why did he hide it in the bushes

Reluctant Reconciliation

Summary: Being Sam Winchester’s Omega was wonderful… when he was actually there. Yes, he was kind and loving, but he’d spend weeks away from you, only stopping by when he needed to. Two years of living on the outskirts of Sam’s life is starting to take its toll.
: Alpha!SamxOmega!Reader
: 4704 (whoa)
: A/B/O Dynamics. Pining (is that a warning?). Talk of sex. 
AN: The long awaited sequel for Reluctant Rejection!!! There will be a third part. I promise you, it will be a lot shorter than this… this one got out of hand  XD
Anywhooo, hope you enjoy it! I have some worries that I may have waffled, but @skybinx-blog assures me otherwise…
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Reluctant Rejection


The damn thermos was the only thing that was still the same.

After you’d made Sam leave, you’d spent the best part of two weeks just living on the couch. You’d had no energy to drag yourself far, and the sofa put you equidistant to the fridge and the bathroom, meaning you didn’t really have much need to move. With shaking limbs, you’d decided that enough was enough. You had to keep living your life, and that meant moving on from your Alpha, even if he had been your true mate.

So, you fell into a routine to try and keep you grounded. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Unfortunately, you had no idea if it would have worked, because it didn’t take long for your heat to hit once again. This time there was no Sam walking through your door to comfort you, no Sam to wrap his arms around you and hold you close, no Sam to show you how much he loved you.

You’d never felt agony like it. Sure, heats had always sucked ass, but what you experienced was far beyond any pain they’d caused you before you’d met Sam. There was no need to seek out an explanation for it, though. You knew it was because your whole being was craving your Alpha.

What you also realised during this time was that Sam’s scent was saturated into every part of your house. Sure, it might have been vaguely faded, but it was there, and in your sensitive state you’d torn up a large part of your home in an effort to seek it out, desperate for something more substantial than a weak scent clinging to your mattress. Once you were over the worst of it, you started on your next endeavour to move on.

You gutted your house.

There was no way you wanted to suffer like you had during your last heat, and so you did what you had to. All things that you knew you would never rid of Sam’s warm smell was to be tossed out. Your mattress and all your bedding went first, quickly followed by your sofa and curtains, and then the carpets. Even the doormat that Sam himself had bought you got tossed out, only pausing briefly to look at the strange pentagram that you spotted on its underside, painted on in a colour that was just off from the mat’s colour. Unnerved slightly with this discovery, you pressed on.

Everything that you kept went through a serious cleaning. No surface went un-scrubbed, and you painstakingly re-varnished all the wooden surfaces.

Not to mention you decided that, with new furniture and a new life, you would rearrange everything and have a new layout. This brought to surface the second thing that unnerved you… the little fabric pouches that started popping up in random places.

Regardless, you persevered, and soon it looked as though you’d moved into a new house.

Except for the goddamn thermos.

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Speed Date W/AJ Styles

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

I got this done a lot faster than I expected. I’m just gonna say this, I don’t agree with cheating and this is not my way of saying you should do it and it’s okay. This is just for fun.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole - Part Three w/Okada

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domestic wesper would be

  • jesper almost always waking up late
  • wylan noticing but deciding to let him sleep in
  • jesper hopping around with one shoe on as he tries to put on the other, shirt completely buttoned wrong, “i’m going to be late! i’m going to be late!”
  • wylan laughing, “jes it’s fine. i’m the boss, remember?”
  • “no, no, no, i have to go.”
  • quick goodbye kisses
  • jesper racing out the door, wylan standing in the foyer holding jesper’s guns he can’t fathom how he left without, counting down the seconds until jesper realizes and comes back
  • jesper crooning at them, “what would i ever do without you?”
  • wylan rolling his eyes, but jesper beaming at him. “i meant you, wy.”
  • lots of wylan blushing.
  • slow welcome home kisses.
  • stories about their day over hot chocolate, sitting in the reading nook jan had built into the library for wylan before he knew wylan couldn’t read
  • wylan not being ashamed to be there anymore. in fact it’s one of his favorite spots in the house now. sitting beneath a big bay window, views of sunset over the canal, surrounded by pillows. an excuse to be squished against jesper’s side. 
  • what could be better?
  • domestic wesper would also be wylan playing music for jesper when he’s especially jittery
  • jesper finding his hands have stopped shaking
  • wylan loving the way jesper’s eyes are closed, the way he’s absorbing the music. so much, in fact, he almost blunders a few times
  • it’ll be jesper sharing his favorite music with wylan in return, introducing him to new things
  • lots and lots of terrible dancing around the house
  • wylan being so undeniably happy it leaves no room for embarrassment
  • and just imagine jesper waiting up at night for the servants to go away
  • because there’s a full kitchen for him to work with and he’d be damned if he doesn’t utilize the skills his mother taught him. 
  • jesper humming as he bakes (i can’t get rid of this headcanon?) because his mom did and he swears he feels her nearby
  • wylan waking up to sweets galore, “where is all of this from?”
  • “the food fairy. he heard you were a good boy this year.”
  • eating cake for breakfast and regretting it later.
  • lots and lots of sickness from too many sweets but they don’t mind because they get to lay side by side in bed while the servants bring them soup and tea and extra pillows
  • sometimes wylan would stay up to catch “the food fairy” and hear jesper humming.“what’s that song, jes?”
  • imagine jesper tossing flour at him out of spite for giving him such a start, “why aren’t you sleeping?”
  • flour fights start ensuing (i’ve used this with ninej i think but sh)
  • but also it’ll be
  • jesper teaching him how to cook
  • and wylan telling him about chemical reactions during dinner
  • “sounds like us.”
  • “how do you mean?”
  • “two substances brought together that causes sparks to fly.”
  • wylan blushing because could he be any more cheesy? probably not. “i wish i had flour to hit you with right now.”
  • and of course there’s jesper reading to wylan (how many headcanons have I done of this already???)
  • and surprise picnics in the garden under wylan’s favorite tree. don’t imagine wylan as a kid hiding behind bushes and trees to get away from his father bc i just did and it’s painful. why do i do think these things but wylan surprises jesper with them, using the recipes he taught him.
  • jesper asking despite a mouthful of food, “how are you so good at everything?”
  • and wylan appreciates this because he’s right. he’s good at most things he tries and it doesn’t matter what things he can’t do. 
  • most importantly it’ll be 
  • jesper realizing he doesn’t need chaos to give him a rush. staying in one place could be enough. is enough.
  • and wylan realizing he can be happy in the home he was once frightened of. he is safe again. he doesn’t have to hide from jesper.
  • and it’ll be jesper laying awake, studying wylan’s features highlighted by the glow of the fireplace after he’s dozed off. jesper whispering, “i think i might love you, merchling.”
  • wylan opening his eyes just enough, “you think?”
  • “YOU’RE AWAKE?” 
  • wylan grinning. “i was trying to catch the food fairy. he sings beautiful songs.”
  • “you know what, i take it back.” but the look in his gray eyes tell wylan he’ll never be able to take it back. he means it too much. jesper fahey might be is in love with him. he can flirt the pants off anyone, but no one else gets that look.
  • “well i might feel that way too.” wylan tries to sound indifferent, but his cheeks are as red as cherries.
  • “yeah?” wylan imagines that’s the expression jesper used to get when he won on the makker’s wheel. unadulterated bliss. dilated pupils; a new high. a positive one.
  • “you’re looking at me like you have a winning hand.” jesper whispers.
  • if this is what winning feels like, no wonder jesper got so hooked on chasing the euphoria of it.
  • wylan doesn’t know much about gambling, but he knows not to risk winning hands. no one ever gets lucky twice. jesper knows it. 
  • wylan having the unnerving thought, jesper wouldn’t risk this, right?
  • and his cheeks are burning so bright, and he can’t form any words.
  • jesper’s smiling at him, in the way only he does, the way that makes everything seem so much easier. even if jesper is nervous, too. 
  • do you have a winning hand, merchling?”
  • “i don’t think i’m supposed to tell.” 
  • “you can trust me.”
  • “you probably said that during all your card games.”
  • jesper rests his forehead against wylan’s. “but this isn’t a game, and i won’t ever lie to you.”
  • wylan shivers. maybe he can’t put his feelings into words, yet. maybe expressing himself will never be as easy as it is for most. but he’s enamored by jesper, jesper is where his thoughts start in the morning and end at night.
  • and i love you may be stuck in his throat, but he can still say it in other ways. 
  • “yes.” wylan finally answers and he wraps his arms around jesper, because you’re supposed to keep your winning hands close. only a fool wouldn’t. 

