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Private Lessons

Dad!Chris Evans/first person OFC (Elaina)

A/N: Hello beautiful people, happy Friday! So this idea has been bouncing around in my head for awhile so here goes nothing. This is going to be a series, I’m currently planning on 10 parts. I hope you like it!

Synopsis: Elaina is teaching swimming lessons to a little boy named Lukas when she discovers that he is the son of Chris Evans. When Chris approaches Elaina to do private lessons with Lukas at the Evans’ home will things heat up? Will Elaina turn into a home wrecker that she never wanted to be? 

Moving to California was a big move for me. With high hopes of getting into the Hollywood scene I set off from the east coast so I could be surrounded by the right kind of people. After a year of jumping to from studio to studio for small roles as an extra my confidence of ‘making it’ dwindled. I decided to take a couple months off to refocus. Of course, when living in LA and paying rent, not working isn’t an option. I decided to go back to my roots and get a job as a lifeguard at the local lap pool. This eventually lead to teaching swimming lessons, and teaching kids of some of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

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Just; C.H. 2

A/N Calum gives me serious feels lately. Let me know what you think xox

Part 1


I can’t help but let my excitement show as I take the steps down to the front of the auditorium where my professor occupied the small desk. The room was silent, an occasional pen dropping to erase a word or a sigh leaving someone’s lips when he or she didn’t know the answer. My grin was wide and bright though, my feet slowly thudding along the linoleum down to my awaiting professor. It was the last exam before summer started, in my prospects I thought it went pretty well and within twelve hours I’ll hopefully be so drunk I won’t even know down from up. Life of a college student is great. 

“Ah, miss Y/L/N. Sadly to hear bio informatics isn’t up your alley. I was impressed with your paper. Wouldn’t mind you mastering in this. But still, have a great summer.” She smiles at me over the rim of her glasses as she takes the paper out of my outstretched hand. I didn’t absolutely loathe the course, but it always took place on Monday mornings and Friday afternoon. Which, as with any student, are the hours I actually don’t want to go. And most of the times, I wouldn’t. Until the professor told us on day one that our permanent evaluation would be a forth of our grade. They’re kind of forcing you to go then, aren’t they?

“Thank you ma'am. You as well.” I don’t grant her a second glance as I turn on my heel and snag my bag off of the floor near the door and bolt outside in a matter of seconds.

I breathe loudly in relief as I pull the door closed behind me, ending this horrid school year and opening up summer. I sling my bag over my shoulder as I type a response to Sarah’s message wishing me luck and telling me to stop by after I’m done. I am not paying attention as I walk towards the staircase and roughly bump into a hard, solid chest. 

“Ah – fuck. Sorry, shouldn’t walk and text at the same time.” I apologize and look up from my phone, which was now screen down on the floor, into the dark brown eyes of Calum Hood. He bends down and picks up my phone, inspecting the screen before holding it out to me. “Don’t worry about it. I think you dropped something… Y/n, was it?” He smiles, a dimple showing. And now I completely understand now why all those girls swoon while being near him. I might actually do the same thing, this exact moment.

“Oh uh - yeah thanks.” I take it from his hands and inspect it briefly before sliding it into my back pocket, away from harm. “So Y/n, you coming to our party tonight?” Somehow I’m a bit shocked that he knows my name, but on the other hand, he didn’t get so popular by being a complete jack ass either. He was known to be friendly, sometimes even a bit too friendly.

“Yes, Ashton asked me last week.” I bite my tongue when I realize what I have said and walk down the stair case, Calum following closely behind.

“Oh, didn’t know you knew Ash?” I turn my head to glance at Calum but continue walking. “Uh yeah we once had a class together.” I continue to bite the tip of my tongue as I speed up a little when the last set of stairs comes into view, ready to bolt out into the harsh sunlight and leave Calum behind.

His hand lands on my shoulder as we reach the bottom and he stops me in my tracks.

“Well Y/n, a friend of Ash is a friend of mine. I’ll see you tonight.” He lifts his sunglasses from the top of his head onto his nose, but not before throwing me a wink. His long legs take him out of the hallway, out the door, in mere seconds and I’m left alone. 

