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Haikyuu!! Characters React To: The HQ Fandom.
  • Requested By: Anonymous.
  • Karasuno:
  • -
  • Daichi: Why.. Is everyone calling me dad/daddy??
  • Sugawara: Why am I so kinky to them?
  • Asahi: Not far off from the actual-
  • Sugawara: SHUT UP ASAHI.
  • Tsukishima: I do not like strawberry shortcake and dinosaurs that much..
  • Yamaguchi: Are you sure about that?
  • Ennoshita: People actually.. Like me?
  • Sugawara: *Grabs binoculars* Yep, they look pretty good today.
  • Daichi: STOP THAT!
  • Nekoma:
  • -
  • Kuroo: Hah everyone thinks I'm a bad boy..
  • Kenma: Key-word 'Think'
  • Yaku: Boom.
  • Lev: Look Yaku-san! People are drawing us-
  • Yaku: BURN THAT.
  • Kenma: Burn that all. Right now.
  • Kuroo: Wait what- Is that us?
  • Kenma: Did I stutter?
  • Inuoka: PUPPIES!
  • Yaku: This is all.. Disgusting..
  • Lev: Look! Kenma-san as our mascot!
  • Kuroo: Oh man we should totally do that..
  • Yaku: Absolutely not!
  • Yamamoto: This is why Yaku-san is on team-mom..
  • Kenma: This is insanity.
  • Aobajousai:
  • -
  • Iwaizumi: That's your only complaint? When everyone draws you in a skirt?
  • Hanamaki: Yo Matsu look at this.
  • Matsukawa: Shit, is that art of us having sex?
  • Hanamaki: Yeah... Wanna go do it?
  • Matsukawa: Sure.
  • Kyoutani: ..Why did someone draw me with sparkly eyeliner?
  • Hanamaki: You could totally pull that off.
  • Kyoutani: You think so?
  • Kindaichi: WHY AM I SO DUMB TO THEM?
  • Kunimi: It's called 'Accurate Representation'
  • Iwaizumi: Oohh burn.
  • Oikawa: Look Iwa-chan! I found fanart of you bottoming!
  • Iwaizumi: Burn it.
  • Oikawa: No, instead I think I'll make copies.
  • Matsukawa: What? So you can jack off to it?
  • Hanamaki: Oohh burn.
  • Iwaizumi: I hate you all.
  • Fukurodani:
  • -
  • Bokuto: Akaashi look-
  • Akaashi: No.

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Name: Marii

Gender: female

Height: 5'3"

Time: 1:00 am 

Favorite Colour: blue and orange!!

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw (i took a quiz to find out btw, it was fun XD)

Fictional character you’d date: Licht (servamp) i bet no one saw it coming hahah

Dream Vacation: italy, france or japan!! 

Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: Misono (servamp), without a doubt

Favourite band/artist: DBA♡ (they’re amazing!!)

When/why did you make this blog: 3-4 years ago but, i’ve been more active recently :DD 

How many blogs do you follow: 130 

Blog content: SERVAMP, servamp, s e r v a m p + other anime/manga i like. quotes. scenarios. 

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Nickname: Andy
Star sign: Libra
Height: About 1,68 cm??
Time right now: 12:15 am
Favourite music artist(s): Ed Sheeran and Bastille rn😊😊
Song stuck in your head: Shape of you by Ed Sheeran
Last movie watched: I think it was… X-Men: Apocalypse???
Last TV show watched: Eyewitness
What are you wearing right now: A sweater and sweatpants
When did you create your blog: At november of 2015 i think??😛
What kind of stuff do you post: Dunno?? Any kind of posts rlly but mostly things about louis
Do you have any other blogs / saved URLs: I have a sideblog and other 3969482 saved urls hahah
Why did you chose your URL: When i was making my tumblr i had no idea wt i should put as my url and everything was taken and then a friend of mine suggested this so i tried it and that was it haha
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Pokemon team: No idea tbh
Favorite color: Blue 
Average hours of sleep: 4-7??
Lucky number: 33
Favorite characters: Bucky, both Yuris and Viktor, Draco, Philip and Lukas
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3
Dream job: I have no idea rippp
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nicknames: Nik

star sign: aries

time right now: 1:05 p.m.