(i also did domestic kanej here)


Killing Stalking Chapter 30: Pipe Theory
- So in the first 2 panels we can see the pipe that Suengbae dropped when he broke into Sangwoo’s House. It rolled under the bushes and he thought it would be fine since you couldn’t really see it.
- In the 3rd Panel (also from Chapter 29) it really looks like Sangwoo did see the pipe. Which is why he was questioning Bum when he came back home in Chapter 30.
- The 4th and 5th panel show Sangwoo coming into the kitchen and leaning what appears to be the pipe up against the wall.
- 5th panel is Sangwoo’s and Suengbae’s showdown going into the Kitchen. Notice anything missing?
- 6th panel, I can’t really see where Suengbae could be hiding that pipe and he is still seen holding the Tazer. Remember he was the first in in the kitchen before Sangwoo.
- 7th through 9th panel, All we can see is that someone got hurt here. There really is no clue to as who but maybe Suengbae did pick up the pipe. Theres really no telling until the next chapter.
- There’s also a theory of Bum stabbing Sangwoo in the back and with his character and everything he’s been through I just can’t picture it. I’d be very surprised if Bum stepped up after all this tine.
Dedicating this theory to @0hsangw00

CS FF: Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Egg Hunt for Me

Summary: Never let a pirate plan an Easter egg hunt.  

Rating: G

Note: Just some Easter fun at the expense of our Captain.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Egg Hunt for Me: Part 1/1…

“Swan,” Killian began, as he sat down across from his wife and her mother at Granny’s.  “Why are there bunnies and eggs covering every bloody surface of this diner?”

“It’s for Easter,” she replied.  “It’s in a couple of weeks.  I think this is just the first time we’ve actually been in this realm to celebrate it.”

Killian arched a brow.  “And what exactly does this holiday entail in this realm?”

Snow smiled.  “Kids visit the Easter Bunny. They decorate Easter eggs.  They have Easter egg hunts.  You give kids baskets filled with candy and trinkets.”

Killian nodded.  “I see.  So this is a children’s holiday.”

Emma shrugged. “More or less.”

Snow leaned forward.  “That’s not true at all.  Families also have a big feast.  Easter can be fun for all ages.   And, Hook, since you brought it up, I know Regina is looking for someone to organize Storybrooke’s annual Easter egg hunt in the park.”

Emma let out a scoff. “Mom, I really don’t think Killian is interested in organizing an Easter egg hunt for a bunch of kids.”

Killian held up his hook.  “Hold on.  If there’s anything a pirate likes, it’s a good old fashioned treasure hunt.”

“See,” Snow said with a self-satisfied smile at her daughter.

“Killian, you don’t need to feel obligated just because my mother asked you.”  Emma held up her left hand, flashing her engagement and wedding rings.  “We’re married now.  You don’t need to keep trying to impress her.”

He shook his head. “I do not feel obligated.  A year ago, I was torn away from you and this town. And I wasn’t prepared for how much I missed it.  Storybrooke is my home now, Emma.  I think it’s high time I start acting as such and begin contributing to this community.”

“I think helping to defend it from the villain-of-the month is more than enough contribution,” Emma replied.

Snow patted her daughter’s hand.  “Emma, if your husband would like to volunteer to organize the Easter egg hunt, then let him.”  She paused and winked.  “It will be good practice for when you have little ones of your own soon and have Easter egg hunts in your backyard.”

Emma’s eyes grew wide, as she exchanged a glance with her husband.

Emma cleared her throat uncomfortably.  “We’ve only been married a year, Mom.  Slow down.”

Killian’s lips slid into a smile, as he linked his fingers with wife’s.  “I look forward to the day when we can share such events with our children, love.”

Emma smiled at the thought.  Easter had never been anything special for her growing up.  No big feast.  No egg hunts.  No visits to the Easter Bunny or dying eggs.  She never even got an Easter basket.   The most she ever got was a few measly little chocolate eggs.  

She wanted things to be different for their children.  She wanted to start traditions and make memories as a family.  

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What went down in Animan
  • Nino: hey Adrien I'm bringing it with the romance shenanigans
  • Adrien: ?
  • Nino: I've got a crush on Marinette
  • Adrien: OH GOD WHY
  • Adrien: she's the MOST TERRIFYING PERSON
  • Nino: so you think I shouldn't ask her out?
  • Adrien: no pls ask her out
  • Adrien: pls do it
  • Adrien: maybe that'll distract her from stalking me
  • Nino: ok imma ask her to go to the zoo
  • Nino: can you wingman for me
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: hey guys!
  • Nino: hey so
  • Nino: *nudge nudge*
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Nino: we were thinking of going to the zoo
  • Nino: wanna come along?
  • Marinette: by "we" you mean you and Adrien?
  • Nino: yes
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: ok I'll come to the zoo
  • Marinette: but imma make it explicitly clear that this is solely because of the promise that Adrien will be there
  • Marinette: kk I'm out
  • Nino: see that? she likes me!
  • Adrien: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: ok Alya let's go to the zoo
  • Alya: this isn't going to become one of those plot twists where Nino and I end up together, right?
  • Marinette: no hopefully not
  • Alya: ok good
  • Otis: ok panther have some grub
  • Panther: grr, arg
  • Kim: I could defs beat this panther in a footrace
  • Max: objection, this carnivorous feliformia is capable of exceeding escape velocity as a means of averting the predation of lesser flora
  • Kim: you're saying that the meat-eating cat can run into space to stop small plants from eating animals?
  • Max: wait, you can translate nerdbabble?
  • Kim: yeah, I've got an internship as an interpreter at Starfleet
  • Max: whoa, that's really cool!
  • Kim: anyway imma race this panther now
  • Otis: bring it b***h
  • Marinette: ok Alya, so I'll wait on this bench, and you can hide in those bushes and talk to me over this earpiece
  • Alya: or we could use phones
  • Marinette: no today's kids won't understand that
  • Marinette: this is defs the better option
  • Alya: whatever works
  • Nino: hey guys!
  • Marinette: hey! did you bring Adrien?
  • Nino: he's hiding in the bushes talking to me on an earpiece
  • Marinette: huh
  • Marinette: why aren't you just using a phone?
  • Nino: today's kids wouldn't understand that
  • Marinette: fair
  • Marinette: now let's awkwardly sit on a bench not talking for a literal hour
  • Nino: yes let's
  • Kim: I DON'T KNOW
  • Kim: I THINK SO? JUST RUN!!!
  • Marinette: ok, awkwardness averted
  • Marinette: now imma lock you and Alya in a cage together
  • Alya: don't you f**king dare
  • Marinette: *f**king dares and also transforms*
  • Animan: HEY GUYS
  • Kim: *attempts to run away*
  • Animan: *pouncegreet!*
  • Ladybug: interception!
  • Animan: aw come on
  • Ladybug: oh hey are you Alya's dad?
  • Animan: yep
  • Ladybug: huh, you'd think that'd have come up at some point
  • Animan: nah
  • Animan: now imma eat that guy
  • Ladybug: no eating people, Otis!
  • Ladybug: we talked about this
  • Animan: did we?
  • Ladybug: idk but I bought Kim enough time to go hide in my house
  • Ladybug: I mean, to go hide in...some arbitrary house?
  • Ladybug: that you defs won't be able to find?
  • Animan: *transforms and flies away*
  • Ladybug: right, now time to go to my house to meet Kim
  • Kim: hey Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: hey guys!
  • Animan: hey so I followed you
  • Animan: bc it was the only logical course of action
  • Ladybug: oops I didn't think of that
  • Chat Noir: let's trap him in a bus!
  • Ladybug: how do you even come up with this stuff
  • Chat Noir: well we've got a bus fully animated from that one shot in Climatika
  • Chat Noir: so we might as well use it to lower the animation budget
  • Ladybug: ok solid plan
  • Animan: *follows them into bus*
  • Ladybug: YES IT WORKED
  • Animan: *becomes a dinosaur*
  • Chat Noir: OMG YOU'RE BARNEY
  • Chat Noir: I'M A HUGE FAN
  • Chat Noir: CAN I HAVE A HUG
  • Animan: *eats Ladybug*
  • Chat Noir: no! bad Barney!
  • Animan: I think you will find I am simply the worst Barney there is
  • Ladybug: I said, NO EATING PEOPLE!
  • Ladybug: *deakumatize!*
  • Chat Noir: yesss you're still alive
  • Chat Noir: *hugs Ladybug*
  • Chat Noir: you are a good Barney.
  • Ladybug: ???
  • Chat Noir: just go with it
  • Nino: so plot twist Alya and I ended up together
  • Alya: we really didn't
  • Nino: but we bought these donuts together!
  • Alya: no, I bought the donuts and you stole them
  • Nino: oh that makes sense
  • Marinette: btw Alya, your dad ate me
  • Alya: oh yeah he does that, sorry

Occasionally, Sasaki Haise would come by himself and frankly Touka didn’t understand why he would sit at the side and open a book yet never really read it. She would always feel his eyes following her, but every time she tried to look, he would just hide behind whatever book he picked up for the day.

