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MakoHaru World War II Kiss commission for @binyeum


@passthecocaine replied to your post “anyone read any good zimbits or pbj fics recently??”

I did read some really good pbj last night but it was yours so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HAHAHHA AWW bud thank you ;__;

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Nickname: Ray Ray is my nickname ;) some followers know my real name some don’t so we’ll keep it that way

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 180 cm or 5′11″ :)

Last thing you googled: the meaning of reverberating because I wanted to know if it fit in a specific line…it didn’t :(

Favorite music artist: The Piano Guys!! They’re so good omg!

Song stuck in your head: Dan and Phil’s The Internet is Here

Last movie you watched: Beauty and the Beast Live Action!!

What are you wearing right now: Dark blue jeans, socks, and blue turtleneck, and my glasses

Why did you choose your URL: My nickname plus my previous two favourite things (music is still a fave but I don’t swim as much anymore)

Do you have any other blogs: hahahha do I have any more blogs…I have my writing blog (@rayraywrites), two character networks I’m an admin for, and 2 rp blogs :P

What did your last relationship teach you: single my whole life ;)

Religious or spiritual: umm…both?

Favorite color: GREEN

Average hours of sleep: …5? 

Lucky number: 5 :)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3!

Dream job: A cardiologist!!

hmmm…. @yourplisetsky,  @puppybek, @daiyanerd, @v-k-niliforv, idek anyone else?

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FRIEND ME TOO!! I’m always re-reading it and i ALWAYS ASK MYSELF “HOW TF DID YOU WRITE THIS!?!HOW COULD YOU DO THIS??!” 😭Hahahha but thank you alot!!💕💕

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@evyisaks replied to your post: …

I am so done right now!!! And he asked her the kid question because she asked him how he learned to peel carrots and he was all “I work at the kindergarten, so I do things like this” or sth hahahha he works with children!!!!!!!!!

YESSSSS THIS BOY IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST PATTOOT TO EVER TOOT elias smh why did u have to interrupt also i can’t believe he told him to stop flirting with his sister IN FRONT OF SANA ogidkmsfjdksdijk ELIAS

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Give me all the angst in the Voltron Family AU! It feeds my soul! Like during that year of no physical romance between Shiro and Keith, did Shiro ever think Keith was cheating? If so how did he react? And I want Keith to think it's the silliest thing in the world that Shiro would think he was cheating cause he couldn't have asked for a more perfect husband and partner in life. I want Keith to tell Shiro that he's the best co pilot in the adventure of life! I love them so much! Xoxo ❤️

Oh my god. That’s… WHY DO YOU WANT SHIRO TO FEEL SUCH PAIN??!! HAHAHHA But anyways, on with The Voltron Family.

So we know Shiro and Keith were pretty much not having sexy times for a year or so now. As much as Shiro wouldn’t like to admit, he misses it. So bad. But he knows he can’t force Keith either because it has to be mutual. If Keith says “No” then that’s a no. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try. 

They were in the bathtub together. Keith’s back on Shiro’s chest. They were just chillin, it’s been a long day and the kids were asleep. 

Shiro: *kisses Keith’s neck* Keith, I was thinking…
Keith: Hmmmm?
Shiro: If we could, yknow–
Keith: *sighs* Shiro, I can’t.
Shiro: *frowns* Why not? We haven’t–
Keith: I know. For a year now. I know that, Shiro. I just have to finish this one book. It’s his final of his series and it has to be perfect. *frowns* I know we haven’t really had such an alone time together and I feel bad but were just both so busy and–
Shiro: *hugs* No, no, no. I’m sorry. Forget it. Forget I even asked. I know it, okay? I know you’re so stressed about this one and you just have another one under your wing.
Keith: *faces him* I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. *kisses Shiro*

It goes on for months even actually. Keith ditching dinner because the new guy would call to meet him somewhere to talk about his book. It was getting pretty late that Shiro even thought of picking him up and he sees them at a cafe. Keith’s laughing and the other guy was pretty much having the time of his life too. And Shiro knows that look on that guy’s face. He’s seen it on himself. So he drives back home.