last thing i googled: imagine dragons, battle cry because my sis wanted to listen to it

favourite music artist(s): fall out boy, imagine dragons, sia

song stuck in my head: don’t stop me now by Queen (’CAUSE I’M HAVING A GOOD TIME -) 

last movie i watched: i’m not sure?

last tv show i watched: sherlock (!!!)

what im wearing right now: fluffy pajamas

when i created this blog: 2015 :)

kind of stuff i post: marvel mostly, shadowhunters sometimes

do i have any other blogs: nope

do i get asks regularly: no, not really hahah

why did i choose my url: niki + i still believe in heroes :p

hogwarts house: hufflepuff 

pokemon team: i don’t play but if i did: team instinct

favourite colour: dark blue

favourite character: …Tony Stark

number of blankets i sleep with: rn? 3

dream job: i want to continue dancing, haha but i also want to become a prosthetics designer

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I was re-reading every thing you've ever written and while I was reading one of the sin city drabbles (3 i think) I just realized he said "it's been a even longer time since he WANTED to be on his knees for a women" DID SOMEONE FORCE MY BABY TO DO SOMETHING HE DIDNT WANT TO!?! WHY AM I JUST KNOW NOTICING THIS AJSKHADKSH!?!?! WHY AM I SO LATE?!?!? YOU LITERALLY PUT HINTS IN THIR!! I digress. I may or may not be wrong but nevertheless my theories are forming😈 -EverydayConspiracyTheoristAnon❤️

Hahah! The drabbles are full of hints, that’s true. I’m not gonna say anything, you might be wrong, you might be right about that 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sin City Jimin doesn’t seem like a guy who would let anyone force him to do anything, though. :)


SO @reb-chan drew THIS and i screamed. like. legit screamed. so i asked her if I could draw her design because i love and she graciously agreed -flops on the floor- SO HERE IT IS -throws confetti- i love her Poe. i love Poe. i just.. -lies on the floor- just Poe Dameron guys.. just that..

guys i’m so whipped with this guy right now it’s not funny /__\ ya’ll are probably like “here we go again. another flood of another fandom” but like.. i’ve been an avid star wars fan since i was a child. i just hide it. to avoid being judged HAHAHA


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Poe Dameron©Star Wars
-on the floor-©me

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Could you do a snooze scenario with Youngjae? In a bunch of interviews, they say that he's the hardest to wake up, so i just thought it would be funny if his gf snoozed a lot too hahah imagine all of the alarms o.O

You peeled your eyes open as you heard the loud buzzing on your right side. Rubbing your eyes, you propped yourself up on your elbow as you rubbed your eye before turning the noise off. 7:00AM? Why on earth did you have your alarm set this early when you didn’t even have anything today?

The answer to your question shifted in your bed as he curled himself next to you. Youngjae stayed at your place as you helped him out with his latest project for his company. The boys were to write a new song for their upcoming album, best one gets to be featured on it. The two of you crashed at about two in the morning. 

He needed to leave your place at around nine in the morning, so you set your alarm extra early, knowing that he wouldn’t wake up on time. However, it was a miracle in itself that you woke up to the alarm as well. Just like your sleeping boyfriend laying next to you, it was almost impossible to wake you up. There were times when your friends dragged you out of bed, when you were still fast asleep, so that you could get to class on time. 

It was still pretty early, so you decided that maybe you could set another alarm and wake up in another thirty minutes to wake up Youngjae.


Only ten minutes passed when you heard another sound. This time, it was coming from the other side of the bed. Carefully, you crawled over your boyfriend’s still body and stayed hovering over him as you reached for his phone. Looking down at it, you saw that he actually set an alarm for him to wake up to. A small smile crept up at your face at Youngjae’s effort.

However, it was still pretty early. You two worked so hard on the melody and lyrics last night, he literally fell straight into your bed without even saying goodnight. (But at least he managed to kiss you goodnight before he plopped down.)

“A few more minutes,” you whispered to yourself as you set his alarm to snooze for another ten minutes. You crawled back to your spot and made your way under the covers once more. You turned yourself to look at Youngjae. His mouth was slightly open, his hair was all over the place, and he let out some soft snores.

You smiled at him as you moved his hair out of his face so you could kiss his nose before cuddling up against him and resting your eyes.

