struggling to keep his tired eyes open as he looked up at you.

“You okay?” you asked, giving him a faint squeeze.

“Been better,” he said honestly before letting out a raspy cough.

“You’re already looking better, not long now,” you promised, rubbing your fingers gently across his temples.

“You didn’t have to do this for me,” he slurred sleepily.

“Yes I did, Malachai. I love you, okay?” you sighed.

“I love you more,” he responded, rolling to his side to nuzzle himself into your body. Even now, hearing those words made your heart go crazy inside your chest. “I’m gonna make it up to you, I swear.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you said, toying with his hair as you always did.

“But I’m going to anyways,” he smiled sleepily into you, “because you deserve everything, and that’s exactly what I want to give you.”


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I would like a Bobby smut, please! Like iKON is having a party and y/n is best friends with iKON, but y/a and Bobby do not get along. They all decide to play seven minutes in heaven and y/n gets Bobby. So they argue for a minute then lust just takes over them. Does that make sense? Sorry, if it doesn’t. First time requesting a smut.


Bobby (ikon)


smut, fluffy-ish?? idk but i teared up knowing i can’t ever have a relationship like this so yay


The members of iKon, your best friends, throw a huge house party. A lot of people are there; almost everyone in YG and a few others. Everyone including Bobby. He was your friend with benefits, maybe more. You were pissed at him. Though, after being locked in a closet with him, you decide to let it slide.


ikon throwing a party, playing seven minutes in heaven, drinking, Bobby and like everyone else being drunk, drunk sex, arguing, mention of a past boyfriend who cheated, Bobby being all cute and fluffy and shit and aww adorable..

A/n: tbh i don’t even know if the ‘argument’ in this is even good enough to be qualified as an argument..sorry if it’s really not 💟…


“Alright, Hyung. Pick the next ones”, Yunhyeong said while sipping his liquor.

“Fuck that, lets have some fun,” Hanbin said, slurring words and smirking.

“Bobby, Y/n. Get in there. Make me an uncle.”

You could see Bobby look at you in the corner of you eye. It wasn’t that you hated him, you just didn’t want to go in there with him. You couldn’t forgive him so quickly.

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Shut Up And Kiss Me


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Request : @steph-oliveira 

 Prompts : 4. “God damn it (y/n), I’m in love with you”

                16.   “Shut up and kiss me”

                19. “I adore you”      

                 26. “You’re addicting”

words : 1.4k (whoops)

Summary : Confessing

Warning : none



“God damn it (y/n), I’m in love with you.” he said and you froze.

All this started a few weeks ago when it happened now all you can think of is Cody.

“What is with you?” you ask getting frustrated. You had stormed into Cody’s apartment. You and him were friends for almost 3 years. You knew him more than anyone else and vice versa. You never thought he would behave like this, in public. You also took up being his publicist. So, work was fun for the both of you.


“What do you mean?” he asks acting like he didn’t know anything. That made your blood boil even more.


“This” you say handing him a magazine. You huff and sit next to him on the couch. “Teen Wolf star showing his animalistic behaviour by hitting a paparazzi” the magazine read.


“Do you realise the damage you’ve done to your image, Cody?” you ask him. Negative publicity is something he didn’t want right after the leak of his private videos. You were worried for his carrier. He had to fix this.

“He was talking shit I didn’t agree with, okay?” Cody snapped. He was annoyed. He turned his face to the television screen, looking uninterested in the conversation.


“You can’t go around beating people up when you don’t agree with them” you explain running your fingers through your hair. “I’m setting up an interview for you. You are fixing this” you say firmly. “No, I’m not”

“What do you mean ‘you’re not’? You HAVE to” you say stressing. “You are making a public apology for hitting that paparazzi” you say standing up.


He rolled his eyes, “he said somethings (y/n) I hated it” he repeated.

“You need to deal with it Cody. It’s unacceptable”

“You know what’s fucking unacceptable?” he suddenly raises his voice a little and makes you jump. “Him calling you a slut and saying shit like I gave you a job because you slept with me” he says now huffing. It scared you because you never really see him this bothered because of a comment. It was somewhere warming your heart because he did it for you but it was still very irresponsible.


“you can’t let things like this get to you”


“It pissed me off, okay?”


“It shouldn’t, you need to have an amount of composure, teens idolize you” you say snapping at him.


“You don’t even know why I did it” he exclaims putting his hands in the air.


“Why did you beat up a paparazzi Cody?” you snap back.


“Because-“ he goes to say something but shuts his mouth again and pulls at his hair.

“Because what?” you yell a little.


“God damn it, (y/n) I’m in love with you. That’s why”


You stood there dumbfounded, not sure what to say next.

Since that day, you’ve been very formal with him, though you’ve always had feelings for him, somewhere, suppressed with the assumed probability of you and Cody happening.  The only contact you had with him was via text. You couldn’t call him. These past few weeks that’s all you’ve been thinking about. You always liked Cody as a person. He was your best friend. It suddenly felt weird. You started seeing him in a romantic light but you push away the involuntary thoughts. You wanted to confront him, you couldn’t gather the guts to. You set his interview up and with a tv channel at the Teen Wolf Premiere to clear out the beating up issue. You never bothered to address what had happened.

You walk to the carpet. You were stressed. You weren’t looking where you were going. You run into a wall, wait, a chest. You look up. It was Cody. “Sorry” you say embarrassed and walk towards a different direction. He stops you by holding your wrist gently. “Can we talk?” he asks.

