why did i do this in the first place

Do you sometime just, idk try real hard to not think about how you failed your whole purpose of living, and managed to actually trick yourself into thinking that you’ve moved on and is making new plans…
And then, something just HAPPENS to remind you what a fucking failure you are.

it always shocks me that people still to this very day think Komaeda is a selfish, delusional, crazy liar like this kid:

- Waited for a kid who had a panic attack and blacked out upon being thrust into a stressful situation, when no one else did, and offered to lead him around to make sure he was accustomed and okay.

- Has the whole liar disease when his personalty is reversed to show us he’s not a liar, which I’m like, 65% sure why the despair disease was even conceived of by the writers in the first place.

- Has an entire section where you play as him (which is unprecedented in DR) just to show you that no, he is definitely not a liar and fully believes in the righteousness of what he’s doing.

- Decided to sacrifice himself for his classmates and risked his life when going into the FDR, without even telling anyone what he was doing so no one would stop him.

- Even after literally sacrificing his life for hope, still left behind enough critical evidence purposefully so that his classmates could maybe find out the truth, just in case they were worthy of it after all and to maybe save their lives even after, again, he had tortured himself and resigned himself to a slow, painful death.

- In Island Mode in general is mostly a considerate sweetheart, warning Hinata to stay away from dangerous things and trying to keep him safe whenever they’re together. (In the manga he even takes care of Hinata after Hinata gets sick thanks to his luck.)

- When he dreams of an ideal world, it is one where he has horrible, bad things happen to him, but good things happen to those he admires and cares for, that’s his heart’s literal truest desire.

- Tried to warn his classmates about going back to fight Kamukura and Enoshima without help, and yeah I know he said he was ‘just testing them.’ But that was clearly just him going along with what they had suggested, like he often says he’ll do in SDR2, because he doesn’t think his opinions and observations are worth much compared to Ultimates.

- Was so happy to see Kuzuryuu and Souda alive after his dream that he hugged them, even knowing that it was only dream because he cared about them so much.

- Komaeda Nagito is a naturally sweet boy who gets set off by stressful and strenuous situations, likely thanks to his  FTD and quite honestly likely thanks to some form of PTSD for all the death he’s seen and believes himself guilty of, when there’s no tragedy or conflict to set him off, he’s harmless and only viewed as strange or weird by his classmates, rather then dangerous. (Exempting Hinata of course.) 

- Literally he fell in love with the first person who tried to understand him wtf this boy is not evil or a psychopath.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when and where did edward nygma, serial killer, genius, future riddler, learn to make origami penguins without looking? how long did it take him to learn how to do it so well? why did he learn to make origami penguins in the first place? did he do it just to impress oswald? was he looking for ways to woo his crush and just think "i know, i'll make him a paper penguin. he'll be super impressed"? what happened to the origami penguin? did oswald keep it? does he still have it?

my favourite thing about cars as a franchise is that if you try to think about the logistics of the cars universe as it is presented in the films, logically, for about…i don’t know, a second? the entire concept collapses

like, for example, there’s a sequence in the first cars film, in which lightning mcqueen shortly after arriving in radiator springs and causing all the damage, is effectively put on trial, and they do this in a courtroom

i want you to look at this image and try and think about how anything in this scene should conceivably exist in this universe. how did cars make the hardwood floor? why are they on a hardwood floor in the first place, wouldn’t their tires be making a complete mess on the floor? how did they carve those ornate pillars and door designs? how did they make the ceiling fans? why would cars need ceiling fans? how the fuck did they paint those pictures in the background? and design the detailed frames for the pictures? or even make the canvas on which the pictures were to be painted in the first place? how did cars make that sculpture and lettering above the door? how the fuck? the absolute limit of the cars fine motor skills control is their wheels which are woefully inadequate for doing anything, and even the little forklifts abilities are limited, with nowhere near the precise amount of control required for any of this shit to occur. how did any of this happen? the entire reality of the film falls apart with the slightest poking and it’s incredible

Today a door taught me two very important things.