To your surprise, Youngjae’s phone alarm went off only five minutes later. You were up against his chest when you heard it and you grunted. You were in such a comfortable position where you felt so warm and cozy. 

“Pst, Youngjae,” you whispered to your boyfriend as you looked up at him. “Could you put your alarm to snooze?” you asked. Of course, as you expected, he didn’t respond. Still fast asleep in his own little world, Youngjae couldn’t hear you.

You sighed as you wiggled your arm from under hip and sat up next to him. A bit annoyed, you crawled over and, to your surprise, this was Youngjae’s second phone alarm. This alarm was titled, “Wake up! Now!” as supposed to his first phone alarm that was titled, “Good morning!”

It was actually pretty funny. Youngjae knew that he probably wouldn’t wake up to the first alarm so he set another one for himself. At least he knew he was such a heavy sleeper.

You dismissed the alarm as you had already prepared his first alarm to set off in about five minutes. Coming back to your spot, you decided that it was best to just sit and lean your back against the headboard as you wait for Youngjae to wake up to his alarm.

It was still early for you, but you figured that there’s no point in sleeping again if his alarm is going to go off in five minutes. You removed the pillow for your head and placed it on your lap as you leaned your back against the headboard. You placed your pillow on your lap as you grabbed your phone to keep yourself distracted while you waiting for the alarm.


You jumped up from your position when you heard your alarm and Youngjae’s go off simultaneously. Surprised that you managed to fall asleep within those five minutes, you quickly dismissed your alarm as you grabbed Youngjae’s phone to dismiss it as well.

Looking over at your boyfriend, who’s back was now turned towards you, you were utterly shocked. First your alarm, then his first alarm, then his second alarm, then both your alarm and his first alarm at the same time, how in the world is this boy not awake yet? Even if you were just as much as a heavy sleeper as he is, even you would awake to at least the third alarm.

“Youngjae,” you said in your normal voice. You tried to shake him on your bed to and from you, but he didn’t speak or budge. “Yah,” you continued as you tried to pat his back to wake him up. Still no use. “Not this again,” you sighed.

You lifted the covers off of your lower body and stepped onto the wooden floors. Yawning and stretching, you made your way for the kitchen. As if it was part of your routine, you opened the fridge, grabbed the bag of vegetables in the bottom drawer, shut the fridge, and walked back to your bedroom.

As you looked at him in your bed, Youngjae was facing himself towards your spot. You walked back over and placed the bag of vegetables on the bed. He didn’t wake up to the sound of you walking nor the plastic bag of vegetables. You got on his eye level and leaned your chin near his face. You grabbed a vegetable from the bag and placed it under his nose.

“Yah!” you yelled. “Wake up, sleepyhead!!” you then slapped his cheek and quickly brought yourself up as Youngjae, flustered and half-asleep, responded to the slap and yelling with confused shouting.

He opened his eyes and screamed. At the sight of the cucumber, he immediately lifted his body from your bed and sat straight up, still yelling as he picked up the cucumber and threw it to the direction of the bathroom. He looked over to see you up already and giggling. “Shoot,” he whined as he scratched his head, “did I oversleep again?”

You nodded as you grabbed the bag of vegetables and crawled onto the bed. You tossed him the vegetables as he yelled and threw the bag on the floor. “You left me no choice,” you laughed.

Youngjae looked at you with a dazed stare. “Ugh, I was hoping it didn’t come to this,” he yawned. “I even set seven alarms so that this wouldn’t happen.”

“Hold on– Seven?” you gasped in shock. He nodded as he stretched his arms in the air. “I can’t believe you,” you laughed. You quickly leaned in to pick his lips a proper good morning. “Well, you have an hour to get ready now,” you said as you checked your phone.

He stretched his arms in the air once more before wrapping them around your waist and resting his head in your lap. “Or I could just stay here in your lap for the rest of the day,” he chuckled. You lightly slapped his waist so that he would get off of you. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” he laughed. He sat up and leaned in to peck your cheeks once more before getting out. “And good morning to you too,” he smiled.

For Reasons Wretched and Divine

Niall’s head was sitting in the fireplace, wide grin lighting up his features as flames licked the bright tips of his hair. Louis promptly dropped his tray at the sight.