“I have stuff to do, later” You mutter without looking at him, trying to keep a poker face.

He sighs and let’s go. You missed his touch. You walk away with a cold feeling in your heart.

The interview finally starts and you watch from afar where all the publicists are standing close enough to hear the stars speak though.

“How are you doing, Cody” the interviewer asks smiling. He flashes one of his infamous grins and replies to the question. It amazes you how fast he goes from annoyed to polite. An actor, after all. After a few Teen Wolf related questions, you zoned out. Your mind travelled to everything you could’ve said or done that day to make it not so awkward today. You grew to like him since he said he loves you. That’s how the human brain works. He consumed your thoughts every second of every day, but you were too much of a coward to admit anything to him and yourself.

“Why did you hit the paparazzi?” the interviewer asked and he shifted in his place uncomfortably. “Well, he said somethings I didn’t like, about someone I love” he said. He gave your briefly glances and you looked away trying not to blush or even smile. You didn’t want to lead him on. But isn’t it human tendency to smile when someone says something nice? You didn’t want him to know, yet.

“That’s really sweet of you,” the interviewer smiles. “Someone you love, could it be a new love interest, is Cody Christian off the market?” she acted shocked. He chuckled. “Maybe, I mean I don’t know what it is. It’s a great feeling. She believes in me.” he says and the interview fake ‘awed’ You look away, you almost caught yourself blushing.

After the Premiere, there was an after party. You run into him again, not literally this time and decide to make small talk. “Good interview” you say. He smiles a little. “Can we talk?” he asks again. You nod with all the courage you had. “Look I-” You start.

“I’m sorr-” he says simultaneously. The music was blaring over you but all you could focus on was his voice. You notice him making advanced towards you. “Dance with me” he says glancing at the paparazzies around us. You look at him confused. He grabs you by the waist and sways around a little.  

He lets you go first. You smile a little and continue, “I didn’t want to make things awkward, I didn’t want to be cold to you. I don’t know what you were thinking when you confessed because it fucked me over in the head. That’s all I’ve been thinking about” you rant. 

You see him smile which makes you smile, because boy his smile is contagious. “I just didn’t know what to say, I do have feelings for you, but love is a strong word” you stop and look at him. He was intently listening to you. “am I rambling I feel like I am, I feel so bad, I’m sorry I’m such an awkward person” you rant again. “Shut up and kiss me” he mutters. It catches you off guard. There were paparazzies here. You can’t. 

“huh?” you say in response to it. “Kiss me” he repeats and you don’t think anymore. You just get on your tippy toes and crash your lips against his.  There were fireworks going off in your stomach. It felt so right.

After a night of cheesy pick up lines and a lot of stolen kisses, you make your way home.  Cody insisted on dropping you home and you agreed.  He pulls you into his chest and kisses your temple. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hold you like this” he says and you blush. “I adore you, (y/n)” you were red in the face throughout the evening.

“What if I told you, all this was for positive publicity?” he asked playfully. Your jaw drops and you gasp. You act like you were offended. You also add a chuckle at the end. “As your publicist, great job” you tease and he grins down at you.

You tilt your head up to kiss him. He doesn’t deny. “You’re addicting” you say kissing him over and over again. “Maybe I should’ve kissed you that day, all this wouldn’t have happened” he chuckles and you laugh. “Maybe”

don’t even ask, its 1;41 AM here.

anonymous asked:

one thing that always bothered me about the chantry explosion. Why did anders target the CHANTRY? Why didn't he try to blow up the Templar Barracks in the gallows? Even for the sake of starting the war wouldn't that have been a more obvious and direct gesture? Hawk and co can waltz in and out of Templar Hall any time they like so why not plant a bomb there instead? Why not put it right under Meredith's desk?

Because what Anders wanted was for the Right of Annulment to be called. 

“But wait!” you might be saying, “I thought Meredith had already called for it.” 

You’re right about that. It is confirmed, several times, by Templars and by Orsino, that Meredith had “sent for” the Right of Annulment. But what exactly does “sent for” mean? Let’s ask our good friend, the Right of Annulment page on the Wiki: 

The Right of Annulment is the right of the templars to kill all mages in a Circle of Magi, used as a last resort to restore order.

Divine Galatea granted the Right of Annulment to all the Grand Clerics of the Chantry in 2:83 Glory after an abomination slaughtered all mages and templars in the Nevarran Circle. Normally, the Right can only be invoked by a Grand Cleric or a de facto successor (Revered Mother); if there is no access to a Grand Cleric or Revered Mother, then Knight-Commanders of the Templar Order have legal authority to invoke the Right.

Pay close attention to that second paragraph. Let me emphasize that a bit: All Meredith could do, before the Chantry bombing, was ask nicely for the Right of Annulment. According to Chantry hierarchy, she should have asked Elthina, but we know that she went over Elthina’s head and asked Justinia. Why? Probably because Meredith saw, as any person who is actually paying attention to what Elthina did would, that Elthina would never have granted it. 