My phone loudly rings through the now empty hallway, a giggle escaping my lips as I walk through the door into the sunshine and pressing the phone to my ear. 

“You were going to let me know when you were done! How did it go?”

“Uh, I walked into Calum and dropped my phone, I’m only out for like five minutes now. I think it went fine, I’m coming over right now I’m at my car.” I breathe into the receiver, dropping my bag onto the passenger seat before I circle the car. “Okay I’ll see you in a bit, then you can tell me what that shit with Calum means.” I laugh loudly but end the call without another word.

“So, what was that about Calum Hood?” Sarah wiggles her eyebrows as she stares at me from her spot on her bed as soon as I step into the unlocked door. I chuckle dryly, breaths passing my lips with a loud huff as I let myself fall onto her desk chair, lazily spinning circles with my head thrown back. 

“I was texting you and my forehead collided with his tit. That’s about it.”

“Did he apologize?” I stop my spinning, feeling a bit light headed, blinking slowly. “Well no I ran into him. He asked if we were coming tonight though.” Sarah flies upright from her spot, throwing her magazine to the side, the paper landing against the wall before sliding through the crevice where her bed meets the wall.
“Since when do the popular guys care of your whereabouts?”

“They don’t. They’re just being friendly, they aren’t some mythological monster, S. Now grab your stuff, we’re changing at my place.” I throw her empty back pack onto her lap and hoist myself up, swaying from the dizziness of my spinning. Sarah roughly starts throwing multiple dresses into the small bag before turning around and shoving half of her make-up articles down the opening as well. I’m leaning against the doorway, nodding my head at Kyle passing Sarah’s open doorway and winking in my direction. “Hi Y/n, Sarah. Have a great summer.”
“You too Kyle. Going somewhere?” I reciprocate and lean my back against the hall, overlooking Kyle’s summer look and glasses up on his nose.

“The girlfriend and I are going on a road trip. I’m heading over to her right now.” He smiles and I grin in return, holding my arms out for a hug and I’m dangling ten centimetres above the floor. “Have fun. And say hi to Wendy from me.”
“I will. Bye girls!” he turns the corner and is out of sight within a minute, leaving me to refocus my attention on Sarah who’s beside me. “He’s such a sweet guy.”
“Hm. A great friend.” I hum in return, waiting for Sarah to close up before we too follow the same way Kyle did, out the door and towards my car.


“Seriously? Are you going in a pair of jeans?” Sherilyn raises her eyebrow as I walk into the living room, ruffling up my loose curls. “Why wouldn’t I?” I stop in front of the television, eyeing my two best friends who are occupying my sofa. They may be in – what I’d consider – the best outfits to snag a guy tonight, but the way they’re splattered across my sofa tells you they’re as big of pigs as I am. “You wouldn’t expect Y/n to go in a slutty dress now, would you?” Linda smirks as she appears into the area. I raise my eyebrows and point to my dorm mate, quite a bit thankful for her presence right now.

I know Sher and Sarah probably want to drag me back up to my room, forcing me to change in something they consider more appropriate for tonight’s events.
Sarah shrugs her shoulders and I let myself drop next to her, grabbing a handful of popcorn and dropping the kernels one by one into my open, awaiting mouth. “We should get going soon, I am planning to get drunk fast and crash the rest of the eve in my soft, loving bed.” Sherilyn sighs as she redirects her gaze from her watch to the people in the room. I’m glad at least one person had the same thoughts as me, but seeing the glare Sarah is throwing Sherilyn right now, I know I’m up for something tonight.

“It’s only ten, those parties don’t start until midnight.” I groan loudly. “Are you going?” I turn towards Linda who is still leaning against the open doorway. “Yeah, ‘round midnight. Before that it’s just a snore fest.” I widen my eyes and point towards Linda again, trying to get my point across without using my words. “See?!”

“Y/n, come on. If you lay on that sofa for two more hours there is no way we’re getting you out of there again.” Sherilyn whines as I chew on my popcorn loudly, laying down more comfortably. “She’s actually right, Y/n. You’re a lazy ass.” Sarah agrees with Sher and I can’t help but to roll my eyes, wiping my butter covered hands along my jeans before standing upright with my hands on my hips.
“Alright then, let’s go.”

