why did i even bother ew

Roommate Starters
  • "Have you seen my stuff?"
  • "Oh my god, lock the door next time!"
  • "Clean up your things, you aren't the only one here."
  • "Have you taken out the trash yet?"
  • "I'll be doing the laundry today, so, give me all the dirty clothes."
  • "What did I say about putting the dishes in the sink?"
  • "Didn't I say you couldn't bring anyone here?"
  • "...We need a bigger dorm room."
  • "God, why am I stuck with you?"
  • "Oh shit it's you!"
  • "We are never going to last long here in this room together."
  • "I'm taking the top bunk!"
  • "Oh no, you're taking the bottom bunk!"
  • "Whoever wins gets the top bunk."
  • "Was... was this left by the older occupants of this dorm?"
  • "Oh god, ew, they didn't even bother to clean the room up!"
  • "Would you prefer to sleep together or do you want either the top or the bottom bunk?"

Ew. Why the fuck are they doing this to her? Why did they just have Elena say she would rather give up her dream of being a human just to be with Damon for eternity? Why would she say she doesn’t really like the fact that she has to live as a vampire forever, but she’d rather just ignore that feeling? And the only thing Damon is worried about is that she’ll go back to Stefan?? wtf is wrong with these people? Thank God they’re going to end this ship.