Maybe he figured out that she was a ghoul and was waiting until she slipped up before arresting her? No, that was unlikely. Kaneki never had a great sense of smell and the smell of coffee should be pretty pungent. Then maybe he had his memories back?  But if he did, Touka doubts that he would beat around the bush like this.

How was he even looking at her anyways?

The second she turned to meet his eye, his face was down in a book again.

“Oh, so you stir it in a spiral shape,” he mused aloud to make it seem that he wasn’t looking at her.

But he was. Quite bluntly.

“Um… I have your order,” she said.

He finally looked up from his book and smiled at her with bright eyes. “Thank you!”

She’s seen that look before… It’s the same lovesick look that he used to give to Rize before. But this time, it’s directed to her?  “Ah… I’ll set it here.”

“Thank you.”

Touka looked back at him, now seeing the pink dusted on his cheeks and a smile that was trying not to be a huge smile. He really did look just like before. “Please take your time.”

To busy her hands, Touka took to dusting the knicknacks and polishing the mirrors and glasses, still feeling his gaze following her.  In the reflection of the mirror, she could see him looking at her with those same bright eyes as before. She wonders what this version of Kaneki thinks of her.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful coffee. I’ll be sure to come again!” he announced cheerfully before heading out.  

Once he was clearly gone, she buried her face in her hands out of embarrassment. Did  She must be the biggest idiot in the world for being happy about him looking at her like some kind of lovesick fool.

“What’s with that look on your face?” Nishiki asked when he came in for work later. “You look like that idiot couple that was in here last week.”

“Shut up and get to work,” she demanded as she threw a rag at him. Was she still blushing? How was she going to deal with this the next time he comes?   

“Woah, you’re really getting red. Did shitty Touka and the CCG agent do naughty things-”

“I said shut up!” This time, she threw a book at him.

Boyfriend! Johnny
  • So I haven’t posted any writing in a while oops
  • And I do have a scenario in the works (GOT7′s Jinyoung) but I’m having a brain freeze with it right now. Like I know what’s going to happen next but I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s complicated
  • I still wanted to post something so I’m gonna do these boyfriend! things maybe? I know a lot of writers do them but they’re fun to read 
  • I was originally gonna try something new, like a babysitter! series but idk how it’d work lol
  • And I also wanna write for other groups too but I don’t know what to. Like I have lots of ideas for scenarios but I’m not sure if they’ll work out
  • Lol I’m a mess
  • Anyways, I’m sure y’all are so done with my talk so lets get started
  • So you met Johnny through an exchange program
  • Your university had a sister university in South Korea and you decided to take study there for the year
  • One of the classes you decided to take was photography cause you thought it’d be interesting and fun to do. Like a bit more lighthearted compared to other classes
  • When you get to class, you’re honestly just really nervous cause you don’t know how to interact with Korean people. You know that they’re just the same as other people, just they speak Korean but you just dunno
  • So you seat yourself close to the back where you’ve got a nice view of the front of the room and you’re not too far in the back but you’re not in the front as well. WHY DON’T I JUST SAY IT’S IN THE MIDDLE
  • Nobody approaches you and you’re just too worried about messing up when you speak Korean so you just listen to people’s convos and try to understand what they’re talking about
  • Cause damn do they talk fast
  • And Johnny comes walking in and you can just automatically feel his presence
  • Like the girls start to giggle and whisper to each other and the guys all come to greet him with fist bumps and pats on the back. 
  • You just know he’s one of those guys that everyone loves
  • And he sits right next to you. You’re just shooketh like whatttttt
  • “Hey, I’m Johnny! Are you an exchange student here? I heard that we were getting some exchange students in this class that speak English.” 
  • “Um, I… yeah.” You say sort of defeated cause dang you were gonna reply really fluently in Korean but you just forgot every word you’d learned. 
  • “It’s fine, you can speak English with me if you’re more comfortable with that. I’m from America.” 
  • And from then on, you and Johnny sort of just always chatted together. It turned out you guys also have a few other classes together
  • You’re really happy that you got to know him cause he really helps you with your Korean when you have trouble remembering grammar rules and stuff
  • After a few months, you guys are really tight
  • Like #friendshipgoals
  • Everyone thinks y’all are dating cause you hang out a ton and Johnny likes to make fun of your height difference by resting his arm on your head or just casually slinging his arm on your shoulders
  • Honestly, you’ve kind of gotten a crush on Johnny. He’s so funny, cute, and nice to everyone that you totally understand why all the guys and girls talk about him
  • But you try to not think too much about your crush on him cause you’re positive that he only sees you as a super close friend, like #bros4life or something like that
  • After a long time, you really can’t stand your crush on Johnny anymore
  • I mean, damn, this dude is hot but innocent and all that… he’s like irresistible
  • So you’re about to blow from keeping your crush on him secret and you make the big mistake about ranting all about it to Doyoung
  • Who automatically tells everyone after you finish ranting
  • And everyone’s plotting how to get y’all together cause they know that Johnny also secretly has a thing for you
  • They’ve seen the way that he looks so much happier when he’s sitting next to you, or how he slings his arm around you so much more nowadays and laughs so hard when he teases you
  • And you’re just oblivious to Johnny’s subtle (like literally almost not there, he’s just upping the skinship level the smallest bit) flirting so they decide to give y’all a little helping hand. 
  • One day, Doyoung slyly puts a note on your desk in one of your classes that you guys shared together that says, Can you meet me on the track at 1? - Johnny
  • Doyoung even freaking copied Johnny’s handwriting perfectly
  • And then Jaehyun did the same to Johnny, by copying your handwriting.
  • So the two of you are both confused as heck cause you’re close friends so why would you guys bother to set up a time and place to meet when you always see each other?
  • But you both meet on the track at 1 and you’re like,
  • “So, you had something to tell me?”
  • “No… You’re the one who asked for me to come to the track.”
  • “What.”
  • “What.”
  • And all the guys were hiding behind a bush, watching you two but Yuta couldn’t take it so he legit jumps out of the bushes
  • Y’all shook
  • The guys are shook
  • Yuta is shook by himself
  • And by then everyone else is like, fuck it, these two are way too oblivious about each other’s feelings to confess
  • And in the end, the guys are all like “Y/N likes you Johnny!” and “Johnny likes you Y/N!” 
  • And after realizing that you both have feelings for each other, you just sort of become a couple. 
  • Okay, that a super long intro… sorry ‘bout that
  • So your relationship with Johnny would be really fun
  • You guys would definitely do some crazy things that Johnny has always wanted to do
  • Like skydiving
  • Now that was one crazy adventure
  • He’d also love to run around in the rain with you
  • Just because it’s random and fun and exciting
  • After you guys play in the rain, he’ll run a hot bath with rose petals and rose oil and maybe some Epsom salt just for you
  • And you’ll always pull him into the bath with you because you feel bad cause you’re sure he’ll catch a cold if he waits outside on the couch with a flimsy little towel wrapped around his shoulders
  • And it’ll be a really chill bath time
  • You guys are totally find with seeing each other naked
  • Although it was slightly awkward the first time you guys did it
  • “Um.”
  • “Do you want to take off your clothes first and then get into the bath and then I’ll come in and take off my clothes or…”
  • “Um.”
  • But after a few times, it becomes natural for you two
  • Johnny loves asking you to scrub his back 
  • And he’ll massage your shoulders, your neck, and whatever other tense muscles
  • It’s just a loving pamper time between the both of you
  • I think Johnny would be pretty big about skinship
  • You guys were already casual with skinship when you were friends anyways so he would get straight to holding hands with you
  • Honestly, he beamed when you made the move to hold hands instead of him for the first time
  • Backhugs would be a thing with you
  • Because of your size difference, he loves backhugs so he can rest his head on top of yours and trace circles on your hips lightly
  • And you’ll just lean back into him
  • PDA doesn’t go that far, only holding hands, backhugs, and pecks on the cheeks
  • He loves running his hands over your collarbone or tapping on your collarbone. For some reason, it calms him down. 
  • When you guys are on the couch watching TV or YouTube, he loves to lie down on top of your legs
  • And you’ll run your fingers through his hair and give him some soothing face massages
  • You’ll rub circles in his temples and between his eyebrows
  • Johnny relaxes so much when he’s in your arms
  • It’s like you just suck all the stress out of him
  • And if you have a book with you, you’ll read it out loud to him
  • But even if you don’t, you’ll make up a story or talk about some moments from your past upon his request
  • If you guys are on the couch and you aren’t in the position mentioned above, then you’re probably cuddling. 
  • Johnny’s couch cuddles with you are usually spooning
  • He’ll start by gently wrapping his arms around you before totally flopping the both of you on your sides so you’re both in a really comfortable cuddling position
  • Maybe kiss your ear a bit (he loves to kiss your ear)
  • And whisper weird puns in your ear
  • Sometimes tickle fights start
  • Just saying, you always win
  • When you’re really stressed out or crying, Johnny peppers your face with light gentle kisses to make you laugh
  • He’ll just cup your face in his hands and kiss everywhere
  • As I said before, your PDA really only includes backhugs, cheek kisses, and hand holding but when you two are alone, Johnny tends to like making out with you 
  • He’ll start slowly and passionate, where you can really feel his love for you seeping out of his lips… lmao that sounds weird but you get it, right?
  • If you guys are feeling it, he’ll turn it up a notch and start getting a bit aggressive and fast, which can lead to a bit of.. well ya know (I’m still smol)
  • Johnny is definitely a very proud boyfriend and loves to show you off since you can come off as a little shy in certain situations
  • “Isn’t Y/N so great?”
  • “If you’re already this impressed then you’ll probably faint later cause she isn’t even showing you all that she’s got. My girl is a special one for sure!”
  • “Johnny, stop you’re embarrassing me.”
  • “You don’t need to feel embarrassed! You’re amazing.” 
  • Followed by him ruffling your hair
  • Whenever you start to doubt yourself, whether it’s about your looks, your capability to do things, or just yourself in general, Johnny is always right in your corner
  • “You know Y/N, you’re so headstrong and that’s one of the reasons I love you so much. You’re absolutely capable of doing whatever you set your mind on and you should never forget that. I don’t care what other people think about you, because they don’t know you the same as I do. I know that you have one of the biggest hearts in the world, and in my eyes, you’re more beautiful than any of those photo shopped pictures of models, actors, and singers. You need to stop comparing yourself to others and see yourself in the same light that I see you in. Because Y/N, you spread so much light where ever you go and to me, you’re an absolute blessing.”
  • Damn, those are the words that I honestly wanna tell everyone… And the words that I want to believe but my low self confidence is like, naaaaa
  • Okay I’m actually feeling so emotional now from writing that paragraph
  • I need to get back onto the road of happy fluffy things
  • Like Johnny getting jellyyyy
  • I’m gonna warn you, Johnny will do a 180 from his usual playful self when he’s jealous
  • He’ll act overprotective and you’ll notice that he makes his posture better to look taller. As if he needs to look taller, the guy is a freaking tree or something.
  • When he notices someone hitting on you, he’ll act casual about it for a bit, just to see if the person will understand that you’re not interested in them.
  • If they’re still trying to get your attention, Johnny will protectively slide his arm around your waist and pull you roughly against him. Sometimes to the point where you end up stumbling into his chest.
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Y/N’s more interested in me than you.” 
  • And he’ll lowkey give them a death glare before stalking off with you
  • “Johnny, don’t be so mean!” *smack on his chest*
  • “They were trying to hit on you, I was just being a man!”
  • “Ugh, whatever.”
  • “You know I love you right?” *peck on cheek*
  • “Yesssss.” *hug*
  • When Johnny gets upset about something, he’ll tend to stick to himself and you’ll have to let him spend some alone time to think
  • You’ll know that he wants some comfort from you if he comes out of his room 
  • He’ll probably want you to hold his hands in yours and look him in the eye and say that everything is fine
  • And when the two of you get in a fight, Johnny will be a bit stubborn about saying sorry
  • So he might give you the cold shoulder for bit but he’ll end up running back to you with a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten letter (if it was a big argument) or he’ll buy you your favorite food/candy (if it was a smaller argument)
  • Johnny would be big on calling you pet names
  • Not stuff like honey, sweetie, or stuff
  • But things like my queen (he once said that you reigned over his heart so princess wasn’t right), baby girl, my love (more when he’s teasing you)
  • For example: “Hellooooo mah love” or “Hey y’all, look! It’s my love!” *runs to you with his arms flailing everywhere* “MY LOVE!” *you run away cause he’s a total embarrassment” 
  • But basically you guys have a total fluffy relationship and he’s the most supportive person ever. He genuinely loves you and is always reminding you that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened in his life
  • Okay I gotta stop before I add Johnny on my could be bias list and make it even longer. 
  • Yes I have that sort of list
  • Cause I’m hopeless and can’t figure out which member is my bias