As we walk up the driveway of the frat house, all that can be seen are scattered red cups, drunk people stumbling about like zombies and some even just laying knocked out on the on the partially dead grass. A scoff leaves my lips as I step over one of those dead beat bodies, shaking my head. It was only ten thirty by now. How, in Hell’s name can they be that wasted already?

“Told you party would be in full swing.” Sherilyn points out as we approach the front door, only for me to stop right before we enter. “Those fuck wats are probably drinking since their exam ended, if not earlier.” I roll my eyes and hear Sarah chuckle behind me as I push past the moving, sweating bodies. 

I navigate us towards the kitchen for our first drink of the evening, filling three cups with the keg that’s on the counter. “They do know how to throw a party.” I yell over the music, bringing the cup to my lips as I take a long, freshening sip. I wave as Derek passes the door opening towards the living space, now transformed into the dance floor, and he stops in his tracks to jog over. “Ladies, long time no see.” He presses his lips to each one’s of our cheeks, throwing his arm around Sher’s and my shoulder nonchalantly. I could stand it when Derek touched me, merely because I knew he would never do so with the wrong intentions.

“Celebrating end of exams are we? I already got my grade. Guess I’ll be back in August.” He shrugs his shoulders, seeming not fazed by it all. “Well, I’m heading off. Tell your brother I said hi Sarah.” He winks at me before letting go and disappearing as fast as he appeared. “Shouldn’t he have graduated ages ago?” I laugh, throwing the rest of my cup back and refilling as Sarah answers. 

“Two years ago yeah. He is taking it slow my brother told me.” Sarah laughs as she lifts her own cup. “There’s Calum.” Sherilyn points in the general direction of Calum’s whereabouts and I glance over in a swift motion before turning around. “Yeah?” Both girls roll their eyes and I refrain from asking them what’s up but I am interrupted by a loud, booming male voice. 

“Y/n!” Ashton appears by my side and he presses me into a tight hug, spilling half of my drink over his back but he doesn’t seem to mind. Or he’s so drunk he doesn’t notice at all, right now I am not even sure which once it is. 

“Hi Ash. I see you’re having a great time.” I smile and let him, just as Derek did mere minutes ago, throw his arm around my shoulders for leverage. “And who are these fine ladies?” He points towards my best mates in front of me, a bit of yellowish liquid sloshing out of his red solo cup. 

“Sherilyn and Sarah.” I smile, pointing to the respective girls, both of them grinning and waving towards a wavering Ashton. “We could use some hot girls like you. I think everyone here is ugly.” Ashton whines. Drunk. Definitely completely off of his ass. 

“You should meet the rest of the group. They’d like you lot.” His gaze wanders off around the perimeter searching for any of his friends. I give my girl friends an apologetic grin but they chuckle in response, probably not minding it one bit. “Oh Nathan. Nathan!” Ash completely forgets about our conversation as he bolts off towards, apparently, Nathan and disappears from sight. 

I chuckle dryly as I once more chug my cup down until the last drop before giving myself another refill. "Well this is going to be an interesting night.“ I mumble to myself as I see Sherilyn has already disappeared to a guy which I know is in one of her classes, but don’t ask me which. Sarah is looking around too already and I know it won’t be long before I’m wandering around in the house all by myself. As long as they’re having fun.

Part 3

Your Dare (Chanyeol)

http://akkie-ku.tumblr.com/ I hope you enjoyed this!! ^-^


It was one of those nights where the boys and I got together and we have game night. Tonight, we’re all sat in a circle, playing Truth or dare.

The game’s been going on for about 20 minutes and Baekhyun’s outfit is inside out, Sehun is wearing my pajama shorts, Lay has pigtails and Xiumin is drenched in water.

“____! Truth or dare?” Chen asked.

“Truth.” was my immediately answer. A round of “Eyyyyyyyy” went around the room from the boys.

“Fine fine! Dare!” I changed my answer. Baekhyun and Chen looked at each other before Baek leaned in to whisper something into Chen’s ear, pointing towards Chanyeol before leaning back.

“I dare you to be duct taped to Lay hyung for the rest of the game.” Chen finally said, ending his sentence with a smirk. Chanyeol, who was next to me, gave out a small growl if distaste.