But would Justinia have granted it? Justinia, who inspired Leliana to change the Chantry? Justinia, who called the conclave because she wanted peace between the mages and the Templars? Justinia, whom we know respected Elthina? You’ll have to decide for yourself, but even if she would have, it would have taken a very long time, and Orsino could easily have put a stop to it if he had simply gone to Elthina and let her know how Meredith was undermining her; which is exactly what Orsino was trying to do when… Anders blew up the Chantry and killed every single one of the women who could have stopped Meredith from invoking the Right of Annulment. The Grand Cleric, and every single one of the Revered Mothers: they all had to die in order for Meredith to be able to invoke the Right of Annulment on the spot. 

Anders wasn’t trying to stop Meredith from invoking the Right; he was clearing a path for her

Oh, and he basically admits to this if you call him on it

But maybe that doesn’t get to the heart of the question: Why? 

I can’t pretend to have any kind of intimate understanding of Anders, but I’ll say that it looks to me like he wanted to use the Kirkwall Circle as sacrificial lambs. He wanted the world to see the largest Circle in the Free Marches slaughtered, down to the last child, in hopes that this would cause enough outrage for the mages and their allies in other parts of the southern Thedas to finally rise up. Best case scenario, in his mind, was probably for there to be a few survivors from Kirkwall to help spread the outrage and convince others to fight. 

Anders wanted a war. A war requires an enemy to fight. If he’d blown up the Templars, there wouldn’t be an enemy left for the Kirkwall mages to fight. No enemy, no war. So instead, he blew up the only thing holding the Templars back.

Just Kiss Me


Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: “Just shut up and kiss me”

Summary: You get hurt while helping the pack and Derek becomes furious, and the only way you know how to calm him down is to kiss him.

“What were you thinking?” he asked as he was tending to your wound while you were seated on the bathroom counter.

This wasn’t the first time he asked you that question, in fact he asked it several times during the ride home from the mission Scott and the others were involved in. All you wanted to do was help, but Derek was cautious about that idea. So without asking his permission you went and turned out to be a great assist to Scott and his plan tonight. Unfortunately you were caught off guard and that’s when you got hurt.

“I was thinking about Scott and the others who needed my help”. you answered his question again for the hundredth time.

“They didn’t need your help Y/N, Scott is perfectly fine in handling things on his own”. Derek snapped back.

Derek was applying a clean bandage on your hip where the injury was located. The pain died down a little but you knew Derek wasn’t mad at you getting hurt, he was mad because you didn’t listen to him and that resulted in you getting hurt.

“I don’t understand why your mad, Scott was thankful that I came along to help. So why is it bothering you so much?”.

He put down the extra bandages and pulled your shirt down to indicate he was done patching you up. Without given you a response he walked out of the bathroom, hopping off the counter you followed him and sat down on the bed due to you being sore as hell.

“Well are you going to answer the question?”

“You really don’t want me to answer Y/N?” he said.

You knew Derek could get moody, I mean you did know him for awhile now. But this type of moody behaviour was strange, even for him.

"If I didn’t want you to answer than I would have never of asked”. Walking over to him took much effort considering your body just got clawed by another werewolf not too long ago. And not being a supernatural creature yourself, your body didn’t have the ability to heal like Scott or Derek’s.

Reaching Derek you steadied yourself on the table, “Why won’t you talk to me Derek?”.

He looked up and his eyes changed from a hard, cold stare to a soft, gentle one.

It was hard for him to be open, I guess it was because he didn’t have much experience with it or because whenever he did the result always ended up him being hurt or in pain. But you cared so much about Derek, that him being like this was killing you.

“You could of died” he said bluntly and with a hint of fear in his voice. Moving towards the large window behind him you saw the first glimpse of Derek being vulnerable.

“That’s the risk you, Scott and the others take everyday. I take that risk once and that results in you being furious at me? I want to help, I want to be apart of this pack Derek and I can’t sit by while you or anyone else heads out into danger without me”.

“Because when I step out in danger I have an advantage” he said facing you.

“You mean because your a bloody werewolf”. To be honest that argument was getting old. Stiles wasn’t a werewolf but yet he was out there saving people, along with putting his life on the line.

“Yes, and because I have the ability to heal. What if that werewolf stuck his claws somewhere other than your side? What if they pierced your heart? Tell me Y/N what I’m suppose to do then if you die!”.

You gulped and had no answer for him, he was right but that didn’t mean you should run away from a fight just because you have more of a likely hood to die than someone else, right?.

“And what am I suppose to do if you die Derek!? Your not the only one here that has something to lose!”.

Those words came out faster than a speeding bullet leaving a gun, your feelings for Derek were always in between more than friends and just friends. But reevaluating those words you realized that you had completely crossed that line and now looking at Derek breathing heavy, and standing in front of you with his arms crossed you knew that your feelings had grown.

He walked over to you saving you having too walk over to him, and using that extra energy you didn’t have, at least not yet. “Now that we’ve both established that we have something to lose, what’s next Y/N?”.

“How about you just shut up and kiss me”.

You didn’t think he was actually going too, but then he leaned in and your stomach filled itself with butterflies and nerves kicked in. He was waiting for you to close the gap and when you finally got over the initial shock that this was actually going to happen, you leaned in the rest of the way and everything made sense when lips collided with one another.

“Does that mean now you’re going to listen to me when I say not to put yourself in danger?” he asked after breaking the kiss.

Pondering over his question you said, “Probably not. It just means that if I ever find myself in danger I know that you’ll have my back, no matter what”.

You got one of Derek’s rare smiles and if you had a camera you would capture this moment. “I’ll have your back no matter what regardless of how you felt about me. You mean too much to me, and I’m never going to let anything jeopardize that”.