I was at lunch with one of my toxic ex best friends who I hadn’t met in almost a year and quite frankly I don’t know why we met today in the first place. All we did was start the meal with small talk and indulge in polite boring conversation until I spoke like I always do- honestly.
Then all it was, was accusations and yelling and snide remarks.
It was just so much negativity, anger and repressed emotions that I wanted to run away.
The door and the lessons it taught me come into picture when we were leaving the restaurant-

I always hold the door for anyone behind me. It doesn’t matter what’s their age or gender, it’s just a habit. But today I was so mad that I decided not to hold the door for her.
The result?
I crashed face first into the door and broke my glasses.

1. This taught me was that you shouldn’t change your behaviour irrespective of other people’s behaviour because that’s not who you want to be.

2. It also taught me to never pull, push doors.
Amidst all the negativity and baggage, I didn’t bother about the sign and pulled the door. I guess that only means that I shouldn’t, lost in all my emotions ignore the actual signs people show and bother pulling them into my life while really I should be pushing them away.
Because those people want to leave and pulling them is only going to break me like the door broke my glasses.

—  creatingnikki 

The fact that Will is constantly said to be good at hiding bothers me. How and why did he get so good at hiding, and who did he have to hide from? It’s possible that since his biological dad, Lonnie, was verbally (and quite possibly physically) abusive he wanted to get away from him. Maybe that’s why he built castle Byers in the first place-

i havent been posting much here, sorry!!!!! will try to better. just dropping by to say i’m happy fam. sun’s been out this week, days are getting longer. was reminded tonight of my motivation for joining this industry in the first place: storytelling is the oldest and most powerful cultural tool we possess, that alone is why i’m doing this. why i love doing this. i’ve felt very balanced recently, steady in my uncertainty. life happens whether i act or not, and that thought alone allows me to act. 

did a bunch of colour theory this week, &walked around the lake twice. this afternoon maja, leila, and i bought a cake for the class and we all sat in the first proper sun to grace denmark in weeks to eat it. gonna hire bikes this weekend. i’m as good as i probably can be 

I don’t like saying this just as much as you don’t like hearing it, but we’re back here again.

I just read this quote on twitter today by SM and I’m going off. Bear with me.

Did SM really say “[…] we decided to help them” to Super Junior? 

Are you kidding me? What exactly did you do? I’m seriously asking. What did you do to help them? You can’t even spell their album name right.  

You were the first ones to believe they would fail. That’s why you put them in that stupid ‘graduate the group’ system until you realized how popular they were getting and eliminated that strategy. Why have a strategy like that in the first place? Because you wanted to get rid of them. With each member “graduating” you could get rid of them faster, tell them you kept your promise to debut them, and after that they would no longer be your responsibility. 

However, when they starting attracting a lot of fans, you actually gave them some attention. That whole “stardom to asia” was real but I doubt you actually believed in it. That was probably a promotional strategy. But then when they actually started being the stars of asia, you started taking it seriously because you realized holy shit these guys are gaining popularity every day. The only time and reason you started giving a shit about them in between somewhere was because they started having a huge fanbase that would bring you a lot of money. ELF actually had to buy shares in your company so that you would treat Super Junior fairly, and you’re telling me that you helped them? 

Aside from what you HAD to do as a entertainment company (with a contract) how exactly did you help them? It’s not “helping” when you have a trade off through a contract. This way you’re “helping” EACH OTHER. You make them idols. They bring you money. A trade off (which you initially benefited from more than them because of your unfair treatment). 

You had one of their members wear a mask when performing (and yeah sure there were legal and contract issues) but how did you HELP him after when everything was settled? What counselling did you provide him with after he went through all that shit and became insecure and lost his confidence? Nothing. Instead, you continued to treat him unfairly and so he left. Moreover, what counselling did you provide Leeteuk when he was dealing with depression and became suicidal? You did not do shit. You told him to deal with it and get over it because it was none of your business that he was depressed and suicidal. The military suggested that he discharge early because of the illness but you said no, he had to stay (so if he died there then so be it). How did you help them?

Leeteuk is your biggest potential for a future national MC and you are always up his ass about working hard to be a good MC because you know he has that potential, but you don’t even give a shit about his mental health. He is fighting through it thanks to group activities and talking to the rest of the members. That experience damaged him so much that he has dedicated some of himself to helping other idols and people deal with depression and suicide. But no, you tell me how you help them?