“Can’t she be duct taped to me?” he whined.

“Then that would be no fun.” Baekhyun mocked him. In about 3 minutes, I was taped, back to back, to Lay who was clearly trying to hold in his giggles because my hair was tickling his neck.

The game went on for another hour before everyone was finished. I kept laughing throughout the game that when my head leaned back, I hit Lay’s head and we laughed even more. The laughter died when they were removing the tape from us. My skin is still hurting.

Chanyeol, however, didn’t look amused.

“Come on, let’s get you home so the kids can rest.” he said, quickly grabbing my things and escorting me out towards his car. On the ride back home, he was quiet, his eyes focused straight on the road. His expression stone cold. I didn’t dare to say anything until we got back to my apartment.

He came in and closed the door behind him, hooking his large jacket on the hook and walking past me to sit on the couch.

“Yeol? Are you okay?” I finally plucked up the courage to ask him. He stayed silent. I then sat down next to him. What surprised me was that he scooted away, refusing to look over at me.

“Chanyeol.” I said. My tone was serious, making him look over.

“Did you enjoy being taped to Lay hyung? Hm?” he finally spoke childishly. My eyes narrowed at his question.


“Did you enjoy being taped to Lay? When we were playing truth or dare?” he repeated.

“Do you hear yourself right now? You sound crazy.” I couldn’t help but feel amused at his hint of jealousy.

“I asked you a question.” he kept a frown on his face.

“No! I mean, Yixing is a close friend, I felt comfortable. Why? Are you jealous?” I smirked. Slowly his cheeks started to turn a light pink color.

“No…I just…yes.” he looked away. A giggle escaped my mouth before I took my fingers and turned his chin so he can face me. His eyes met mine and I gave him a smile.

“Oppa. Who am I dating?”

“…me.” he looked down.

“And who are you dating?”

“…You.” was his reply.

“That’s right! There’s no reason for you to feel jealous. Baekhyun and Chen wanted to tease you a little to see if you’d get mad. Didn’t you see their faces when we left? They were laughing.” I told him. Now his cheeks were darker.

“I’ll get them back later.” he mumbled. I giggled again.

“Feeling better?” he nodded, taking my hands and intertwining his fingers with mine.

“I’m sorry, baby.” he said before leaning in for a kiss which I gladly returned.
He stayed the night for a movie and we both fell asleep on the couch.


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Make It Work (Pt.3) // Wonwoo

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.” -Unknown.

Genre: fluff, neighbor! & best friend!wonwoo
Word count:  2.1k
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

You went through your bag and took out your textbook and pen when you heard someone in front of you clear their throat. You looked up and was surprised to see Soeun standing in front of you.

“Hi,” she smiled.

Your brows furrowed, confused as to why she was talking to you and watched as she took a seat on the chair beside you.

“Sorry I ran away yesterday. I got…kind of surprised.”


“I realized that it was insensitive of me to ask you about someone else. I honestly just wanted to make friends with you. I just didn’t know what else to talk about.”

You blinked, trying to process what she just said. Did she say she wanted to make friends with you? You heard her right…right?

Just then, the bell rang, prompting everyone to go back in the room and to their seats. Soeun looked back just in time to see the teacher walk in.

“Let’s eat lunch together if you want?”

You glanced at the teacher then back to her. “Uh, okay?”

“Great,” she smiled and walked back to her seat.

Your eyes followed her until she took her seat at the front. She looked back at you and smiled, giving you a little wave. You nodded and smiled back and turned your attention to the teacher in front. Well, it looks like you now have a lunch mate and maybe, just maybe, a new friend.

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Alpha Sitting

So here’s my gift for @weebwritings for the usuk summer festival! Sorry it’s a little late, my laptop completely broke down :/ Anyway, I hope you like it!

“Arthur, do you remember that alpha who used to live next to me when we were children?” Francis asked, leaning back in the chair he was sitting in and crossing his legs, eyes glancing across the stack of papers he was holding. It had been a slow day in the library so far, not many people wanting to come in while the weather was so nice, and the beta’s boredom-induced attempts at conversation were beginning to get on Arthur’s nerves.