“Who knew Derek Hale was so romantic” you teased him.

Lifting you up to sit on the table near you guys, you were grateful to actually be off your feet. Opening your legs to allow Derek to stand in between them, he lightly ran his finger over the injury sustaining your right hip. “Only for you. But I forbid you to ever tell anyone of the pack members”.

The thought of Scott or Stiles finding out that Derek was a big softy underneath it all, made you laugh. “I can’t promise I won’t ever tell them, but for now your secret is safe with me”.

He gave you don’t even think about it look, “There’s a long list of things that I could tell the pack about you. I don’t think you want to start something you won’t be able to finish”.

Him taking charge was extremely sexy to you and it was a side you wanted to see more of, but as of right now you smirked at him and said “Derek just shut up-”

“And kiss you?” he said finishing your sentence.

Pulling him in you replied, “You took the words right out of my mouth”.

Even though you had to get hurt in order for these feelings to be recognized, it was well worth it. Kissing Derek and being with him was something that hadn’t crossed your mind, if it did it was only for a brief moment but this was way better than you ever could have imagined it to be.


These writers truly believe that we should be satisfied with Spoby’s ending. That just because Toby was able to choose the real Spencer from Alex and that Spencer recited poetry to him in French, that completely makes up for the fact that we didn’t get to see Spoby as a couple on screen. We didn’t get a kiss or hug, we got the girls talking about it for 30 seconds at the end. 

At first I wanted Marlene to acknowledge Spoby fans after she screwed us and Spoby over but now? I just feel even more aggravated. How can she seriously think that their ending is fair compared to what she gave the other couples? And to say it would have been rushed? YOU are the one who controls when they reunite!!!! They didn’t HAVE to use Spencer’s twin to trick Spencer. They could’ve done this reveal and twin theory if they so badly wanted to WITHOUT ruining Spoby and getting Toby involved. He could’ve caught on that there was a twin around that wasn’t the real Spencer without him getting fucking raped by deception twice first. 

We didn’t get one damn scene of them as a couple in the time jump but we had to sit through 10 episodes of Spaleb when I can count the people who wanted that on one hand. And not only that, we had to deal with Spencer and Marco afterwards which was literally useless and took up screentime that could’ve been used for Toby and to progress Spoby. The fact that Spaleb and Sparco both had more screentime in season 7 than Spoby is just sad. That Marco, a useless as hell character was in more episodes than Toby, a character that has been there since the start, in season seven. And also, as much as I liked Yvonne and found her death completely unnecessary, why bother with that relationship? Why did they feel the need to give Toby a love interest when they couldn’t even give us anything they gave them for Spoby, a ship that’s been developed since season one? They put him in four fucking episodes per half season and THATS when they decide to give him a love interest instead of building up to romantic Spoby again?

And the sad part is, all of Spoby’s scenes in the finale WERE cute. They were them. We got that nostalgia feel of how they were in the earlier seasons, we could see they still loved each other and wanted to be together. But why couldn’t that happen ten episodes ago? They deserved to be in the same position as the rest of the couples, ready for an engagement or a wedding or a child by the end of the series. The fact that these writers don’t see that is beyond frustrating and I feel more angry than I was two weeks ago. 

Hate You (E.D)

Authors note: I’m sorry for being so inactive but I’m going to be on all day today so if you requested anything it will most likely be up today or early tomorrow!!

Request: i’m running on three hours of sleep so my inspiration is running low but for some reason i really love imagines where like they both hate eachother for..whatever reason and so eventually they just kinda yk yk. it could be fluff or smut with either boy.

Warnings: Not really, maybe language or light smut

There were many reasons as to why I hated Ethan Dolan. In first grade, he poured Elmer’s glue down my back. My mom gave me a 2 hour shower when I got home. In 4th grade, he threw my notebook in the garbage during lunch. I was a goody tissues, and my notebook had all my homework in it. I cried to my teacher for 25 minutes. In 7th grade, he took a video of me sleeping and put it on vine for out entire school to see. I didn’t go to school for 3 days.

But the biggest reason that I hate the Ethan Grant Dolan: he left me in 10th grade.

I’m not talking about we were dating and he left me or whatever. I’m talking we were best friends. The Dolan twins and I. We were the 3 musketeers. I was featured on some of their vines. I was the one who pushed them to continue doing vine and chasing their dream, even when they were getting bullied in 9th grade.

When they continued to be homeschooled, it was a little weird to get used to not having them annoy me in school. But I still got to see them when I came home. And I was happy for them. They could continue doing what they loved to do.

I remember I came home from the last day of and I raced over to the Dolan house. With school ending, we could spend more time doing stupid crap together like we usually did. I didn’t bother knocking because I never knocked. I walked into the living room where they were usually sitting. They weren’t there. Cameron came down the stairs.

“Hey, where’s E and G?“I asked. Her face dropped and suddenly became super red.

"They didn’t tell you?"she asked.

"Tell me what?"I asked.

"They um, well they-”

“Cam"I almost demanded.

"They flew out to LA and have an apartment there. That’s where they’re living for know on"she said. Now my jaw dropped.

"Why didn’t they tell me?"I asked, my voice cracking. Cam responded by hugging me.

"I’ll kill them"she whispered in my ear.

I didn’t bother texting or calling them. Even when I wanted to. I wanted to so bad. But they were the ones who did me wrong.

