why did i do this post


“acid in the face”

“with hijab?”


“did you see how hard he hit?”

“why do you wear that shit?”

Sana: hey, jamilla

*scrolls up*

Jamilla: I’m just trying to protect you

Sana; Thanks, but no thanks


Sana: SORRY! There has been a misunderstanding! I thought you had posted crap about me!! Let me explain! I’m calling you now!

Eva: what is this?

Sana: I quit the bus

Chris: what?!

Sana: I’m not going to be russ

Eva: now that we have gotten a bus and people and everything is working out, and then you quit?

Chris: whats happening?

Sana: it just isn’t that important for me to be Russ

Noora: it was pretty important to you a little while ago?

Sana: maybe i have decided that it goes against my values to stand and watch girls lose all their self respect for that royal hat?

Sana: how is it going with…?

Isak: fine! It’s going fine

Sana: sorry again for that my brother…

Isak: its fine, don’t think about it

Teacher: okay, we’re going through alot this lesson. Its mid terms next week and some of you are far behind so its important.. 

Isak: that applies to me, thats for sure. can’t you help me a little, Sana? I am so fucked, I am so far behind

Sana: sorry, you just have to realize the hard truth

Isak: that i get…. a 4?

Sana: that you’re alone

I’m sure my shitty banner is really giving you faith in my editing skills

hi guys 

so yesterday I hit 4k and uh, first things first, how? when I started this blog three-ish months ago I never could have imagined this. I’m honestly shocked that anyone enjoys my content and puts up with my whining. you guys are all amazing and I love you guys so much. this fandom has been so welcoming to me and I’m infinitely grateful for everyone who follows me, interacts with my posts, or has been a friend to me (wow there, sap, calm down) 💛

anyway, I figured that to celebrate, since I didn’t do anything for 3k (sdfghjkl sorry) I could do some url edits.

how to get one

  • you mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • have a phan-related url (sorry ily all)
  • send me an ask with your favourite colours

extra shit rubbish:

I’ll try to do them all/as many as possible but there’s a (relatively strong) chance that I only do those I’m inspired by, sorry. these make take a (long) while to finish because I have this, plus 100 days of London flat memories, plus real life stuff like school and yeah. blacklist “callie does url edits” if you don’t wanna see them. also I’m gonna be using these mostly as practice to improve my editing so don’t expect to be amazed.

and yeah. i love you guys 💛

anonymous asked:

How about headcanons for a single parent s/o whose child starts calling Sidon 'dad' and Dorephan 'king grandpa'? Especially if it's a future s/o who hasn't expressed their feelings yet. (I love your work by the way, thank you so much for making this blog!)

MY HEART!!!!!!!!!! (And thank you!)

-Mod Pinks

Singleparent!s/o’s kid starts calling partner dad (BOTW)


  • Did they just call him dad? Did they just call him dad?!
    • The kid and some of the other children had been playing in a less than safe way, and Sidon had caught them doing so. After giving them a lecture on safety and “why asking that one guy to show them how to hit electric posts” is an awful idea, all the kids apologize, but s/o’s kid says “Sorry, dad…” genuinely.
      • Sidon has to work to keep himself from scooping them up at that moment and just being overjoyed. He’s supposed to be angry dangit!
  • Is so overjoyed later on though. He knows a stranger intruding into someone else’s family must be very difficult for a child to get through (especially if said stranger hasn’t made their feelings clear yet), but the fact the kid called him ‘Dad” just gives him so much hope! It makes his heart soar!
  • Is very happy around the s/o, more so than usual, though also a lot more blushy. Might bring it up around s/o just to gauge their reaction:
    • Your young one is already calling me father… I was hoping they’d do that after I actually confessed my feelings to you.”
  • Dorephan grinned at Sidon for a long time when he was told, and would occasionally tease him about it. Until…


  • The kid and the king had been drinking tea together; the king liked his peaceful moments, and the kid liked the tea and biscuits and stories the king liked to tell. 
    • Just as the kid gets picked up by Sidon, they rush up to Dorephan, hugging him as best they can and saying “Thanks for the stories grandpa!” before rushing off.
    • Sidon: /*0*/
    • Dorephan:*___*
  • When the adviser passes by an especially cheery Sidon and kid, he thinks nothing of it. When he sees the king cupping his face and just shaking like a leaf, he’s terrified.
  • Dorephan is just so HAPPY!!! This little kid loves him so much that they see him as a part of their family?!
    • Sidon had told him of the s/o, despite not having confessed yet, and Dorephan had been worried for the child. But it looked like the child was already on board with the idea, and it just makes Dorephan so happy.
  • Will accept no other title from the kid. Grandpa or bust. 

princess carry me into the sunset with your three pairs of arms

what am I doing [AO3]

“And that’s why I would like Shouji to hold my hand and lead me into the sunset,” Kaminari concluded.

He was sitting on the table in the common room next to Mina while the rest of their friends sat on the sofa opposite.

“Why the fuck did we have to sit through half an hour of crappy monologue about that? You’re so full of shit. Who the fuck wants to have someone’s sweaty hand touch them that badly, anyway.”

“Just ‘cause your hands are drenched in sweat doesn’t mean everyone else is a slimy, stinking goblin.”

“Alright, guys. That’s enough. Bakugou, we hold hands all the time. Let Kaminari dream,” said Kirishima disapprovingly.

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anonymous asked:

What did louis do? Why can he choke?

Gonna reply to this one but to the other 3 anons, I don’t feel like getting attacked by people who are way too far up his ass to see it.

I hope we all can agree that what he posted today on IG is utter shit and makes him a hypocrite, though! :) x

anonymous asked:

If you're an age regression blog why did you reblog a post that's about power exchange? And a non consensual one at that

I had to legit take a few days away from this blog because of this ask.
My age regression is mine. What helps me regress at times is a having a slight power dynamic from the standpoint it lets me know it’s okay to regress within that moment.
And it CAN be consensual if you discuss with your partner/cg before hand about things to do/say to help you regress. These sentences I would not stand for if I didn’t give permission for them before hand.
Stop policing the internet. I’m not cross tagging, I’m not even claiming to be in any particular community. If you see something that upsets you, unfollow the person. There’s no need to make drama about how different people regress. Stop judging, this is my safe place. You have no right to claim it as your own.

grimcookies  asked:

luke : ) : P

hmmm went to primary school w a kid named luke, i would hug him all the time n my friends (cougheilishcough) would b like “jaz y do u hug him all the time” and i’d be like ‘ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk im weird‘ and then i moved away n never rly saw him again until suddenly…..tumblr user grimcookies posted a selfie and i was like o oH >?? hello 

anonymous asked:

That dude has a post that says "Anyway I can’t imagine being someone who hates the Beatles. Do you kick puppies and kill kittens too? Why do you hate good music so much?" Did this fucking start over them being upset that music taste is subjective? My lord.


an anxious boyo


magnus playing with his rings