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I Hate You

Word Total: 1091…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I request one where Poe and reader are always arguing and everybody is like damn don’t let them be in the same room together but secretly they totally banging and love each other and nobody figures whats really going on

Pairing:  Poe Dameron x Reader

“Not again” Rey sighed rubbing her temples as soon as Y/N and Poe started to shout at each other, for the simple fact that he had left the door open behind him. “Could you two be civil for at least a minu─”

“That’s why someone invented the doors,” Y/N with angry steps she stood in front of the door, took the handle and smiled back at Poe. “To have privacy, Dameron” Poe rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest. “You take this and then slowly pushed it the opposite way you opened it and there you go you close the damn door”

Finn looked back and forth between Y/N and Poe. “Why do we have to be together with them in a room?” He turned his head towards Rey’s direction. “Whose idea was to put this two in a room?” he added as they started to shout at each other about anything that wasn’t the problem at first: the door.

“It was mine actually”

Everyone’s head turn towards the open door and saw General Organa. Y/N quickly closed her mouth and Poe stood straight putting his hands behind him “I need two experts to complete this mission” the General said as she entered the room and stood in the middle.

“Complete? She barely can count to ten” Poe said with a smirk pointing towards Y/N. “Besides she doesn’t-“

“Shut up, Dameron. You can even fix a damn water leak in your bathroom. My grandmother could do a better job in piloting… please the best pilot of the galaxy my─”

Y/N shut her mouth as soon as General Organa look at her. “I apologize” she smiled at the General then glared at Poe who snickered beside her.

“In my defense, it was difficult to rea-“

“Shut up you two, you quarrel like an old couple”


“We don’t─”

“In that case, can you both be silent and listen to me; for a moment”

Y/N crossed her arms across her chest and walked towards Rey. “If she be-“

“Dameron, please be silent. I’ll be brief”

Poe nodded and glared at Y/N, she completely ignored him and kept looking at the flickering lamps beside her. Moths were attracted by the random lighting provided by the old lamps attached to the wall.  

“Well…” Rey said with an awkward smile, she clapped her hands and looked around the enormous room. Y/N was walking towards the flickering lights, it was making her anxious seeing that flickering lights…

“Don’t touch it”

“I was just looking at it, genius”

“Here we go again”



Y/N sat by the lake looking at the two moon reflected on the pond in front of her. “You’re good at this” She smiled and dipped her feet down into the small pond. Y/N smiled as the cold water calm down her aching feet, been on your feet for four hours wasn’t pleasant at all.

She turned around and saw Poe walking towards her. He had a smile on his face with his hands behind his back. “You’re not coming to kill me, are you? I do hate you, so you know” Y/N questioned with a smile on her face.

Poe let out a laugh and shook his head, “I hate you too”

Y/N let out a snort and shook her head. Poe handed her the lovely bouquet of baby breath flowers, she took a sniff and smiled at Poe; who sat beside her looking at her. “Thank you”

“It was nothing, you deserve much better; after the things I said-“

“And I am sorry, for calling you an idiot”

“You have called me worse,you’re” Poe said with a smile, Y/N nodded looking down her feet with shame. “I am sorry about that too”


Y/N sighed and scoop up beside Poe, she put her head on his shoulder and looked back at the pond. “We should tell them”


“Why not?”

Poe put his arm around Y/N’s shoulder and softly kissed her head. “I don’t want to put you in danger Y/N, this is the only way I can protect you. Nobody can know about us, I want to keep you safe”

“I am an engineer, Poe. I can very well take care of myself”

“I don’t want to lose anyone else”


Y/N raised her head from his shoulder, she raised her hand and touched his cheek. “You will never lose me, Poe. I’ll promise, but we can’t keep doing this. It’s difficult to come with insults for you”

“But is easy for me”

Y/N raised her head from his shoulder and playfully shoved Poe. “I hate you so much” Poe chuckled and Y/N put her hand on his shoulder again.  “Poe, we can’t this anymore. We need to tell them, they are our friends. I doubt they are going to hurt me, just let them know”

Poe nodded and bend down to kiss Y/N, “If that’s what you wish, Y/N” He took a deep breath and shouted “You can come out now”

Rey and Finn look at each other and blushed. They carefully came out of the bushes behind them. Rey scratched the back of her head and Finn looked around except for them. “What are you doing here?”