I ended up becoming closer with Cam then ever. Even though she went to college, we still talked everyday. I ended up focusing on basketball. I always played with E and G, but now that they weren’t here, I put more focus on it.

So flash forward 2 years. I’m going to college in 2 months. The UCLA Bruins with a full scholarship ride. I couldn’t wait. Cam told me the best thing about college is the experiences. For now, I was just counting down the days until I took off.

Anyways, I went to the closest ice cream place I could find to get a gift card for my coach. He’s done so much for me that man and I know he loves ice cream, so I wanted to give him a little gift before I left for college. I went up to the cashier and asked for a $50 gift card. After handing the cash to her, she handed me the gift card. It was super cute, with sprinkles and hot fudge all over. As I was admiring the gift card, I accidentally bumped into someone, or a wall for that matter.

"I’m sorry!"we both said at the same time. I looked up, and I came face to face with Ethan. After not seeing him for 2 years, here he was, standing right it front of me. He looked different. Before it was sort of hard to tell apart him and Gray. Now they look nothing alike. He’s gotten bigger too. Way bigger. And tanner.

I didn’t know what to say. Do I even say anything? He was staring at me the same way I was staring at him. Jaw dropped, inspecting every element of each other.

"Yo E why are you-holy shit. Y/N?"he asked. He knew the answer to that, but clarification I guess.

"Uh, hi"I said, pretty awkwardly. I didn’t know what to do. Or say. I haven’t spoken to them in 2 years, do I act like everything is fine or still be mad? How about neither. Instead I do what no one should do but I always end up doing. Run away.

"Look I really gotta go-"I said almost running to the door.

"Wait Y/N!"Gray said but I didn’t let him finish.

"Sorry!"I said as I was out the door, speed walking to my car. I took a look back. Ethan had the same face on from when we first bumped into each other, while Grayson seemed sadder. I put my car in reverse and drove back to my house.

The way home was nothing but thinking. Why were the twins in NJ again? Did they come home to visit family? How long are they going to be staying home for? What if they’re permanently staying? Overthinking was really just the gist of the whole car ride. I walked inside to see my mom with her car keys in her hand.

"Hey mom. Where are you going?"I asked.

"Just some food shopping. I’ll be back soon"she replied.

"Mom it takes you 3 hours for food shopping"I said. She chuckled.

"Oh sweetie. Did you know the twins are back? You should go say hi!"she suggested. I gave her a look, and she read my mind.

"I know you didn’t leave off good but you guys are the 3 amigos. Maybe not right now, but just try to talk to them?"she asked. I groaned and plopped down on the couch. She left, locking the door on her way out.

I was scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, everything. And I was stalking the twins. I’m almost 100% sure that when they left, I blocked them on every social media possible and deleted their contact so they couldn’t follow me. 14 minutes when by when I heard a knock on the door.

I got up, fixing my jeans a little bit before opening the door. I was again, face to face with Ethan. Why does this keep happening to me?

Again, I didn’t know what to do. But he looked like he had everything thought out. He pushed past me, entering my house without even saying a word.

I closed the door, suddenly my blood starting boiling of anger.

"Can you leave my house?"I asked. Except I didn’t want him to option. I wanted him to leave my house.

"No. We’re going to settle this once and for all,"he said.

"Settle what? Did we go to war or something?"I remarked.

"Why you hate us so much!"he exclaimed.

"Oh let me think. Maybe it’s because all of the sudden, you left for LA without even telling your best friend! Or I thought I was your best friend at least. I had to find out from fucking Cameron. Who just leaves and doesn’t tell anyone?"I yelled.

"How could I try to tell you when you blocked me on everything?"he started to raise his voice too.

"Me? You’re blaming this on me now?"I asked, almost at shock. My voice was still high.

"I wasn’t the one who just totally cut off ties with someone!"he yelled.

"I wasn’t the one who got a plane to across the fucking country and didn’t even tell their best friend! Do you speak English? I wouldn’t have done what I did if you weren’t such a dick!"I yelled. We just looked at each other. My heart was beating out of my chest. My face was flushed from yelling. My face went into this RBF. Ethan’s hands were in his hair, tugging on it. His jaw was clenched and his face was flushed as well.

"Why didn’t you tell me?"I asked, my voice back at normal. He didn’t answer, instead he just turned around, his hands going to his hair for support again.

"Wow great. I can’t believe it,"I said.

He walked towards me, getting closer and closer. And didn’t stop until he grabbed my face in his hands and planted his lips right onto mine. I melted right into the kiss at first. Not going to lie. But then I realized, why am I kissing Ethan? I pulled back and pushed him back a bit, to which he stumbled a bit being taken off guard.

"No Ethan. You can’t just kiss me and think that’s going to solve everything. You didn’t answer my question"I demanded.

"Ok fine. You wanna know why I didn’t tell you?"he asked.

"Kinda"I scoffed.

"Because I was madly in love with you. I still am. How was I supposed to say that I’m leaving for who knows how long to someone I can’t stand not seeing for more than 2 seconds? I couldn’t bring myself to say bye because if I did I didn’t know what else might come out of my mouth. And I thought it was a phase. I thought I would get over you after a couple of months of not seeing you everyday. Hell, I even got a fucking girlfriend to try and distract myself from you. But I can’t. I can’t seem to get you out of my fucking head Y/N. Every girl I see I try to look for you. And I can’t. Because you are the only person that I want. Ok. There I said it"he ended his speech with a quick gasp, like he lost all the air he had inside when he spoke.

