why did he tweet this

I can’t sleep and I keep thinking about Louis’s posts tonight and like analyzing and doing a close reading and like why did he use twitter and instagram? Why didn’t he just tweet always you or just make the full phrase the caption of the instagram? And then I realized that this way the message isn’t just ‘always you.’ With the picture, it’s also 'always me and you.’

I just had a horrible vision...

Of Shawn on his wedding day with all of his groomsmen at the reception, on the stage loudly shout/singing Ingrid Michelson’s “You and I” to his bride all smiley and flushed and tipsy. 


And the smile on his face while he tried not to laugh singing the “Maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you, if you know what I mean” line. 


Hello, I decided to join in with the “if you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP” thingy. Here’s a bit of my canon-ish HL fic that has been slowly killing me for months (hopefully this will motivate me to actually finish it):


Harry takes a deep breath, gearing himself up, and opens the app, going straight into his mentions.

There are people telling him that they’re proud of him for coming out, that they’re happy for him and will love and support him no matter what. He wants to jokingly respond that he hopes there are some instances in which they wouldn’t keep supporting him, but when he actually types it out, if falls a bit flat and too serious, and he ends up just simply thanking them. There are others who thank him, who tell him their stories and how much hope he gives them, that if someone they look up to is gay and open about it, then maybe it’s okay for them, too, that maybe it means their parents would understand and wouldn’t hate them for it. It breaks his heart and makes his throat feel tight, as he tells them how important they are and that he loves them.

He thinks about his own insecurities and fears, how scared he’s been for so fucking long. Louis called him a coward once, spat it in his face in the middle of a fight, and Harry doesn’t think he was wrong. He’s been scared for such a long time, of so many things — he never forgot the look on Louis’ face, how angry and hurt he sounded, and he tried to use it to better himself, to grow. He hopes he has. He hopes that maybe now he can give something back, help someone else, ease someone’s struggles, even if only a little.

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Larry, RBB, exposing accounts & stuff

I usually don’t trust exposing accounts - but I follow some of them, because some information might be interesting, no matter if the owners really know something or are just guessing stuff.

There is something interesting that I just found:

This is something that, in my opinion, could be true. Remember that Larry apparently filmed a coming out video back in 2010?

The same account tweeted some more things that are quite interesting:

I don’t know if that is really the date when they were supposed to come out, but I strongly believe that something was planned for October (and I don’t mean the Larry hug).

Actually, I think that October 16th would have been the date, because the famous RBB countdown actually started on October 10th:

On October 16th, One Direction had a concert in Dublin. And here is the reason why they would choose Dublin as the place where they would come out:

Especially as supporters of LGBT rights, choosing Dublin for their coming out would be a sign that they appreciate the results of the referendum and that they encourage other countries to do that, too. 

Even before the RBB countdown, we had these tweets:

Both talking about time. Probably about something that should be a new chapter, a new “era” - but actually the past is still here, it is present.

Talking about things that don’t really change: out of all the lyrics he could have tweeted from MITAM, why did Niall tweet exactly these (during the same period of time)?

Also interesting:

Both tweets (+ “for your eyes only”) make me think that he would like us to know the real him and the real boys - that would also mean the truth about Larry.

Also during the same days, Liam couldn’t go to the Attitude Awards…

Then, on October 16th, “Perfect” was released. I can’t imagine the management wanting Larry to come out the same day.

Here’s what Harry tweeted:

Words that give me a lot to think about: “try” (but not succeeding?) and “other side”. 

Later, the second part of the RBB countdown came - indicating that something could happen on October 25th. 

That day, “only” this happened:

To be honest, based on the RBB countdown but also on some other information (that I won’t disclose), my personal opinion is that October 25th 2015 was the real date when Larry got married or planned to do so (and yes, I know the theory about September 2013).

For the time being, I guess we can only hope that, one day, we will know the truth…

ok but why did “my first real crush was louis tomlinson” and “it’s mutual we’ve discussed it” happen and why was “we kinda share that really” ever accepted as a valid answer as to how they play mario cart and why did louis ever tweet harry ‘always in my heart’ like he didn’t need to do that but he did and also what the fuck happened in wellington and why did harry say louis is a good person to “just sit and admire what he’s like” about louis and why has harry had the same ring on for 3 years which he never takes off why did harry ever say “not that important” and “don’t knock it til you try it” and why did he keep the wedding bracelet on for literal months and why did louis leak home and also why did louis insta that pic of him that was blatantly taken by harry and why did louis tweet harry happy birthday after no social media contact for like 4 years and why did louis tweet and insta ‘always you’ right before all the stunts kicked off again and why-

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once again i don't understand dan's interactions with that music review guy? and why did that guy send 4 tweets telling dan that he wants to hug him? is that another snide joke that i don't understand or just a joke that supposed to be funny? or does he actually want a hug bc he respects dan (which i somehow doubt but idk)? i'm so confused

hahah i can give a brief overview–today’s interactions were a lot more chill and nothing about them was intrinsically problematic or annoying although i am overall just a bit irritated that dan seems to value this dude’s opinions so much (though i myself am basing my entire perception of him solely on the 2 music reviews i’ve seen from him and the last exchange he had with dan… and for thoughts on why that exchange was so grating read this post). 

