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Dialogue Prompts

1. “I can’t believe you got us banned from here.”

2. “Why are you standing on top of two chairs and like eleven books?!” “I couldn’t reach that candle.”

3. “Do you really need another mug?” “I can’t believe you just asked me that.”

4. “I’m not kissing you, even if it’s for a play, no way!”

5. “Did you just apologize to the chair you walked into?”

6. “You guys find it hot in here right?” “Yeah it’s because I just walked in.”

7. “Isn’t space fascinating?” “No there’s like a million ways to die out there, and I refuse to float around before having a George Clooney mirage.”

8. “No, no keep going. You’re a really good singer.”

9. “When did you take these pictures?!”

10. “You’re terrible.” “I’m actually not terrible, I’m (name), but I understand the confusion.”

11. “What are the chances you’ll pose nude for me?” “It’s three a.m.” “Inspiration strike at random times, so what do you say?”

12. “I know your the one stealing all my sweaters.”

13. “Hush child.” “I’m older than you…?”

14. “When you look at me like that it makes me want to kiss you so stop.”

15. “Why are you on my balcony? Wait how did you even get on here, you live three floors above me.”

Accent Tag
Accent Tag

So I was tagged by @triptiych and @c-kyunjpg to do this thing ages ago. So yeah here. Sorry for my voice y’all.

12) I will be tagging @sugamonstae @babykooks @baxngtan @hobiemin @aichan11 @pjm-juseyo @boymeetsfiction @colourfulnoodles (can you imagine I know her… like wow same)

Anyways, these are the questions!

1) name + username

**optional** 1.5) where in the world did you grow up?

2) whos your bias and why? any bias wreckers?

3) when did you become a fan?

4) favorite album?

5) favorite song?

6) favorite vocalist?

7) favorite rapper?

8) favorite era?

9) favorite bangtan bomb?

10) rookie king vs. ahl vs. bon voyage?

11) have you ever seen them in person? any special memories?

12) tag your friends!

Bias selfie tag

I’ve been tag by my hermit twin @nochu-jungshook (why did you make me do that T.T)
Y’all thought it’d be Yoongi, huh? SURPRISE!!!!
Don’t you worry, Yoongi is still my UB, but Youngjae-bae is heart.

I tag @mimibtsghost (you’re always the first choice Tumblr offers me, I wonder why? ^^) @ofhairandthighs (because you will have fun!) @bangdansonyeondan (let’s ruin myself, cause I know who will be next to your face ;) )

The Ultimate BATB tag


- Always include the rules.

- Answer the questions as truthfully as you can.

- Tag at least 3 people at the end of the tag.

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- That’s literally all there is to it! Have fun!

You can use this as reference:


When did you start your blog, and why? I started right before I saw the movie because I knew I’d be obsessed and wanted an area away from my  main multi-fandom blog where I could freely fangirl and shitpost and whatnot. Also, my “likes” on Tumblr were filled with four years worth of BATB meta, fan art and fanfics, and I wanted to clean my likes out so they would actually be a specific place for bookmarking. I had 14,00 likes before I made the blog, and now that I’ve almost completely cleaned it out I have about 900. Still not great, but it’s getting there.

Where did you get the idea for your url? Obviously the growl at the end. I decided I wanted daysinthesuns for my main blog, and I’d had danstevensgrowl saved for a little while. For daysinthesuns, I saved it when the titles for the new songs were announced, I think that was in late summer.

Where did you get the idea for your icon? I didn’t make my icon, I just got it from an icons post by someone on Tumblr. I like the color pink and I love 1991 Belle, so I went with it. 

What was your first choice of url? dayinsthesuns was the first one I had for this blog, then I switched to danstevensgrowl. If you mean what my ultimate choice would be, I’d really like to have daysinthesun or princeadam. On my main blog, my first URL was weareteenageheartsforeveryoung and it stayed like that for 3 years or so.

What was your first icon, or the oldest you can remember? And if you can, post it. This is the one I’ve always had, but on my main blog I had a picture of Miley Cyrus from the movie LOL once, a picture of Elvis once, and my freshman year of high school I had my favorite fan art of Adam hugging Belle from behind with his chin on her shoulder while she’s reading. 