It was around midnight when Shiro heard Keith’s car parking in their garage. He knew he shouldn’t even be jealous. This was work, he knew that. But he just can’t get this nagging feeling that something was going on. Keith spends most of his time talking to this guy even! So when Keith enters the room smiling…

Keith: *sees Shiro* *drops the smile* Oh, you’re still awake.
Shiro: Indeed, I am. 
Keith: Sorry, I just got home. But you should go to sleep. I’ll just take a bath and join you in a few. *makes his way to the bathroom*
Shiro: So how was the date?
Keith: It wasn’t a date. It was a meeting. 
Shiro: To you maybe. To him though might be different.
Keith: *eyes him* I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Sometimes I don’t like the fact that you’re so dense. You can’t even see how he looks at you!
Keith: Shiro, if this is about us not having–
Shiro: *stands up* It’s him, isn’t it?
Keith: What? 
Shiro: You ditched so many dinners already when this guy calls you. 
Keith: He’s writing a book and you know that. 
Shiro: Then why can’t he do it in broad daylight? Have this meeting with you in a more formal setting? Not in a cafe?
Keith: He’s taking his masters degree for god’s sake! He only has time in the evening and cafe’s are open at such late hours.
Shiro: Why can’t he just email you then? Or just settle with a call? 
Keith: Because it needs to be done in person. It’s not something that can be discussed through emails. We’re brainstorming–
Shiro: Why are you even defending him? Are you cheating on me?! You’d rather have someone younger?

Keith just stared at him in shock. He knit his eyebrows in confusion. And did Shiro see a glint of hurt? Did he hit a nail? 

Keith: *steps back* You have no right to say that to me, Takashi.
Shiro: Why is that so? *steps forward*
Keith: You were my first in everything. First boyfriend, first kiss… first… *looks at Shiro helplessly* I wasn’t even your first! 
Shiro: We’ve talked about this, Keith.
Keith: Well, apparently you didn’t get the memo of how stupidly in love I am with you. We dated for eight years since 3rd year college. That’s a very long time. We’re married for six years now. Have three adopted kids. And you think I’m cheating on you? Everyday I get paranoid that you made a mistake choosing me, marrying me, adopting kids with me when you could have any woman in this world who’d be willing to give birth to your own kids.
Shiro: Keith, it’s not…
Keith: Shut up Shiro and let me finish. I know you wanted little Shiros running around, you told me that when we weren’t dating yet, when we became friends. And everyday, that haunted me because I can’t give you that. That one thing you’ve always dreamed of. I wanted you so bad to just look at me and love me and you have the nerve to think I’d look at other men? When you can just leave me any day and I wouldn’t even blame you because who would want to be with someone like me? *scoffs* I’m no one! I’m not as great as you are! Even the kids knew that! They chose you over me, you didn’t even have to try! I had to try for them to just like me at least!
Shiro: *steps closer to Keith* Well they love you now. We love you.
Keith: I know that now and this time I want you to know that all those 14 years of us being together, it may have not been great all the time but, *looks at Shiro* You were there with me. *smiles as tears started to fall*  You made it great for me. I know you’re so sick of me asking “You still love me, right?” And honestly, I’m just so thankful everyday that you tell me you love me to erase my doubts. You’re just the best one for me, yknow? *sniffs* God. I’m so sappy and it’s your fault.
Shiro: Keith… *holds Keith’s arms*
Keith: So please don’t you ever think I’m cheating on you. *sobs* That sucks. It hurts, Shiro because I love you so much and I don’t want you to doubt that. If you’re so deprive of our sexy times, heck when I’m done with this author we’re gonna have sexy times 40 times a day. *laughs as he wipes his tears*
Shiro: *laughs* Keith, I think we’ll die at that rate. *hugs* I’m so sorry. *kisses his forehead* I’m just so–
Keith: *smiles* Yeah, I know. I know from experience. *smirks*
Shiro: *blushes* Oh shut up! *hugs Keith tighter* *whispers* I’m so sorry I’m a jealous idiot who’s just so in love with you yknow? I can’t help it. I just see both men and women look at you and do a double take and I get worried. You have no idea how attractive you are, Keith. *frowns*
Keith: I think I have an idea. I was able to lure you in so…
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Oh now don’t give yourself too much credit. *laughs* 