“You’re supposed to remain quiet in a library, you idiot,” Arthur grumbled, pulling another stack of books from the drop box and beginning to silently check them back in, “How have you not gotten that concept by now?”

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Seducing A Vampire


I am ninety percent sure that Baz has it bad for me. Not like, killing me in my sleep bad, but like, dirty make-outs in dark alleys bad. I only came to this conclusion after realizing that I had it bad for Baz. After mooning over him for weeks I realized that sometimes Baz would stare back, and not in a hateful way. This might be wishful thinking on my part, I wouldn’t put it past me, but I have a feeling that there is something between us, not a one sided something either.
I wanted to make a move, but I honestly didn’t know how. Baz is so intimidating, and if I’m wrong about his feelings I’ll probably end up as a vampire snack. Still, I can’t hold back my feelings much longer; I was never very good at keeping secrets. So I decide to try to seduce Baz, a vampire, I’m going to seduce a vampire.
I’ve never tried to seduce anyone before. With Agatha, we were just together, and I didn’t have to do any work because it was assumed we would end up with each other. I could just declare my love for Baz, but somehow that feels worse than trying to pull of being sexy.
Tonight, something is going to change, I just hope it’s for the better.


Snow is making my life a living hell lately. I keep catching his eye contact unexpectedly during class, and I swear to god the last time it happened I blushed. He started sleeping shirtless last week, like he’s purposefully trying to push me past my limit. I have no desire to go to our room, but I’ve had more than enough rats already and nothing else to do.
When I step into the room Simon is lounging on my bed, shirtless, with jeans I’ve never seen him wear. They are snug, dark wash, and they ignite something in me. I have no idea what’s going on, but my defenses are up immediately.
“What the fuck Snow?”
He raises his eyebrow, something that I would do, and smirks, all confidence. None of this makes sense, none of this is his usual blustering self, and even though I love his awkwardness, I have to admit, this is hot.
“Hey Baz.”
“Hey yourself, what the hell are you doing on my bed? And why do you look like a cheesy vampire stereotype?”
He lifts off the bed and strides over to me. Up close I can see he’s wearing eyeliner, another unexpected change. It looks good on him, too good. Snow dips his thumbs into his waistband and shrugs largely, which flex his muscles.
“What are you going to do about it Baz? Fight me? There are rules to follow, ones even you can’t break.”
Snow has never spoken this smoothly, not unless he’s wanted something. When Snow wants something he’ll do whatever he has to in order to get it. I wonder what he wants.
I circle him a bit, and he leans against the wall, hips jutting out in an appealing angle. If I weren’t sure he hated me, I would say he’s flirting with me, but he couldn’t be flirting. There’s no way.
“Look Snow…” I trail off uncertainly.
He laughs, deep in his throat. “Yes Baz?”
I study him, warily. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing. Did you want me to be doing something?”
“Shut up.”
He looks up at me through his eyelashes and walks slowly forward. “Why? Bothering you, am I?”
I shake my head, partly because he’s pissing me off, partly because I’m going mad with wanting him.
He gets close to me and lifts his chin so I’m looking down at him. His eyes are vulnerable in that instant, and what I see…makes me gasp. There’s desire there. He wants this. He wants me.
“Baz…” He whispers, his eyes are deep oceans of blue, and I’m falling, drowning in their endless depths.
“Hm…” I breathe.
He puts his hands on my stomach and gently backs me up until I bump softly against the wall. This is foreign territory; I don’t know what to do, or what to say.
“You’re wearing eye liner.” I whisper.
He touches my lips with his fingertips lightly. “And do you like it?”
There’s a double meaning in his question, and I feel my feeble resistance crumble. “Yes.”
He growls lightly and kisses me. I feel myself unfurl, opening to his touch. It feels like the first breath you take after being underwater too long; wild, uncontrollable, and urgent. His fingers wander to my waistband and he tugs it forward, pushing all of me against him. I whine, low in my throat, and I think he likes that because suddenly he bites down on my lip grabs my neck a bit roughly.
I pull back slightly, looking into his eyes. They’re hazy, but warm. I want to ask questions but I’m afraid of what the answers will be. For now I’ll just drown in his kisses and his deep blue eyes.
“You’re going to be the end of me Snow,” I mutter.
He licks his lips. “I was kind of counting on it.”

anonymous asked:

4 and 8 for the prompt.