so today dan replied to a tweet in which anthony was promo’ing his latest review, which is of arca’s album. as you may recall arca (an electronic producer) was the subject of discussion during their last exchange bc dan loves arca’s music and anthony (the reviewer) gave it a negative review. dan’s initial tweet with the gif was basically saying he’s getting ready to watch anthony’s vid and already prepared for the negativity (the gif is of an exploding watermelon since anthony’s followers refer to him as a melon or smth idek). he then added the “jk i respect your opinion.” anthony responded saying he wants to hug dan which i actually didn’t interpret as sarcastic or negative at first but just anthony appreciating dan being so passionate about arca because it is endearing in a sense. dan then responded to a couple of fans asking about his personal opinions on the album–he said he thinks it deserves a 7  or 8 out of 10 (as opposed to anthony’s rating of 5/10) and that he likes the production and lyrical themes. then anthony kept tweeting about wanting to hug dan and ya at this point i’m just as confused bc it’s a bit weird and i can’t tell if he’s being patronizing or if he thinks it’s funny or if he just genuinely wants to hug dan, like,,, unclear. dan was probably just as confused about anthony’s intended tone, but responded to one of the tweets by bringing the convo back to music and re-establishing some distance. the tweet was “idk man mbdtf now arca i wouldn’t be surprised if you gave damn a 5 you monster,” and dan is basically saying he might not want to give anthony a hug bc he’s awful and keeps giving these great albums low ratings (mbdtf is ‘my beautiful dark twisted fantasy’ which is widely regarded as kanye’s best album and one of the best hip hop albums of all time, but anthony gave it a low rating, and ‘damn’ is the name of kendrick lamar’s new album which just came out today, and all of this conversation aside every single person should go listen to it bc it’s fantastic.) 

not sure how much there is to draw from this interaction as i said above, other than noting that dan seems intent on impressing this guy or like, at least having some bants with him, and that makes me uncomfortable given his casual misogyny in the last exchange, but i mean,,, it’s unsurprising overall. i hope this helps you understand what was said tho!!! 

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Why are people saying Bob tweeted something? Did he and I just missed it or is it old stuff? Granted I'm not a huge fan of Bob, but I am very confused now.

He tweeted something like ‘Unfollow me now because this shit is gonna get pretty weird’. Some days ago I’ve actually noticed he deleted it. 

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If sams with cait, why like all photos the girl posts showing herself off?

If Sam’s with the girl why did he continue to like shipper tweets about luring him in with pictures of Cait? Can’t have it both ways anon.

Our Fingerprints part 3 - Michael Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 2



No sign of her. They both think, scrolling through pages of twitter. No sign of Michaels soulmate. About two blocks away from each other, scrolling on social media, in hopes of finding the same girl. The only difference is is that one of them is the girl, she just doesn’t know it yet. The only difference is one is too scared to put her fingerprint into the data base. The only difference is, is that its a year later since Michael submitted his own fingerprint. The only difference is that one gave up checking his phone for the notification.

It is Michaels twenty-first birthday, but today has been Declared Luke’s. He claims that today is the day, that today is the day that he will put his fingerprint into the database. Michael is secretly annoyed. Its supposed to he his day. Not Luke’s. Sure there was plenty of “Happy Birthday You can legally drink now” messages, but there was also messages about Luke going to be at Finger Print Mania in L.A.

Luke proceeded to get all the boys to come with him. Luke claims its because of nerves, but Michael suspects that Luke is secretly a girl and can’t do anything alone. Michael couldn’t tell you the amount of times that Luke would beg one of them to go to the bathroom with him. The other theory that Michael has is that Luke is scared to go out alone because of the fans. It’s much easier to deal with them when there if four of them. But if Luke is worried about the fans then why did he Tweet about where he is going today?

They arrive at the place Michael was last year. Fans are crowded outside the doors, waiting for a glimpse of one of the boys. They quickly take a few pictures and go inside the building. Inside the building was eerily calm compared to the outside. They all watched from afar as Luke quickly goes up to the free receptionist.

Michael takes a calm look around the place, when his eyes meet her’s.

Y/N takes a calm look around the place, when her eyes meet his.

Today is Y/N’s day. Well its also Michaels, being his birthday and all, but today was your’s also. It’s been a year since the last time you went to Finger Print Mania, and now you felt ready. It’s also your nineteenth birthday to boot. You started college last year, and it seemed like all your wishes were coming true, except for two. Meeting 5sos and Meeting your soulmate. So you decided that today is the day. You were going to go and put your fingerprint into the database.

You didn’t check your phone before you went, but when you got there, there is a huge crowed inside. Police officers were on the scene, shooing the mass of girls outside of the building. You wonder what’s going on, but then you hear someone shout for “five second of summer” and you understand. Probably Luke or Ashton tweeted about coming today. You are unworried though, because once they see this mess, they’ll probably keep driving.

You enter the building to find that everyone was ushered out, so only a few people were inside, all filling out forms. You walk up and they quickly take you. You first put down your prints into a scanner, then they give you a form and tell you to write something to your soulmate on it. You stick to a classic, “heres my name and where I live” kind of a thing. They will have your number automatically so you weren’t too worried about that.

Thats when they come in, right when you were looking around for inspiration to write anything else. You study the group. There is Luke, who looks nervous as ever. Ashton, who just looks bored but a little excited. Calum who is looking around, nodding to the familiarity of the place. And then there is Michael. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here. You watch him turn. and then your eyes meet.


why am I not surprised?