You didn’t “help” them by making them debut, giving them comebacks, albums, and etc. I am very thankful that you did because I would not be here today if you had not debuted them and given them comebacks. But, those are thing you HAD to do as a company who already had a contract with them. 

They are EXPECTED. 

I bet the reason you gave SJ a label of their own is mainly to tie them down to you so they wouldn’t leave in the future, like Shinhwa did. Maybe I’m wrong and you really did give them a label because you care about them but with the way things have been in the past you can’t blame me for being skeptical. 

You want to help Super Junior? Start by treating them fairly. You want to help them? Invest at least some of the money they earned for you back into them instead of everyone else EXCEPT them. They are one of the top 2-3 groups that earn you the most money and you can’t even give them a proper album cover or reasonable time for promotions. But you can’t do that because like the high school teacher and professor everyone hates, you play favourites. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Super Junior is your most neglected group despite their huge success.

SM, you’ve done for Super Junior what you were obligated to do as a entertainment company and based on a contract. Nothing more. You’ve treated them more unfairly than fair. Do you not notice that when they often thank us, ELF, before they thank you? But, by all means, tell me how you helped them? 

I’m not ungrateful towards SM for all the good that they HAVE done for Super Junior. I sincerely thank them for it. But to say you helped them must be a joke because I’m still laughing.

  • Jumin: Luciel here spent all the money.
  • 707: Then why did we elect me as the treasurer?
  • Jumin: I told you. It was mostly a figurehead position.
  • 707: Then why even have an election in the first place? I mean, you're rich so do it yourself.
  • Jumin: Luciel, the election didn't matter much. You cheated anyway.
  • 707: What do you mean I cheated anyway?! I did not cheat! I wouldn't have cheated an election. That is a sacred Democratic right!
  • Jumin: There are 400 votes for you.
  • 707: So?
  • Jumin: That's 7 of us!
  • 707: Yes? So, you can vote multiple times... for yourself.
Why is diversity important in the practice of law?

A couple of months ago, I applied to a scholarship that asked me to answer the previous question. It was angry, it was honest, and I thought it wasn’t going to be PG enough for the committee. Yesterday, I found out I DID get the scholarship. While I am very thankful to have received it (it means I can afford to buy my textbooks next semester) I have often come back to the essays that I wrote in order to remind myself… why the hell I’m doing this in the first place. So as usual I thought I’d share

Why do you believe that diversity is important in the practice of law?Despite many advances, our country is still confronting an incredible dissonance of identity. We call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave; yet we quantify how much “freedom” our citizens deserve based on their skin color, religion, and income, and refuse to let some of us call this our “home” even when crossing oceans and borders just to get here was the bravest thing we’d ever done. No one understands a struggle, as well as the ones that live it. Who better to understand our country’s issues than those that live in a dissonance of identity every day like minorities in this country do? Who better to shape the definition of America, than those that struggle with being “too” American and American “enough” every day of their lives?

Our laws, regulations, and public policies are the framework in which our society is built on and lives through. The law is words put into action. Those with the power to make law, decide what it means, and what it should be, determine who our country is and who our country will be. We need more diversity in the practice of law so that when those important decisions of policy and law are made, our experience and issues are taken into serious consideration without being dismissed, not simply for ourselves, but for the future prosperity of our country. A fragmented community cannot grow, and without resolving our issues with race, immigration, religious differences, and income disparities, we will never be united enough to prosper.

What can we do to promote and support diversity in the legal profession?

Give us examples to follow. Give us a lot of examples to follow. Help more minorities get to and through law school. Then help them succeed even after law school. We can expose our children to what they could dream to accomplish every day, but without seeing themselves in a concrete example, in someone that looks like them, and speaks like them, and has experiences like theirs, those ambitions will remain abstract dreams and not realities.

When I was 16 I saw Elle Woods graduate from Harvard Law School in the film Legally Blonde and I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. By 18, despite having graduated as a National Hispanic Merit Scholar, at the top of my class, and with a full scholarship, I also knew that I could never go to law school. I didn’t know any lawyers; my parents didn’t know any lawyers. Elle Woods was blonde and rich and I was brunette and poor. That’s what life had taught me in those two years, that’s how strong and pervasive the lessons of inequality continue to be in our country.