“We thought you were going to kill each other” Rey answered. “And the General said to prevent you know…”

Finn nodded in agreement and looked at them. “Why did you hide this from us?”

“You know, Poe. He was trying to be overprotective it was his idea to hide it from you guys”

“No, it was your idea”

“My idea? You were the one that suggested that we should hide this relationship from anyone. You thought that hidden relationships were more enjoyable. All the prohibited was more romanti─”  

“It was, but it was your idea to fake hate to each other”

“I never said that”

“You were the one that called me donkey poopoo”

“No, I didn’t. You called me a space idiot. Poe PooPoo” Y/N sassed back

Finn and Rey looked at each other and smiled. “We are just-“

“Poopoo? I am no-“

“You called me an egocentrically prick. In front of my father, you know how embarrassing that was” Y/N said she stood up and pushed Poe into the pond. Rey and Finn quickly took a sharp turn and ran.  “At least it was more decent, calling you a donkey. But I shall apologize to the donkey for offending him by comparing him to you, Dameron”

Y/N squealed as soon as her body hit the freezing water.


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*whispers* Why am I not aware of the Sollux wiki page edit.

I used to edit his wikia page a lot until I got banned :(
It’d be stupid shit that I’d hide in the text, idk why I went after him specifically tbfh it was just funny
“He’s troll George Bush and his double i’s represent that he did 9/11”
“He has one very small foot and one very big one”
“He chains his lusus on the roof so he won’t be able to see the insane amount of porno magazines he owns”
“Everyone in his apartment complex hates him”
“Terezi often visits his hive to kick him in the crotch and leave immediately after”

for the anon who asked for drabble no.72:

“oh damn he is so pretty”

mark almost fell from the bush that he was leaning on and hiding behind when he heard a soft voice coming from next to him.

“oh shit dude sorry are you okay ? did i scare you ? i’m sorry”

mark looked at the owner of the voice and his eyes got widened cause wow okay what the hell was going on ? who was that boy and why was he so freaking beautiful ? he was suppose to stalk his crush not get scared by a beautiful boy he had never seen before.

“i’m-” mark cleared his throat

‘get a frekaing hold of yourself mark lee!’ he thought and said “i’m fine” so confidently even though his voice was shaking slightly.

“oh thank god.” the boy smiled but then pulled mark back of the bush to hide themselves “sorry for pulling you like that but jaemin is coming and he shouldn’t see me right now” he explained but stopped and blushed just a bit when he noticed how close their faces were. very very close to be  exact.

they watched jaemin walking in front of the bush then pulled away from each ohter.

“were you watching jaemin too ?” mark asked and the boy’s smile dropped

“too ? don’t tell me you have a crush on jaemin too”

mark made a “sorry buddy” expression and donghyuck sighed “oh for the love of god how many more people have a crush on jaemin ? other day jeno said he also likes jaemin too. like damn can’t i date with the person i like for once in my fucking life ? god damn it!”

“oh wow wow calm down man you don’t have to be that angry”

“will you let me date jeamin ?”

mark hated himself for getting so soft in his heart when the boy’s eyes shined with hope

“oh hell no i won’t”

the boy frowned again “then shut up”

“is it how you treat your friends ?” mark laughed and the boy rised his eyebrow

“wait are we friends ?”

“well we gotta be cause i need someone to help me stalk jaemin. its hard to do alone”

“we don’t even know our names yet”

“mark lee. nice to meet you”

the  boy laughed “donghyuck. lee donghyuck. nice to meet you too mark lee.”

your last name is lee too ?”

“yeah. we have many things in common i guess mark.” donghyuck said,laughing “okay let’s do it like that. we both will try getting close with jaemin but will play fair and let jaemin choose one of us. so in that way we can stop  others from dating jaemin too. i would rather losing him to you rather than losing him to someone else. you seem like a nice guy.”

mark nodded “okay lets do it like that”

“okay. i gotta go now. gotta update my tumblr blog about jaemin”

“you have a blog about jaemin ?” mark stared at him judgingly

“yeah so what  ?”

mark shrugged his shoulders “cause i have one too.”

“oh my god let’s follow each other. we can tag each other to posts and all”

mark was surprised cause haven’t donghyuck getting too excited too easly ?

“okay. what’s your url ?”


mark laughed  while trying to find the blog on tumblr app “oh my god dude that’s so cheesy”

donghyuck checked his phone “oh really ? mr. “slay-me-pls-na-jaemin” ?”

“hey its better than yours!”

“at least mine have class in it”

“yeah elemantry school first class class!”

donghyuck laughed at how mark tried to be though but ended up beinf cute af

“you are bad at badass comebacks”

“i’m trying my best”

“i can see” donghyuck said and laughed more “i really gotta go now. but i’ll dm you later okay ?”

“okay” mark said and waved back at donghyuck who was already walking to his opposite direction.


“omfg donghyuck!!!”

“what what what ??? what did jaemin do ????”

“he smiled at me today! omg he has an amazing smile!!! i literally melted!!!”

“omfg you took a photo of that shining smile ?”

“dude no omg am i a stalker ?”


“shut up i know i am”

“how i am the gemini one in this friendship when you are the one who has mood swings all the time ??”

“cause u r the extra one”

“im rolling my eyes so hard rn.”

“lets hope they wont stuck behind your eyelids”

“u would be happy that i wont be able to see jaemin anymore”

“i mean not a lie”

“fuck u mork”

“love u too babe lol”

“whatever im going 2 bed. and change your god damn url for fucks sake.”

“my dear friend we had been friends for 2 months now and you still hate my url ?”

“more than i hate tomatoes”

“aww im sorry ill change it rn”

“i can smell your sarcams even from a god damn message”

“good cause i wont chance it lol”

“whatever *rolls eyes harder* goodnight mork lee”

“goodnight babe”



“yeah ? is everything ok hyuck ? you never call me with my name like that”

“we need to talk”

“we are talking rn arent we ?”

“no like talking face to face”

“oh….hyuck what happened ?”

“just meet me at that one always empty classroom after school”



“hyuck is everything oka-”

“why the fuck did you and jaemin hugged yesterday in front of the lockers ?”

“what ?” mark was taken back by the question cause how the hell donghyuck knew that ?

“you fucking heard what i said. why did you hug jaemin ? did you confess him already ?”

‘its now or never mark lee. play your cards well’ mark thought and talked “yeah. so what ?”

“we were gonna confess at the same time. we promised. you played dirty. you broke the fucking promise.”

mark shrugged his shoulders “its not like you were gonna connfess him anytime soon. i was tired of waiting so i confessed him.”

“you are a fucking asshole you should’ve at least let me know before you talked with him”

“whatever i did it already anyway. i can’t take it back now”

“break up with jaemin”

“what ?”

“break up with him. then we will confess him together and he will choose one of us”

“are you kidding me ? i wont break up with him. i waited for him for so long.”

“i waited longer!” donghyuck yelled and the uncomfortable tension between them flamed more

“you lost your chance already hyuck give up.”

“no you give up!”

“i wont!”

now they were just yelling at each other, their voices were echoing in the empty classroom.

“im going home.” mark said but donghyuck caught his arm before he can walk

“let me go donghyuck”

“look mark you’re competitve and so am i, and it’s going to lead to a fight” his voice was low and dark like he was threatining mark.

“oh yeah ? then lets fight.”

donghyuck held his arm tighter

“you wouldn’t want that believe me”

tension. the air was filled with so much tension.

“oh why ? what will you do to me huh ? will you hit me ? do it” mark got closer to donghyuck face while he said the last sentence coldly. he was tired of playing around.

“mark don’t test my patience”

mark got even more closer to his face and now their faces were only a few centimeters away.

“what will you do ?”



donghyuck let go off mark’s arm just to wrap his hands one mark’s shirt collar. he held his collar rougly and pulled him closer into a kiss. mark was shocked but he still melted in the kiss and kissed donghyuck back,wrapping his hands on his back. after kissing for a few minutes the tension was finally calmed down a bit.

donghyuck was the one who broke the kiss but mark talked first,panting deeply while looking at donghyuck’s eyes

“you didn’t break my face”

“i didn’t”

“why ?”

“can’t you tell why ?”

“so you don’t like jaemin anymore ?”

“i like him. as a friend. but i love you.”

“as a friend ?”

“as more than a friend”

mark’s heart skipped a few beats that he couldnt count.

“mark why did you kiss me back ?”

mark smiled sweetly “can’t you tell ?”

“but arent you dating with jaemin ?”