4. You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me
8.  You remind me of my grandfather.


Mulder rubbed his sore jaw, smiling fondly at the memory of Scully’s face when their lips parted, just before she clocked him.

“Scully,” he called out, hoping she was still nearby.

Scully heard Mulder call her name from just outside the door to his room.  She hesitated, but turned around and went back in, making her impatience easily recognizable on her face.

“Mulder, I can’t keep coming in here,” she said, gripping the rail on the side of the bed.  "What do you want?“

"You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” She raised her brow in puzzlement.

Mulder took her right hand in his and folded her fingers into a fist.  He brought her knuckles up and gingerly touched them to his jaw, hoping he lined the bruise up correctly with her hand.

“You were there, Scully,” he whispered, laying back in bed and keeping a hold on her wrist and arm.  "In red satin and pincurls. You didn’t even know me, but you went with me.“

Scully pulled her hand free and leaned closer until their faces were inches apart and she stared into his eyes, scrutinizing the size of his pupils.  He gazed back through a dreamy fog of painkillers, giving her a dopey smile.  

"I kissed you and you hit me,” he said.

Scully raised her hand between them and held up her index finger.  "Mulder, follow my finger with just your eyes.“

"I don’t have a concussion, Scully.”  He followed the trail of her finger to prove himself; side to side, up and down.

Scully put her hand on his head and sifted her fingers through his hair to check for knots.

“You really did save the world,” he murmured, closing his eyes.

She kept moving her fingers through his hair because it seemed to make him calm and drowsy.  The sooner he fell asleep, the sooner she could leave.  His eyes opened again and drooped softly like a baby fighting sleep.

“You remind me of my grandfather,” Scully said.

“Hm, why?” he murmured.

“He had dementia late in life and said some pretty outrageous things as well.”  She gave him a smile and he smiled back as his eyelids fluttered.

“Would you hit me again if I kissed you?” he asked.  "If we weren’t being chased by Nazis next time?“

Scully stilled her fingers in his hair and tipped her head.  She could see that his breathing had already slowed as though he was talking in his sleep.  There was no movement under his eyelids.

"Mulder?” she whispered, rubbing his head lightly.  He didn’t move.  She pulled her hand back and rested against the bed rail to watch him sleep.  She lingered over him for a few moments longer and then pulled the blanket up to his shoulders.  She smoothed her hand over his head again and then lightly moved her fingers over the bruise on his jaw.  "Try me some time and find out,“ she whispered before she left the room.

The End

anonymous asked:

How would the boys react to there s/o being in pain and not being able to move due to them being way to rough with them when they were drunk?

Shu - *sighs softly and pets your head* “…Rest, it’ll do you good…” *cuddles you and faintly rubs your hips soothingly with the pads of his thumbs*

Reiji - *coughs uncomfortably, looking over you* “Just… give me a moment, dear… I believe I have something for that.” *gets up, looking through his medicine cabinet*

Ayato - *grins like the smug asshole he is* “You fuckin’ liked it, don’t complain now pancakes~” *gets a big smack on the head* “Hey, what’s the big idea-”

Laito - *frowns softly* “Hm, does it hurt that badly bitch-chan…?” *lays you down, massaging you* “Tell me next time if I go too rough… I like you feeling good, not like this.”

Kanato - *glares at you softly* “You have no right to complain doll after you slipped that into my drink.” *walks off, you better not follow him either*

Subaru - *his eyes widen in worry* “S-shit… W-why did you- Tch, damn woman, you shouldn’t let me do that you when I’m- Fuck!” *is too terrified to touch you, but you sigh and pull him close, saying a cuddle and some rest will do you just fine* *huffs softly and presses a kiss to your head* “Tch.”

Kino - *chuckles* “Well, it was pretty good, hehe~ We did it three times, you begged for the last one I remember, although it is a little fuzzy~” *whines when you bat him on the head, saying he was the one begging* “E-eh, no weirdo… D-don’t spin this on me or anything-”

prince & prince

tododeku || multichap, sfw || 3k

Summary: Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant.

(it’s the prince au, everyone)

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