For the third time today, I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say.

"I know, I ruined our friendship and now you don’t want to talk to me"he said, walking towards me, except to go to the door. Except this time, I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me, connecting our lips. He backed us into a wall, my the top of my back using the wall as support as his hands grabbed the small of my back to bring us closer.

We didn’t stop kissing. Things only got more heated from there. His tongue slipped in my mouth, as his hands traveled lower towards my ass giving it a good grab.

Eventually I needed to breathe, so I pulled away.

"Let me make it up to you,"he said, lifting me off the ground as my legs wrapped around his waist. He placed me on the couch, hovering over me.

You probably know what happened after that. It was a good night. But afterwards it was even better. Catching up on each other’s lives, we finally put the last behind us and moved forward. I was happy to say the least. I finally had my best friend, or even more then that, next to me and back in my life.

How would you feel- part 3

Author: @smutilinski

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word count: 2261

Warning: NSFW 18+, swearing, drinking and people insulting each other (just in case that would offend someone), oh yeah and SMUT ;)

AN: Hi everyone! I’m very sorry for not posting sooner… On the bright side, PART 3 IS FINALLY HERE!!! I hope you like it! So sit back and enjoy the story! And a HUGE thanks to @minhosmeanhoe for all the help!

@ekinsyikin here you go dear! ;)

Plot: (Y/N) comes back to Beacon Hills after leaving 2 years ago. Only scott knows why she left and he swore not to tell a single soul. Stiles is still very angry at her and she confronts him about it.

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You were at your locker picking books you needed for first period, when scott appeared next to you. ‘’You must be an expert at sneaking out in the middle of the night by now. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?’’ He raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for answer. You turned back to your locker, not wanting to let him see the sadness in your eyes. ‘’Yeah I-um couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d just walk back home.’’ you were nervous and knew he would eventually pick up on your chemo signals or your incredibly fast heartbeat.

Without saying anything, you closed your locker and walked away. The truth is you were still pretty devastated with the way Stiles had left you on saturday night. You were very drunk, but not drunk enough to forget what had happened. You had fallen asleep after crying a little and woken up the next morning with a severe headache and a confused expression when you noticed that the handcuffs were gone and your clothes were next to you on the bedside table.

You headed over to your chemistry class. How convenient was it that you had to sit next to Stiles for the first period of the week ? You sat next to him silently opening your book to the page you were on. ‘’So how was the walk back to your house, Princess’’ He asked with a wicked grin on his face. You didn’t say anything back you just looked away, when your eyes landed on scott, who was looking at Stiles with an angry expression on his face. ‘’Would you just shut up and leave me alone, please.’’ Your voice was raspy and low as you fought to hold back the tears.

This time, when the bell rang you were the first one to get out of the class and rush to the bathroom. You heard Scott calling your name from the other side of the door. ‘’Go away Scott.’’ You were sobbing and questioning why you had even bothered to put makeup on. ‘’Look I’m sorry that Stiles was such an ass, but maybe if you told me what he did I could help you.’’ You opened the door and gave him a hug. You weren’t crying anymore. You told him what really happened saturday night, making sure to keep the details to a minimum. He looked pretty disappointed as he apologized for his best friend’s asshole behaviour.


A week later, you felt better thanks to the pack’s help. Stiles and scott were eating together while you ate with the girls. You still couldn’t bear the thought of looking him in the eyes after what he did to you, but at least you were able to hold back the tears until you were alone in your room.

There was a party at lydia’s and as one of her best friends, you were forced to go. You told yourself that one night of socialization wouldn’t be the end of the world. You put together a cute outfit and refreshed your makeup before leaving for the party.

When you got there, people were already drunk. You made your way to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink. ‘’OH MY GOD! Look who finally decided to show up…’’ said a visibly drunk Lydia. You laughed and rolled your eyes before giving her a hug. “Alright, now enough with the hugging, go mingle!” the redhead said before winking at you and heading towards the living room.

You poured yourself a cup of rum and coke before going to look for Scott in the backyard. ‘’Hey Scotty!’’ He turned around and smiled at you and then, you noticed that Stiles was sitting in front of him. Your eyes met his and he instantly looked away, but this time something was different. He didn’t look angry or annoyed if anything he actually looked sad.

He got up and walked towards you. ‘’Hey hum, do you think we could talk?’’ You glanced back at scott who looked as shocked as you. You were very reluctant to say yes, but at the same time you wanted to talk to him. ‘’ yeah um do you want to go take a walk so we don’t get disturbed?’’ After he agreed, you both walked in silence towards the metal gate leading to the front of the house. You were pretty far from lydia’s house when stiles stopped to walk and sat on the sidewalk. He waited a few second, then mumbled ‘’hold on’’ and he removed his plaid shirt to lay it on the cement next to him. You sat down and thanked him, slightly blushing at the thought of Stiles being so nice to you. “No problem. I don’t want you to ruin that beautiful outfit.”