Would you die for the person on your icon? I mean, I consider myself to be Belle, so that’s a bit weird. But if my icon was Adam, yes, in a heartbeat.

Which url of your mutuals are you most jealous of? Hmm. I don’t know, I honestly like my URL. However, if we’re talking about @gastt‘s mutuals…you know who.

Which icon of your mutuals are you most jealous of? I love @ohstaythisway‘s icon, I would use it if she wasn’t already.

Do you have any sideblogs? And if you do, what are they about? And if you don’t, what would your sideblog be about? I have a ton that I made while cleaning out my likes to get meta and fanfic out of there, I have an Anakin Skywalker one and a Pride and Prejudice one. I also run the Tally Hoes Archive, and I have a professional blog to showcase my articles and other things I’ve written.

Are you satisfied with your blog currently? If not, what would you change? I guess, I mean, it’s a trash blog so I don’t aim for the content to be high quality. 

If you weren’t in the BATB fandom, what would you post about? Star Wars, Doctor Who, basically everything I post about on my main blog.

What fandom(s) did you belong to before BATB? BATB was actually my first fandom, but after that, Divergent, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who and finally Star Wars. 

Which blogs do you regularly check up on? @je-suis-em-jee and @theteaisaddictive because they’re my favorite fic writers.

What would you say is your most common tag? “Prince Adam” because I reblog gifs of him a lot.

How many people are you following, and how many people follow you? I think I follow around 300, my main blog has 1,700 followers and this blog has a little over 200.

Who are your current top three fans on Tumblr (for this month)? For this blog, it’s @trippsykes, @lee-lee-ed and @snipandsnail. Thank you guys :)

What is your top post (for this month)? It actually won’t show for some weird reason, but I’m guessing it’s my Ultimate Fic Rec post. 

Which post are you most proud of? Probably my meta about the enchanted object’s part in The Mob Song.

Which post are you most embarassed by? The Meme Queen Adam fic and every time I’ve self-promoted (which is a lot of times.)

Weirdest message someone ever sent you? When I posted my selfie for the Introduce Your Self(ie) challenge, I immediately got a DM from some girl with a weird URL saying I was hot. I assumed it was a porn blog so I marked it as spam and blocked them, but then I looked at their blog and it was kind of normal? So I hope that wasn’t one of you guys lol. 

Weirdest message you ever sent someone? God I don’t even want to know

Have you ever received anon hate? And if so, for what? When I was 13 I got a ton but I honestly deserved it. I had this ongoing joke where I acted like I was really self-absorbed and snobby ironically, because I actually hated myself and had been struggling with an eating disorder. But either way, I took it too far and I was really obnoxious and people called me out on it, some less gracefully than others.

Do you have any blogs blocked, and if so, which? I’m sure I have a lot blocked for spam and stuff. 

Have you ever thought about quitting Tumblr? If so, why? Not really, because I’m kind of terrified of ever deleting anything. I hate the idea of erasing any part of my life, even if it’s a part I’m embarrassed by or don’t want to think about.

What device do you use Tumblr the most? (e.g. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, etc.) Probably my iPhone, since I’m always in class and stuff.

What was the last thing you searched on Google? Meme Queen Adam bc I was too lazy to go on my profile on Archive of our Own and click on my fic, I just wanted to get the link the quick way lol.

What time is it currently as you make this post? 11:45, I really should go to sleep after this.

What are you wearing currently? Star Wars pajama pants and a black camisole. 

If you had to legally change your name (in real life) permanently, what would it be and why? Belle, because I’m a dork.

What kind of characters and/or pairings do you tend to turn to? Is there a recurring theme to it? I feel like in terms of male characters I always love the brooding, angsty, damaged guys with tragic backstories, like Prince Adam or Anakin Skywalker. For female characters, I always like strong, witty, outspoken women, like Belle and Elizabeth Bennet.