It wasn’t until ten years later that my high school students would finally help me unlearn that terrible lesson. My students were refugees, immigrants, band geeks, cheerleaders, gang leaders, mothers, fathers, orphans, and poets. They would come into my classroom tired and sleepless because they were working all night, because the baby hadn’t stopped crying all night, because they hadn’t stopped crying all night for the mother they left behind in El Salvador. But when I told them that education would help them reach their goals, that they could go to college and most importantly that they could graduate from college, they believed me. They believed me because I look like them, and speak like them, and I can never say no to a bag of Takis or a plate of pupusas just like them, and I had done it. With my braids and Spanish accent, I had graduated.

My last day in my classroom, I sat on the floor and cried because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them, until Guadalupe told me, “Miss D. if you can’t do it then how do you expect us to do it? You said we could and we can, so now you have to, too.”

I’m a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, Mexican-American woman and English is my second language, and in 2019 I will be a law school graduate. Because underneath every single one of my identifiers that I am so proud of, there is an entire population of Americans that didn’t have the privilege and blessings that I did to be able to overcome the obstacles that every single one of those identifiers puts before us. Because I cannot let the world say that any part of who I am limits me; I cannot say it for myself or for all my students that inspired me to fulfill my dreams. That’s what keeps me up at night, even after 12 hours of studying, even after ramen noodles and no sleep. To be a more diverse law community, we need more diverse students becoming lawyers, because once we do we will never forget that this is not just about us… this is about everyone like us that couldn’t and everyone after us that should.

cute nostalgic asks

1. what’s your favorite song from before 2000?

2. do you have a favorite childhood memory?

3. when were you born?

4. do you sleep with stuffed animals?

5. what books did you read as a child?

6. what was your favorite grade in elementary school?

7. what was your favorite activity? i.e. crafts, play-doh, coloring, etc.

8. do you have anything from your childhood? if so, what?

9. do you communicate with childhood friends?

10. do you live in your childhood house? if not, where do you live now?

11. did you have a pacifier or baby blanket?

12. what was your first word?

13. which is better: baths or showers? why?

14. what did your childhood bedroom look like?

15. where was the best place to go after school? i.e. a bowling alley, dairy queen, the corner store, etc.

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12/18 Shoma’s pre-Nationals interview with Daisuke Takahashi

The clip starts out with the 2017 highly anticipated and promising athlete ranking: 1) Otani Shohei (baseball), 2) Uno Shoma (figure skating), 3) Nishikori Kei (tennis), 4) Hanyu Yuzuru (figure skating), 5) Shirai Kenzo (gymnastics).

[Cut to interview]
Dai: Was there something you told yourself or some sort of trick to land the quad flip?
Shoma: (After last season’s seventh place finish at Worlds) I gathered myself and wanted to do something fun, but the quad lutz is probably out of the question so I thought why not try the flip.
Dai: It took you a really short time to land it, didn’t it?
Shoma: I landed it on the first day when I was practicing it for the first time.
Dai: That’s amazing?? How many years did I work on it… and I only landed it once!

[Dreams on Ice 2012 clip with Yamada]
He loves skating so he works really hard. He’s always been a hard worker. Yaaay! We’ll do our best, thanks for supporting us.
Shoma: I’ll do my best!

[Cut back to interview]
Dai: Do you remember this flip board? You wrote it.
Shoma: Eh, when?

It’s a “Future Report” he wrote in November 2014 of his goals.
2014: Land 4T & 3A in competition.
2015: Move up to seniors.
2016: ?
2017: ?
2018: Skate in the Olympics.

Shoma (in 2014): I want to improve even more, and during that time, I’m not sure how much I can improve so we’ll see what happens.

Dai: So when you first wrote this, you left it as “we’ll see what happens,” so how do you feel about it right now?
Shoma: At the time, I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. I was primarily focused on consistency with the quad toe loop and triple axel. I didn’t see past those instances so that’s why I wrote “we’ll see what happens.” My current state is definitely not something I imagined. It’s beyond what I could imagine.

Dai (watching Shoma practice): Saying things like, “I want to win” or “I want to become like this or that,” he’s changed. You can feel he’s taking on the responsibility of being a skater representing Japan.