“nope. i talked with him about you. i told him that we met thanks to him but then i fell for you. he laughed so much but said he would like to help.”

“you fell for me ?”

mark’s heart got so soft again. cause donghyuck’s eyes were shining with hope again but this time it was brighter.

“since the first time we met”

“you’re lying”

“i wouldn’t lie to you”

mark was pulled into a hug this time. a very warm and tight hug that melted him immidetely.

“i swear to god if you ever stalk jaemin again”

“i just said i fell for you, you idiot and you’re still saying that ?”

“i gotta be sure”

“don’t worry lee donghyuck you are the one and only owner of my heart now. and he has a boyfriend anyway.”

“good. wait what ? he has a boyfriend ? who ??”


“fucking lee jeno.”

mark laughed “he pretty much stole jaemin’s heart compeletly”

“thank god he did. so that i could stole yours too”

“oh but you stole it right at the beginning tho”

“well you did the same so you can’t blame me. also do you know how hard it was to fanboying over jaemin when all i could think was you ? do you know how much i wanted to delete all of his pics from my phone but couldnt cause you would understand i didnt like him anymore ? do you know-” donghyuck would talk about how  hard it was for him but mark’s lips on his own didn’t let him talk more. and to be honest donghyuck liked it more.

What's happened to Loki?

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative tom and crew. Fluffy nonsense.

“If we don’t stop it, nobody else will get a look in. Come on boys those of you that have been before know the drill, we walk on stage to a quick cheer and a hand clap. That bastard enters, the hall goes wild and we are forgotten. It has to be stopped!”

His mates looked at him and frowned,

“But how?”

“It’s ok I have a plan!” and the dastardly chap, pulls his partners in crime closer to him and explains his awful scheme. 

Two days later, in a park very early in the morning, four men and one very dodgy looking female, are hiding in the bushes.

The young lady seems to have a bit of a complaint.

“Why did I get to play the damsel in distress?” He asks crossly trying to adjust his knickers, and then bra strap under the jumper and skirt.

“Because you are A/ the new guy on the block and B/ the only one who hasn’t got a beard”

“Excuse me Ben hasn’t got a beard.” 

“True but who in their right mind would take him for a girl, no matter how good Jeremy does the makeup”

“Hey I’ll have you know my Ophelia in fifth grade had men……”

“Hush, here he comes!”

The runner coming towards their hiding place was tall, very good looking and fast.

“Quick Tom you are on” and Tony pushed out the new guy to meet his fate.

“Help me somebody please, my little Jimmy has run off and I can’t find him”

Our gallant hero instantly stops his morning exercise and immediately offers to help, after all once a superhero, always a superhero and in his mind he was.

“Can I help?” He asked the frankly weird, looking female before him, his voice full of concern and helpfulness.

“My son Jimmy who’s only two, he’s gone. He wandered into that bush over there and never came out” The squeaky voice told him.

My god, thought Tony from his bush, the boys managed tears, what an actor, what a guy!

“You stay here, and I will go look in that bush that is moving, despite there being no wind, and see if I can find him” and with that our hero heads off towards his doom. No sooner had he entered the bush than four burly arse men, jump on him and it’s off to the last trailer in the park where they keep him against his will, tying him up. Which I have a nasty suspicion he enjoyed.

“Boys! Chris, Ben, Tony have you seen Tom?” Kevin asked at Comic Con Hall H.

“Yes he’s over there, with Sebastian.” They say with innocent smiles and guilt free expressions.

“Not that one, the other one, Tom Hiddleston, Loki. God do I have to do everything myself. Loki has disappeared, he arrived on Wednesday and no one has seen him since. He’s due on stage in ten, and the world and his wife will lose it if he isn’t here” 

“You mean he’s let you down, we will just have to step in for him and help you out” Tony tells him with a far to enthusiastic grin.

“Oh guys, that’s sweet of you but no-one can replace, Loki” And off he went to look for the errant Demi God, who at that moment was locked in trailer 22b wondering what the fuck was going on, and missing his moment of glory!

And that’s why Loki won’t be at Comic Con, this year.

(picture not mine I just played)

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if you're not busy, princess, kings, competition. Also, whats you're homework an quizzes about? whats your gpa?

My school is the only one, I think, that does a grading system up to 9-scale. So a 6 is B, and my current gpa is 5.7 which is a C+. Orz

As for assignments, I have excel work with how to make balance sheets, and latin quizzes, along with chinese culture readings. I know. I’m all over the place. Ahahahaaha. :’D 

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THE GREED!HUGHES FIC IS UP. My computer is on it’s last legs, but I finally managed to get it typed. Really pumped about this fic, actually. I hope you enjoy it as well. Definitely moved cannon around to make this work. @ladywiltshire @dailymaeshughes

Read on AO3 here.

Bido crept after the Fuhrer. He knew in his heart this was a bad idea, but the Fuhrer had Greed, and everyone else… everyone else was dead. Bido scrunched his eyes shut for a moment. He couldn’t think about that right now. If he just followed Greed… Maybe, just maybe, everything would be ok.

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All you were doing was wondering around, you were new and Pan had told you to feel free to explore the island.

Well kind of, he told you what areas were too dangerous to venture alone.

‘Stay away from the beach, the mermaids will sing you to your death, and if you see leaking thorns go the opposite way. And stay away from the old pixie trees.’

‘Why?’ you had asked.

‘Because I said so.’ was his reply.

So of course you were headed in the general direction of the pixie trees. What did Pan have to hide on his own island.

You walked until you heard a rustle in a bush a few feet away. You quickly hid behind a tree.

You listened closer and under the rustling leaves you heard…moans.

Then it dawned on you that this is where Pan came to “clean the pipes”. You blushed madly at this new realization. Powerless or all powerful, everyone is a slave to their genitals.

‘Oh fuck harder.’

Your ears perked at that.

That’s a weird thing to say while pleasing oneself.

‘Oh God you’re so tight.’

Holy shit he isn’t cleaning his pipes, he’s getting them cleaned. Who could it be? You were the only girl on the island, so you had two answers and a question.

The answers were clearly it was a Lost Boy, and Pan was gay; the question was which Lost Boy.

You carefully peaked around the tree to get a better view, but that damn bush was blocking the view.

You’d have to get a better angle, you slowly and quietly crept around, circling the bush but keep a good distance from it.

Your eyes widened at who it was cleaning Pan’s pipes.


You covered your mouth to quiet the gasp before turning tail and heading back to camp. All the while trying to process what you had seen.

‘Did you enjoy the show?’

You startled and turned to see Pan and Felix behind you.

‘I told you to stay away from the pixie trees.’ Pan said as he stepped closer to you, Felix right behind him.

‘I-I didn’t mean to.’ you stuttered.

‘But you did.’ Felix said.

‘Now the way I see it there are only two ways this can end. We either decide to kill you to keep you silent, or you join us in our secret affair.’ Pan reasoned.

‘Join?’ you asked.

‘Two is such a couple, but three is a party.’ Pan smirked as he placed his hands on your waist.

‘And everyone loves parties.’ Felix added as he came behind you.

jimin; damn it, helium

↔979 words; mini scenario

Jimin sighs for the umpteenth time today as he remains in his position. He doesn’t know when or how or when is going to get out of this pose of crouching behind the bushes but he’s certain he doesn’t have much time. Neighbors and people who pass by are starting to notice that there’s a boy squatting for no apparent reason and Jimin can only smile in embarrassment as he greets them for a good day in hopes it’ll be enough for creeping them out.

Just as the sixth person who walks by, stares for a bit too long and gets a neverous have a good day from Jimin, he knows it’s time for him to do it or get the fuck out of here before someone calls the police.

Before he can make up his mind… “Hey, what’re you doing here?”

Jimin only hushes whoever that’s speaking, trying to get a peek if anyone’s home at the house he’s targeting. The person beside him only frowns, going fullblast in yelling—“Park Jimin! What are you—mmph!”

“Fuck, man! Can’t you get a hint?!” Jimin snaps to his side, slapping his hand over Taehyung’s mouth after knowing very well who that voice belongs to. Taehyung only snickers, lightly nudging Jimin’s hand away with a smirk, “You didn’t answer me, though,”

“I swear to God and all the Gods that have ever existed, I will kill you if you mess this up for me,”

Taehyung frowns, despite the death threat that meant nothing but angered words in the moment, “Mess what up?”

Jimin only bites down his lip, in hopes Taehyung is at least smart enough to catch on and boy, he does.

“Oh my—isn’t this her—oh man Park Jimin, you’re becoming a man!”