Tell us a favorite of yours and why? (Literally any favorite, something that touches you and you’re passionate about.) I guess Beauty and the Beast in general, honestly. There’s so much to love about it, but it really changed my life when I fell in love with it all over again the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was doing a Disney movie marathon alone, because I really didn’t have any friends at the time, and I actually skipped Beauty and the Beast because I figured I remembered it well enough from my childhood that I didn’t need to waste time re-watching it. However, I still had some time to kill before school started, so I watched it again, and not only was I struck by the Beast’s character and how deeply and unconditionally he loved Belle, the message of Beauty and the Beast really got to me. After I recovered from my eating disorder and dealt with (deserved) backlash on Tumblr for my crappy sense of humor and coping skills, I’d become really tough and rigid and pessimistic as a default. Suffering from such an awful illness really kind of stripped me of the usual kindness and warmth I held. Belle kind of helped me get it back, helped me find myself again, and the movie in general helped me to believe that maybe it was okay that I was fat or my voice is weird or that I’m short because I’m eloquent and I’m kind and true beauty is found within. Maybe my words and my heart is enough. I still struggle with believing that today, but I would’ve given up on believing it and given up on myself a long time ago if it wasn’t for Beauty and the Beast. When I started at a new high school after becoming obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, I was both a new person and my old self at once, and the optimism and kindness and open-mindedness I’d regained helped me to finally let people in a bit, and I made a ton of friends. My love for the musical also inspired me to join theatre, which I never would’ve given a thought if I hadn’t loved the musical.

Tag 3 or more blogs to do this tag, and also add what you associate them with and tell them what you truly think about them. 

I can’t tag @gastt because they already did it and literally made the tag, but gatt, you are such a loyal and supportive person. I don’t even know your name or your face or anything like that, but I don’t have to to know that you an amazing person and all us Tally Hoes are so lucky to know you. 

I tag @mmedegarderobe, my sin sister and fellow Mass Communications major, my other fellow mass communications major @thestanfoubrew, the mother of the Heelys meme @uncledisney, and my two favorite fic writers - one I’ve loved since I first fell in love with BATB, the other more recently, @theteaisaddictive and @je-suis-em-jee. You both are so talented and wonderful and portray the characters that are so close to my heart perfectly. 

The Ultimate BATB Tag


- Always include the rules.

- Answer the questions as truthfully as you can.

- Tag at least 3 people at the end of the tag.

- You don’t have to be tagged to paticipate, you can do the tag even without       being tagged.

- Tag the post “#BATB Tag” so we can keep up with the tags.

- That’s literally all there is to it! Have fun!

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NAME. Kristopher
HEIGHT.  5′ 4′’
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.  Zeromancer or Linkin Park
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. I’m So Sorry – Imagine Dragons
LAST MOVIE WATCHED. Ernest & Celestine
LAST SHOW WATCHED. Probably an episode of Survivor?
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST. Roleplay, other things
OTHER BLOGS. way too many to really list & pretty much all of them are inactive or not active yet

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. My original idea of GoddessxSlayer or something along those lines seemed too bleh & might easily be mistaken for a character other than Ike so went with the obvious choice
ALIGNMENT. some sort of neutral I can’t remember
POKEMON TEAM. Instinct?? if you’re just talking Go – otherwise I’m pretty classic & go Rocket
AVG HOURS SLEEP.  between 2-18 it differs a lot
DREAM JOB. pretty much doing it, I pet sit!

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tagging: fff anyone who wants to hop on this?

six of crows au where kuwei doesn’t exist

  • nina and matthias never have that moment where they realize they’re on the same side and therefore can’t trust each other
  • by some miracle they make it out of the ice court alive without nina having any parem
  • wylan never finds the courage to stand beside jesper on the way home because he’s too shy in his own skin
  • without the promise of reward for the scientist inej doesn’t consider her dream of hunting slavers possible, which means she never tells kaz so he has no reason to ask her to stay in ketterdam with him, and inej goes on thinking he doesn’t have deeper feelings for her
  • they go back to the barrel empty handed and their friendships never strengthen and most importantly to kaz—they never make their millions
  • pekka, heleen and van eck are still at large 
  • kaz never gets the help he needs to find inej’s parents
  • there’s really no reason to work with wylan again since raske is better with demolition after all and they’re not working with jan anymore
  • jesper’s life lacks chaos without any big heists and he goes back to gambling regularly
  • and poor matthias
  • he still meets his fate the same way when it’s found out he’s not in hellgate anymore. but the sad difference is it would have all been for nothing….

spoiler: it’s just not realistic.jpg stop acting like the story could exist without him. he’s a crucial character thanks bye

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


Another video heckk
I could’ve used the normal audio but no, I had to do this lmao

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered doing character fusion art? Sorta like that steven universe thing, except with bnha characters.