Dai: Before you said, “No matter what you did, you wouldn’t be able to beat Hanyu-senshu,” have you changed from that position?
Shoma: It’s changed a lot. It’s changed from “I’m still a long ways from winning” to “I want to win.”
Dai: More determined now, yeah?
Shoma: I’m training now to catch up to Yuzu-kun to become a skater that can compete on his level. It’s what I remind myself when the going gets tough. I’m glad there are still a lot of goals for me to achieve.

Back to the “Future Report,” a goal was added for 2016.
2016: Beating Yuzu-kun.

“Why can’t everybody just love each other and simply coexist with each other?” is something a Libra would say. They think that if everybody can just cooperate, compromise, and love each other, the world would be a better place.

Libras tend to forget that it’s hard for everyone to “just love each other.” There’s flaws, and due to those flaws, there are misunderstandings that will eventually turn to hatred if nothing is done. Libra is idealistic in the sense that it forgets the ugliness of the world. Libra is a masculine, external sign is ruled by Venus after all… Libra seeks for beauty in the outside world and is constantly disappointed when it sees that the world isn’t always so beautiful.

And with the ugly side of the world, sometimes, cooperation and compromise isn’t enough, and that’s something a Libra can struggle to learn. They may think that a rational compromise will make the cut, but… will it? Will a clean cut, rational solution solve a messy, irrational problem? Libras can often be baffled by some of the problems they face because they try to have a rational take on a problem that requires an irrational action.

It’s hard for Libra to accept that the world can’t “just love each other.” It’s hard for Libra to accept that love can’t exist without hate… After all, how can we truly know love if we don’t have an opportunity to feel a lack of it, which is hate? Libra has to realize that some problems in the world can’t simply be fixed by compromise because it’s too emotionally painful to fix. Some problems can’t just be forgiven and done, because not all problems are easy to move on from.

This is something that Scorpio, the sign after Libra will understand. With every sign, there is a problem that will be positively addressed in the next sign… Yet with that positive address, a new problem will rise for that next sign. This is what ultimately connects the signs, and the constant emergence of solving and having issues is what keep the sign cycle going.

My theory on that pic

Okay, so I thought some more about that photo Phichit took of Yuuri and Victor.

My three main questions are:

  • What exactly are Yuuri and Victor doing?
  • Why is Phichit there with them?
  • Why did Phichit post it online?

Of course, at first glance that pic seems rather suggestive. But even when they are very comfortable with touching each other by now, I don’t believe Yuuri would be up for something naughty in a public place. So, as long as they didn’t invite Phichit to their hotel room to watch them, I can’t think of a situation where Phichit’s with them while they are in such a position. And if Phichit accidently caught them in the act, I don’t think he’s the type of friend to post it online. Unless the truth is something more innocent.

And in the end, it is a preview for the next episode. It’s supposed to suggest more then there actually is. So, here’s my best guess at what really happened:

Yuuri and Victor go out in the evening to get some local food and Victor drinks a bit too much. So it is up to Yuuri to get him back to their hotel. And because drunk Victor doesn’t want to leave so soon, he doesn’t play along, making it quite difficult for Yuuri to drag him back to the hotel.

On their way back or in the hotel lobby they meet Phichit who sees how much trouble Yuuri has and offers to help him out with getting Victor to their room and to bed.

Once there, Victor takes his shirt of and demands to sleep together with Yuuri. Maybe with the excuse that Makkachin is not with them so he needs someone else to cuddle with to fall asleep. Maybe because he’s a bit jealous that Yuuri gets along so well with Phichit. Or maybe just because he feels like it. Yuuri refuses but Victor doesn’t listen and tackles him regardless, and that’s how they end up in this position. Phichit thinks it’s hilarious how needy Victor is acting and how much Yuuri is flailing so he took the photo and posted it online.

170322 Moonbyul Daily Memo - Q&A with Moonbyul

Q: Do you have any thoughts of uploading a choreography video without permission from your company?
MB: Of course!

Q: Would you consider doing a solo vapp?
MB: Solo vapp.. I’m nervous..

Q: Which producer did you work with for the arrangement of ‘Don’t Forget’?
MB: Producer Park Woo Sang.

Q: Artist you like the most?
MB: Chris Brown, Big Sean.