Hah. Sheith angst… Take it away from me! D8<

october 31 ( 1:47am )
hi baby, what are you up to?
[read: 2:17am]

november 2 ( 2:08pm )
are you okay?
[read: 3:29pm]

november 16 ( 7:57pm )
babe what’s wrong? did I do something wrong??
[read: 9:36pm]

december 3 ( 4:03am )
I’m sorry. please talk to me. I’m so sorry. I miss you. I love you.
[read: 4:05am]

december 25 ( 11:37am )
merry christmas. I have a gift for you. I’m sorry for hurting you. you mean everything to me. come over, please come over. I need to see you.
[read: 1:29pm]

january 10 ( 4:38pm )
its my fucking birthday, I don’t need this shit. TALK TO ME. I don’t know why we aren’t who we used to be. I miss us, don’t you? just fucking talk to me damnit.
[read: 7:25pm]

february 14 ( 6:38pm )
I’m sorry for getting angry. I just want you to know that I hope you’re doing okay. I know you won’t respond, but I hope one day we will be able to talk about it. and happy valentine’s day
[read: 1:01am]

april 21 ( 3:02am )
I have some of your clothes here. I just came across them in my closet. I want to keep them, but if you want them back, thats fine.
[read: 3:26am]

march 3 ( 5:37am )
fucj yoi I did NOTJING wrong to you. god do yoi enjoy hurting me?? im so brokwn
[read: 10:36am]

march 3 ( 5:48am )
I’m sorru I love yoi
[read: 10:36am]

—  10 text messages you shouldn’t have read
  • hook: emma did it for me
  • regina: you're right.
  • hook: .... did you not hear me? I said she did it for ME
  • regina: yeah. you're right.
  • snow:
  • charming:
  • regina:
  • regina: *sends emma a heart eyes emoji & looks up from phone* yeeep you're soooo right.

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Hi there. Your art is inspirational. What advice/encouragement would you give to someone who would love to learn to draw well but is disheartened because they are at the *real* beginner stage (you know, 'can you draw a straight line?'), and feels lost and frustrated?

Hi! Don’t worry, We’ve all been there, and I’m pretty sure even the greatest artists get those days now when they just feel that nothing’s working and they feel frustrated with their work. I personally have days when I look at my art and feel really happy with myself, and then sometimes I just look at my gallery and think that it’s not good enough, I’m not improving enough at all or fast enough and I wish I could just remove everything (don’t do that though). It’s good to have goals, but don’t kick yourself for not being there just yet. (I have to remember that too haha) It takes time! Everyone starts somewhere, learning to draw is not something that happens in a day and sometimes you might think there’s no improvement and no point but one day you look at two drawings you’ve done and see everything you’ve learned between them :D and it’s a really great feeling!! Don’t get discouraged by others’ success and how fast they might be improving, everyone learns at a bit different pace anyway and it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.

There are people who have been drawing since they were kids, and people who picked up the pencil in their later twenties and decided they want to learn to draw, and they had never drawn anything before. And they can all be just as good. Just be persistent, keep studying and observing the world around you, and learn what things are based on. Study from real life and photos when you can’t do life drawings, it’s the best! Also you can look up other artists’ work for inspiration, but don’t get too caught up in using the ways THEY stylise as you are probably copying their mistakes as well. 

If you want to draw animals, possibly start out with photos first as they stay still. But don’t necessarily trace (if you do don’t upload any work without a permission from the photographer), eyeball the photo and try to draw from that. If you want to draw cats for example, study and observe real cats. Know what things are based on and you’ll notice it’ll be a lot easier to stylise and draw things when you understand how it works “under the surface”! Why does thing X look like this, what causes it? I always think of a good example being The Lion King - they had real lions in the studio and they made tons of drawings of them - imagine what a mess it would have been and how difficult it would have been to animate the whole movie if they had no idea how the animal works and nothing coherent to base it on - but even though it’s based on reality, the end result is not necessarily ‘realistic’ at all. Learning anatomy does not mean you have to limit yourself to realistic style, it just means you understand your subject. Doesn’t only mean animals, but even stuff like ‘why do clouds look like they do’, everything happens for a reason so to speak. Get the foundations right before you get down to detailing. I did a project at uni where I filled 2 sketchbooks with life drawings of dogs that were running around too fast and I thought how on earth can I do this and keep up with them aaaaaaa hahahha but in the end I got better and faster at it and I improved at drawing canines more than I’ve probably improved in years.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t limit yourself, and it’s alright if you don’t feel inspired to draw every single day - try creating something else then if you feel like it, for example sculpting something. Same applies if you feel you’ve kind of lost with a drawing and don’t know where it’s heading or just get frustrated, just leave it for a while and get back to it later and you’ll most likely see it with ‘fresh eyes’. My teacher at uni once told me to let the drawing itself define the style/technique you use, and that no drawing goes to waste, you learn something from even the failed ones. If you have a sketchbook, definitely don’t think of it as a portfolio of your greatest sketches you have to show to people. Just fill it with sloppy sketches, ugly sketches, unfinished and finished, sketches you’re happy with, everything. Every single drawing you make counts, doesn’t matter what it looks like. Not every single drawing/painting you make has to be a “finished” masterpiece.