Never really thought about doing them before and I dunno why since I love that kinda art??? So here, have the ot3 these were seriously fun



you may continue with your day


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

@grimkipp @nekophy @inashibe @anrez-op-skele @mamajebbun @nateev @meeperspeeperslovecandy @angexci @lullaby-cry @jay-does-art @stargamer11darkgamer11 @universecipher @wit-fox @puffrisk @sakaruchibi @kandiicandyy @lazyartz @echoi-reblogs @kookieslovetosmile @derpytrashsketches @sonicmimi15 @vipeejunior7 @adbiwolf @crystalperson

AHHH don E

Special Instructions (3/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M
Word Count: ~3800 (why do they keep getting longer?)
Chapters: One Two

hope u like crazy hot mess emma 😝 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹🍾🍕 😵

remember a few months ago when i asked everyone to tell me stories of stupid/funny shit y’all did when drunk? thanks for the inspiration ;))

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach 


Special instructions: pls send cute delivry guy, i missss himm   

One of the benefits of having a job with odd hours was that Emma could get completely trashed on a Tuesday evening and not give a single fuck as to how it would affect her the next morning. She’d started her own private party several hours earlier when all of her friends had turned her down for one reason or another. (Because they had jobs, mostly. Fucking party pooping productive members of society.)

She was giggling so hard she snorted when she clicked ‘order’ on the website, so beyond caring about anything that she felt no shyness or shame whatsoever.

Drunk did not even begin to cover it. Drunk was several homemade cocktails earlier. She was mixing a bunch of things she really shouldn’t be mixing. She couldn’t remember everything she ingested, but she did recall the two straight shots of tequila that she started off with (and what a way to start), as well as the few gulps of red wine that she took straight from the bottle because she was a respectable, refined adult. She vaguely recalled an almost-daiquiri of questionable flavor, as well as one particularly horrible concoction of Red Bull, triple sec, vodka, gin, and Gatorade because apparently she was trying to liquefy her internal organs.

(It didn’t help that she’d pulled out the entire contents of her alcohol cabinet and placed everything on her kitchen counter, giving her a wide selection of self-destructive options.)

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abstractingwords  asked:

If Laurens were an animal, would he be a ferret or a honey badger?

ok so like 6 different people have given me their varying opinions on Which Animal John Laurens Would Be and i dont really know so.. its time to

here are ALL OF THEM!!! with this new visual evidence the People can now decide on john laurens’s one true fursona

i forgot what john laurens looked like halfway through drawing these so. have some animals with little clothes and lil ponytails


DCTV Pokemon Teams 

Rip Hunter [Legends of Tomorrow]

hedarey  asked:

"weeks ago i the lesbian of the village bought condoms at the store and everyone knew about it even before i drove back home" oh my god i'm so glad i read all the tags i'm cackling in my college library the guy next to me is side-eying me and i thought my rural upbringing was bad im sO SORRY

I arrived back home and my Mom just deadass asked “why did you buy condoms for?” and I was just like?? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW I BOUGHT THAT? And she was like “Irene (the lady who owns the bakery) called and told me”. I’m 24 and don’t even really live there anymore, like… anyway, all my Mom did after that is ask if she could have some.


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.


A few sketches I did during work (I’m able to bring my tablet aw yisssss…. but mostly draw company stuff so–) Some Shimada bros!

I always see people draw Genji based on his younger skin but I’ve always wondered what he’d look like… idk if he aged just like his older brother?? I’ve also been watching “Dragons” way too many times so I noticed the beard on Hanzo’s dragon match his and I thought ‘why not Genji???’ so… I tried :U

Hanzo probs has greying hair out of all the stress lol

[Do not tag as shim///ada///cest ugh]