“Now get the fuck out of here!” Jimin smacks Taehyung by the back of the head, earning a wince from the latter who then curses a soft dick after that. Jimin pays no mind to whether Taehyung decides to leave or not because this is it. Deep intakes of air and he tightens his hold on—right, he has a helium balloon. Why you may ask? Because you like them; red ones in particular and Jimin’s gotten a red one in hopes it’ll represent the love that would form between the both of you.

Okay, fine, maybe not like that but he just knows you like them. So he got them. There.

As Jimin gathers enough courage to turn around, because that’s the first step and he’s about to stand up, it all hits him like a motherfucking train when he falls back at the sight of you standing there. So near, so close—Jimin’s mindblowned as he hits the pavement with a gasp. “Oh my god,” You breathe, stepping around the bush, past the mailbox to get on your knees beside him. Your hands frantically reach out for his shoulders, trying to hold onto him, “J-Jimin, are you okay?”

He swallows hard and nods shakily, accepting your help up after half a second of debating and just as he gets on his two feet, he glares at over your shoulder where he sees Taehyung’s shiteating grin. That son of a bi—“Um… so…”

JImin snaps out of his plans to officially roast Taehyung when he gets back to the dorm and instead straightens his back and gains his composture. He licks his lips and luckily, he manages to still have his grip on the balloon. He hestitantly meets with your gaze and finally says, “W-What’re you doing around here?”

You snort, folding your arms as you tilt your head at him, “I live here?”

“Right,” Jimin laughs nervously, “S-Stupid question. Um. Just. Why did you come out?”

You’re certain he’s assuming why would you walk out to the bush for no reason but then you use your eyes to point at his balloon and then he mentally curses when he probably should’ve brought it down while he was hiding because now he’s exposed and way to fucking go, Jimin.

“Oh… well… this is…”

“For me?” You try to fill in for him because you feel bad for him. One because he’s such a confident person that you know but now he’s a lost puppy. Two, you can tell that Taehyung wasn’t supposed to knock on the door, nor was he supposed to tell you something Jimin was.

Jimin bites down on his lip instead, not trusting his words as he hands you the balloon. Giddily, you reach for it with a soft thank you and Jimin lives for the way your eyes brighten when you have the balloon in possession. You’re aware that it’s weird—other girls wanting flowers and teddy bears but you somehow have a liking for helium balloons. Something about the way they float and seem so carefree and Jimin doesn’t mind that at all.

He, instead, chokes on his words when he tries to speak. But he only musters up a quiet would you… go on a date with me?

Grinning at him, you put the balloon behind you and take a step forward, tipping your chin up and going around to kiss his cheek before you murmur a of course, Jimin-ah. When you step away, Jimin’s cheeks are three shades darker, coated with pink and his eyes widen with surprise—the good kind. He gapes when you chuckle at him, even more when you’re walking away and telling him: “I’ll call you!”

He forces himself to nod, because he can’t even speak when he’s too shocked. But he lets all of this sink in when you disappear with the balloon, going back into your house safely and when your words repeat in his mind again, he’s smiling.

However, that happiness doesn’t last for long when—“So, Cassanova, how did it go?”

“I’m going to murder you, Taehyung!”

Prompt: “Scotty needs some love. How about one where the reader is an engineer, possibly better than he is, but is permanently paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair. He manages to get her on the Enterprise but it takes Keinser and Jalya to convince him to ask her out.” - Anon

Word Count: 1,599

Author’s Note: I am not paralyzed myself, nor do I have any friends who are. I have, however, spent more time that I’d like to admit in a wheelchair, so I tried to synthesize my experience with the actual state of paralysis to build the image of this character. If I’ve done anything wrong with this, please leave me an ask and I’ll fix it.

Also, I used the word ‘hose’ several times and, as a testament to my maturity level, I ended up laughing more than is reasonable through that scene. Enjoy my loves <3

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Clark Kent (Who is Who Couples Questions!)

-Who’s obsessed with pumpkin spice everything:
Neither of you really are “obsessed” but, he likes it more because it taste like what his house smelt like in Fall

-Who drinks more coffee:
You because you don’t wake up very energetic and ready to go (without coffee your kind’ve a zombie

-Who screams obscenities during football games:
You because you watch football Clark on the other hand has no clue what your yelling at or why for that matter

-Who hides in the bushes and scares kids on Halloween:
Neither of you really… Okay maybe you once or twice to those annoying neighbor kids who always launch things at you when you leave for work……..

-Who wears nothing but flannels and comfy clothes:
You because he likes to look spiffy for Daily Planet

-Who tries to carve jack-o-lanterns but accidentally crushes the pumpkin:
Him because he just can’t figure it out at all… I’m the end it looks like a 6 year old with anger issues did it

-Who clings to the other and whimpers their way through the haunted house:
Him because he thinks if he’s scared you won’t be

-Who rakes the leaves:
Neither of you you live in a city

-Who jumps in the pile of freshly-raked leaves:
When you go to visit and watch your parents home you drag him to

-Who checks the Halloween candy for poison with syringes:
Him because he’s scared of you getting killed

-Who went as Batman and who goes as Robin:
He jokingly went as batman and even made the voice which made you laugh so hard!

-Who is the better driver:
You!! He’s a little to used to flying

-Who is the safer driver:
Him… He’s got the slow turns down plus the soccer mom arm save

-Who is the morning bird:
Him always he’s always up at 6:00am every morning you on the other hand have to be literally dragged out of bed

-Who is the night owl:
You love staying up late and doing anything!!

-Who cooks:
Him because he loves it and it makes him think of home

-Who listens to more music:
Both of you are even normally you will both listen to the radio in the car whil your driving

-Who reads more:
You just have more time to read waiting for him all the time

-Who is better at cards:
That smug bastard!! He always wins!! Always!

-Who is better at relaxing:
You because your not waiting for something bad to happen he on the other hand will constantly look behind him and at the window (90% of the time there’s nothing!)

-Who is smarter:
It’s a tie!

mettapants headcanon

ok so u know how in the end of the true pacifist ending you see burgerpants in the bush during mtt’s performance? well what if when he was trapped in the underground he never told mettaton he wanted to be actor because lets face it hes 99% anxiety 1% hot gas hed never go up to the biggest star in the underground and ask him about stuff but when the barrier broke he thought why not tell him just to see what would happen because if it went bad hed never have to see mettaton ever again and mtt’s reaction was basically “why didnt you tell me SOONER, darling??” and bp tells him that he never actually performed for a crowd and so mett says that before he can even judge his talent he needs to get accustomed to being on front of a crowd because he can be the greatest actor ever but itll all be rendered moot if he gets stage fright (which he WILL- 99% anxiety and all) so he thinks up putting a random-ass bush in his shows and having burgerpants hide in it so he can get accustomed to being in front of crowds and on the side he actually helps bp with his acting he turns out to be pretty expressive though a bit overdramatic

Meet You There

So this was also supposed to be for 25daysofKlaroline (day 19: human Klaus time) but I never got the time to finish it.

Summary: Klaus just took another beating from his father and Caroline was the one to take care of him afterward.

He ran as fast as he could. His back was all bloodied from the whip his father- Mikael hit him with and he was literally running out of breath. He just needed to reach the hut, that’s all he needed. He’ll attain his wounds there - he’ll manage it somehow - and probably spend the night. Even though his siblings will probably throw a fit that he didn’t come back, Rebekah will spend the night crying and Elijah most likely will spend most of the night looking for him, he knows he’s not ready to go back.

His breath was becoming harsh as he ran further, coming out short every now and then. The figure of the hut started becoming clear from a distance, bittersweet relief washing over him as he became closer and closer to it. Once he was at the door he yanked it quickly, pushing himself inside and closing it behind him. He stole himself a few minutes, slacking against the door as he gained his breath but he knew he needed to attend his wounds before he bleeds to death.

Pulling himself up he dragged himself to where he always kept a bucket of water for emergencies, took his shirt off and ripped off the sleeve to use as a cloth to clean the wound. It was hard - he never said it wouldn’t -  trying to reach for your back when your arms already hurt like hell. No one knows of this place except Henric - and well also her - and he doubts Elijah and Kol would let him wander off at night.

He’s all alone.

He finally reached one of the wounds and hissed when the cloth made contact with his aching skin. He doesn’t even wanna imagine the canvass that his father created on his back

He brought the cloth back to the bucket but when he saw the blood splattered on it he threw it away and ripped the other sleeve from his shirt to use it.

Suddenly he sensed someone outside and quickly turned his face toward the door, his fingers balling into a fist to defend himself if necessary, more pain shooting through him. The door creaked slightly open and a known figure with bouncing blonde curls slipped inside making Klaus relax and tense even more at the same time.

“Why is your hair short?” Klaus asked as they walked toward the river, a bucket in his hand to fill with water to return back with it to the village.

