why did i draw this..im not......sure

ive been getting a lot of questions about adopts and how to make them uh.

im not the best person to ask. im still very new to the adopts world. the only reason why i did it was cause i love drawing/designing characters. people ask if i cater to people’s wants and needs in terms of designs and how i make the right choices.

i dont cater! there are no right choices. i dont ever go or think oh boy im sure my fans are going to like THIS SPECIFIC THING i just draw anything i deem to be fun and interesting. if i like it and im happy with the outcome, that’s all that matters, and i think it’s fantastic that people like what i like, its amazing we can have the same taste and interest in things and connect with that.

i create adopts because i know and love the feeling of having a character that i pour my love into and build stories and fun relationships around. i bought my first actual adopt from a dear friend of mine @bataid, and the feeling of getting a character design from a talented and loving person was very honoring. this person chose to design me something out of thin air! how neat is that!!! from that character alone sprung stories, interactions, etc. so much thought and care went into this! creating characters for others to use and experience those feelings is my goal, characters are very important! they can do so much for us in our lives. 

i guess my only advice if you want to do adopts is to have fun with it. dont get too discouraged if your adopts dont sell either it doesn’t mean your adopts are bad. it’s fine to follow the trends and see what is popular atm and add that little touch! just look at your adopts and go, “would i want these and would i care for these.” people can tell if you care about something or if you half ass something. have a good time with it.

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him

I had some free time and so I drew some Shallura.I don’t know why did i draw these crystals around them but… why not :) 

And yeah,I always wanted to draw space.

P.S: Please do not copy my drawings.Thank you ^^

Why did I think drawing around 5am was a good idea? Either way have what I believe is the 99% sure final look for Vexen in the inverted sunrise AU. It’s fun drawing him in the au’s coat + The hairstyle was partly inspired by a shot of him from the Manga. 

hi im super sorry to bother you but i really love  your art and i just saw your pokemon team’s gijinkas and i thought they were so amazing! i tried to do a small doodle for my favourite design which is your butterfree Venus and i realised that she didn’t look anything like the design and im really sorry about that :’( i really love your art thank you for drawing and keeping me inspired! 

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WHY ARE YOU APOLOGIZE This isn’t a bother at all!! QoQ

Sorry for the lateness in posting this, I’ve been awful pre-occupied and I wanted to make sure I was coherent enough to give you proper thanks for this–It’s really wonderful~!

You did a fine job capturing her! All their designs are pretty open for wiggle room and I could tell who it was the moment I saw it in my inbox, so I think you did well~ 

Thank you so much for this–I’m glad I could inspire you and I’ll keep doing my best!

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I!!! Love!!!!! Your!!!!!!! Art!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard you were taking requests and I did jumped out of my chair with joy haha! How about mobtale frans? Maybe smth along the lines of the good food, good friends, bad laughs au w/ frisk and sans on a job that turns spicy (lolololol)

GOD I FEEL LIKE A FAILURE AS A FRANS FAN BECAUSE I NEVER READ THAT FANFIC THOUGH I HEAR IT’S LIKE, THE BEST (slowburn is a little hard for me, i like it but woof that many chapters im shook…)

Anyways thats kinda why I probs can’t do this request as you imagined it since I’m not sure what “job that turns spicey” means. Also I did a work for mobtale frans not too long ago BUT I will surely draw more in the future ❤ It’s one of my fave AUs ever.


Sure beats the heck outta the name I’ve been using for her ( ’-_-)

Okay but since it is obvious Sportacus knows it’s Robbie despite the ridiculous disguises, what if one time Robbie set this huge, elaborate thing to get rid of Sportadork, as always, but this time Sportacus was in amazement at how much time and effort went in to this scheme and let it slip and said, “Wow, Robbie! This is amazing!” And Robbie got super flustered and was making sure nobody heard it and Sportacus just giggled and sassily said, “Oh sorry. I meant, Mr.Rottenton.” (or whatever brillant fake name Robbie thought of) & now I can’t stop seeing this actually happening please someone draw fanart.

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Also 33, and 59. xD

Curious person aren’t you? :D

33. something you want to learn
I actually wanna learn graphic design. I’m fascinated by it, but I’m not good at drawing in general. So im not sure if I can actually *learn* that

59. why i joined tumblr
Let’s see, I use to be a lurk on the simscave forums, until a few people created their own forum and I moved to there. But the site closed for a reason I don’t fully know and a few members (Jill & Mura) contacted me on my old simscave account (or steam, honestly i don’t recall it correctly anymore) and said that a lot of the people moved to tumblr. So i did too and I’ve been here ever since.

Thank you for asking & showing interest :D

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Can you do an au of 10ks pov on you and he starts to develop feelings for you but he tries to push them away except he finally cracks one day and gets angry and admits his big crush on you?

once again, im sorry this took so long

this was really fun to write!!! hope you like!

It sucks to be in love with your best friend.

It really sucks to be in love with your best friend in the frigging apocalypse.

10k wishes he had the courage to tell you. He wishes he would just come out with it, end this agony.

But he can’t. Every time he tries, his throat closes up.

So he keeps quiet. He’s kept quiet for two months.

“Earth to 10k. 10k?” You ask, snapping your fingers in his face. He jerks back to attention, shaking the thoughts from his head.


“You know, if you really wanted to get out of your marriage to Paris Hilton, we could pretend your number is 8 instead of 9.” You tell him, nodding to the pad of paper in your hands. You’re teaching him how to play MASH, and he doesn’t totally get the concept. Especially because, if he’s going to marry anyone, he’d want it to be you, not some random celebrity he’s never heard of.

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Why did spring in the heart get taken off the English site?

it wasn’t removed on the korean site until i checked just now, so it’s gone on both the korean and english (FUCHK NO IM CRYING AGAIN) sites now

it got taken off because it was disqualified from lezhin’s 3rd annual world comic contest, so its probably not going to be serialized

maybe in the future but im not sure if it can be anymore, maybe on a different publisher???? but i dont even know if dami/bbong is planning on continuing drawing it or not and im so sad