But be persistent and you’ll see the results at the end! I’ve also noticed that it helps a lot just going back to the basics sometimes, if you’re drawing and feel that you’re stuck and feel nothing’s working out, just have a day where you go back to studying and read an article/book about how light/shadow works or do some more life drawing or small sketches or watch a few videos - practice something you maybe thought you already knew if that makes sense.

Might have sidetracked and blabbered there a bit, but hope that helps! TL;DR; don’t give up, every single artist has started somewhere and been a beginner (some earlier and some later in their life), and it’s a constant process for everyone to improve. You don’t wake up one day and think “I’m ready now!”, but that’s the fun part, as silly as it sounds! :D the feeling of success makes it all worthwile, and all the drawings you weren’t happy with have contributed to making it there in the end - no matter where you start.

Oh and watch this! And any other videos you think are relevant, I always find it really inspiring and motivational to watch things like this.

Also just for the laughs; here’s what I did when I was 10 years old (I don’t even want to know what’s going on in that tree). pfffffff I think one of the advantages of starting really young is that you probably just…. draw for the sake of drawing and don’t even care what you’re doing cos it’s just purely for fun and it just evolves from that, but that’s not to say it’s bad to start ‘older’ at all and you can have tons of determination you might not have had as a young kid (or different kind of determination anyway)!

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Your site has been reported to Red Bubble's complaint team by multiple people (my followers and I) for a blatant disregard of copyright laws. One of my followers had kindly requested that you post proof of permission, but you did not. Unfortunately, you do not seem to grasp the concept of artistic integrity.

ha. hAhahha ha. i was asleep. thank you very much for assuming i live in the US and that i would be on tumblr all night. i have a queue set up which is why you saw me posting things. i even tag them with #kyu (which i thought you would know about)

anyway, after a short while of being very pissed off, i’m actually pretty happy you reported me because i just re-read the user agreement which actually says you need to use all your own work and it doesnt matter if you have permission (which i am going to admit is my fault for not reading, so i apologise profusely for that.)

soooo this has been a bit of a fuck up on my part for not reading the terms (but who actually does that though) so i’ve removed everything that isn’t 100% completely mine. (i will be adding more things to hopefully compensate. the store didn’t really have much variety initially so now i actually feel encouraged to produce my own material for it)

again, i’m sorry to those who are understandably angry at me. it might seem to some people that i stole art and used it to make profit but i neither stole nor made any profit from it. this is a website where you can pretty much set your price range and i’ve set mine to the absolute lowest prices possible because i made that shop purely just to say thank you to you all by letting you buy cool things for as cheap as i can allow. i am potentially going to lose a lot of followers for this pretty simple mistake but i at least hope you can all accept my apology since i realise i was in the wrong.

i hope you don’t all hate me after reading this. i’m at least acknowledging the issue rather than just ignoring it and i’m apologising as best i can. many people will not have known about this “issue” before, so by replying to this, a lot more people will know the situation i’m in and hopefully you won’t change your opinion of me after a mistake like this. all i really did wrong was not read the terms and conditions and i know thats bad but literally no one does. either way i just want to repeat how sorry i am and i want to let you know that i thought i was doing everything correctly up until i found out what was in the terms. i’ve removed everything that isn’t mine and i am compensating those who actually did buy something (even though they will still be receiving their purchased item). i am doing this completely out of my own money. i do care about you all.

i’m really hoping for no more anons about this whole store thing. i am stressed enough as it is at the moment.

thanks for reading. hope something nice happens to you today, friend

ps. to the two people who did buy that phone case: you will still receive your item and i will also buy you a complementary free item. i’ll message you about your address soon so i’m able to send it to you.