“Bloody hell!” He yelled, half at the sudden appearance of Niall in the fire and half at the scalding cocoa he’d just dropped on his bare foot. “What are you doing?!”

Niall just continued to grin, clearly highly amused by Louis hopping on one foot and desperately trying to search for a weapon he could use to beat his friend’s head out of the fireplace.

“Well,” Niall began. “We’re going on an adventure!”

Or, the one where Louis and Harry’s Christmas holiday at Hogwarts is rudely interrupted when they’re dragged off on a tropical wizard’s vacation, featuring some angry centaurs, a spell gone wrong, and the ‘weirdest birthday anyone’s ever had. Ever’.

  • Me ( 6 years old ): cake cake cake !!!!
  • Brain : yeah ok
  • Me ( 7 years old ): I'll have cake
  • Brain : are you sure
  • Me ( 8 years old ): eh I don't really want cake but I'll eat it cause it's there
  • Brain : this is why your fat
  • Me ( 9 years old ): eh cake sure
  • Brain : why did you do that for god sakes do you want to be fat forever
  • Me ( 10 years old ): I'll have cake
  • Brain : I'll make you regret this
  • Me ( 11 years old ): no I won't have cake thank you though
  • Brain : good now soon you'll be beautiful
  • Me ( 12 years old ): no I don't like sweet foods
  • Brain : hahah your getting the hang of this
  • Me (13 years old): I want cake but I can't eat it
  • Brain : why don't you skip dinner too we both know you don't need food
  • Me ( 13 years old ): yes i do
  • Brain: we will see
  • Me (14 years ): nah I'm not hungry I'll make myself dinner later -- never makes dinner
  • Brain : told you so do you really need lunch though it's just a waste of time
  • Me ( 15 years old ): nah don't worry mum I've already had dinner out with my friends -- hasn't eaten since breakfast
  • Brain : good now let's just stop eating all together it just makes you fat you don't want that now do you
  • Me ( 15 years old ): that doesn't sound safe
  • Brain : don't worry trust me I've gotten you this far
  • Me ( 16 years old ): when was the last time I ate ... Last week god I need to extend this fast as long as I can to make up for that mistake
  • Brain : you should really eat more
  • Me ( 16 years old ): NO! I'll get fat !

Something else that I’m confused about….Sara went missing the night Ali did. At that point in time, Mona was A. Yet Sara apparently only worked for Charlotte. What was she doing when Mona was A. Like if she only became red coat once Charlotte stole the game then what was she doing beforehand!? This is why I think there’s more to the Mona/Sara dynamic… I also just hate Sara so I don’t like anything about her storyline and am always looking for something to whine about hahah



Recently, I reached my first big milestone and I just… can’t believe that so many people are following me! Why did you do it??? My blog is a mess. I’m bad at keeping it active. I don’t gif as much as I would like. I’m not interesting or cool. So why are you following me?? haha

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Thank you for following me. Thank you for liking the stuff I make and thank you for making my tumblr experience amazing!

So, this is for you.  


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  • End date is 15th of December. (Midnight EET)


  • 3 gifsets
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  • 1 video (with a song of your choice)
  • 2 gifsets + 10 icons
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  • 10 icons + 1 minute video  (with a song of your choice)
  • 20 icons +  a 30 seconds video (with a song of your choice)
  • your choice (gifset/icons/video)

The gifsets, videos and icons will, of course, be of your choice. It can be any ship, character, whatever. (as long as I’m familiar with the show/movie)

I hope at least one person will enter and this won’t be a total failure! lol

Omg anon you were right. I had absolutely no idea, why did i find out all this things only now? hahah

The chemistry in this movie between you and Dylan was so crucial to its success and turned out so well. Was that lucky or did you have to work at it?
We had a mutual friend in common – Holland Roden, who is also on “Teen Wolf,” was my roommate – so we instantly had that in common and were able to tell funny stories about Holland.

So britt lived with Holland while she was working with dylan on teen wolf, then britt and dylan do the first time and get together, then probably britt and holland are not roommate anymore and she start the secret circle with shelley and phoebe, for what she said she lived or she is still living with shelley that got on teen wolf too playing her boyfriend’s love interest. Hahaha this story make me laugh so much