A moment later, Stiles turned to look at you. He was playing nervously with his hands, while you were looking at the ground playing with small rocks that were lying around at your feet. ‘’I wanted to apologize for the way I acted the other night. It was really- I had my reasons, but it was still- I’m sorry i’ve been such an asshole with you. I mean nothing can really justify tying you to my bed-’’ You looked back at him ‘’Can you please not say that out loud i’m trying to forget it, like really hard.’’ he looked at you with an apologetic look on his face. ‘’Yeah, yeah- um totally. Well, i’m still sorry for um- it.’’

You were still playing with the rocks when stiles got up. You looked at him with a confused expression. ‘’ So that’s it, you said you were sorry, you’re just gonna walk away and not talk to me ever again, You’re just going to leave?’’ He stopped walking and turned only his head so he could look at you from the corner of his eyes. ‘’That’s what you did.’’ He said this with a blank expression, breaking your heart.

You got up and dried the tears that had fallen on your cheeks, but new ones replaced them. You spoke without thinking and said the thing that you had only told to one person. ‘’ You were talking in your sleep and you said ‘I love you’. That’s why I left’’ He turned to face you and he looked confused. ‘’Huh?’’

‘’I said , I left because-’’ He got closer to you and you could see the angry expression on his face.

‘’I know what you said, but do you even realise what’s wrong with what you are telling me? You could have just told me you didn’t love me instead of just leaving.’’ He was yelling and throwing his arms in the air.

Tears were still streaming down your face. ‘’ You mean like you did? Don’t you remember what I told you before we kissed the other night? Because I do. I told you that I loved you.’’

‘’Then why the fuck did you leave (Y/N)? WHY?’’ You had never seen Stiles that mad in you entire life. ‘’ You said I love you, it just wasn’t meant for me to hear.’’

Thinking about it made your heart shatter again. Stiles had been asleep for about thirty minutes now and your head rested on his chest. You were delicately tracing invisible patterns on his sin with your finger when he began petting your hair slightly. You looked at his face, he was sound asleep he looked so peaceful. He mumbled a few words before you could really hear what he was saying. Your smile faded as you heard him pronounce a name that wasn’t yours.

‘’ It was meant for lydia. You said ‘I love you, Lydia’ and that’s why I left. Because if I had told you, you would have denied it and i would have believed you and I would have fallen even more in love with you and-’’ You didn’t even realised how close he was before his lips crashed on yours.

He pulled you closer to him and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He licked your bottom lip to ask for entrance, which you happily granted him. It was like someone had set fire to you and the only remaining source of water on heart. Your lips were moving in perfect sync as your hands desperately roamed each other’s body with as much passion as Beethoven when he was playing the piano.

You stopped when it started raining cats and dogs. ‘’Come on, the jeep is not far from here’’ You both started running towards his car. Stiles was holding your hand, practically dragging you behind him, but you didn’t care as you were too happy to feel any pain.

When you got to the jeep, you clothes were soaking, so you climbed in the back seat to get them off, while Stiles was looking at you in awe. ‘’You know I’m pretty sure this is illegal.’’ he said raising his eyebrows. You playfully showed him you wrists. “Well arrest me then, officer Stilinski.” He looked at you with a smirk while pulling something from under the seat. “Maybe I will.” He clicked the handcuffs around your wrists while kissing you. “Just make sure that you don’t leave me here, this time.”

He looked at you before talking with a soft voice. “I won’t, because I never want you to leave again.” He placed a soft kiss on your lips before looking at you intensely. ‘’ No, this isn’t right.’’ He handed you the clothes scattered around the floor of the jeep and buckled his belt before getting out of the car and in the front seat.

You put your clothes back on and stayed there. You couldn’t move, you felt the tears rushing back as stiles glanced back at you. He muttered some words to himself before quickly joining you again in the backseat. He grabbed your hands and rubbed the back of them with his thumbs, while looking at you with a smile. “No, no, no. I meant this as in having sex in the back of my car. I mean- you truly are gorgeous and sexy and- I want you very very much, but I want it to be special, as special as you are t-” you cut him off with a kiss.

He placed his hands on your cheeks and slid one down your neck as he closed the space between you. You delicately massaged the back of his head with your fingertips while he pulled you on top of him as he lied down. You pulled away when you realised he had stopped moving. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ You moved so you were kneeling next to the car seat. You were both panting as you looked in each other’s eyes.

He sat up and slid in the front seat and gestured for you to do the same. ‘’ home. Now. i need you like now. ‘’ you smirked as you reached to put your hand on his thigh, but before you could touch him he grabbed your hand and interlaced his fingers with yours. ‘’ don’t even think about it.’’

The ride to his house was long and there was enough sexual tension in the car to make the windows break. As soon as you got there you both jumped out of the jeep and ran inside his house. After noticing that his dad wasn’t home, he pushed you against the door, kissing you hungrily. His hands slipped down your back and on your ass. He took the time to gently squeeze it, before gripping the back of your thighs and lifting you up.

You wrapped your legs around his waist and he placed kisses along your jawline and down your neck. He carried you up the stairs and closed the door with his foot, before gently putting you down on the bed. He hovered over you and looked into your eyes as he pushed a hair strand behind your ear. ‘’ You’re so beautiful.’’ He grabbed your cheeks and kissed you tenderly. You smiled as he removed his shirt and threw it across the room. You then removed yours and grabbed the back of his neck to bring him closer to you.

You both removed the rest of your clothes and he rolled you over so you were on top, your legs on each side of his body. You placed his tip against your entrance and a groan emerged from deep inside his throat. He grabbed your hips and lowered you until he filled you completely, resulting in a moan from both of you.