Q: Why are 'byulddongs’ called 'byulddongs’ (=her fans)?
MB: It’s the first nickname I got (elementary school). It has a special meaning.

Q: If you were to change your hair color again, I’m curious what color you will do.
MB: Um.. Secret ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Is there a song or stage you want to do?
MB: I’ve been thinking about it lately.

Q: Is there a place you want to recommend byulddongs to go for a trip?
MB: Not yet.. (Please wait)

Q: Would you consider doing a full version of 'Thought of You’?
MB: Full version… There isn’t one ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Do you have any interest in getting a pet?
MB: We got one at (her family’s) home~ A puppy. First announcement. Its name is Daebakie.

Q: Is there a subject/topic that you want to write lyrics about?
MB: Lyrics like Justin Bieber’s 'Love Yourself’.

Q: How long do you plan on being pretty for?
MB: =v= I don’t know~

Q: Is there a concept you want to try?
MB: Girly girly~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Q: What moment do you remember the most after debuting?
MB: When we won number 1. When we had our first solo concert.

Q: What’s a song you want to recommend to byulddongs?
MB: Thinking.. (Lotus Flower Bomb - Wale) The beat and feel of the song is nice.

Q: I feel like if you’re a person with a job, you can’t help but get stressed from different things. How do you relieve stress?
MB: 1. meet someone, 2. sleep.

Q: Do you have any thoughts of doing a moon-moo-bi (moonbyul-moomoo-secret) of you dancing? 
MB: I do~!

Q: Of the lyrics you wrote for songs, which song do you have the most affection for?
MB: I have affection for all of them, but 'Ahh-Oop’ (It was a time when I had lots of thoughts and worries).

Q: What is something you’d say to your pre-debut self? 
MB: Don’t have any regrets!

Q: You haven’t produced anything yet, are you preparing to try? 
MB: I do have thoughts of doing it~

Q: I’m not going to ask a question, but cheer you on. There isn’t enough time to love the people you love, so I hope you don’t get caught up in things that hurt you. Don’t be insecure. You’re doing well. I’ll always support you.
MB: Thank you for the support, byulddong.

Q: The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, you’re going to have schedules. While going to the events, your manager feels bad and gives you the choice to run away. Would you? 
MB: I won’t run away!

Q: When do you feel down during stages/concerts? 
MB: When I think about how I made a mistake(?). (I’m writing my answer weirdly;;)

trans by ch0sshi

blue night radio ♡ 170310
translation: thatcoolcatmeow

jonghyun: (to nine) do you do sns? i rarely do it now due to many reasons.
nine: do you feel a difference compared to when you did?
jonghyun: there is no change in my life. it’s the same. so …, it’s as if it caused no change in my life whatsoever.
nine: you thought why you’ve (even) done it in the first place?
jonghyun: it makes me think that too. even if it doesn’t affect me i thought it could be helpful to someone or … it could also be a bad influence to someone as well. it led to a very philosophical worry. (laughs) this is my problem these days. i have too many thoughts and whatever i think about leads to something philosophical. (laughs)


Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

→ Imagined Tokyo Ghoul Book Covers

Can I rant for a minute about this??

Too bad I’m going to anyways.

Yes, Snape was horrible to Harry and his friends because of what Harry’s father and his friends did to him while he was school, and yes there isn’t really any justification for that, but the fact that Snape had a “crush” on Lily has nothing to do with why Harry named his son after him.

Snape risked his life to help Harry, and the Order. And he got killed because of it in the end.

Yes, he was stupid for becoming a Death Eater in the first place, but after Lily died he changed. He regretted his actions, and wanted to do anything he could to defeat Voldemort, so he became a fucking DOUBLE AGENT. He was spy for the Order. And if he got caught, he would get killed.

Not to mention, Voldemort killed him because he thought he was the true owner of the Elder Wand, when he wasn’t. Snape could have easily told him who was the actual owner, but he didn’t. (I’m assuming that he knew Draco disarmed Dumbledore).

But what matters the most, is that Harry believed he was one of the bravest men he knew. He risked his life for him, and died for him.

THAT is why Harry named his son after him. Not because Snape had a fucking crush on his mom.

But because he was a hero.