“Why are you asking?” She shot back, smirking at him.

“Well women with short hair aren’t considered grown up women and out of age and are considered still young children, so why would you want such things to be said about you?” He asked, honestly genuine about the question he’s been dying to ask her since he first saw her.

“Are you saying I’m a child?” She asked horrifically but he could tell that she was only playing with him from the mischief swirling in her eyes.

“Now don’t put words into my mouth sweetheart” he said shaking with head, and she let out a low laugh.

“Well to answer your question sweetheart I’m sure you probably reached the realization that I’m not a typical woman who follows tradition and if I say I wanna let my hair short and free then so shall I do” She said with an air of confidence he never witnessed anywhere else. “I don’t care what anyone has to say about it”

She looked back at him after a few moments but he could see a bit hesitation in what she’s about to say next, “why ask? Do your really think of me as a child?”

He looked at her, staring into the depth of her eyes. “Caroline I think we both know what I really think about you” strong, beautiful, full of light…

He knew his eyes weren’t deceiving him when he saw the redness on her cheeks grow, but she masked it away by rolling her eyes and shoving him lightly until both of them started laughing.

She turned her head back to look at him as she closed the door behind her and he made sure that he’s standing in a way that she won’t get to look at his back. He’d hate for her to see him like that. What kind of a women would even begin to love a man if she saw that he was weak enough to get beaten by his father multiple times?

“Niklaus what’s wrong?” She asked right away as if his face conveyed everything.

He always wondered how she managed to do it; show up every time he needed someone else’s presence. Whether if he was happy and wanted to tell someone what happened with him or like when he finished a new drawing and just feels like sharing it with someone but can’t because of his father or when he’s sad and depressed and feels rage coursing through his veins. She’s always there.

First time he met her was the morning after the full moon where he had been hiding in the bushes and watching the men and women transfer into beasts. After five months he was more than curious as to why the men and women in the village wake up in places close to their own village while this one girl always wakes up close to his village. She always woke up stark naked - he always did close his eyes when she looked around to where she has hidden her cloths but the first time never seem to fade away - with her blonde curls cascading around her head.

And after five months of endless curiosity he had final built up the courage to talk to her, spilling right away that he knew what she was not forgetting how her eyes widened in fear before he reassured her that he means her no harm. They became good friends afterward - well at least she was because he was sure he started falling for her the day she told him her name.

She would tell him more and more about what being a werewolf feels like and him teaching her everything she asks him to teach her, from how to hold a charcoal pencil to crafting wood. Them meeting everyday after the full moon where he would be keeping her cloth safe has became a tradition.

Though what always left him curious is why she’s the only one in her pack who wakes up far away from her village, but every time he asks her she blushes and averts her eyes from his, promising him to tell him later.

“Caroline what are you doing here?” He asked trying to keep his voice neutral.

She looked at him, confusion on her face as she looked back at the door then back to him, “I thought I heard noises and I came to check if their was someone here…” She trailed off moving closer to him and he took a few steps back, “why are you walking away from me? And where’s your shirt?”

Her eyes was studying him from head to toe, trying to find out what’s wrong. “Caroline go back home, it’ll be dark soon”

“Don’t tell me what to do” she said rolling her eyes before they landed on the bloodied cloth on the floor, “Nik why is it bloody?” She asked walking toward it to pick it up from the floor.

“Caroline it’s nothing, just go home” he shook his head at the glare she shot him.

“Do not tell me what to do” she said her voice stern.

He knew he can’t and with the power she holds as a werewolf he knows she can take a grown up man if she needed to so telling her it’s not safe is probably not his safest bet-

“Turn around” her voice said, her eyes wide.

He followed her gaze and found that it landed on one of the wounds where the whip reached his hip from the side. She didn’t even give him enough time to find an excuse before she was walking toward him, her hand slowly reaching his shoulder as she looked at his back.

A horrific gasp left her, the hand that she had on his shoulder wavering.

“Nik..” Her voice cracked.

“Just go home Caroline” he said his voice stern. He doesn’t need her pity or her sympathy. He’s not weak.

“Stop pushing me away” she said, her voice coming out a shout.

She took him back by her outburst and he turned around to look at her, her eyes watery but filled with iron.

“Stop pushing me away when all I’m doing is standing by you and helping you” she said her hands landing on his chest as she got closer to him, “I’m not going anywhere no matter what you tell me. Got it?”

He was stunned because just a few hours ago his father was making sure he knows how useless he is and that no one would ever be there for him. And now this girl, this girl who defied tradition to her liking was telling him that she won’t be leaving him no matter what. The only thing he managed to do was nod.

“Good” she said, her voice coming out a bit more rational this time.

She guided him down to the floor and sat behind him. This time what he doesn’t want to imagine is the surely look of disgust on her face as she looked at the canvass his father created on his back. He heard her rip another piece of fabric from his shirt and slowly dip it in the bucket. He made a hissing sound as the piece of cloth made contact with another wound, her hand finding his and he clutched it with everything he got as she dabbed his skin with the cloth.

“He’ll be my meal next week” he heard her mutter as she continued to tend his back.

He didn’t even have to ask to know she’s talking about Mikael. She found out how Mikael treated him after the first two months when he reached a dead end to excuses to why he’s bleeding or has a broken hand or nose. She was furious and maybe that’s when he knew for sure that he loves her. No one has ever showed emotion for his sake.

“Don’t let him turn you into the monster he is” he said his voice weak but he knew she heard him when she squeezed his hand and let out a sigh.

“You know you’re more than welcome to come live with me, my people will accept you no matter whether you’re a werewolf or not” she said

“I know and thank you for that, but I’ve got my siblings here and I can’t just simply leave them with that cruel man” he said, a bit remorseful because he would like nothing than to go with her right now.

“Just think about it… your siblings are welcome too”

He squeezed her hand as if to tell her he will.

He waited until she announced she was done with his back - she ended up also ripping pieces of fabric from the skirt of her dress - before straightening it even though it hurt like hell but when he came to move she sat in front of him preventing him from moving.

“You’ve got blood all over you” was he excuse before he felt the cold cloth on his chest. He tensed right away - even with the many secrets they share this was probably the most intimate position they’ve ever been in - and looked down to see that her eyes were following the trail the cloth was leaving, not wavering once.

She was inches away from him, her hand on his shoulder to steady him as she cleaned his skin from dry blood. Sometimes her hand would come to caress his chest where there’s a drop of blood that won’t go away until she was sure it’s clean.

Once she was done she put the piece of fabric down, her dress was torn and her hair was in a mess but he still saw her the most as beautiful girl when she looked at him.

“All done” she said but her voice wavered at the end when he cupped her cheek, and he know he’s seeing perfectly clear when she closed her eyes a bit and leaned into his touch.

There always have been a connection between them and he was never able to understand it being only human with limited abilities. But he knows the shivers that goes through them are real every time they touch. That she can understand him like no other just like he hopes he’s that person for her.

So that when he traced her bottom lip with his thumb it didn’t feel wrong whatsoever. Neither when she leaned closer toward him not caring about what people would say about them if they were ever seen like that. Not even when he couldn’t take the inch between them and had to close it, and he did not caring about the whole world around him.

Part of him feared that she will pull back, that he had read the whole situation wrong. But soon she sighed against his lips, moving her body closer to his until she was situated between his legs. With his back pains his motions were limited and he only got to experience the soul pleasure of having her in his arms.

Her lips were soft against his as she kissed him, not delving beyond innocent. It was not his first kiss - he’s not exactly proud of his past that included Tatia and his brother - and somehow something tells him that this is also not her first. And it still feels as right as how flowers bloom and the sun rise. He would do anything to have her stay in his arms where his hands are settled on her hips while one of her hands is playing with the hair at the back of his neck and the other caressing his chest.

The need for air had them both pulling back until their foreheads were resting against each other. Their eyes closed as their breaths mingled.

When he finally opened his eyes he saw that her eyes were already looking at him with something he can’t exactly name. A smile bloomed on her lips and he just couldn’t not find her smile contagious.

“Would you like to court me?” She asked lowly.

A small chuckle vibrated through him, “shouldn’t I be the one asking you that, love?”

“You know I’ve never been one for customs” she said rolling her eyes but they softened immediately when they landed on his, “so?”

“I’d be honored to court you Caroline” he said meaning every word.

She kissed him again then, a bit more urgently as if she couldn’t believe what just happened, unaware that he’s the one in need of reassurance.

And later at night when Caroline took off her dress - leaving herself in her under shift - and laid it on the floor for both of them to sleep, with her back on the floor and Klaus’ head situated on her chest so his back would remain untouched, he knew that even if she asked him to light himself on fire, he would. She is his everything.