You started to roll your hips, once you adjusted to his generous size. He removed one hand from your hips to rub circles against your clit, once he felt you clenching around him. Then, he turned you over and slammed back into you at a punishing pace, which made your eyes roll, and your back arch from the bed. “Stiles! Fuck- I’m gonna-” Your vision became blurry, as you felt a wave of pleasure pulsating from your core and spreading all over your body.

As you came back to your senses, Stiles groaned, while lightly biting into your shoulder skin. His pace became slower, as he fell over the edge. He pulled out of you and fell next to you.

Without a word you both crawled under the covers. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around you, before placing a kiss on your forehead. He broke the silence “So, how would you feel if I asked you on a date?”

Dante slammed the truck door behind him after climbing in, loudly, the way he did everything, and his eyes widened as he took in Ari’s button-down shirt and slacks. 

“Did you get dressed up?” Dante asked.

“Maybe I did,” said Ari. “Shut up.”

“It’s just me.” Dante nudged his head against Ari’s shoulder, the way Legs did when she wanted him to pet her.

“Yeah, just you,” said Ari. “Just you who couldn’t even be bothered to put on shoes.”

They laughed. Ari rested his chin on Dante’s head for a moment, and then pulled away so he could start the car. “It’s a nice restaurant, you know,” he said. “They probably wouldn’t let me in wearing my threadbare Carlos Santana shirt.”

“That’s not why you got dressed up,” said Dante. He kissed Ari on the cheek.

“Fasten your fucking seatbelt,” said Ari, grinning. “I love that face too much to see it torn up by the windshield.”

“I love it when you say stuff like that,” said Dante. He didn’t buckle up. Not even that day in the rain had taught him to be afraid of cars. Dante Quintana refused to be tied down by things like shoes and seatbelts.

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Request: Can I ask for a fluff but slight angst with Dino? Something like you both having a crush on each other but neither of you wants to admit it because of fear of rejection? Thank youu❤❤

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Pairing: Dino x Reader

Being the normal school day again, you made your way to the building, fixing your bag on your shoulders. You made your way to the gates, you looked around, hoping to see your best friend, but he wasn’t there. 

Weird. He was always waiting for you in the morning, in front of the gates, in front of your house, or in front of the school, but not today. Ignoring that, you made your way to the classroom, hoping to at least find him on the spot next to you. And luckily, you did. He was sitting on your desk you both shared with an open book in front of him. 

You sat next to him, mumbling a little ‘good morning’, but you didn’t get a reply. Putting your bag beside you, you plopped the books on the desk to get his attention.

“Why didn’t you wait for me today?” You asked, staring at him. 

“I was busy” He replied without even bothering to look at you, flipping to the next page. You decided not to bother him anymore until the lunch break and stood up quietly with the rest of the class when the teacher came in, starting the class.

The hours seemed like years, passing so slowly without your conversations with Chan. You tapped on your desk, looking at him with the corner of your eye, he was still so focused on his book. He never liked studying, what had gotten into him today?

You stared at his lips, noticing the way they trembled. You blushed, loving how plump they always were.. and how much you wished you could kiss them. You shook your head and looked at your book again, but your mind still on different place. Having crush on your best friend for years wasn’t nice at all.

Especially when you knew he would never feel the same towards you. And the fact that you were best friends. But little did you know he felt the same way about you. He realized it the night you two were spending in his place. He fell for your laugh, your smile, and realized how much he loved everything about you.

But he couldn’t confess. That would mean disastrous end for both of you. He knew how would it end - if he confessed, you would tell him you don’t like him back and there would always be an awkward silence between you two, leading you both to depart from each other.

Neither of you both wanted this to happen. But neither of you could keep living with this.

The bell interrupted your thoughts and you stood up, shoving your books into your bag. Chan was still sitting and he looked up, noticing that the classroom has been emptied by the rest of the students and it was only him and you.

You slammed your hands on the desk, closing his book:

“Chan, tell me what’s wrong with you” You slid the book away from him so he couldn’t ignore you again before crossing your arms.

“Nothing” He sighed loudly, still not looking at you as he reached out for his book, but you pulled it away.

“It doesn’t seem like nothing, just tell me” You raised your voice at him, getting annoyed by his ignorance.

“There’s something I need to tell you, I can’t hold it in anymore.”

Hearing this made your heart skip a beat. What was that supposed to mean?

“The truth is.. I like you, Y/N. More than a friend.” He looked down, fidgeting with his fingers as you stared at him with wide eyes. Although, he didn’t take your silence as a good sign.

“I know you don’t like me back, but–” You cut him off with your sudden tight hug. 

“Why did you think so?” You said, smiling, tears of happiness blistening in your eyes as you planted a soft kiss on his cheek, making him smile widely and hug you back.

“Because we’re best friends..”

You leaned your forehead on his, looking into his eyes while stroking his cheek gently and answered before kissing his lips lovingly, “We used to be.”

-Admin Cho

Imagine pt 7: Anniversary

You stare at Bill for what seems an eternity trying to process what he’s just said, his plump lips still so close to yours after whispering those poisonous words.

He gives you an almost sulky look as if to say I’m not backing down

You both jump then as a sound in the house alerts you to the fact you are no longer the only two awake and you leave Bill with a heavy heart, stealing back to your bed, and to Alex.

…Flashback: Exactly one year earlier…

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